Should States Tell the FBI’s Phony “JTTF” to GO TO HELL and Never Come Back?

After all, when is the last time the “Joint Terrorism Task Force” actually arrested a real live foreign terrorist, and not a “racist” American livestreamer, a politically convenient “red flag law” patsy, or a box of documents from a former President?

It’s kinda funny, but when I saw the biography of the Palm Beach sheriff who helped the EVIL FIB raid President Trump, I could not help but notice the letters “JTTF“.

You see, I knew what that meant. “Joint Terrorism Task Force“.

But the difference was, THIS TIME, I knew EXACTLY who those “terrorists” are, that “JTTF” was designed to go after.

That’s right, American brothers and sisters.

It’s YOU and ME who are the “terrorists” JTTF was created for.

And maybe Presidents that YOU and ME might vote for.

It took me a while to figure out why the “JTTF” just keeps growing and growing – and expanding and expanding – when actual, real terrorism just keeps declining here in America.

WE are the “terrorists” they’re going to go after.

WE are the “domestic violent extremists” they will pursue.

WE are the dangerous people who require a special group of state and local law enforcement agencies who are forced to follow the FBI’s “training” and “lead”.

Yeah, baby, you see where this is going now, don’t you?

But let me explain just a bit more.

I got clued into this “JTTF” back when a harmless but crazy guy who I christened “Red Flag Poster Boy” happened on the scene in Portland Oregon.

I may have even done an article about him.

Red Flag Poster Boy – Another Fine Product of the Murderous Comey FBI

Intro: Comey’s Giant Plot I’m surprised it took me THIS LONG to see how Comey’s multi-layered scam worked, but hey – James Comey is one slick bastard, as you can tell from his long and complex play against President Trump. Why, Comey’s REALLY BIG PLOT is still unfolding right now. His CRAP is of an …

If you bother to read that rather long article, you’ll see that I know a thing or two about how patsies, informants, and other politically useful victims are “groomed” by the FBI.

You can skip over this article unless you’re dying to know everything about this patsy, “Red Flag Poster Boy”, and my opinions about how he was created.

The main point being that this dubious if not hilarious “politically perfect” guy showed up outside the MAYOR of Portland’s house, making the perfect case for “red flag laws” in Oregon – and maybe even nationally, thanks to the convenient national media coverage. AND this whole episode was handled by – YOU GUESSED IT – the “JTTF” in Oregon – which didn’t want to give too many details to the press – at least, beyond the original “propaganda payload”. It was all very “McCabe”, so to speak.

From an article cited in mine:

The FBI declined to provide additional details about the case or answer questions submitted by The Oregonian/OregonLive.

“The Portland JTTF’s role is to assess, address, and mitigate any given threat against the people of Oregon appropriately,” Beth Anne Steele, a spokeswoman for the bureau’s Portland office said in an email Friday.

“Sometimes that mitigation takes the form of criminal prosecution, and sometimes it involves a holistic response, including consultation with threat assessment teams or others to divert a person before a significant violent crime occurs.”

So JTTF is looking pretty sketchy at that point, but it gets worse.

If you think that the FBI had a bad look here, “taking a knee” with BLM….

…..wait until you see what’s next.

If you combine those folks right there with their “JTTF” local gophers, and send them all on a mission to take down a “racist livestreamer on Telegram”, you get THIS, as featured on “Yahoo / ATT Something”:



The Daily Beast

Feds Arrest White Supremacist Livestreamer in Dawn Raid, Rattling Supporters

Will Sommer

March 2, 2021·2 min read

The FBI arrested a notorious white supremacist livestreamer in an early morning raid in Florida on Tuesday.

FBI agents, working with Fort Lauderdale police and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, arrested Paul N. Miller, 32, on one charge of being a “convicted felon in possession of a firearm.” The FBI said in a press release that Miller was arrested without incident.

Miller’s neighbors in Fort Lauderdale’s Riverside neighborhood reported hearing flashbangs during the raid, which took place around 5 a.m. ET, local TV station NBC 6 reported. One neighbor described seeing law enforcement officers carrying out a box that appeared to have “a shotgun on the front or an AK.”

Biden Taps a War on Terror Veteran to Stop White Supremacists

Miller, who goes by the name “Gypsy Crusader” online, has amassed more than 40,000 followers on Telegram, a messaging app and social media network popular with far-right extremists. Many of Miller’s videos feature him dressing up as characters like the Joker or Nintendo’s Mario, then hurling racial abuse at strangers, including children, through the randomized chat app Omegle. Miller can be seen holding a gun in some of his videos.

A grand jury indicted Miller on the firearms charge on Feb. 25, according to court records unsealed Tuesday. Miller is charged with illegally possessing a gun on Jan. 17, 2018. The indictment doesn’t describe the 2018 incident in which Miller allegedly had the firearm.

Miller’s Tuesday arrest sent shockwaves through internet extremist circles. Miller had recently sold patches promoting his channel to his supporters, with his arrest raising fears among other extremists that the FBI could access his customer files and find out their own names and addresses.

In messages captured by extremism researcher Hilary Sargent, Miller’s supporters worried about the possibility that they could soon become FBI targets themselves.

If convicted, Miller faces up to 10 years in prison on the gun charge.

Just read this crap. I mean, REALLY?

We have a guy who doesn’t actually appear to be a violent criminal, but who used a gun as a prop in videos, and who uses “racist” language, being arrested by the “JTTF” for using the gun as a prop when not being able to own guns – at least, that’s what it looks like to me.

Racist language? Owning a gun when “not allowed”? And you called out the freaking “Joint Terrorism Task Force”? Because you could label him a “white supremacist”?

He’s a fucking “YouTuber” who’s not even on YouTube! He’s a PUTZ. He’s a NEBBISH.

Crap. From the looks of it, he’s not even “white” – or could claim more “POC” clout than most “spokespocs” out there. The dude is the Shaun King of AOCs if he wants it.

This is BULLSHIT and you all KNOW IT.

This guy was arrested because he makes fun of REGIME VALUES and has a following online.

Some fat angry libtard purple-haired trans lesbian doxxer presumably phoned it in that the guy had a gun but had something on his record – AMIRIGHT?

And the FBI is now being PUSHED to make everything about “domestic violent extremism” – AMIRIGHT?

And “white supremacist” – which he likely isn’t even THAT in reality – is close enough for media hand grenades – AMIRIGHT?

Because that is how you have to build up your army to go after conservatives when January Sixth didn’t give you all the amount of PRETEXT you needed – AMIRIGHT?

Look, friends. Nothing good is going to come from continuing this JTTF charade.

JTTF is a way for bizarre, messed-up, leftist FBI values to undermine sane state, county, and local law enforcement.


You know it’s the right thing to do. And if you don’t, it will only bring trouble.

Mark my words.


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Last edited 1 year ago by GA/FL
Brave and Free

Spot on Wolf, just another avenue for the FIB to use “local” LE to help do their dirty work. Which will gladly help out when there led by leftist.


comment image



Just checked.

Banana Stars and Stripes 3×5 flag not available on Amazon, yet. 🙂

Gail Combs

They have the button:

And the key chain. They will probably have the flag soon too.

Gail Combs

Steve Stern, the CEO, might consider making a banana flag shirt if enough of us wanted one.


I emailed and said ‘please!’


Pretty well sums it up for me.

Going to have some casual conversations with local folks in L E around here over the next few weeks. Will report back.


Im interested.


Seems like it is all linked – DOJ, FBI, JTTF, HLS, Patriot Act, 87,000 more IRS agents…

  • ALL Targeting American Citizens.
  • Shut It All Down.

Just another angle on destroying America. Along with Green BS, Covidiocy, Covidiot Injections, GayPox, creating energy dependence, creating sea-port congestion, CRT…

  • America’s Contribution To Global Reset.



The fourth branch of government.

Gail Combs

That RULES the other three.

Gail Combs

Yeah my earlier comment GIVES THE EVIDENCE.

I have a lot more, from the Ammo and guns going to the Federal Bureaucracy to the local LEOs getting MILITARY EQUIPMENT, ALL UNDER OH!Bummer.

The set-up has been DECADES in the making.

Cuppa Covfefe

The Kennedy Assassination, the Vietnam “War”, and the Hippies/Free Love movement was their first attempt at this, but the USA was too strong with conservative/independent/family-oriented values to go along.

“Thanks” to Hart-Celler, Chappaquiddick Ted, and LBJ, the doors opened to millions of immigrants who neither shared our values, our religion(s), our goals, and our dreams, while slamming the door on those who did (i.e. Europe).

As soon as enough of the “conversion” and replacement was done, anything was/is possible. And those communist indoctrination centers known as the US Education System (Skools for Skandals) bear a large part of the blame. “Columbia Teachers College” in particular…..


Perfect storm


Obama never could have succeeded without the Bush – BillyBob – Bush triumvirate…


Re-reading the post (and thread) from three years ago was fascinating.

Some things should not (and will not) be told, and were designed so as not to be told, if the potential teller weighs his own interests correctly.

But the reality of the fantasy is all too real and all too fantastic when lived from the inside.

It starts early upon identification, and continues undetectable until (if ever) the potential teller figures it out, and has reached an understanding of his own interest.


Another point.

Regarding below, yes, everything has gradations, everything works on a bell curve.

Having said that, and to keep it simple, there is a basic psychological difference between our side and their side. Our side believes in truth, objective reality, and “normality.” Their side does not. I am tempted to say that difference defines what side you are on, but I don’t think it is that simple, or could be given human nature (another defining belief).

What is the same on both sides differs from person to person: awareness, including self-awareness, and awareness of the other side’s awareness.

The advantage their side has is our belief in truth, objective reality and “normality” (and human nature). The tactics they use depend on the awareness of any particular person on our side. I hate the word “sophisticated” but what the heck, the tactics depend on the sophistication of any particular person.

Even the most “sophisticated” can be fooled and manipulated. So much more so the people on the other, lesser, end.

Because of what we believe, and the way we choose to live our lives, our side (mostly) has no aptitude let alone inclination to use the tactics used against us. Life is just too interesting and beautiful to waste on dreariness and tedium, let alone get off on it like the other side does.


The merging of federal policing with local got some traction when Loretta Lynch instituted the Bureau of Justice Assistance to nationwide police departments.

BJA expects award recipients to create programs that will be integrated as part of individual jurisdictions’ holistic problem-solving and community-engagement strategies.

It appears that anytime the FEDS get involved things start moving toward loss of rights and enhanced prosecutions.
Way back when, I knew a couple of local bumkin cops that had been chosen to go to Quantico for some training. I don’t recall them becoming jerks but they were so proud…so when the DOJ comes calling to “work with” local departments I’d imagine they had the same idealism.
It’s rotten to the core, imo, and like the mafia or something..once you’re ‘in’ you must do their bidding

Also noticed the language in both the JTTF quote above and the BJA program….. “sometimes it involves a holistic response”….Holistic must mean the use of any means they want to dig until they find something to charge


You are so spot on with that thought and comment .
It is how they humanize as well as advertise the machine.
TV and now internet 24/7

Watched an interesting program the other night..Generation Wealth. Mainly a photographic journey from the 70’s onward and how priorities and values have changed…when we can see the decline via pictures alone, it’s stunning


From time to time I get on my soap box to harangue people about the transformation of law enforcement over the past several decades. DWI, domestic violence, animal abuse, who doesn’t hate all those things?

But the laws surrounding those issues (and others) long ago was divorced from any cost/benefit analysis, and reduced to weeping, gnashing of teeth, and the reorganization of local law enforcement into leftist front groups. The target has always been “normal” Americans who are imperfect but no threat to society or public safety. The goal has been to degrade as many normal people as possible while getting Americans to cheer on their own demise, while the state acquired almost plenary power to disrupt lives being led in a beneficial way.

IMO, local law enforcement itself was transformed in numerous ways. One way was the elimination of empathy between the police and the populace. Everyone became enemies. And if you ask around, I think you will find the younger generation of police officers to be more authoritarian and more disrespectful. They have bought into the preening, virtue signaling, morally superior premise of the recently fabricated boutique areas of the “criminal” law.

BTW, these boutique areas have all been aligned with an ongoing PSA assault on America, picturing America as a hell hole inhabited by cruel and recklessly thoughtless, violent Americans.



Yes! Maybe, like busing out illegals, refusing to cooperate with the JTTF will be the next form of resistance for states until we can tear it down completely.

It should be called the Joint Terrorist Task Force because that is what they are.

Gail Combs


I ided these FUSION CENTERS as BAD NEWS in 2009.


From my old notes.

In 2006 when the amnesty for illegals was granted by Bush, in return Americans were promised a border fence. So what the heck happened to our fence???

“…To his right stands a steel wall, 20 feet high and reinforced by cement-filled steel piping. To his left another tall fence of steel mesh. Ten yards beyond, a shorter cyclone fence is topped with jagged concertina wire….

“This wall works,” says Mr. Bernacke. “A lot of people have the misconception that it is a waste of time and money, but the numbers of apprehensions show that it works.”

The triple-and double-layered fence here in Yuma is the kind of barrier that US lawmakers – and most Americans – imagined when the Secure Fence Act was enacted in 2006.

The law instructed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure about one-third of the 1,950-mile border between US and Mexico with 700 miles of double-layered fencing – and additionally through cameras, motion sensors, and other types of barriers – by the end of the year to stem illegal immigration.

Bankrolled by a separate $1.2 billion homeland security bill, the Secure Fence Act would, President Bush said in 2006, “make our borders more secure.”  — 


(now excluded from the Wayback.)

However a good solid barrier is not what was built. Instead we got a few miles of ‘virtual fence’ and no one to man it.

Congress mandated a real fence with the Secure fence Act of 2006. The Obama administration changed 1,300 miles to a virtual fence and then cancelled that half way effort.

Actually it wasn’t even half way and the ‘virtual fence’ was not functional’

Ms. Napolitano attempts to justify to lawmakers a 30 percent budget reduction for U.S. Customs and Border Protection…March 17, 2010

“…To date, the U.S. government, through the Secure Border Initiative, has paid Boeing Co. more than $1 billion to build less than 700 miles of barriers between ports of entry, and a costly but flawed system of radar towers, ground sensors and cameras known as SBInet, a $4 billion project that appears to be in jeopardy. …”

Napolitano Cancels Virtual Border Fence Project..1/14/2011

…Signaling a major shift from her predecessor, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Tuesday said she will spend $50 million of stimulus funds originally intended to build a “virtual fence” along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border on other more proven and cost-effective security technology…

 The 2006 Secure Fence Act is still on the books. BUT the House must appropriate the funds to build it. The US politicians response to protection of our borders is truly bizarre… Unless they are deliberately not working in the best interests of the USA.

Homeland UNsecurity removed hundreds of border patrol agents from the Mexican Border, derailed the physical border fence authorized by Congress in 2006 replacing it with a ‘virtual fence’ Then when the ‘virtual fence proved to be a complete disaster, canceled the Border Fence Project completely in January 2010.

In March 2010, Napolitano justified to lawmakers a 30 percent budget reduction for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, while also removing agents on the southern border and sending them to the Canadian border. In June and July of 2011, three of the four border states had their National Guard troops that were doing the actual patrolling, sent overseas. Worse while civilian Minutemen patrols kept watch and reported illegal border crossers, the U.S. Border Patrol responded by and telling the CORRUPT Mexican government where the Minutemen were patrolling to help facilitate drug and illegals traffic!

In an increasingly bizarre world Napolitano stands by the controversial Department of Homeland Security report which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S along with ordinary American patriots.

…“Rightwing extremism,” the report said… goes beyond religious and racial hate groups and extends to “those that are mainly antigovernment,  👉 𝕣𝕖𝕛𝕖𝕔𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕗𝕖𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕒𝕝 𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕪 𝕚𝕟 𝕗𝕒𝕧𝕠𝕣 𝕠𝕗 𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕖 𝕠𝕣 𝕝𝕠𝕔𝕒𝕝 𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕪, 👈  or rejecting government authority entirely.”

“It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as  👉 𝕠𝕡𝕡𝕠𝕤𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕥𝕠 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕠𝕣 𝕚𝕞𝕞𝕚𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟, 👈  said the report, which also listed gun owners and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as potential risks….”

Oh and to add icing to the cake travelers from Saudi Arabia, the country that spawned the 9/11 terrorists, get most trusted traveler status allowing them to by-pass the indigenties from TSA that Americans must suffer AND CARRY KNIFES ONTO PLANES!


In 2011 out of one side of her mouth Janet Napolitano was stating: ”The terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland has continued to “evolve” and may now “be at its most heightened state” since the September 11, 2001” Out of the other side of her mouth she is busy assuring Americans that the southern border is “more secure than ever”. So secure in fact that Homeland Security is going to DECREASE the southern border patrol by “several hundred agents.”
“Meanwhile State and local law enforcement officers are increasingly needed to combat terror, and<b> the focus must be on aiding law enforcement to help them secure communities,</b> she said.”


Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border – September 24, 2009

<i>”Even though the Border Patrol now reports that almost 1,300 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border is not under effective control, and the Department of Justice says that vast stretches of the border are “easily breached,” and the <b>Government Accountability Office has revealed that three persons “linked to terrorism” and 530 aliens from “special interest countries” were intercepted</b> at Border Patrol checkpoints last year, the administration is nonetheless now planning to decrease the number of Border Patrol agents deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border….

….the Obama administration on May 7 said the Border Patrol “plans to move several hundred Agents from the Southwest Border…

Radical Islam makes inroads among Latin America’s Native peoples – February 21, 2010

Local Officials: Border Crime On The Rise – January 6, 2011 PINAL COUNTY, Ariz.

“Authorities in Pinal County dispute the Federal Government’s assertion that the Arizona border with Mexico is more secure than ever…. Tim Gaffney said that Director of Homeland Security Janet Napaolitano’s statements that crimes related to immigration and drug smuggling issues are down is just not true.The numbers county officials provided in the release seem to back up Gaffney’s stance. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said it has seen a “dramatic” increase in vehicle pursuits, drug seizures and calls to U.S. Border Patrol agents to help deal with illegal immigrants.” —

(the current borderissues website redirects to a very nasty porn site so beware.)

It doesn’t take much to see that Janet Napolitano is lying through her teeth about our Mexican border security.

To top it off Hernández wrote a book about the drug cartels. What make Los Señores del Narco different was linking the Sinaloa cartel, the biggest criminal organisation in the world – to the leadership of the Mexico.


And now we can link them to the US Administrative State. AKA our REAL DEFACTO GOVERNMENT.


gobsmacked with this info

Gail Combs

I was clued in several years ago under Bush and have kept a lot of notes. This allows a lot of DOT connecting. Once you SEE where 9/11 led, then you realize the 9/11 Truthers were correct. It was an INSIDE JOB.

Also you see the HAND OFF from RINO to Demon-Rat and Demon-Rat to RINO.

Three MAJOR examples.
Senater Aldrich (R) proposed the Federal Reserve Act under another name. It FAILED TO PASS so it was slightly re-written, renamed and proposed by a Democrat. It passed.

The World Trade Organization treaty was proposed under Bush Sr. IT FAILED so it was proposed under Billy Boy Clinton and it passed.

The Food Safety Modernization Act first showed up being pushed by Rosa DeLauro CT-D) & Hillary Clinton under Bush Jr. It continued to fail. Then it was co-sponsored by Burr (NC-R) during a lameduck session and passed under Obama.

Once the Cabal come up with a law THEY GET IT PASSED NO MATTER WHAT. Sometimes they water it down allot to make it ‘acceptable’ but then they add back all the bits and pieces during subsequent years until they GET THE LAW THEY REALLY WANTED.

GRIFFIN really gives a very good picture of the ‘sausage making’

…..Paul Warburg was born in Germany and eventually became a naturalized American citizen. He was a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company and was a representative of the Rothschild banking dynasty in England and France where he maintained very close working relationships throughout his entire career with his brother, Max Warburg, who was the head of the Warburg banking consortium in Germany and the Netherlands. Paul Warburg was one of the wealthiest men in the world….

….The first draft of the Federal Reserve Act as it was presented to Congress was called the Aldrich Bill named after the sponsor, Senator Nelson Aldrich. This was against the good advice of Paul Warburg.

He said: “Nelson, don’t put your name on that bill because you are so identified with big business interests that Congress will vote it down; the people will not accept it.” And apparently Aldrich’s ego was too big. He must’ve said: “Well no, after all I’m highly respected in the Senate and I am the Chairman of the National Monetary Commission” and for whatever reason he insisted that his name be on the bill. It appears that he wanted to go down in history as the originator of the Federal Reserve System. Warburg was right. When the bill was introduced Congress put thumbs-down on it. “The Bill of Big Business.”

They took the bill back for it was just a minor setback, they scrambled the paragraphs around a little bit, took Aldrich’s name off real fast and they found a couple of Democrats to sponsor the bill. This was different. Everybody knew that the Republicans represented big business but they also knew that Democrats represented the common man, the little guy, the fellow on the assembly line (like Ted Kennedy). They found a couple of millionaire Democrats to sponsor the bill. They found Carter Glass in the House and Senator Robert Owen who himself was a banker. Now it was the Glass-Owen bill and it was totally different and acceptable.

The next thing, Aldrich and Vanderlip began to give speeches and interviews to newspaper reporters condemning the bill. They said: “This bill will be ruinous to banking. It will be terrible for the country.” By the time the common man read that in his newspaper he said: “Oh golly, I guess these big bankers don’t like the bill very much so it must be pretty good.”

These fellows were not stupid. You have to give them credit. They didn’t get to be where they were by being country bumpkins. They understood politics, they understood mass psychology and they played their cards exceedingly well. Meanwhile these same individuals out of their own pockets were paying the price for the costs of bringing up what they called grassroots study clubs all over the country. They sponsored these clubs and they held public meetings and printed brochures and pamphlets extolling the virtues of the Federal Reserve System.

They gave large amounts of money to some of the better known universities in America; they created newly formed departments of economics with that money; they hand picked their own people to be the professors to head up those departments and then those professors with all of their academic credentials gave speeches and wrote scholarly essays extolling the virtues of the Federal Reserve System.

And then at the insistence of Paul Warburg who was forever the master strategist, they added several very sound provisions to the Federal Reserve Bill. By that I mean they added some provisions which seriously restricted the ability of the Federal Reserve to create money out of nothing. Warburg’s associates said, “Paul, what are you doing? We don’t want those in there this is our bill.” And his response was this, he said, “Relax fellas, don’t you get it? Our object is to get the bill passed. We can fix it up later.” Those were his exact words. “We can fix it up later.” He was so right. It was because of those provisions that they won over the support of William Jennings Bryan the head of the Populist Movement, the last hold-out against the bill. Bryan was concerned that this would be an instrument for ruining the nation’s money supply but when he saw those provisions he said, “Oh well, those are good provisions, I guess I can support the bill now” never dreaming that this was temporary.

Everything is temporary in politics. When people go to sleep things can get changed.

Warburg was right and they fixed it up later. The Federal Reserve Act since it was passed has been amended over 100 times. Every one of those provisions were long ago removed and many more have been added which greatly expand the power and reach of the Federal Reserve System.

Gail Combs

 OH, and here is how the Patriot Act DOES NOT SECURE the Southern border, notice the Canadian border is mentioned but NOT the Mexican Border.


That was the backdrop for the creation of Homeland Security’s ‘Fusion Centers’

Fusion Centers | Homeland Security – DHS

Fusion Centers are state-owned and operated centers  👈  THE BIG LIE 😡  that serve as focal points in states and major urban areas for the receipt, analysis, gathering and sharing of threat-related information between State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT), federal and private sector partners.. The National Network of Fusion Centers (National Network) brings critical context and value to Homeland Security…

Locations and Contact Information

State and major urban area fusion centers (fusion centers) are owned and operated by state and local entities, and are designated by the governor of their state.. In accordance with the Federal Resource Allocation Criteria (RAC) policy (PDF, 144 KB, 4 pages), which defines objective criteria and a coordinated approach for prioritizing federal resource allocation to fusion centers,  👈  THE MONEY QUOTE

Fact Sheet

Fusion centers contribute to the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) through their role in receiving threat information from the federal government; analyzing that information in the context of their local environment; disseminating that information to local agencies; and gathering tips, leads, and suspicious activity reporting (SAR) from local agencies and the public….

Fusion Centers and Intelligence Sharing – Bureau of Justice Assistance

A fusion center is an effective and efficient mechanism to exchange information and intelligence, maximize resources, streamline operations, and improve the ability to fight crime and terrorism by merging data from a variety of sources. In addition, fusion centers are a conduit for implementing portions of the National Criminal Intelligence…

“In developing our country’s response to the threat of terrorism, public safety leaders from all disciplines have recognized the need to improve the sharing of information and intelligence across agency borders. Every law enforcement, public safety, and private sector official involved in information and intelligence sharing has a stake in this initiative. Leaders must move forward with a NEW PARADIGM on the exchange of information and intelligence.”

Excerpt from

 👉 The Role of Leadership, 👈 

Fusion Center Guidelines  


As part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative’s (Global) efforts to develop fusion center guidelines, the Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council (CICC), in support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), recommended the creation of the Fusion Center Focus Group. This focus group was tasked with recommending guidelines to aid in the development and operation of fusion centers.

Concurrently, the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) Intelligence and Information Sharing Working Group focused on developing guidelines for local and state agencies in relation to the collection, analysis, and dissemination of terrorism-related intelligence in the context of fusion centers. The recommendations resulting from the HSAC’s efforts assisted in the development of the fusion center guidelines.


The development of guidelines for fusion centers was separated into three phases-law enforcement intelligence, public safety, and the private sector. The Fusion Center Guidelines: Law Enforcement Intelligence, Public Safety, and the Private Sector, covering all three phases, is now complete and available. These guidelines may be used for homeland security efforts, as well as all crimes. By integrating these guidelines, agencies can resolve and overcome many common obstacles. In addition, guidelines can help guide administrators in developing policies, managing resources, and evaluating services.



Oh, my! Never even thought to crack the book on this one!

Evil gobbledygook.


Travel day at Salt Lake airport. In one of my travel T shirts which makes me an MVE apparently.