Back In My Day: Nothing New Under The Sun – Another Great American Traitorous Deception

So, like me, most of you probably grew up thinking that getting a decent education to whatever level you could attain would lead to a job and eventually a career where you could succeed. For traditional families, that may have even meant no outside job for the wife and mother so that she could handle the household and child raising. This would lead to living the American dream of having a family, a home and at least one car in the driveway in an area of the country and around people you love. You thought you would be allowed to choose all of that and work toward your goals in a law abiding nation that would defend your freedoms worldwide based on its history and founding documents. Right?

Yeah, OK. What do you think now?

Time for the real world of today because the past, even if true, is being rewritten into a different narrative such that the youth and young adults in our country are being indoctrinated to provide for the mental midgets the slave masters need for the future they envision. Unless I missed it and based on your posts and comments, none of you have been asked to participate in that vision of the future. You would not be here if you had.

Why Is America Being Invaded?

That is a real question about factual events. I will not go into Q’s “infiltration” since we discuss that everyday. This will be about the open invasion.

I will use Globalist Cabal (GC) to identify the slave masters going forward. GC meets regularly in open and clandestine ways to plan and implement how they want things to go in this world. There are divisions within, they do not always agree with each other. Witness WEF versus BRICS currently. Which may be staged or real, that is yet to be determined in my opinion. For example, the Clintons have played in both camps historically depending on the desires of their slave masters. One thing of which they all universally agree, you are nothing but livestock or even feedstock.

The independent thinking patriotic American is no longer valued by the GC as the country has become settled and defined over the years. The only time they are dialed up now is for Neocon generated wars. Remember that most all of the other major civilizations of the world have been in existence for a thousand years or more with relatively minor alterations in the grand scope of things. Everything for well over 100 years in this country has involved a systematic deprogramming of one set of independent values to be replaced by another set of dependent values on what the GC wants them to be. To accomplish this they need cooperation from sometimes competing stakeholders. The stakeholder leaders are not nice people and they use sheeple within their orgs and movements to accomplish their goals while jockeying for position within the GC’s overall reach. As example of this are the Masons of which I have familiarity through observations of immediate family and friends. There are numerous others.

At this point I will stop with the big picture. It’s time to focus on current examples of the subject of the story.

On The Ground

If one were to devise a scheme to depop and injure the current livestock, er, I mean workforce of America; one might want to replace the workforce in advance of the current one’s removal. Recruit the replacements, relocate them, train them, hire and put them to work while encouraging their proliferation like rabbits prior to getting rid of the previous bunch. Right? It makes little sense to kill off the old workforce before you are ready to employ the new. The GC is not stupid, they are devious and intelligent.

Their long term plan stretches into millennium, not centuries. Which on its surface is weird since they will individually be dead for quite some time before its full fruition. Well, unless they believe they are the descendants of the ancient fallen divine council found in Genesis. But we will again save that for another day.

The incoming labor workforce participants are less costly and more compliant by virtue of their non-resident immigration status. One might even focus on states of entry and domicile where one might be able to buy their way through the openly corrupt doors of politics, government and law enforcement. Sanctuary cities anyone? But not only in those places as they are just the bright shiny objects. What about in the county next door even in red states. There are relocation meccas for the future workforce everywhere. I am aware of two areas of concentration in communities within a one hour drive of the deeply red Knoxville, TN’s MSA. The traffickers are using the highways and even airports daily for their distribution with the assistance of the GC controlled elected officials, mostly RINOs, and corrupted law enforcement agencies.

Do you now see just how pizzed the GC was at PDT? This is just one area in which he pizzed them off, especially the Uniparty’s RINOs. As an example, now when we MAGA types see an occasional strange GOP member vote on a bill that is in direct opposition to MAGA purposes, we know who they really are because that strange vote is not meant to confuse the black hats. That bunch already knows their team members. Conversely we should never believe the reverse is true either. Manchin is up on deck for the GOP? Nope.

I will now focus on one industry/business endeavor where I live as a labor livestock example.

There is a large, regional dry wall/painting company in our area that has been around for several decades that primarily does commercial and industrial jobs. They employ legals and illegals, the later of which magically have documents that seem to support their legal existence on American soil that magically are produced by sources connected to those previously described communities into which they are magically transported via the interstate system under the cover of darkness to rental homes and apartments in designated enclaves.

When a legitimate raid occurs like happened under PDT’s watch in one such enclave, a large bunch of them were arrested at a meat packing plant operation, processed through the judicial system and most were subsequently deported. Some self deported right after they made bond. Which meant the family members who arrived here during their employment also self deported along with other unrelated illegals who were spooked. They did not want to be doxed so as not to be able to return when conditions on the ground were more favorable.

What does that tell us? One, that they can be identified and deported. Two, their open existence and usage means local authorities and businesses know they are there and what their status is. Three, the same local authorities and businesses participate in the criminal enterprise of violating the law with impunity unless a law abiding agency intervenes. Four, the same entities are screwing over the taxpayers, their friends and neighbors, in their areas and the country in general because the illegals send their kids to the public schools for free and the hospitals end up eating the cost of their visits. Five, most pay zero taxes and much of their incomes are sent to other countries. Six, they know they will be able to come back under different aliases in the future. I could go on, but you know already. Again, this is in deeply red, MAGA east TN.

That stops with no access to jobs. When there is no money available to them, there will be next to no illegals. It’s not enough for Soros and others to pay them bucks up front to arrive. They have to know they can make money once they get here.

Such a simple, intentionally ignored concept. Follow the money – again.

The dry wall company in question employs these people by the dozens. I know because of my past occupation as a small business financier. I also know for this particular business because the remodeling contractors I use for our home projects were former employees for about 20 years and one was a crew supervisor for them. They left and went into business for themselves using no such labor of that type. They know exactly how it works because they worked with them on the jobs for 20 years. I repeat for the third time – 20 years. If they have known for 20 years, how many actual years has this been going on in states such as California and Texas?

There are simply not enough American citizens locally willing to work to take the jobs this company has open. We can debate why, which primarily is because of the lack of focus on the trades for employment and the illegal drug usage of potential citizen workers in my opinion. No, let’s not debate it. Why do you think the drug culture was introduced over 60 years ago? Why do you think useless college mills were introduced? You know the answers if you are willing to accept that the plan was implemented long ago and is amended much like the white hats do when conditions on the ground merit it.

What is important is that the legal and illegal invader immigrants want to work as subs – as contractors – not as employees. You might assume that is because of their immigration status and be only partially correct.

The primary reason is money. If their status is legal and they work as employees, they are subject to employment laws relating to the collection of FICA/Medicare/Federal Income taxes and so on. They are also subject to other employment laws relating to their hiring, paid benefits and overtime. That means their hiring at all is more protracted and the money in their pockets is much less. The employer also has to match some of the contributions and gets less productivity for the same money. Neither party wins the way they desire.

The invaders’ motivations for working the jobs are not the same as American citizens would be.

Contractors are not subject to overtime laws. Reporting of income for contractors (1099) is through federal estimated tax payments. Our resident CPA and tax attorney experts can take over from here if they choose. The legals and illegals generally want to stay as contractors and do not collect overtime pay. It is hard to prove they are actually employees as they bounce from job to job and work for other companies occasionally. They also know how to be less visible.

They are technically paid based on a daily or job fee charge. They willingly work 6 or 7 days a week for as long as the company wants them on the jobs. In so doing the company gets more done quicker on each job for the same or less cost compared to using employees. They are generally hard workers who are or become competent at their jobs. They know they have to be to continue to be used, which keeps them here in America while sending money back home. They generally live stacked in rental housing with mattresses on the floor unless they have moved up to crew supervisor and employee status. Their kids go to public schools and when sick they all go to local hospitals who are forced by law to take them in. The citizen tax payers foot the bills. This story is not about stereotyping, this is factually how it is in the enclaves and with employers. I have seen it. A good friend and a close relative who are in law enforcement deal with it regularly.

The legit, legal ones will pay some federal and state taxes where applicable to stay legal. They may even eventually become part of the fabric of American society and choose to become citizens. The others will self deport before found and return later with a new ID. That type does not pay estimated taxes. They make sure they are gone before being traced.

In blue and swing states a large number of them vote whether that actually vote or not.

If the money were to dry up, they would self deport as they always have and stay that way. The ones who are legit come in through the front door to become a part of us. The others are takers who would rather have stayed home, but needed the work and cash.

The economy has continued down this path for a very long time. Clamping down on the employers and users of their services and the jobs that draw them here will be effective in encouraging them to stay home or self deport. It’s all about the money. PDT proved how to handle this, but the Uniparty and GC were opposed.

My point is the system is what keeps them here. It slowly but surely destroys the previous livestock and replaces it. This system is operated illegally by many of those in control including sheriffs who patriots are ironically asking to do things to protect the vote.

Sorry, protecting the vote is not going to happen as it could unless there is a massive turnover of sheriffs in this country. Many who identify even as GOP are complicit, co-conspirators in the criminal enterprise. The very second they look the other way and/or refuse to investigate or refer a case to the appropriate agency they become criminals with the criminals. So, if you have an enclave of suspected illegals nearby that you and other citizens know about, you can bet law enforcement already knows of their existence and are allowing it to exist. Usually seemingly legit business people are behind it. Many sit on city councils, are mayors, on school boards and are county execs. You know, the people that so many neighbors respect, that go to church, that support the schools, etc. The problem is there are precious few law enforcement agencies and judges who will administer the law as written because the government and politicians work against them. So these leaders ride under the cover of being upstanding citizens because their family members and neighbors do not call them out on it.

The participant employers may well be personally conflicted MAGA, leftist clowns, or just apolitical narcissistic A-holes. They are using the system to achieve their goals. All of it is an unsustainable model that will continue to help push our descent into third world status without patriots rising up and asserting control. Barring that we will be facing…

Continental Citizenship

If one were to assume that the GC plan involves the assimilation of all people in North America, or whoever makes it into North America, into one citizenship or rights to same; everything begins to make more sense. It fits the GC method of operation around the world. You know, like Syrians and ME refuges flooding Europe. What other reasoning makes sense for illiterate Muslim men to “escape” to old world European countries who then commit cultural and physical suicide. Which is a done deal in most Euro countries.

In America, ask yourself why the USMCA trade pact was not undercut and circumvented when Brandon walked into the oval office? Why did Pelosi and Schumer backhand approve it with PDT by just negotiating for some more pocket change when it was happening? What better early step could there be than to establish a trade pact that all of North America agreed to as part of the foundation for continental citizenship. Look at what is already happening in America to our rights and the throttling of energy combined with the totalitarianism of Canada and attempts of same here. Mexico was already a centrally controlled mess who wanted a bigger say in how it is all run. They obviously will use narco terrorism and illegal invader tactics to further their cause.

I am not saying that was PDT’s intention with USMCA replacing Ross Perot’s predicted Giant Sucking Sound NAFTA. The opposite is true. What I am saying is the GC did not fight it because they knew they could turn it for their benefit.

Why pay American citizens higher compensation packages when you can pay continental citizens to travel to areas of need and get as much productivity for less cost? Simply begin the process of injuring and depopulating the higher cost livestock and replace with lower cost, productive, less patriotic American versions. This is especially more important with the 60+ year old feedstock crowd (their view). If social net programs are going to be underwater due to stealing the locked box 😂 contributions to balance the federal budgets for decades, then you need to reduce the participants in them significantly. Along comes the handy dandy pandemics. That way a good portion of the social net payroll contributions from workers can flow straight to the federal budget needs and not be paid out to those pesky older folks.

But where it is really hitting is in the most productive adult age groups. More deaths, more diseases, more injuries, less babies. A major reduction in payroll costs are recognized as they are replaced by the new livestock.

Replacement Scabs

Notice the ” fight” in Congress almost every year over visa quotas for tech industries? Same deal, just using white collar workers. Why invest into and pay for Americans with all those predetermined American values and costs when you can contract the Asian Indians, Pakis, etc. for less to go with similar ballpark level productivity? Long term it makes sense for many globalist business leaders in their search for even larger profits once they bridge the language and culture gaps.

Will it really matter that these immigrants obtain their legal status from Canada or Mexico if there is continental citizenship? They will be free to travel anywhere within. What will happen in Canada and Mexico, will happen here.

Let’s go with a real world example. Thirty years ago an influx began of Asian Indian Patel’s into America. One of the approved occupations for their immigration from their native country as well as into ours was in lodging. Just because your name is Patel it does not mean you have blood family ties since they have a caste system. The name represents a type of people and who their predecessors were. The small business banking industry in which I worked became very involved in the financing of their expansion in the lodging industry. The SBA and government knew what they were doing to generate capital that was sufficient to obtain loan approvals to buy or build properties. They told us how to facilitate it. The Patel clan now own around 25% of all American lodging facilities.

As it applied to my small business finance industry; Asian Indians operated in clans (other terms available to use) like many other eastern people groupings. Within a clan there would be the clan’s central banker who was a “cousin” of one or more of the many clan (family) members who wanted to buy or build lodging properties. This person was the provider of the owner equity required to be injected by the owner/borrower into each project. The proposed owner(s) then injected this borrowed cash equity from the central banker “cousin” representing it as his/their own, usually through gifting. This allowed the project financing to proceed. A letter would be provided from the clan banker to the owner if needed that stated the funds were a gift to make it appear the equity was a clean injection, which met regulatory requirements. In reality, the clan banker kept books just like the mafia and the property owner would pay it all back with interest, usually in cash or in kind, so that other clan (family) members would have access to funds when they needed them. The owner/borrower would execute a second mortgage document with the clan banker with the cash exchange. The clan banker would hold the filing of those related documents until/if needed, or wait a year or two after the purchase/construction so as not to draw attention. The goal of many of the business property owners over time was to become a clan banker in the same manner.

This is why the owner’s wife and kids usually all worked in the lodging operation while the family lived onsite to reduce costs and increase funds to repay the clan banker as quickly as possible.

How do I know this? My business banking operation as well as past employers handled the financing of a large number of these type projects around the country for the better part of a decade. A few of the owners became personal friends and over time filled me in. One is a clan banker in our area now. Not all of them have Patel as their last name anymore. Payments from clan family borrowers are made monthly via travel to the clan banker so that the “cousin” can review the financial progress of the “family” member in the business. It is deadly serious to them that the business be successful.

All of it was legal and passed regulatory scrutiny if handled in the proper manner. Now multiply this complicity across a broad spectrum of industries. The face of America changes, the new livestock are put to work who are easier to manipulate. So when Wolf tells you something about his industry relating to the Chi-coms, pay attention and know that it is true.


Did you catch that with the Patel clans – cash repayment? We have now arrived at the bottom line. In the above lodging example, the owners of the average franchised lodging property (Hampton, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Quality Inn, etc.) will skim some cash off the top. My best estimate is 10-20% depending on individual situations. With independents it is far greater. One such owner told me he reported about a third of his total revenues since it was a cash heavy location. The operational systems of franchised locations are making it much more difficult to skim. The skimming will happen most with other non-room related cash expenditures from vending, apparel, meals, etc.

That cash then goes to the clan central banker if the equity funds plus interest have not yet been repaid. It is supplemented with after tax income as needed. At times the clan banker may direct the payments to be made to other “family” members to avoid it running through his accounts.

It’s a type of money laundering. Small potatoes compared to what Brandon, the Clinton’s, Soetoro, Pelosi and crew have been doing for many years. It’s also highly successful as the participants will work their tails off to ensure the business is successful.

Now enter the IRS with its beefed up presence. Its purpose is not only for increased governmental revenues from designating contractors as employees, or to attack MAGA operations as they did the Tea Party, or for any number of other applications.

It’s about the cash. They want its use gone. If they can do that it is a huge move toward the one world economy, one world currency, one world government, etc. This is a step on the NWO ladder.

The very people they have brought in as the new livestock are the people they are going to screw over the most because they do not have the American spirit and sense of justice. They generally are compliant sheeple. Once here and continental citizenship arrives, they will have nowhere to run.

Cash is still legit, legal tender and helps to keep us free from tyranny even if it is sometimes used to avoid taxation and circumvent archaic and corrupt banking regulations .

We do not need to lose cash. It is vital to our freedom and liberty. We need to lose taxes and regulations that take it away. Which can happen if PDT and MAGA patriots win the war.

The GC needs the 87 K armed IRS brown shirts to go after the cash along with the people and businesses that deal in it. That MAGA organizations are harmed in their normal endeavors in the process is just a side benefit to the GC. Never forget that the Dems threw in full for them and that the RINO’s knew they would before voting began. They are in on it. This will never go away until We the People assert control over our country as provided in the Constitution.

It is always a show, a planned event. The enemies of the state and We the People have been identified yet once again.

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Brave and Free

Yeah have to agree with you, see it going on everyday here. It all makes sense, where it goes from here? It doesn’t look good unless PDJT is able to correct it again.
Really worried about my kids and grandkids, there the ones who are going to deal with the brutal truth of all this. And unfortunately most don’t know it.


The sad fact of it is that government has intruded so far into the employer/employee relationship that you shake hands at $10/hour, the employee gets $7/hour, and it costs the employer $14.

With that much economic distortion, a certain amount of avoidance is inevitable — and it will shade into tax evasion (which is illegal).


And if you’d’ve set something like that up in California, AB5 would have just redefined all the terms.


To make things worse, this is what happens when you shake hands with someone who works in the same city as you. If you shake hands with someone in Mexico, the deal is entirely different. If you shake hands with someone in Malaysia, it is more different, still.

If the government weren’t muscling their way into your $10 handshake and stealing $7 of it ($14 employer – $7 employee), there’d be no benefit to shipping jobs and industries overseas.

Happy go lucky

Why do I taste metal? …..oh, it’s the nails I’m spitting.

of course I mostly surmised how they were doing it, I just didn’t know about banks going along with it


Very interesting read. The extent is mildly surprising, until we recall, Wall Street doesn’t care about America. it is all about the Benjamin’s. <<< Americana doesn’t rate.

Thanks insights.

Last edited 1 year ago by kalbokalbs

Boy – this is a hard read. Brutal conscienceless forces at work all around.


Biden just announced an Annual Covid Vaccine – saying now would need to get the Vaccine every year like the flu shot.

[White House] – This week, we begin a new phase in our COVID-19 response. We are launching a new vaccine – our first in almost two years – with a new approach. For most Americans, that means one COVID-19 shot, once a year, each fall.”

Yet look how many are exempt…..

comment image


In my best Alex Trebek voice: Oh, sorry

The criminal Joe Biden can chuck that idea on the bonfire of all the other crap I won’t be doing 😂


“Biden just announced an Annual Covid Vaccine – saying now would need to get the Vaccine every year like the flu shot.”


Lots of wrong or questionable words there:

A) “Biden just announced…” [anything that comes after that is auto-irrelevant]

B) “…an Annual Covid Vaccine…” [there’s no such thing]

C) “…saying now would need to…” [wrong as always, I don’t need to do anything]

D) “…get the Vaccine…” [there is no “vaccine”]

E) “…every year…” [nope, I’m already enrolled on the zero times a year plan]

F) “…like the flu shot…” [which he can likewise shove up his &^%]

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

Looks like the bottom of the “exempt” image was cut off.

The last one on the list is:



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Make room for WOLF, too!


I made room for all of us, of course 👍😁

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

In blue and swing states a large number of them vote whether that actually vote or not.

Oh, this makes sense now. Warm bodies with fake identities provide human cover for fake votes.


Brilliant, fascinating, and vital post. Vital because you will not see this sort of realistic and knowledgeable assessment anywhere, period.

I just want to comment on a few of your points. These are minor compared to your post, but I put them here as very partial, anecdotal corroboration.

1) I am fortunate to talk frequently with a variety of guys who work with their hands, including guys who have worked to create their own successful businesses. Their business “model” was work, work and more work. And I talk to the guys who work for these guys, and their employment model is be dependable, and work, work, work (and party). These are heavily cash businesses, which is all I will say. No, I will also say, God Bless them and keep them all, they contribute more to society than all the governments combined, in ways which go beyond business.

2) I know people who have worked in the restaurant business. In this area, a large segment (though by no means all) is owned and operated by two ethnic groups, hard working, patriotic, full of common sense, and shrewd. They work many hours, work hard, and are also in a cash heavy business. God Bless them all, and keep them. They make people happy. But on a couple occasions I have advised employees (people I know) to make sure they can account for all the hours they work, or be aware of possible unpleasant consequences. These people understood what I meant when covid hit. And the covid consequences, though bad, were not nearly as bad as the consequences IRS agents can make happen.

3) The covid hoax devastated cash heavy businesses. The big businesses who were cash heavy but whose finances were completely formalized were allowed to flourish. IMO this was intended. And the latter could always make sure “excess” cash was directed to the “right” pockets. Small cash businesses were gutted, a deliberate goal.

4) The guys with the smaller businesses now cannot hire reliable help, all of a sudden (since the hoax). One of the reasons I hear is drug use being off the charts. Get enough money to get enough drugs, take the rest of life off with a fuck you leisurely who-cares attitude. And 7:30 or 8 o’clock have no meaning, unless money is needed.

5) My wife works in a grocery store. The turnover is high. So are some (by no means all) employees. Even the “reliable” ones call in often, or have emergencies with frequency. That is as far as I will go, although other details support the idea that something is very wrong, not mere laziness.

6) The guys I know who work, work “around.” They see what is going on outside. Street to street. They have described to me a recent phenomenon. A bunch of guys show up to do a roofing job. They are directed by a no nonsense boss who speaks only Spanish. They work like robots, and get the job done in one day. They do an excellent job. But one must assume that all the negatives apply (like no taxes, etc), not the least of which is taking work from local businesses (who struggle to find workers).

7) Not really relevant. but I was always laissez faire about drug laws and enforcement, for a variety of reasons not worth discussing. Now I seriously consider that Trump is right, that the death penalty is needed. Start with fentanyl and heroin. But drugs is to some extent a function of everything else which has gone wrong, including the meaningless, shiftless lives people have come to lead.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tonawanda