9/11 Truth-Fest

(still from video, don’t click, see below!)

I’ve spent a lot of time on Gab today, and I’m just blown away at the extent to which people are now ultra-red-pilled on 9/11. The amount of evidence pouring out is overwhelming. I’m seeing stuff I’ve NEVER seen before. Re-evaluating all of this evidence, knowing what we know now – the red pills are just coming down in a HAILSTORM.

This is the place to store all this information. We need to save it while it’s all coming out. Just add it in the comments. Thanks!


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Trump has a lot of knowledge of construction and construction materials, and probably airplanes as well.


Wolf, if you watch that video frame by frame, something flies off into the sky when the building explodes. There are two objects. Is it a reflection? Some kind of artifact?


No, what I am looking at comes from the building. There are two of them. It’s weird.

Gail Combs

Care of Shady Groove.

Bill Cooper Predicted 911


In the Show notes:


Durham requests 30 subpoenas for testimony in trial against Steele source Igor Danchenko


YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGpfqrhVfnc)

Bill Cooper Explains The Hour Of The Time Intro Music

Dailymotion (https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ld39x)

MUST SEE! Bill Cooper Predicted 911 – video Dailymotion

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEEhxfU9gnM)

Bill Cooper Freedom

Bill Cooper speaks on Freedom.

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWgpSwKzkZE)

Bill Cooper – “Do you really know what America is all about”? (“Somnus” – Lazerhawk mix)


YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5NiAvukVkg)

Matrix Liars – Bill Cooper

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2_o5mRLw7s)

Bill Cooper speech about Jesus

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hrrh4rhVXU)

William Cooper – Jesus Christ was a dangerous man!! So should you be!

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8kv25y1M28)

The Hour of the Time ! Bill get’s angry with Caller Income tax

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaV-_glPA9U)

I’m Just One Person – Bill Cooper

Full Broadcast – Raid Ft. Sam Houston:

MAJESTYTWELVE https://www.hourofthetime.com/majestyt.htm

Twtext.com (https://twtext.com/article/1039627612782354432)

Thread by @shadygrooove, -9/11/01-A day that I will Never Forget! A day that Was to Destroy…


YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=es9Rwxkc_co)

‘That’s A Yes Or No’: Clay Higgins Grills Police Chief On Red Flag Laws

Rumble (https://rumble.com/v102q5k-behold-a-pale-complete-full-audio.html)

Behold A Pale Horse Complete FULL Audiobook

Gail Combs


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.225 comment image

Sep 11 2018 18:33:17 (EST)

Rats running.

Timing is everything.

Enjoy the show.


Sadie Slays

I didn’t watch the video, but I’m dumping the obligatory “the 9/11 falling man is an occult reference to the Hanged Man” memes. IMO, it was as fake as everything else that happened that day.

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Gail Combs

I just listened to Patrick reading Naomi Wolfe’s BOXES.

She would agree with you.

Dr Naomi Wolf’s “Opening Boxes from 2019” – instant classic, don’t miss


Start @ 20:15 goes to 54 minutes…

“….And then I took it home with me (Table cloth bought in India) People who STILL HAVE THEIR HONOR INTACT WILL SIT AROUND OUR TABLE.”

Gail Combs

NO!, Naomi and her husband MOVED out of NYC to the north into RED (neck) country and are learning rural skills like how to shoot a gun.

The boxes are boxes packed and stored during the first Covid insanity when they moved. She is unpacking them and writing of the memories they evoke AND HOW HER PERCEPTIONS HAS CHANGED.

It is her story of waking from The Mass Formation Psychosis spell the young elite ‘Beautiful People’ were under. It is a story about how NASTY her former friends, the ones who sat around her table and ate her food and drank her wine, now are. It is about how loving and helpful her new friends are. People who have NOT sold their honor for 30 pieces of silver.

She brings up how she was honored and feted for her support and writings on Feminism and women BUT how those SAME people IGNORE — NO BASH AND VILIFY HER — For DOCUMENTING the HARM the Clot Shot DOES TO WOMEN —– ALL FOR MONEY!


I had a fifty yard line view that day. Our architecture office overlooked the World Trade Center from 25th Street. NO other tall buildings in between. 23rd floor. All windows in the conference room looked south. I burst in on a meeting to see the second ‘hit’ and then saw both buildings come down.

Those were implosions, but to what extent? Has the event ever been modeled? Not sure if the architects and engineers have done that or not.

As you stated…people get foggy and forget. This is a feature of Psy-ops.


Probably look more towards the editors who chose that particular frame (out of about a dozen), for the shock value.

They certainly succeeded.


I had noted that it didn’t seem like a natural fall — it seemed more posed.


It’s an interesting video. The photographer took about a dozen frames of this one individual in free-fall.
So this “pose” was NOT a “pose”.
And there were more frames of other individuals in free-fall taken.
Plus, there were many other sources of video and still pictures from journalists to tourists to average citizens with cellphones equipped with cameras.


8:46 a.m. = 666


It’s an interesting video. The photographer took about a dozen frames of this one individual in free-fall.
So this “pose” was NOT a “pose”.
And there were more frames of other individuals in free-fall taken.
Plus, there were many other sources of video and still pictures from journalists to tourists to average citizens with cellphones equipped with cameras.


The video and still shot in the article are amazing (and I presume not doctored). No plane in sight!

I haven’t been keeping up with evidence and various theories over the years. I have some questions but am not expecting others to do research for me, except to ask this: Is there a site that explains all the elements of 9/11 to form a possible workable theory? In other words, is there a theory somewhere that attempts to explain what happened at each of the 4 attack sites on that day; whether the Pennsylvania plane crash is considered to be real; who the guys were who trained in America to fly planes and reportedly flew into the buildings (just fake reports?); whether any eyewitnesses say they saw planes fly into the buildings; if planes didn’t fly into the buldings, whether the media was aware of that or if they were just reporting what was being fed to them, etc.


There are MANY other videos available from various perspectives (and various quality) that show the second plane (assuming you are referring to WTC).

The second plane came from the SOUTH, flying in a NORTHERLY direction.

By then, all eyes, including cameras, were on the North Tower.

Everyone to the south and west who could see the smoke from the North Tower would have been able to see A PLANE hit the South Tower.

THAT is what has been recorded through video, still-frames, and eye-witness testimony.

Valerie Curren

Regarding Flight 93 I believe it was shot down. There were eye witnesses to the fireball in the sky. There were items from the baggage area recovered miles away from the “crash” site. The “gash” in the ground near Shanksville predated 9/11. This is the sense I ‘ve retained years after reading from many sources to get to these conclusions but I cannot point to the “original” source material for these conclusions at this time…


There were dancing Islamists celebrating on the rooftops in New Jersey.


We had dancing moslems at my local deli across the street on the Upper East side…


Same in Brooklyn.


Same in Brooklyn.


It is with great sadness to think that Israel had a role in 9-11, but that seems inescapable. The exact role, and how big, who knows? But it was a role inconsistent with the behavior of an ally. The Israeli murder of completely innocent Americans on the “spy” ship Liberty was relatively long ago, but it implicates the question of trust both in Israel and of our own government officials. Again, there is no joy in these thoughts.

The actions of the evil people in control have been around persistently since JFK, and the Liberty took place after JFK. It is wrong to draw grand conclusions, just as it is wrong to ignore the truth, such of it as we know.


100% agree on everything.

Canadian Guest

Look at Israel’s adoption. Of the Covid Jab. They are murdering their own…. So why not their Allies?


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Have bookmarked all the videos to watch later. Just some thoughts on red-pilling etc.

People often want definitive evidence of a comprehensive alternative explanation before they will reject the validity of the explanation they do accept. “If it wasn’t this, then what was it?” This is why and how the concepts of reasonable doubt and presumption of innocence have been gamed out of existence. If the person didn’t do it, then who did? Or, if the person didn’t do exactly that, then what exactly did he do?

This is why trials do not seek the truth as a result, but seek a socially accepted result. Guilt or innocence is not determined in any objective sense (except coincidentally) but only in a purely formal sense which is wrongly assumed to be objective truth.

I read Posner’s book, and Bugliosi’s book, and assorted other lone gunmen books, along with Lane’s book, and was 100% convinced Oswald was the lone gunman. Worse, I considered it preposterous that any other explanation made sense.

Then years later I watched the original interviews Lane had conducted of eyewitnesses to the assassination, interviews conducted shortly after the assassination. I did not know they existed. Watching was like getting struck by lightening. It was not possible for these ordinary citizens to be telling the truth, and for the lone gunman story to also be true. And they were telling the truth.

I went back to watch the Firing Line interview Buckley did with Lane. Buckley was my hero back then, and I watched Firing Line faithfully. Watching the interview years later was to be confronted by my abject naïvete, inexperience, and simple minded psychology back then. I was embarrassed and ashamed by Buckley. Buckley avoided all factual aspects of the matter, and instead focused purely on character assassination. Buckley’s “argument” was that Lane was a communist. Lane OTOH focused on the facts and ignored the personal attack.

How influential was my initial watching of this episode on my later confidence in Posner and Bugliosi? Without my realizing it, how much was my mind “set” by the Buckley interview?

9-11 was similar. I very carefully read the Popular Mechanics article and that was it. My mind was “set.” (I read a lot else, but that was the “foundation” prism).

One thing DID bother me, that Barbara Olson died on one of the flights. Her death was far from proof of anything, but it stayed with me. If Olson’s death was arranged, how could all of 9-11 be on the up and up?

Hillary is all about revenge, and it struck me as just too amazingly “lucky” for Hillary to coincidentally get her spectacularly terrifying revenge. Wolf posted a compelling explanation (based on facts and research) as to how Olson’s death was arranged, an astonishing piece of detective work, and persuasive to me 100%

My mind about 9-11 was opened by my open-minded research into the assassination. If the JFK official narrative was corrupt brainwashing, what was not? The Olson murder was not the key, but was corroboration of the dozens of facts I had found undermining the official 9-11 narrative.

Bush reading a story to little children at some point took on a whole new meaning, just as Sadie’s posting of the tarot card immediately converted my thoughts on falling man. The brazenness is just part of ongoing operations.

There is no comprehensive explanation available to us for what REALLY took place, or is taking place. That, too, is part of ongoing operations. What we have amounts to much more than reasonable doubt. We know the official narratives are false. The explanation for the falsity allows us to logically infer that something very evil is happening, and has been happening for a very long time. It also allows us practically to assume the worse about what is happening, and that may be the best we will ever do in knowing what is actually going on, although justice and knowledge would be very sweet.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tonawanda
Valerie Curren

Thank you for laying out your journey toward deeper truth which might illuminate and parallel many of our convoluted pathways. What you’ve shared is Most Enlightening!


I do not believe for one moment the Mossad and Israel are responsible for 9/11/01 – the majority of the victims and the businesses targeted were Jewish financial institutions.

It makes more sense to see it as Islamists attacking America and the Jews.


There have been over 42,108 documented Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11/01

comment image

7671 days since 9/11/01

That’s 5.4892 attacks per day all over the world

That includes the Boston Marathon Bombing

And San Bernardino

And more.


Last edited 1 year ago by GA/FL

Graph – attacks by ideology – comment image


A 9/11 Conspiracy Theory Explained in 5 Minutes by James Corbett (Classic)


In 1962 a Document titled “Operation Northwoods” was presented to President Kennedy suggesting a false flag by the CIA to justify War with Cuba.

I believe this Document is where the plan for 911 was originally derived from.

In this plan it is suggested that an exact Duplicate CIA aircraft would be launched at the same time as the real civilian aircraft & that they would land the civilian craft, off load the passengers, as the Duplicate CIA Craft continued on to carry out the false flag.

Despite Bush claiming not being a member of the CIA till made director in 1974, an ’88 The NY Times report cites a memo that places him in the CIA as early as ’63 and according to an unnamed source ’60.

Meaning he would’ve been in the CIA while Operation Northwoods was being planned.

Using a decoy plane to carry out a public catastrophe which could then be used to Justify a War.

Just substitute “Cuba” for “AL Queda” and you have the opening draft of 911

Deplorable Patriot

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Gail Combs

I just want to add this to his information.

Two other Cavers (College+grads) and I were in the mountains near Albany NY. We we outside doing some star watching and chatting. An unusual ‘star’ was wondering around and we started watching it. Within TEN MINUTES of it appearing Rome Air Force base scrambled three jets to chase that ‘star’ They chased that star all over as it made evasive maneuvers and then it took off like a formula one being chased by three turtles.

We sat there looking at each other with our mouths open. However the point is, an invasion of US air space provoked a VERY PROMPT RESPONSE…


As Major Stubblebine said, and I had heard, all the surveillance equipment was TURNED OFF. Think about it. From New York to DC the flight time is FORTY-TWO MINUTES. There are FIVE Air force Bases along the East coast that could target OFF COURSE PLANES in the NYC to DC area.



Here is the listing of US military bases:



District of Columbia[edit]


New Jersey[edit]

New York[edit]

North Carolina[edit]


Rhode Island[edit]


West Virginia[edit]

Valerie Curren

Not 9/11 related but hubby’s grandfather was born in Fort Myer in the 1880’s…sometime I’ll do a genealogical dig on that place & time ☺


Thank you for the article and everyone who posted information.

Have spent hours reading this article, posts and videos.

The information here is a treasure, chalk full of speculation, research and facts.

Within days of 9-11, I knew something big was “off”. Although, I never pursued it. Today, this article, posts, videos delivers many Ah-Ha moments.

  • Pentagon. No pictures of a plane approaching Pentagon. Perhaps. But no aircraft parts recovered. Unbelievable.
  • PA. No plane parts. Somehow 100% of the aircraft, everything burrowed beyond recovery? The earth buried the aircraft beyond recovery. Hard to accept that.
  • Towers fell in their foot print. Really? Short of demolition, could a 110 story building do that. Twice. Same day. Minutes or whatever time frame apart. How could that happen?
  • WTC7. Clearly, WTF?

The official narrative IS FUBAR. Pravda News is once again, complicit.

A bit numb this evening.

  • 9-11, so many lies in the official narrative.
  • Post in the daily, 300 CDC schmucks drank the Kool-Aid OR don’t have the back bone to be honest with America.

Remember when Fox News 5 said WTC7 had collapsed while it is still standing, and then they watch the building fall live on camera? 

A BBC reporter who was live in NY did the same thing. She said WTC7 had collapsed when it was still standing right behind her. The report ended with a “signal loss”: 

Here’s the BBC response in which they say the reporter can’t remember and that they lost the original footage of this broadcast: https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2007/02/part_of_the_conspiracy.html


Well done.

NOW we’re getting somewhere.


That… and the ones that wren “HALF-BURNT” with NO FIRE DAMAGE to the rest of it or anything surrounding.

Brave and Free

This is a good video, also brings up the disinformation that was used to discredit this theory.
My belief has changed over the years to whom is responsible for 9/11.
Not looking good for our side, one more reason why they can’t let PDJT back. Truly believe he’ll expose everything and everyone next time and there’ll ALL scared S*** less.

Valerie Curren

This was most interesting –Thanks!


Thanks for putting this up Wolf, and for everyone who contributed something constructive.

Tough day, for the country, and personally.

Still looking for answers…


I won’t.

Brave and Free