Dear MAGA: Open Topic 20181213

This SPECIAL D13 & SO THROUGH WITH TWITTER THURSDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world.

Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s comments.  Keep it civil.  Treehouse rules, but expect lots of QAnon.

No illegalities, please!  We are happy that we have gotten fully away from Tweaking Twitter (where TW IT TER = TWeaking cITizen banTER).  I have finally figured out the Twitter plan.  It was part of the VLWC – it was PLANNED to “go socialist” at the proper time.


An insidious plan to control speech and then society.  Gently.  Slowly.  Sneakily.

So just #WalkAway.

Today (Thursday, December 13) is the twelfth day of Advent.

The 146th day of next year, which shall be celebrated here as Ma Cankles Uranium Day, is:

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2019


We have our own algorithms, thank you.  WYSIWYG.  And WWG1WGA.

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Twitter, Facebook and Google need to be taken down….they have become leftist tools for control, political agenda and propaganda.

Sylvia Avery

Yes, they have. I’d love to see them go down in flames….oh wait, we kind of saw that in China the other night, didn’t we? LOL.


“Twitter, Facebook and Google need to be taken down….they have become leftist tools for control, political agenda and propaganda.”
We will almost certainly find out that they were CREATED for the express purpose of being Leftist tools for control, political agenda and propaganda.

Sylvia Avery

I am sure that you are correct. It’s one of those things that with the benefit of hindsight you can look at and think, “WHAT were we thinking to give them all of our information?” These tools were perfect, just perfect, for getting us to do exactly that.


That article is about…’Parler News’.
Thanks, Syl, that’s a new one that I hadn’t heard of yet.
‘Parler’ is the French word for ‘to speak’.

Sylvia Avery

Oui madame! I hadn’t heard of it, either. I was intrigued. This may be the moment when Twitter starts to topple. I hope so, only because I hate what Twitter has done to stifle speech.


Why is RedState ignoring FreeTalk, Gab, other apps in this article?
Seems a good journalist would at least list other alternatives that conservatives are migrating to.

Sylvia Avery

I don’t know. I never read RedState, I just clicked on this headline because I was curious. I expected it would be about one of the services I’ve heard of and instead discovered something else.


“Why is RedState ignoring FreeTalk, Gab, other apps in this article?
Seems a good journalist would at least list other alternatives that conservatives are migrating to.”
IIRC correctly, RedState is part of the Salem ‘NeverTrump’ Media stable.
Salem Media Group / Salem Media Radio Network appears to be 100% controlled opposition corporate news. They were 100% in the tank for Canadian Ted Cruz, and Cruz was 100% for TPP and every other Wall Street and CoC financial construct to exfiltrate American wealth to the Cabal.
So if RedState is promoting a platform nobody ever heard of, while ignoring established platforms like Gab, I suspect it’s not an oversight.
Wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that Salem Media just bought a stake in Parler, and therefore the other platforms are competition.
That’s how Salem Media rolls.
Salem Media Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SALM; formerly Salem Communications Corporation) is an American radio broadcaster, Internet content provider, and magazine and book publisher based in Camarillo, California, targeting audiences interested in Christian and what it describes as “family-themed content and conservative values.”
In addition to its radio properties, the company owns Salem Radio Network, which syndicates talk, news and music programing to approximately 2,400 affiliates; Salem Media Representatives, a radio advertising company; Salem Web Network, an Internet provider of Christian content and online streaming with over 100 Christian content and conservative opinion websites; and Salem Publishing, a publisher of Christian themed magazines. Salem owns 117 radio stations in 38 markets, including 60 stations in the top 25 markets and 29 in the top 10, tied with CBS Radio for fifth-largest radio broadcaster.
FamilyTalk is a Christian-themed talk format on Sirius XM Radio Channel 131. Additionally, Salem owns conservative websites, RedState, and Hot Air, as well as Twitter aggregator Twitchy.
The company was founded by Stuart Epperson and Edward G. Atsinger III and, unlike many Christian broadcasters, is a for-profit corporation. This allows it to pursue a strategy of buying stations in the commercial radio band which are often higher-powered than those of the FM non-commercial band, and accept commercial advertising.
For the record, I am extremely suspicious of any large media organization engaged in what might be called ‘Christian’ broadcasting.
I would love for it to be about promoting the Truth of God’s Word, and God’s Word only, but it never seems to work that way. You can scarcely even find a CHURCH that teaches the truth of God’s Word, and God’s Word only… much less a business venture.
If it is a business, then ultimately, it is about the money. And that leads to corrupting the message, to suit the advertisers, or the board of directors, or the investors, or even (even especially) to suit ‘the people’, e.g., ‘Give the People what they Want’.
Or all of the above, and others I haven’t even considered.


Good info! Thank you Scott!


And right on cue, here is Erick ‘NeverTrump’ Erickson, commenting on the demise of NeverTrump Bill Kristol and Steve Hayes’ ‘Weekly Never-Trump Traitor’ rag:
Erick Erickson
‏Verified account @EWErickson
This is the day Trump supporters whose Twitter bios reference their love of Jesus come out to rejoice that the Weekly Standard’s employees are out of jobs right before Christmas because they didn’t like Jesu…errrr…Trump.
8:05 AM – 14 Dec 2018
That is called an appeal to emotion, Erick. The kind of thing every good Leftist (and NeverTrump Traitor) specializes in.
Erick pretends not to understand that Christians, those who love TRUTH, can certainly rejoice in the demise of evil.
If the people who lost their jobs were actively engaged in the evil, I hope they learn from their error and repent. They are so far on the wrong side of history that they have become the enemy they presumed to oppose.
And if the people who lost their jobs were oblivious to the evil of their environment, here’s hoping their eyes are opened, and they will find better employment somewhere that isn’t engaged in trying to take down the only president we’ve had in DECADES who is trying to save our country rather than destroy it.
During the 2016 campaign, it was people like Erick Erickson who viciously attacked and hated Trump supporters. Salem Media group drove Trump supporters out of their ‘platforms’, leaving a concentrated core of NeverTrump traitors to commiserate with one another.
And that will never be forgotten.
What SD did at CTH over his irrational Q-hate was nothing compared to what the NeverTrump traitors did to Trump supporters.
It was because of NeverTrump traitors and Trump haters at Salem Media ( primarily) that I left that platform, found Breitbart, and later found CTH.
The posters in Salem Media website comment sections (e.g., RedState,, etc.) toward Trump supporters made the Q-haters at CTH seem friendly by comparison.
Erick Erickson is one of them. He’s a NeverTrump Traitor, which means he is against you and me and our President and therefore against our country and its survival.
That’s who Erick Erickson is.
And it will not be forgotten.


I signed up to post at RedState when I left
I was banned from RedState on my 3rd post for defending Trump, lol!
A real bastion of ‘free speech’ and ‘freedom of thought’ over there at RedState, a.k.a., NeverTrump HQ. 😁


I’m sure they can find something for him to do in Gitmo.
I have read (Stealth Jeff, maybe) people who said Kristol, Hayes, et al. were ‘out of touch’ with the electorate.
But there comes a point where being ‘out of touch’, while your objectives all align with the Uniparty, that it has to be more than simply ‘out of touch’.
‘Out of touch’ implies disconnected, floating aimlessly.
But the NeverTrump Traitors never seemed ‘out of touch’ to me, they never seemed like they were ‘wandering in the desert, earnestly searching for truth’.
No, they are firmly ensconced in the UniParty orbit, wearing a ‘conservative’ or ‘patriotic’ mask.
They are certain and convinced that they have the ‘truth’, and MAGA has no place in their vision.
None so blind as those who will not see‘.
But is it really blindness, or self-interest?
Does it matter?
If it is self-interest, then are they not traitors to their own country — for money?
And if it is willful blindness, isn’t whatever motivates that ‘willful blindness’ likewise a form of national betrayal?
What valid excuse can these people possibly have?
They’ve had 2 years to come up with one.
And all they’ve rolled is snake-eyes.


Wolfie, I’m sure you know Krystol comes from a very prominent family. You don’t have to worry he’ll have to apply for the SnAP program or become homeless. Lol.


As these episodes always remind me… if Satan was inventing a religion, what would he add, that islam doesn’t already do?


Ben’s cartoon should have all the Progressive birds with gray NPC faces flying in formation, with the Conservative birds shown having broken out of Jack’s cage and flying free toward the Land of Gab.