QAnon vs. Big Tech / Socialist Media

It’s been a long time (July 30, 2017) since I published an article on my other blog – which almost nobody read, mind you – that actually had somebody STAKING OUT MY HOUSE.

Yes – there were 7 likes, 31 comments, and the NEIGHBORS called the cops on the guy.

And then there was the other guy. That was not nice. Actually more dangerous than I realized at the time.

Like I said, this is NOT A GAME.

Just look at my header image and you can see why I rattled some cages.

Trump – The Information Trust-Buster

All of this was in the SHADOW of Steve Bannon publicly stating – to the horror of Silicon Valley – that it might have to be regulated under anti-trust to control the CENSORSHIP which was clearly ramping up.

Remember also – THIS was before a variety of desperate communist/media moves against our VSGPOTUS, and the (in my opinion) MILITARY RESPONSE to the Las Vegas massacre.

  • Charlottesville, August 11-12, 2017
  • Las Vegas, October 1, 2017
  • QAnon First Probable Post, Oct 28, 2017
  • MBS Saudi Purge, November 4, 2017

The exact relationship of these events is unknown, but it is clear that 2017 was a time of some kind of internal, government-level warfare in the United States, as the forces loyal to Hillary Clinton attempted to oust President Trump, using a combination of:

  • lawfare
  • leaks
  • violent staged events
  • intimidation and threats against supporters of Trump
  • media coercion
  • social media suppression

This thing was WAY more than just a WITCH-HUNT, in my opinion. The Witch-Hunt (which our VSGPOTUS ultimately cornered into submission, IMO – in large part because of his INNOCENCE)….

….was just a small part of the WAR AGAINST TRUMP.

Why am I stating all this stuff? Because it is BACKGROUND for the DEPLOYMENT of the….

Q Psy-Op

….which we are all following now. It is my personal opinion that the Q project was a long time in the making, but was deployed post-haste after Las Vegas because of the intense level of crisis which this event represented to the nation, if not the world. Alternatively, Las Vegas may have been meant to PREEMPT the deployment of Q. All of this is very fuzzy, buried in the shadows of the hidden world of hidden strategies. But – IMO – the two events were clearly related by CONFLICT.

NOW – understanding the SERIOUSNESS of the social media war in support of “the Hillary Faction”, because of related events, I believe you all can properly appreciate what QAnon chronicler PAUL SERRAN is talking about in THIS great article, spotted and suggested by our own PhoenixRising:

I’m not going to copy any of the article here, but I will instead describe what it is and why you need to read it.

The Q team (basically representing .mil / NSA) has been in a continuous taunt-battle with the forces in control of American social media – or as I like to call them, “socialist media”. Much of this is psy-ops, mind games, disinformation, information as disinformation, and “controlling the opposition”, but in the process, it sheds a lot of light on these things, and more:

  • what goes on in socialist media
  • who socialist media works for and supports
  • how socialist media is used to control us
  • what is going to happen to socialist media (loss of control)
  • what is happening to us as a function of that change (many things)

SO – don’t expect a nice, obvious chronology here, on first glance. This is like American Civil War history. It’s all a blur until you follow the generals, follow the strategies, and fill in a LOT of history.

Nevertheless, it’s a very good read – easy to follow – and maybe more than once. Paul breaks out VERY CLEARLY what each of the Q drops about BIG TECH actually means. You will begin to understand the BATTLES, so that you can understand the WAR.

So read all about it – the FIGHT AGAINST BIG TECH.


Military precision. And military HISTORY.
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Mueller Report given to AG Barr
Today at 5pm EST

Steve in Lewes

[Mueller] blockade removed.
Ok Q and Q+, we are waiting for you to take the next step and bring these MF’rs clowns down.
DECLASS baby!!!!


I second the motion


Thanks, Wolf. I remember reading all those Q drops Paul highlights, but it is pretty powerful to see them all together and look at the big picture. Especially the actual crimes that these people committed – such as Google with N. Korea and China. These people should be locked up and their companies broken into a million pieces. Hopefully, some version of that will happen.


There is nothing to read when I click on the link…just the picture. I have hovered all over that picture, gone to the other tabs on the site and clicked the title of the article, only to be directed back to W’s link.


Waiting worked, but not because I really waited…because I fiddled with other stuff and when I went back, there it was!
Thank you so much for the explanation and advice. Reserved for the future!

Gail Combs

I enlarged Wolfie’s list
These are NOT typical events in the USA:
♦️ Gunman opens fire at (R) baseball team June 13, 2017
♦️ Charlottesville, August 11-12, 2017
♦️ Las Vegas, October 1, 2017
♦️ QAnon First Probable Post, Oct 28, 2017
♦️ Jihadist drove truck into cyclists & runners on Hudson River bike path October 31, 2017
♦️ Rand Paul Assault November 2, 2017
♦️ MBS Saudi Purge, November 4, 2017
♦️ Train carrying Republican hits truck Jan 31, 2018
Seven months Seven MAJOR stories.


Great list, Gail.


The LV shooting. Worst FF ever. So transparently a botched operation.


At least the police chief of LVPD was (and is) a highly competent and a real sleuth.
I can’t remember his name, it was something like Clueless.. Clickclack… Clozot…
That’s it.
Brilliant man.
Integrity AND brains.
Not to mention a communication wizard.
He’s a complete package. Las Vegas better hope they never lose a man like that.


Wierd how that FBI guy was always standing behind his back with a loaded weappon at every briefing… or at least that was the body language I was picking up.


Thanks woolfie, ,
fascinating reads , It’s an exciting time to be alive!


Wolfie, you did a real service with this post. Thank you.


NEW Q !!! Lisa Mei Q’d!


Winning and winning and winning!!!!!🦁🦁😊



NUNES: “This is the “unraveling of the biggest political scandal in American history:
This was …nothing more, nothing less than a Clinton-Obama operation with a bunch of dirty cops at the FBI and career Justice Department officials that were all a part of it.”


Thank you, Wolfie & Phoenix. Great info & analysis by Serran.
We’ve all been snookered for a very long time. I have always wondered whether the ‘pros’ or ‘cons’ of electronic communication & the internet would outweigh the other. Most days it seems the ‘cons’ of illegal surveillance, theft of privacy, and incivility win out.
These tech monsters must be harnassed. I want the CIA dismantled.


As I said before, naming the Google parent company “Alphabet” is a big tell. Bet they were laughing at the deplorable sheep – too dumb to see what was going on.
Then look at the latest Bourne movie – Jason Bourne (2016). The premise of that movie is precisely what is being alluded to by Q – That the CIA “owned” a tech mogul that was really a hybrid of Goggle, Twatter and Fake Book …
Again, laughing at our stupidity – rubbing our faces in it.
“He who laughs last” springs to mind …


My old Mac OS 10.9.5 computer can’t handle wix-site, evidently. I was reading along and it went wonky – became lines and colors.