Trump Trip~ Day 3.5, at Home In Ireland.

Let’s just say, the atmosphere changed when the Trump’s landed at the Shannon Airport in Ireland.

The President sat down with Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister of Ireland at the Shannon Airport. Link
FLOTUS Melania, was greeted by lovely children.

The Trump team then traveled to the President’s Golf Club in Doonbeg…….. which is spectacular.

The locals were THRILLED the President and his team was in town.

As soon as everyone was settled at Doonbeg, the boys, Don Jr., and Eric, headed out to the local village to go PUB HOPPING!!!!!!!!! Link
The whole village turned into a carnival-like festival and Don Jr., and Eric manned the beer taps and actually bought the house a few drinks. What a great time. People came from everywhere. They leaned out of windows to catch a glimpse of the boys.

But the bar owner, THIS GUY, won the blue ribbon for the night. Check out his sweatshirt.
bar owner
The Trump sons were so grateful for the warm welcome by the villagers in Doonbeg. Take a look at Eric, being gracious. Link
In the morning, the Trump’s will fly to Normandy to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Tonight, however, was a brief respite…..
Thank you, County Clare!

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Trump just became the unofficial President of Ireland!

Deplorable Patriot

It would be a vast improvement over what they have now, IMO.

Rodney Short

The world loves Trump, God heard our prayers in 2016.
Awesome pics Daughn, awesome story.


Thanks, Daughn. Heartwarming story & photos of this small village where the Trump family has provided excellent jobs that wouldn’t otherwise exist. I chuckled when I saw that head of foam on the Guiness Eric was pulling; I bet he got a raft of good-natured shit for that incompetence 😊
I will never forget my trip to Ireland decades ago. Everywhere we went we were warmly greeted and it seemed every family had relatives in the USA. They love USA and knew so much about us. The big question we got asked way back then was “Who shot JR.” cuz they all watched Dallas 😂😂


My family watched Dallas in Germany and they thought the whole country was like that show.
On the other hand I thought the whole US was like NYC when I came.

Sylvia Avery

This was wonderful. Talk about a “feel good” segment. I’m floating!


They are showing the Service of Remembrance on tv taking place at Bayeux Cathedral in France. T. May and Prince Charles are there participating.
The entire service is quite regal


Wait – not sure if I should’ve posted this I Daughns other thread….. I’ll repost there….

Deplorable Patriot

I guess I have to go back sometime. Did not have the best experience when in Ireland. Although, the pub crawl in Galway on race weekend the night before a bank holiday was fun. Great cover band at the King’s Head. And then we went outside. Never have seen a city more trashed in my life – and I’m from a place to knows how to party.