20191114: MAGA/KAG Rally Thread ~ Shreveport, LA

We’ve developed quite a taste for the bodacious seafood in Louisiana and need to go back at least once a week with the President. While we’re there, we can have a MAGA RALLY!

Nothing in the world better than a fresh “dressed” Shrimp Po-Boy

RSBN Link: https://rsbnetwork.com/2019/11/live-president-donald-trump-holds-kag-rally-in-bossier-city-la-11-14-19/

Fox 10 Phoenix – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmrDMmjXDG4

RSBN – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEjV4y0clXY

Golden State Times – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GElktyROLrs

George – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZvvOWKZdHw

CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?466321-1/president-trump-holds-rally-bossier-city-louisiana

Today we’re going to Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana. They’re twin cities which straddle the Red River, kind of like Minneapolis/St. Paul do up north. The area is “up and coming” more influenced by Dallas than New Orleans, and sits in a tri-state area of Arkansas-Texas-Louisiana. Shreveport Bossier has cyber corridors, large facilities for AT&T, Chase, Capitol One, SWEPCO, GE, and used to be the headquarters for Standard Oil, until it was absorbed by Exxon. City itself has a population of about 200K with the metro at just under a half million. Younger population, more families, more restaurants, museums, art, theatre, with a lot of BBQ and Seafood.

Just outside the cities, is the location of Barksdale Air Force Base… which completely kicks a$$ and where President Bush flew into on 9/11 to organize our government while we were under attack. It was a tense day for all Americans, but for those on the ground in Shreveport, we were defending our very government amid the fog of war.

Great story about the base and the power of locals/state/Feds working together – The federal gov’t was looking for a major interior air base and NE Texas was chosen as the spot. Town forefathers in Shreveport wanted the base on the LA side, so they bought land from 800 private citizens, including a 20K acre cotton plantation with a 1.5 million dollar bond. Then, they gifted the land to the Feds. Barksdale AFB was born, continues to grow and dominate, and we are so proud.

I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but Louisiana has “Blue Laws” which stem from old Napoleonic Code, quite different from other states, which is why lawyers from out of state have a hard time licensing in LA. Additionally, Governor Huey Long was the next thing to a socialist in the 1930’s, enormously popular, and almost won nomination for Dem President. Therefore, many of the tax laws and procedural contracts in LA are contrary to effective business.

If Louisiana had a businessman as Governor, Eddie Rispone, a Republican, backed up by a President like Trump, the area of Shreveport/Bossier City would take off like a rocket. Which is why we’re here to RALLY for Rispone! The latest poll showed a 49.2% for John Bel Edwards and 48.6% for Rispone. With the race this tight, we need turnout. Therefore, we need President Trump to drive turnout!

The Dems are worried and pouring MILLIONS into Louisiana at the last minute.

Shreveport is the 113th largest city in the country. The land price, labor pool, access to inexpensive utility/energy, new shale and LNG discovery, lifestyle, local breweries, great food, a Sci-Port, universities, cyber corridor, mild weather, low home cost, gorgeous new boardwalk, film industry, and proximity to a major AFB puts Shreveport in a perfect position for MASSIVE economic expansion. Just takes the right leadership to light the fire and a few tweaks to the tax code.

So much potential……

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Excellent Rally. Great crew subbing for Daughn at the top. Thanks all.


Hiya t3…You know…you one of my favs!!!! I miss you…serious.


thanks Daughn and all the commenters!
you have me wondering about the connection between the shortness of the rally and his meeting with Barr…fingers crossed, POTUS didn’t want to have the rally today because a house is about to drop on some Dems…lol

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