20200303: Coronavirus Ground Reports

This is a thread for reporting your ACTUAL PERSONAL ground reports – what you are SEEING and HEARING about the coronavirus, and your THOUGHTS in relation to those things.

I’ll go first.

I was at the FLYOVER GROCERY STORE today.

These are the things I observed….

People are using the wipes on the cart handles without any self-consciousness.

Stock on freshly baked bread seemed lower than normal.

Easter candy is already out on display.

The number of people seemed normal.

Crowd behavior seemed normal.

Overall vitamin stock was FULL.

Vitamin C was dented but no items were empty – down to 2 or 3 bottles left on the shelf for some of the “economy size” items, so Vitamin C is definitely getting hit, but not OUT.

No other vitamins or supplements seemed affected.

Note that there are no COVID-19 patients in said city or region.

Orange juice stock looked normal.

All other stock looked normal.

Clorox Wipes have been placed on display at the end of the CANNED FOOD AISLE.

Wipes in the display were moving but not briskly enough to set off any alarms.

Canned food stocks are NORMAL.

Specials on mac-and-cheese, energy bars, tuna, and other “short term normie prepper” foods.

No grocery carts seemed to be of a “prepper” nature.

No panic behavior by cars or people.

So that’s it – pretty uneventful.

What say you?


John Fink and James Coburn discuss case in a scene from the film ‘The Carey Treatment’, 1972. (Photo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Getty Images)

“Thank you, Doctor. That’s very helpful.”

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Democrat elected official threatens to use coronavirus as a bioweapon at Trump rallies!

Gail Combs

I certainly hope she and anyone else promoting this are visited by the Secret Service.
Given President Trump’s age and the death rate in his age group, It can certainly be considered a THREAT against a SITTING PRESIDENT.
The left goes after us about ‘Hate Speech’ all the time, turn about is fair play.


6 Now Confirmed With Coronavirus In NY
A 50-year-old New Rochelle man’s family — including his wife, a son and daughter — have tested positive for the new coronavirus.


Los Angeles – 6 more cases.

US total cases – 148 – including 9 deaths and 8 recovered.


A coronavirus tip – with a bit of humor thrown in.

Gail Combs

AND stay 6 to 9 feet away from others!

Concerned Virginian

Per WOR710, New York, 7PM Eastern Time news report:
New York now has ELEVEN confirmed cases of the Wuhan/SARS2 Coronavirus: the attorney’s family + their neighbor + 6 others.
The attorney is still in the hospital but has been upgraded to Critical but Stable condition.


Back to Costco today…
They now had TP but only their store brand. Of course, local grocery stores still have it but those who shop at costco tend to have larger budgets in order to be able to bulk buy &/or tend to think ahead anyway.
No mask wearers today.


It would appear that CA governor Navin Gruesome has declared a state of emergency.
(Swap first letters and add an R. Now the CA gov has the same name as The Jerk from the Steve Martin movie.)

Gail Combs

The N&O has a news report on the guy in Raleigh NC. He was in contact with people in other counties but the A$$ES will not NAME the other counties…. GRRRrrrr

….health officials say no one who has been in contact with the Wake County man has shown symptoms or been tested for coronavirus…..
Chris Kippes, director of Wake County’s division of public health, said a number of people within Wake and elsewhere in North Carolina have been asked to voluntarily “self-quarantine” because they had been within 6 feet of the sick patient for at least 10 minutes after he began to show symptoms of illness. At a minimum, those people are being asked to check their temperatures twice a day and report any changes.
County health officials said their contact list would include businesses such as restaurants or retail stores where the patient would have been in close proximity to others for 10 minutes or more.
The patient himself remains in isolation at home.…..

Good grief AFTER he showed symptoms is all they are worried about?
AND within 6 feet for ten minutes?
The guy was wandering around NC for TEN DAYS and obviously was not only in Raleigh/Wake county. So now I get to watch and wait to see if any more cases sprout up as we head into our busiest business season… OH JOY.
I really want to enlist Sylvia to help me teach a few lessons to the CDC idiots.

Gail Combs

Oh and we are ‘blessed’ with a really sleazy democrat lawyer who went from state AG ===> governor (CAN YOU SAY SOROS)