Boogaloo Wolverine Bakers Are Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy!

….. and especially when Hillary’s missing emails are published!

I’m sorry, because things are seriously BAD, but I am just DYING OF LAUGHTER.


The COUP is coming, and the FIB is getting ready to SHUT UP those QAnons when they try to PUT OUT THE TRUMP FIRE. The trouble is, nobody in Q-LAND is helping these COUPIST BASTARDS create authentic violence and militarism, so they’re relying on increasingly BOGUS stand-ins to prep the fake news media story for why they have to “round us up” and “shut us down”.

And their bogus creations simply DO NOT WORK.

SHAME. Seriously. SHAME. This is NAZI-LEVEL trickery. False flag DELUXE.

Allow me to explain.

I really should be concerned that the freaking SOVIET UNION and CHINA turned J. Edgar Hoover’s famed FBI into a PROPAGANDA GENERATION BUREAU, where the LEFT HAND of COMEY-MUELLER Stalinists, working with CIA, feed BULLSHIT to the RIGHT HAND STIFFS AND CHUMPS, who don’t realize how badly their own agency betrays them, but – well – HERE WE ARE.

The dude you see above in the red hat is NOT one of the “Boogaloo Wolverine Bakers“. We’ll get to THEM momentarily. No – the guy in an authentic MAGA hat, unlike Jussie Smollett’s hoaxing Nigerian actors in stock red hats, is a chap who I affectionately refer to as “Red Flag Poster Boy“. RFPB was likewise a PROPAGANDA creation of the FBI – specifically played off between communist mayor Ted Wheeler, outside of whose home he essentially begged for “red flag laws”, and whoever the Comeyists were in the Portland Field Office at that time.

Understanding the relationship of Red Flag Poster Boy to the FBI as a “propaganda puppet” is very helpful, and if you feel disturbed and incomplete when you finish reading THIS post – if I somehow get you to START thinking that maybe there is something very sketchy about the “Wolverine Watchmen” who allegedly wanted to grab creepy, plastic-faced, hardware store tyrant Gretchen Witchmer, then go back for the lengthy explanation of RFPB here:

Red Flag Poster Boy – Another Fine Product of the Murderous Comey FBI

Mueller’s and Comey’s influence on FBI can be summed up NOT just by the bad prosecution of Richard Jewell, and not just by the bad prosecution of Steven Hatfill, and not just by Mueller’s association with original MK ULTRA subject Whitey Bulger, and not just by THE HOAX to try to subvert the 2016 election, but most of all by the almost unknown but shocking sketchiness of the Dylann Roof assassination of Democrat political kingmaker and State Senator Clementa Pinckney, who was so much easier to eliminate and blame on TRUMP by killing him at his NIGHT GIG of REVEREND. Yes, just because it happened the day that Hillary Clinton visited Charleston to put out the BERNIE/PINCKNEY FIRE, and just because it was the night after Donald J. Trump rode down the escalator, and just because James Comey gave Dylann Roof his gun by letting it pass through NICS, it isn’t all THAT suspicious if you also own the Fake News Media Machine.

So if you want more about THAT little mess, then go HERE:

Dear New York Times – You Tipped Your Hand, And Now It’s Time To Talk About Violent Extremists

You will note, in THAT little piece, that the New York Times ONCE AGAIN tried to FRAME the peaceful QAnon movement with bogus accusations of violence, and THAT is why I decided to dump Comey’s FLAMING BAG OF HILLARY MURDER on everybody’s doorstep.

You LIE ABOUT US, and we will tell the TRUTH ABOUT YOU.

But let’s move on to today’s subject.

“Boogaloo Wolverine Bakers”

(which are extremely dangerous to our democracy!)



I could have started somewhere else – with some of the EARLIER articles about this latest travesty. I could have started at the VERY BEGINNING, where I took it VERY SERIOUSLY, and got all virtue-signally about HOPING that this was a good bust of real extremists – that FBI was doing a wonderful job again – and that all was well.

And – to be fair – in some ways, there may be a shred of truth to that. Maybe even a few shreds.

THE PROBLEM, however, is that this bust is clearly not only politically SPUN, but the material being spun was clearly MANUFACTURED with POLITICAL PURPOSE.

I’m not saying ALL of the FBI does this stuff. In fact, I get the feeling that most agents are NOT privy to even the tiniest hints of “LIHOP” and “MIHOP” – the two bastard twins of politicized federal law enforcement, which stand for “let it happen on purpose” and “make it happen on purpose“.

The trouble is, enough of them are, and enough HIGHLY politicized actors outside the FBI ARE pushing the “MIHOP” stuff very hard, using extremely advanced tools and all that information which should have NEVER gone to contractors, that it does NOT matter how honest most of the FBI happens to be. When an agency is strategically misled from the top, and will not admit that it is in serious compromise by outsiders who manipulate it, bad stuff is simply gonna happen.

Now, I don’t know HOW the FBI got roped into the bad idea that basic human contradictions NEEDED to be solved by LIHOP and MIHOP to force political actions which ALLEGE to solve the contradictions, but however they bought into the lie, it remains a BAD IDEA.

Think ERIC HOLDER and his rhetorical LIE about “wishing we could brainwash people about guns”. A rather sick thing to say, when he and his co-conspirators were already doing it.

You see that guy? You probably never heard of him. He was Adam Lanza’s psychiatrist. He was arrested for sexually molesting a teenage girl under his care. She had some crazy story about this guy trying to “mind control her” or something to have sex with her, but I guess she had enough “not crazy” evidence that the sexual stuff stuck.

And then, we go all the way to the incident that “brought out” QAnon.

Part of that operation – the gun or guns on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay – proven by Mike Adams and his acoustic analysis – was very likely done by the boyfriend of an FBI informant, who was very likely also an FBI asset or informant himself. Or that person was killed to be the patsy for the Saudis who did it. To put a “white domestic face on it”.

No matter what the actual story, this would ALL make a lot of sense if FBI informants were being abused for political purposes, wouldn’t it?

Now, QAnon people simply don’t do stuff like this. Oh, you can throw somebody at the edges of the movement to tarnish it…..

…..but the problem there is that this guy has more to do with Nancy Pelosi than with Trump.

Even the guy who did Comet Podesta Brock Pizza or whatever – no – sorry – such a phony op.

The REALITY of QAnon is THIS…..

…..and even more importantly THIS…..

So let’s get right down to it, shall we?

It was VERY, VERY, VERY clear on October 1, 2017 that a SLOW COUP was underway against this country and her people – an AUTO-COUP by the remnants of the FORMER administration – a crypto-socialist administration – in some ways even a communist administration – which had just been evicted by the PEOPLE.

Now – QAnon SCARES all these people who have been part of the slow, patient plot, and are now terrified to see that the American people are WAKING UP in the middle of a drug rape, so to speak.

Have I set the stage for talking about how this latest scheme to propagandize Americans with abused FBI informants is pretty much NOT GOING TO WORK?

Good. Let’s begin.

Like I said, I was falling for this story about some “militia” group planning to kidnap horrifying, greasy, inflatable sex doll Gretchen Witchmer, but then I saw a JAMES WOODS tweet…..

…..which I cannot find now….. (he probably had to delete it)…..

…..and then I heard tell about Robby Starbuck’s investigations, like this…..

…..which I saved for posterity, since Twitter is now “unreliable” for maintaining TRUTH where we can find it…..

…..and it’s not like I’m the only person seeing how NUTTY this whole thing is…..

…..but THAT RIGHT THERE is a point I’d like to make.

Wolverines” – other than the Michigan team name – has two meanings of actual political concern to the now obviously terminally politicized FBI.

The first, of course, is from the movie “Red Dawn“, about invasion of America by communists.

The plot of that Reagan-era movie was rather foolish, because – how does QAnon put it? – the reality was INFILTRATION, NOT INVASION.

Interesting. A high school football team – NORMAL Americans – who take up arms against COMMUNIST INVADERS. And call themselves the team name, “Wolverines“.

Militarized social movement“? Well, only if you INVADE US.

Sorry. We’re not there yet, because so far the repeated (and sometimes violent) COUPS against Trump have FAILED and have been – how shall we say? – AH YES – they have been COWARDLY and DENIABLE.

But that name – WOLVERINES – has another, somewhat “closer to DOJ” meaning…..

Yes – that would be the denizens of my old stomping ground, The Conservative Treehouse, who refer to themselves as both “Treepers” and “Wolverines“.

Now, it’s VERY clear to me that whatever is going on with this weird group of “Wolverine Watchmen” who MET IN OHIO, and who planned to carry out a kidnapping of a hated governor in MICHIGAN, they are quite far from being either TREEPERS or QANON FOLLOWERS.

So I was willing to give the FBI the benefit of the doubt for a while.

HOWEVER – upon reading the article cited above…..

…..we come to this gem.

The indictment describes Croft as the “baker,” the explosives man on the team, referring to explosives as “cupcakes.” Croft was being held Friday at a Delaware prison after being arrested by the FBI.

HA. FUCK YOU, whoever came up with this brilliant way to smear the QAnon crew. You see, many of the QAnon crowd are referred to as “bakers”, but in that case it means people who are a bit like detectives, tying together various clues that QAnon has dropped.

These are harmless people – at worst. At the absolute worst, QAnon “bakers” are HARMLESS.

Some of them are actually rather smart, and tie together QAnon’s clues and hints about prosecutions of former senior FBI and DOJ officials who plotted against Trump. I mean, SOME of us would actually call that a GOOD THING, but let’s just agree that people who tie puzzle hints together like a game are generally pretty harmless people.

Explosives? “Bakers”? REALLY?

I’m sorry. It is VERY clear. This “Wolverine Watchmen” bullshit is designed to SLANDER Trump supporters, and very particularly Treepers and the QAnon movement.

It’s a very subtle little PLAN, but it’s very obviously a PLAN.

So that got my attention.

But WHO is this self-proclaimed “baker”? Why, he’s some guy that the Democrat governor of DELAWARE (that’s Biden country) prematurely pardoned, and then he shows up halfway across the country to call himself a “baker” and smear Trump and QAnon. THEN, when he’s arrested, they pop him back into a prison back in Delaware.

And it gets worse, in an ERIC HOLDER way, and I quote:

No one answered the door when FOX 29 knocked at Croft’s home Thursday.

One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified says Croft described himself as a constitutionalist

“I asked him one day what the tricorne hat was and he says he’s a constitutionalist. I went in and looked it up and it said it was a person who believed in the original constitution. It’s very scary.

I’m sorry, but fuck you commies.

I can’t put it any more plainly than that.

And NOW – just go on Twitter and watch the leftists – the Blue Checkists – in a coordinated manner – conflate the QAnon folks with these “Boogaloo Boys” – who quite frankly are a GINNED UP offshoot of ANTIFA, equally fuzzy in their ideology. They are using the “boogaloo” connections of some of these FBI-groomed wannabee kidnappers as a way to smear Trump supporters, including PARTICULARLY the QAnon movement.

I’m calling out to the HONEST people left in FBI. Please. Start gathering documents. Start gathering evidence. You are being SOLD OUT by INFILTRATORS who shouldn’t even be allowed to SHINE THE SHOES of the old FBI.


They are CREATING POLITICAL CRAP. Sometimes out of whole cloth, sometimes a mish-mash of reality and fakery, sometimes simply distorting things to the politics they need. And SOMETIMES – probably when the CIA and actual criminal groups are helping, it gets REALLY UGLY.

Don’t be part of this stuff.

SAVE THE REAL FBI. Even if it’s “kinda PC”, would THESE PEOPLE engage in sketchy, deniable, compartmentalized, political crimes?

No. It takes real scoundrels to take part in political set-ups. Help CLEAN IT OUT.

If you have evidence of the COUP, get it OUT. Get it to PEOPLE YOU TRUST.



THIS is “Constitutionalists”. WE THE PEOPLE.
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“I’m calling out to the HONEST people left in FBI.”


HONEST people left FBI.
There, fixed it for you.


“SAVE THE REAL FBI. Even if it’s “kinda PC”, would THESE PEOPLE engage in sketchy, deniable, compartmentalized, political crimes?”
Why yes… yes they would!comment image

Deplorable Patriot

Is Wray really a problem, or is he letting all this happen so that the layers of the DS expose themselves.
It comes down to one or the other, IMO.


I think Wray is a bad actor in the very worst way.
You can’t watch his ‘morale’ video (in-house, to the FBI, talking like a Kindergarten teacher would to hear class of 5-year olds) and not see that Wray is either ten times less competent than Chauncey Gardiner, or he is 100% dirty.
And he’s not Chauncey Gardiner.


That other flag on the wall, behind the Brandon Caserta character…not the anarchist ‘A’ logo…the flag with stripes?
That flag is connected to satanism, Wolf.
I saw some tweets about it…saying it was a “periphery flag”.
That flag with the ‘P’ on it, is about a band called ‘Periphery’.comment image
They put out an album in 2019 titled ‘Hail Stan’…which means “hail satan”:

So yeah, these guys are not Trump people.
They referred to themselves as “bakers”…?
Well that only shows that they have been reading over at the Qresearch board.
The lurker traffic on that board is in the millions.
Sometimes the Board Volunteers will make mention of this.
I’ve seen some comments over at Qresearch lately, where Anons were pissed about something and saying things like…”Yeah he is no baker!”
So this must be what they were talking about.
I saw an article headline over at The Liberty Daily a couple of days ago…
Something like, ‘FBI Knew About Plot To Kidnap Whitmer Months Ago’.
So I clicked on it and read it.
It said that the FBI had been investigating these ‘militia’ characters for over six months.
Seemed to have some good sauce on it.
I was so disgusted…I didn’t bother to save the link.
For those who don’t know what ‘Baker’ refers to…
‘Baker’ is a term used by the Anons over at Qresearch.
It refers to an Anon who is gathering up all the Notable posts/research in a thread, and compiling them into a list with links to the comments + a brief subject line.
This List of Notables is called…a ‘Bread’.
I have figured that this came about because Q drops ‘crumbs’ for us to follow and research.
But that’s just my guess.
It is considered to be sort of an honor to be a Baker.
It is voluntary work…but it is a labor of love.
The other Anons appreciate the work that the Bakers do.
So this is a big insult to the Anons, for these asshoes to call themselves “bakers”.


THANK YOU – Wheatie!
There are dark plots, schemes and scams afoot….but…
Jesus is still LORD and always will be!
and the Throne of GOD will never be overturned or even disturbed!
GOD’s SOVEREIGNTY is absolute!
GOD’s TRUTH, LOVE AND LIFE are eternal!
GOD’s COMMANDMENTS and LAW are unchanging, unbreakable and eternal!


Amen, GA/FL…amen to that!


Excellent description! Wish I had read your post a couple years ago when I was struggling to figure it out. The coup group apparently think it’s brilliant to use key word terminology to tie the perps of these staged events to Qanons. But we know that the bakers love a challenge and this crap will just incentivize them to expose who these perps really are since they are better investigators than most paid professionals.


It’s easy to get a Q-shirt these days.comment image
There has been the threat of leftists masquerading as Q peeps, to do false flag ops, for two years now at least.
That is why the Secret Service made people turn their Q-shirts inside out, at the Trump Rallies…wasn’t it?
Anyway…Q warned us that this sort of crap would happen.
[They] want to destroy Q and make us look like dangerous crazies.
They will fail, though.
This will boomerang on them.


hell, I got mine on amazon…lol


i have a hard time believing there are ANY good fbi agents anymore…I wanna believe…then you see this crap. they are controlled or totally corrupt or stupid beyond belief.
anyone ever see the movie FEDS?
there’s an arrogant air to the fbi and their legacies…protecting that is more important than protecting the country. it’s a big club and we ain’t in it.

Sue Mcdonald

I was born suspious. In my world even as a child there was no such thing as trust. Everything is a rich man’s trick from money,to government to any organization. The whole system is the beast system including the FBI.imo it’s just standard practice, another day at the office for these people who are followers within the the beast. Our friend told us bluntly that our government is filled to the tippy top with Satan worshippers ,why are we then surprised to discover that these so called good people are involved with such nefarious plots? No one within these agencies will speak up because involved or not they are in agreement with the coup plot.the bible tells us point blank about the mind set of people in these days. We should put our trust in no man ,no agency ,no religious organization only in God . Our POTUS is an instrument of God and as such God’s will shall be carried out.
I don’t post a lot as I’ve carried the crazy as a loon moniker with me for years but here I am safe to be crazy as I dare.thank you wolf!


Good FBI? Nope. NOT IMO.
Good DOJ? Nope. NOT IMO.
Once upon a time, absolutely YES.
DOJ and FBI have destroyed their reputation by walking away from integrity.
– Both DOJ and FBI to this day, REFUSE TO PURSUE LAW & ORDER.

These days when DOJ and FBI speak, they start at zero with me. Whatever they say or do needs to be validated. Really that simple.
IF Barr doesn’t do something overt and big soon, before the election, he is no better than the rest of the traitorous DOJ and FBI. Hope I am wrong.
Lady Justice is blind. Elections are NOT a reason to avoid Justice. IMO.


if wrong doing isn’t exposed before the election, good people may be deceived BY BAD PEOPLE into thinking they’re good people—that’s a TRAVESTY!


If Bar won’t show integrity, we need someone who is informed to hold a presser and officially state who did what in the attempted coup and ongoing resist.
Let the chips fall where they may


Power corrupts. I have no doubt that alphabet agencies usurp their power to spy on us when it is not a necessary part of their jobs, just because they can and they’re curious, and they won’t get caught. Information is power, and the power trips must be extremely hard to resist. It is human nature, and it has to be fought against constantly. Then that spying leads to coverups of other illegal activity or, as this article shows, failure to act in certain ways because *politics*.
This is no excuse for them. We need more safeguards in place. I don’t know how that would be accomplished. We can’t just rely on whoever is at the helm to be honest or principled.
As for Barr, I’m not sure how the election became the drop-dead date. Do we have evidence that things are ready to be revealed, but he is waiting?



There will be a complete vindication and restoration of General Michael Thomas Flynn.
AND there will be RETRIBUTION.

Sue Mcdonald

And I would I would think prison time for the VP who had him beginning to suspect the VP may be marker 9 and could be that arrest that will shock the world. Nothing like covering yourself with a warm fuzzy blanket of religiosity to trick the masses into thinking what a good man you about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I laugh at the speculation of the queen witch being the first arrest.would anyone be shocked at That? The world knows this this woman’s deeds ,it’s the person doing evil in the dark while pretending to the world to be righteous and upright that will shock everyone.
General Flynn will be made whole again and his vindication shall be sweet.


That is the only thing I don’t understand about VP Pence.

Concerned Virginian

My “gut feeling” about Mike Pence has been one of suspicion FROM THE START of his association with POTUS.
My “gut feeling” is that POTUS was sold a bill of goods.
My “gut feeling” is that POTUS caught on about Mike Pence and does the route of “keep you friends close but you enemies closer” — hence the frequent luncheons between POTUS and Pence in the Private Dining Room of the White House.
My “gut feeling” is that this is all tied into the “renovations” and “new painting” that took place at the White House just after POTUS moved in — you know, like stripping the walls down to the studs first.
Betcha LOTS of ** interesting ** devices for listening to / recording the spoken word — were found and removed.

Concerned Virginian

Thank you so much. Tremendous respect to you for your depth of knowledge and experience. I suspect if I had the similar, my “gut feeling” about Mike Pence would be quite different.

Brave and Free

You’re over the target Wolf and there not going to like it. Really wondering if I need to remove my Q sticker from my truck. Last thing I want is some leftist s*** head to start a confrontation with me and I end up the perp…….
You know keep your head on a swivel, always know your surroundings. Situational awareness has to become even more heightened now.


My Red, White & Blue Q sticker stays on my truck.
As does a large, “Blue Lives Matter” and American Flag stickers.
As a really smart guy commonly said.
Never give in. Never give up. Never quit.

Brave and Free

Your correct. It stays on the truck.


Mine’s been on my car for at least 3 years. Added a Trump 2020 magnetic sticker too which I can remove before going into unfriendly areas. Neither are coming off.


We Americans have not forgotten:
– 9/11/01
– Waco – Branch Dividians
– Ruby Ridge
– Boston Marathon Bombing
– killing witness in FL – who could tie BM bombers to Saudi aristocrat
– San Bernardino killing – contamination of crime scene
– Las Vegas Massacre – contamination/break in of crime scene
– the Bundy Ranch travesty of justice


I’ll add 11/22/63.

Deplorable Patriot

Yep. That’s a marker in time for sure.

Brave and Free

Absolutely GA/FL the American public is not asleep anymore. More and more people are aware now of the evil that’s been done. When we started cutting the cable, stopped watching sports, the sit com’s and movies they were forcing on us. People’s minds became less infected with their propaganda, the sleeping giant is awakening. The criminal activity is becoming harder and harder for them to cover up with the Annons smoking them out. Thus were at the point now which Wolf described.
And remember God wins in the end. Their evil deeds will be accounted for, we may not see the results that we desire but rest assured they will not escape in the end.


^^^ THIS. ^^^


Good analysis Wolf. I, like many here, knew it was a FF bullshit op the moment that I saw the guys social media and those flags. Now, this is NOT the first time they tried this, an effort to SILENCE Q, and by abstention…US. Remember all the hubbub about “boom” and then there was a “bombing”. Magic huh? But it took out the original ISP where Q was posting for about a MONTH, and a t a critical time too. Smeared and portrayed as a “dog whistle” to start “bombing” people…REMEMBER?
This whole OP was too cute by HALF. See they are STUPID. Revenge is a dish best served COLD, that is so no one KNOWS right away it is revenge. This “attack” a mere days after Whittmer had her ass handed to her by the Michigan SC, a decision which WILL be used as a roadmap for OTHER states to neuter their dem overlord Govs, is an OBVIOUS act to garner “sympathy” for Whittmer. On OBVIOUS attempt to “humanize” her. An attempt to put LIPSTICK on a PIG. And thereby DISTRACT from all the EVIL overreach and DAMAGE she has done.
I guess they thought that the people of Michigan would be “outraged” that some “out of staters” would try to kidnap or kill their Governor. They OBVIOUSLY don’t know Michiganders…LOL. They would likely have PAID the kidnappers to KEEP Whittmer. Yeah, she was THAT bad. How bad? Even AFTER the Michigan SC ruling handing her her ASS, she tried to state that state law STILL gave her lockdowns 23 more OBVIOUIS act of defiance.
The fact they “rushed” this together, yes they did and I will tell you how I know that in a second, and then tried to piggy back this on Trump, and Q anaon, fitting with the BOGUS rehash of Trump is a white supremist supporter and a “racist” is icing on the “cake” they “baked” See that OLD, TIRED (much like Biden) narrative has been debunked more times than the Loch ness monster. Selective edits, and omissions of the preceding or NEXT lines in a speech in Charlottesville do NOT change FACT, no matter how many times it is played in a debate or by the MSM.
The FACT that they tried this with a bunch of Antifa WHITE GUYS to try and prop up the LIES is too laughable. They are trying to use the “racism” card again on Trump, for like the 100th time. This time they are trying to paint the Q movement with the SAME brush. WE are all now being labeled “white supremists” and “racists” because we follow Q. Get it? “Racism” is BAD. White supremacy is BAD. Therefore anyone associated with it is BAD. Meaning Trump and Q and now US are BAD.
See HOW do you silence a “truth movement” the likes of Trump, Q, and US? Well you either refute it with FACTS, which they CAN’T, or you smear, dilute, and obscure the message by discrediting the message OR the messenger(s). The SMEAR allows ostracization OR censorship. Regular people, “normies” do NOT want to be associated with, labeled as, or lose their accounts because of being labeled “racist” or “white supremist”. INSIDIOUS. That is their play. Try to label Trump, Q and US as “racist” thereby ALLOWING them to censor our message, and if they can’t do that, dilute it or throw “doubt” into it ” Do I want to believe what a group of “racists” is trying to tell me?”
They have several problems with this, but it does not stop them from rehashing it. ONE, the dude in the Twitter post, you know the one with the anarchist flags and the satanic messaging flag? They “rushed” it because they did NOT have TIME to scrub his social media OR they were sloppy and MISSED the obvious signs which put this guy and his “group” on team Antifa and NOT on Trump’s side. Now there is another possibility, and Wolf you allude to it. Perhaps there are STILL a few “white hats” in the FBI. Perhaps it was THEY that left the social media untouched, knowing we would SEE the truth, and spread it.
The OTHER problem they have is that the lies are ALL easily refuted. Trumps unedited Charlottesville speech is STILL available, as are MANY others, one just needs to LOOK, and that could be the problem IF people are dumb enough to believe the MSM anymore. MANY millions are NOT, but there are still some that do, and this FF is designed to KEEP us from TELLING them, or them giving us any credence.
One OTHER problem they face is the “boy that cried wolf” syndrome. Eventually the lies and the words “racism” and “white supremacy” lose their punch and impact when OVER used so much against ONE particular side. Now, granted, it has worked for them for fifty odd years, BUT IMHO, it is NOT working now, and is LOSING it’s impact. This is directly due to two things.
One, Barack Obama and his USE of the words to limit and force capitulation from any opposition to him. His LACK of actually doing anything for African Americans, and his divisionary tactics, pitting classes and races against each other DAILY for eight years. It wore EVERYONE thin.
Two, Donald Trump promised and ACTUALLY delivered peace and prosperity to ALL Americans, INCLUDING African Americans and minorities. His ACTIONS of Empowerment Zones, the lowest AA and minority unemployment EVER, coupled with rising wages, and jobs, jobs, jobs, put the LIE to the narrative. Trumps ACTIONS spoke louder than their WORDS.
The last problem they face is that Trump continues to say what he means and mean what he says, and he is lifting ALL Americans, not just “white” Americans, and it is OBVIOUS despite the lies.
Trump is winning, and winning big folks. Winners do NOT result to such lies, and tactics. LOOSERS do. The dems ACTIONS speak MUCH louder than their WORDS.


“They messed up when they ran a “Clean”… “Articulate” Black man for President…..
And he WON (twice)…. PROVING the USA is NOT a “Raycist” nation.


Unintended consequences.


I chalk it up to not THINKING things through.


Oh, you didn’t get it. Unintended consequences MEANS not thinking things through. Sorry I used to use that a LOT at my previous job.

Deplorable Patriot

So, more or less, dumbed down American education and these people have never read O. Henry. I mean, kidnapping Whit-whatever always did seem to be a ransom of Red Chief sort of thing.




If we knew then, what we know now…..comment imagecomment image


^^^ The very definition of, once you see it, you cannot unsee it.
Them asshoes are pure evil.


On the plus side……
The Head Clown in America (Poppy Bush)…..
is no longer a problem…..
BTW…. what was in the envelopes at his funeral?


Don’t forget……
Jimmuh catah….
gane AWAY.. OUR… Panama canal!


“Gave” away……


Jill Biden did some campaigning in the Traverse City, MI area hours before Joe attended his first debate with President Trump. She also had a stop at a large farm near the small village of Central Lake, MI.
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has a summer cottage on a lake about halfway between Jill Biden’s two campaign stops. It was at this cottage that the kidnap/assassination of Whitmer by right-wingers was suppose to take place.
Kind of a coincidence, it seems, that Jill Biden chose this out of the way location to campaign in on the day of the first debate.
Source: ……


Here’s a map to get a better perspective of wandering Jill Biden.comment image
If J. Biden was traveling by vehicle from Traverse City to village of Central Lake, she would have taken the main road between the two, which is U.S. 31. If that was the case, Jill would would have passed within about a half mile from Gov. Whitmer’s cottage. A quick side trip.
Traverse City is 18 miles south of the village of Elk Rapids, which is shown on the map just south of the Whitmer cottage.
Where was Gov. Whitmer, or her husband, on that day?
Two points:
1) The campaign stops happened on a day when most everyone else was focused on the debate that coming night. Easier to slip under the radar..
2) The most sensitive communications by the bad actors are now most likely done person to person by the main players involved to avoid discovery.


Attendees Standing in Social Distancing Circles Laugh at Joe Biden When He Tells Them to Sit Down – But They Have No Chairs (VIDEO)


Traverse City pop. under 16,000. Central Lake pop. under 1,000. Campaign stops. Riiiiight.


My reading is so limited Wolf, but just the thinnest, cursory look with a tired but logical mind, I could tell it was bullcrap. Now youve got this here and it certainly makes sense. FBI has been politicized for its entirety to some extent, but since Clinton it’s become overt.
Flep put up that twit clip from cnn of the woman saying angrily how Trump says what she’s thinking and that the news, experts, pundits, etal are liars. She was seething and correct.
I am certain many people are catching on quickly to the lies, even if they dont have all the details.
They are starting to understand the educational mantra….learn HOW to think not WHAT to think.

Concerned Virginian

Thank you so much for this analysis. It feels like walking through concentric and interlocking circles.
It appears to me that part of the DeepState goal with the Whitmer situation is to tie POTUS to the (likely paid) patsy fodder, thereby BY INFERENCE making him “dangerous to our democracy” — with the backgoal of swinging more votes to Harris/Biden as the “safer alternative”.
And that comment by the “next door neighbor” about how this Croft guy said he was a “constitutionalist”. Part of the DeepState plan to de-construct the Constitution and turn it into a combination of “living, breathing document” plus eventually subjugating it to the United Nations. One wonders if this comment by the “next door neighbor” will “somehow” find its way into the DemCom Senators’ upcoming attempt to derail AMY CONEY BARRETT being seated on the Supreme Court.

Concerned Virginian

So if this is the case (which I do not for a moment doubt) — one would then posit that POTUS knows about this.
But what about THE TURTLE? Does he need to be apprized of this ** very ** possible “Constitutionalist” tie-in that would be led by SCHUMER?

Concerned Virginian

“Wray is way too smart to not understand what he’s doing.”
So then one may assume that Wray is smarter than COMEY (who got caught, fired, was outed) AND that Wray is one of spiders spinning the web — AND that POTUS knows all of this.