Johnson+Johnson Vaccine Follows Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca into Problem Territory, and Proves Once Again – Clinical Trials Have Limits

Every coronavirus vaccine so far has shown us SOME defect upon mass release, which was NOT evident in EVEN phase III clinical trials.

Look HERE for a searchable PDF document of adverse effects from the Pfizer vaccine:

Check out these videos on the low-platelet clotting problem from the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine.

Here is a fantastic explanation of the AstraZeneca problem and what people are doing about it.

You will note that Dr. ZDogg, MD points the J+J vaccine being at risk of having the same clotting problem as the AstraZeneca vaccine, due to them BOTH using DNA (as opposed to mRNA) and viral vector (as opposed to liposome) delivery technologies.

I just learned something today from C&EN that may impact this.

It turns out that Pfizer, Moderna and J+J are ALL using the “2P mutation” of the spike protein, but AstraZeneca is not. This mutation significantly CHANGES the spike protein, preventing it from leaving the “pre-attack” molecular shape.

Is THAT the difference? Does the 2P mutation prevent the spike protein from causing problems? Stay tuned! The J+J vaccine will get intense scrutiny going forward.

Now – J+J has had a problem of being WEAK from the very beginning, but STATISTICALLY it has still shifted people AWAY from being hospitalized or dying. People may have still caught the disease after vaccination, but they were never going to the hospital or dying – a LOT like hydroxychloroquine administered early, or better still, the Zelenko protocol.

A short while back, one gal in New York got COVID about a month after getting J&J.

Brooklyn woman gets COVID 3 weeks after Johnson & Johnson vaccine

She was not hospitalized. This was a living example of the admitted weakness of the J+J vaccine. NOW, however, somebody who got J+J DID get COVID and DID go to the hospital, so the “promise” you will not go to the hospital with the J+J vaccine just got a bit weaker.

Man in hospital with COVID-19 after receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Will J+J go to a 2-shot booster program? Hmmmmmm.

My bottom line?

I like waiting for the results to come in from the PHASE IV “Hold My Beer” TRIALS. Particularly since I’ve already HAD the disease.


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Japan just approved 1 vaccine and the other 2 haven’t even applied in Japan yet.
Their own clinical trial was only 160 people but they insisted on testing for themselves


On a side note, the fact that Japan was note accepting blood donations from people who have been vaccinated has been posted. They have not updated their policy as they are still reviewing the data. Not accepting these donations at this time is not a rejection, not a decision against it, per se. They just haven’t finished their own studies and reviews to decide to accept.


“Their own clinical trial was only 160 people but they insisted on testing for themselves


Good for Japan!

Who can blame them, they’d have to be crazy NOT to test for themselves!

The whole world knows the various global medical establishments are corrupt puppet organizations, and the whole world knows most of the world’s governments β€” most especially ours β€” are not just corrupt, but they’re not even legitimate lawful governments…

I would trust a sidewalk con-artist playing 3-Card Monte before I would trust either the U.S. or the globull medical establishment… πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚


Fun little story — I was reading an article some years back where smallpox — the original vaccine of vaccines — even including “vaca” (Latin for “cow”) in the name…..had an element of fraud.

Now that we have all these wonder-gizmos to sequence genes and all that, someone went back and discovered…..

TL;DR version: that Cowpox was used for the patent application (only 17 years at the time) and Proof-Of-Concept, but the actual “vaccine” was Horsepox — as a Trade Secret (which has an indefinite life). The secret lasted until smallpox was virtually extinct in the wild, and assured that anyone attempting to do smallpox vaccinations in competition with the real deal wouldn’t be using the right stuff.


Yup, coming out in about 2017.

That, however, could have been easily explained by sloppy lab technique in the 1800’s. And, yes, there were questions raised in the 1930’s.

But putting it together with “preach the cowpox; use the horsepox” so as to use trade secret law instead of patent law was particularly ingenious.


Because vaccinia is almost, but not quite exactly wild horsepox, I suspect that they ran it out to do “Loss of Function” research (the exact opposite of what that monster FauXi was doing). If you started with cowpox, you’d probably have to run more generations to get as dysfunctional a virus as what they had.

Linda Harrison

In the book “All Creatures Great and Small” the women who milked cows were using the pox on the cows to rub on themselves to keep from getting small pox. The veterinarian discovered what they were doing and they came up with the vaccine.

In the book “The Great Influenza” is where they discussed using horses to test vaccines on.

Both books are supposedly based on true stories. FYI.

Valerie Curren

I think my dad said that some type of “vaccine” program involved the head of the household getting some type of under the skin injection & then when the pustule arose they were to pierce it with a pin & stick the pin into other family members to pass along the immunity. I don’t recall what disease this was for, but likely happened in the mid 40’s to the 50’s…

Valerie Curren

Could be πŸ™‚


“You will note that Dr. ZDogg, MD points the J+J vaccine being at risk of having the same clotting problem as the AstraZeneca vaccine, due to them BOTH using DNA (as opposed to mRNA) and viral vector (as opposed to liposome) delivery technologies.”


I don’t really know what most of the medical details mean, but I keep hearing this voice in my head…

It’s saying RUN FORREST, RUN! πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜‚


This is how they’re planning to keep us locked up for the foreseeable future.


I heard a doctor on War Room say “that we have prophylactics that are safe and work the first 5 days of covid we do not need a vaccine the CCD just needs to approve them and put them back into circulations.”


Wolf, since you’ve had COVID, I’m wondering why you would consider even getting a vaccine – even if it were safe. According to Faucci’s own organization, the NIH, lasting immunity is found after recovery from COVID:

When have we ever not gotten immunity from having one of these viruses? This reminds me of a story my mom told me. When she was a kid, her whole family got small pox. When they moved to Oregon and she was in high school, they school nurse noticed that she didn’t have a small pox shot scar on her arm, so made her take the vaccine. Of course, she didn’t get the scar, so the next year they made her take it again. The whole thing was useless. She already had the real thing and had immunity. She wasn’t going to get it again. I don’t see any difference with COVID, no matter how many supposedly scary mutations it gets.


Hah! I’d never thought of that — but, yes, if you already had smallpox, you shouldn’t be able to get a scar from innoculation.


Actually I had small pox twice as a kid. My doctor was flabbergasted.


So am I.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor have I ever played one on television. πŸ™‚

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Pres Trump and Melania had it too, remember.

IIRC, he said something like…”I’ve already had it, I can’t catch it again.”
When asked if he was going to take the vaccine.

And yeah, NOW they don’t want anyone saying this.


I’ve been thinking about that, too. What really gave me pause, though, was that doctor in California who died from the vaccine. They blamed it on the fact that he had already had an asymptomatic case of COVID.


I can’t find the story I’m looking for, but here is another story about another doctor who died (36 years old) and they suspect the same thing:

Incidentally, I went to Qwant and searched for “doctor died from vaccine already had covid” and got a whole page of results. Interesting.




And, for those familiar with volleyball, very familiar. Who suspected that biowar would go “bump”, “set”, “spike”?


Pretty cool if you’re an evil bastard that holds Truth in contempt.


I should note that the pic in the post isn’t that scary to me — that’s pretty much what I look like every night, and suspect that the patient usually looks like that as well at home (that looks like a 20″ neck, easy). It looks like a CPAP full-face mask.

Every night I’m here (or elsewhere) I fiddle around until I’m tired, then turn everything off and go to bed and put that on, and when the airflow kicks in, I’m whisked off into the arms of Morpheus.

It is not a ventilator. There’s not even an oxygen supplement (if you look at where the tube connects, there’s a circle about 1-3/4″ across, with two little 1/4″ circles right above it — if there were oxygen, it would go in one of the 1/4″ circles). I don’t use that brand (the straps on mine are dark blue instead of grey), so I can’t give you the model.

The scariest thing about the picture is that he’s sleeping in the daytime.

Valerie Curren

I thought that was a CPAP mask too, & quite different from the oxygen delivery masks in the hospital, or the nasal cannula that people can even use w/ portable oxygen tanks.

[…] Johnson+Johnson Vaccine Follows Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca into Problem Territory, and Proves … […]


[…] Johnson+Johnson Vaccine Follows Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca into Problem Territory, and Proves … […]