A Tale of Two Revolutions

A Deplorable Abroad, Wherein Keln’s Meme Takes on a Profound Second Meaning

I must begin by admitting – to a limited extent – where I was during my recent absence.

For a short time, I was in Paris – as in Paris, France. I was forced by circumstances to take a taxi across downtown Paris on a rather noisy, wet, and surprisingly warm night.

It was only about 15 minutes out of my entire journey – maybe a half hour at most – but in that short time, I lucked into some of the most important information I’ve ever managed to pick up.

Nothing secret – nothing dangerous – nothing of monetary value to me, nor to anybody I know. And yet – what I learned is of immense value to those of us who actually care about the future of this world. It is of particular value to you, my fellow QTreepers, and to the rest of our fellow Deplorables.

I would hardly think that a random cab-driver – a talkative Francophone immigrant from Nigeria who was nonetheless eager to try his English – might change my entire outlook on the world, but that is exactly what happened. And who knows? This man’s wonderful and engaged thoughts, poured out to a random American who flagged down his random taxi on a random Paris street – might even influence an entire nation, far away.

To set the stage for our conversation, I should tell you that I had – without seeking them out – already encountered the “yellow jackets” in France. I won’t say where or when, other than that it was also on this trip.

The yellow jackets I saw were not violent at all. They were like you see them in the photograph here – peacefully assembled. There were enough of them – a dozen or two – that it was not pathetic, but not so many that it would have been an actual staged protest. It was more like a vigil – a kind of semi-permanent reminder to the authorities that the movement was not going to simply go away.

I am not convinced that it is the actual yellow jackets who are violent. The group I encountered was just outside one of the premiere historical strongholds of communists in France. I have believed for some time that communist infiltration has been used to provoke violence in both France and Hong-Kong, in order to alienate peaceful citizens from the protesters, and thus PREVENT the formation of any significant, peaceful movement like that created by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Very important. THEY DON’T WANT A PEACEFUL MOVEMENT. See a guy named “Q”.

I have wanted to say this for some time, but it was not until I spotted the geographic coincidence of active yellow jackets and potentially infiltrating communists that I had any proof of this.

It was my impression that in “flyover France” I have actually encountered MANY “out of uniform” yellow jackets who were simply leading their daily lives, and not wearing their vests. To most visitors, I’m sure they just seem like normal men and women of France. They are just “regular, everyday people”. But to me – a deplorable from America – I could spot them in the same way that I can spot a fellow deplorable here. They were French men and women of the working and small business classes – honest to a fault – who have a kind of well-earned pride in their lives, their regions, their beliefs, and their country – something that has always made FRANCE a thing of its own, and a place worth visiting.

So – when I took that fateful taxi ride, I was already practiced in spotting those who belong to the simmering populist underside of France. And when I spotted my driver as possibly being one of les deplorables français, I knew exactly what to do.

I invoked my greatest superpower – the ability to grant completely free speech to anybody!

A taxi sign is illuminated in green to signify it is available for hire during a protest by licensed taxi drivers in Paris on January 17, 2018, to ask the authorities for the compliance and enforcement of legislation concerning VTC drivers (private hire drivers) operating in the French capital. (Photo by Philippe LOPEZ / AFP)

I could tell that my driver wanted to say something. I could sense that he was holding back – that he wanted to pour something out to an American. Having been “trained” by all the people who have tried to pump me for information over my lifetime, I simply did the same to him – responding to everything he said with small bits of encouraging agreement – administered every time he said something.

It was easy. After all, as you will see, I could find some point of agreement with everything he was saying. In only a minute or two, he was edging into politics. EXACTLY where I was hoping he would go. My enthusiastic agreement with his final point – leaning forward excitedly from the back seat – was all it took to make him “go there” for the rest of the ride.

I was very careful not to throw out any “big rocks” like “pro-Trump” or “Republican” or things that might inhibit him from pouring out his honest beliefs. MY politics didn’t matter. I wanted to see the world from HIS point of view. So I responded with broader PRINCIPLES OF AGREEMENT, or smaller POINTS OF PARALLEL, rather than LABELS or any other potential deal-breakers. It was a remarkably effective strategy.

As he began shifting into unabashed politics, I realized that he was just like us. I was actually STUNNED to realize that everything Flep has been telling us about the yellow jackets is PAINFULLY true.

So when we say that FLEP is the REAL NEWS now, this is NOT bullshit. It’s REALITY.

My taxi driver may or may not have been a yellow jacket – probably NOT, if I had to guess. However, he was BY ALL MEANS a remarkably deep sympathizer with their movement. He was VISIBLY AND DEEPLY ANGRY at their injuries at the hands of the police, but he did not blame it on the police – he blamed it on the French GOVERNMENT and MEDIA.

In what was one of the biggest “black comedy horror laughs” that we shared, he described how the French government and media will jump to unified outrage at the slightest protest violence in Russia, but will not even mention grave injuries to yellow jackets in their own country.

All I could think was “Muh Russia – so THEY have it, too.”

I should tell you that, by this point in the conversation, I was thinking “What the hell – does this guy read SUNDANCE? Is he following TRUMP TWEETS? Is he lurking on OUR BLOG?”

Seriously, the guy sounded like a deplorable or a Treeper on Twitter. Although I never asked his opinion of Trump, nor did he ever SAY as much, his VIEW OF THE WORLD was UTTERLY TRUMPIAN. It was STRAIGHT OUTTA the thinking of Trump, Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Sundance, although tempered with bits of Cernovich, Raimondo, Rand Paul, and others on the “MAGA left” and libertarian side. But yet he was almost certainly unaware of ANY of these people, except Trump.

None of this is to say that he was “pro-American”. Not at all. Neither was he anti-American. He was like a lot of legal immigrants in America – almost RABIDLY loyal to his newly adopted country. But I sensed that he was outraged that the old France – the one he had signed onto – the one he believed in – was slipping away. Actually, that’s not strong enough. He believed that it was being DESTROYED.

The culprit? He made no evasion – GLOBALISM and the FAILED ESTABLISHMENT.

This taxi driver was remarkably fluent in economics, with his ultimate viewpoint being very Trumpian, in my opinion – that capitalism is good, but that the PEOPLE have to be able to control it, or else it will act in ways to the detriment of the people as a whole. His concerns were more along the lines of capitalism’s loyalty to stockholders over the good of the country – my concerns were more about the dangers of monopoly. But it was clear to me that we were both seeing capitalism from the populist point of view, somewhat along Bannon lines.

He saw the rise of China and the basic improvement of the lot of the Chinese people as a demonstration of the good side of capitalism. And yet, he saw the PROBLEMS of China, France, and America all arising from capitalism as well, albeit for different reasons.

In the case of China, he saw the “wild west” nature of its capitalism as having led to the rapid build-up, but also resulting in the extreme fakeness of the Chinese market. Queue a link to Daughn’s wonderful post about the Generalized China Hustle:

China, Inc. ~ The Largest Financial Crime of the Last 25 Years, and It’s Not Over.



But let’s not dump unfairly on China alone here. He reserved his greatest accusations of fakeness for the American economy (which he nonetheless insisted was a superpower, as per Sundance and Trump) and the French establishment’s “fake narrative”, with which the government and media deludes the French people.

All in all, a remarkable indictment of PHONY GLOBALISM.

This idea of “fakeness” was a real unifier for this taxi driver – something which obviously blew me away, since “FAKE” is something I harp about all the time (“fake news, fake entertainment, fake history, fake science, fake normal, fake reality”). In his opinion, our “fake news” (which I brought up, and which made him laugh) is actually SMALL POTATOES next to the overall MASSIVE FAKENESS of the French establishment NARRATIVE (his words).

In his opinion, there is massive economic FAKERY which is problematic for both France and America. He had NO ILLUSIONS about the continued extreme FAKENESS of the American DEBT and DEFICIT situations – something that our very own NY GUY is always reminding us about. In my opinion, this is one of the most important things he mentioned. I will get back to the taxi driver’s thinking in more detail later.

SIDEBAR: The DEBT PROBLEM – by the way – is also a 2020 WINNER for Republicans in the HOUSE and SENATE. If we FINALLY want to get control of the outrageous albatrosses holding back our economy, then we MUST give TRUMP the tools he needs, and that means a REPUBLICAN HOUSE, able to FIX the budgetary problems Pelosi REFUSES to address. The VOTERS will SEE THIS and UNDERSTAND.

But beyond this, my taxi driver believes that the French people have been massively deluded by a completely FAKE NARRATIVE (his words) – a kind of ILLUSION – both economic and cultural – which is now CRUMBLING (his word) in the eyes of the French people.

Never did I hear the terms “Q”, “Great Awakening”, or anything remotely close to any of the memes we have here for such things. And yet, that is EXACTLY what he was talking about. To me, it is not a coincidence – not an accident.


GA is WW.

We may have different words to express it, but IT’S HAPPENING.

One of the most important things that my driver told me was why China is winning in Africa.

In fact, once he told me this, I was fully resolved to write this article, which I otherwise did NOT want to write. I value my travel privacy, and would rather people thought that I never leave Wolf Creek Junction for any purpose whatsoever. Well, too bad for moi. This is important stuff.

My driver’s observations are based upon his recent trips to Africa, where he observed developmental progress that shocked him – and which was, upon his investigation, the direct result of TRADE WITH CHINA.

According to my driver, Western nations and organizations, including very particularly the IMF, play a cruel and stealthy game of “blame the victim” (my words) that keeps Africa exactly where they want it. Rather than do the things that would let Africa actually develop, Western financial institutions withhold financing and trade using excuses like human rights, while – very cynically – said excuse problems are the precise outcome of lack of development.

To my thinking, it has become a kind of sick game, where unless Africa performs impossible or purpose-defeating demands, it can’t get what it needs. It’s like demanding that a drowning victim call out clearly and nicely something – maybe her PIN – if she wants a life preserver thrown to her – none of this “wave your arms and gurgle stuff” allowed.

This catch-22 situation is NOT unintended – it is purely intentional. It is part of the FAKENESS that the taxi driver places SQUARELY on what WE call “the cabal”.

So what does China do? First of all, what it’s best at – not giving a damn about human rights. Second of all, what it’s also best at – Wild-West capitalism.

Africa wants this? We want that. Is it a fair trade? You decide. But ONLY you decide.

“In a world of negative morality, the amoral man is POPE.” -WM

To me, there appears to be so much human sabotage here by the Western “cabal”, that I almost have to blame “pencilneck”, because only non-humans or malevolently programmed humans would be so sick and anti-human. But then again, when somebody can make the organ-harvesting ChiComs look like SAINTS, you have to be doing EVIL right in some way or another. That is definitely SATAN’S bag.

Ya know what I mean? Or maybe they just “aren’t their brother’s keeper”. There’s always that excuse.

Remember – if Africa’s problems are finally FIXED, then the cabal’s MONEY-LAUNDERING PLOYS and HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION FIELD LABORATORIES all go away.

Make sense now? They don’t want the problems to go away. THEY WANT THE PROBLEMS. JUST. LIKE. HERE.

And China may not be helping out of any kindness in its heart, but at least it’s not actively keeping Africa down. Well, maybe I should take that back.

Interesting world.

The point is simple. Why are WE letting China and THE SABOTAGE CABAL set the rules on Africa? It’s time to CALL THEM ALL OUT.

A few other odds and ends, as I recall them.

The deplorables of France seem to see the Syrian situation almost exactly like our deplorables see it – contrary to the view of the interventionist establishment. The French media, described by my taxi driver, sounded just like CNN on the issue of Syria. This is not surprising, given that I am aware of the degree to which the Japanese television media (especially NHK) is also dependent upon CNN for its view of America, if not the entire world.

Now it would be dishonest of me not to mention that the taxi driver thought America wastes way too much money on military spending, when its debt is so outrageous, but that leads me to a very important point I alluded to earlier.

I said this guy was fluent in economics, and I was almost thinking he sounded like the “Mises geeks” I’ve known. At the core of the world’s problems, he sees all of the dysfunction and fakeness flowing out of our bass-ackwards ideas of spending “play money” that we don’t actually have. Debt slavery of ALL MEN AND WOMEN is real and palpable to this guy. He sees it everywhere, where it has become invisible to us, like the memory of an elder favored brother who has left the home and still pollutes every decision. We don’t see it now, but since the mid-twentieth century, DEBT has slowly been used to ENSLAVE all of us to SELL-OUT GLOBALISM. First our homes, then our cars, and finally our children’s education. WE OWN NONE OF IT.

He sees the entire world LITERALLY ENSLAVED by the FAKE WORLD of DEBT.

Who has control? Not us.

I had never really seen how INSIDIOUS this is, until a cab driver in FRANCE of all places, explained it to me.

I could have talked with this guy for hours, but my mind was filled when we got to my stop. I wanted to remember everything he had said. I tipped him fair, but as an afterthought, realizing all he had given me, I gave him every coin in my pockets and thanked him.

And then, as he drove away, I realized. There was one more favor I could do him.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my teacher, from France.


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Our revolution is global. The contrast between Obama and Trump is night and day, and the whole world sees it. This cat ain’t going back into the bag.
I, too, have had similar conversations with cabbies. There are some really astute and level-headed thinkers working as cabbies. And it’s always refreshing to get a ride from one of them.
Great story!


Mind Blown!😱…What a truly amazing POST!!! Thanks dear Wolfie!!!! We are at a Crossroads.. and the REAL PEOPLE…..get it!💖


Cuz..Pierre…AKA Pepe la Pew…HE DONE!!!!😂😂😂


😂😂😂😂😂 ded


You were in France?!
Wow…that’s like being in the belly of the beast.
Glad I didn’t know you were flying across the pond, boss, or I would’ve been worried sick.
I’m so glad you made it home safe and sound!
On the subject of Capitalism…
Capitalism…in it’s purest form…is the only system that is best for us flawed humans.
It is a meritocracy.
It gives the consumer the choice of which goods and services are the best for them.
What has perverted it is…collectivism.
Monopolies are a form of collectivism, the way I see it.
A corporation or individual, gobbles up it’s smaller competitors like the Borg, in order to control the market for it’s products.
Isn’t that a tenet of Socialism and Communism?
Why yes. Yes, it is.
Even though monopolies occur in the private sector, they are using communistic collectivism to accomplish their goal of Control.
Look at the way monopolies buy up companies that will augment and create more power for their collective, in other areas than they were originally occupying.
Google buying up Youtube, is an example of this.
The Globalists hate nationalism because they want to destroy the boundaries of sovereign nations.
This is the last remaining impediment to their plan of global control.
If we had had ‘regional controls’ in place, back when the early monopolies were forming…those monopolies would have been hindered and prevented from getting so big.
We haven’t had pure Capitalism in this country for over a hundred years…since back in the late 1800’s, really.
Thanks for this great report, Wolfie!
Great Awakening, indeed.


Socialism is always an Oligarchy and a Totalitarian system.
There is an elite hierarchy of totalitarian rulers with all the say-so and your freedom (speech, thought, action, self-defense, property, job, movement) is totally gone!


Der Vooolfsmoon is howling pretty today!
I want to read more of your thought on un/restrained capitalism and how giant multinational corporations can become a harmonious part of our American deplorable lives. You think big, dontcha!
Is there a previous article you can point me to? Or should I just continue to read every word here, every day, the way I’m doing now?
Heh Heh. I’d love to see a comment here from your new friend, the Paris cab driver, That would be cool.


thanks for this story and the insights you brought back with you—and thank HEAVENS you made it home safely!
i think the desire to live free is universal and most people have simple needs–jobs, home, family. Most don’t look beyond their immediate reach to see how their little slice of life connects with other little slices of life, as long as their needs are met, ie they’re content.
But start messing with those little lives (as globalists are want to do) and those people will unite and bring a ferociousness to reclaim their little lives…I’m glad it’s being felt and seen all over the world…what was once a bag with a giant sleeping sloth in it, is now a writhing bag of new born puppies—that can’t be as easily controlled—
once you see it, you can’t unsee it.


Bravo, Pat!

Sadie Slays

Thanks for sharing, Wolfmoon! Good to have an on-the-ground report that the Great Awakening is worldwide.


Ahhhh, the things we learn while traveling abroad.
This is a great article Wolfie.
Love the idea of the secret super power, “the ability to grant anyone free speech”.
Terribly worried about rise of China in Africa.
Debt is the enslaver of us all.
Pass the croissants, please.


If our esteemed POTUS can get another 4 years, I don’t doubt he’s going to be taking a look at Africa and how to really HELP them vs keeping them dependent on the globalist players.


And the Super SUPER Powers are the ability to think critically and research. We have those Powers in spades here in the QTree 👏🤓🇺🇸


Simply outstanding post, wolf. Glad you were placed in a position to experience it and relay it to us.
Proverbs 22:7 on the later point.
I take comfort in having been born into being a deplorable, but having to make a choice to continue being one at a critical juncture in my life when I was systematically enticed through my career to be in the fake world and globalism. I guess my hillbilly roots overruled my selfish desires. By choosing to stay grounded in my faith and deplorable status, the Lord rewarded me and loved ones beyond measure. I became a loyal soldier on the ground for His purposes from that moment on. I have literally prayed for this day to arrive in our nation for over 25 years. I give Him praise because it arrived on 11-8-16. As Q says, nothing can stop what is coming.
As you observed this movement is being supernaturally transmitted around the world and it is transformational. We are the news now. I pray for and thank the Lord for PDT and his fellow patriots who are about saving the world from Satan and his demons. What God puts in every human heart will win the day if we simply honor Him and surrender to His will. It leads to words and actions that can change the world.
Like what you did today with this story of a visit you made to France that led to a chance discussion with a cabbie on the streets of Paris.




“I was systematically enticed to be in the fake world…but choosing to stay grounded”…
And, that is really the heart of it, IMO. No matter at what level…corporate or union worker…we all have a choice when faced with the false promises by the fake world. The promise of instant gratification vs. a long-term earned reward is not easy to teach in today’s world.
Sadly, I believe this concept of being “grounded” has deliberately been eroded with the younger generation and so many have truly lost their way….and I do not mean in a religious way but still in a moral way.
So much confusion…gender identification, social justice…for whom?, no boundaries, no personal foundations, a strong sense of entitlement, no respect for anything, ignorance of history and sacrifice of the older generations….and mind-altering drugs that create easy prey and robotic behaviors….it’s a sad thing to watch.


Its this patriotic nationalism that is the TRUE unifying principle among people worldwide and contrary to globalists everywhere. Grounded, moral, and not a shill.comment image


Any idea whether the taxi driver was Muslim? They have very strong strictures against debt. From Wiki: “Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in West Africa.”


Thank you, Wolfie for sharing your conversation and observations. People everywhere who haven’t been ensnared by ruling elite corruption or irrevocable victimhood indoctrination want what we want – freedom of expression, self-sufficiency and security from invasion.
I have always known that Africa is a purposeful Global sinkhole for masking money, power, enslavement and constant chaos. We, the so-called civil society, have done them no favors through the decades; it’s kind of ironic for our global elites to be sounding a warning about China now making moves to takeover that mis-managed honey pot.
And debt … whooo boy, talk about being a slave to a harsh master ….
I owe my parents BIGLY for the way they chose to handle their finances. I’m sure it was the same for many of you. Money was tight, and they NEVER bought anything they could not pay cash for on the spot.
The only debt I’ve ever had was my mortgage, which we paid off by the time we were age 50. I made my then-boyfriend pay off his credit cards and dump his fancy leased car before I agreed to marry him. He has acknowledged I changed his life by doing so.
Sadly, the profound freedom that comes with delayed – or even purposely foregone – material gratification has vanished. We’ve been conquered by the combination of Big Lenders, Big Advertising and Big Govt.
Think about the incredibly negative impact that “Crowd Funding” has on our society’s attitude about self-sufficiency. People don’t think twice about asking others to subsidize their wants. (Sure some causes have been purely charitable, but the majority are basic ‘please gimme’.)
Our govt will never rein in debt – there are too many pigs sucking on too few teats.
To end on a positive note, I’m encouraged not only by your trip’s insights, but mostly that you found a cab driver with whom you could carry in a meaningful conversation. That was one of my greatest joys about visiting New York in the 80’s – the conversations with the cabbies. Those were good times 😊


Great post Wolf 🐺 … wow .. 😳 … the yellow vests are awesome hero’s, God bless, protect and strengthen them against the evil they fight in their own sovereign country .. 😟🤚… 🇫🇷


Glad you’re back safely .. 🙂👍❤️‼️


I’d love to see Paris .. like Humphrey Bogart said … we’ll always have Paris ..


I’m with you Wolf 🐺 … 100% … all around 🤨❤️


… always, without ceasing ..


Great post Boss Wolf! When I got to the image of the RED CROSS and the evil connection to the Rothschild’s my radar went off and brought back some revealing info.
I hate the Rothschild’s !


Damn greedy for sure!


Totally great article, as always, but I am fixated on Wolf Creek Junction…yes let’s all be living there and feasting upon Daughn’s chicken pot pies with the light French tarragon sauce…and all the off the charts brilliant conversation of you QTreepers!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

There’s a Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado.


Glad you are home safe from your travels!
The idea that we are all enslaved by debt is something I have thought about a lot. I have a mortgage, a truck payment, and some other debts. My grandparents NEVER had any debt, not even for their house! They were able to buy everything outright, even though my grandmother never worked outside her home. They were not wealthy, actually pretty poor, but they weren’t slaves.
I am working to be debt free, and free of the slavery. I think my story is similar to many, and the “common man” gets that the way out is capitalism. I agree that more and more people are “awakening” to the possibility that we could have a very different world, and are looking for leaders to help us get there.
Trump sees it clearly, and has seen it for forty years.


Slavery is a mindset. We’ve been trained to self-edit our opinions because the social repercussions of certain views are harsh. Not sure if that’s a new thing or not. The technology to enforce group think in entire nations is sobering. Debt slavery keeps people working jobs that rob their joy instead of launching innovative new businesses or working in a lowering paying job that is more satisfying. The chains are so hidden.
I know you know all that.
Here’s something to share with those that don’t.


Great link, thanks!

Sylvia Avery

Enjoyed reading this Wolfie. Thank you.
“We don’t see it now, but since the mid-twentieth century, DEBT has slowly been used to ENSLAVE all of us to SELL-OUT GLOBALISM. First our homes, then our cars, and finally our children’s education. WE OWN NONE OF IT.”
I remember my dad telling me of the elders in the family disapproving so strongly of him getting a mortgage to buy a house when he and my mom married in the 50’s. Remember him telling me how those same family members looked scornfully on the material assets of the neighbors and saying, “it’s all debt.” Because if there was debt, it wasn’t really yours.
My parents weren’t so hard core as that, but they sure thought credit cards were the devil’s invention. They might have been right.
Point I’m trying to make is it is really hard to fathom how our attitudes toward indebtedness have changed in the last half century or so. We are so WILLING to take on HUGE debt for bigger homes than we need, more expensive cars than we can afford. It’s crazy when you think about it.
Love you, Wolfie. ❤

Sylvia Avery

Yes. In the beginning, no one really needed a credit card. But that has changed. Now you do, and really you need two because someone is always frauding and I’m alerted and my card is frozen for awhile, blah blah so you have to have a back up.
But yes, that old advice is rock solid. Never carry a balance.


If you don’t carry a balance, you better carry a shovel. 🙂

Sylvia Avery


Valerie Curren

Yes…ditto here (as much as possible). Also, a la Larry Burkett (late Christian financial guru) buy used cars outright & drive them into the ground. We taught that to our kids who all own their vehicles outright, do most of their own auto repair, & for the most part still live within their means! Balancing saving & giving is also a key, though sadly we’ve fallen short of goals here. Another survival mechanism around here is buying resale. We all enjoy the treasure hunt & rarely own new apparel items unless they were gifts…


An amazing, encouraging account. I have seen how people around the world respond to Pres. Trump and what he represents, and this brings the point home that people everywhere are vigilant and want to be free, including economically. America has been, and should be, the leader, and our position is being restored.