Seeking QTreeper Counsel on Active Shooter Training and Sketchy Scheduling Thereof

This is a bit of a strange post, and I won’t go into all of the details here and now. Maybe never. However, I am deciding how I’m going to deal with exactly what is in the title, and I want the have maximum information at hand when I do. You folks are a wealth of information. The more good data I have in hand, the more likely I can finesse my way through this little “event bottleneck”.

I am also trying to CHANGE the future by TALKING about it. It’s a neat trick.

Here we go.

I have been invited – in a very voluntary way – to an event in the future which “has my name on it”, so to speak. It’s not about ME, but it’s about something which is important to me. Others know this. It’s a “handle” on me – a manipulator. One that others are well aware of.

If I do NOTHING, I will never end up there. But it would be like Daughn or Big T getting invited to attend a meeting about B&Bs in their town. How can either say no?

I should also say that I AM WORRIED it’s a bit like Barbara Olson getting invited to talk about her book.

Now – even if I DON’T go there, certain bad things can happen ANYWAY. That is partly why I’m making this post. But if I go there, they are more LIKELY to happen, in my opinion. I think that many of you would agree.

I did not put 2 and 2 together when I got this invitation, but I did later. And it was THAT recognition which slightly blew my mind.

You see, this event is being held in the exact same location, at the exact same institution, where 3 days earlier, there will have been “active shooter training” – which even MORE curiously, I have strongly considered attending. It will use said location and said institution – the exact same rooms, I’m sure – for the training.

Most people don’t pay attention to this stuff. But WE DO.

Sorry – I cannot get certain images of ROOMS in New Zealand out of my mind. The ones where we see in videos both obvious training and supposed mass murder.

The institution is a bit of a micro blue zone, by the way. Not as big as New Zealand, but it behaves in a predictable manner, like New Zealand and other blue zones. Nobody would ever question anything.

I was not individually invited to the training, but I did pick up a copy of an invitation to a group I belong to. Because I have taken a variety of first aid and emergency training classes, I thought “Hey, this might be a good thing!”

This institution has never had active shooter training. This will be a first.

Now – more about the “event” which follows the “active shooter training” by 3 days.

There will be a government official there, who works for a governor under extreme media and political pressure on gun control. That official is actually taking part in the program.

It’s a gun-free zone, although there may or may not be any armed security.

It would be a propaganda gold mine for gun control if somebody shot up that event, which I expect would have had low or inadequate security until I just made this post and presumably set off a few alarm bells. #NeverTrump would be clamoring to ban AR-15s, and the governor would HAVE to take action against AR-15s. This event will be loaded with virtue signals to both right and left. Any attack upon these symbols – well, clearly we have to do something about guns.

And then there is the little question of one of the VERY FEW “inconveniently remembering” and extremely detailed, fairly credible witnesses to MK ULTRA interrogation and programming being present.

And we must remember that WITNESSES have been having certain PROBLEMS lately.

But then, if such a witness were to say anything about the whole sketchy thing – such as right now – that witness might be discredited. “Paranoid“, they might say. I mean, it all sounds a bit paranoid to me, too.

And yet, when I asked my dearly departed mother WHY and HOW she managed to live through Hitler, she had a one-word answer. “Paranoia.”

That answer has worked REMARKABLY well for me, too.

Are any of you bothered by this? I need a reality check here.

Something just seems extraordinarily sketchy about all of this. It sets off ALL my alarms and ALL my red flags. After ALL the things that have happened to me – after ALL the things that have happened to WE THE PEOPLE – there just seems to be something wrong here.

I could simply trust in God, but sometimes trusting in GOD really means trusting in OURSELVES, and then trusting in GOD to give us STRENGTH – and that would include the strength to speak up.

So what do you folks think?

Is it time for me to hunker down and just say “Look, kiddo – this is weird – trust your gut – it has saved you a million times – stay the hell away.

Of should I go to either or both of these events now, and just say “You saw something (in your head), you said something – your duty to warn is done. Go and have a good time. They will NEVER pull any crap now. The white hats know everything. The black hats know you know. There will be adequate security.

Or should I say “Look, kid – they still have TIME to repair their scheme and figure out a new way to make it work. Some of these white hats ain’t so white. Stay the hell away from this. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER. And if you won’t listen to her, listen to your friends.

So here we are, friends.

LAY IT ON ME. Every instance of sketchy training + mass murder / gun control, what you think about my situation, and what the former means for the latter.

I appreciate your thoughts.


PS – I may or may not tell anybody what I eventually do. I need some operational uncertainty.

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This is an odd photo.comment image
First, the man in the lower right hand part of the picture, in what looks like brown shirt and pants/shorts, has his legs casually crossed at the ankles.
Second, the huddle of at least 5 or 6 people (maybe more on the other side of the pile who can’t be seen from this angle) seems very odd. Like they were frozen in the act of administering first aid. If everyone in this photo is supposed to be deceased, how in the world did a group of people fall together in such a manner, and then STAY that way until they expired?
People don’t always (or even often, AFAIK) die ‘instantly’ when shot, unless it’s a head shot, which few (if any) of these were. People who are shot somewhere besides the head generally keep moving, for at least a few seconds to however long it takes to lose consciousness due to blood loss / loss of blood pressure. This would make collapsing in a huddle, everybody face forward like they were diving for a fumbled football, extremely unlikely.
And there is another huddle of people just like it, in the upper right hand part of the grass field in the photo.
Finally, where is all the blood?
Wiki says: “The Clark County Coroner’s Office determined that all 58 victims died as a result of gunshot wounds. Thirty-one of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene, while the rest were pronounced dead at hospitals.
An additional 869 people were injured, 413 of them with gunshot wounds.”
Rifle wounds leave large permanent wound cavities which result in tremendous blood loss if any major arteries or organs are hit.
Where is all the blood?
With 58 people dead from gunshot wounds, and another 413 people who survived gunshot wounds, there should be blood EVERYWHERE.
It should look like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, not a littered field where people look like they just fell asleep.
AR15 rounds (5.56 or .223) generally tumble and/or fragment, but certainly not always. A hit to the leg or arm would likely penetrate clear through, leaving a large exit wound.
There is lots of white skin in that photo. I don’t see a single exit wound, or any blood, either on the skin or on the clothing.
471 people hit with rifle fire, in a concentrated area.
No blood.
It could be argued that blood would not show up well on the grass, and might seep into the brown dirt.
But what explains the lack of blood on the PEOPLE, or on their light colored clothing?
471 people bleeding from gunshot wounds should leave a LOT of blood behind.
Where is it?


Assuming you have a concealed carry permit, go armed. If stopped for search or going through a magnetometer, do not try to hide it. If told that this is a gun-free zone, respond by saying isn’t this an active shooter training program. When they say, yes, then you say this is my active shooter protection program. If they deny you access, say, I understand but I’m unwilling to disarm in order to attend. Then turn and walk away.
If they let you in with your piece, then you know that it’s very likely that the event is put on by good (maybe ignorant) people. Doesn’t mean you’re safe because the event itself might have been the trigger for creating a destruction op; just means you’re armed in what might be a bad situation.
Then again, it might be a training op for black hats to learn how to deal with armed citizens. If that is the case, being there means it’s already too late. But that is a level of planning that would be unthinkable, considering the risk of running an op with no obvious political purpose to achieve.
Note: if you can bring guests, invite a couple of trusted LEOs to tag along.


I find it very amusing that such unanimity exists among the “don’t attend” crowd here. Not one treeper suggested that you should go anyway, despite the red flags and the vibes.
The situation whiffs with me, too — I’m not the one who says otherwise.


Yes, it occurred to me that if the question had been phrased such that some other person (someone we don’t know) was in Wolf’s place, the responses might not have been so (understandably) protective in nature 👍
But I agree, especially in this environment, there’s no reason to take an unnecessary chance, especially if your gut instinct is against it.
Who’s watching the Watchers?
If you were really confident that something was going to go down, and you had a team to work with, that would be a whole different ballgame.
You could arrive ahead of time, and stake the whole place out. Rent rooms if possible that provide line-of-sight to the building where the ‘active shooter training drill’ and the event (3 days later) are taking place.
Preferably multiple camera angles on the building where the ‘active shooter drill’ takes place, with quality video cameras and zoom features set up long in advance.
Record and document the entire procedure, i.e., when they arrive, how long it takes to set up, how many people are involved, local vs. state vs. federal participants, how long the training drill lasts, etc.
Then record the event 3 days later the same way, just in case. I’m not suggesting you attend the event itself, just surveil it, along with your team, from multiple positions around the building.
If nothing happens, you still have some interesting data on ‘active shooter training drills’ that has probably never been collected or published before.
And if a false flag DOES happen during the event 3 days later… well, in the words of Andrew Dice Clay (from my youth!), pack up that piece of junk you call a truck and move to Beverly
Hills, that is… OH! 😁
You would have GOLD STANDARD undercover surveillance video documentation and evidence of a government false flag IN ACTION.
Wait a week or two for the government’s story to be thoroughly established and disseminated by all the usual liars in law enforcement and their propaganda outlets.
Then document all their lies and whatever else you caught on surveillance, and then BOOM, go public and blow the government propaganda story — and the possibility of ever utilizing another ‘false flag’ — completely out of the water, forever.
I mean… it’s just a thought that came to me… 😁


In fact, if I was Project Veritas or a similar organization, the entire trip would be tax deductible as business expense.
If it is published where every ‘active shooter drill’ is being conducted around the country, and you have the funds and manpower to surveil them and then wait a few days in stake-out mode to see if an actual ‘mass shooting’ event to occur (according to the pattern), eventually you would catch one of these ‘active shooter’ events from beginning to end.
And then you’ve got ’em.
Give the government time to do their usual song and dance propaganda routine, which always goes unopposed, because nobody has ever been in a position to call BS on their Potemkin Village.
Then expose the truth about the whole thing, caught live on candid camera.
Game, set, and match.
And tournament. 🙂
Citizen journalists could do it.
The fake journalists certainly won’t.


Protective…I think that is a good word to describe how we felt.
I mentioned to be careful about sounding an alarm. I do not mean that if we know something definite we should not speak out.


All I can say is go by your gut instinct. It usually is the right way to go.


My 2 cents…
Are you trying to use your rational mind to talk yourself into attending something your gut says stay away from?
If you asked yourself, “ How would I feel about attending a different training, at a later date?” Is the
gut more relaxed?
If you decided to miss this particular opportunity, could you be okay with that? Would there be another opportunity down the road?
Is taking part in this group activity super important to you? If so, are there others in the group you can get support from?
Is it your job in life to take care of others? Is it your job in life to take care of yourself?
It sounds like you are wrestling within yourself about this decision. Did it help to reach out for advice from people you trust? Did you get any clarity about the decision?
If still wrestling… where is your peaceful place, and can you go there to contemplate your choices? It can be easier if you trust your inner guidance on every decision.


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