She's Lying. Marie Yovanovich DID HAVE a Do Not Prosecute List ~ Just not on paper.

We’re being lied to by our media. Lutsenko, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, did NOT retract a statement about Yovanovich “She had a Do Not Prosecute List”, but it was an oral list, which Lutsenko wrote down…… and then he kicked her out of his office.

I had to magnify the pic from Glenn Beck’s video, searched and searched the internet. Finally, I found the author on Facebook, befriended her, and went back to the date of published article. Sure enough, once I translated the article, there it was. Here she is – Maria Zhartovskaya. She was a correspondent for Forbes, and it looks like she grew up in NYC

Watch this video first to see how the media created the lie.

Okay, now here is the link to the actual source, which was twisted to create the lie.

Here’s what actually happened………..

Who did she name? Who was on her list?

The meeting [with the ambassador] was at the GPU, at this table (certificate- The interview was recorded in the Attorney General’s office., in January 2017.) It did not take place face to face. She was not alone, and I was not alone. Ms. Jovanovich was interested in the case of [former Deputy Attorney General] Vitaliy Kaska [whom the Kyiv prosecutor’s office suspected of fraud during the privatization of housing]. The fact that Mr Kasko registered a mother who had never left Lviv in an office apartment – these were signs of abuse. (certificate – In January 2017, the Kiev prosecutor’s office closed the case against Kask “for insufficient evidence.”.)

According to her, Casco was a prominent anti-corruption activist, and the criminal case [against him] discredited anti-corruption officials. I laid out the details [of the case] and explained that I could not open and close the proceedings at will. He called a number of so-called anti-corruption cases that are taking place in the cases. She said it was unacceptable, she said, undermining the credibility of anti-corruption activists. I took a leaflet, wrote down the names, and said, “dictate the list of untouchables.” She says, “No, you misunderstood me.” I say, “No, I understood you correctly; Previously, such lists were written by [the Presidential Administration] on the Bank, and you propose new lists from the Tank (certificate – The US Embassy in Ukraine is located on V. Sikorsky Street (former Tank) in Kiev.». The meeting is over. I’m afraid the emotions weren’t very good.

See how the lie traveled from WSJ, to WaPost, to NYTimes, and suddenly, Lutsenko is characterized as corrupt…… nope.

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Awesome Sleuthing as usual Daughnworks!


Agree 100%…. Daughn is awesome


I think this also shows how Orange Sparrow YOvanovich operates – how her LIES work. She’s SNEAKY AS HELL, and that is why they don’t like her.
She knew better than to hand the Ukrainians a list – meaning EVIDENCE. The Ukies HAD BEEN GETTING TOLD who not to prosecute. Suddenly the Ukrainians hit a person on HER NEW LIST. She says “unacceptable”. The Ukrainians write down the CURRENT LIST and challenge her to update. Then SHE says in a high-fallutin’ way “No, you misunderstood me.”
She is one sneaky POS.


How many others are there that are just like her??😳
Looks can be Sooooooo deceiving…. calm voice, perfect English, lots of baggage hidden in the closet where no one is looking…then when it is revealed, they are proud and defiant in their “resistance”.
They are not just resisting PDJT, they are pushing back on our very foundation, scary times indeed

Deplorable Patriot

That was what I was wondering, how many more below director level were in the resist group, and what sort of mechanisms are in place to smoke them out. Obviously, this woman and the two clowns from Wednesday were outed somewhere along the line and they didn’t like it.


She knows how to cover her ass. Nothing on paper. But I’m sure they’ve got the goods on her. Btw. How are all these Russians getting into positions of influence?

Cuppa Covfefe

Great research and linking the dots, Daughn… is there any way of getting that testimony put to use over here? That would really sink the Schiff show (or should)…


Rather sure IC captures all conversations on foreign soil.
FISA’s rather easy for POTUS & AG Barr as I understand it. Once signed, surveilance is going forward and searchable going back a couple years. IIRC.
Still laughing over President Trump’s commnets at last rally. Something along the lines of….
– Broke the Bush Dynasty.
– Broke the Clinton Dynasty.
– Took down the Obama Gang. A little repetition is good at times…Took down the Obama Gang!!!
^^^ OH MY! The Block Party we are going to have when Obama Gang is exposed, indicted….
^^^ Me thinks, those lines by President Trump are quite telling of B R E A K I N G N E W S ! ! !


Took down the “CROOKED” Obama gang😉😉😉


And we are STILL barely scratching the surface of this very deep swamp.
Great digging, Daughn. There are several QTreepers who could run circles around anyone in Congress or the State Dept.


Of course she was lying.
Sundance points this out.
From her opening statement….comment image
And yet, Elise Stefanik very quickly got Yovanovitch to “admit the Obama White House spent time briefing her on how to respond to congress if questions about Hunter Biden and Burisma were raised.”
THIS. IS. DEVASTATING. This one clip is stunning in light of Yavanovitch’s prepared opening statement…


Elise Stefanik is a rock star!! Right up there with Jim Jordan, except he’s cuter 😉


She has sfb. Elise is good but she’s up against a retard


Daughn….. I see where you got my reply on the earlier Impeach thread about Glenn Beck 🙂


Is she Lying ? obviously..and of course,
Her face was bristling , twitching anytime time Jordan and Stefanick presented the record of facts to her ..
They may be small tells, but tells nonetheless.
I did a search on Bombards site for her take on yanovich , but came up empty.
However She did one on amb. Taylor from the day before.
Some things (tells) carry over ..
Watch the corners of her mouth and chin tighten when faced with facts during questioning ..she KNOWS she has to lie
and it discomforts her, but she’s a true believer, makes attempt to suppress discomfort and goes ahead anyway
watch this clip, then see if you see the same thing I am during the Jordan and Stefanik questioning.