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With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

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Second CCP

If you’re familiar with the Isaac Asimov “Foundation” series, then you are familiar with the grand plot device of “The Foundation”, which is later rebooted by the exciting idea of a hidden “Second Foundation”.

Here, I steal the meme, and apply it to all of China’s slightly hidden enablers, by calling out what they are doing on China’s behalf to HELP CHINA SAVE THEIR ASSES:

Control of Coronavirus Perspective (CCP)

The corona magnification hoax was their BIG, desperate info-nuke to “get Trump”. Very easy to see NOW, but most of us are not as SOLID as we should be, in getting a TRUE perspective on COVID-19.

The fact is, the left is doing everything it can to PSY-OP you on not only COVID-19, but coronaviruses in general. They are working very hard to keep both individuals and society focused on a MYTH – not REALITY.

TWO resources will help get rid of THEIR CONTROL of YOUR PERSPECTIVE.


Here is the first.

To begin countering the MIND-FRACK that the Soviet American media, Soviet Deep State, China, Controlled Industry, and Soviet Dems have done on you, regarding the “novel [HOW MUCH?] coronavirus”, it helps to just consider some other [MORE FAMILIAR] possibilities, so that you can see what makes more sense – a new and very Hollywood story, or what we knew before about coronaviruses.

Begin here, with the article by Beda M. Stadtler (image above) which swept social media:



Here is the introduction, as an image.

Here is the text version of the introduction.

Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong

The immune response to the virus is stronger than everyone thought

Back to Reason
Jul 1 · 12 min read

The original article was published in the Swiss magazine Weltwoche (World Week) on June 10th. The author, Beda M Stadler is the former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern, a biologist and professor emeritus. Stadler is an important medical professional in Switzerland, he also likes to use provoking language, which should not deter you from the extremely important points he makes.

This article is about Switzerland and it does not suggest that the situation is exactly the same globally. I am advocating for local measures according to locale situations. And I advocate for looking at real data rather than abstract models. I also suggest to read to the end, because Stadler makes crucial points about testing for Sars-CoV-2.

Read the article that follows. It seems SHOCKINGLY REASONABLE. It is from a person who is a former director of an institute of immunology.

Medium, which censors stuff like this all the time, would have censored this if they COULD HAVE. The problem is that Beda Stadtler is too credentialed, and nobody in science is willing to say he’s wrong and likely get their ass handed to them.

So instead, Medium adds THIS at the top, in small letters:

Anyone can publish on Medium per our Policies, but we don’t fact-check every story. For more info about the coronavirus, see

Medium then adds THIS at the bottom:

Stay up to date on coronavirus (Covid-19)

Follow the Medium Coronavirus Blog or sign up for the newsletter to read expert-backed coronavirus stories from Medium and across the web, such as:

Yup, that’s our media.

Just read the article. You will start to see several important points about IMMUNITY in general, and coronaviruses in particular. You will start to see COVID-19 as YET ANOTHER WEAK CORONAVIRUS.

You will start to see that Americans ARE protected from the virus, NATURALLY, and that is why there are so many “asymptomatic” cases, weak cases, and people who “seem immune” because [DRUM ROLL] THEY ARE IMMUNE – through exposure to similar, related coronaviruses earlier in life.

THEN watch the YouTube video I showcased earlier, by Dr. Kelly Victory, MD.

This video may or may not get taken down by the Wojcicki sisters. Dr. Victory is actually a professional disaster adviser of businesses, on topics including pandemics. It is difficult if not impossible to question what she says. It doesn’t matter, however, since this video will show up somewhere else if it is taken down.

This doctor is a voice of reason and VACCINE REALISM. She begins to frame the most fundamental questions about vaccines, and takes us BACK to medicine’s understanding of vaccines BEFORE THE MEDIA BEGAN TO PSY-OP US ON THEM.

She is right there with Trump. Why are our children being protected from IMMUNITY THEY NEED, and CAN GET SAFELY RIGHT NOW?

The media and Democrats seem obsessed with making sure children DON’T GAIN NATURAL IMMUNITY.

WHY? Are Democrats, as they always do, trying to CREATE A CONTROLLING PROBLEM? Are they trying to create a useful problem (see “global warming” and then “climate change”) using BAD FINANCIAL INCENTIVES? Is VACCINDRA the next SOLYNDRA?

From here, we examine a POWERFUL MEME.

What If COVID-19 Is “Just Another Coronavirus”?

Let’s start here, with an amazing meme that will blow your mind.

I want you to stop and think about this. PRIORITIES. Why are we letting the MEDIA set them?

This “shocking” fact about COVID-19 is not unreasonable, because (1) real numbers support it, and (2) this is the reality of the normal endemic weak coronaviruses, and why “coronavirus” was not a household name before the China-Democrat COVID psy-op. FLU was a much more targeted target because it simply IS a more important target.

One of the PRIOR coronas came from bats, most likely (2 of them came from mammals, and 2 from birds, IIRC). But what we have with COVID-19 is almost certainly a LAB-MEDIATED SPECIES JUMP.

We even know WHEN and WHERE.


Remember – it really IS the “China Virus”. Well, other than THIS ONE.

Now – let me repeat that meme. INTERNALIZE IT.

Thanks to gudthots for posting this BRILLIANT meme, along with the following excellent comment about things michaelh said:

July 9, 2020 at 01:28
Michael pointed out that vaccines for non-lethal illnesses are not prioritized. I think that is because vaccines can be lethal and you don’t want a cure that’s worse than the disease.

If we DID prioritize flu and coronavirus, and if flu (voluntary vaccine) is HIGHER priority than coronavirus, then why would we want a mandatory vaccine for coronavirus?

You see? It all falls apart, once you see this.

Does “Nursing Home Killer Cuomo” now make sense? The whole plot to use MEDICAL SOCIALISM to enact SOCIALISM depended on ENOUGH DEATHS.

What Does Bill Gates Want?

Finally, let’s look BACK at Bill Gates from the vantage point of “OMG – we have another coronavirus, and we are even experiencing cross-over immunity, as we should have expected. Do we really need a vaccine?”

Here are two things to understand.

Bill Gates is now studying Karl Rove and David Axelrod

Yes, that is an ugly thought. “Win for the UniParty. Don’t simply do the right thing.”


That link is a quick read. Bill Gates’ reading list is always good intelligence on him.

Note that the top book is “How To Lie With Statistics“. The rest of his reading list (that one is #16) is just as interesting.


NOW – it’s time to get very serious about Gates.

Remember when SCHIFFTY SCHIFF asked for social media to “do something about vaccine misinformation”? That turned out to be CODE for “kick Natural News and InfoWars off social media”.

Well, Bill Gates just did the same thing.

The video interview is HERE.


Start listening to the video around 3:30 to get Gates’ full thought. He is CONCERNED that low American compliance with the MASKS will lead to low compliance with the VACCINE. He wants social media to FIX THIS #### NOW.

None of these people is interested in natural immunity – EVEN if natural immunity is MORE EFFECTIVE and BETTER FOR HUMANITY.

NOW – it’s VERY interesting to hear Bill Gates, assisted by his shill interviewer, go after the “conspiracy” theories, which [SHOCKED FACE] even include HIM, sometimes!!! OY, VEY!!!

Seriously, it’s good for a laugh. Just listen from the beginning.

Wolf’s Bottom Line

The fact is, THEY are pushing an UNREALITY about coronaviruses in general, and COVID-19 in particular.

Masks are not the real issue. They are a PROXY.

The real fight is MANDATORY RISKY AND INFERIOR VACCINATION for common diseases that are better treated and prevented through natural immunity gained early in life.



“Why is isolation and vaccination of the young a good idea, when immunity to the real disease is almost without a doubt stronger and safer?”

“If COVID-19 is as much like known coronaviruses as it appears, and we are observing crossover immunity already, and crossover antibody reaction in diagnosis, and we know that coronavirus vaccines are all potentially risky with regard to immune enhancement, then why are we not protecting our children against both disease risks and vaccine / no-vaccine risks by letting them gain immunity NOW, when it is safest?”

What are YOUR questions for Bill Gates?

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Concerned Virginian

OK, heard the following just before 7PM Eastern on 710WOR, New York, “The Buck Sexton Show”:
Sexton played an audio clip from earlier today of POTUS giving an interview (didn’t catch the name of the interviewer). POTUS stated that he will be sign an EO giving about 750,000 DACA kids a “pathway to citizenship”
“I have the power to do this”, I heard POTUS say in the audio clip.
Anybody else heard what I heard?

This is all I see.
But again we are not sure what he requires from ‘a pathway to citizenship”. I doubt he’ll make it easy.

Plain Jane

Really good thread Wolfie. Thank you.


Yes! You really laid it all out, Wolfmoon!
What a time in history.
Geo. Washington and his buddies would not believe the MESS we let ourselves get into!!!

Plain Jane

Demons on overtime. People have lost their focus on God and humanity if they ever had any. Many were so abused it became normal for them to abuse. A million places to get stuck into the spider web of evil.


I’m saving it for reference.

Plain Jane

I passed the link to it on to my peeps.


Donald J. Trump


@realDonaldTrump Red heart @GoyaFoods and We Do Too!!!comment image


Jack Posobiec Flag of United States
Just got off the phone with Roger Stone.
He is a free man.


Jack Posobiec Flag of United States
He added that he is going to continue to fight his case in the appeals court, and also do whatever he can to support the full exoneration of General Flynn


God Bless Roger Stone!
Let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream ~ Amos 5:24comment image

Love our POTUS💞💞
Hope Judge Jackson and Jury Forewoman are FUMING!!

Why’s Johnny R so quiet?? Surely Rick left him a to-do list!?!


Dr. David Samadi
The reason we have the rise in cases is because of the protests, not because we reopened business.
The average patient coming to the hospital for COVID is now 31.
The media keeps trying to say protests weren’t the problem, but the data is here.
Why does Fauci not admit this?comment image

Deplorable Patriot

Moar happy dancing!
Catturd ™
BREAKING: President Trump has just commuted Roger Stone’s sentence.
How does that feel Deep State?
Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy
7:58 PM · Jul 10, 2020


Best part – Stone can still pursue his appeal over the tainted juror.

Deplorable Patriot

I wish I was this photogenic.


What about the gloves?


She’s going to wash the dishes as soon as she gets home.

Sue Mcdonald

Oh dear I thought that was a man🤤


Was it a hoax or an honest mistake?
“NBC News spent weeks documenting its science contributor’s (⁦
⁩) battle with COVID-19, but now he admits that he never tested positive for it.”comment image


Hmmm its NBC so I’m going with hoax. MSM and honest mistake…..LMAO.


He was mistaken to think he had WuFlu, and it was dishonest to report it as WuFlu when they didn’t know for sure. No doubt those reports added to the angst over the virus, which I believe was the goal. They could have just as easily reported that they didn’t know for sure whether he had it and that he had tested negative, without chyron headlines about his “COVID case.” But then there would have been no reason to report on a random doctor who was ill, right?


Thanks, TT!!!


I cannot connect with Fox, CNN, or Google servers at their main pages at this moment.
Q did talk about a coming blackout.
I will report back if I can reconnect.


While I can use my bookmarks to go other places, all bookmarks to news links won’t connect.
oh, I just got to Breitbart. hmmm.
“Safari cannot open the page because it could not establish a secure connection to the server.”


ok I am now getting connections.
maybe it was the cell tower i was using.


POTUS has commuted Roger Stones sentence

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 Retweeted
Marc Lobliner
Jack has all the goods!
Great news!
Quote Tweet
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
· 1h
Just got off the phone with Roger Stone.
He is a free man.
Show this thread


Suck it dimms.
John Cardillo (@johncardillo) Tweeted:
#RogerStone wants to thank you all


comment image


This is the solution, and it’s brilliant.
Don’t pardon.
Then the sentence can be vacated.


Aint that a peach.
My my my.
Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) Tweeted:
Obama’s hydroxychloroquine from 2008


I’d like to know how that was obtained.


Me too. Thats not a photoshop as far as I can tell. The extended scrip sticker isnt uncommon, esp when the instructions are long. I only posted bc mark levin thought to.


Yes, I’m not questioning it, especially since Levin tweeted it. I think he is very careful about accuracy. It’s just that so many things about O get covered up that it’s surprising when something does show up. The media doesn’t report these things.


Are malarone and plaquenil interchangeable for malaria prevention? The instructions look like the HCQ prevention dosage – daily for a period of time, and then every 7 days.


Ok. Point is I suppose that they are able to take this class of meds without concern?

Elizabeth Carter

EP98 – 5 of 8, The Masters Are Calling Their Slaves
Jul 7, 2020

Elizabeth Carter

EP99 – 6 of 8, Sherman’s Philosophy of War, [PAIN] = Peace
Jul 7, 2020


“Michael pointed out that vaccines for non-lethal illnesses are not prioritized. I think that is because vaccines can be lethal and you don’t want a cure that’s worse than the disease.”
In a normal world that would make sense, but that’s not the world we’re in.
In this world, the professional medical people, at least those who are in a position to essentially ‘run the industry’, no longer begin with the benefit of the doubt, because they have lied to us over and over again — and I’m only talking about the things we’ve caught them lying about.
Just imagine what we DON’T know yet.
So I begin with the assumption that the medical profession COULD NOT CARE LESS whether the cure is worse than the disease, that it’s not even a factor in the decision making process, except to the extent that it might serve some insane Leftist agenda (like Agenda 21) to intentionally make the ‘cure’ worse than the ‘disease’.
Once the false premise that they care at all about humanity or American lives, we are free to examine whatever their actual motivations might be.
Like money and power.
What if the medical profession is more corrupt than the journalism profession?
Just going by the amount of money involved in the medical profession, it would be a Christmas miracle if the medical profession was not more corrupt than journalism.


edit / correction: “Once the premise that they care at all about humanity or American lives is understood to be false, we are free to examine whatever their actual motivations might be.”

Elizabeth Carter

EP100 – 7 of 8, Blessed Are The Peacemakers
•Jul 7, 2020


I just read at thedonald that the St. Louis police served a search warrant on the McCloskey’s, and seized his rifle. WTH is going on there?


I found this:
McCloskeys served with search warrant, attorney says
Kim Gardner is a soros idiot so….


It’s pure lawfare.
The enemy has no chance of winning, but that’s not their objective.
Their objective is to drag the couple through court, cost them lots of money, but most of all, to intimidate anyone else who would defend themselves against the mob, by trying to make them afraid of the legal nightmare the enemy is going to put you through.
It’s lawfare.
And when this is over, President Trump should insist that the Republican majority outlaw “lawfare” and make it a capital crime, because it is a weapon whose sole purpose is to destroy a country and its People through the subversion of the Law.


There are multiple organizations who will defend you (if you become a member) in any situation involving the defensive use of a firearm. These companies function as a sort of ‘insurance’ for gun owners.
Massad Ayoob, whose book “Deadly Force — Understanding Your Right to Self Defense” I reference here occasionally, is involved with the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (
Another organization that may be of interest is CCW Safe (
There are at least several others, each offers different packages (some offer higher levels of coverage for increasing membership fees), but the basic idea is to cover your bail money immediately and to get a lawyer who specializes in self-defense law, who is paid for by the organization, so you don’t face financial ruin as a result of defending yourself.


What’s odd to me is that there’s no footage apart from the confrontation with these people. I thought the claim was that they were marching to the mayor’s house to protest – because she had read names publicly of “residents” in support of defunding the police. So does the mayor live in that neighborhood? And who are those residents? I admit there’s definitely more to this story. D Rep. Rasheen Aldridge (some kid 🙄) was part of the group – screaming on a bullhorn.


I was about to transcribe the video by Dr. Kelly Victory (or at least the quotable highlights), but before I started, I wanted to quickly check to see if the enemy had already done their typical smear-job, because anyone I send it to is likely to check to see just who Dr. Kelly Victory is.
And they are likely to believe whatever the MSM says about her, confirming their own bias, because they are still caught up in the web of MSM lies.
So for anyone who might send this video to friends or family, be aware of what they’re going to read about her when they do a quick check of their favorite search engine.
The enemy has essentially invalidated her.
So anyone (like us) who has good reason to believe China Virus is a giant scam will see that she has been smeared by typical Leftist propaganda, but anyone who lives in Blue-pill world is going to believe the propaganda narrative, that she’s a right-wing conspiracy theorist with a medical degree who lied about her association with Harvard.
Practically every sentence in the article below NEGATES Dr. Kelly Victory, providing more than enough ammunition for anyone (e.g., Democrats and NPCs and blue-pill addicts) to disregard her completely.
Colorado candidate campaigns with doctor who shared coronavirus conspiracy theories
Doctor made false claim about the disease’s spread in Colorado
Boldface emphasis mine
Republican congressional candidate Steve House held a virtual campaign event Tuesday with a doctor who has spread conspiracy theories about coronavirus.
House is the Republican nominee to face Rep. Jason Crow, an Aurora Democrat, in Denver’s eastern suburbs. Late Tuesday afternoon, House’s campaign organized a Facebook event with Dr. Colleen “Kelly” Victory, of Steamboat Springs. A few dozen people tuned in to the conversation about coronavirus.
“I do not believe that the general public should be wearing masks,” Victory said during the event, contradicting state and federal public health officials.
On her Twitter account, Victory has said the mortality rate from COVID-19 is “on par with the flu,” although health experts say it is several times deadlier. She shared a tweet saying “all the (coronavirus) numbers are fake” and claimed Saturday that no Coloradans have been intubated due to coronavirus, which is false.
Victory helped spread conspiracy theories that coronavirus-related closures are a Democratic plot, coordinated in conjunction with the “deep state” and the press, to defeat President Donald Trump in November. She also alleged an over-reaction to the pandemic is a Democratic plot to steal the 2020 election via mail voting and shared a tweet accusing Democrats of stealing elections that way in 2018.
Victory is a critic of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the nation’s leading expert on infectious disease. She shared a tweet calling for him to be criminally prosecuted and another calling him an idiot. Fauci has drawn the ire of some on the far right for supporting closures.
On social media, Victory has aligned herself for weeks with ultra-conservatives, such as Ann Coulter, who have spread dubious information about coronavirus. Victory knows Coulter and pleaded no contest to misdemeanor disorderly conduct related to an altercation after an event with Coulter in Colorado in 2012.
“Churches should absolutely be open! And so should everything else,” Victory wrote March 21. “Isolate and protect the small percentage of people who are truly at risk and let the masses be exposed and therefore DEVELOP IMMUNITY!”
In an online bio, Victory says she is “a member of” Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, or NPLI, and “served for many years” on a leadership council at Harvard’s public health school. A Harvard spokeswoman says Victory went through a 10-day NPLI program about a dozen years ago and only briefly was a member of the leadership council several years ago.
Nearly every sentence is a negation of Dr. Kelly Victory.
As much as I liked her video, it is useless as a tool to open the eyes of the zombies, because they did a Clarence Thomas job on her.
Or to use the more common term, they ‘Borked’ her.


“They’ve pre-smeared everybody – even YOU. You just don’t know it.”
I’m nobody, it doesn’t matter what I think about anything.


My argument(s) either stand or fall on their merits, on the logical presentation, or they don’t.
I could be the most personally discredited person on the planet, but 4 + 4 still equals 8 and I can prove it.
Truth matters, not me.
Now I could make the same argument regarding Dr. Victory, that if what she’s saying is true that’s all that matters, regardless of whether her personal credibility is attacked, but there’s a big difference.
Her articulated points are based on her credibility, because nobody who isn’t a doctor understands from professional work experience whether what she’s saying is true.
She isn’t presenting logical arguments, she didn’t really present verifiable facts (like the size of viruses vs. the size of the holes in the masks, and she didn’t even mention HCQ, she just alluded to it), she’s presenting herself as an expert (which she is) and conveying her expert opinion, but it is her expert status which has been smeared by the Denver Post, which (in turn) provides an excuse for anyone who likes the taste of the blue-pill to dismiss whatever she said.
My arguments don’t depend on my personal credibility, and I would never want them to. And I don’t possess any expert status.
It simplifies everything.
Either my arguments can be defeated, or they can’t, and I want them tested every single time 😁


Yes, they (doctors, experts of any kind) are going to need to learn how to make actual arguments backed up by verifiable facts.
Their ‘expert opinions’ are going to need to be able withstand scrutiny, because nobody can trust them anymore.
And the honest ones will recognize that, not take it personally, and provide evidence for the public to verify everything they’re claiming.
And the dishonest ones, won’t.
And that is how the honest ones will distinguish themselves from the crooks 👍


“They’ve pre-smeared everybody – even YOU. You just don’t know it.”
What I meant regarding the problem above is this.
I was about to transcribe the highlights of Dr. Victory’s video, and send it to my church elders, who are dutifully following the ‘guidance’ from the State.
But I thought to do a Google / DuckDuckGo check first, because I know they would, and I needed to know what they would see and how it would shape their acceptance or rejection of that video.
And I’m glad I checked, because if I hadn’t, if I had sent that video to my elders, and they did a basic Google search on her, they would have seen the article I quoted above, and dismissed the video out of hand.
And me, right along with it.
When I present my case to the elders, it better be rock solid, because I’m only going to get one chance at it.


Time to change those socks Justin
Justin Trudeau Breaks Canadian Law AGAIN In Alleged Pay-For-Play Non Profit Scandal

Elizabeth Carter

EP101 – 8 of 8, Fishers Of Men
Jul 7, 2020


Journalist Lara Logan Lays Out Perfectly What This Election Is About This Year: It’s Not About Trump – It’s About Freedom!

Gail Combs

Here is a random thought for you guys to think about.
WHY are the Demon-Rat cities being DESTROYED, and the left doesn’t give a crap???
Destroyed by Earthquake or ANTIFA who cares, as long as the city can be ‘Remoulded’
Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits, and then
Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire!The Fabian Society Window
All you have to do is look at
The Demise of Christchurch City New Zealand and think what would have happened under Hitlery if ANTIFA and BLM were allowed ‘Room to ‘Destroy’ It also explains why there was no attempt to clean-up and rebuild Baltimore despite all the $$$$.
November 29, 2012 Secure property rights are FUNDAMENTAL to personal freedom and democracy.
“….I believe I have found the reason why such incredible powers have been used in the so called “rebuild” of Christchurch. My reasoning is based on what is found on the Christchurch City Council’s website and the associated documents which are used or referred to by the council.
Red zoning in the suburbs.
We have seen whole suburbs “red Zoned” which means that these will be compulsorily taken over by the government (with negotiation with insurance companies) and at 2008 valuations.
Stop Press. This is an update about events that are happening as I write.
First of all a number of these red zoners have applied for a Judicial Review of the above mentioned Red Zone process. The government for some reason has linked the taking of the red zone land with whether the owners are insured or not. This has left over 200 red zoners who find the government offer unsatisfactory because
1. Their property though uninsured, is either undamaged or quite repairable.
2. The government has offered them 50% of the land value only. This means they will get less than 20% of the original value of the property
3. Their property is not damaged or only slightly, so why should they have to move out at all?….
Because the Christchurch City Council and the central government, has raised the standard of building required, (ranging from a minimum seismic proof foundation, double glazing and even the distance from the oven to the opposite bench etc), it is therefore impossible to actually replace your house with the insurance and purchase payouts anyway (if one’s payout ever comes).
It seems from some reports that an average retired couple with no hope of raising a further mortgage, may be several hundred thousand dollars short of replacing their previous lifestyle. But regardless of whether the house is still liveable, the occupants must move out.
….Not moving is not an option – if you elect to stay in a red zoned property utilities will be cut off and your property will be effectively confiscated anyway…..
Red zoning in the CBD
[CBD = Central Business District? – GC]
A list of facts.
Demolition of buildings behind a cordon with little or no consultation with the building owners and their tenants with no chance to recover business and personal property (Although some cases were documented where the demolition people stripped the building and on sold everything of value).
“Red stickering” of buildings meaning no one– including the owner could enter with no provision for the owners to recover property. Only after contracted protest after weeks and months later were essential business files and plant able to be recovered.
The building owners and tenants were therefore prohibited from guarding their property. Therefore apart from the inevitable theft, there was consequential and preventable damage from weather, flooding and after shocks.
The creation of an impenetrateable bureaucracy where for instance, a demolition plan was demanded from the building owner within a short period of time, but even if that plan was presented, the bureaucracy carried out the demolition anyway, not only trying to contract the liability of any accidental damages to life and other property to the buildings owner, but also charging a “management fee”.
The bureaucracy acted so slowly in any case that most small business owners went out of business, not only because they could not even recover the cash from their till…..
Why completely demolish our old city including perfectly good and functional privately owned properties in order to build a different new city?
Actually we are not witnessing a “rebuilding” of Christchurch –
We are witnessing the building of a new city where the city of Christchurch once stood
– created at our expense.
Make no mistake! We and future generations are being mortgaged to pay for all this.
“Unprecedented opportunity”? For whom?
Are the CCC and the government crazy or have they at least lost the plot?
There is no doubt that this authoritarian approach has slowed the recovery from the earth quakes. Government energy directed to making sure insurance companies are meeting their obligations in a full and timely manner would definitely be better than the bureaucracy we have now!
But Gerry Brownlee, His Worship and others are not the clowns they appear to be,

“This link has been removed from the government website but here is an excerpt:”

“Christchurch City Council Sustainability Policy
1. Introduction
Sustainability is a word that is used often, yet means different things to different people. This Sustainability Policy seeks to clarify what the City Council means by the term sustainability. This will enable Council policies and strategies to adopt a consistent point of reference for the term and for the related concepts and principles to be incorporated with more consistency into Council activities and decision making.
2. Policy Aim
The Sustainability Policy is one of the high-level Policy Frameworks that have been designed to help guideCouncil activity.
This Policy aims to embed sustainability into our Council and community. To help make sustainability “the way we do things around here”.”
“At the heart of a democratic society is the responsibility for community leaders to make decisions on behalf of, and in the best interests of, present and future generations.”

“(Well I think they have got that one wrong, Aren’t community leaders supposed to serve the community, not make decisions for the community? Isn’t that the difference between democracy and totalitarianism?)”
I think the destruction of our cities was a calculated prelude to the complete demolition and a rebuild following the UN Agenda 21 blue prints.