Instead of a Trump Rally, We Get Wayfairgate

In the last twenty-four hours as of this writing, a GIGANTIC rabbit hole has opened up and is being thoroughly explored by anons everywhere. It's now being called #Wayfairgate, and all evidence collected on Friday evening and through the night of the scheme - wildly overpricing items with all sorts of symbolism in the photographs … Continue reading Instead of a Trump Rally, We Get Wayfairgate

2020·07·11 KMAG Daily Thread

I don't have much to say tonight, on the "current events" front. It's about 1 PM here in Colorado and it's pretty quiet at the moment--and I might not have the opportunity to update this if something big does break. Let's see. Sullivan still being an ass, exculpatory information still coming out in fairly large … Continue reading 2020·07·11 KMAG Daily Thread