20200917: MAGA Rally, Mosinee, Wisconsin

So, let’s see, where is Mosinee, Wisconsin.


Essentially, out in the middle. From wiki:

The traditional inhabitants of the area were the Ojibwe, the Potawatomi and the Menominee.[5] However, the name is the Hochunk Mōsį́nį, the “Cold Country,” from , an old form of , meaning “earth, ground, land, country”; and sį́nį, “cold.”[6] The Ojibwe ceded the territory to the United States in 1837 when they sold most of their land in what would become Wisconsin, though they were guaranteed the right to continue hunting, fishing, and gathering wild rice on the ceded lands.[7] Similarly, the Potawatomi gave up their land claims in Wisconsin in 1833, and the Menominee ceded territory in this area in the 1836 Treaty of the Cedars.[8][9] These treaties coincided with the establishment of the first sawmill in the area by a white settler, John L. Moore, in 1836, and enabled white settlement to begin in the area. Lumber quickly became the most important industry and drew other businesses and settlers to the town, which at the time was known as Little Bull Falls. After the closing of Fort Winnebago in 1845, a number of Métis families moved to Little Bull Falls, and in 1857 the town was renamed in honor of an Ojibwe chief from the Wisconsin River Band. Deforestation led to the collapse of the lumber industry in the early 20th century, but it was quickly replaced by the paper industry.[10] In the neighboring Menominee language the town is called Mōsāpnīw, “he dwells alone there”, which is likely a close approximation of the eponymous chief’s name.[11]


There’s some interesting trivia about the place.

On May 1, 1950, local residents acting as Communist invaders seized control of Mosinee.[12][13]

The action was a part of an elaborate pageant organized by the Wisconsin Department of the American Legion. The “Communists” dragged Mayor Ralph E. Kronenwetter and Police Chief Carl Gewiss out of their beds. Mayor Kronenwetter surrendered at 10:15 AM in the town’s new “Red Square” with a pistol to his back. The police chief was reported to have resisted and was “liquidated”.

Roadblocks were set up around Mosinee, the library was “purged”, prices of goods were inflated for the duration of the coup, and local restaurants served Russian black bread and potato soup for lunch.[14]

As he arrived at a rally to restore democracy to the community the night of May 1 Mayor Kronenwetter suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and never regained consciousness. He died five days later on May 6, 1950 at age 49. The mayor’s doctor said the excitement and exertion probably contributed to his collapse.

Franklin Baker, commander of the local American Legion post, said, “It was a terrible coincidence.”[15]

Local minister Will La Brew Bennett, 72, who, during the Communist invasion, demonstrated to the media how he would hide his Bible in the church organ if the Communists really invaded and was herded with other residents into a barbed-wire ringed “concentration camp” near “Red Square”, was found dead in his bed hours after the mayor’s death on May 7, 1950.[16]

Well, alrighty then.


I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Wisconsin, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

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We have weapons that the world has never seen
Hope that we never have to use them

I say Joe, it’s easy to remember, H comes before N…referring to Sleepy’s N1H1 virus
They are a disaster together…..Both said Harris/Biden Administration


Hahahaha – Harris/Biden Administration – they both said it! Good one, Mr. President Lookie here!!!

Sleepy’s against oil, against God, and against guns….won’t do so great in Texas

Free healthcare to illegals….he held up his hand….That will destroy your country cause you can’t afford it

POTUS thinks he’ll get Bernie supporters because they love his stance on trade….Hmmm, that explains why Sleepy is copying POTUS’ ideas, made in America, which he did again tonight, trying to keep Bernie Bros

How bout giving me a coat? 😂

He made me laugh with that comment!!!

America, Mfg capital of world, end reliance on Chyna
Ban ‘deadly’ Sanctuary Cities

Diginity of work, sanctity of life
Free speech, Right to Keep and Bear arms
Keep America out of Endless Wars

If Joe wins, you will have a Depression

NASA is now hottest in the world

Always respect our great American Flag




When he contrasts the agendas of both parties – it is just astounding the difference – how can anyone vote to destroy what President Trump has worked so hard to build – don’t even want to think about it.


If they knew they wouldn’t vote for Joe, but the sheeple don’t get their news like we do – the Malignant MSM does a good job keeping the truth from getting out there. Add in Big Tech/Social Media controlling/interfering in our mass communications…and that’s why you see plausible polls where Biden’s ahead.
We have to overwhelm their fraud voting by huge numbers for MAGA. I do think they’re seriously unaware of just how many silent POTUS voters their are – from the minority communities, and the Dems themselves.
Schweikart has been following the college shutdowns – Dems made a mistake keeping schools shutdown – colleges do lots of progressive damage when the students vote in the local communities. This year will be different.


It is a nail biter for sure, lady – I agree – they underestimate the MAGA vote – just as they did in 2016 – this time – it will be massive – hopefully, so YUGE it will override their little games – I also think there will be a great number of poll watchers – and ballot counters –
Calling all Warrior Angels – to thwart their evil tricks – remember – God Wins!!!


Duchess, I just left a comment in the rally thread. POTUS tweeted about a rally in Virginia. That’s big news. Means Virginia might be in play. 🙂


Oh, thanks for letting me know – yes – that is good news – personally, I think every state in the union is in play – 50 state sweep – I would love to see that in my lifetime!


I know there is a strong possibility fraud will play a part – especially, since the voting rolls have never been properly scrutinized – in 2018, over 100% of voters were recorded – they should know how many are of voting age – how many are illegal – and how many are dead.
So, yes – I can see where you would say no more than 40 for PT.


Gonna get our dancing shoes on, Duchess!!!


We sure are – time for practice – Patty and Butterfly will join us – no doubt – Wheeee!!!

You haven’t seen anything yet!



We will make America GREAT AGAIN!!!

We will make America
AGAIN!!comment image


And he danced a little to YMCA. 😀

Glad you were here, bfly!!!! Never the same without you!

Aww, thanks Miss Sylvia! Luv U!! 🥰💖🤗🤗😊😘💞💕
P.S. Where Marica???

She injured her shoulder and is in the midst of diagnostic testing to determine how they’re gonna fix it. So she’s operating one handed, and she hurts. But she’s still got her fighting spirit!!!!

Oh NOES!! God Bless Her! Tell her I love her and will be praying for her. Give her lots of 🤗🤗😘😘💞💞 and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from me!😉

I will, for sure!


please tell her I will keep her in my prayers!!
hope you are staying safe and taking care of yourself as well Sylvia!!!!


hiya butterfly!!!! Got a busted wing!!! Not exactly soaring…but ima gonna fly again….Smuchas darlin!!!! And 1 arm hugs to all Y’all at Wolfies!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖😘🥰


My Darlin Marica!!! Prayers for Speedy patches and swift travels!! 🦋🤸‍♀️🦋 ASAP!!!!! Miss ya Sista, sending MUCH LUV thru the airwaves!!!!!!!!!!! 😍💖💖🌺🌹🚀💪🚀🤗🤗😘😊🙏💞💕💞


Smuchas Right back Sista!!!😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰💃🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️


Get well soon, Marica! 🙂


Thanks darlin!!! dats my plan!! God is makin me stronger!!!!😘🥰💖


Amen, sister!! 🙂


“Together, with the incredible people of Wisconsin
we will make America wealthy again,
We will make America strong again
We will make America proud again
We will make America safe again
And we will make America great again,
Thank you Wisconsin!!!

Sylvia Avery

DPat, thanks again for hosting us. Really appreciate what you do!!!


I watched the rally on CSPAN. Afterward, they showed something with Kamala Harris. She was sitting on a stage, speaking with a mask on, wearing a pantsuit, with her legs spread apart like a man. Though she didn’t do it on this occasion, she cackles like Hillary, and I think she uses laughter to try to connect with people. It seems fake and fails miserably. She comes across as a phony.
In listening briefly to her, I was struck by how often she uses the term “conversation.” “We had a conversation about Puerto Rico.” If asked a question she doesn’t want to commit to answering, she says, “I think we should have that conversation.” She does not stand on principle. I hope VP Pence eats her lunch in a debate.

Sylvia Avery

That fake laugh is horrible. It is very similar to Hillary’s. And she laughs at odd times when there’s nothing funny. It’s bizarre.


Me thinks, much of HUH cackling is really HUH quite nervous. Huh doesn’t know quite what she should do. Totally disingenuous.

Cuppa Covfefe

“conversation” is most likely shorthand for Hegelian Dialektik, i.e. thesis:antithesis::synthesis (the “third way”)…
Otherwise known as managed conclusions. Had that a lot at HP starting with Carly… You think you’re in a discussion(conversation) debating a point or making a decision, but the outcome has already been determined…
The DEMONicRATS know all of the evil tricks, and use them every chance that they can…


I loved seeing him in his long top coat!
He looks great in it and he wears it so well.
Our VSG really took the gloves off this time.
I hope he keeps doing it.
Thank you for another great Rally Thread, DePat!
I really appreciate all the work you do for us on all these threads you do for us.


agree…the rally thread are informative and inspiring…even days later!!!!!!!!!!!!