A Population Control Framework Based on Mandatory Vaccination is Now a Workable Substitute for Natural Disease Pressure

And we’ve got the data to prove it!

Notice that I’m not casting too much “blame” at the moment.

Taking the “pro” side here as a devil’s advocate is much more effective as a convincer, that the devil really is in the details.

And I’m tellin’ ya – THIS SHIT WORKS.

I mean, let me pretend to be a “depopper” here, albeit a rather stupid and unethical one, because there are much better ways – in all possible meanings of “better” – to reduce population.

But if I’m “that guy” for a moment…….


OK, back to “real Wolf”. For a little while.

We have the ultimate wheat/chaff sorter now.

If ANYBODY continues with the mandates, then they’re no good, and are worthy of immediate removal from power. Anybody who cared about the data in hand would stop the mandates.

If they don’t care, and push on, then it’s because they care about something else.

If they halt the mandates, there is redemption.

But if they don’t, then there is revolution and correction.

It’s THAT simple.

Let me explain.

1. The Entirely Predictable Population Effect of Nelsonian Bad Vaccines

Linda brought in a link to a STUNNED Gateway Pundit article, which links to a STUNNED Alex Berenson post, which links to STUNNING data from the UK Ministry of health.

Please click the GP and Berenson links at the very least. Those links will explain it fully.

Linda’s Comment: https://www.theqtree.com/2021/11/21/dear-maga-20211121/comment-page-1/#comment-832339

The Gateway Pundit: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/shocking-uk-study-stuns-medical-community-vaccinated-people-60-younger-twice-likely-die-unvaccinated-people/

Alex Berenson: https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/vaccinated-english-adults-under-60

UK Dataset: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/deathsbyvaccinationstatusengland

Now – HERE is the data that matters, in an EASY-TO-READ GRAPH.

What you are seeing here is that DEATH RATE among the vaccinated (ages 10-59 – NO ELDERLY – very important) ROSE RAPIDLY with the number of people vaccinated, until it was OVER TWICE as much as deaths among the unvaccinated – then slightly declined – slowly – to slightly UNDER twice the rate of deaths among the unvaccinated.


The obvious argument that the other side will make here is that “people likely to die take the vaccine” – that it’s a self-selected group.

Well, let that argument be fought out, fair and square. There are many good ways to prove or at least implicate causation by vaccination, but I leave those as exercises.

But even if we accept that still very arguable premise, that dying people chose the vaccine, and don’t counter it by one of NUMEROUS arguments, then at the very least, the vaccine doesn’t seem to be making a huge difference in their greater likelihood of death. They’re still dying. If the vaccines we have now aren’t BAD, they’re at the very least something of a failure.

And the bottom line is STILL this.

For whatever reasons, and it doesn’t really matter which ones, in the aggregate, if you’re 10-59 and you’re vaccinated, you are more likely to die – about twice as likely – as somebody who doesn’t vaccinate.

Now, in MY opinion, that LONG DECLINE in the red VACCINATED line after it rises and FLIPS its relationship with the blue UNVACCINATED line, is very likely due to LEGITIMATE VACCINE HESITANCY.

When people started being vaccinated in great numbers, and then dying at a noticeably higher rate than the unvaccinated (LOOK at that PEAK), there was LEGITIMATE HESITANCY. People who SHOULDN’T get the vaccine, DIDN’T get the vaccine.

Do you see what I keep saying? Vaccine hesitancy is a METRIC OF SUCCESS OR FAILURE. It is not something you bargain with directly, IF YOU’RE HONEST.

Now, if you’re Rochelle Walensky or Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates, you claim that vaccine hesitancy is “bad”, but that’s silly. Vaccine hesitancy is a METRIC, and a metric is a metric. It is neither bad nor good, other than whether it’s bad or good as the metric it claims to be.

Hell – look at those results. If I’m right, VACCINE HESITANCY SAVED LIVES.

Unlike CDC and NIAID, which agencies continue to LIE and OBFUSCATE.

Now – you can see in the graph that this relationship has been known for MONTHS. But nobody has bothered to say that vaccine mandates, in light of that data, would appear to be a terrible idea, because if we’re WRONG about the “death group” being self-selected by anything OTHER than the fact that they took the vaccines, then……



SO – until we know – we REALLY don’t need to be giving this vaccine to kids. WHILE it appears that the vaccine may be a health risk to those who don’t need it – AND KIDS DON’T NEED IT – there is no reason to BURN THAT CONTROL GROUP. And worse than that, there are all kinds of cost-benefit analyses that say giving the vaccine to kids is a BAD DEAL.

For a nice discussion of that, go HERE.

LINK: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/11/21/the-costs-of-inoculating-children-against-covid-19-far-outweigh-the-benefits/

I would go further and state that the vaccines themselves appear not to be a good idea for ANYBODY, but I’m willing to accept the proposition that “generally life-shortening vaccines that are beneficial for SOME PEOPLE deserve to exist, for the benefit of THOSE PEOPLE.”

But yet, people like the Napoleon of AIDS continue to pretend like nothing is wrong.

There is a WONDERFUL article by a WONDERFUL SKEPTIC – “The Ethical Skeptic” – a guy who doesn’t see the world exactly like I do – but who STILL hits the nail on the head about DECEPTION – BOTH OF SELF AND OF OTHER – which I find very useful. This person loves to point out all the ways people can be DISHONESTLY SKEPTICAL, or, alternatively, DISINGENUOUSLY IGNORANT.

Fauci is just RIGHT up this guy’s alley.

Here is the article you need to read about CULTIVATED IGNORANCE, STUDIED IGNORANCE, WILLFUL FAKE BLINDNESS, etc. My man TES even jumps on Wikipedia for WRONGLY classifying Nelsonian Knowledge and Nelsonian Inference as forms of Willful Blindness, which they are not.

LINK: https://theethicalskeptic.com/2019/03/07/nelsonian-inference-and-cultivated-ignorance/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/wZKYb

Once you see what Fauci and Walensky are doing, you can’t unsee it.

Now – let’s try to put this stunning little death statistic into a bigger picture.

2. Why Burning Control Groups is Essential if We Want to Create Artificial Population Control by Administered Disease Genes and Proteins

It’s pretty obvious that people (meaning individuals) don’t like disease, and vaccines are just a kind of “controlled disease” that we administer to ourselves to prevent “worse” disease. Vaccines are basically a way of bargaining with disease.

But do we trust those people to bargain for us?

Well, *I* don’t particularly trust them.

What we have here are people who are dead-set on vaccination as a solution to a problem THEY created. They are even more dead-set on MANDATORY vaccination – something which makes little sense in light of contraindications, which these same people rather remarkably declared DO NOT EXIST for one particular set of vaccines – which are in fact a set of really BAD vaccines, in terms of side effects. These people are rather remarkably unconcerned with the negative effects of those bad vaccines, which more than anything, seem to kill the people they are designed to save.

THAT last point is important, in an “artificial disease population control scheme”.

In other words, in the same way that these people seem to bargain for us in bad faith, they promote vaccines which bargain with disease in bad faith.

And here’s the kicker.

If, perchance, I was one of those people, and I wanted to HIDE our bad bargaining, and the bad bargain of the vaccines themselves, then one way to do it would be to insist on CONTROL of all study of the problem, and then – as part of that control – HIDE THE EVIDENCE.

Not to be distracted by the fact that the DOJ has also done this, but yeah.

So let’s take a look at HOW TO BURN CONTROL GROUPS.

The war on the ‘unvaccinated’ is a desperate attempt to demonize and destroy the control group

LINK: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/11/21/the-war-on-the-unvaccinated-is-a-desperate-attempt-to-demonize-and-destroy-the-control-group/

This gem of an article reminds us – in THEIR OWN WORDS – just how much we have been GASLIT by the “people in charge” about things, but more than that, this article explains why there has been such a push to get everybody vaccinated.

THAT – my friends – is not only how they get rid of the EVIDENCE – it’s how they get rid of the WITNESSES.

Once WE AS A WHOLE can’t really say if “natural immunity” would have been better, the ENTIRE WORLD ends up being “shanghaied” on a glorious communist voyage to HELL, where we trust our immunity, our lack of immunity, our side effects that they just deny, and our LITERAL POPULATION itself, to strangers who jab needles we don’t understand into our arms.

And THIS, under a system that controls our speech.

Sorry, I don’t like that deal.

So – now we get to the horrifying Part 3.


3. Let’s Make The Current Vaccines Even Better at Controlling Population

This is “facetious / not facetious”. I’m going to seriously address the problem, based on the excellent results reported by the UK, home of George Orwell. But no, I don’t actually like it. But I’m going to pretend a certain cheerful amorality for “effect”, as I take this where it’s all CLEARLY going.

OK???!!! AWESOME!!! *smiley*

Start with the current graph:

First of all, these are not the people that WE THE SOCIALISTS [ remember – I’m pretending – but I’m REALLY trying to be like them! ] want to eliminate. As socialists, we want to eliminate mostly older people, particularly those who no longer contribute as WE see fit, but not party members, or those who benefit the party. SO – unless the disease is showing such selectivity (see below), we need to have either vaccines which show the desired selectivity, or different vaccines for different people.

Thus, I’m only going to talk about the vaccines that lower life expectancy, NOT those that raise it. Assume that these excellent longevity-increasing vaccines WILL be available to party members.

We can derive a much better rate of death increase than a mere double of the unvaccinated rate, which has been obtained with the current vaccines. However, everybody has to be vaccinated, to hide what we’re doing. Again, some people will just get placebos, to maintain a secret control group, but there don’t have to be too many of them. Not enough that people notice. The controls will appear to be random people in the middle, somewhat more healthy than most, but not too healthy, helping to hide the healthy party members who get longevity-enhancing vaccines.

The disease we’re starting with is already rather remarkable in primarily killing people over 60 years old.

This was quality American/Chinese work, but we can do better!

If the disease itself can be crafted to be more deadly at 70+, and less so at 50-69, primarily by increasing lethality toward existing conditions which appear exclusively at advanced age, the curve will better approximate a step function that eliminates the costs of pensioners. It’s already really good, but making it too deadly too fast risks senior party members, even with “good” vaccines for those members.

So what is the solution?

Now – here is where vaccines make this even more efficient.

Removing MOSTLY old people gets the world population down SOMEWHAT, but there has to be a generally higher mortality of ALL AGE GROUPS until the population is balanced where the party wants it.

Thus, we can RAISE the mortality by the virus somewhat, but that is only an interim solution, until vaccines allow control down to the individual level.

Once worldwide compulsory vaccination is achieved, population reduction can focus on the individuals least compliant with and least amenable to socialism. They can be removed as quickly as feasible, making room for more compliant and useful individuals.

When vaccines are basically “the disease” – such as the current spike protein vaccines – then individuals will be unable to discern that their elimination is intentional. They can be told they have the disease, or the after-affects thereof, without evidence.

“Stubborn” individuals, where correction fails, can be removed quickly, using vaccines. Actual disease simply doesn’t allow that level of precision social control.

Based on compliance of current scientists, who depend on the state and the party to remain active in science, it is very unlikely that there will be objection to population control measures at that level. As long as no single individual knows too much, it is unlikely that understanding of population control will interfere with the process.

The KEY is universal mandatory vaccination, controlled by the state and the party. It’s the fastest and most assured route to a pure and permanent socialist state.

UGH. [ shakes off character ]

These people are SICK!!!


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This does seem to be the direction that Occam’s Razor would point…..


After the initial kill-off, the survivors are left with a diminished immune system similar to having AIDS…which makes them more vulnerable to other viruses.

These people are evil.

They’re turning people into Genetically Modified Organisms.

Cuppa Covfefe

Remember that ModeRNA bragged about “hacking the Human Genome”…

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing… no doubt they are being handsomely paid for their Malthusian misanthropic murders…


And that ANYBODY who gets the “booster shots” after being “fully vaccinated” is going to have SERIOUS immune-system damage / degradation that will last for the REST of their (shortened) lives.
Think about this:
5 – 10 years from today, when well over 70% of doctors and nurses over age 35 in 2021 and “fully vaccinated and with booster shots”, begin to present with the accumulated effects of the “vaccines” with blood system / cardiac damage, neurological issues, and so on — what will be the state of the practice of medicine? And the younger ones, in medical school / nursing school now, getting the “booster shots” after also being “fully vaccinated”?


It’s interesting that the data is about all vaccines, not just those from one manufacturer. Being vaccinated is twice as deadly as not being vaccinated, if your’e under 60, across the board.

It can’t be that only critically ill people are getting vaccines and that they would have died anyway. Many of the accounts I’ve read about were of healthy adults who “believed.”

I keep wondering when people are going to wake up.

Last edited 2 years ago by TheseTruths

That’s because they all worked with the spike protein.


It became pretty obvious that depopulation was in the mix when we discovered that spike protein migrated to the ovaries in women and testes in men. And the fact that they didn’t caution pregnant women about taking them, which they always do for other vaccines. And then a huge number of those pregnant women had miscarriages. That should have alarmed every doctor on the planet. But no, most of them stuck their heads in the sand and kept recommending these sterilizing/abortion jabs.


Every time my mind goes there, I almost get physically sick. That piece in Gateway Pundit really stunned me. We’re going to see a lot of death in the months to come and the people in control aren’t going to do a damn thing about it.


Well, if natural conception is precluded by viral damage, I guess we’ll just fall back on plan B……


See the Pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole’s data – increased cancers, etc.

Dr. Ryan N Cole – https://independentdocsid.com/RyanColeMD
Twitter video –

Short Video – 

Transcript – “But what we are seeing in the laboratory, after people get these shots, we are seeing a very concerning, locked in, low profile, of these important killer T cells that we want in the body, it’s almost a reverse HIV. In HIV you lose your healthy T cells, but what we are seeing in this vaccine is a drop in the killer T cells the CD8 cells (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cytotoxic_T_cell) and they keep all the other viruses in check. What am I seeing in the laboratory – I’m seeing an uptick of herpes family viruses – I’m seeing herpes, shingles, mono, I’m seeing a huge uptick in Human Papilloma Virus, in the cervical biopsies and cervical pap smears in women. In addition to that, there’s a little infectious bump that kids get called mulloscum contagiosum. What do you need to keep that in check? You need CD8 killer T cells. I am seeing a 20 times increase in individuals over the age of 50 with this little bump and rash. It’s innocuous, but what it tells me is that the immune status of these individuals who got the shot were literally weakening the immune system of these individuals. 
Now most concerning of all is that the pattern of these types of immune cells in the body are those that keep cancer in check. Well, since January 1, in the laboratory, I’ve seen a 20x increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis….a 20 times increase – I’m not exaggerating at all…cause I wrote my numbers, year after year, and thought gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometiral cancers before. I’m seeing basic melanomas in younger patients, and we usually catch those early and they are thin melanomas. I’m seeing thick melanomas skyrocketing in the last month or two. I’m already seeing the early signals. They are modifying the immune system to a weakened state. There’s a study out of Germany, that look at these profiles on young individuals after the Pfizer, showing this locked-in, and we don’t know how long – maybe the immune system is going to regenerate and those ratios will go back up – but who’s studying it and where are the longterm trials – 2 months, 4 months, how long is this (low T cell) profile locked in – we don’t know.”
Full length video – https://gloria.tv/share/w96jGcRid2a64kPwmSLtZ2fin


I believe I read a question about the spike protein that asked which viruses used it, and the answer was MERS, HIV, and COVID.


Heh. That Bette Davis bit is an ad for Jim Beam.


This paragraph in The Burning Platform piece really nails it:

“Those who did not comply from the beginning of COVID Mania serve to pose the biggest threat to the power of these maniacal politicians. That’s why they’re attacking us so ferociously. The political elite pretend as if they care about COVID, but it’s not the virus that is keeping them up at night. It’s those pesky individuals who refuse to bend the knee – those are the ones in the crosshairs. The control group is the biggest threat to the people in power. They simply can’t survive the political ramifications of a control group outperforming the citizens living under the weight of destructive COVID Mania mandates and societal edicts.”


They won’t stop until we make them stop.


The obvious argument that the other side will make here is that “people likely to die take the vaccine” – that it’s a self-selected group

This argument may have been valid for the first few weeks after the vaccines became available, i.e.. it should spike and come down after that and should settle below that of the unvaccinated, if the vaccines are actually effective.
I think the vaccination rate in UK was already at 67% in September, thus the above graph should have shown this. instead it settles above twice the unvaccinated.


WE WERE WARNED by top immunologists and vaccinologists that a mass vaccine would CREATE NEW VARIANTS!


Criminals who’ve killed millions.

Classic leftism…accusing others of what you’ve done.


Last edited 2 years ago by holly

The graph is chilling – It shows increased deaths in vaccinated persons – just what Bill Gates advertised in his TED talk – using vaccines as a population control tool.

Abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, population control and vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates.


There will be a new ‘Control Group’ – it will be the elites – who did not get the real vaccine.

Cuppa Covfefe

It’s high time we take CONTROL of THEM.

Seven-and-a-half BILLION of US, and a few THOUSAND (at most) of THEM…

Time to RISE UP!!!


W – a little more sauce for the stew …

Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster

“When the coronavirus first emerged last year, health officials feared the pandemic would sweep across Africa, killing millions. Although it’s still unclear what COVID-19’s ultimate toll will be, that catastrophic scenario has yet to materialize in Zimbabwe or much of the continent.

“Scientists emphasize that obtaining accurate COVID-19 data, particularly in African countries with patchy surveillance, is extremely difficult, and warn that declining coronavirus trends could easily be reversed.

“But there is something “mysterious” going on in Africa that is puzzling scientists, said Wafaa El-Sadr, chair of global health at Columbia University. “Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and the resources to fight COVID-19 that they have in Europe and the U.S., but somehow they seem to be doing better,” she said.

Fewer than 6% of people in Africa are vaccinated. For months, the WHO has described Africa as “one of the least affected regions in the world” in its weekly pandemic reports.”
(emphasis mine)


Well, that’s “easy” for the Napoleonic control-freak Satanic-cult Hitler-Stalin types to “fix” (bring the African continent into “submission”) — Smallpox or Enhanced Ebola “suddenly” appears.

Last edited 2 years ago by RDS
Cuppa Covfefe

Scientists mystified, or Yellow-Stream Mind-Control Media mystified???

Just like the Climastrologists, they seem to have an unparalleled talent for avoiding, ignoring, or just flat out not seeing the obvious connections and results…

Just think, if they hadn’t STUPIDLY banned DDT, thanks to even more faulty “science”, there wouldn’t be much malaria in Africa or anywhere else…



Yeah – right again. If this is true and it appears to be – Chi-coms were telling the truth when they said we (our military) had a hand in this when PDT was calling them out and the fake news was screaming their heads off at everything.

So, it’s just more confirmation of what Wolf and others have posted here.

Let’s think about how that plays with our favorite POTUS. Did he know this was under development since it was happening under his watch? Was he unable to change the path? Was it hidden from him? Why did he warp speed the jab implementation and sell it so hard at that rally that pissed everybody off? Is he who we think he is or was he totally oblivious to what the evil doers were doing?

You know that his truthful answers would blow open your thought processes on the whole thing. If he knew and still pushed the experimental jabs, we’ve been conned. If he did not know, then he is not the 4-D chess player everybody including Q made him out to be. It confirms Q as a type of LARP or psy-op. If he was playing the game with people’s lives supposedly to save the world; what kind of sicko would allow millions to die or be injured with human DNA compromised forever worldwide to expose the evil we already know exists.

Give me DeSantis.


Hey Sundance … is that you?? Askin’ for a friend … 😉

Deplorable Patriot

Left a note for you on the daily. Computer issues. Looks like it may be terminal. Taking expensive measures to get back online this afternoon. Will let u know.

Deplorable Patriot

Okay, I have one scheduled stripped of all the usual features. This MAC is not allowing me to do my usual tricks. So, feel free to dress it up.

Will be fixing all of this this afternoon. I need my own computer.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s due to be delivered Wed. I had enough hassle at Office Depot and Newegg, I went the tried and true route to the manufacturer.


So – where do you stand on this?


What W says right below

Last edited 2 years ago by RedLegLeader68

WTH happened? Biggest pys-op in world history?

He pulled the WHO funding – which suggests he found out about it and tried to pull the plug. Was he duped on the jabs? Two weeks going on two years to slow the spread, right?

Karl D is using the smoking gun on them lately.


Very good points about past decades of manipulation. PDT did give the people a choice, but with massive collateral damage attached. Maybe things are just so bad and had hit the tipping point that he saw no other way.

But Sweden found another way. So did other countries that decided to focus on inexpensive therapeutics. Look at Africa, Utter Pradesh, etc. They care for their citizens. How can taking down the dummies around them help the Illuminati? The mass of people who will be left are on to them.

In normal times, you did the research and due diligence before you released it to the general public – not afterwards. That was such a major warning to everybody that the jabs were designed for nefarious purposes.

It has been hard to accept that there are this many ignorant and stupid people around us that will blindly accept what somebody with a title or on TV tells them.


From what I understand, once a national emergency was declared, it was pretty much out of POTUS’ hands as far as what therapeutics and treatment hospitals were allowed to use. Plus the effects of Obamacare on the medical profession that pretty much drove doctors out of private practice, putting them at the mercy of administrators.


Watch the narrative on Warroom. Navarro is detailing how PDT and himself tried to push the therapeutics, but Fauci overruled.

“In Trump Time,” and Robert Kennedy Junior’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” are devastating to the globalist/communist Great Reset.

Watch it all unfold now. It will be glorious.


And among the top tiers of those who have wet dreams of controlling the entire world via depopulation, food and water control, one-world government, there is another “contest” going on — who among them will be the final ones standing to “rule over” their “creation”?
Beria, Trotsky, Ernst Rohm (killed on Hitler’s orders on the Night of the Long Knives) — the list goes on — of “essential associates” who were murdered by Stalin and Hitler because they were afraid the “essential associates” might work against them. Stalin and Hitler demanded total and complete control over the “empires” they created.


Let me run with a couple of thoughts here.

“The obvious argument that the other side will make here is that “people likely to die take the vaccine” – that it’s a self-selected group.”

Yes, it is. But it is a self-selected group of the obviously “risk-averse.” These are people who would not risk contracting a virus with a 99.5% survival rate. They would not risk offending the woke, or their families, or the bosses by refusing.

These are not people “more likely” to die of anything than the risk-takers among us. These are the seat-belt-wearing, medicine-trusting, go-to-the-ER-with-a-head-cold contingent. These are the medicated-for-everything crowd. So that negates for me any idea that the vaccinated are “more likely” to die of any cause unrelated to vaxx status. They are the ones who don’t take any risk of death if they can possibly avoid it.

Also, if 65% of the population is vaxxed, I’m fairly certain that the majority of them didn’t have some pre-existing issue that would kill them faster.

Second, I DO NOT BELIEVE for one moment that Fauci is not looking, or is avoiding, or is unaware of what is being done, what he has done, or how this vaxx is killing people, any more that I believe Mengele was actually working for the good of humanity by experimenting on the Jews. FAUCI KNOWS. HE LIES. With a straight face, and knowing what he is saying. I have know other liars just like him and Bill Clinton. Word-parsers, every one. They are telling you a straight-up lie with plausible deniability. It’s an art form of the demon-controlled.

People who take the clot-shot are DYING at twice the rate of the un-shot, PERIOD.

Think about the weird symptoms for a minute. Brain fog? More car accidents. Muscle weakness and dizzy spells? More falls down stairs. Seizures? More “accidental” deaths by choking while alone at home. Not to mention the “died suddenly” contingent who are just dying in their sleep!

This shit is POISON! And it’s TOO LATE for the people who took it. It pains me in my soul to say that, as one of my three children is almost certainly clot-shotted (I don’t know for sure; I don’t want to).

I am literally physically sick every time I contemplate the next couple of years.


!Right! We are the journalists! Huge responsibility. Thanks for taking it on!


I will recognize anyone recommending the vax an enemy of the Country,certainly to my well being .
I’ll continue to reject them and furthermore, pledge to defend all those in the unvaxxed control group.


It really is that simple. What makes it difficult is that many in that group are family and friends. Divided houses.


And that is where yours truly is. Close family and good friends are in the “we follow the science and got fully vaccinated” group. They blame their “breakthrough cases” of COVID on the un-“vaccinated.” They think FLCCC and AFLDS are “medical outliers”.


Most of my family is vaccinated, and so far none of them have had a breakthrough case. They think it’s because of the vaccine and don’t see why they shouldn’t take the booster. They think I’m just an anti-vaxxer. I wasn’t before COVID, but I sure am now!


Wolf Moon
When my MD son, “fully vaccinated”, got his bad “breakthrough case” of COVID in August (yup, 6 – 7 months after his second Pfizer vax shot), I sent him a message saying something like, “It’s good you’re an MD since you’ll have easy access to Ivermectin or HCQ.”
No dice. Nope. And pneumonia / lung infections run in his father’s side of the family.

Last edited 2 years ago by RDS

Absolutely, Wolf! That’s why I’m so stocked up on Ivermectin. I’ve had COVID, so I don’t need it for that. But I’m dreading them getting it this winter.


The way I see it,
Destruction of the control group equals destruction of evidence.
If there is ONE thing these bastards do when they are guilty, it is to,hide cover-up,deny, bury,ignore,refute. lie,decieve,obsfuscate the evidence.
It’s their MO.., I will not knowingly help them.
Being un-vaxed I am evidence.
I am a target.
Self preservation kicks in.

Thank YOU !!


A perhaps interesting thought:
Consider for a moment, the rage, feelings of betrayal, the shock, the sickening realization that they put themselves and their loved ones at risk of lifelong damage to their bodies, the complete loss of trust in those who have “MD” after their name — once the “fully vaccinated” people of the world find out the truth of the “vaccines.” This is completely aside from the reactions to when they find out the truth behind the creation and release of COVID-19.


The Austrian push to force vaccinate their whole population tells me something is up there.

Bannon thinks they will try it here within 6 months. That may be hyperbole…


[…] Yes, The Vaccines Double the Overall Death Rate of Teens, Young Adults, and the Middle-Aged […]