The Nuremberg Code vs US Law and The Push For World Government

TradeBait2 Made the comment:

I have been reminding folks on here – the Fed has to be bankrupted at some point. It will either be by the white hats or the black hats. The Gab post you show is correct for the most part IMO. The Fed has fueled the Great Reset, which is why they could care less about how much debt we have in America because we will not exist as an independent nation in their black hat world.

Digital one world currency is the plan. Why do you think there were coin shortages recently? Why do you think they hate crypto and parallel economies so much? Why do they want America at odds with Russia, but falling right in line with China? Where Xi falls in this I am not certain. But I do know China and the Chi-coms are a CB [central bank] creation.

The linchpin is digital currency.

Follow the money….

That is the first half of the comment

Actually I can see where he is going since I also have warned of this much earlier.

The Push For World Government

A few years ago Soros directed the USA to overthrow the ELECTED government in both Syria and Ukraine. (Trump side stepped both.)

Why? Because the EU is the model for a global government. Soros wanted the EU to annex the Ukraine. The elected president said HE!! NO! so he was ousted and a pro-EU puppet was put in his place who has since been voted out while Trump was in the White House.

Russia tossed Soros out and put out a warrant for him. Russia makes much of their money selling gas to Europe. It also gives them leverage to keep the EU from expanding into their sphere of influence. Soros wants to remove Russia’s leverage by putting in a pipeline from the middle east to Europe. ALL the countries that were opposed to that pipeline have been overthrown EXCEPT for Syria.

If you want a World Government similar to the European Union then you are on Soros side. If you want sovereign nations you are on the side of Russia….. AND I am still of that opinion.

BREXIT THE MOVIE will give you the details on how the EU is actually run.

Former World Trade Organization Director-General Pascal Lamy tells you point blank that the EU is the template for the desired World Government and it has been the plan since the 1930s.

All had lived through the chaos of the 1930s — when turning inwards led to economic depression, nationalism and war. All, including the defeated powers, agreed that the road to peace lay with building a new international order — and an approach to international relations that questioned the Westphalian, sacrosanct principle of sovereignty

Pascal Lamy, Whither Globalization

Lamy is quite blunt in stating national sovereignty is passé:

…more than half a century ago that the Frenchman Jean Monnet, one of the shapers of post-war Europe, said, “The sovereign nations of the past can no longer provide a framework for the resolution of our present problems. And the European Community itself is no more than a step towards the organizational forms of tomorrow’s world.” His assessment was as valid then as it is now….

Pascal Lamy, Global Governance: Lessons from Europe

Lamy indicates that a super state fashioned after the European Union is the goal and he calls for European-Inspired Global Governance:

This is what Global Warming was really about. We have all seen the political message morph over the decades from Global Warming to Climate Change to Weather Weirding.

As H.L. Mencken said:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

In other words, create a crisis to order to implement Diocletian’s Problem-Reaction-Solution

Mencken also warns:

“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.”

The UN put the concept into practice via the IPCC. The IPCC mandate states:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1988 to assess the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant for the understanding of human induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for mitigation and adaptation. http// (No longer available)


Notice the IPCC ASSUMES the hypothesis of human induced climate change IS TRUE and goes from there.

With Reagan killing off the Cold War, Pascal Lamy takes ‘Practical Politics’ the next step, by telling us about a “new enemy to unite us” (Global Warming) A global enemy needed to create Legitimacy, one of the ‘four legs’ needed to implement a global government…

I see four main challenges for global governance today.

The first one is leadership, i.e. the capacity to embody a vision and inspire action, in order to create momentum. Who is the leader? Should it be a superpower? A group of national leaders? Selected by whom? Or should it be an international organization?

The second one is efficiency, i.e. the capacity to mobilize resources, to solve the problems in the international sphere, to bring about concrete and visible results for the benefit of the people. The main challenge here is that the Westphalian order gives a premium to “naysayers” who can block decisions, thereby impeding results. The ensuing viscosity of international decision-making puts into question the efficiency of the international system.

The third one is coherence, for the international system is based on specialization. Each international organization focuses on a limited number of issues. The World Trade Organisation deals with trade, the International Labour Organisation with labour issues, the World Meteorological Organisation with meteorology and so the list continues. It is a fact: the UN is not really overarching, assuming this was the initial intention.

The last challenge that I see is that of legitimacy— for legitimacy is intrinsically linked to proximity, to a sense of “togetherness”.  By togetherness, I mean the shared feeling of belonging to a community. This feeling, which is generally strong at the local level, tends to weaken significantly as distance to power systems grows. It finds its roots in common myths, a common history, and a collective cultural heritage. It is no surprise that taxation and redistribution policies remain mostly local!

There is one place where attempts to deal with these challenges have been made and where new forms of governance have been tested for the last 60 years: in Europe. The European construction is the most ambitious experiment in supranational governance ever attempted up to now. It is the story of a desired, delineated and organized interdependence between its Member States….

Pascal Lamy

In another presentation Lamy again addresses the problem of legitimacy:

It gives me great pleasure to be here today to participate in this thematic debate on the United Nations in global governance, an issue of the utmost importance given the urgency of the global challenges we are facingAs for legitimacy, I see two avenues to strengthen it. First, domestically, by increasing the visibility of international issues and giving citizens a greater say….

Pascal Lamy

By now, with Al Gore exiting stage left, Trump entering stage right, it is pretty obvious that ‘Global Warming’ has lost its high panic factor and the climb down is in progress. However the need for a ‘Crisis to Unite Us’ and a reason to implement ‘Agenda 21 – Sustainability’ and ‘Global Governance’ still remains. WORSE for the Globalists the fiat currency central banking system is on its last legs and about to IMPLODE, as many people like Dave of the X22 Report and Clif High and others have been warning us. Up to now we have been wondering what the next hobgoblin would be. And now we know it’s COVID -19!!! A Bio-Weapon and a Poison Jab that kills off a lot of the population, crashes the world economy and ushers in a Vaccine Digital Passport soon to be linked to the BRAND NEW DIGITAL WORLD CURRENCY and Social Credit Score.

And that brings us to the second part of TradeBait2’s comment.

…… You do not want to use the Nuremberg Code as your get out jail free card from jabs. You fall into the hands of international law superseding national law. It’s a set up, don’t fall for it.

Cannot tell you the number of times I have prepared a post and deleted it because I doubted folks on here would pay attention or believe it. This is the world I lived in for 35 years and escaped.

As I showed above that “international law superseding national law” is exactly what Pascal Lamy was yammering about a decade ago and what Klaus Schwab is threatening us with now.

So how do we escape this TRAP if it is being set?


I find it interesting that the internet is FULL of the Nuremberg Code…….

……and the GERMAN/CALIFORNIA LAWYER Reiner Füllmich and 50 Lawyers, but I went nutz trying to find the US LAWS. It took me over ½ hour.

And WHY does Reiner Füllmich have no problem with YouTube???? When everyone else gets the boot?

JW in Germany even brought us this comment:

I watched it for about half an hour and thought it was important enough to post here. The dozens of witnesses/experts that will be speaking in the next days are from around the world…many of the names you may already know.

Day 1 Opening Session of the Grand Jury Proceeding

A group of international lawyers and a judge are conducting criminal investigation modeled after Grand Jury proceedings in order to present to the public all available evidence of Covid 19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices” who aided, abetted, or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic

Those are things that make you go HMMMmmm…..

I think Reiner Füllmich and his group is sincere but it is very very possible they are being used.

So after a LOT of digging at Cornell Law I found the provision that covers the situation for the military: 10 U.S.C. § 1107. “This provision prohibits the administration of investigational new drugs, or drugs unapproved for their intended use, to service members without their informed consent.”

And finally after a lot more searching I stumbled across the information that civilians are covered under a FDA Regulation and not a law:
CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 as of January 6, 2022

Subpart B – Informed Consent of Human Subjects
   § 50.20 – General requirements for informed consent.
   § 50.23 – Exception from general requirements.
   § 50.24 – Exception from informed consent requirements for emergency research.
   § 50.25 – Elements of informed consent.
   § 50.27 – Documentation of informed consent.

[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 21, Volume 1]
[CITE: 21CFR50.20]



Subpart B – Informed Consent of Human Subjects
Sec. 50.20 General requirements for informed consent.
Except as provided in §§ 50.23 and 50.24, no investigator may involve a human being as a subject in research covered by these regulations unless the investigator has obtained the legally effective informed consent of the subject or the subject’s legally authorized representative. An investigator shall seek such consent only under circumstances that provide the prospective subject or the representative sufficient opportunity to consider whether or not to participate and that minimize the possibility of coercion or undue influence. The information that is given to the subject or the representative shall be in language understandable to the subject or the representative. No informed consent, whether oral or written, may include any exculpatory language through which the subject or the representative is made to waive or appear to waive any of the subject’s legal rights, or releases or appears to release the investigator, the sponsor, the institution, or its agents from liability for negligence.
[46 FR 8951, Jan. 27, 1981, as amended at 64 FR 10942, Mar. 8, 1999]

BUT there is a cockroach in the ointment.

 § 50.24 – Exception from informed consent requirements for emergency research.

[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 21, Volume 1]
[CITE: 21CFR50.24]



Subpart B – Informed Consent of Human Subjects
Sec. 50.24 Exception from informed consent requirements for emergency research.
(a) The IRB responsible for the review, approval, and continuing review of the clinical investigation described in this section may approve that investigation without requiring that informed consent of all research subjects be obtained if the IRB (with the concurrence of a licensed physician who is a member of or consultant to the IRB and who is not otherwise participating in the clinical investigation) finds and documents each of the following:
(1) The human subjects are in a life-threatening situation, available treatments are unproven or unsatisfactory, and the collection of valid scientific evidence, which may include evidence obtained through randomized placebo-controlled investigations, is necessary to determine the safety and effectiveness of particular interventions.
(2) Obtaining informed consent is not feasible because:
(i) The subjects will not be able to give their informed consent as a result of their medical condition;
(ii) The intervention under investigation must be administered before consent from the subjects’ legally authorized representatives is feasible; and
(iii) There is no reasonable way to identify prospectively the individuals likely to become eligible for participation in the clinical investigation.
(3) Participation in the research holds out the prospect of direct benefit to the subjects because:
(i) Subjects are facing a life-threatening situation that necessitates intervention;
(ii) Appropriate animal and other preclinical studies have been conducted, and the information derived from those studies and related evidence support the potential for the intervention to provide a direct benefit to the individual subjects; and
(iii) Risks associated with the investigation are reasonable in relation to what is known about the medical condition of the potential class of subjects, the risks and benefits of standard therapy, if any, and what is known about the risks and benefits of the proposed intervention or activity.
(4) The clinical investigation could not practicably be carried out without the waiver.
(5) The proposed investigational plan defines the length of the potential therapeutic window based on scientific evidence, and the investigator has committed to attempting to contact a legally authorized representative for each subject within that window of time and, if feasible, to asking the legally authorized representative contacted for consent within that window rather than proceeding without consent. The investigator will summarize efforts made to contact legally authorized representatives and make this information available to the IRB at the time of continuing review.
(6) The IRB has reviewed and approved informed consent procedures and an informed consent document consistent with § 50.25. These procedures and the informed consent document are to be used with subjects or their legally authorized representatives in situations where use of such procedures and documents is feasible. The IRB has reviewed and approved procedures and information to be used when providing an opportunity for a family member to object to a subject’s participation in the clinical investigation consistent with paragraph (a)(7)(v) of this section.
(7) Additional protections of the rights and welfare of the subjects will be provided, including, at least:
(i) Consultation (including, where appropriate, consultation carried out by the IRB) with representatives of the communities in which the clinical investigation will be conducted and from which the subjects will be drawn;
(ii) Public disclosure to the communities in which the clinical investigation will be conducted and from which the subjects will be drawn, prior to initiation of the clinical investigation, of plans for the investigation and its risks and expected benefits;
(iii) Public disclosure of sufficient information following completion of the clinical investigation to apprise the community and researchers of the study, including the demographic characteristics of the research population, and its results;
(iv) Establishment of an independent data monitoring committee to exercise oversight of the clinical investigation; and
(v) If obtaining informed consent is not feasible and a legally authorized representative is not reasonably available, the investigator has committed, if feasible, to attempting to contact within the therapeutic window the subject’s family member who is not a legally authorized representative, and asking whether he or she objects to the subject’s participation in the clinical investigation. The investigator will summarize efforts made to contact family members and make this information available to the IRB at the time of continuing review.
(b) The IRB is responsible for ensuring that procedures are in place to inform, at the earliest feasible opportunity, each subject, or if the subject remains incapacitated, a legally authorized representative of the subject, or if such a representative is not reasonably available, a family member, of the subject’s inclusion in the clinical investigation, the details of the investigation and other information contained in the informed consent document. The IRB shall also ensure that there is a procedure to inform the subject, or if the subject remains incapacitated, a legally authorized representative of the subject, or if such a representative is not reasonably available, a family member, that he or she may discontinue the subject’s participation at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which the subject is otherwise entitled. If a legally authorized representative or family member is told about the clinical investigation and the subject’s condition improves, the subject is also to be informed as soon as feasible. If a subject is entered into a clinical investigation with waived consent and the subject dies before a legally authorized representative or family member can be contacted, information about the clinical investigation is to be provided to the subject’s legally authorized representative or family member, if feasible.
(c) The IRB determinations required by paragraph (a) of this section and the documentation required by paragraph (e) of this section are to be retained by the IRB for at least 3 years after completion of the clinical investigation, and the records shall be accessible for inspection and copying by FDA in accordance with § 56.115(b) of this chapter.
(d) Protocols involving an exception to the informed consent requirement under this section must be performed under a separate investigational new drug application (IND) or investigational device exemption (IDE) that clearly identifies such protocols as protocols that may include subjects who are unable to consent. The submission of those protocols in a separate IND/IDE is required even if an IND for the same drug product or an IDE for the same device already exists. Applications for investigations under this section may not be submitted as amendments under §§ 312.30 or 812.35 of this chapter.
(e) If an IRB determines that it cannot approve a clinical investigation because the investigation does not meet the criteria in the exception provided under paragraph (a) of this section or because of other relevant ethical concerns, the IRB must document its findings and provide these findings promptly in writing to the clinical investigator and to the sponsor of the clinical investigation. The sponsor of the clinical investigation must promptly disclose this information to FDA and to the sponsor’s clinical investigators who are participating or are asked to participate in this or a substantially equivalent clinical investigation of the sponsor, and to other IRB’s that have been, or are, asked to review this or a substantially equivalent investigation by that sponsor.
[61 FR 51528, Oct. 2, 1996]

And now we go to USA lawyer, Attorney Thomas Renz and his interview on Bannon’s War Room.

Episode 1,619 – Beijing Olympics Fail; Legal/Financial Investigations Of Big Pharma

ROUGH TRANSCRIPT (start at 18:15)

ATTORNEY THOMAS RENZ: We have to get it to the public and that is where the War room is so important.
Se are going to be submitting this to a case in Alabama. We are going to be submitting ths to a number of different places in the military, ahhh I guess law enforcement world. And we are looking to bring this into the civilian law enforcement as well. There is no question as to what is happening. These are major crimes and you know Steve, I don’t know if you have got this but we just yesterday, dated February 4th, got a document from the CDC that re-affirms everything we said last week when we said they know this. If you are interested that document actually says it is was in the meeting yesterday, it was presented yesterday it says the CDC is working to monitor these things and they are monitoring the DOD data. Which indicates to me, I don’t know if you have heard the DOD s response? DOD to me has committed fraud and conspiracy. They have said there baseline data from 2016 to 2020 was wrong. They didn’t notice it until we pointed it out in the whistle blower testimony. But some how even though they didn’t notice it, it magically got corrected in 2021.

I mean seriously, How stupid do they think the American people are?

STEVE BANNON: What about adjudicating this. What about Alabama? (21:40)

RENZ: We have a case in Alabama where we are challenged the EUA authorization of the vaccine….. Balance of harm tests…. Generally you have to show more benefit than injury… we are also challenging on mis branding, because the CDC changed the definition of vaccines so they could call these gene therapies a vaccine. BTW Pfizer and Moderna have admitted they are gene therapy in their documents. And we have challenged it on several other fronts so that’s in court. This document and all this DOD stuff just came to us. We have declarations under penalty of perjury and those declarations will be submitted to the court. They are getting updated right now because we’ve had this new data come forward related to this…. We have been working with attorneys all over the world and around the country… and we have been getting this data out and we are giving it to anyone who wants to use it anywhere they can. And we believe it will help. We have to find the right court like you said. Until we find a court that is willing to listen and have an evidentiary hearing, it’s tough. We are going to have more info on that coming up…..

STEVE: asks about military JAG system and Senator Johnson. Senator Johnson first.

RENZ: The problem for Senator Johnson is he is not getting enough support from other Senators. He has gotten NO RESPONSE from anyone else [including Rand Paul but he does not say that.]

STEVE: What about JAG? [24:50]

RENZ: Since the data has only been out for a week or two, we are working thru a number of JAG officers….. I got another letter this week…. From all places the Texas National Guard, one of the people there saying they are going to reject all the religious exemptions and we don’t want doctors giving medical exemptions. They actually say they view it as a COMMAND ISSUE and not a medical issue. So if a doctor thinks a soldier should not have this for a medical reason, they are to shut-up and take orders according to this document. We submitted that to Senator Johnson as well as some others.

This is a disaster in the military and they have created a situation where it is very very difficult for our solders to fight this. We do however have quite a number of military personnel stepping forward. And quite a number of JAG officers and others who, because of the publicity we have gotten on this, in the last week or so, are now wiling to step up and do something so we’ll see.

It goes on to Edward Dowd about the insurance industry data about unexpected deaths in working age people from there. Steve Bannon mentions that Zero Hedge covered the information given too. Suicide? How Some Life Insurance Companies Are Dealing With Experimental Vaccines Deaths

A very informative earlier video from the War Room showing the DOD changing the data from Thomas Renz. It also has Ed Dowd, a Financial guru who worked for Blackrock…. Yeah, Blackrock. He is calling out not only the vaccine manufacturers but the FDA for massive FINANCIAL fraud similar to ENRON. The video also has an interview with Dr Malone.

From 27:00 to 35:15 minutes


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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Hat Tip gil00 for two of the images I added to this! Perfect timing.


We got some wicked bright folks around here.


Yes we do that is why I feel fortunate to be here.


Everyday, I am thankful.


It’s true that we have to be wary about subjugating ourselves to international law. When I throw out “Nuremberg,” it’s a way of expressing the desire for justice with a nod to those trials of the past. But you are correct that we need to be very careful under the present circumstances.

Thank you for all the research and for highlighting TradeBait’s comments.

Cannot tell you the number of times I have prepared a post and deleted it because I doubted folks on here would pay attention or believe it. This is the world I lived in for 35 years and escaped.

I want to see all of this kind of information!


Thank you. I feel more free to do so from now on. I do not want to be perceived as dominating the group in any way, I love what happens here and all of the tree too much to do that. I learn more than I can ever give, but will give what I know to be true and note if anything is conjecture, opinion, etc.


Me too. However its to be done not acquiesced to losing our ground.


Personally I believe we should abide by the Nuremberg code because it was this country that drove the code to punish those who abused medical procedures on people who did not give consent. We signed the International law with UK and France. If we believe in equal justice and law we punished hung people with for their medical crimes we need to be willing to do the same and abide. The jab was a crime against humanity and it was a International crime.
Of course we should not abide by International law we did not sign up for. If we ignore the Nuremberg code and law we committed as country too then we loose the last shred of credibility that is left after Biden’s regime. Yes it is a slippery sloop but we created it.


I have done the same rethought a post and deleted after discernment. For me that is not all that bad and later I was right to have deleted.
I like your post keep posting and I do not have to like it what is important that you like your post 🙂


My thoughts parallel the ones you post TT,
1) ..what if the international court is as biased and compromised as our own Scotus? I would think the worlds awareness/outrage on the subject be an overwhelming human outcry from masses..but with the worlds media indoctrinating the people..??
who knows?
We must constantly champion TRUTH.

2) “Cannot tell you the number of times I have prepared a post and deleted it because I doubted folks on here would pay attention or believe it. This is the world I lived in for 35 years and escaped.”

Message to Wolf: You created this space to promote free speech,Don’t fall victim to the
suppression of FREE THOUGHT.. AND.. FREE WILL !!
gather your thoughts,then follow through with the FREE SPEECH !! We know you can chew gum and walk at the same time.
Never worry whether folks here will doubt you , or even accept your opinion.
If they do, who frikkin cares? I mean really..who frikkin cares?

That’s what free speech is all about. Your subscribers will leave a like or apply the scroll wheel. Fact they are here says it all .
We all live in an illusion created by Cabal with DS cooperation, a potemkin village built with fake fiat paper. It’s crumbling. We all know that.
It’s like being trapped inside a burning building and everyone is looking for the nearest exit.
Every conscious person “should” be in OODA loop prepare, plan their individual route for that eventuality . All thoughts are welcome, most prefer to walk out at ground level than jump from the second story.
Keep on Truckin !


Edit: My apologies, that message to Wolf: should read
Message to Gail
Sorry Gail, great work! and thank you.  😉 
Original Comment addendum: Wheaties Rule. Fraud Vitiates Everything!


There is a very subtle tradeoff implied. If we accept international law to the point where globalists end up on the gallows, then say “oops”…..wouldn’t those who intend to extend this to a general subordination of US law to international law have a problem with standing, in that courts generally favor live plaintiffs?


We did not sign up for European courts and we have won because we did not sign up. I hear that on Jay Secular who has been before the International court in Le-Hagen and won because we were not signature to it. I think that is how it is spelled?
I do believe however we need to be responsible to the Nuremberg code we signed up for it.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

^^^ This!

Our laws can have content that reflect our agreement with aspects of international law without subjecting our citizens to punishment from international court system controlled by other countries.


America already set the precedence and now that our medical system committed crimes against humanity we do not want the Nuremberg code and want not abide by it?
We cannot have it both ways.


What about the Nuremberg code ? US signed it.
If a American has not committed a crime in Europe why be afraid?
The European court does not apply to Americans we do not fall under that law. Of course if an American committed a crime in Europe they can be convicted in absence just as we do in American courts.
As I said before the Nuremberg code is something different and in the best interest of the world community. We were the driving force for that law and if we do not stand buy it what are we hiding as a country? Our own experiments on people who do not consent?


If Americans commit a crime in Europe they should be handed over just as Europeans hand over people who commit crimes here. The one reason some European countries do not hand people over is that we have the death penalty.
I cannot see why we would protect a criminal who commits crimes in another country? I look at it from a different perspective.


We cannot stop what European courts do. We can choose to not extradite.


Thanks for this article.
Brilliant how you explained how it all fits together, I have a much clearer picture now.


We’ve already got plenty of US LAWS to protect us from vaccine mandates and medical tyranny.

BUT – we have a sorry group of SCOTUS justices, Senate and Congress, Justice Department, Military – and they have shown us they are completely unwilling to protect that law and our rights – as November 3 – through January 20, 2020!

And due to their betrayal of our US Laws and Election system…

We now have the even more sorry DemocRAT Bull Pen – Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Leahy line of succession – !!!

Read all about it –

Putting those people in power, has shown us how little respect they (including the RINOs) have for our country, its Constitution and its people!

We must still hold SCOTUS and Pence primarily liable for both the medical tyranny and the betrayal of our election system, for not investigating the pandemic, the election and the January 6 obvious false flag – which led to the Democrap line-up.

And we cannot excuse Trump completely for all this – he was the head while it was enacted.

Last edited 2 years ago by GA/FL

“The Constitution cannot protect us unless we protect the Constitution.” ~Thomas Sowell



Deplorable Patriot

I actually see the important part being INFORMED as opposed to consent. The full data spectrum has not been presented, so an informed decision leading to consent cannot be attained.

More or less, the marketing campaign created demand without telling the people the whole truth. Applied psychology as taught out of any textbook, and it is appalling.


They are discrediting now all those experts who speak the truth about the jab and against it.


^^^ This! We have everything we need per Q.

Facts, data, documents, analytics, real science, etc.


^^^ This!

Which is why they are hiding the information about the products as well as booking the books on the data.


^^^ This! You are on fire!


Heck, Gail, as Wolfie says – withholding effective treatment and also mandating deadly approved protocols for doctors and hospitals is also a violation of our LAWS and our human rights and protections.


….the hospital corps and big pharma are involved… lots of big dirty money spread around.


Good analogy!


It’ similar to withholding, hiding or burying exculpatory evidence in a court, that’s for sure.






There is so much in this post to work with it is mind boggling. Especially with establishing the criminality and collusion.

Here is a practical application in our family in regards to the Johnson at the end of Gail’s post. During the early period before more was known about the jabs our law enforcement SIL was compelled to take one to complete complex bomb training work with the FBI to receive his certification. He almost dropped out as a result even though it is clearly his calling in life. After researching we helped him make the decision to take the Johnson, the one we felt was the least damaging of the three for the reasons described above. He has been fine, had no reactions. But to make sure we have him supplementing his immunity and recently begin taking nattokinase as a precaution for potential clotting that Aubergine recommended. All of it together has helped him get through the past 8-9 months with better respiratory function than he’s probably ever had.


^^^ This – again! Exactly.

Deplorable Patriot

I would be interested in TradeBait2’s reasoning on why we don’t want an international court pursuing crimes against humanity. What in his background shapes his opinion?


Posted with a small blip on it.

International courts lead to compromise on the laws on which they rule that undoubtedly will conflict with American laws and values. No country sees justice and mercy the same way. If our own SC can be corrupted, as we know it is, how much more so will the International laws and courts be?

Example of NATO – we send troops to serve and say they go into conflict in Ukraine. International court would undoubtedly have a Russian and Chinese influence. WHO is an example – China controlled. Assume the court rules that NATO participants are at fault. The country and individual military members can ultimately be held personally responsible and subject to the penalties.

Remember PDT talking about the WTO treating American interests more fairly once he hammered them? He threatened to pull us out. What happens if he is not there to hammer them? It implies that our businesses and country were not being treated fairly in rulings in the past. Once the hammer goes away, the nasty rats go back to business as usual.

Run with it from there into every aspect of life.


That already has happen that the International law was getting involved between Afghanistan and American military. Afghans brought a suit against soldiers in International court. Jay Seculow and his International team of defended the lawsuit as not binding since we never were signatures to the International court. He won!

The Nuremberg code is something different and that law needs to be enacted against all those who omitted the medical crimes against humanity. We who pushed for that Code and law should not skate from that and need to realize the consequences to prevent further crimes against humanity.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

I have no problem with the content of the Nuremberg Code. I have a problem with using it and the international court system for its administration. Codify it into USA law and administer it throughout our country, except it already is. The NC and other international laws, treaties and agreements indenture us to non-Americans without the voice of We the People being involved. IMHO they are not legal or binding on American citizens per our own Constitution and laws. In essence they are amendments to the Constitution without have gone through the prescribed process.

That has evil intent written all over it. They want to round up Nazi’s for experimenting on people and committing war and other crimes against humanity? Fine. Do it. Use their own nation’s laws to do it with. Go round them up and execute or whatever. First ones to find them get to do the job.

When my FIL was a POW in Nazi Germany, they lived in conditions that did not comply with the two international treaties that later led to the Geneva Convention- a form of international law. Who was going to make them? We know because we have the letters and other documents from our own government. His family never even knew he was alive. He was presumed MIA for 18 months like all of the other POW’s in the camp – until he crawled home from the bus stop at 110 lbs. He survived on potato peelings the German women would throw over the fencing. They lived in fox holes covered by small tarps – not Hogan’s Hero style barracks. American, French, British, etc. forces did not free him – the Russians did. They fed and clothed them, then transported the POW’s to the American military. That’s how it was done. Today – the enemies would just kill them after torturing for information.

Leaders make rules for waging war when war has no rules except to be the victor. If there are international rules made in advance to follow, that means war is a tool of the elites and We the People are the pawns in their games. If we are lucky they will let us live. Not interested.


That story sounds like my father who was POW by Americans in France. Same condition now food held in a meadow no shelter. My father spoke English his One relative lived in same town in Indiana has one of the guards
He was lucky a American guard let him escape and French farmer found him just skin and bones
He took him home fed him heathy and hid him
My mother thought he was dead
Many years later my parents visited the farmer.
War is ugly and to often men had no choice. Among the horror are good people

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Absolutely no excuse for his treatment. Happy for you and your family he survived. I understand.


As for the “cockroach in the ointment,” this part right here takes care of that:

(ii) Appropriate animal and other preclinical studies have been conducted, and the information derived from those studies and related evidence support the potential for the intervention to provide a direct benefit to the individual subjects;

This was NOT done. Period.


Gail, does the Cares Act in any way interfere with the regulations you cite? Very uncomfortable with the idea there are no actual U.S. laws protecting people. Regulations are so easily altered.


TL;dr – but adding to this…

Thanks for the H/T Gail. It wasn’t necessary – you bring the goods with so much archived support I am in awe. You found the mother lode for the legal fight against them using USA laws. This is the legal beagle litmus test and Rentz passes with flying colors FWIW. The patriots have to do it this way to compel the SC to rule with the correct decision – no wiggle room to allow them to defer to international law.

PDT clearly discussed and took action against the WHO, WTO, NATO, UN, etc. He kept us out of being judged in the international courts, limiting its use. We would have no military if left up to them as each act on foreign soil could be ruled against our military members. The befuddled puppet of Soetoro would hand us over to that in a nanosecond if he gained the authority. PDT took us out of multi-lateral trade deals and Paris Climate Accords. None of those benefit America, they only weaken us. Why did the enemies want us in them other than to kill us off eventually? Answer: Access to the Fed and the printing presses as well as our bonds for safe harbor for their excess liquidity. Secondarily, as buyers of their products. FWIW, we are only a safe harbor if we maintain the best military in the world, which PDT knew and pushed for the rebuild. Once that is gone, the dollar gets replaced and so goes our economy into the dumpster if things do not change.

So, it is and will be one fear porn crisis after another to depopulate and attract the normies attention away from what they are actually doing to accomplish their reset goals. PDT wrecked their timetable for 4 or 5 years, so they escalated their plan starting with the election steal. If 17 is telling it like it is, the counter moves have already been underway and we should start seeing more obvious, positive tangible results. The only way to end it is one big worldwide round up of criminals.

One last note on the Fed. It is comprised of 12 regional banks. Just a little south of 40% of America’s banks “own” stock in these regional Fed banks. 3% of their capital stock is paid for membership. All nationally chartered banks do it and some state chartered banks buy in. They cannot trade or leverage the stock. They receive a 6% dividend annually for the investment and it counts as capital on their balance sheet. When was the last time any of us made 6% on an investment into non-profit stock ownership? It’s just baked into the business model.

The regional bank boards have appointed directors from the central bank’s Board of Governors. The later serves 14 year terms and are appointed by the POTUS. If anybody wants some dig projects – go look at the current and past Govs as well as regional directors. It is one big cluster of globalism. If the central Fed bank bankrupts at some point, so do the regionals and all of member banks who hold stock lose the capital investment on their balance sheet. But more importantly, they may lose access to overnight tri-party currency markets – repos – that the Fed oversees – which is super hot and teetering. A trillion dollars per day runs through this and it is highly volatile. So another project is to understand the overnight repo market better.

But do you see why the stampede toward precious metals, real estate and more particularly – farmland?

The US banking system will survive if it comes to Fed bankruptcy because the remaining 60% who are not national will continue on under the Treasury Department and state regulatory watch. They will do things the way they did things before the phase out of the gold standard 50 years ago. The FDIC will lose liquidity in the process as bank’s fail, which will mean Congress will have to step up and cover with tax payer dollars beyond what they can soak out the remaining banks to get through the process.

Will stop here for today. Have blessed Sunday folks.


OK – a teaser – since you went there. Money that is created out of nothing. That is basically what is happening in the repos. There is no way to accurately account for who has what with that kind of money changing hands daily. Longer term loans are essentially being made on short term funds all of the time every single day.

What if I told you that banks could count loan funds they received as capital? An example would be trust preferred security instruments that were basically shut down with Dodd Frank. They were treated as Tier One capital. If the bank did not repay the this hybrid investment in the prescribed number of years, it converted to preferred stock ownership. Meanwhile they had to pay interest for the loan funds they received and any preferred stock dividends declared. The bank or its holding company could use the funds however they wanted within regulations.

How can a debt obligation be consider Tier One capital in the first place? Until it converts to preferred capital it is debt to be repaid if there is to be no dilution of the stockholders’ interests. Just an example of legal stuff being done leading up to the debt market collapse in 2008. I know about it because my employer used them to help fuel our division’s business lending growth prior to the collapse.

Many decades ago, banks used to have a job that involved accounting for and balancing the sources and uses of funds each daily. It was called the Pivot. Now computers do it all electronically in nanoseconds. Sort of like counting votes. What do you want it to say today? It eventually washes out, but by the time it does the world has moved on.

I’m going to use politicians for this, but it applies to everybody. Back in the day when I was in management training at a CB controlled bank in Arky I watched loans made to politicians disappear from the bank’s assets through correspondent bank relationships. They went both to the correspondent bank as well as back to ours. The loans would get sold as performing or non-performing to interested outside privately owned investment entities, so the effect on the bank’s balance sheet was nil. Non-performing were the politicians who had lost their seats or were no longer of value. Both types of loans would stay what we called “evergreen” as long as possible on our books. As long as the interest was paid, the loan would be renewed. Eventually they would be sold if they drew too much attention from regulators.

Some of that flexibility has been removed by regulators through the years now that loan sales are normal and a daily function at many banks. They just sell them soon after making them, sometimes service them on behalf of the buyers, and wipe the slate clean.

So who buys them today? Most are pools of many loans bought by…get ready for it…hedge funds. Why? By their nature hedge funds have far less regulation and restrictions with their activities. They can buy loans, charge them off, and really never make an attempt to collect them – while saying they are trying to collect them to appease any questions from auditors. They can roll non-performing loans (assets) into higher risk hedge funds, move them around, sell them to collection firms who never collect on them and eventually at some point charge them off. Very few IRS auditors are going to spend much time on chasing down their legitimacy. The loans can also be sold to an international fund that has the ability to wash it as well. It has zero effect on the politicians’ credit rating because it is up to the lender to pursue collection and reporting to the credit bureaus. So they just keep doing what they do.

Would an interested party in Abu Dhabi care if the hedge fund he is invested into charged off loans of politicians who were doing what he wanted? Don’t think so.

There is so much graft, corruption and fraud in the everyday business world there is not enough time to describe it all.


Our division sold pools of business loans to Bear Stearns before the collapse. CDS was used in the securitizations as discussed below.

We were doing CDO’s in a hybrid way where the securitizing firm was Bear while we absorbed some limited tranche risk and were the primary sub servicer of the loans under the umbrella of the major servicer of the loans for the full CDO. We absorbed the limited risk so we could a higher premium on the loan sale. We just had to reserve some of the premium for loan defaults/losses, but would know what they were and could mitigate it ourselves since we serviced the loans.

All the investment houses sold those things like candy. There were some lenders in various market segments that were taking the Wall Streeters for a ride with the garbage loans they were making. The hedge funds and other investors basically required them.

You were a victim of intended consequences. All of those programs were thrown on lenders without asking – they were compelled to offer them. So the lenders would slow them down or botch them up intentionally. The would assign the smallest number of employees to work it they could. They were assisted by the lower level related government program workers who were too busy surfing porn or taking long lunch breaks to help. The Obama crew were more that willing to go along because the media would trumpet how wonderful they were while the program would actually cause more foreclosures making it easier for their vulture friends to swoop in a grab the real estate.

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Would be happy to do so. You are a very intelligent person who could understand about anything you desired, Gail.

Been down in the dirt with those WS people in our small world of business finance. I retired early for two reasons. 1) Had won enough battles to comfortably do so and take care of my family. 2) Had taken so many blows in the process that I needed time to recover and gain better perspective on life.

After a dozen or so years away I am enjoying the plunder of the wars with my family and friends while discovering who I really am and my role in God’s world. I teach a Faith & Finances class in our church, a passion I have for others to rise above their circumstances. The principles are the principles regardless of faith or not and we do not need to be traders on Wall Street to understand them and implement good strategies in our personal lives.

I offer this that includes the CDS situation that arrived in my email this AM as an example. We should take it seriously. It is a precursor to the main event already underway.

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It was Jay Seculow and his team who kept American military out of International courts. I cannot find it but believe it was before Covid. The International court upheld our right not to be convicted under their law concerning military involvement.


Data from Dr. Malone’s post:

Below are summarized 2021 (+ vaccine) numbers % change relative to 2020 (- vaccine)

Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Ambulatory) down 3%(this is basically a control for the data set, and contradicts the “data corruption” explanation).
Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Hospitalization) up 37%
Total Number of Diseases of the Nervous System By Year up 968%
Total Number of Malignant Neuroendocrine Tumor Reports By Year up 276%
Total Number of Acute Myocardial Infarct Reports By Year up 343%
Total Number of Acute Myocarditis Reports By Year up 184%
Total Number of Acute Pericarditis Reports By Year up 70%
Total Number of Pulmonary Embolism Reports By Year up 260%
Total Number of Congenital Malformations Reports By Year up 87%
Total Number of Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrage Reports By Year up 227%
Total Number of Anxiety Reports By Year up 2,361%
Total Number of Suicide Reports By Year up 227%
Total Number of Neoplasms for All Cancers By Year up 218%
Total Number of Malignant Neoplasms for Digestive Organs By Year up 477%
Total Number of Neoplasms for Breast Cancer By Year up 469%
Total Number of Neoplasms for Testicular Cancer By Year up 298%
Total Number of Female Infertility Reports By Year up 419%
Total Number of Dysmenorrhea Reports By Year up 221.5%
Total Number of Ovarian Dysfunction Reports By Year up 299%
Total Number of Spontaneous Abortion Reports By Year DOWN by 10%
Total Number of Male Infertility Reports By Year up 320%
Total Number of Guillian-Bare Syndrome Reports By Year up 520%
Total Number of Acute Transverse Myelitis Reports By Year up 494%
Total Number of Seizure Reports By Year up 298%
Total Number of Narcolepsy & Cataplexy Reports By Year up 352%
Total Number of Rhabdomyolysis By Year up 672%
Total Number of Multiple Sclerosis Reports By Year up 614%
Total Number of Migraine Reports By Year up 352%
Total Number of Blood Disorder Reports By Year up 204%
Total Number of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Reports By Year up 2,130%
Total Number of Cerebral Infarct Reports By Year up 294%

As we say in the South – Day-um!!!


Dr Malone: “As noted above, there are many potential confounding variables, but whatever the cause, if these data are not due to longstanding and previously undiscovered “data corruption”, then we have a major issue with the overall health of our armed services.  

And if they are due to previously undiscovered “data corruption”, why wasn’t someone running around with their pants on fire trying to figure out what is going on here long before the whistleblowers brought this to national attention?”


Perhaps, tip of the iceberg… (Emphasis added)

“As noted above, there are many potential confounding variables, but whatever the cause, if these data are not due to longstanding and previously undiscovered “data corruption”, then we have a major issue with the overall health of our armed services. 

^^^ By extension, …we have a major issue with the overall health of our armed services ACROSS AMERICA.

^^^ By extension, …we have a major issue with the overall health of our armed services EVERYWHERE AROUND THE GLOBE where these injections jabbed into arms..


IMPORTANT VIDEO – N95 masks cause people to breathe dangerous levels of CO2 – Fauci is a dangerous irresponsible corrupt criminal and liar.

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Thank you Gail
My computer crashed lost everything need to find passwords grrrr 😳 

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…”The New York Times, reported:

CIA also provided funding through Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, which was founded in mid-50’s by Dr Harold Wolff and his assistant at Cornell Univ Med Center Dr Lawrence B Hinkle Jr to conduct brainwashing study. Wolff was said to be close friend of Central Intelligence Dir Allen Dulles. In ’56 CIA decided to support research by other entities through society. At this point all Cornell staff dropped out save Wolff. CIA installed Air Force Col James L Monroe, brainwashing expert, as society exec dir and treasurer. Hinkle asserts no human experimentation was ever conducted at NY Hosp, Cornell Med Center or by Cornell staff on project. Under Monroe, society funded brainwashing research by Dr Donald Ewen Cameron of McGill Univ’s Allan Memorial Inst of Psychiatry.[6]”…

Hinkle denies NY Hospital Cornell Med and staff worked on this project. What projects were they working on?

Fauci went straight to the NIH, from NY Hospital Cornell Med in 1968.

…”Dr. Fauci received his A.B. from the College of the Holy Cross and his M.D. from Cornell University Medical College. He then completed an internship and residency at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. In 1968, Dr. Fauci came to NIH as a clinical associate in the NIAID Laboratory of Clinical Investigation. “…

Link to Hinkle Papers:

(Not much here, and gaps in the timeline. Hmmm)

Hinkle’s obituary:


Link to Harold Wolfe’s papers at Cornell Weill:

Note that the finding aid for Wolfe’s papers is 19 pages, compared to 2 pages for Hinkle.


Linked archives are currently closed to the public due to Covid 19


This is a link to a searchable database with many photos of the practice apartments and Domecon babies.


Interesting comparison found on Gab:

comment image


Uh-oh, wrong thread! Drat. I should never try to post from my phone!

Cuppa Covfefe

Joshua fit the battle of Ottawa…


And the walls came a’tumblin’ down!


Major league sports is going to get sued into the stone age when the effects of this start hitting. I think they all require vaccination.


Totally agree.

Paul Johnson

Which agency US Military or US Sherrifs enforce the Nurenberg code? Who do We contact regarding forcing the experimental non FDA approved Covid vaccine on We The People?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I wish I knew! And whatever MIGHT happen, IMO it WON’T happen under Biden!