mRNA Vaccines that Breach the Nucleus and Change the Genome – What are the Chances?

Ask yourself a simple question. Why should the very first examples of mRNA vaccines for humans violate the most important safety standard of the mRNA platform? Why would the vaccines do exactly what they PROMISED US the vaccines would not do?


They didn’t just lie to us about the spike mRNA not going into the nucleus and not changing human DNA – the whole purpose was very likely to do exactly what they did – to open the cell nucleus and keep it open, so that we as a species can start changing population genomics in a huge way, using a variety of technologies.

The central dogma of molecular biology. They shilled the blue arrows to the masses as lies about safety, while hiding the special red arrow and actually working to open it up for business.

Show-Time (Introduction)

I have finally realized that I need to spell out, in as many ways as needed, what is really going on with SARS-CoV-2 and these derived mRNA vaccines.

I had hoped that people would see the implications of the science which is now open to us, with the publication of first the Jaenish paper, then the De Marinis paper, and finally the Mehedi paper. I have commented extensively on each one of these papers, including very recently on the Mehedi paper, which really makes things obvious. I had thought that somebody more notable than me would try to make the point I am about to make. Sadly, nobody has, so it looks like I’m going to have to do it.

These vaccines are designed to BEGIN to change us on a fundamental level which is not exactly the same as the “transhumanism” that constitutes most of the “clickbait” against the vaccines. It’s similar, but it’s not the same. What we see in the clickbait is a distraction from the actual danger, which is not strange and distant and unbelievable, but is in fact right here, and right now, and very believable, once you understand it.

The truth is a lot more like GATTACA, and a lot less like Transcendence.

It’s already starting, and the infrastructure is being set up. The first step has actually been accomplished, and it was in many ways a HUGE success.

Humans ARE being engineered right in front of our eyes. I hope that you can see this point by the end of this article.

They (meaning WEF and its backers) hacked the human cell nucleus on a population genome level. They created a “Trojan” virus that appears to have “zero-dayed” the human cell nucleus. Artfully, the hack is a lot like state-level “APT” (advanced persistent threat) computer hacks, in that it gets in and holds the door open. Of course, better models can be created, but the self-replicating crowbar for the cell nucleus has obviously arrived, and its imperial version of SPQR is PRRARSV.

THAT is the fundamental advance that was achieved here.

I have to say, it was ingenious and “admirable”, in several senses – scientific, military, and criminal. Of course, your mileage may vary on “admirable”. Many will consider it “diabolical”.

What we are facing is the immediate REAL danger of biological engineering and eugenics, which was employed in a fantasy way, as a technical MacGuffin, in various episodes and productions in the Star Trek universe.

This is a scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. These two people are “superhumans” who (according to the story) proved to be disastrous for Earth, during our current century (more or less). The one on the right is “Khan” – obviously in homage to Genghis Khan and his relatives, who ruled much of Asia for centuries.

Don’t get lost in the fantasy stuff. THAT is not the big danger. Stick around for an explanation of the reality which is actually upon us.

Here is how Wikipedia describes Khan, but more importantly, where he CAME FROM.

Khan Noonien Singh is a fictional character in the Star Trek science fiction franchise, who first appeared as the main antagonist in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Space Seed” (1967), and was portrayed by Ricardo Montalbán, who reprised his role in the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness, he is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Khan had controlled more than a quarter of the Earth during the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s.[1] After being revived from suspended animation in 2267 by the crew of the Starship Enterprise, Khan attempts to capture the starship but is thwarted by James T. Kirk and exiled to Ceti Alpha V, where he has the chance to create a new society with his people. In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, set fifteen years after “Space Seed”, Khan escapes his exile and sets out to exact revenge upon Kirk.

In Star Trek Into Darkness, set in the alternate continuity established in Star Trek (2009), Khan is awakened almost a decade before the events of “Space Seed“. Khan is given the false identity John Harrison and coerced by Admiral Marcus into building weapons for Section 31 and Starfleet in exchange for the lives of Khan’s crew. He ultimately rebels and comes into conflict with the crew of Enterprise.

OK – so what are the “Eugenics Wars”?

Back to Wikipedia…..

When the original series of Star Trek was produced, the 1990s were several decades away, and so various elements of the backstory to Star Trek are set in that era, particularly the Eugenics Wars. The references to the Eugenics Wars and to a nuclear war in the 21st century are somewhat contradictory.

The episode “Space Seed” establishes the Eugenics Wars, and has them lasting from 1992 to 1996. The Eugenics Wars are described as a global conflict in which the progeny of a human genetic engineering project, most notably Khan Noonien Singh, established themselves as supermen and attempted world domination. Spock calls them “the last of your so-called World Wars”, and McCoy identifies this with the Eugenics Wars.

OK – don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s EXACTLY like Star Trek, although I do subscribe to the folk notion that Star Trek is a VERY good predictor of things that are likely to happen.

What I AM saying is that genetic engineering of humanity has already started, and now I’m going to explain why this is so.

We will take a brief tour into the PAST, before we return to the future. If a light bulb comes on, keep it lit!

You cannot uninvent the genetic Tommy-gun, nor the gun moll who knows how to code.

Bonnie & Clyde of the Nucleus

BANKS make a really great analogy of the cell nucleus.

  • they’re common and everywhere
  • they contain valuable stuff that needs to be protected yet dispersed
  • they have high security
  • things need to traffic securely in and out of them

Breaking into a bank with very high security is a lot like what the spike protein does. But the spike protein doesn’t do it alone. THAT is an important point from the three papers I keep mentioning. The spike protein has a PARTNER who has all the plans.

OK – just for the record – this is going to deviate a little bit from the ACTUAL story of Bonnie and Clyde. Just warning you – it will get weird.

The spike protein and the spike protein mRNA are a PAIR, and together, they are able to not only break into the bank, but to totally take it over, and keep it taken over. And then to take over more banks.

Here is how it works.

The spike protein is Clyde. He’s got a gun, and he causes all kinds of trouble with it. He’s the “action” guy. He knows how to break into banks, mostly because he has a phony ID that always gets him in. The phony ID says PRRARSV in big letters on it, which makes all the bank guards at Cell Nucleus Bank and Trust say “Why, welcome, Mr. Barrow! We’re pleased to see you at the bank today! Come right on in!”

Or, to use a different analogy…..

These bank guards are such chumps, but it works every time.

Well, here is the problem for the bank. When Clyde goes in, he always brings his partner Bonnie. And SHE is trouble. She’s not so good with a gun or a fake ID, but she is a real scam artist, who knows how to get into the bank and embezzle the hell out of it.

Bonnie gets into the cell nucleus bank, and with some help from Clyde, she gets a permanent job there. Bonnie and Clyde are set for life. None of this “grab the cash, run out, get caught, and die in a hail of bullets” shit. No sir! THIS Bonnie and Clyde are smart.

Bonnie trains many of the new girls at the bank – and like the pod people in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, she turns every last one of them into exact copies of HERSELF. NASTY! So all these fresh Bonnies are trained by the bank and sent out to get into new banks.

But wait! Bonnie can’t get into banks. Bonnie doesn’t have a gun or a fake ID! How can she get into more banks?

Easy! Bonnie and all her Bonnie clones have the power of multiplication – not just to make more copies of each one herself, but to make more Clydes. Bonnie makes more copies of herself while she’s IN the bank, and she makes copies of Clyde while she’s OUT of the bank.

So every Bonnie that leaves the bank, creates hundreds of new Clydes on the outside. The next time Bonnie wanders near a bank, there are bound to be dozens of Clydes just hanging around, ready to escort her, and maybe even other gals [important], into the bank. If no Bonnie is already working there, she gets a job, and the process starts over.

The KEY POINT is that BONNIE makes the CLYDES who can get her, or women like her, into the next bank.

Bonnie can’t get into the bank, and Clyde can’t get a job in the bank, but together, they can make a living by embezzling banks.

Side Note: This is a beautiful example of a contradiction in the Marxist sense. Proteins and nucleic acids can’t do certain things alone, and thus NEED EACH OTHER.

Once Bonnie is on the payroll, this fact introduces a permanent security problem in the bank, and for all other banks.

And why is that?

Once Bonnie is on the payroll, you can’t get rid of her.

She will just create more Bonnies and more Clydes, and they will scam more banks.

In terms of banks, banks can resist just Clyde or just Bonnie, but they can’t resist the pair.

In terms of the cell nucleus, it can resist the spike protein or the spike mRNA, but it cannot resist both of them together.

Which pair, oddly, is exactly what the vaccines create.


We can use other analogies, using banks, which emphasize the spike protein more.

Imagine a bank that was convinced to crank out KEYS TO THE BANK, and to send out these keys. Imagine thousands of keys to the bank being sent out by the bank into the community, perhaps in a really stupid PR stunt.

God knows WHO is going to get into the bank now.

God knows WHAT is going to get into the genome now.

Are you starting to see what they did?

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers on DNA Change

The absolute best way for me to convince you that they really said these vaccines could not do what they are now proven to be doing, is to simply play back the words of the “fact checkers”.

See if you can spot how many LIES are told in this video.

If you’re not spotting the lies, read THIS ARTICLE.

AND – by the way – this video is a GREAT explanation of the way things NORMALLY work. It’s totally out to lunch on the way things ACTUALLY work.

Did you spot the lies? Tell me what you found in the comments.

This video is not alone – there are HUNDREDS OF THEM.

There are also hundreds if not thousands of articles of a similar nature. I’m just going to pick one of them – the one that happened to have the graphic I used above. That article is dated from MARCH of 2021 – right when the authorities were hard-selling the “vaccines”.

mRNA Covid-19 vaccines: Facts vs Fiction

MARCH 10, 2021

By: Maria Elisa Almeida Goes
Editing: Offspring Magazine Editorial Team
Images: Nina Lautenschläger.



Interestingly, this archive was made only 5 months ago. It was very likely archived by Wikipedia or somebody else who is shilling the false explanation, when faced with the emerging science showing nuclear translocation and genomic incorporation. But it’s perfect for me to preserve evidence.

As an aside, I find it terribly sad that this particular lover of “Max Planck” era scientific history, lived to see one of Planck’s namesake organizations lying about science on a grand scale, but yet here we are.

Let me just pull out the most relevant section. I was planning on highlighting ALL of the lies, fibs, evasions, etc., but there are so many, I decided to only highlight or [comment on] the most horrible and ironic.

mRNA vaccines will not alter your DNA, this is why:

Concerns about the effects mRNA vaccines over the integrity of our DNA also exist. Thankfully, you do not need to worry about this. Such an event would challenge everything scientists know about basic cell biology, and is so improbable, that one can actually call it impossible.

The main reason for that is that, besides being chemically and structurally different from DNA, mRNA is located in a different cellular compartment. While DNA is enclosed in the nucleus, mRNA is produced in the nucleus, but is quickly exported to the cytoplasm with a one-way ticket: it does not come back. In fact, only specific proteins carrying “nuclear localization signals” are able to migrate from the cytoplasm into the nucleus, and mRNA vaccines definitely do not include such molecular instruction. Thus, because mRNA cannot spontaneously be trafficked to the nucleus, it cannot modify your DNA sequence.  Additionally, the RNA molecule is charged and carries the same charge as the nucleus, so as our 6th grade physics taught us, like charges repel, and hence the RNA molecule is physically repelled by the nucleus. [Note added by Wolf – WHAT THE HELL???]

One might also argue [HA! You TOADS! Yes, one “might”!] that there are mechanisms through which RNA can be integrated into the genome – HIV viruses being the classic example. The key differences here are that such viruses (1) express special enzymes which are able to code DNA back into RNA and (2) can associate with proteins that can traffic them into the nucleus. Neither scenario is applicable to the mRNA vaccines. [OH, THE IRONY]

For the same reasons, mRNA vaccines cannot affect your unborn children. This would require genomic mutations [oh, really!] in the reproductive cells – sperm and egg – since only these could potentially be transmitted to the next generation. [AND???!!!]

Speaking of children, you might have heard that Covid-19 vaccines would cause infertility in women [why don’t you just stop there, and not go on to one bad hypothesis?] because antibodies against the spike protein could mistakenly attack placenta cells, due to an alleged similarity with a placental protein called syncytin-1. There is no scientific evidence supporting this claim – and, in fact, the two proteins are barely similar, sharing only 4 sequential amino acids out of 538. [This did seem to be a bit of a miss. Nevertheless, what new hypothesis explains all the pregnancy problems?]

Still, you might want to ask why pregnant women are excluded from the vaccination campaigns [wait a minute….not in the US], and why, during clinical trials, women are asked to use contraceptive methods that will avoid pregnancy [because there might be a problem?]. Again, this is not a red flag. Any clinical trial for a potential vaccine or drug will exclude children, pregnant women, old people and people with specific underlying conditions. Initially, trials are designed to obtain major insights whether the developed pharmaceutical product works at all, in healthy adults. Once safety and efficacy are determined [read what you just said before that, where you excluded safety as a motive], tests are expanded to smaller groups that at first were set aside. Excluding pregnant women from trials only shows that trials are being done systematically and following standard protocols. [I’m sorry, but this sounds like happy horseshit, lady.]

Let’s concentrate on the lies most relevant to this discussion. I’ll isolate them and respond to each one.

In fact, only specific proteins carrying “nuclear localization signals” are able to migrate from the cytoplasm into the nucleus, and mRNA vaccines definitely do not include such molecular instruction.

This is EXACTLY what was found with the spike protein that was produced by the full spike mRNA. What a coincidence! See De Marinis for proof that it happens, and Mehedi for WHY. OH – because there’s a nuclear location signal! Was it a “known” one, and if so, who knew it and who didn’t? If some people knew, and others didn’t, wouldn’t that make it like a “zero day” on the nucleus?

Thus, because mRNA cannot spontaneously be trafficked to the nucleus, it cannot modify your DNA sequence.

OH! But isn’t that SO STRANGE that the Mehedi work shows that the spike protein LITERALLY “traffics” the spike protein mRNA into the nucleus? WELL AHHHHH’LLLLL BE! So maybe this explains the nuclear DNA modification that is seen in the De Marinis results. Yes? Maybe? Come on, girl – you’re a scientist at a prestigious institute. Put on your big girl pants and hypothesize with me! You can do it! This is undergraduate, “smart-alec guy in the back of introductory class raises his hand” stuff! And when you were in that class, you thought the same sorts of things but didn’t raise your hand. Maybe it’s time to be brave!

One might also argue that there are mechanisms through which RNA can be integrated into the genome – HIV viruses being the classic example.

This should have been your really big hint, girl. Our local accountant named cthulhu realized that Fauci’s HIV interests and his bat virus interests had remarkable similarities, both in what he himself did, and in what he was studying. “This isn’t Fauci’s first rodeo.” Ask yourself – why was Fauci interested in this? Could it have been the same reason that Doudna was so interested in CRISPR-Cas9? The desire for WRITE PERMISSIONS on the genome?

The key differences here are that such viruses (1) express special enzymes which are able to code DNA back into RNA and (2) can associate with proteins that can traffic them into the nucleus. Neither scenario is applicable to the mRNA vaccines.

Thank you, my lying lady. You have just provided me with a huge clue, by the process of “liar subtraction” – a form of deductive reasoning. We know from De Marinis that genomic incorporation and modification is a fact. We know from Mehedi that “nuclear trafficking” (your point 2) is a fact. This means that it is almost certain that the spike protein ALSO acts as a promoter of reverse transcription (your point 1). You said it – not me. That sure seems convenient, doesn’t it? My question is now – DID YOU KNOW THIS? Were you part of the plot? Or was the person who reminded you of these things part of the plot? Or were we all part of the plot, when I, too, mindlessly parroted the “central dogma” as a defense of mRNA vaccines?

I’m willing to confess that I was wrong. I will admit to my part in promoting the conspiracy. Will you?

But their defenses get worse.

There are now MSM “fact checks” which specifically try to walk back the implications of both the Jaenisch and De Marinis papers, and you can bet there will be similar fact checks on Mehedi’s paper. There has likewise been pressure on those authors to DOWNPLAY the significance of their own works. To me, this is the height of bullshit.

Jaenisch Paper Downplay

Fact Check-Controversial MIT study does not show that mRNA vaccines alter DNA



De Marinis Paper Downplay:

Swedish study on COVID vaccines and DNA misinterpreted



Rather than take these arguments apart myself, I ask you all to take a first crack at the different techniques used, by clicking the links and observing the UNETHICAL SKEPTICISM. Much of this does not require a science background.

In particular, knowing what we know now, after the Mehedi work, I think it should be very clear how much the media went to bat for the vaccines without honestly questioning the “authorities”.

I will confirm your findings in the comments, and catch any straggler sins of science.

To me, this media mendacity is all simple, stupid, and predictable.

“Nothing to see here!”

Frankly, it changes nothing for me, if any of these authors get talked into walking back their own work, because push-back on critical work is a common phenomenon in the history of science. Not all scientists are capable of weathering the storm. Here are TWO that did. Both got Nobel prizes, by the way.

A classic case, emphasizing a field aversion among an establishment group to a field solution emerging from deductive reasoning, was Van’t Hoff and tetrahedral carbon. Basically, a doctoral candidate in an applied science school had the temerity to take an old hypothesis and revive it as the solution to a very significant current problem. The guy was good – he went on to win a Nobel prize for other work. However, many chemists, especially older ones, rejected the idea, in my opinion by not prioritizing explanatory power over their own abstract philosophical preconceptions. The fact that important people rejected an elegant solution of remarkable utility and truth shows how bad group-think problems can be in science.

Another case was Rick Smalley and C60 (buckminsterfullerene). The linked article accurately describes the initial skepticism that people had for “soccer ball carbon” or “bucky balls”.

The Nature letter describing C60 was attractive and logical, but seeing a line in a mass spectrum did not convince all scientists of the discovery of a new allotrope of carbon. During the period 1985-1990, the Curl/Smalley team at Rice and Kroto at Sussex managed to amass a wide range of circumstantial evidence to support the fullerene structure proposal. Full acceptance came when Wolfgang Krätschmer of the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany, and Donald Huffman of the University of Arizona, with their students Konstantinos Fostiropoulos and Lowell Lamb, succeeded in synthesizing C60 in sufficient quantities to allow structural characterization.

I personally remember colleagues assuring me that Smalley was loony, demented, senile, past his prime, or at best something along the lines of “a nice guy, but clearly deluded and obsessed with an error.” The doubt about C60 as reality – particularly as a stable reality – ran thick. And that doubt was WRONG from the very beginning.

Scientists right now are NOT THINKING, and they’re letting the MEDIA push them around.

Scientists are also letting guys like Anthony FAUCI push them around, mainly by the horrible federal grant system, and by the psychology of woke universities, both designed to control science.

And that doesn’t even begin to address other malign interests altering science and medicine in dishonest ways.

Some Actual Speculation – Why Would They Push These Clearly Defective Shots So Hard?

You want some actual “conspiracy theorizing”? Here it is.

Let me go back to my “TLDR” again…..

They didn’t just lie to us about the spike mRNA not going into the nucleus and not changing human DNA – the whole purpose was very likely to do exactly what they did – to open the cell nucleus and keep it open, so that we as a species can start changing population genomics in a huge way, using a variety of technologies.

There are reasons to suspect depopulation as a motive for these vaccines, and both Gail Combs and I have written extensively about this. I continue to believe that this is part of the motivation of the “complex event” we have been undergoing, between virus and vaccine.

Depopulation is very important to these people.



The Population Control Shot – Introduction

The Population Control Shot – Understanding the Peoples Climate Temple

Likewise, there are many other motives, ranging from mercenary profits, to promoting gene therapy, to “Covid communism”, and beyond. Many of these roads lead back to WEF – the World Economic Forum. One of those roads may be an actual attempt to commit humanity to a future of genetic engineering as a kind of fait accompli.

Just listen to Yuval Noah Harari talk about changing humanity. A few times he talks about “we”, “I”, “me”, “my”, and “our” programs of genetic engineering of humanity. It’s not just creepy and megalomaniacal – it seems quite self-assured.

WEF’s interest in genetic transformation of humanity cannot be understated. You will note in the above video, the presence of Jennifer Doudna – the Nobel laureate who (IMO) was most responsible for pushing CRISPR gene editing technology forward. Here is the full video.

I have discussed the technology recently here:

Dear KMAG: 20230213 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic / Introduction to CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing Technology

This is a particularly good explanation for those who want to dig into the science a little.

So how does CRISPR-Cas9 connect to the spike protein?

I have mentioned that the spike not only is proven to have nucleus-opening properties and cell nuclear mRNA-trafficking properties, but it likely has reverse-transcribing properties as well. Thus, it may have utility in facilitating certain varieties of genomic incorporation of genetic material beyond its own spike mRNA. I’m leaving that open very broadly. We don’t really know how far the “nuclear translocation of mRNA” capabilities of the spike protein actually go.

But even just the incorporation of its own instructions into the cellular genome, makes the spike protein highly relevant to CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology.

We can’t REALLY be sure what happens if the spike protein code gets into egg or sperm DNA, and goes on to be a “feature” of every human cell of a “spike baby”, but I can say one thing – if that gene can be REMOVED during in vitro fertilization (IVF) by CRISPR-Cas9 technology, to the betterment of the child, then it’s very likely going to be demanded by elite parents, to assure a healthy baby.

So – I ask again – WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

What are the chances, that people who are gung-ho on the “solution” of genetic modification of humanity – you know – like WEF – would have anything to do with releasing a virus and promoting a vaccine that would almost FORCE us into that future?

I think that this era is a lot like the chemical revolution of the late 1800s, precisely when Van ‘t Hoff was dealing with chemical theory. Figures like Malone and Doudna operate in the time of our own biological revolution. Remember Rockefeller, and what he did to science and medicine back during the chemical revolution. Well, now we have Gates and what HE did to science and medicine during the biological revolution.

Personally, I think it’s high time for us to stop taking shit from the corporate media – and particularly the “fact checkers” like Reuters and the AP – as they LIE to our faces about science – as they deny reality on behalf of the corporate titans behind them.

These mRNA vaccines are DEFECTIVE relative to how they were sold to us – very likely by intention – and the media and media organizations have LIED to us about those vaccines in the most scurrilous ways. The media has defended LIES and defrauded all of us.

You don’t have to be FOR or AGAINST gene editing per se, to be against LYING, DEFRAUDING, and FORCING IT ON THE WORLD by a criminal conspiracy.

We need to demand TRUTH about the vaccines, or the SHUTTERING of these “media” companies and organizations, which have cosigned onto crimes against humanity.

Demand no less. TRUTH or BREAK-UP. Media that lies and conceals is USELESS and a hindrance to REAL SCIENCE.


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Wolf Moon
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for this!

h/t Marica’s blog:
“Histopathological reevaluation serious adverse events and deaths following COVID-19 vaccination”

:Lecture by Prof. Arne Burkhardt, January 21-22, 2023

At 8:34 in the video: Prof. Burkhardt says that spike protein can be detected in individual cells.
At 10:56 in the video: Prof. Burkhardt speaks of the autopsy performed on a 28-year-old man who died 140 days after he got “vaccinated.” Prior to his “vaccination”, the man had been the father of a healthy child. Prof. Burkhardt states that there almost NO spermatocytes in the tissue of the deceased.
At 12:30 in the video: Prof. Burkhardt states that there is inflammation of the testes and of the prostate [from the spike protein].
Prof. Burkhardt shows slides presenting evidence of the above.

Prof. Burkhardt’s personal comment: “If I were a woman in fertile age, I would not plan a motherhood from a man who was vaccinated.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Wolf Moon

Correction, due to a typo, my apologies:
The tail end if the above URL needs to read:
(Not “following hyphen comma html”)

Is there any way to get the URL corrected? Thank you!

Here’s my question:
Billions of people are now “vaccinated” with a “gene altering therapy” that’s mis-named a “vaccine.” Their DNA is likely being altered. Are they just supposed to accept this as a kind of fait accompli?


Wolf Moon
Thank you for fixing the URL. I didn’t see what you had done before I put up the entire corrected one.
If one had one’s druthers, the choice would be Option 3. Because there are millions upon millions of “vaccinated” people — people who are capable of siring and bearing children — who have this nasty cocktail messing around with their DNA.
It appears, at least to Yours Truly, that a type of eugenics is already here, via these COVID-19 “vaccines.” Once the “vaccine” is inside the body, the spike protein + its mRNA proceed to use the PRRARSV code to get into cells of the body, and from there, proceed to alter the DNA of the cells.
To Yours Truly, this process engendered by the “vaccines” is already “culling the herd” — the SADS sudden deaths that “baffle the doctors”; the destruction of spermatocytes in the testes; the altering of menses in females; the in utero and neonatal deaths of fetuses and newborns because their mothers were “vaccinated”; and much more.


Well, it appears that the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) has NO PROBLEM with the eugenics possibilities of the COVID-19 “vaccines”:
by Steve Kirsch

Here is a list of more entities who apparently are OK with the possible eugenics effects of COVID-19 “vaccines” —
The Mayo Clinic
The FDA (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)
Johns Hopkins
UNICEF (there’s the UN connection)
and many more

Last edited 1 year ago by PAVACA
Gail Combs

The Population Bomb, Global Warming Psy-op was started ~1970.


 Professor Erik Pianka gave a speech at the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science back in 2006 advocating the use of a virus to exterminate 90% of the humans on earth AND HE RECEIVED A STANDING OVATION!!! 

An original copy from 2006:

Recently citizen scientist Forrest Mims told me about a speech he heard at the Texas Academy of Science during which the speaker, a world-renowned ecologist, advocated for the extermination of 90 percent of the human species in a most horrible and painful manner. Apparently at the speaker’s direction, the speech was not video taped by the Academy and so Forrest’s may be the only record of what was said. Forrest’s account of what he witnessed chilled my soul. Astonishingly, Forrest reports that many of the Academy members present gave the speaker a standing ovation. To date, the Academy has not moved to sanction the speaker or distance itself from the speaker’s remarks.

If the professional community has lost its sense of moral outrage when one if their own openly calls for the slow and painful extermination of over 5 billion human beings, then it falls upon the amateur community to be the conscience of science.

Forrest, who is a member of the Texas Academy and chairs its Environmental Science Section, told me he would be unable to describe the speech in The Citizen Scientist because he has protested the speech to the Academy and he serves as Editor of The Citizen Scientist. Therefore, to preclude a possible conflict of interest, I have directed Forrest to describe what he observed and his reactions in this special feature, for which I have served as editor and which is being released a week ahead of our normal publication schedule. Comments may be sent to Backscatter.

Shawn Carlson, Ph.D.,

MacArthur Fellow,

Founder and Executive Director,

Society for Amateur Scientists

Special Editorial: Dealing with Doctor Doom

Shawn Carlson, Ph.D.

More recent copy with updates:

Personality Traits and Psychiatric Disorders Linked to Specific Genomic LocationsResearchers also find correlations between traits and distinct disorders
December 08, 2016 

Ameta-analysis of genome-wide association studies (GWAS) has identified six loci or regions of the human genome that are significantly linked to personality traits, report researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine in this week’s advance online publication of Nature Genetics . The findings also show correlations with psychiatric disorders.

“Although personality traits are heritable, it has been difficult to characterize genetic variants associated with personality until recent, large-scale GWAS,” said senior author Chi-Hua Chen, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Radiology at UC San Diego School of Medicine


Ty Wolf. Pure evil.

Brave and Free

I’ll be passing this on to others, thanks again Wolf for all you’re doing.


Posted link at to see what the reaction is down under.

Thanks for this!




Great subject and information, Wolf. Thank you.

IMO, this was all in the 16 year plan – had to be. They just adjusted the timeline after PDT went in. Everything has been too orchestrated to have evolved organically. Which includes the use of “fact checkers” in every subject they sell. It’s all fake, just propaganda.

As just one example, they sold celebrities to the masses to fawn over for decades. It was natural to then move them in as influencers. They introduce the medical shows and make stars out of docs and such. Meanwhile the influx of news shows entered into media that have evolved into silly shiz and entertainment instead of journalism of truth and value.

Great explanation of the cell process. Will be forwarding to my contacts. I’m with RDS – eugenics is already here. It has to be scaled up and they will use multiple methods to get it there. But some of the jabbed are unwitting zombies or carriers that will accelerate the human suffering IMO.

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100% 👍 IMO

There is zero doubt in my mind. They are following the Nazi playbook. If I was going to estimate a year it would be around 1939-40. They have just staged it over a much longer time frame. The organizational structure, development, mind bending of the public opinion and what is truth, etc, are about as far as they can take it. They have begun the military expansionism in Ukraine with Taiwan as trigger into WW III in their minds.

Don’t think it will work in America even with the brain dead we have. Too many people smell rats in the sewer now. They are just hoping for the best while expecting it to get worse.

To dig more into your comments, to pull it off they need their worldwide ranks developed and out in the field so to speak. Something like this for their ranks: Regional (continent), local (nation), cell (state/province), etc. Some of those are probably your Khans. You run the regionals and locals through their WEF leadership forum training and they set up training for the underlings and implement the plan. In America they already have all of one political party and part of the other under orders. Add in their respective voters and swamp support. I just think some of that bunch have a retreat position in my mind when it gets too hot in the kitchen.

My WW II veteran father always respected the Nazis. He knew the evil and did not agree with it, but saw their effectiveness, technology, intelligence, etc, as being pretty sharp. He was an engineer so he thought in that manner. My POW FIL said the German guards treated the Americans better than the others. They were not treated well, just better. They hated the Russians and brutalized them.

Could be something there.

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Gail Combs


The Fabian Society, Eugenics and the Historic Forces Behind It I think that was the ‘First Cut’ along with Qxford, Harvard and Yale and other cult schools around the world.

The official Fabian School that became an ideological control hub and recruiting grounds for next generation talent (paralleling the Rhodes/Milner Round Table’s Oxford University) was the London School of Economics.


𝗧𝘄𝗼 𝗦𝘆𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗺𝘀 𝗖𝗹𝗮𝘀𝗵

Already we can clearly see two opposing patterns that have taken form, illustrated in the remarks recently made by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who said:

“I fear our world is creeping towards two different sets of economic, trade, financial, and technology rules, two divergent approaches in the development of artificial intelligence—and ultimately two different military and geo-political strategies. This is a recipe for trouble. It would be far less predictable and far more dangerous than the Cold War.”

Guterres is speaking of two divergent paradigms, so what are they?

On the one hand, there is the ideology that Guterres himself devoutly supports which has taken on the title in recent years of “The Davos Agenda”, or “The Great Reset”.

Guterres even went so far as to sign UN-WEF integration treaty in June 2020 uniting both globalist bodies into one Borg-like operating system, announcing: “The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call. We must build more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change and the many other global changes we face.”

While the Great Reset professes to use the current pandemic to push through a complete overhaul of human society under a technocratic world government, the opposing system driven by those nations not invited to the recent “Global Democracy summit” and labelled “authoritarians” by Soros and the Davos clique wish to avoid being sacrificed.

Where one system is premised on a scientifically managed depopulation agenda from the top, the other system asserts the right of sovereign nations to continue as the only legitimate basis for international law and scientific progress to be the basis of economic ideology. The terms of the new system were recently re-emphasized throughout the 5000 word Russia-China Joint Statement on the terms of the New Era now emerging.

Putin himself recently laid out these terms stating: “Only sovereign states can effectively respond to the challenges of the times and the demands of the citizens. Accordingly, any effective international order should take into account the interests and capabilities of the state and proceed on that basis, and not try to prove that they should not exist. Furthermore, it is impossible to impose anything on anyone, be it the principles underlying the sociopolitical structure or values that someone, for their own reasons, has called “universal”. After all, it is clear that when a real crisis strikes, there is only one universal value left and that is human life, which each state decides for itself how best to protect based on its abilities, culture and traditions.”

What a breath of fresh air!

Compare that to Klaus Schwab’s infamous “you’ll own nothing and be happy”.

From where did the dystopic world order of the Davos Crowd emerge?

H.G. Wells’ Open Conspiracy

It might surprise you, but to answer that question, we will need to jump back nearly one century into the past and meet an ageing misanthropic social engineer named Herbert George Wells who wrote a 1928 opus called The Open Conspiracy: Blueprint for a World Revolution calling for world government, and depopulation….

Certainly sounds like ‘The Sovereign Alliance’ the Badlands group mentions or the ‘Self-organizing Collective’ that Clif High mentions.

I think Q was started as a means of DRAGGING the USA out of the claws of the ReischWEF. And that can only be done IF THE PEOPLE WAKE UP!

I also think the ReichsWEF has only now realized that they LOST CONTROL of several of the nations they THOUGHT they had firmly under their thumb such as Saudi Arabia (Aramco/Rockefeller/ Al Waleed) Indna, China, Brazil…

I am just hoping, since the USA Army was in charge of distributing the mRNA injection, that at least some of the soldiers were able to slip saline solution or another benign substance in instead of the actual poison in at least some of the batches. This could help explain the ‘Hot Lot’ phenomena and also why the CDC/FDA are pushing injection after injection.

REMEMBER that Obama had riffed a lot of loyal high ranking military and inserted traitors. This meant Trump could only do so much to prevent the plans of the ReichsWEF.

Gail Combs

Merkel posts by Q

Gail Combs

That is why I wrote my series. IT SHOWS THE HISTORY going back to the 1800s!
Will Zoll gives some of the ‘modern’ origins. When training from an early age did not really work as  Harari  said, they looked to actually BREEDING the perfect ‘citizen-slave’ Even BETTER than ‘breeding’ is to actually HACK the genome and PROGRAM the perfect slave into the zygote.

The Prussian Origins of Modern Education

Children Belonged to Prussia, for Prussia

The “enlightened despot”, King Frederick the Great of Prussia, laid the foundations of the Prussian primary education system in 1763. Prussia was one of the first countries in the world to introduce compulsory primary education. It took over a century for other European nations to follow.

Prussia, however, was in a constant state of war. State-funded compulsory education was never intended for the children to find individual enlightenment, but rather to know their place in society and obedience to the State. There were 6 key outcomes for the Prussian education system:

  1. Obedient soldiers to the army,
  2. Obedient workers for mines, factories, and farms,
  3. Well-subordinated civil servants, trained in their function,
  4. Well-subordinated clerks for industry,
  5. Citizens who thought alike on most issues,
  6. National uniformity in thought, word, and deed.
  7. 1

Everything within the grasp of Prussia was to be utilised for the benefit of the state. Individuality was a curse that could give rise to free thinking and therefore a population that could potentially question the motives of their government.

Frederick knew this all too well. Renowned as one of the greatest military minds in history, he believed that a thinking soldier would destroy the cohesion of his army.

SO now INSTEAD of using education they are going to change the DNA it’self.

New Details About The Infamous ‘CRISPR Babies’ Experiment Have Just Been Revealed

More than a year ago, the world was shocked by Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui‘s attempt to use CRISPR technology to modify human embryos…

How CRISPR works

CRISPR is a technique that allows scientists to make precise edits to any DNA by altering its sequence.

When using CRISPR, you may be trying to “knock out” a gene by rendering it inactive, or trying to achieve specific modifications, such as introducing or removing a desired piece of DNA.

Gene editing with the CRISPR system relies on an association of two proteins. One of the proteins, called Cas9, is responsible for “cutting” the DNA. The other protein is a short RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecule which works as a “guide” that brings Cas9 to the position where it is supposed to cut.

The system also needs help from the cells being edited. DNA damage is frequent, so cells regularly have to repair the DNA lesions. The associated repair mechanisms are what introduce the deletions, insertions or modifications when performing gene editing.

There are now 3 crispr babies and we know they have cloned sheep mules and the good lord is the only one who actually knows if they have done it to humans.

The article then gets into the DIS-INFO PORTION:

Implications for gene editing as a field

Gene editing has endless applications. It can be used to make plants such as the Cavendish banana more resistant to devastating diseases. It can play an important role in the adaptation to climate change.

In health, we are already seeing promising results with the editing of somatic cells (that is, non-heritable modifications of the patient’s own cells) in beta thalassemia and sickle cell disease.

However, we are just not ready for human embryo editing. Our techniques are not mature enough, and no case has been made for a widespread need that other techniques, such as preimplantation genetic testing, could not address.

There is also much work still needed on governance. There have been individual calls for a moratorium on embryo editing, and expert panels from the World Health Organisation to UNESCO.

Yet, no consensus has emerged…



Not taking that bet. However, I would be happy to end their plans for them.


I watched the video. Well, we know now that the mRNA DOES go into the cell nucleus, so that’s a lie.

Also, the spike ITSELF is a toxin, it’s not safe. So that’s a lie.

And lastly, what is a WIRUS?


It just made me laugh! She sounds schizophrenic, her accent is all over the place.



IWERMECTIN for the win!


Amen! The blindness of humans to the corruption surrounding them never ceases to amaze me. Not to mention God let us all know what was coming via his scripture.


LOL! I love it!


I shaw awewt my fwend Weginald in Wome!

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As I was about to post, “Wolf, I Got It”. Ya post that shit. /s

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h/t Marica’s blog:
Journal of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
January 17, 2023
“SARS-CoV-2 spike mRNA vaccine sequences circulate in blood up to 28 days after COVID-19 vaccination”
Westh, H., et al.

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Wolf Moon
Thank you. IMO, this report is more truth coming out about the disaster which is the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Interesting also, if one is reading the report correctly, that the authors kind of “stumbled” on this while looking for something else?


Wolf Moon
Thank you!


Surprise. Surprise. SURPRISE!

It’s a New Day, for Slow Guy.

The Fat Crayola’s worked, this time.

Bonnie and Clyde, followed by the Trojan Horse graphic, Are Golden.

“Humans ARE being engineered right in front of our eyes. I hope that you can see this point by the end of this article.”

  • I. Got. It.

Thank You!

BTW, I stumbled on this article. Missed the link in yesterday’s daily. MAYBE, post another link in today’s daily. (Yea, maybe I missed it also.)

Gail Combs


Please Please put THIS ARTICLE and The Case for Nuclear War under Gail’s Depop Series
It makes it so much easier to direct people to the critical information and that set of articles NAILS IT.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

So you’re saying this entire thing is a Khan job.