Iraq/Iran ~ The Battle of Strong Men for the Middle East.

This is a little complicated or a rehash of events for a regular post, but I beg your indulgence and value YOUR opinions in response. In fact, this group, as you know, was hand-picked for “influencers”. A place where we could discuss larger topics, in depth, and then spread information to our “friends”, in an effort to find the truth and push back on MSM.

Here, we begin the discussion of “The Strong Man in the Middle East versus the strong men who are Democratically Elected leaders with liberties for the citizenry”. No babies allowed.

We all remember Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He was a ruthless leader, a “StrongMan” of the Middle East. He led his countrymen into an 8yr War with Iran which concluded as a “draw” and by 1987 had gassed 287,000 Kurds.

When he invaded Kuwait in 1991, the USA became involved in Operation Desert Storm. We recall the warnings of Norman Schwarzkopf who was reluctant to cease operations and instead, preferred to “roll all the way to Baghdad”. Schwarzkopf knew the bigger problem was left, unresolved.

“W” Bush returned to Iraq after the WTC were destroyed for “weapons of mass destruction”, either in error or intentionally misled by the intel community and politicians. The war in Iraq was expensive in both blood and treasure for America and for Iraqis. In the end, Saddam Hussein was hunted down as the “Ace of Spades” and hung.

But — we never removed the counterbalance to the force Saddam represented. Saddam was one side of the power struggle in the Middle East. Iran’s Mullahs, backed by IRGC was the other side. By removing Saddam, Iran became the bully on the block.

In retrospect, most foreign policy experts recognized the problem of removing Saddam and “not planning for what comes afterwards”. We could say, we made the same mistake in Libya, removing Gaddafi, and not planning for the mayhem which comes from removing a strong, albeit ruthless, leader. OUR actions plunged the country into chaos. Results are mixed with the only clear beneficiaries being the weapons manufacturers…. and the politicians.

Maybe the Green Revolution in 2009, within Iran, would have removed the Mullahs and returned Iran to democracy. In this way, BOTH Iran and Iraq would have removed their “Strongmen”, the ruthless and oppressive leaders, and the Middle East would have had a chance for democracy and a few more freedoms for the people. Yet, the Obama Admin came to power in 2009, and strangely, the Obama Admin remained silent on the Green Revolution in Iran…………. giving a nod to the Mullahs.

How odd.

And Iran remained the central power, the strongest, in the Middle East. Iran developed nuclear ambition and a desire to become a hedgemon, returning Persia to its former glory. The Obama Admin helped. Whether their intentions were innocent or intentional is a subject for dispute.

The Obama policy was sold as “use Iran as a balance to Saudi and Israel in the Middle East”, and found eager supporters in those inclined to hate Israel for disparate personal reasons. Obama spoke glowingly of the efficiency of the QUDS force, and in particular, admiration for men like Soleimani. See the article:

What was supposed to be a counterbalance, quickly turned into intentional “favor for Iran” as the “Strongman in region who could at least keep the peace”. Yet, the results turned over large swaths of land to Iranian direct/indirect control. Entire countries fell to Iran as proxies (Russia is not a proxy of Iran, understood).

Every foreign policy expert will agree, the most efficient form of government is the “Benevolent Dictator”. Yet, what happens when the guy in charge is not benevolent? What happens when the guy with the real power in the region is a guy like Soleimani?

At key points, the Obama Admin helped Iran’s rise to power. Were they “leading from behind”?

The Obama Admin left Iraq in 2011, without a “Status of Forces Agreement” (meaning our soldiers would be subject to Iraqi Law) allowing Iranian influence to overtake Iraq. What Iran could not win via war with Saddam, they took because they were the bully on the block and flush with cash.

Take a look at a post from Kinthenorthwest about Obama Admin actions in the following years.

2011 – Libya. Operation Odyssey Dawn. Coalition forces enforcing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 with bombings of Libyan forces. drain
2011 – War on Terrorism. Osama Bin Laden is killed by U.S. military forces in Pakistan as part of Operation Neptune Spear.
2011 – Drone strikes on al-Shabab militants begin in Somalia.[15] This marks the 6th nation in which such strikes have been carried out, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.[citation needed]
2011 – Uganda. US Combat troops sent in as advisers to Uganda.[16]
2012 – Jordan. 150 US troops deployed to Jordan to help it contain the Syrian Civil War.
2012 – Turkey. 400 troops and two batteries of Patriot missiles sent to Turkey to prevent any missile strikes from Syria.
2012 – Chad. 50 U.S. troops have deployed to the African country of Chad to help evacuate U.S. citizens and embassy personnel from the neighboring Central African Republic’s capital of Bangui in the face of rebel advances toward the city.
2013 – Mali. US forces assisted the French in Operation Several with air refueling and transport aircraft.

ISIS was born in the interim and it was in Iran’s best interest to crush ISIS, obtaining control of more oil-rich land in northern and western regions of Iraq. In this way, Iran sided with Assad and moved into Syria.

Another country.

How convenient.

Do you all remember $5/gallon gasoline? The profits fueled Iran’s goals and expansion. As Iran took control of region after region, they became a little greedy and went into Yemen, using the Houthis to attack Saudi Arabia.

Do you remember when oil fell to $44/barrel? This was a direct act by the Saudis and other OPEC countries to starve Iran of oil profits. Iran was on the brink of destruction, economically, when Obama Admin stepped in again, with the JCPOA, releasing billions of dollars, to a designated terrorist state, WITH INTEREST.

Interestingly, the 18 month long campaign by the Saudis, lowering the cost of oil, brought Russia’s economy to the brink, as they cast aside support of Cuba. Yet, when Cuba was on the brink, ready for defeat, Obama again stepped in to save the dictatorship of the Castro brothers. Suddenly, Beyonce and her pals found a new playground in Havana….. and the money, in USD, flowed to Cuba.

Strange, eh?

Then, there’s the problem with Hezbollah in Lebanon, another Iranian back proxy. Hezbollah is a direct threat to Israel. We know, from Operation Cassandra and in depth reporting from Politico, Hezbollah was selling USA cars in Africa and importing hundreds of metric tons, thousands of tons of cocaine and other drugs into the USA. On the brink of a years long investigation by our DEA, ready to roll up the whole operation, again, the Obama Admin stepped in and stopped all operations, in favor of Iran. The Obama Admin didn’t want to embarrass Iran which might preclude the JCPOA deal.

In summary, the Obama admin favored Iran, the Strongman left within the region of the Middle East to maintain some sense of order and balance power between Saudi, Iran, and Israel. Yet, the Obama Team received the opposite of what they expected.

Immediately, instead of being a calming influence, benevolent, and maintaining some kind of “order”, Iran, with a blind eye from America, began to use their military and money to overthrow other countries in the region, the Saudis and Israel. Iran was the bad kid, the horrific and torturing bully, with an almost unlimited credit card, spoiled, rotten, and hungry for more power. The “teenager” whom Obama left in charge started running guns, women, drugs, and taking over friendly countries. The monster was loose from his cage.

No, Iran/Soleimani was not a benevolent dictator. And make no mistake, Soleimani was the leader of Iran. Let’s posit this question, originally from Scott Adams, paraphrasing:

If there are two men in a room, and one has a Quran and one has a gun, who is in charge? The answer is = The person in charge is whoever the guy with the gun WANTS to be in charge.

Scott Adams

If Soleimani was a deeply religious man and genuinely served at the behest of his Mullah leader, then the Mullah was in charge. Yet, let us not be naive. If Soleimani wanted to overthrow the Mullahs, he could have.

  • Could peace in the Middle East ever happen with a man like a Soleimani in charge?
  • How could the Mullahs thwart the ambition of a man like Soleimani? If they WANTED to?
  • Do you think spending on the Iranian military was ever curbed?
  • Did the QUDS forces go hungry, like the people of Iran did over the last 2years?
  • Do you think maybe the Mullahs were threatened by a man like Soleimani?
  • With the economy of Iran crumbing under sanction by the USA, do you think the Mullahs might be worried about an overthrow……… maybe to install a military regime…….. with a leader like Soleimani?
  • Do you think, perhaps, the Mullahs, who were deeply unpopular 2 weeks ago, are secretly relieved Soleimani is gone and the country is distracted from the Mullahs failure?

The DAY BEFORE he was killed, The Times of London published a list of 20 faces to look out for, rising stars, for 2020. Among them……… Soleimani of Iraq. Hmmmm……

Gosh, it’s a wonder the Mullahs didn’t kill Soleimani themselves, but that might have led to greater unpopularity of the Mullahs and accelerated an overthrow.

Oh, my! What to do?

Could…. would ….. anything ever stop the trajectory of a man like Soleimani?


Only a guy with a bigger gun…………. and his name is President Trump.

But…………..President Trump worked slowly and methodically to disassemble the apparatus of terror in the Middle East. In retrospect, we can see President Trump’s fingerprints all over the Middle East. It’s quite remarkable, really, unlike anything attempted heretofore.

Remember how shocked we all were with President Trump’s continued meetings with King Abdullah of Jordan, starting almost immediately?

And Al Sisi of Egypt?

The moment when Al Sisi of Egypt proclaimed President Trump “Can do the impossible”.

Remember how the Press Corps was befuddled when President Trump’s FIRST foreign visit was to Saudi Arabia?

And the Trump speech, bold and strong, before all members of the GCC? May 21, 2017, it was one for the record books!

He called on the leaders to root out and destroy the terrorism within their own countries and topped it off with a sword dance. Always better for people within the region to police their own. Why do we have to do it?

Does ANYONE think the commemoration of the Saudi Intel building was a one-off? Remember the “orb”? Remember the Princes from the House of Saud imprisoned at the Ritz-Carlton, for months, while their corruption was sorted out? Talk about a house-cleaning….

And were you as surprised as I was when Tamir Pardo, the head of Mossad was interviewed, talking about full intel cooperation with Saudi Arabia? Did you ever think we would see it in our lifetimes?

In November and December 2017, there was a flurry of rare public confirmation of contacts between Israel and the Saudis by former IDF chief Gadi Eisenkot, minister Yuval Steinitz and then-CIA director Mike Pompeo.

Let’s not forget the “Eager Lion” exercises in the Middle East, joint forces, kind of like a NATO for the Middle East…. a force which could counteract the Iranians.

The United States has been working meticulously to create a new security alliance comprised of the six Gulf Arab states, plus Jordan and Egypt. The new Arab NATO is expected to be formally announced during the next Gulf Summit in Washington to be held in about two weeks. The new alliance will serve as a “bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism and will bring stability to the Middle East”, a spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council said. Interestingly, there has been a de facto alliance among the Gulf Arab states and the United States to contain Iran’s influence in the region. And yet, there has been a key difference between Saudi Arabia and the United States with regard to Iran’s growing influence on both Syria and Iraq. Surprisingly, the United States did little to reverse Iran’s ascendance in the region.
Kenyan Military participated as well.

And the Christmas trip by President Trump and Melania to Iraq, when he talked to the Generals on the ground. Why was the mop-up of ISIS taking so long? The President had his answer, came home, and fired Mattis, ASAP.

And then……… all those mysterious trips by Jared Kushner to the Middle East.

The blockade of DPRK as an outlet for Iran was masterful. Again, Trump is engaging, whereas Obama, avoided.

Culminating with crippling Sanctions on Iran. …………. and the death of Soleimani.

Bottom line, President Trump is dealing with a mess in the Middle East, leftover from decades of mismanagement. Unfortunately, we cannot ignore the problems. Still, Trump is the furthest thing from a NeoCon Repub, or a war-monger like Hillary, or a “let’s light the Middle East on fire” like Obama.

…………. Which Beget the APPROVED invasion of Europe, massive immigration.

President Trump is the adult in the room, AND a Strong Man with the biggest gun, an elected President of a Republic, who believes in liberty for the citizenry…. and skillfully manipulates those who oppose him to reveal themselves. He is the perfect person to clean up the mess.

President Trump wants to come to terms with the Taliban in Afghanistan and bring our troops home. Strange that the Taliban blew the cease-fire if their goal was truly to remove Americans.

President Trump wants to leave Syria. He tried and triggered politically motivated, manufactured outrage from the press. We know the backstory, but it is difficult for those voters who don’t follow geopolitics on a daily basis.

President Trump has railed against the blood and treasure lost in the Middle East, as opposed to lost opportunity here at home………… Yet, he knows it would be dangerous to hand the keys for Iraq to Iran and turn over control of the country.

We must be careful, wise, prudent, and the days ahead will be tricky. Expect a $hitload of trash-talk, wild threats, and distractions from all sides. Let’s not take the bait. The following letter, “notice of withdrawal from Iraq” was a total distraction.

Updated at 2:02 pm on January 6, 2020: This letter has been confirmed by Reuters but it is unsigned and makes no sense. Or, is this a head fake? Because the press corps would normally have a heart attack if we withdrew from Iraq? Update at 6:00pm Eastern time: For hours we wondered, but by the evening news, we received formal notice from the Pentagon……… “It was a draft letter, a mistake, never signed”, not released intentionally, a fake.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow nor the day after. Those pundits who prognosticate of imminent threats of WW3 are shrieking in the wind, misleading and scaring readers for clickbait. It’s almost unholy to prey on people’s fears in such a way, but such is the business of the media.

Objectively, of all Presidents in the past hundred years, Trump is probably the least disposed to bumble into an accidental war. We’re in good hands with President Trump, and no doubt, the Intel Community which supplied him with the details on Soleimani was working overtime on behalf of the USA.

Well done.

In the Middle East, a region where actual Strong Men are admired, and women/children/assets /land are often taken by torture or brute force, a benevolent but fearless man like President Trump has the ideal persona for this moment in time. He has an unpredictable nature, all the character traits, and strategic foresight, who can trash-talk the best of dictators. As my Marine Daddy used to say, “It’s not bragging when you can back it up.” President Trump has street cred.

It’s true, President Trump is the perfect American President at exactly the right time in history, to resolve problems in the Middle East and bring peace, either by negotiation or blunt force.

It’s time to quit toying around the edges and solve the problems.

Who are our enemies?

Just when we think we’ve correctly identified Iran as the enemy, things get a little confusing. Take a look at the Crisis Group, which is like the Atlantic Council on steroids. Members include Alexander Downer, Admiral Mcraven, George and Alex Soros, and a laundry list of those who want to protect the Iran Deal, the Mullahs, and by extension, the Iranian Hedgemon. They even have a location in ….. wait for it……… Kiev, Russia.

Perhaps these are our real enemies? Those who enable people like Soleimani to harm the citizens of Iran and the USA with no equivocation. Take a look at the Board of Directors.

If we really wanted to get out of the Middle East, bring our troops home, wouldn’t it be easier without folks like the Crisis Group or Atlantic Council standing in the way? Or the media screaming?

Can’t help but think the Iraqis, Iranians, and Americans all have the same problem = the wrong people in charge and harming the people of their countries. Gosh, I want one of those pastries the Iraqis and Syrians made to thank Trump.

We can all speculate on the best way to “bring our troops home” or resolve conflict in the ME, but we would probably be wrong. We don’t have access to all the info, nor the expertise. We’re going to have to watch, wait, and trust Trump.

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Nice post (box of information thnx)

Gail Combs

Here is a bit more on Obama’s help at the expense of Americans. It is LONG because many of the articles have been stripped from the internet. I am archiving the information here so we have a more complete picture of what was done by our politicians to help the terrorists and harm Americans .
Hopefully everyone is aware of the Pakistani Awan Brothers who worked for the Democrats in IT and no doubt were busy stealing US secrets. Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller did many articles on the scandal.
His stories are here:
After 9/11 Americans got saddled with the ‘Patriot Act’ that resulted in the formation of Homeland Security. Obama GUTTED IT!
PHILIP HANEY: DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties
In 2009 “…jihadists planned to slaughter 290 innocent travelers on a Christmas Day flight from the Netherlands to Detroit, Michigan…

….President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots.”…
His words infuriated many of us because we knew his administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw material—the actual intelligence we had collected for years, and erase those dots. The dots constitute the intelligence needed to keep Americans safe, and the Obama administration was ordering they be wiped away….
in early November 2009, I was ordered by my superiors at the Department of Homeland Security to delete or modify several hundred records of individuals tied to designated Islamist terror groups like Hamas from the important federal database, the Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS). These types of records are the basis for any ability to “connect dots.” Every day, DHS Customs and Border Protection officers watch entering and exiting many individuals associated with known terrorist affiliations, then look for patterns. Enforcing a political scrubbing of records of Muslims greatly affected our ability to do that. Even worse, going forward, my colleagues and I were prohibited from entering pertinent information into the database.

And while possible Islamic terrorists are taken OFF the DHS ‘Watch List’ American Patriots are being put on!

April 16, 2009
“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she was briefed before the release of a controversial intelligence assessment and that she stands by the report, which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S…..”

Janet Napolitano was the head of DHS. Out of one side of her mouth she was stating: ” The terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland has continued to “evolve” and may now “be at its most heightened state” since the September 11, 2001”
Out of the other side of her mouth she is busy assuring Americans that the southern border is “more secure than ever”. So secure in fact that Homeland security is going to DECREASE the southern border patrol by “several hundred agents.”
Here was the reality on the border while she was in charge:
The original version:

To his right stands a steel wall, 20 feet high and reinforced by cement-filled steel piping. To his left another tall fence of steel mesh. Ten yards beyond, a shorter cyclone fence is topped with jagged concertina wire….
“This wall works,” says Mr. Bernacke. “A lot of people have the misconception that it is a waste of time and money, but the numbers of apprehensions show that it works.”
The triple-and double-layered fence here in Yuma is the kind of barrier that US lawmakers – and most Americans – imagined when the Secure Fence Act was enacted in 2006.
The law instructed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure about one-third of the 1,950-mile border between US and Mexico with 700 miles of double-layered fencing – and additionally through cameras, motion sensors, and other types of barriers – by the end of the year to stem illegal immigration.

Bankrolled by a separate $1.2 billion homeland security bill, the Secure Fence Act would, President Bush said in 2006, “make our borders more secure.” …

JAN 14 2011 — Napolitano Cancels Virtual Border Fence Project

Signaling a major shift from her predecessor, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Tuesday said she will spend $50 million of stimulus funds originally intended to build a “virtual fence” along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border on other more proven and cost-effective security technology.

So she pissed away the funds that were supposed to BUILD THE WALL.
Ms. Napolitano attempts to justify to lawmakers a 30 percent budget reduction for U.S. Customs and Border Protection…March 17, 2010
Administration Will Cut Border Patrol Deployed on U.S-Mexico Border – September 24, 2009

Even though the Border Patrol now reports that almost 1,300 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border is not under effective control, and the Department of Justice says that vast stretches of the border are “easily breached,” and the Government Accountability Office has revealed that three persons “linked to terrorism” and 530 aliens from “special interest countries” were intercepted at Border Patrol checkpoints last year, the administration is nonetheless now planning to decrease the number of Border Patrol agents deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border….
….the Obama administration on May 7 said the Border Patrol “plans to move several hundred Agents from the Southwest Border…

Local Officials: Border Crime On The Rise– January 6, 2011

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. — Authorities in Pinal County dispute the Federal Government’s assertion that the Arizona border with Mexico is more secure than ever…. Tim Gaffney said that Director of Homeland Security Janet Napaolitano’s statements that crimes related to immigration and drug smuggling issues are down is just not true. The numbers county officials provided in the release seem to back up Gaffney’s stance. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said it has seen a “dramatic” increase in vehicle pursuits, drug seizures and calls to U.S. Border Patrol agents to help deal with illegal immigrants….

Are Legalized Civilian Militia Groups the Answer to Arizona’s Border Security Problems? – January 03, 2011 —
“Three of the four border states are losing their National Guard troops”

Special Guest: Arizona State Rep.-elect Jack Harper
…. Jack, in 2007, you passed legislation to create a state-sanctioned militia here in Arizona. The then-governor, Napolitano, vetoed it….
HARPER: Well, you might have heard that three of the four border states are losing their National Guard troops now. And Arizona is supposed to lose the federally funded National Guard troops in June or July. Well, we’re going to get crushed once the National Guard’s off the border because ….. these forces in Mexico that smuggle illegal aliens and drugs into our country, they’re more concerned with the National Guard than they are Border Patrol. Border Patrol’s … under Janet Napolitano, and that’s not really an intimidating factor.
But a military uniformed person on the border makes a lot more sense. Now, using the Homeland Security Force volunteers to observe the border and the National Guard to react to incursions across our border is something that we’re going to explore,..
The first bill, though, to establish the Homeland Security Force, I believe I’m going to have bipartisan support again. And I don’t know that …. Governor Brewer will be opposed to that, like Governor Napolitano was….

It doesn’t take much to see that Janet Napolitano was lying through her teeth about our Mexican border security
The Obama Admin could not say they were unaware of the Islamic terrorists such as Hezbollah making inroads in South America.
Radical Islam makes inroads among Latin America’s Native peoples

2009, Colombian authorities dismantled a network of narcotraffickers linked to Islamist terrorists. Funds derived from the narcotrafficking are believed to have been diverted toc – an Islamist terror organization….
The growth of Hezbollah is due to the strategic alliance reached by enemies of the United States. These are President Ahmadinejad of Iran and President Chavez of Venezuela. The latter has expressed support for the Shiite Muslims in Iran and Syria and allows them free sway in Venezuela – an important source of petroleum to the U.S…..

2010 Hezbollah Terrorists On Our Southern Border

Gail Combs

To Continue….
Obama was not the first. As this Trump Hostile article shows, America Banned Moslems Long Before Trump
It was Ted Kennedy who did a complete revamp of the entire immigration system in 1965.
“… It ended 40 years of low immigration, got rid of solid numerical caps and opened up chain migration into every overpopulated country in the world, exploding annual immigration numbers…”
And it did not stop there. Numbers USA Lists all the laws pushed by Kennedy that landed us in the mess we have today.
Bush was as bad as Obama, whitewashing the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and kissing terrorist ass like a good little Dimmi.
George W. Bush after 9/11: “Islam is peace.”
Daniel Horowitz · May 11, 2015 — How many people in this country are aware of the fact that immigration from Islamic countries has doubled since 9/11? … the U.S. has issued 1,628,854 green cards to immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries from 2001-2013.
Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia provided the funding for the 9/11 ground Zero Mosque.
July 2016 Saudi government funded extremism in U.S. mosques and charities: report

“…Saudi Arabia was funding Muslim radicalism in mosques and charities at the time the Sept. 11, 2001…
To jihad watchers, the paper confirms their charges that the Saudi government and its wealthy citizens fund extremist teachings in America. To this day, the kingdom is pressing its harsh Wahhabi Sunni Islam on American Muslims as it seeks to spread Islam around the world, they say.
In the document, one Saudi who was receiving money from Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Riyadh’s ambassador to the U.S. at the time, made a startling statement to an FBI informant. The man, who had ties to some of the hijackers, told agents that it would do the U.S. no good to limit entry visas because a sufficient number of Muslims were already in the country to destroy it and create an Islamic state…

comment image

Wolf Moon


Gail Combs

Yeah, I wanted to make sure the background was available so people could see that American Politicians and the Fake News has been betraying the USA for YEARS. It wasn’t just Obama.

Plain Jane

Fab info Gail. TY.


comment image

Updated at 2:02 pm on January 6, 2020: This letter has been confirmed by Reuters but it is unsigned and makes no sense. Or, is this a head fake? Because the press corps would normally have a heart attack if we withdrew from Iraq? Update at 6:00pm Eastern time: For hours we wondered, but by the evening news, we received formal notice from the Pentagon……… “It was a draft letter, a mistake, never signed”, not released intentionally, a fake.

Personally, I think another leaker has been outed 😎


think you’re right about that michael!


DJT gets his best intel from the Orb Network (Six Countries’ Militaries). See-eye-a is allowed to hang around and think it is still like the glory days.
Ghaddafi was a US asset, doing everything he was asked to do. GWB (and his boys) flipped him. He was betrayed in the worst way and HRC thought it was cute.
I thought Kiev was in Ukraine. Maybe there’s two of them.

Gail Combs

“Kiev or Kyiv is the capital and most populous city of Ukraine.”
Even Snopes agrees: In 2015, the Russian government did ban Soros’ charities, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute, claiming they represented a threat to the country’s security. So Soros and his groups are NOT WELCOME in Russia.
The Ukraine on the other hand has been Soros playground for several years.


The world is on an Oil Economy.
The Middle East was not very important to the world…until Oil was discovered there.
Suddenly, a culture that still had one foot in the 10th century, was becoming fabulously wealthy.
The world will continue to be on an oil economy until we discover a better source of energy production.
Wind and solar power can never fulfill the daily needs of energy, not economically…or logistically.
This is why I am so excited about the renewed interest in Space Exploration.
Mining on the Moon and on asteroids, could lead to discoveries that will add to our Periodic Table…and provide us with new elements to create energy with.
We already know that there is an abundance of Helium3 on the Moon, from the samples that we brought back.
Research indicates that Helium3 can provide a source for clean fusion energy production.
China and Russia are in a race to get to the Moon to exploit the abundance of Helium3 there.
India is working to get in that race too.
Right now, we are still going to have to deal with the conflicts in the Middle East.
Oil will always have a value because of all the products that are derived from it.
But when we develop new sources of Energy…the Middle East problems will cease to have the importance that they have now.
We are so fortunate to have a VSG President who has gotten us back in the race to the Moon.

Wolf Moon

You’ve got me all excited about Helium-3 now! 😀


I read somewhere, I forget where, that some scientists think that Helium3 could even provide us with a fuel source for further space exploration.
Which would be way cool, if it turns out to be true.
We need a way to be able to travel faster.
Because until we do…it will take months & years, to get anywhere.


Hope ever’thing’s labeled correctly down at the moon warehouse freighter base:
“Helium-3: OK / passed for loading to Earth.
Ice-nine: NO! Do not load on any Earthbound vessel! VERBOTEN !

Gail Combs
CM in TN

I like the idea of Thorium reactors too…
It needs some more work to get there, but is an interesting alternative to our current reactors…

Gail Combs

I have been a fan of thorium for years.

Wolf Moon

First, a great post. I am right where you are, Daughn. All the way through, just checking off the boxes. One after another. We’re seeing this the same.
And threaded throughout you whole post, FUNNY WHAT OBAMA DID TO HELP THE MULLAHS EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yes. This is KEY.
Now – here is the solution – in my opinion – to understanding what’s going on here.
Not all will agree with me, but I thought hard about this now, and I circled back to the oldest explanation I have, once again.
In my opinion the Iranian mullahs and their obsession with destroying Israel are an extreme danger. But why does Russia back them? Why does Soviet tool Obama back them? Why do socialism-spreading Soros I and Soros II back them? For goodness sake, why do the DEMOCRATS back them? Why do these people either openly or secretly intervene to help Iran?
There is another group of people – part of the Trump base, and some in the Dem base (mostly Bernie supporters), who take a somewhat Russian-influenced anti-war approach to things, and want us OUT, no matter what happens to Israel. The left promotes this group, too, for people who can’t support Iran. The left also pushes their FAKE FLAGPOLE ANTISEMITES into that region, to build up real tag-along antisemites into that bloc – the (REAL) “white nationalists”. There are also a lot of libertarians in that group, too, as well as “alt-right”, anti-neocons, etc.
What is the effect of these two groups?
These two groups are designed to position Iran as a TOOL against Israel, either to help Iran or to not get in the way.
Who would want that?
The original opponents of Israel were not the Nazis. They were the SOVIETS.
Opposing Israel was the position of the ANTI-ZIONIST COMMUNISTS of the Soviet Union. Many of whom are/were secular, anti-religious, ethnic JEWS. But not all. The common link is SOVIET ANTI-ZIONISM.
The state of Israel was ANATHEMA to that group. They even constructed a REGION OF THE USSR (the Jewish Autonomous Region, in Siberia near China) to serve as an ALTERNATIVE TO ISRAEL. One of the biggest Soviet spies of the Manhattan project, communist George Koval, moved to the region and was recruited as a spy from there.
Note that PUTIN gave Koval a posthumous award in 2007.
I cannot say if Russia has shaken off the old Soviet hatred for Israel. There is certainly no love there, or if it appears that way, then I say it’s feigned. On the contrary, the Russians see Iran as quite usefully in their camp.
Nevertheless, I see this whole fight REALLY being about the “three *I* states” – Iran, Iraq, and Israel.
Trump wants to protect Israel from the point of view of RELIGIOUS Judaism and a permanent state of Israel, where Jews are always protected. A HOMELAND.
Obama and Iran oppose Israel from the COMBINED point of view of Sovietism, leftism, radicalized Islam, and whatever other forces THAT COALITION can coerce into either one of the two groups – IRAN-SUPPORTING INTERVENTIONISTS, or NON-SUPPORTING ANTI-INTERVENTIONISTS.
In the end, for them, it’s all about destroying Israel as WE know it.
Our side supports the existence of a Jewish state – or however Jewish it has to be to remain a HOMELAND for Jews. It CANNOT waver from that mission. To us, “never again” is achieved through a permanent homeland.
The other side does not care if Israel is once again torn apart, and Jews flee in a new diaspora. They say nice things about “Palestinians”, swearing that the destruction of Israel and the scattering of the Jewish people will never happen, but it’s MIND GAMES and LIES, in my opinion. The people who underlie it all KNOW what their goal is. The destruction of Israel.
The Soviets tried to radicalize Sunni Arabs against Israel, and it did not work in the long run. The Sunnis learned to live with Israel, although Soviet tool Obama tried to re-radicalize them, too, with his subversion of PSD-11 and his abuse of the Arab Spring.
But that’s over. The GCC, the orb, clean-up in the House of Saud, and other things are stabilizing the Sunni world against sneaky forces that want to turn them once again against Israel.
The mullahs and Iran are NOW the premier tool to accomplish the old Soviet dream of destroying Israel. THAT is the root of it all, IMO.
In my opinion, all other currents are chaff, distractions, downstream, and blow-back. The CORE PROBLEM nobody wants to talk about is saving Israel from the SNEAKY LYING BOLSHEVIKS – who want to destroy Israel but don’t have the GUTS to come right out and say it – but who are quite willing to “whoops” the mullahs into their sick and satanic existence – to let THEM be the tool that destroys Israel.

Wolf Moon

And right there is the explanation of the Higgins red-green axis.


A little primer for those of us not familiar with the red-green axis.

Wolf Moon

Thanks for that!

Wolf Moon

First of all remember that there are a lot of Jews IN the Soviets, and they all believe in the utopian ideal that Sovietism – Marxism – makes race and class go away – but ONLY through Sovietism. Zionism is going the WRONG WAY.
This is far less about antisemitism than it is a food fight between two groups of Jews and both of their assembled allies. This is a war between the highest form of antinational antireligious globalism (Soviets) and the highest form of pro-national pro-religious statism (Zionism). They are literally opposites in the sense of minimal versus maximal.
I think it goes back to the time of ascending ideologies in Europe – who hated who. It may not seem rational now, but ultimately I think it’s basic God vs. No God. Just like in Christianity, there is a deep division between radical atheists and fundamentalists, so in Judaism between non-religious ethnic Marxist Jews who see their own identity through race, and religious Jews who see religion as being much more important. I think Russian and European history drove the rest of the division.
The roots of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast really point out how DEEP that opposition was.
Soviet policies with respect to minorities and Jews
Although Judaism as a religion ran counter to the Bolshevik party’s policy of atheism, Vladimir Lenin wanted to appease minority groups to gain their support and provide examples of tolerance.[22]
In 1924, the unemployment rate among Jews exceeded 30%, partially as a result of pogroms[23] but also as a result of the policies of the USSR, which prohibited people from being craftspeople and small businessmen.[24] With the goal of getting Jews back to work to be more productive members of society, the government established Komzet, the committee for the agricultural settlement of Jews.[23] The Soviet government entertained the idea of resettling all Jews in the USSR in a designated territory where they would be able to pursue a lifestyle that was “socialist in content and national in form”. The Soviets also wanted to offer an alternative to Zionism, the establishment of Palestine as a Jewish homeland. Socialist Zionists such as Ber Borochov were gaining followers at that time and Zionism was a rival ideology to Marxism among left-wing Jews.[19] The location that was initially considered in the early 1920s was Crimea, which already had a significant Jewish population[19] Two Jewish districts (raiony) were formed in Crimea and three in south Ukraine.[23][25] However, an alternative scheme, perceived as more advantageous, was put into practice.[19]

I see Iran as the part of the iceberg floating on the surface. I think the whole thing is – deep down – really about the survival of Israel.


That is exactly what a French commentator said on a radio talk show just now.
He said that he is not a natural Trump supporter but that PDJT is well within boundaries to have taken this action.
He said he could not understand why French media and intellectuals are so anti-Trump but, at the same time, completely ignore Iran’s rabid opposition to Israel. (Of course, one of the show’s hosts talked over him.)
Thanks for this, Wolf.

Wolf Moon

You’re welcome! I would say more, but my wife is making me close up shop here and get some rest! 😉 Talk again later! 😀


Cool! Have a good night’s sleep.


“It may not seem rational now, but ultimately I think it’s basic God vs. No God.”
Wolfmoon, I believe you nailed it in sixteen words.
I think it all comes down to this. ALL OF IT.
Whether you are Christian, Jew, or other, I believe the Bible holds evidence of the work of a Higher Power. Other religious texts do, too. Even non-believers sense it, and work against it (or are used by others to do so). There are prophecies within the Bible that no human can truly understand.
Somehow, the position of Darkness in the world is dependent on the Jews remaining scattered. No homeland for them. It matters.
All the forces of evil in the world appear to me to work towards that ONE GOAL. I don’t claim to understand it all, but this feels like TRUTH to me.

Wolf Moon

Yes, I was thinking more about this last night. Pondering problems toward generality in a dream state is always useful. Systems can default toward DIFFERENT STABLE STATES and the future of humanity is UP FOR GRABS to varying extents. Certain points may be somewhat determined, but paths may not be completely determined.
Abrahamic monotheism (assumption of omnipotent onlooker and judge) and even more importantly Mosaic breakdown to fundamentals of individual human behavior underlying civilization (the LAW) are keys to one pre-eminent worldview which operates based on trusted institutions. That worldview cannot be wiped out without wiping out Judaism, which destruction lies at the CORE of the “War on Truth”, if you want to call it that.
The “architecture of truth and trust” is fundamental to what kind of civilization we are going to have. It really amounts to a symmetry fight. To me, the Jewish “assumption of God, watching and holding us to honesty versus our own derived rules” vs. the socialist “assumption of no god, nobody’s watching and holding us to honesty versus our own derived rules” are the core abstractions. Fights over interpretation of “the law” are what creates diversity in monotheism and branching from Judaism.
To me, the issue of Israel is more than just a fight for Judaism, or orthodox Jewry, but they are at the center. All monotheistic faiths, even Islam (IMO), have a stake in the survival of Israel as the caretaker of the origin of monotheism and God in reality and practice.
As an aside, I think that socialism’s greatest fix, if they don’t want to believe in God, would be to reformulate God as some abstract concept they can stomach as a socialist concept rebuking deception as a flawed tool of civilization and the ultimate bug in “scientific socialism”. At that point, their theories and practices converge toward monotheism, and we all “get it”.comment image
To me, the reason is simple. Calculus, like God, doesn’t exist as a material thing in this material world, but it exists, and thus we “discovered” the concept – “invented” it – whatever – I’m not picky. “It is that it is.” It is an abstraction which rules this world, and much, much more. Arguing about existence of these things is futile – it amounts to competitions in the misleading about what we mean by “exists” – how narrow we want to be to deceive ourselves or others.
God is an awesome assumption. Use it or lose everything. But be careful. It’s powerful.comment image


I love it.
God IS an awesome assumption. But an inevitable one, IMO, for anyone who is honestly observing the world, and being honest with themselves. Atheism is denial of the most fundamental truths and amazing evidence.
“In order to continue advancing their illogical arguments modern liberals have to pretend not to know things…” David Mamet
Atheism is pretending not to know many things, in my opinion. Liberals, Communists, socialists, and atheists, all birds from the same sorry flock, unable to see the forest for the trees.
Thank you for your wonderful exposition on the subject. Thought provoking, as usual.

Wolf Moon

Glad I finally read this reply, almost 9 months later, thanks to an archival search on PSD-11. What a great comment – and especially seeing that Mamet part! LOL! TOO TRUE!!!


Very Interesting, Wolfie. I was always under the impression, Jews in Europe were not allowed to own property, they amassed wealth and were “bankers and money lenders” and were hated for that by the general population as well. If the Soviets were going to allow them to be farmers, would that not have been a whole different job description from before and wouldn’t they be landowners as well? It a lot to wrap your head around…..

Wolf Moon

Europe’s historical mistakes just make me want to pull out my hair! 😀

Wolf Moon

Yeah, that is very interesting. Needs more attention, IMO!!!


Is it terrible that I find this somehow hilarious?


It would freak me out to even be on the same PLANE with that guy’s corpse!

Wolf Moon

Terrible? No – it’s natural.
I have so many mixed emotions. Hilarious, weird, sad, even sympathy-grabbing, which makes it then horrifying, too. In the end, it’s like a relative’s ashes. Many would refuse to let them ride “cargo”. I think that shows the fact that it’s just cultural. We view a flagged casket in cargo as “stately”. A highly openly emotional culture may view a “cargo ride” for the fallen as cold and contemptible.
Ultimately, it’s their right to do as they please, and I’ll respect it, even if weird by my standards.
The chasm between differently developed cultures is always a challenge.
In any case, with respect for the dead, I have no regrets in Trump taking out this guy who murdered THOUSANDS of innocent people as well as hundreds of honorable American and thousands of Iraqi combatants who simply tried to stabilize Iraq from the greedy errors of CRIMINALS.
My only regret is that it was not done with one of his own EFPs. THAT would have been true karma. This man fought against the pacification of Iraq, which would have been to the benefit of the Iraqi people, by supplying them with weapons that ultimately led to the deaths of thousands and thousands of Iraqis.comment image
Very easy to see in retrospect that Trump was right about Saddam vs. mullahs, and Daughn is right, about strong men in the Middle East. In their absence on the Iraq side, Iran did what Trump predicted. EXACTLY what he predicted. And which the criminals WANTED. And Soleimani was the TOOL that delivered it.
Iran may have a chance now not to be a tool of these contemptible criminals. We will see what happens when the MULLAHS ARE GONE.


Your lips to God’s ears, Wolf, about the Mullahs. They need to go.


Thank you for this post, Daughn. As always, really well done.


UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on Andrew Marr’s BBC morning news show on Sunday:

Also worthwhile is this reply. Not sure where the article about the Atlantic’s Coates came from. Looks interesting:


Deadly stampedes occur WHENEVER Islamists gather – at Mecca or a soccer match.
….kind of like shootings and stabbings at Ghetto BBQs, Birthday parties and honky tonks.


thanks for all the information and insights into this region–I confess to always being somewhat confused about the why’s of all the hatred over the entire region. it is a mess…centuries in the making…overcoming previous hatreds and beliefs will not be an easy task.
this is also an amazing time to be alive–to see if POTUS can help bring peace and stability to this area…sigh…and then hand the reins over to the region itself so we don’t have to police it.


I don’t think you made the wrong decision. it seems since he kept track of you, he could have made a decision to be with you many times. without declaring his love or intentions, he tried to tie you to him with YOUR feelings…selfish man. jmo tho

Wolf Moon

Agreed. I smell a world of trouble on this guy. No pun intended.


Shoulda, woulda, coulda, as my hubbie says, doesn’t change what is. Your being where you are and who you are have positively affected many people. You’re also entering a “new” phase in your life that’s natural as our chicks leave the nest. Sometimes skills that have been under utilized for a while come into play again, Sometimes we learn to do something new or further educate ourselves in an area we’re interested in. Look at GrandmainTexas, she’s going to culinary school!




“…a benevolent but fearless man like President Trump has the ideal persona for this moment in time.”
One of his skills is the ability to send out arrows of truth that hit the ‘bullseye’ of the matter, and effect a change for the better.comment image


REMEMBER WHEN….. the people of Egypt protested Hillrotten coming to Egypt and called her a terrorist and burned her in effigy!
HEH!!! A delicious memory…..


Glimmer of hope for Italy….


“Italy Deports Antisemitic Moroccan Imam Who Supported Islamic State”
Translation: Italy deports a lieutenant of the Borg Collective for openly working toward the definitive objective of what it is to be Borg, which is to conquer, frequently expressed this way: “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.”
It’s what the Borg do.
If they didn’t do that, they wouldn’t be Borg.
It is a pure predator, like a Great White Shark. It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be negotiated with, it can’t be bargained with.
Deporting one member of the Borg Collective is to misunderstand what the Borg Collective is. It is replacing one widget with another widget. It’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is removing one pawn on a chessboard of millions of pawns.
The replacement imam was already known before the current one left.
Nothing has changed.
In the Borg Collective, the status quo is always preserved, until or unless the Collective itself is removed.
With regard to the new replacement imam, the philosopher Daltrey said it best.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Wolf Moon

This meme is extremely educational. Must be re-posted 1000 times just to start.
I never knew we had a sensible act to KEEP FOREIGN INFLUENCE OUT.comment image


And to where was he deported?
Back to Morocco?
He won’t be there for long.
Being deported will accord him rock-star status, and he will be shuffled into a position of islamic leadership in some other country currently being targeted by the Borg.
Like transferring pedophile priests to a new diocese after they get caught, so they can victimize a whole new unsuspecting population, all that was accomplished by deporting this imam was to guarantee that hell is now coming to some new hapless and unsuspecting community, somewhere in the world.
Like a sanctuary city turning a serial killer loose — on someone else’s population.


Should drop him over the Atlantic or Pacific covered in shark bait.


Wonderful post, Daughn…thank you so much for the effort you put into it!
I think it was Rush’s program that I caught while in the car yesterday that said the Middle East is only Important because of the oil there. If we remove that importance (other sources, of which there are many), the area becomes like any other part of the world left to solve it’s own internal tribal conflicts and power struggles.
That’s a simplistic summary on my part, and now the concern is the nuclear weapons, etc., but I think basically he had the right idea of taking away their power and thus their importance.
The other thought I had while reading is how deliberately damaging Obama has been to our country. Others ahead of him, I’m thinking Carter, Ford, etc., all made some monumental mistakes but it was either poor advice or ineptitude. But, Obama’s reign was perilously close to evil that came dangerously close to succeeding. Hubby used to remark it was a wonder to him he wasn’t “removed” but I always said it was because it would make him a saint in the history books and it would be much better for him and his handlers to be exposed to the world. I hope that’s happening now.
IMO, Obama was a very useful tool but certainly not a major player (like Soros, for example) and will be thrown under the bus without hesitation if necessary, I’m not sure if his ego can take it and he might well disappear from public in the future, exiled to a luxurious tropical setting with lots of drugs and toys to keep him quiet.
Again, great research, Daughn…kudos!

Gail Combs

I am glad that piece of Dis-Info got shot down quickly.

Gail Combs

😂 GRIN 😂
Think Thomas Wictor…

Rodney Short

Wow Daughn this thread is amazing.

Rodney Short

We have the best commenters and writers on the internet.

Rodney Short

Y’all rock the QTreehouse and I love ya for it.


This is a good clarifying post with lots of information from you, Daughn, and excellent supporting information from many other supporting posters.
I skimmed the post and supporting posts from Gail last night, and am going through it again this morning. What I am seeing is basically supporting an already fulfilled Biblical prophecy. Israel was prophesied to have their homeland renewed, which it has been. The Bible does NOT say they will lose it again. Satanic forces are trying to destroy Israel, and what we are seeing today is a world wide battle of epic proportions, with factions from all sides pulling and pushing countries internally and externally to cement or destroy various alliances. (which is why Q reminds us to pray and don the spiritual battle armor.)
Why would the M00selems and Communists be in bed with each other? The commies value women more than the muzzies do, the commies don’t believe in any religion (except Communism), but they are both anti – Semitic and anti – Christian. They are both demonic in nature, as neither place a high value on human life, in general. They both want the destruction of Israel as a nation.
This IS an epic time to be alive, and the more I see, the more I know that the Lord is in control. “God wins” as Q says. Hopefully, we as a nation, can humble ourselves to be His servant, to be able to do battle on His behalf as He wills. We cannot support Him if we are arrogant and self righteous.

CM in TN

Came across this link yesterday on Steve Quayle’s site…


That was really interesting. I shared that with my hubbie, daughter and son-in-law after dinner tonight. What a wondrous thing it is to be alive to see some of the prophecies being fulfilled. It’s a time of some horrific things happening, but a lot of revival is taking place as well, and is affirmation of the Word and who He is.


Luckily this was still findable on the internet…Notice the date on it.
Boy Obama was a busy beaver over seas, yet not a word was said to by the Democrats. In fact very little fo this was on the news
America’s Secret War in 134 Countries
The deployment of US Special Operations forces is a growing form of overseas power projection.
By Nick TurseTwitter
January 16, 2014


There used to be ton of videos out there of people complaining about Obama droning thousands of innocent women & children. Then there a letter from Carter to Obama, very mad about Obama’s drone policyl


“But — we never removed the counterbalance to the force Saddam represented. Saddam was one side of the power struggle in the Middle East. Iran’s Mullahs, backed by IRGC was the other side. By removing Saddam, Iran became the bully on the block.”
And it is not possible to have done that without knowing it.
No different than removing one of two dominant and conflicting mafia families, and leaving the other intact. There is only one possible outcome, and everybody at the State Dept. and the president and his Cabinet either knew it, or they were criminally negligent on a scale that history has never even contemplated.
“In retrospect, most foreign policy experts recognized the problem of removing Saddam and “not planning for what comes afterwards”. ”
Not only in retrospect, but much more importantly, with premeditation and malice aforethought.
Or they were sub-grade morons with a collective IQ of zero.
What if there are no ‘foreign policy experts”?
What if there are only people on the take from various interested parties, and what if the foreign policy ‘experts’ exclusively represent the interests of those who are paying them off, and what if the only way to become a ‘foreign policy expert’ on the lucrative D.C. foreign policy circuit is to go to work for one of the various self-interested entities who pays to create whatever ‘narrative’ is needed to satisfy the MIC or their clients?
It’s hardly a stretch of the imagination, considering the entire Justice Department, FIB, IRS, CIA and State Dept. (to name only a few) were completely infiltrated and weaponized against the American People. Were the ‘foreign policy experts’ and ‘think tanks’ out of bounds and off limits to the usurpers and traitors?
Not even a tiny chance.
These are people playing at the highest levels for the highest stakes. It’s not possible that they didn’t know perfectly well what the results of removing one tyrant warring with another would be.
Whether that tyrant was Hussein (Saddam, not Soetoreo) or Gaddafi or any other.
For them to claim ignorance is to ASK for a war crimes trial for atrocities against humanity.
In politics, nothing happens by accident.
It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.” – Aubergine’s Razor
Consider the parties involved, the Bush family, Hussein, Clinton and all of their entourages.
What if the UniParty is simply ‘white collar’ organized crime on a global scale, and they wear different jerseys in public to maintain the illusion of competing interests when there are none?
When you start with the premise that our leaders have been Patriots who love America, nothing they have done makes any sense.
When you start with the premise that our leaders have been criminals and traitors, suddenly everything they have been done makes sense.
The simplest solution is most likely the right one.” – Occam’s Razor, paraphrased.

Wolf Moon

OMG, I’m getting Q at amazing levels right now. He always includes the SAUDIS right up there with the Rothschilds and Soros as “bad money” corrupting governments as needed. YUP. That’s how the whole Bush side was brought to heel. When they genuflected to Saudi money, they always bent in the direction the Cabal wanted, so they saw what the Cabal wanted them to see, and nothing else.

Wolf Moon

OMFG – this isn’t a gold mine. This isn’t a thorium mine. This is a UFO-powering moscovium mine. HOLY MACKEREL.
PSD-11 falls right into this. Down to the CORE, where it ignites and the whole Obama legacy goes SUPERNOVA.


That sounds like a good thing…

Wolf Moon

It is. TREASON now has a NAME that leads right to Obama and Jarrett.


Can’t wait! (Guess I’ll have to!)


There was one other thing about removing Saddam after 9-11. He was one ruler for whom no one wanted to die protecting him. Only after the US had ME territory did the terrorist come to Iraq to attack us.
My point: The US got easy entry to take over a big important ME nation.
At that point, with armies in Afghanistan on its east and Iraq on its west, Iran and all of militant, expansionist, jihadi, imperial Islam, should have expected all out war against it from the USA. Utter armed defeat of militant Islam.
What is the enemy who hates us and aims to defeat us, and conquer and rule us?
Well, this one, Islam, we can defeat now, so let’s do that now. The armies are in position.
The other enemy, the Cabal / Communists? Let’s take away their Islam weapon first, then attack the Cabal.
I wonder if Donald Trump ever had these thoughts.


Thanks to Daughn, Gail, Scott, der Vooolf! and everyone !! Reading your posts gives me gratitude.
Oh brave new world – that has such people in it !


Iranian *Special Forces * demonstrate their skills in Vase Breaking..
Kung-Foo style.. 😉
(I know, I know,,, from 4 years ago, but still!)
It tells you “something”..
WHO,, is that I see,,, Watching? 😉
It’s really no joke. I remember a platoon almost got ambushed by a group of vases while in Afghanistan.
We were lucky to have made it out alive. XD 😉 😉


I think I see the reason over here.
Looked like old white vases, obviously from the Boomer Dynasty.


Al Assad air base taking missile fire from Iran right now per Fox.


Also targeted Erbil.

Wolf Moon
Plain Jane

Great thread DNW. Great comments and input here. Have to finish reading tomorrow, then re-read everything. THANK YOU DNW, WOLFIE and All.