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Part One of the town hall will feature Faulkner and Hemmer interviewing members of the coronavirus task force about the latest developments from the pandemic.

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Our guy is a machine. One to two hour pressers every day, WH Staff and Task Force working 20 hour days, MSM complaining cuz they’re working too hard, FDA working on Trump Time, Mnuchin is riding herd over the Senate, and the response from the nation’s CEO’s is spectacular. Our President has pushed the bureaucrats hard and the results are impressive.

President Trump lives in the land called “No Excuses”, with the suburbs of “Get it Done” and “Failure is Not An Option”.

If Hydroxychloroquine + ZPack cocktail works, President Trump will save the world and the media is losing their mind over the prospect…….. cuz it works (and if this one doesn’t, we have Remdesivir and others as a backup).

AND, going into the election, we will have a President who can even defeat INVISIBLE enemies such as a Chinese virus. AND we have all the video and audio of Governor Newsom, Governor Cuomo, Governor Inslee, and even Bill DeBlasio singing the praises of President Trump…….. when the media told us he was an evil Orange Man. Oh yeah…… he’s Orange alright.

Transcript Link found here: https://publicpool.kinja.com/subject-remarks-by-president-trump-vice-president-pen-1842479276

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
March 24, 2020


Rose Garden

12:55 P.M. EDT

Q In the next hour, joining us to talk about all of that, President Trump. And still with us, Vice President Mike Pence; the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx; and the Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams. And welcome and thank you for being here.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Bill.

Q Unusual circumstances, where you’re trying to communicate with the American people and we’re trying to maybe bring the American people a little closer to you and get some answers.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that’s true.

Q To you, Mr. President, when was the moment that you thought, “We got to move on this”?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think when I started seeing and reading about China, and seeing what was going on in China — Wuhan, specifically. It seemed to come mostly out of there — that area, the province.

And when I saw that, and I saw the kind of death they were, you know, talking about on television, in the papers, and I started reading a lot about it. And, really, when I had to make a decision: Do I stop people from China and specifically that area — but from China — to come into the country? And everybody was against it. Almost everybody, I would say, was just absolutely against it. We’ve never done it before. We never made a decision like that.

Q Did somebody come to you with a bit of information, a piece of data? Was it a world leader? Was it a member of your own team? What was it?

THE PRESIDENT: No. No. It was instinct. No. We had a large group of people right behind me in the Oval Office. And I made it — I consulted with Mike. But we made a decision. I made a decision to close off to China. That was weeks early. And, honestly, I took a lot of heat. Sleepy Joe Biden said it’s xenophobic. I don’t know if he knows what that means, but that’s okay. He said it’s racist, what I did.

Thousands and thousands of more people — probably tens of thousands would be dead right now if I didn’t make that decision. And I must say, doctors — nobody wanted to make that decision at the time. It was very, very early. Call it luck or call it talent; it doesn’t matter. We made a great decision.
I took a lot of heat from China. They weren’t happy with it. Now they understand it, and they’ve really — you know, we’re doing just fine. But they were not happy with it.

Q We’re bringing it to —

THE PRESIDENT: I took a lot of heat from a lot of people.

Q Bringing the conversation to present day, in the past day and a half you got a lot tension for this: a tweet that, I think, went out late at night. You said, “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”

THE PRESIDENT: I really didn’t get —

Q So you start to look at this 15-day period, which will come to us —


Q Day 15 is next Monday. Today, arguably, day 9. What are you trying to gauge, as to how you can open the country back up again?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. When you say I took a lot of heat for that essentially, I really didn’t. I mean, a lot of people agree with me. Our country is not supposed to be — you know, it’s not — it’s not built to shut down. Our people are full of vim and vigor and energy. They don’t want to be locked into a house or an apartment or some space. They — it’s not for our country. We’re not — we’re not built that way.

And I said, you know, I don’t want the cure to be worse than the problem itself — the problem being, obviously, the problem. And you know, you can destroy a country this way, by closing it down, where it literally goes from being the most prosperous — I mean, we had the best economy in the history of our country three weeks ago. And then all of a sudden, we’re supposed to shut it down. And then we’re supposed to pay people not to go to work. We never had that. We used to pay people to go to work when we had — when we had a problem.

Q Right. But this is a government order to go and ahead stay home. It’s tricky though when you try and turn the faucet back on.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, it’s very tricky.

Q New York could be different from Utah.

THE PRESIDENT: It is. It is.

Q Louisiana could be different from Arizona. So how do you go about making that decision here?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you have to make the decision. Look, we lose thousands — I brought some numbers here. We lose thousands and thousands of people a year to the flu. We don’t turn the country off — I mean, every year.
Now, when I heard the number — you know we average 37,000 people a year. Can you believe that? And actually, this year we’re having a bad flu season. But we lose thousands of people a year to the flu. We never turn the country off. We lose much more than that to automobile accidents. We didn’t call up the automobile companies and say, “Stop making cars. We don’t want any cars anymore.” We have to get back to work.

Now, with all of that being said, it’s incredible what the American people have done and — and, honestly, the American people have learned. We’ve all learned together, between the shaking of the hands and the washing of the hands. Well, I used to wash my hands, and I always wash my hands a lot. I never was a big believer in shaking hands. Once I became a politician, you shake hands and you get a little bit used to it. Like, immediately, when I see you, I sort of apologize that I’m not shaking your hand, if you don’t mind.

Q Well, we exchanged air elbows, which is — seems to be the thing —

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. I don’t even like to do — I never like to see that actually, but —

Q Yeah, right now on Capitol Hill, you — you’ve got members of the Senate debating a $2 trillion bill.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, more than that.

Q I mean, did you think that it — it blows away the ability for us to imagine that they could pass legislation in excess of $2 trillion. Now, who knows what’s behind the curtain there? Who knows what is stacked into $2 trillion?


Q How much concern do you have —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we canceled the deal last night —

Q — that you could be facing criticism that President Obama faced in — in 2009, about sweetheart deals for certain companies as Democrats would argue?

THE PRESIDENT: Sure. I canceled the deal last night. I said, “I’m not going to say that deal.” Because Nancy Pelosi came in and put a lot of things in the deal that had nothing to do with the workers, that had to do with an agenda that they’ve been trying to get passed for 10 years.

And I came in — I told Mike, I told a lot of people, “There’s no way I’m signing that deal.” I was getting calls from John Kennedy, from Ben Sasse, from many, many people — Lindsey. I was getting calls from a lot of different people, saying this deal — Tom Cotton — this deal is terrible, what they’ve done.

They took a deal — you know, we almost had a deal, the day before. And it was between Schumer and Mitch. And it was really a good, solid deal. All of a sudden, they start throwing all of the little Green New Deal stuff in, right? And — the boardrooms, what they look like. And, “We want green energy. We want all this stuff. Let’s stop drilling oil.”

They had things in there that were terrible. Windmills all over the place and all sorts of credits for windmills. They kill the birds and ruin the real estate, right? A lot of problems. I mean, a lot of problems. And I said, “I’m not signing this deal.”

Q But $2 trillion dollars, it’s —

THE PRESIDENT: Now they’ve renegotiated it.

Q It’s hard to avoid some of those trapdoors, you could argue.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, but we have great things for not only companies — forget the companies. The companies are nothing other than they are an employer of thousands and thousands of people. And they pay them very well. We want to protect our workers. I want to protect our workers. Workers first.

But you have to protect companies like Boeing. They had a real bad year — let’s face it — with the problems, and they were in trouble before this. And then, all of a sudden, this happened. We can’t lose a Boeing and we can’t lose some of these companies. And companies — frankly, Bill — that were solid as — like, AAA companies. Because of what’s happened over the last couple of weeks, they go from AAA to being, like, they could use a hand.

Q Tough time.

THE PRESIDENT: We can’t — right. We can’t lose those companies. If we lose those companies, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of jobs. Millions of jobs. The faster we go back, the better it’s going to be. We have a pent-up energy that’s going to be unbelievable. We’re going to bring it back fast; I really believe that.

Q I’ve got a lot more questions. And my — so does my colleague, Harris Faulkner. I’ll allow her to rejoin the conversation now.

THE PRESIDENT: She’s great.

Q Harris?

THE PRESIDENT: Do I have an earplug here?

Q I’ll help you out with that.

THE PRESIDENT: If I could do that —

Q Go ahead, Harris. I’ll — I’ll relay and translate.


Q Hello, Mr. President. So good to see you today. This will be a little bit to relay. I understand you guys are going back and forth on the economy and employers, but more than 66 percent of people are employed by small businesses. The VP talked a little bit about this. We hear you dropping big companies’ names. The question here is, how do you shore up both as you look forward?

Q The question is a good one. And it’s pointed — you’re talking about Boeing, and yet you’ve got — what? — two thirds of American businesses are small businesses.


Q And you think about what they’re trying to do, in terms of adjusting to this new reality that’s been thrown on them. What will you do for small business?

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, well, first of all, I have to say that Harris is one of my favorite people. And I didn’t hear a word she said, and I was hoping it wasn’t too devastating a question. But she is a fantastic person, I have to say that, okay? Now, that I’ve said it, because I can’t hear Harris —

But, no, the bill is very much focused on the small-business person. It’s very much focused on small companies, including restaurants and all sorts of small companies.

And what people don’t realize — you know, you’re talking about these massive — we have the greatest companies in the world. You talk — you add them all up and the small businesses are just about equal in size to these massive companies, of which we have many also.

It’s the engine of our country: small business. This bill is absolutely aimed at the small business and the worker, and the workers of those small businesses. And the owners — the owners are going to need help. They’re going to need some loans. They’re going to need things. And we’re going to be able to take care of them because we don’t want those small businesses to go out of business, nor do we want the big businesses to go out of business.

Q When they said, “Mr. President, we got to shut this down,” how hard did you push back?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I’ll tell you, I never heard of such a thing. We’ve had flus where we lose 36,000. We’ve lost as many, I guess, as 78,000 people in one year. And they came in and they said to me, “Sir, we’re going to have to close the country.” I said, “What are you talking about?” “Well, we have a virus. It’s coming in.”

And I knew that, and I made the early decision with China. So, I already — already closed it off to China, and that was a long time before they came in. But they came in — experts — and they said, “We’re going to have to close the country.” I said, “We’ve never closed the country before. This has never happened before. You’re going to — you’re saying…” I said, “Are you — are you serious about this? We are going to take this country that’s fully employed, where we have 160 million people working, and you’re telling me we have to close it and people are going to go out of business and they’re going to go bankrupt and they’re not going to have jobs? What are we talking about here?”

This — don’t forget, this has never been done. We’ve had flus before. We’ve had viruses before. So this is something new. And this is why I say we have to — I gave it two weeks and — you know, I guess, by Monday or Tuesday, it’s about two weeks. And we’ll assess at that time and we’ll give it some more time if we need a little more time. But we have to open this country up.

Q But when they came to you and had that conversation with you, how long did it take you to accept that new reality?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I — look, I accept things. I understand things very quickly. I mean, I — I understood exactly what they were saying, but we can socially distance ourselves and go to work. And you’ll have to work a little bit harder and you can clean your hands five times more than you’re used to. You don’t have to shake hands anymore with people. That might be something good coming out of this. Although I must tell you, as a politician, it’s a lot warmer when you walk into a crowd and you’re shaking a lot of people’s hands. You love those people.

Q I’d agree with you on that.

THE PRESIDENT: They love me and I love them, you know. But — but it is a little bit colder. But you won’t be shaking hands for at least a while and things will happen. But we have to put the country to work.

Look, you’re going to lose a number of people to the flu, but you’re going to lose more people by putting a country into a massive recession or depression. You’re going to lose people. You’re going to have suicides by the thousands. You’re going to have all sorts of things happen. You’re going to have instability. You can’t just come in and say, “Let’s close up the United States of America.” The biggest — the most successful country in the world by far.

You know, when I came in, when I was elected — and you knew this number — China was going to overtake us in the year 2019. Wasn’t even close. We went way up, and they didn’t. We’ve done great. They pay us a fortune in tariffs and everything else. And yet, we have a good relationship with them. We just signed a trade deal. But we’re the number one in the world by far.

And now a few people walk into the Oval Office and say, “Sir, we have to close up the country.” I said, “What are you…” I said, “What are you talking about?”

Q And that — and that, Mr. President, must have been a very difficult thing to accept.

THE PRESIDENT: One of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made, because I knew that, when you do it, as soon as you do it, you’re going to drop — I mean, they’re talking about 20 or 25 points of GDP. Nobody’s ever heard of 25 points. If we went down a point, that’s a big deal. Now, all of a sudden, you’re basically turning off the country. I said, “This has never been done before. What are you talking about?”

But we understand it; you have hotspots. But we’ve had hotspots before. We’ve had horrible flus. I mean, think of it: We average 36,000 people. Death. Death. I’m not talking about cases, I’m talking about death — 36,000 deaths a year. People die — thirty-six [thousand] — from the flu. But we’ve never closed down the country for the flu. So you say to yourself, “What is this all about?”

Now —

Q How did you —

THE PRESIDENT: It’s never been done.

Q How did you process that?

THE PRESIDENT: Not good. I wasn’t happy about it. And I also knew that I had to do it beca- —

Look, with Turkey — I give this as an example — and Syria, I said, “Sign a deal with the Kurds. Make peace.” Erdogan, he didn’t want to. He’s a — he’s a man who loves Turkey. And I have a very good relation- — I said, “Sign a deal.” He didn’t really want to, the Kurds didn’t really want to, and it went on — you know, the so-called Safe Zone, the — recently, a few months ago.

I said, “Sign a deal. Do me a favor: Sign a deal. Get it done.” They didn’t really want to. All of a sudden, they start fighting — fighting, fighting, fighting. And it vicious. And other countries got involved. Now I say, “Let’s sign a deal.” They said, “Okay. We’ll sign a deal.” We needed a period because I don’t think — if I would have not done it, we would have been unbelievably criticized for not doing it. But it’s never been done before.

Q One more —

THE PRESIDENT: Bill, somehow the word got out that this is the thing we’re supposed to be doing. Now, we’ve had some really bad epidemics and other things — I mean, we’re calling this a “pandemic,” but we’ve had bad epidemics. I’m sure they could have been called pandemics. But we never did a thing like this before. But I had to do it. It’s been very painful for our country and very destabilizing for our country, and we have to go back to work, much sooner than people thought. And people can go back to work and they can also practice good judgment.

Q One last question then we’ll get back to our viewers here, too. A month ago, the CDC had an initial test that failed. At that moment in late February, you said, “It’s perfect.” And it wasn’t perfect. So what happened there in the early stages —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, what I was said was —

Q — in late February?

THE PRESIDENT: What I said was perfect was my conversation with the head of the Ukraine. That’s what I really said is perfect, okay? That was another whole scandal, nonsense — a total, you know, witch hunt.

But this one is a much different thing. We had other administrations — not just the last one — they built up a platform. They built up a test. But the test was no good. It didn’t handle large numbers of people. It was okay for a very small group, but not for a large group. So we had to break it down —

Q So then, did the CDC screw up or did you screw up? Or —

THE PRESIDENT: No, I — we did not screw up —

Q Or where did this go wrong?

THE PRESIDENT: — and I don’t think CDC screwed up either. They had a test that would have worked for a small group of people — in other words, for a normal problem. I don’t think anybody could have — in all fairness to CDC — and this is a big government agency and there are very good people in there. But nobody ever expected a thing like this. Nobody would say that millions and millions of people would have been tested.

So what we did is we broke that egg, we broke that system, and we’ve created a new system that now we’re doing unbelievably big numbers and it’s set for the future, should we ever need it again. I hope we don’t need it again.

Q Thank you for your time. We’re going to bring the others in, as well, in a moment.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Good.

Q Thank you for being patient. We will get to you. We have so many questions, not only from our network, but from millions of people all across the country.

So, your questions in a moment here as we continue live in the Rose Garden at the White House with the President and his task force in Washington.

(Commercial break begins.)

(Commercial break ends.)

Q Welcome back to our Fox News Virtual Town Hall with President Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force. Excited to finally get to be able to talk one on one with him now. We got our tech problems worked out.

I want to first ask you, Mr. President, about the idea of the political division that’s going on on Capitol Hill. You’re talking about these bills — this phase one, two, and three of the stimulus bill — like they’re going to fix so much with the economy, and people are literally fighting like cats. I mean, what can you do to bring them together?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think they’re actually coming together. We had a bill that — it was done the other night and then, all of a sudden, somebody else injected herself in and all of — we didn’t have a — we didn’t have anything that was even remotely signable.

But now I hear, just from a few minutes ago, that they’re doing well. And it’s for the workers, it’s for the people of the country. And I hear they’re doing pretty well, so we’ll see how it comes out. But it should have been — well, it’s like — I watched Governor Cuomo, and he was very nice. We’re building them hospitals. We’re building them medical centers. And he was complaining about — we’re doing probably more — definitely more for — than anybody else.

And he was talking about the ventilators, but he should have ordered the ventilators. And he had a choice; he had a chance. Because right here — I just got this out — that he refused to order 15,000 ventilators. I’ll show this to Bill, but — take a look at that, Bill. What does that say?

Q Is this social distancing here? (Laughs.)

Q Go ahead and read it to us.

THE PRESIDENT: This says that New York Governor Cuomo rejected buying recommended 16,000 ventilators in 2015 for the pandemic — for a pandemic; established death panels and a lotteries instead.

So he had a chance to buy, in 2015, 16,000 ventilators at a very low price and he turned it down. I’m not blaming him or anything else, but he shouldn’t be talking about us. He’s supposed to be buying his own ventilators. We’re going to help.

But, you know, if you think about — if you think about Governor Cuomo, we’re building him four hospitals. We’re building him four medical centers. We’re working very, very hard for the people of New York. We’re working along with him, and then I watch him on the show, complaining. And he had 16,000 ventilators that he could have had at a great price and he didn’t buy them.

Q Yeah. And I hear you going back and forth. And Governor Cuomo has talked, in recent days, that you regularly talk and have a good relationship. And so, we will follow the news as you’re bringing it to us there — right there in the Rose Garden.

I want to get to a viewer because the people’s voice is so huge right now and always, Mr President. Joyce submitted a question from Facebook about the stimulus checks. Let’s watch and I want to get your reaction.

VIEWER: I am fortunate; I can continue to work. I can telecommute. There are people who are losing jobs. They’re losing an entire income for a household. And rather than receive a check, I would just like to pay it forward and have the government pass mine on to someone else.

THE PRESIDENT: Wow, is that great? Well, you obviously come from West Virginia and I love that state. And thank you very much, Joyce. I’ll tell you what: That’s great. I wish we had more people like Joyce, I will tell you.

But, you know, it’s going to be a substantial amount of money — around $3,000 for a family of four and — assuming it all gets done, assuming we can get the Democrats to sign it. But it’ll be great.

But, Joyce, I think that’s such a nice gesture. Really, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Q Well, and you just said, right when you and I began talking a few minutes ago, that, you know, almost in breaking-news fashion, it looks like the juggernaut might be moving on Capitol Hill to try to push towards that stimulus bill.


Q So, we’ll be watching for that.

You know, Mr. President, I’m watching the Dow as you have been talking — and, formerly, the Vice President. It’s up by more than 1,500 points. What do you watch for each day? I mean, are you keeping your eye on that? Is it — is companies calling you — small and large? Like, what is your barometer that, “Okay —


Q — things are in trouble or things are doing better”?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think the Dow was helped by the fact that they — you know, there were theories that we were going to stay out for four or five months, and you can’t do that, as a count- — you’d destroy our country if you need a thing like that.

And we’re going to be opening relatively soon. And we are — our time comes up on Monday or Tuesday, our — you know, the allotted two weeks, but we’ll stay a little bit longer than that. But we want to get open very soon. I think that was a big reason it’s gone up.

I also think that the fact that the Senate and the House, I — we seem to be getting along as much as you can get along. We seem to be getting along now on a — on a bill. I think that maybe had even less of an impact than the fact that we’re opening up this incredible country — because we have to do that. I’d love to have an open by Easter. Okay?

Q Oh, wow. Okay.

THE PRESIDENT: I would to have it open by Easter. I will — I will tell you that right now. I would love to have that — it’s such an important day for other reasons, but I’ll make it an important day for this too. I would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by Easter.

Q That’s April 12th. So we will watch and see what happens.


Q I’m going to toss it back to my cohort, Bill.

Q Thank you, Harris. That would be a great American resurrection — (laughs) — two and a half-plus weeks from now.

THE PRESIDENT: (Laughs.) That’s very good.

Q So, Dr. Birx, a series of questions on the medical front here. I want to go to Allison from Indiana — appropriately so, Mr. Vice President — who has a question, by way of Facebook, about possible mutation. Watch.

Q My question is this: If you were to get the coronavirus, can it mutate and can you get it again?

Q Dr. Birx?

DR. BIRX: So, that’s a great question and a very smart question. Because it’s an RNA virus, it can mutate and it constantly mutates. But what has been pretty good about the coronaviruses in general is they keep their structural pieces very similar. What do I mean by that? There’s certain — the outer coat, the envelope, and the inside part of the virus has stayed very constant. It’s even very similar to SARs, which we haven’t seen since 2003.

And so, we — what has been picked for sites, both for the vaccine and for monoclonal antibodies, are very much those constant sites. And we believe that anybody who becomes positive and makes effective antibody — because there are some people who can’t make as good of antibody as others — but if you make effective antibody, you shouldn’t get re-infected.

Q The way it was described to me — and correct the medical positioning of this question — but the virus is trying to figure out a way to survive. And that’s where it moves around and it mutates.

Now, in Singapore, there was a headline earlier today suggesting a possible second wave in that island nation. How do you — how do you gauge that at this point?

DR. BIRX: Well, remember, in Singapore, they took the President’s guidelines and the executed them very early because they could see China next door. And so, they saw those and they implemented those guidelines. So, very few people became infected in Singapore.

Because so few people have been infected, you don’t have what they called “herd immunity.” And so, until we get through this current pandemic, this — if it has seasonality, which we hope and believe it could — if it gets through this current season, it will be in everybody’s best interest to do as the President has recommended — our work on additional vaccines, our work on additional therapeutics, in really getting to both pre- and post-prophylaxis so that the healthcare providers can get — get a shot, potentially, that will protect them. We would call it “pre-exposure prophylaxis.”

All of those things are being worked on to prepare us for the next season. We’re — so, we’re focused today on what we need today and to go — get through this current epidemic. And then we’re also getting prepared in case it comes back in the fall, or in case it comes back in the fall of 2021, when we’d have a vaccine.

Q I’m going to bring the Surgeon General on this. And to both of you, I’ve been listening to you very carefully for weeks now. And what you’ve said is, we want to be the model of South Korea. Well, South Korea has “flattened the curve,” to borrow a phrase, and their death rate is about 1.2 percent. This morning, here in the U.S., our death rate was right around that same mark: 1.3 percent.

To the Surgeon General, what does that tell you? Or how much do you consider the death rate here at home when we try and make decisions for ourselves?

SURGEON GENERAL ADAMS: Well, thank you for that, Bill. I think there are a couple of important things for the American people to remember. The first one is that, when you look at the data here in the United States, of all the people who we’ve tested so far, only about 90 percent of those — well, 90 percent of those folks do not have the coronavirus; they test negative. So, most people, even when they have cold and flu symptoms, do not have coronavirus. Number one.

Number two, 98, 99 percent of people are recovering. So people need to understand that, yes, some people will get coronavirus in many communities across America, but that most of them will recover. That — that’s very important for people to understand.

And beyond that, we’re trying to help people understand the importance of stopping the spread. And the President — when he, nine days ago, listened to his health — his health providers — his health — his health consultants, he said, “What do we need to do right now?” And we said, “We need to lean into this next two weeks to stop the spread and then we need to reassess.”

And one thing I can tell you for certain is that I’ve been on the task force for three weeks, and the President listens to Tony Fauci. He listens to Dr. Birx. He listens when I or Dr. Carson or Dr. Hahn or Dr. Redfield speak up. And he also listens to the governors. And so we will assess at the end of the 14 days and we’ll figure out the most appropriate thing to do. And based on my experience in the task force so far, the President will make an appropriate decision based on all the data.

Q Thank you for that answer. Is everything cool with you and Dr. Fauci? He was not there —

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, absolutely.

Q He wasn’t there last night for —


Q — the briefing. He’s not here today.

THE PRESIDENT: Because he has other things to do. No, we get along very well.

Q Your relationship is good.

THE PRESIDENT: I think it’s been very good. You would have heard about it if it wasn’t. I mean, it — every time he does — he’s not at a meeting — and sometimes other people, too — they said, “Why isn’t Dr. Birx at a meeting? Is there a problem?” And I said, “Deborah, could you please come to the meeting? Do you mind? Because…” (Laughter.)

No, they — they — you know, I have — I respect all of these people. These are great people. And Deborah is extraordinary and Tony is extraordinary. I get along with all of them. But if there’s — you know, they have other things to do.

And, yesterday, we weren’t really talking about what he’s an expert on. We were talking about other things — a lot of other things. And, you know, they — I don’t think they should be at every press conference.

Q So, you’re good? That’s the point.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, we’re fine. We’re fine.

Q Dr. Birx, early on, you said the massive amount of testing in South Korea — 96 percent, to the Surgeon General’s point — 96 percent came back negative. I think that’s an important point to convey again to the American people.

Noah from Maryland has a question now. His question is about healthcare workers on the frontlines of this pandemic here.

VIEWER: Now, my mother is a nurse. She works in the healthcare field. What do you and your team plan to do to help healthcare workers that are putting themselves at risk every single day as a result of the coronavirus?

Q Excellent question. Dr. Birx, do you want to take that?

DR. BIRX: Yeah that’s — I love that question because my mother is a nurse. She’s 91 now, so she’s not practicing. But I think we have to remember: In a majority of hospitals, in a majority of places, it is the nurses that are on the frontlines. They’re the ones working every moment with the patients to ensure that they do well. They’re the ones at the bedside. They’re the ones providing comfort. They’re the ones providing the medical interventions. And they are our first priority. It is why we worked so hard to get the protective — personal protective equipment out there.

But I think what we didn’t often talk about is, we’re really — with the changing guidelines for testing, that is going to free up all of that personal and protective devices that were being utilized for testing back into the hospitals and the clinics for our nurses and doctors. And that’s going to make millions of more masks and PPE, as we call it, available to the hospital workers who need it the most because now people can self-test.

SURGEON GENERAL ADAMS: And, Bill, can I jump in on that really quickly? I want people to know that I’m a still-practicing anesthesiologist at Walter Reed. The Vice President and I, we first met during Ebola. And I went into the hospital. I put on PPE. I know how scary it is, even when you have the proper equipment, to deal with an infectious disease. And I’m getting texts, phone calls, messages from people all across the country.

And I want healthcare workers of America to know: We are fighting for you each and every day to make sure you get what you need from the stockpile, to make sure you get what you need from manufacturers across America, to make sure you’re getting decreased demand — which is why we put out our new guidelines on elective surgeries. Because it’s not just about increasing the supply; we aren’t going to supply our way out of this problem, as important as supply is. We need to also lower demand by decreasing unnecessary usage of PPE.

And a game changer that just came out, just this week, was the new FDA self-swabs. And the Vice President and the President have talked about that. That will utilize less PPE. So, we’re working on making sure supply gets where it needs to, and FEMA is doing a great job of that, but lowering demand —

Q How can — but how can someone watching this right now acquire a self-test?

SURGEON GENERAL ADAMS: Well, right now, the FDA is making that more available. We’ve seen testing increase in real numbers. When you look at last week, from Monday to Friday, the amount of testing increased tenfold. So we’re seeing testing increase. The concern is that it’s actually using up more PPE, which is why we want to prioritize testing for the people who are most in need — the healthcare workers, the people who are vulnerable — and why we’re pushing. The FDA has lowered barriers like none other to make sure we can get these new testing modalities available that use less PPE and do more tests.

Q Thank you for that. Back to Harris now, with another question. Harris.

Q All right, actually, you know what? I want to stay on this home-testing kit topic for just a second with Dr. Birx. You know, the home test, who — is there a place where people check a box and say I’m positive or not? How are you going to keep up with people who test themselves? And you need that information, Dr. Birx, to know where the clusters are in the country. That’s part of why you would do it.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: It’s not a home test.

DR. BIRX: Great. So it’s not a home test; it’s a self-test. So what do I mean by that? I mean, the individual can drive up, receive the items — because, again, we still want to just test people with fever and symptoms that really need to be tested. They can self-swab the front of their nose, put it in the container, then the person can collect it with gloves — gloves alone — with the biohazard bag and get it in.

I just want to speak to the Americans for just a second though. We have to ensure that we still are testing, even though, probably by today, we will have done more tests than South Korea did in eight weeks in the last eight days.

In the last eight days, we’ve done more testing than South Korea. But we did that because we transformed the testing process, as the President spoke to. But we don’t want people, who are just worried, to go get tested. If you don’t have a persistent fever, if you don’t have a cough, if you’re not in the risk group, if you’re not a nurse or doctor, we really want the testing and the drive-through testing, and the testing that is provided in the cities, to be very much still focused on the people who need it.

Q Got it.

DR. BIRX: Because there’s only so much even those high-throughput machines are doing. They’re doing about 50-, 60-, 70,000 tests a day now. They could get potentially to 150,000 a day, but we want to make sure we’re testing in the areas that really have the problems.

Q All right, and knowing the difference between the home and —

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Yeah, Bill, it’s one of the things — just to amplify that point, if I may.

Q Go right ahead.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Yeah, thanks, Harris. You know, American people are asking all the time — the President and I hear all the time and see it — is what can they do to make a difference. And in addition to the “15 Days to Slow the Spread,” the American people can take Dr. Birx’s advice.

It’s that old proverb that “It’s not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” And one of the ways that you can help is by recognizing that we want to focus testing on people that have symptoms. Although, according to the test now, as the Surgeon General said, 90 percent of the people that have been tested for the coronavirus don’t have it. Okay? That number — we’ve tested more than 320,000 people. And that’s an encouraging number, I would expect.

But for any American out there that just may be concerned but not be symptomatic: One of the ways you can make sure that testing is available for people that have symptoms — and, just as importantly, for our healthcare workers that we want to make sure have all the protective equipment that they need — you can recognize that if you don’t have symptoms, don’t do a test.

THE PRESIDENT: Harris, one thing I might add —

Q Thank you both for taking that. Bill.

THE PRESIDENT: Harris, one thing I might add that, to me, is so important: Again, we took something that was broken and we made it the model. And I didn’t even know — I just heard the number for the first time from Deborah — that in a short period of time, we’ve done more testing than South Korea.

Now, you’re not going to read that in the newspapers because they don’t like to write things like that. But I’d love you to say that one more time because that — that’s a big number. We’ve done more than South Korea in a short period of time. We’re doing more now than South Korea, by a lot.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: (Inaudible) eight weeks.

THE PRESIDENT: What was that number?

DR. BIRX: So, we’re believing that there are probably around 2,009 — 2,900 — 2,000 — 29,000 —


DR. BIRX: 290,000 tests.

SURGEON GENERAL ADAMS: 290,000. Almost 300,000.

DR. BIRX: And now we’re way over 300,000. But we achieved that over the last seven to eight days. We have to do more. We understand that, but we want —

THE VICE PRESIDENT: They did that over eight weeks.

DR. BIRX: Over about eight weeks.

THE PRESIDENT: We’re going up — we’re going up — proportionately, we’re going up very, very rapidly. Every day, we’re going up higher.

Q What was our negative test rate at the moment? It’s — is it 90 percent?

DR. BIRX: I’m glad you asked.

Q Or is it higher?

DR. BIRX: So I really am glad you asked, because this gets into “Where is the virus now and where is it expanding?” And so, across the country, our test rates are still way under 10 percent, except for one place: New York City, metro New York, New Jersey, close to New York City. Those rates are coming in in the 28 percent range. Right now, New York, the case attack rate — what we’re talking about, the number of people who are getting infected — is four to five times any other place in the country.

Q Why is that? Density of population?

DR. BIRX: I think part of it is density; part of it is the spread that may have happened on metal surfaces, like in the subway and people that were in the subway. Part of it may be a large number of people came back after Christmas, from Asia, that didn’t get caught up in the closure.

THE PRESIDENT: Do you blame the governor for that?

DR. BIRX: And part of that could be the Europeans who have come back subsequently. And there’s a — I mean, it’s a big area of world trade and global transit, so I think the virus probably was quietly expanding, because until it gets into an older population, you don’t really see it in the same way.

Q Thank you for that. And we’ll get to all of you again in a moment here. Going to get a quick break here. More of your questions from across America here at the White House, in the Rose Garden, after this.

(Commercial break begins.)

(Commercial break ends.)

Q Welcome back to our Fox News Virtual Town Hall with President Trump and members of his task force. We are in the Rose Garden, here at the White House, and it’s a real honor to be sitting here with you all.


Q And I hope, together, we can kill the virus and give a lot of people hope about getting back to their regular lives.


Q You said something 20 minutes ago that I’m sure a lot of people were pretty keen on. You said that we would — I’m paraphrasing now — you would like to be back to normal by Easter Sunday.


Q That’s 19 days from now.


Q Is that true? Is that possible? Or is that false hope?

THE PRESIDENT: I think it’s possible. Why isn’t it? I mean, we’ve never closed the country before, and we’ve had some pretty bad flus and we’ve had some pretty bad viruses. And I think it’s absolutely possible.

Now, people are going to have to practice all of the social distancing, and don’t shake hands, and wash your hands, and all of the things that we’re doing now. But we have to get our country back to work. Our country wants to be back at work. That was not a controversial thing I said the other day. Our country wants to go back to work.

And, again, the cure — it’s like this cure is worse than the problem. Again, people — many people — in my opinion, more people are going to die if we allow this to continue. We have to go back to work. Our people want to go back to work.

Q But you have said consistently is, the first order of business is to kill the virus. So when you look at the data from around the world and across our country, how do you determine that 19 days from now it might be safe? Because there are millions of people watching this now who have their family fortune on the line.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. Well, they have their family fortune on the line the other way, too. They’re going to lose their jobs, maybe never to get them back. They’re going to lose their businesses, never to get them back.
We want to start up as soon as we can because we’re going to have a very quick comeback if we do that. If we delay this thing out, you’re going to lose more people than you’re losing with the — with the situation as we know it.

So I think it’s very important for our country to go back. And I’ve had many, many people — you know, when you said it was a little bit controversial, not to most people. Most people think I’m right about it.

Now, whether we’re locked in a room, or whether we’re in our office and practicing all of the things that we’re supposed to be practicing — staying away from each other, you know, et cetera, not shaking hands, washing your hands all of the time. But our country has to get back to work. Otherwise — otherwise, it’s going to be very hard to start it up again. We can’t lose the advantage that we have.

Q What we’re trying to figure out in this whole scenario here is how deadly the virus is. And, so far, it is highly contagious but not very deadly. We can agree on that based on the data, correct?

DR. BIRX: Yes. I mean, yes.

Q So when you take the answer of Easter Sunday, do you see that as realistic? Do you see that as possible?

DR. BIRX: So my job — and I think what’s really important is a lot of what we’ve done is we’ve tackled this epidemic the way people said we should have tackled flu in 1918. And they compared St. Louis, who took this kind of approach, to Philadelphia.

What we’re trying to do now is use 21st century solutions and trying to get data down to the most granular level so we understand what’s happening at the area of the spread.

So even today there are counties throughout the United States that don’t have their first case. So our job is to make sure they never have their first case and ensure that our efforts are focused on where the virus is expanding. That can be done today because we have that level of granularity. So that’s what the President has asked us to put together: to use these two weeks to get all the data from around the country and all the data from around the globe, and really understand what’s working.

And it’s really important that the Americans know — I know the Vice President covered this very clearly in the first hour — but every American needs to continue the President’s guidelines for these next — these next six days or seven days. We have to have them following those guidelines.

Q I see the Surgeon General shaking his head in agreement too.

THE PRESIDENT: Bill, excuse me, just one second. You can’t compare this to 1918 where close to 100 million people died. That was a flu, which — a little different. But that was a flu where if you got it you had a 50/50 chance, or very close, of dying.

I think we’re substantially under 1 percent because the people that get better are not reporting. So we only know people that go to doctors and go to hospitals, and we’re taking that. And we’re still a little bit above 1 percent. When you add all of the people — the millions of people that have it, that get better, we’re substantially less than 1 percent.

And when they came to my office — don’t forget, they were saying 3 percent, 4 percent, 5 percent — this is a very big difference. No, we have to put our country back to work.

Q We have a few minutes left, and I want to bring in our panel of experts too. Dr. Mehmet Oz is with us. Dr. Marc Siegel and Dr. Nicole Saphier. I want to give you guys a round of questions quickly here, with Dr. Oz.

Why don’t we start with Dr. Siegel this time around? Go ahead, Marc.

DR. SIEGEL: Mr. President, with the deaths going over 600 today, I want to say that fear — the fear that’s coming out of this disturbs me the most. And fear divides. You need unification and unified leadership to fight the fear.


DR. SIEGEL: So I was really encouraged to see you reaching out to governors — Governor Cuomo, Governor Newsom — making liaisons that weren’t there before. Do you think that that kind of movement, where you’re the leader and other people work with you, will help us to isolate the virus in the epicenters where they are — to separate out those epicenters, to test the people in those centers, and to thereby squash the virus?

THE PRESIDENT: I do. I think, Doctor, it’s a very good thing. And Governor Newsom and I have been getting along really great. We’re sending the ship — the great hospital ship, as you know.

And we are doing very well with, I think, almost all of the governors. For the most part, it really has become something. It’s — it’s — we’re dealing almost every day. We’re speaking to each other, whether it’s conference calls. Usually we’ll have 50 governors on the call at the same time.

No, I think we’re doing very well. But, you know, it’s a two-way street. They have to treat us well also. They can’t say, “Oh gee, we should get this, we should get that.” We’re doing a great job, like in New York, where we’re building, as I said, four hospitals, four medic- — we’re literally building hospitals and medical centers. And then I hear that, you know, there’s a problem with ventilators. Well, we sent them ventilators. And they could have had 15- or 16,000; all they had to do is order them two years ago. But they decided not to do it. They can’t blame us for that.

Q Dr. Oz is up next. Go ahead, Doctor.

DR. OZ: President Trump, a good surgeon knows, after the surgery, when his patient can be discharged. And these 15 days are like a big operation on America.


DR. OZ: But a great surgeon knows when there’s a complication after discharge. So if we can meet the goal of fixing America and getting it back on his feet by Easter, I’d love to know exactly how you know that it’s safe from a medical perspective. What’s going to indicate that we might have to pull back a tiny bit in case we have a relapse?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think, Doctor, a thing like that could happen. But I really believe that we can do much of what we’re doing and we can do it from a work environment, instead of a — an environment where everybody is locked up and everybody is saying, “Oh, the business is gone. The business is gone and everybody is suffering depression.” You know better than anybody about depression. I’ve watched when you talk about depression. And that causes death and it causes a lot of problems.

And, you know, these are people. They want to save their business. They don’t want to be locked up in some room or some apartment or house, and in the meantime, their restaurants close, their businesses close. They want to be saving their business.

And I — I believe very strongly, you’re going to lose far more people by going that way than you are if we kept this thing going. I could keep them out. I mean, I’m sure that we have doctors that would say, “Let’s keep it closed for two years.” Okay? “Let’s close it up for two years.” No, we’ve got to get it open. Our people want it open, and that’s the way this country was built.

Q Dr. Nicole Saphier now. Doctor, go ahead with your question.

DR. SAPHIER: Thank you. And, President Trump, I do believe, as a nation, that we are beholden to you for your decisive swift action in the beginning with the travel ban. I do think that we would have been in a much different, worse situation had that not happened.


DR. SAPHIER: However, we still did have a lag in the testing, which, of course, did not have anything to do with you.

But my question is for Dr. Birx and the task force. As we still see across the nation that some people are not able to get tests — I have colleagues that still can’t test some of their patients — is there a plan to fast track or even parallel track rapid ELISA serological testing to try and get this out there so that we can mobilize more PPE and more hospital beds by doing more testing and being able to isolate those people quickly?

DR. BIRX: Yeah, that’s a very good question. So, right now, the tests that we have are all based on the RNA of the virus. And so we’re utilizing the platforms, and thank goodness we’re utilizing the platforms that were developed, really, to work and support HIV-positive clients.

So this is the machines that have been used to detect their viral load for the last more than a decade in the United States. Those machines right now are being utilized for this test in a high-throughput way. We’ve asked developers to work on a point-of-care fingerprint test that could be used for antibody and antigen, but the antibody tests will only tell you if you have been infected. Even if we can get IgM, it will be part of the early and — probably recovery phase. And then, we’re working with companies to work on getting RNA tests that are point of care.

So these are really critical test that people are working on right now. But, in the meantime, we’re using what we have today to ensure that we can get more testing done.

And I just wanted to say: I want to thank the American people and physicians who have let us prioritize — remember, we didn’t have this platform until eight days ago. We’ve done all of these diagnoses for inpatients, primarily, so that they can get on the appropriate therapy. And we prioritize our testing to hospital patients. We will, over the next few weeks, be able to make more tests available to the actual American public with symptoms and to the doctors’ offices as you’ve requested.

THE PRESIDENT: And, Nicole, it’s important to remember we’ve done more tests in eight days than South Korea has done in eight weeks. And our tests are better; they’re highly sophisticated. And, frankly, I took one. It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world, I will tell you that. We’re going to have a much simpler test very soon. But we have a really good test, and we’ve done more in eight days, nobody know — I just heard this number a few minutes ago. I learned it from being on your show, actually. Pretty impressive.

Q I think the way you described it was: up the nasal passage, and took a right hand —

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. And you hang a right.

Q Hang a right at the eye.

THE PRESIDENT: Hang a right under the eye.

Q To all of you: Stand by. We’ve got a few more moments left here. But as our virtual town hall continues, to all the doctors — Nicole Saphier, Mehmet Oz, and Marc Siegel — we very much rely on you on a day-to-day basis. So thank you for being a part of this today.

(Commercial break begins.)

(Commercial break ends.)

Q Back here in the Rose Garden at the White House, I’m Bill Hemmer with my colleague Harris Faulkner. I have about 90 seconds left. And just with the panel here — the President, the Vice President, Dr. Birx, and the Surgeon General — thank you again for your time. I see this as a public service, but also as a way to try and figure out what the facts are, and that’s the reason we came here.

But you were just saying again, Mr. Vice President, during the commercial, the way you can achieve your objective is how?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, the President made it clear yesterday that we — we want to open up the country as soon as we can. But the key is that more Americans — and tens of millions are, Bill — but more Americans have put into practice the President’s coronavirus guidelines —

Q Just read those off —

THE VICE PRESIDENT: — “15 Days to Slow the Spread” —

Q — because it’s hard to see.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: — the sooner we’ll be able to open up.

Q What is it? “Wash your hands. If you’re sick, stay home”?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, it’s personal hygiene. It’s — it’s if you’re sick, stay home. If someone in your house has the virus, stay home. But it’s also avoiding groups of more than 10. Avoiding unnecessary travel. Don’t eat in restaurants during this period of time. Use the drive-through. These are all the principles that every American can do.

Now, there are going to be Americans that that have different guidance from their state and local officials that are more stringent. We defer to that. We respect that. But the more Americans that do this, the sooner that we’ll be able, as the President said, to get back to work.

Q We have to be a patient nation if you’re going to ask them to do that, as you well know.

Mr. President, thank you for your time.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Q And I’ll see a bit later on “Bill Hemmer Reports” at 3 o’clock Eastern Time.
And to Mr. Vice President Mike Pence, thank you. Dr. Birx, terrific work, and the Surgeon General, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us today.

END 2:00 P.M. EDT

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MUCH better than the WH press briefings.
Answers a lot of the PUBLIC’s questions – not just the trick/gotcha questions in the press room!
Out in the open air is also a great move.


Yes, it is masterful, politically but more importantly it is the right thing to do for We the People.

Wolf Moon

Isn’t it great with TRUMP how those are almost always THE SAME THING? 😀


Exactly!! Amazing how “do the right thing” works out so well when people use it to guide their lives!!


Moronic MCM questions both repetitive and lefty D-Rat slant.

Birx – Virus came here from travel…The virus has been here quietly expanding. Until it gets into the older population you don’t really see it. There ya go all QTreepers who’ve been sick!


Did she say WHEN? That makes a big difference.

Rest of country, tests are 10% positive. Talking about New York hot spot. Tests coming back at 20%. Part large concentrated population, part from metal surfaces such as subway, part from people coming back from Christmas, Europeans coming, big area of global trade.

Ahem AGAIN, sorry to pat myself on the back so much, but WHO has been saying that we ALL have been exposed for MONTHS, not days and not weeks MONTHS. The DAILY flights to and from China, numbers in the THOUSANDS, and passengers in the TENS if not HUNDREDS of thousands were shipped back and forth for MONTHS while this was raging in China AND Italy and South Korea, and elsewhere. if even 1% were infected and contagious, that is THOUSANDS of people spread to EVERY corner of the country.
My points are only reinforced by the hot spots being the coasts, with MAJOR cities, with MAJOR airports and ports. Those were just ENTRY points, the people just came into the country there, then they moved FREELY throughout the ENTIRE country. Common sense, NOT projections, simple basic math, facts by the ACTUAL numbers, and rational thinking.
We ALL had it, in one form or another, and simply chalked it up to the regular flu, our doctors, NOT KNOWING about covid 19 yet, treated it JUST LIKE they did the regular flu.
Blix, for the last two days, bye bye Fauchi, has been calmly, quietly, but REPEATEDLY reiterating and reinforcing that, that will be used in conjunction with the cure, to END this.
She and Trump are tag teaming the message that America WILL be open again SOON, DAYS not weeks.

Atta Boy, REX!!! 👏👏👏

I am SO glad I was right, were I wrong, we ALL would be in SERIOUS trouble. Common Sense, it is NOT just a series of articles from Silence Dogood. LOL.
It has been in SHORT supply in this country, thankfully Trump is brining it BACK..BIGLY!


Not so fast!!!
It’s mid March.
“Months” could mean TWO months, which puts us back to the Chinese travel ban.
According to the OFFICIAL line, this got started in Mid november, which–even if it came here right then, which is possible–is four months.
Some of the people on this site are claiming they got this LAST January (of 2019).
And none of this explains why, once we DID start testing, we saw NO fatalities for several days and are now seeing an exponential curve in fatalities–a result that would not happen if this thing had been quietly killing people for “months.”

Gail Combs

Steve, we were seeing fatalities. Remember it was the fatalities in that Washington Nursing home that kicked off things at the end of February.
Three more deaths linked to coronavirus disease, bringing total COVID-19 fatalities in Washington state to 9

…Two of the residents who were confirmed to have COVID-19 on Tuesday died nearly a week before, on Feb. 26, and mark the nation’s earliest known fatalities from the illness.
A 54-year-old resident died at Harborview Medical Center on Feb. 26, hospital spokesperson Susan Gregg said. The man was taken to Harborview on Feb. 24, and had underlying health conditions. Doctors and public health officials typically don’t disclose what health conditions a patient had, due to privacy laws.
The death of another Life Care Center resident was announced Tuesday, and she also had died on Feb. 26. The woman was in her 80s, was never hospitalized and died at home, according to Public Health – Seattle & King County.
The third death announced Tuesday was a woman in her 70s who was also a resident of Life Care Center and had been hospitalized at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland. She had underlying health conditions and died on Monday, according to Public Health – Seattle & King County….

Old folks are just NOT AUTOPSIED!
Not only has the percentage of autopsies performed dropped, the mix has switch to an increased percent of assault related and a decrease related to disease. Notice that the people over 74 years are not even mentioned. These would be the ones most likely to die of the China Virus.
WEBMD: Steep Decline in Autopsy Rate Since 1970s
Over the Past 35 Years, Far Fewer Autopsies Done on People Who Died of Disease

….Aug. 4, 2011 — The autopsy rate in the U.S. has declined dramatically since 1972, mainly because fewer autopsies are being done on people who die of disease, according to a new CDC report.
Overall, the percentage of deaths for which autopsies were performed declined from 19.3% in 1972 to 8.5% in 2007…
In 1972, 79% of autopsies were done on people who died of disease, compared to 46% in 2007.
In 1972, 19% of autopsies were performed for deaths caused by assaults, accidents, gunshot wounds, poisonings, and other external reasons, according to the CDC report. By 2007, the percentage for those causes jumped significantly…
…Autopsy rates declined after ages 15-24, from 60% for young people in the 15-24 age group to 11% for people aged 55 to 64, and to less than 5% for people between 65 and 74….

FROM THE CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/#70
September 29, 2019, to March 14, 2020.
CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu.
Clinical laboratories
# specimens tested: 1,130,489
# positive: 231,654 (20.5%)


…And people complained that those numbers were an outlier and they got removed.
The last graph of fatalities I saw did NOT include the nursing home. It shows exponential growth starting AFTER testing was straightened out.

Gail Combs

Some think the Italian strain may be nastier. It certainly seems to spread really fast.
RNA viruses mutate fast.
This says about 49 mutations so far…


I think whatever it was that was going around late last year probably wasn’t THIS virus. Unfortunately all we have to go on is people’s descriptions of what they had…which, frankly, aren’t useful (if they were, we wouldn’t need testing).


If you aren’t looking for it the deaths are attributed to flu or other causes

Wolf Moon

Great point.


Ozzy, a friend of mine has been sick for two weeks with the “flu”. Coughing her head off – headaches and chills, but she is just sure it isn’t the Wuhan flu. I am just as sure that is exactly what she has had – her kids and grandkids all had it as well – one big family that constantly interacts – all sick within the same three week period. I think lots of folks have had this and not known what it was, or didn’t want to know….Salt Lake City area.


Yep. As I said my 16 yr old has only visited the dr a few times apart from routine vaccinations. A & e a different story(he rides quads/ trail bikes. Three weeks ago he started vomiting. Spewed 7 times in one night. Headache from hell for three days ,sore throat and a 50/day smokers cough. Sick as a dog for a week. I think he had it. We have had wuflu at work. The weekend prior to him being sick we had a weekend of utter exhaustion where we couldn’t get off the couch. (Us parents)


Sigh, of COURSE it does, did they go BACK and look at those fatalities? NO, I would bet my gopher suit if they did MANY, if not MOST of those attributed to flu cases and death were in FACT covid 19.
The OFFICIAL line, from China, was mid November, but we know for a FACT that this was a LIE, the cases in China go back MUCH further, perhaps even July of 2019.
The fact REMAINS that the mortality rate, as well as the SPREAD rat, which they are now moving to, is STILL much less than hyped, and more inline with the seasonal flu.
The projections, like everything else the globalists do, were VASTLY overblown and exaggerated. Those numbers were used to PUSH hysteria and FEAR, which lead to market crashes and overblown reactions by Governors. This became a self sustaining “fire” Trump RIGHTLY iniated a PAUSE which gave time for the REAL numbers to grow out, revealing this was NOT as bad as hyped. Trump took away the OXYGEN from the fire, and the cure will take away the fuel, the FIRE will DIE.
The reasons for the “spikes” is more people now are AFRAID, therefore more people NOW who get a cough or a fever they would NORMALLY self medicate, are getting tested out of PANIC, not necessity.
I am sorry Steve, but you need to STOP with the curve, it was FLAWED on input, giving a FLAWED output. I for one am HAPPY it is so, being right means NOTHING to me except that the country WILL be saved.
I did the REAL math and it is on my blog, ask Churchmouse, the #s of flights, coupled with the event timelines, ended by the ban on JAN 31, tell me, common sense wise, that this was MUCH more widespread and WAY earlier than the curve. It was a FALLACY, even Brix, who I am still skeptical, admits that.
I want ANYONE to ask her this “how do we know WHEN the first infection in the usa happened and WHERE. She cannot answer, and that tells you THE answer, it all started WAY before the ban took effect.


The curve I am currently referencing is one that has taken place entirely this month.
Testing criteria changed in late February.
My suspicion–and it’s pure speculation on my part–is that some relatively mild strain of something resembling this current ChiComCrud was going around late last year, and that’s what people got.
ANd by “resembling” I mean symptoms as described by people; it might not even have been any sort of corona virus. That’s speculation, because it’s based entirely on people’s description of their symptoms and not test data. Just as yours is speculation because you have no test data.
What your speculation CANNOT explain, though, is why corona deaths were ZERO after the testing criteria were relaxed, then took off. If it were a mere case of misidentifying cause of death of actual ChiComCrud (CCC) deaths, as you maintain, we should have seen a step function when we started testing for CCC. Instead we had a week or so of zero deaths, then a few, then a rapidly climbing curve, with testing by then applied to ALL serious cases.
Your hypothesis cannot explain what we are seeing now, in March, with much more reliable data, in terms of CCC deaths.


Sure it does, just like Italy, MANY, if not MOST of the deaths attributed to covid 19, ALSO have one or more underlying conditions that could have lead to death, as in Italy, they were ALL attributed to corona.
Tell me, if someone has a heart attack and dies from this stress, but also had asymptomatic covid 19, does that count as a corona death? In Italy it did, which means here it does as well.
the TRUE mortality rate has done NOTHING but DROP from the start of ACTUAL tracking and testing, I more than speculate that that data is STILL flawed, because there are and WERE many more cases that were mis reported OR not reported at all. 8 of 10 have little to NO symptoms. That is a FACT that means this virus is WAY less virulent than we were meant to believe, then when you factor in that a LOT of the deaths here were from ONE place, which continue to skew the numbers.
We simply agree to disagree. I recall the projections for deaths were supposed to be OVER 100000 per month (2.1 million) We don’t even have a 10th of that, nor WILL we.
I maintain that gthis was an OVERBLOWN hyped bad version of the flu. We were told it was TEN times as bad as the flu, and it is NOWHERE near that, the TRUE numbers, of which more and more are coming HOURLY, indicate that it is MORE like the regular flu than it is the 1918 Spanish flu it was hyped to be.
The Spanish flu killed 1 in every 200 here at a time when we were basically ALL socially distant because the population was @ 103000000, and not the 33000000 it is TODAY. We are MUCH more packed in NOW, and yet this “killer” is not even CLOSE to the numbers of the Spanish flu.
The True number of corona deaths HERE is currently ..000002%. or less than 1 in a million. You literally have a better chance of being struck by lightening than you do of dying from covid 19 here.
Is THAT worth destroy the country over? No, it NEVER was before, and it NEVER will again.


Tell me, if someone has a heart attack and dies from this stress, but also had asymptomatic covid 19, does that count as a corona death? In Italy it did, which means here it does as well.

Asymptomatic? No, it shouldn’t count, because clearly the CCC didn’t kill the guy the heart attack did.
I complained the other day about people wanting to somehow excuse EVERY CCC death that happened to someone who happened also to have an underlying condition. The guy had bad diabetes but CCC did him in…so really it was the diabetes. WRONG.
Are they testing cardiac arrest victims with no sign of CCC for CCC? Or are they only testing people who seem to actually be suffering from CCC symptoms?

the TRUE mortality rate has done NOTHING but DROP from the start of ACTUAL tracking and testing,

I haven’t been arguing with you about mortality RATE. Red Herring.
As for the rest of what you wrote; we will NEVER know what this would have been if we hadn’t taken action when we did, or if the chloroquinine hadn’t turned up. I suspect it would have ended up somewhere between typical flu, and the Spanish flu, with it absolutely hammering the elderly, but with rarer cases of younger people getting killed by it. But’s that’s a suspicion only. We might even have had a disease that MOST people would think was not as bad as the flu–but hit the elderly harder than the flu did. Again a suspicion.
Apparently, in the absence of chlorquinone (which we didn’t know about until very recently) even a survivor of a very bad case took up a hospital bed and ventilator for WEEKS, and that burden would have been high. That was a legitimate worry, because people would be going into a limited pool of hospital beds and not coming out again for a long time. It will hopefully turn out to be moot, but no one could have known that even two weeks ago.
The only way to even half-assedly justify the speculation I make above (or ANY speculation, including yours) as to how bad it would be if we had done nothing, would be to test EVERYONE in some representative population (and include in the population a proper number who had died), then we can get a real death rate; we’d have a true count of cases survived versus cases not survived (and I’d want to see how many spent time in hospital, too). We could then multiply that by the population (on the assumption that few are naturally immune) to see what the fatality count would have been, if we had let this thing run unchecked.


Test EVERYONE, on THAT we agree, and guess what, there wil SOON be a test available to see if people have ALREADY had Covid 19 and recovered, because they will have antibodies.
Look here. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/good-news-first-us-test-developed-to-see-if-you-were-already-infected-by-coronavirus-will-help-put-america-back-to-work/
If I am right, and even Cuomo for gosh sakes thinks hundreds of thousands of people ALREADY had this and recovered as I and MANY growing numbers do, THIS TEST will be the answer.
They need to make MILLIONS, and they will. Then when we find the TRUE (true that what they have been spewing anyway) numbers, the death rate will be MINISCULE, and FAR less than the flu.
We will have shut down the country, INSTEAD of simply doing the prudent thing, and quarantining the sick and elderly, NOT everyone. Then, this virus would have infected its 80% with mild symptoms, and only SOME would have the adverse reactions that the elderly have, and then BURNED out, like ALL viruses do.
The answer will come with this testing, and perhaps even post mortems of the already deceased that were probably mislabeled. Speculation to be sure, but INFORMED speculation.
I think it is also worth mentioning that there are reports that the leftist Gov of Nev has BANNED patients in his state from getting and taking chloroquine.
That tells me THIS IS THE CURE, and as I have repeatedly said, they want their weapon.
BTW, the federal law “right to chose” will NUKE that fool and ANY other lefty that tries it. I hope people in Nev sue his ass to bankruptcy, and THEN they recall his ass.


I think it is also worth mentioning that there are reports that the leftist Gov of Nev has BANNED patients in his state from getting and taking chloroquine.

As I write this I’ve seen no news (and this is the first day we should know), but I did read this late last night…and this person has hit a new height of visible evil.
I say visible, because we don’t know for certain yet this was deliberate (as opposed to an accident of some sort cynically and opportunistically exploited).


Great minds, I replied and gave you the GP article on this. Right to try will shut him up BIGLY.


Thanks, Prex, for the mention.
Here’s the post with your prescient comments — March 18:


Thanks Church!


You are most welcome.


How’s things on the ground where you are?


Bearable but frustrating. Thank you for asking.
I am worried about the British economy, which was going so well just two weeks ago.
The Imperial prof’s stats are a needless, possibly miscalculated, embuggerance.
He also interfered with the foot and mouth disease (cattle-related outbreak) some years ago. The culling of cattle, his recommendation, had to be stopped; Ferguson’s recommendations had gone too far.
I’d have to research it, and it would take time, but I do wonder what effect he had on the destruction of the cattle rearing industry in the UK. I do not know. ‘Just saying’, as the kiddos would put it.
However, since then, it has been very difficult for cattle farmers — and dairy farmers — in the UK to get by. Many of them can no longer afford it.
Nor can the average Briton afford beef beyond a few times a year. What was our national meat of choice for centuries is now a … luxury.
This is my latest post (today, Friday):
This was yesterday’s, talking about Oxford University’s numbers which say that possibly 50% of Britons might have acquired herd immunity (halfway down the post). Admittedly, the numbers require more vetting:
Imperial (bad news) oppose Oxford’s findings (good news). Oxford oppose Imperial’s numbers.
No. 10 is listening to Imperial.
I hope they lent Oxford their other lug (ear) hole.
Please feel free to comment on mine — or here, as you like.


Thanks Church, good stuff as usual. Do not despair my friend, it is ALWAYS darkest before the DAWN. We are near the end of this farcedemic. the BIG TIME pushback has begun, and the din will grow LOUDER and LOUDER as more and more people, sick of their isolation, as SPRING erupts around them, begin to RELAIZE they were HAD.
They will also THAN people like Trump and Johnson and others for taking BOLD action in the name of CAUTION. They will realize that even they can be had, and needed to act thusly just in case.
The REAL questions are WHEN to pull the plug on this FARCE, and just WHO…pun intended is going to be held accountable AND LIABLE.
At a MINIMUM the WHO, its chief, Neil Fergusson, and Imperial College MUST pay for their either BLATANT incompetence, or OUTRIGHT FRAUD.
Their credibility, and their careers MUST be OVER. They SHOULD be sued to insolvency, or at LEAST have ALL their government funding ENDED.
Then, after being rendered incompetant, fired, and bankrupt. They MUST be tried, and jailed for their FRAUD.
When one SO quickly, backtracks, after the DAMAGE is done, after LOUDLY parroting it for MONTHS, as Fergusson did, one MUST be held accountable.
It took EFFORT to be THAT wrong. If one wasn’t absolutely CERTAIN about one’s findings being at LEAST 70% accurate, one should have kept ones mouth SHUT. to be more than 90% WRONG, and say oops, after LOUDLY crying wolf, this boy SHOULD be “eaten”
MORE than 90% WRONG. One could have pulled a number out of ones ASS and been more accurate.
I tell my grandson ALL the time. It takes EFFORT to succed and get good grades. It ALSO takes effort to FAIL and get BAD grades.
This FARCE took EFFORT and worse PLANNING AND COORDINATION. There had BETTER be ACCOUNTABILTY past ” sorry, my bad”.
Anyway glad to hear you are well, take care my friend and have FAITH. The Lord will see us through this bigger, better, and STRONGER than ever…SOON…VERY SOON!


Thank you, Prex, for the pep talk — much appreciated.
Unfortunately, Dr Neil Ferguson is held in high esteem here. He was given an OBE (Order of the British Empire medal/title) for his modelling work in the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak.


More reasons to be SUSPICIOUs. From what you tell me, and I have seen this guy is responsible for TWO MAJOR f’ ups that caused two MAJOR panics and did incalculable harm in the UK and now the world. He needs to GO.


Yes, if it were up to you and me he would have been gone ages ago.
As far as I know, though, No. 10 are still using his data — maybe his advice, too.
Now we are told — government announcement to come — that restrictions could be WORSE this week.
If it weren’t a Sunday, I’d have something more to say … GRRR!!!
In any event, Boris (in No. 10 with coronavirus) will be sending every household a letter:


Sorry my friend. Hopefully Borris will listen to Trump, you guys are like 2 weeks behind us. I think we are about to come out of this…slowly.


I hope you are right about Boris listening to Trump, especially given the timeline you mention.
Today’s announcement said that a) the lockdown situation will be reviewed by Easter (current lockdown expires on April 8) and b) we’re in this for the next six months — therefore, until the end of the doggone year.
Item b) means restrictions will operate like a ‘lock’ system on water. **That’s my analogy for it, not theirs.** They said that the shutdown can be opened or closed as needed.
Our economy is effectively COOKED for the rest of 2020. Goodness knows what 2021 will bring.
And you know what the next issue will be: DELAYING BREXIT. Boris better not cave on that.
Trump needs to talk to Boris ASAP after Easter, regardless of what Boris and his people decide around April 8.
I applaud PDJT and wish Americans all the very best as they prepare to get back to … business, where every other nation belongs.

Wolf Moon

Agreed. We need a smart analysis of EVERYTHING from the last two years – and one which doesn’t take ANY information or data from either China or WHO as anything but potential deception or misdirection.
ALL scenarios on the table. Trust NOTHING from lying socialists.


Another form of deception I’m suspecting…
When medicine finds something promising, and it is known by CCP to be helpful, the fake science CCP|MCM puppets spring into action to put shade on that treatment.

Wolf Moon

Check this out!
Nevada’s Democrat Governor Issues Emergency Order Barring Use of Anti-Malaria Drugs For Coronavirus Patients
March 24, 2020, 9:05 pm by Cristina Laila
We are about to have one more governorship.
Wolf is now a BITTER 4GW opponent of CHINA and THEIR DEMOCRAT PUPPETS.


It’s the next line the DNC is trying hold.
Murderous nasty CCP DNC MCM ChiComs.

Wolf Moon

This move is “too stupid”. Something is wrong here. I cannot believe the EVIL, TRICKY DNC would be that stupid.
Mobby Pelosi’s stunt was STUPID, but this is even stupider.


We think similarly. As an RN, I haven’t wanted to say too much publicly as there are so many variables involved, but I’ve told friends and family that this has been here for months, and what we’re seeing is the ripples pushing out from the center of several ground zeros.
POTUS indeed saved the country a lot of heartache by shutting down inbound from China, and other countries later on. If he had shut more countries sooner, even that would have eased the number, but fighting the people who want to destroy America is no small battle.
Today, Virginia announced “6 Deaths Statewide” – for perspective… 100’s have already died from influenza this season. The MSM runs the body count like they did the Vietnam War or the Iraq War under Bush. This is what they do. Meantime, crickets for the Swine flu death toll under Obama.
Nancy Pelosi is Medusa, and her daughter apparently cut from the same Evil cloth.



Wolf Moon

Well said.
I like to think of it this way. The virus was engineered not to kill millions more people, but instead to finish off ONE administration.
And as part of “finishing off Trump”, it was supposed to promote socialist actions, promote socialized medicine, and disrupt and MURDER the Trump base. Provide “theater” opportunities for Democrats. Promote MORE virus research which could be weaponized by China. Promote DONORS and BACKERS of China-useful virus research like Bill Gates and George Soros.
To do EXACTLY what they TRIED to make it do.
Well, the bastards failed to kill me, and NOW THEY PAY.

Wolf Moon

Hollywood better deep-six their “white nationalist” slander or I will turn this whole nation against their CHINA-SUPPORTING SLIME and put every one of those bastards out on the STREETS with the INFECTED HOMELESS.
Yeah, Hollywood. Did you ever think that your friends’ VIRUS that you helped pay for with OUR MONEY might have affected my BRAIN?
Well, if it did, it will be the KARMA YOU DESERVE.


A clever plan
But it HAD to work

Valerie Curren

Trump mentioned the other day that it was a very bad flu season w/, iirc, like 50,000 vs 20,000 dead here. What if that increased death rate was Actually due to WuFlu, at least somewhat???


EXACTLY Val what I have been speculating. The TRUE numbers, and there IS a test coming to see if you have already had it, will prove that fact.

Valerie Curren

Thoroughly enjoy your prognostications! 🙂


Thanks, all speculations, but INFORMED speculations. I try to pass on what I see, I seem to have a “knack” for seeing the unseen before it becomes known, hence the “prognostication” in my Avatar.
I am not claiming to be psychic, I just have an inherent skepticism that kicks in.

Valerie Curren

Definitely I was referring to insightfulness & analytical skills. Zero belief in “psychic” powers here…Blessings!


LOL k, you too!


Is everyone’s Fox 10 stream hanging up or is it just my router/old computer?


Occassional hiccups. Think it’s on the upstream end.


My wife, daughter and I got out of NYC on Thursday last week. Those numbers the doctor shared are scary. 28% are testing positive compared to 10% elsewhere.


So Glad You and your Family are out!!!! Thank GOD!!!!!


Thanks Marica!
Muh told me to get off my ass and go buy carrots and fruits.


I Second that Flep… stay safe… God Bless you and yours.


Thanks Marica!
Muh told me to get off my ass and go buy carrots and fruits.


Yep you gotta take care of the family!


AWW LOL!!! So Cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Muh’s belly is almost dragging the ground!!! 😁

That is why they are called potbellied pigs. 😁
Felice takes good care of her. She is not too fat. A major problem for the breed. (And for Shetland ponies too. They will founder on fat air according to my vet.)comment image


You are aware that pigs are omnivores?
There may come a day when she looks at you with a certain pondering look.
So……don’t run out if carrots and the veggies she likes


Flep, MAJOR port of entry, the numbers are ( or WERE) FAR worse, but attributed to something else.
The FALLACY, and the insidious narrative that was pushed, was that this ALL began here in late February, it did NOT. The flights to and from China, did NOT stop until Jan 31st, IMHO THAT is where they got their ORIGINAL start date for their narrative (mid Feb is 14 days AFTER Jan 31).
As I have REPEATEDLY said, that is a ERROR, and IMHO a BIG and intentional one. IE, they FUGED the projections to make it LOOK like this was so bad then, because THEN they could both track AND test for it. Before then, they did NOT track it here or could not do so ACCURATELY, because they did not have tests, let alone ACCURATE tests. Fueling the hysteria and the PUSH.
Common sense, and basic math, tell me that BEFORE Jan 31, there were @ 4000 flights per week to and from China. If there were ONLY 50 people on those flights, and only 1 in 10 were infected and contagious, that is THOUSANDS of infected people brought here, to ALL corners of the US, and moving FREELY EVERYWHERE in the country, WELL before Jan 31. Recall that the virus was RAGING in China for MONTHS before then.
The ODDS are not that this was as bad as they made it, the ODDS are that we ALL had it already, by the MILLIONS, and we all, because 80% of the infected, show little or NO symptoms, went about spreading it on.
Most that got it recovered, or NEVER knew. The 20% that DID wound up dying (1%) and or being medically treated or hospitalized (5%). The RESAON there was NO hysteria BEFORE the push, is that most people who had it and were hospitalized, or even DIED, were attributed to the REGULAR flu. Occam’s razor.
NOT a exponential projection based on randomness of sample size (to achieve a GOAL). Informed reasoning based upon FACT, actual numbers, and common sense. Trump was FOLLED and lied to by people like Fauchi, he is NOT fooled anymore, hence the NOTICABLE absence of Fauchi, the traitor within.
Trump WILL reopen the country starting Monday on a rolling basis, and it will ALL be over by Easter.
The two weeks, which of course only took Trump half the time to figure out, gave him a PAUSE to get REAL numbers and get things like supplies AND treatments in place. Now, he can see REAL numbers, not suppositions, and make an INFORMED decision. VERY businessman like, VERY analytical. Thank God we have a BUSINESSMAN with common sense basing things on FACTS and not a “lawyer” basing things on feelings.

Yesterday Birx mentioned going backwards and examining hospital cases that were classified as regular flu were probably WuFlu. Today she said publicly virus came from people returning from Christmas vacations. It’s been here for months. SHE KNOWS.

Ahem, sorry, AGAIN, told ya. Trump has the REAL numbers, he KNOWS hew was lied to, and if you paid attention, as I did, you would have NOTICED the shift a few days ago. Both on Trump’s part AND the Cabal part, Trump found out the TRUTH, adjusted, and then the Cabal tried to ,move the goalposts (from DEATHS, which were NOT coming close to projections, to SPREAD vectors, saying more contagious than the flu) I knew then that Trump had them, and this was going to end…VERY soon.

Gail Combs

These are JUST the Chinese airline flights DIRECT from Wuhan to NYC and San FranFeces.
OVER 50 a month.


so what does that tell you, there were “seeds” spread EVERYWHERE for well before the flights were stopped.


Are you in self-quarantine for 14 days?


The WH doctors want you and all folks leaving NY and NJ to self-quarantine for 14 days to be sure you weren’t infected without knowing.


Very Important for our country to go back to work! No handshakes, wash hands and social distancing!


Grandson is STILL working… has throughout this crisis


Yep, unfortunately the elderly and sick and the hot spots will still be locked down a bit, but not the ENTIRE freaking country. It will b, as it SHOULD have been from the beginning, the sick and infirm under more care and scrutiny, and the rest of us being cautious but STILL doing what needs and MUST be done (working)
The DEMS will be FURIOUS, they want their weapon, and like EVERYTHING else, it is fizzling. Be prepared, they WILL attack this, even as the cure works, and the numbers DECLINE, then there is the PENDING warm weather.
Won’t it be AMAZING, we may not even NEED the porkulus bill AFTERALL.




Maybe warmer weather has nothing to do with why the tropics don’t get this. Maybe it’s the malaria.


BINGO. and Africa


Of course, my suggestion proceeds from the assumption that the people in those regions actually consume anti-malarials like we do when we visit.
If not, then the heat is more likely to be the factor.


Indeed. I still want it around long enough to hang on every Democrat’s neck and get them on the record either yay or nay against it.

Gail Combs

I think that already happened.
Remember small businesses closed and laid off people. Those people have been glued to the news.
Piglosi just shot all her toes off with her FLYING back to the capital from LA to drop 1400 pages on the Senate (Who the F..K does she think she is Senate Leader?) that KILLS AIR FLIGHTS among other things.
You just can not make-up farces like this.


I heard on Levin tonight that in the bill there is democrat funding for abortion. They want Plant Parenthood to have access small business loans. I will be very upset if President signs that. We are willing to save adults and kill babies? What sick people.


Every American needs to follow the President’s guidelines–Dr Brix


That means when he RELEAASES us to go back to work, little Napoleons (Governors) will have to FALL IN LINE!



Rodney Short

If the corn ain’t knee high by the 4th of July America is gonna be in a bind….

Brave and Free

Hey Rodney how y’all doing? Great to hear from ya.
God Bless

Rodney Short

We are doing better, thank you for asking.
Kimi is hitting on all cylinders and I am putt putting back for full recovery…
I hope your having a blessed day B&F


Ahem, “Trump: I want to be BACK to NORMAL by Easter Sunday” What have I been saying, this ALL will be OVER by Easter, the REBIRTH of the country, how FITTING on the HOLIEST of days.
Look for a ROLLIG reopening of regions starting MONDAY, just as I predicted.
Also notice EVERY time they try to down play it, Trump goes RIGHT back to reopening the country. IT IS COMING FOLKS!

America’s Resurrection while we Celebrate Jesus!!


It will be Biblical 😃 Especially if Nancy and her evil-doers caved today, as I heard but haven’t verified. God DOES hear our prayers.

Yes HE does Miss Alison!! And HE answers them!! 😍😍


Nancy always makes me think of Nebuchadnezzer. I think the grazing stage is coming up.



I agree Prog!!!
Interesting…I just got a text that our Arch Diocese has officially called off Easter Services! (Catholic Church working Against the President) Timing tells me All I need to Know!


We can all celebrate outside, and God will bless our Worship worldwide.


GREAT IDEA, just like the old Sunday socials! i’ll bring the BBQ, someone bring the cornbread and beans, and potato salad…don’t forget the apple pie!

Gail Combs

And fried Cajun catfish and Texas steaks and fried Southern Chicken….
Don’t forget the veggie and fruit platters for grazing.
Just for Felice. 😁 Muh Shu can finish off the leftovers.comment image


mmmmm. yep

Rodney Short

Kimi can make the tater salad, where we gonna have this shindig???
Might I suggest we have the shindig on Maricas farm? She does have a nice fishin pond….


Horseshoes and volleyball TOO. maybe some fancy shootin too!

Rodney Short

Nothing like a good horseshoe match.


and corn hole!

Rodney Short

Might have to be a kegger rather than a shindig lol.


Never forget the BOURBON, not just the beer!


Hardly surprising with that snake Francis as pope


I know ozzy! SMH!!!


President Trump is concerned about Depression of the American People!!…correct!


Absolutely. Told my hubby that I’m more concerned about people getting sad and depressed because they’ve lost their jobs, or have other concerns that isolating at home exacerbates. In the “hot wash” “After Action Analysis” it will be important to study the suicide numbers from this period…
I’ve never forgotten nor forgiven Barack Evil Obama for the businessman in Florida who killed himself after Obama won reelection in 2012. That businessman had lost all hope to save his business due to Obama’s reelection.


Oh Lady P…I remember!!! And I bet there were more—unreported!! I was VERY DEPRESSED…That’s when my Prayers picked up!!!!


Of everything (well, except Obamacare) that story broke my heart, and I pray for that poor gentleman – who was driven to such grief and desperation.

Y’all hear that?
You can bet the farm, take it to the Bank, whatever… IT WILL HAPPEN BY EASTER!


(winks) told ya!


Yes you did Rex… thank you…


YW, least I could do to STEM the hysteria and panic!


Hey we have a lot of people here who are on the ball 😉


Q : when will more tests become available ?
;Brix:more coming online everyday…
: POTUS remember we have done more tests in 8 days than SK has done in 8 weeks .

Since private labs have automated test, they’re now doing 50,60,70K/day, can go up to 150k/day

If I have to have a test, I plan to wait several weeks for the millions of current “up your nose hang a right under the eye” tests to be used up and the new “at home on the tongue” tests are the only ones available….Who’s with me?? 🤪🤓

oh me too!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Birx said – they are not ‘at home’ just self-administered. You have to do it in a health care office with a witness. They aren’t going to trust folks to mail/drive them in, etc.

As long as they ain’t up the nose to the eye! Nope, nuh unh, no way! 😣

Secret is to breath deeply during the procedure…and it’s fast.

Nope!! Not gonna do it!!😷



Perfectly. Logical…just like urine testing for doping…needs to be verified.


Lots of guys doing urine tests got busted because their urine samples showed pregnant.

I sure would like to know if I have antibodies from that bout of “something” in early January.


Hence getting the TRUE numbers of the virus and the TRUE rates, bye Fauchi, THAT is why Trump did this, to buy TIME to get the FACTS, NOW, he has them plus the CURE, and the supplies ARE in place. Time to start HEALING and in more ways than one. (medically)


67,770 watching on Fox10!!!


I just spoke with our regional costco…trucks are 100% unpredictable (unusual) and they have no idea what they are getting or when they are getting it (v. expected and in the computer what is coming) but the number of trucks is now at normal + extra. Eggs are low and sometimes gone even now and still frequently running out of/staying out of chicken. + paper products, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes…all low/out.
Called our little town Kroger…truck deliveries not at normal yet but coming close to normal #s of deliveries.
Didn’t call other stores. Walmart and Kroger in little town even had very low baking supplies as of yesterday.
Good to know deliveries are getting back to at least normal or close to normal. Maybe had diverted our usual deliveries elsewhere like bigger cities that had run out first. in our little town groceries didn’t start running low until about mid last week and by weekend cleaned out whereas it had started days before up in Nashville.
Interesting to read ground reports on this same topic on OT, entire thread dedicated to stock in local groceries around the nation. being low in eggs and chicken is a common theme. Of course, TP, paper towels, hand sanitizer, etc. out/low. But there is a wide disparity across the nation as to how the local groceries are affected.
read one comment that mentioned on reason deliveries aren’t happening as much/on schedule is because usually 1 truck will drive out to several grocery stores in 1 night’s delivery route. Now, same stores, same driver, same route is taking many more trips, often each grocery store their own delivery because of increased demand. Supply chain up and running but with no extra trucks put on just takes more local runs from warehouse to Each store instead of from warehouse to multiple stores. This could explain why some regular deliveries weren’t being made.
Will take time to work it out and get shelves back to normal. Plus the eggs and chicken being so low…wonder why? Just increase demand and time to catch up as chickens can’t lay extra! ha


Thanks Mom… great ground report…


Plus people wanting extra eggs for Easter.


Better get a few EXTRA dozen for the celebration!


yep LOTS of Cadbury eggs, and chocolate bunnies here, as well as the obligatory peeps and jelly beans!


People are hoarding the precooked riadter chickens from everywhere. Again its bc people dont know how to cook. Same with pizza, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, even frozen veggies gone gone gone. Eggs they need to make basics like bisquick for pancakes, biscuits etc. I need to make cupcakes and the recipe needs 3 eggs. Its hoarding. I saw it happening before a lot of you bc…California. im sure things are a mess still. Corporate walmart said they had stock but not enough drivers and that was before the big restaurants shut down. I cannot find flour but im ok atm. At least you are hearing deliveries.
I think every single chain and supplier must completely overhaul their system and perhaps boot their COOs if they cant get smarter about logistics when all is said n done.


Hear you Gil…
hope thinks get better on your coast… stay safe.


Nothing insane yet but we will see the crazy here first bc of size and confluence of so many factors involved.


Praying for you and Mr. Gil and kiddo…


Ty ma’am….back at cha


Interesting article in the WSJ today. Talks about our grocery supply chains. Apparently in the past couple of decades corporate grocery chains cut costs by decreasing the amount of inventory in their warehouses – which does make sense – until you have a situation like we have now.
They are gearing up and making adjustments. Some food producers/manufactures are shipping straight to stores and not even going into their own warehouses. Increased trucking going on, and yes, they are concentrating on the higher demand items vs a wide variety. Local truckers are making multiple supply stops at night/day, whereas they didn’t do that before. So each store is going to get something.


They call it “just in time.” The bare minimum on hand and new parts or inventory arrive just as you need them. It’s a huge cost savings but requires an extreme amount of oversight to ensure everything happens just right.
And when something like this happens, and part of your supply chain is disrupted, you have big problems Right Effing Now because you have no backstock.

Brave and Free

I worked in that in that area of retail for 30+ years. All the old timers saw this perfect storm coming for years. Reducing inventory to save $$ for reinvestment in company makes good business sense, but it comes at a cost when something like this takes place. Takes time to recoup when the shelves of the local grocery stores are empty no way around it.


I’m seeing some reports of exactly the same sort of issues messing up electronics manufacturing; newly introduced models have to be delayed because there’s zero backstop (and this is a Japanese company, where “just in time” was invented).


When I visited Trader Joe’s on Saturday, the cashier was surprised at one of my items–he didn’t realize it was in stock. He told me that the stores aren’t allowed to order anything in particular; the trucks are just going out with whatever they have in the warehouse.
I hadn’t really noticed any missing things in their inventory, but then I only hit about 25 percent of the store when I am there.


Husband, son and I laughing at how little this whole thing has affected our lifestyle because we are already such introverts! (laughing at ourselves NOT at situation!) Also, this is a testament as to the quick thinking and ingenuity being displayed by his martial arts, piano lessons, boy’s club, etc. as he still feels connected.
We are drinking a lot more tea (herbal teas – family motto when we are sick or trying to avoid getting sick: “We Drown the Germs!”) and keeping our essential oils on more faithfully. And yes, husband is working from home more, etc. But it isn’t the complete culture shock for us as already homeschool, already work part from home and already introverts. If it weren’t sitting down to look at the news we almost forget some days as we go about our usual lives. That is what homebodies/introverts we are! ha


Hear ya Mom… housebound here… don’t notice a bit of difference!


Likewise…DH had an oil change scheduled for his car this morning so I picked him up from the place…first time I’ve been out in a couple of days. We have a big, wide open house so no cabin fever here…and, importantly…we can have alone time (important as a non-TV watcher!)
The GOOD news is periods very heavy rain the last couple of days…pollen is washed away! (Well, except for areas such as patios under cover, etc). Definitely a new look outside.


I think we share the same rain Tea… and same residue polled on closed porch/patios undercover… 😉 rain is most welcome! As are the words from our VSG POTUS today. Spring is here!



Awesome Michael!!!!!!!!!


Hussein was a NIGHTMARE in more ways (timebombs) than we even knew. Thank God we have THE fixer in Trump. Hussein was MORE than incompetent, he was WILLFULLY negligent.


Yes to “timebombs” Wicked! He IS!! heads on a swivel….


Little Barry’s competence and reputation isn’t coming out too well during this crisis… leaving the question to be answered….is there one thing he did during his 8 years as President that actually benefited our country?


He left on time, January 20 2017.
Besides that…no, I can’t think of anything.


I’ll answer that…NO. EVERYTHING he did was for the globalist agenda. EVERYTHING. He, as I wrote in my book, WILL go down as the WORST most corrupt, and EVIL President EVER. May he live forever in his misery and INFAMY…in a 6×9 cell in GITMO…with no Koran, no prayer rug, and no Kobe beef.


Only if Valerie, his handler, and Michelle, willing accompanist, are in neighboring cells.
I have other, shall we say more permanent, ideas for Brennan, Clapper, et al.
Still deciding the most “fitting” actions for Comey and Holder.




“Why do so many people die from the flu?”
Exactly this!
Back in December I was talking with people at work about how incompetent and inept the CDC is – that they have an undeservedly good reputation with the public but aren’t doing what is necessary to manage seasonal outbreaks or infectious diseases in hospitals. Their targets for reducing bacterial spread in hospitals were utterly pathetic.
I don’t care what anyone says. The CDC needs to be flipped upside down and shaken from the top until all the garbage comes out. If there’s anything good left, keep it, otherwise trash anything that’s a holdout.


The beauty of MARCH MADNESS (the two year Delta) – right Q?! More exposure of corruption, sedition, treason, etc.
Burn it down. Let PDT build it back the right way – which is what he really does well.


Went to the nearby store while this was playing (left it on for DH), and when I got back, Gov Cuomo was on and all he could talk about with the news people was the lack of ventilators. Nothing about the Z-packs and quinine meds, which would prevent the necessity of a ton of ventilators. I finally shut it off, because none of them could get off the subject of lack of ventilators.


He’s a snake.


Hes a dumbocrat…..poor insulted snakes. 😁


He’s a viper.


Trying to CHANGE the narrative. He KNOWS the truth, he MUST play the game, because he was too nice to Trump. In 5 days, there may not be a NEED for the respirators at ALL.


One can hope.
I’ve seen differing accounts of how fast that anti-malarial does its thing. I don’t which to believe. If it really is almost an overnighter, it’s an instant game changer. If it takes a week, we’ll have an interesting week ahead of us while new cases pile up and old ones are still in the pipeline.


Every study I have seen says almost INSTNT relief, and completely VIRUS free in less than 6 DAYS. There was an article posted here by GA fla I think, that shows the results from the French study of @ 350.
I have seen similar studies from Israel and Japan.


Probably ought to stay in the hospital for those six days–but the ventilator is freed up.
Good to hear about it.


of course, caution is NECESSARY, but it seems to be working and working FAST in numbers that suggest that it is MORE than a statistical impossibility that this IS the cure.


I’m just cautious enough to want to see reports from New York before shouting from the roof tops, but it does look pretty damned good at this point.


Yep, see my other reply to you, and then tell me, WHY the Gov of Nev would try and STOP this drug, which MUST be prescribed by a DOCTOR to get? Answer, Occom’s Razor, it IS the cure, and they ALL know it, but they WANT their weapon.


I can think of multiple things that could be going through his alleged mind.
If he is truly evil enough to want to see Trump fail, he could block this because he is afraid it MIGHT succeed. He doesn’t have to be sure it WILL succeed to want to take precautions against this whole thing failing to advance the Left.
But the man is a fool even if so; he’s so overplayed his hand it’s ridiculous (as well as tragic and infuriating).


he will be ENJOINED shortly, he SHOULD be arrested, and he WILL be recalled. Nevadans, especially once the NY #’s come out, will be rightly infuriated in this loon playing with their lives.


Yeah, this guy has stepped WAY outside his bounds on this one, worse than Nancy Pelosi with the relief package.
The ONLY way this guy COULD hypothetically come out smelling like a rose is if it turns out the drug is in fact a poison like Axios Fake News had it in their original story (since retracted). So I suppose it’s possible he really believes this. It’s either that or believe he was smart enough to rise to such a high station in politics yet dumb enough to deliberately block a genuine cure when it will be plainly obvious soon enough that it is (again, I’ve seen no news about it despite checking in a few places; I haven’t finished reading HERE yet though; damn bell keeps lighting up.)


You are giving him WAY too much credit. The man, much like Biden who said that 2 GRAMS of chloroquine in a dose made it lethal.
Medicines are PERSCRIBED in doses by DOCTORS, not media or politicians. Medicines are also prescribed in MILI grams, NOT GRAMS. 2 grams of damn near ANYTHING in a single dose would make you VERY sick if not kill you.
That was a straw man, and it was QUICKLY set on fire and burnt to the ground.
I want to go all John McClane Diehard on these fools…”I’f you are NOT part of the solution, you are part of the fucking problem, QUIT being part of the problem and put the OTHER guy back on.”
Geez. This guy is either negligent or IGNORANT, he needs to SHUT UP and let the doctors do their job.


Whoops, sorry about that–I fatfingered and apparently sent this to spam by mistake. Trying to figure out how to dig it out.


It happens. No biggie.


OK, looks like it came back out. Maybe Daughn intervened (like I was just about to ask her to do).
I had even gone to the author’s page to try fishing you out but it showed your comment as not in the SPAM bin so either it failed to go in…or someone is on the ball and got it back out.


OK, I enjoy our back and forth conversations, intellectually stimulating, hope you feel the same…you keep me on my toes!


Indeed, and agreed.
We will see what develops coming out of NY.
Meanwhile I’m already seeing reports of ICUs running out of rooms…so this is going to be In The Nick Of Time.


May it at least be IN TIME.


(…and again, as I write this, I’ve yet to see news out of NY.)


You will, NO news at this point is GOOD news. Plus, do you REALLY think the MSM will cover the cure at this point? It will KILL their weapon, their narrative, and their RATINGS. Only OANN and perhaps Fox will cover this. As I said from the study, most patients receive IMMEDIATE relief from the harshest symptoms, and in 3 days are felling MUCH better. In 5 days they are 100% virus free, and in 6-8 days they go HOME.
We can and SHOULD expect to see good news in the next 24 to 36 hours. Surely the doctors will not keep this quiet, though I suspect some leftist Hospital admins might order it. BUT, they will NOT be able to silence the patients and their families, and THAT is where I expect the FIRST good news to break.


Regardless I’m all for ramping up our stockpile. Next time it won’t be so nice.


Indeed, they NEVER should have allowed the stockpile to be depleted in the FIRST place. Plus we NEVER should have allowed our key medical supplies and medicines to be outsourced to China, that is about to change BIGLY.


Build some bigass warehouses on military bases (on military bases, for security).
Fill them with things like masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc. I’d hesitate on ventilators, unfortunately, because that’s preparing for THIS battle. The next one may have no call for ventilators.

Wolf Moon

Nerve gas. Cheap-man’s WuFlu II.
My blinders are OFF. Until socialism is DEAD, humanity is at risk. After that, we look at ORIGINS and deal with that problem, too.

Wolf Moon

FIELD-GRADE respirators work on the BATTLEFIELD and in the HOSPITALS.
Crank out enough that ChiCom hopes of victory are dashed.
They’re lucky they’re not dealing with President Wolf Moon. He would be strongly considering all options to make Chinese a DEAD LANGUAGE.


wolf, I love your consistency.

Wolf Moon

Very happy to say “President TRUMP” every time! 😀

Wolf Moon

Not the way I see it. The next ChiCom weapon – which they ALREADY HAVE – won’t be so “nice”.
Until the ChiComs are gone from power, as far as I’m concerned, we remain at WAR.

Wolf Moon

Respirators work for NERVE GAS, TOO.
Don’t think these DEMONS won’t use it.


Oh absolutely, but the ability to corner the market AND hold critical supplies from us will CEASE to exist.
What is the old saying? Payback is a BITCH. China has a BIG ONE coming. Were I Trump, I would simply CONFISCATE ALL CCP assests, bonds, land, debt etc. File claims on those NOT in country, then I would liquidate the debt, and distribute the assets EQUALLY to the American people who have had to suffer through this attack. They do it, what is sauce for the goose.


Dow just closed the biggest gain day in history. 2,100 pts+. 11%. Best since 1933.




Just the start. People are going to now have more trust in the system as what PDT says comes true.
We are watching a movie. It ends well. God wins.


Piglosi has folded!
She knows she’s screwed


By talking encouragingly about Easter, we are learning that the 15 days won’t be long enough and we will go another 19 days/~3 weeks to Easter – 5 weeks total. However, he hopes maybe sooner but might be longer.
Looking forward to Easter as good news v. telling us the bad news on Monday that 15 days was not enough it as great way to shift the conversation and control the narrative to a positive.
Opening Up the Country….seems to mean that the national recommendations will change and be more flexible for various recommendations for various levels of infection case #s and various rates of growth. The Governors will then take the best course for their own state and their own state’s situation.
Opening up the country = removing country wide recommendations


Again – not whole country – Fauci said it’s fluid – they will look at data. NY, CA and WA for sure will not be ready!


I am 65 years old, with leukemia. My mother is 91 and her sister, for whom I am also responsible, is 94. Husband is 67 and still working as a consultant, and I own a small construction company. I am willing to take the risk to open the country back up by Easter, for the sake of my children, my grandchild, my employees, and all the younger people who will never be able to attain the success of my generation if we keep this up through the summer.
I am blessed. We have worked hard, saved for 45 years of marriage, taken calculated risks, and I want the same for this next generation. I will take care of myself, my husband, my mother , my aunt, and anyone else who I can help. I will be responsible for my self. I am willing to take the risk. I bet I am not alone.