20200903: MAGA Rally, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 7 pm EDT

For his second rally of the 2020 Presidential Campaign re-start, President Donald J. Trump and his team have chosen to stick to small town America, and have chosen…Latrobe, Pennsylvania?

Uhh, where is this place? (Thanks to an anon @Jack’s place, we have a map.)

More to the point, tonight’s rally is in a swing state where the officials have been known to play the precinct waiting game on election night.

Looks like the savvy 4D chess player is going to try to head that off at the pass.

Main Street, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

So, aside from being in what appears to be the fabled steel country of western Pennsylvania, what info is there out there on Latrobe? From wiki:

In 1852, Oliver Barnes (a civil engineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad) laid out the plans for the community that was incorporated in 1854 as the Borough of Latrobe. Barnes named the town for his best friend and college classmate, Benjamin Latrobe, who was a civil engineer for the B&O Railroad. (His father, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, was the architect who rebuilt the United States Capitol in Washington, DC, after the War of 1812.)

Its location along the route of the Pennsylvania Railroad helped Latrobe develop into a significant industrial hub. Latrobe was also served by the Ligonier Valley Railroad from 1877 to 1952.

In 1904, the banana split was invented in Latrobe by David Evans Strickler at the pharmacy that later became named Strickler’s Drug Store.[4]

Two interurban (long-distance trolley) lines served Latrobe:

The Westmoreland County Railway Company connected Latrobe to Derry and operated from 1904 to 1932.[5]
The Latrobe Street Railway Company connected Latrobe to Kingston and began operations in 1900.[6] This line was purchased by West Penn Railways, which eventually linked it with its network running through Youngstown, Pleasant Unity, and eventually to Greensburg and Uniontown. Service ceased in 1952.[6]
Latrobe has two sites on the National Register of Historic Places within its city boundaries:

Pennsylvania Railroad Station at Latrobe (325 McKinley Avenue): This station was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1903.[7]
Citizens National Bank of Latrobe (816 Ligonier Street, at Main Street): This was previously known as the Mellon Bank Building. This six-story, 1926 structure was designed by the Greensburg firm of Batholomew and Smith.[8]
The former Fort Sloan, a small fortress established by the British settlers in the 1700s, is now a private residence, situated on the corner of Cedar St. and Raymond Ave.

So, it’s a rail town. Got it.

And has become standard operating procedure with these rallies, the crowds started turning up early.

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Pennsylvania, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

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Dems left out Under God twice from their convention. THey lied about it.

Shows WHO they are – and who their god is!!!

They wanna send out 80MILLION BALLOTS!!!
If you mail it in, do it early. Then go to polls and see if they have it. If not, vote right then and there. If mail in ever gets there, they’ll check again & strike it because they see you voted in person. TRUMP STRATEGY
I hope we have a Landslide like we’ve never seen. IMO, that solves the cheating problem. Nothing they do can change his majority. If they try, it exposes they’re cheating. Can’t have more than 100% of registered voters. All he needs is 51% and done.

I didn’t even think about it. You’re in a Shutdown. You have a Governor that has you. Shut. Down. BOOOOOOOOOO

Sylvia Avery

These shut downs are causing much greater problems. You have to open up the commonwealth.
Oh, now he’s talking about Cuomo (aka Tinsel Tits) the convention center hospital, the hospital ships…..it’s so sad what’s happening in NY. If you kill someone they don’t prosecute, but they will if it’s a political issue.

Sylvia Avery

(That’s Marica’s name for Cuomo.)



Tinsel Tits. 😄 That gives Party Tits a run for their money.

Sylvia Avery



Yay, Marica!

Talking about Cuomo, I built him a hospital, and a convention center, and sent him a ship. And he didn’t even use it. What a shame!
On Nov 4th, everything will be open. They’re doing this for political reasons.
It’s a disgrace, Dem Govs & Mayors.


People see what the Democrat Governors have done to their states – all will end November 4th – this is pure insanity – cutting their noses to spite their faces – other states are prospering – carrying the economy forward.
He said it outright – this is all political – do people who have lost their businesses – living on close to nothing – hanging on for what – their livelihood has been lost – their lives forever changed. I know this hurts PT.

Sylvia Avery

Over the next four years we will become the manufacturing superpower of the world. We will end our reliance on China forever. If they hadn’t wasted half a year of my life on a perfect phone call we would have had this all done by now! These are bad people. I really don’t believe they love our country.

Sylvia Avery

Ha! Pelosi. She must have treated the salon pretty bad. They turned her in!


If she was set up she shouldn’t be leading the House.
I want the salon owner to lead the House.
CRAZY NANCY – Highly overrated person, Look they turned off the camera! BOOO


In her defence nancy thought the sign said saloon

Sylvia Avery

ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! You kill, ozzy!!!

Over next 4yrs we will be Mfg Superpower of World and end reliance on Chyna once and for all.
If they didn’t waste a year and a half of my life on Impeachment, this would’ve all been done.
Fake RUSHA, Fake Ukraine
These are BAD people. They don’t love our Country.

Sylvia Avery

Pelosi. She’s a highly overrated person. Look! They turned off the camera! They don’t want me to say that.


LOL – He doesn’t miss a thing!!!

We will uphold religious liberty, free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms!!
(Insert MichaelH bear here…Where is he??)


He’s laying out his LAW AND ORDER platform!!!

Big Pharma wants to negotiate. I say NO, just cut, they been stealing from us for too long!



Pennsylvania needs to declare its independence from their errant governor!!!


And that man in a dress.


Oh, yes – the Health Commissioner, Mom!

PA Patriots, PA where our Founding Fathers declared our Independence

Coal miners, RR builders, we’re making it greater than ever before


Every speech is positive and uplifting!!! THIS IS IT, FOLKS!!! The Rallies have begun – and it is going to be great!!!

Sylvia Avery

He’s a better candidate than last time. He’s a more polished speaker. He’s been through the fires, that’s for sure. Tested. He’s done so much for us. Only if they succeed in stealing the election will he lose.

I sooo LOVE HIM!!! ❤❤❤



“Together, we will make America wealthy again,
We will make America strong again
We will make America proud again
We will make America safe again
And we will make America great again,
Thank you, Pennsylvania!

We are going to keep on WINNING WINNING WINNING!!!comment image


Stroke? I don’t think so,,,
Man on fire for AMERICA more like it!


Does anyone know where the NC Rally will be – another hangar? Wherever it is – I have a strong feeling the crowds will get larger – he wanted to let everyone in this time – said there was plenty of room – all inclusive!!!

President Donald J. Trump to deliver remarks live from North Carolina
Join President Donald J. Trump in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Register now!
Event Details
Tue, September 08, 2020
07:00 pm (EDT)
Doors Open: 04:00 pm
Make America Great Again Event with Donald Trump Jr. – Duluth, MN
Join Donald Trump Jr. for a Make America Great Again Event in Duluth, MN. Register now!
Event Details
Wed, September 09, 2020
05:00 pm (CDT)

Thanks, BFLY – was wondering about the venues – the size – capacity – looking for larger and larger crowds as we progress – know what I mean?

Thanks bfly!!!!


Off topic
These are iv cannula sites on Biden’s hands
Question. Wtf not insert more discreetly


I thought so too.


Latrobe, PA = Rolling Rock
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_Rockcomment image


Great job on the Rally Thread, DePat!
Thank you!
You’ve been totally rocking it on all your threads.
Thank you for doing so many of them!


thanks DePat for the rally thread–awesome as usual!!!
what will they be taking? internal organs??
tinsel tits?
OMG you guys had me honestly rolling on the floor with this thread!!!
so appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!