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Free speech, yada, yada, yada. But don’t give Komrade Kamala any excuses to shut us down. This has been addressed elsewhere. Such as HERE:



Give them nothing but one more day to rue, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Remain LEGAL, generally CIVIL, and possibly even GENTEEL.

A reminder:

I will not live under CHICOM TRAITORS.

Today we have FIVE SHORT LESSONS in politically incorrect WOLFTHINK.

The Glitch Ain’t a Glitch

Zuckertreason. Read all about it.


We need to understand that “Muh Russia” – the idea that paltry Russian ad buys had any effect in “subverting” our elections on Facebook – is literally NOTHING next to Mark Chinaberg’s “Muh China” problem. Chinese money for advertisement of Chinese products into America is HUGE.

Where does that money go? FACEBOOK. What does Facebook spend it on? SUBVERTING ELECTIONS.

Trust me – Muh China is HUGE and NASTY and – yeah – very deniable. They’re just making HUGE ad money from SOMEBODY and spending it to subvert our elections.

Keep an eye on the Xuckster’s “Muh China” problem.

Now – let’s dig into “The Glitch”!


It turns out that the great Tony Heller of “real climate science” is also a super-hard-core computer guy, having worked on historic hardware and software.

He says they are LYING – it’s NOT a glitch.

Computers don’t make mistakes. Attempts to blame election fraud on “computer glitches” are not credible.

Tony Heller

It’s a FEATURE, not a bug. It may be DESIGNED to look like a bug, but it’s not a bug.

Yes, we’re all familiar with computer bugs, but most people don’t truly understand how computers work. Computer bugs are NOT because the computer did something wrong. They are because the computer did everything RIGHT, and we gave it conflicting, backfiring, and poorly thought out orders. There is no computer error. Not really. There is HUMAN PROGRAMMING ERROR.

It is not only possible but actually very easy to HIDE INTENTIONAL DECEIT in those human “errors”.

This is the level of evil we are up against.



So just how evil is a stolen election – stolen through software?

Just how evil are MANY stolen elections, world-wide, to keep a compromised party – the communist party – in “infiltration, not invasion” mode?

Could it be…..

Theory of Trump’s Treason Tweet

I have a new theory of Trump’s “Treason Tweet”.

I had always felt that Trump’s tweet saying “TREASON?” was NOT about what it was supposed to be about.

The tweet was posted around the time of the “Anonymous” letter to the editor of the New York Times – the author of which turned out to be a short-time Chief of Staff to DHS head Kirstjen Nielsen, not actually a person in the White House, not actually a top person in the administration. Worse still, the guy was fired for [OTHER] cause – poor performance – shortly thereafter. Worse still, he had only recently gotten the position.

No, it was not Mike Pence (and I feel stupider for just repeating that one).

No, it was not [FILL IN THE BLANK]. If you will recall, proposed authors included practically everybody, especially General Kelly.

That is how BADLY this thing was overplayed by the Times – and how badly everybody else was played. They really had us going.

Q was accused of LARPing. This toadie actually WAS LARPing.

Yeah, that kind of hubris is bad, but it creates a bigger mystery.

In my opinion, Trump – who said they knew who the “Anonymous” letter-writer actually was – would NEVER have tweeted even lower-case “treason” about some anonymous bit player writing a screed that was picked up by the already treasonous New York Times. There was never any reason, just on the face of the letter, to believe that the “Anonymous” author was even a high-level staffer, much less an official.


Trump writing “TREASON” because he was spooked by a bad “dramatic squirrel” letter?

NOPE. Not buyin’ it.

So when I realized that the “treason tweet” was back around the same time as other things…..

Just read it.

Text version:


This tweet was about THIS ELECTION and the failed attempt to plausibly oust Trump.

This tweet was exactly 1 week before the 09/12/2018 Executive Order which takes down anything and anybody related to the current CHINA ELECTORAL COUP, whether or not you include China’s biological release. That executive order was typical Trump genius. It appeared to be politically pressured CYA on “Muh Russia” for the 2018 election, based on the 2016 election strategy against Trump, when in fact it was designed to bring down everybody associated with the China Cheat Coup.

Note that Trump did very little about voter fraud after the 2018 midterm election, which followed shortly after the EO. Based on that experience, and counting on a short period of time and TOTAL big media control (including Paul Ryan at Fox News) to cover the downside, the Coupists were “all in” and confident for 2020.

Trump tweets always age well. He would not waste an all-caps “TREASON” on some dildo anonymously making larpy claims of “MUH RESIST”. Methinks he spoke of real treason, like we’re seeing now.

If you want further context from around that time – to understand that people on the left (who never actually investigated “covfefe”, by the way) were far too quick to assume what the tweet was about, just look at the rotten HuffPo for grins.


Nope. I think Trump was pulling a “gotcha” on the treasonous crowd who framed him, investigated him, impeached him, and otherwise made both his life and America’s life hell.

Trump let his enemies think that he was “rounding off in the dark” on Anonymous, when in fact he was making sure that his enemies THOUGHT that he was actually rattled by a poison pen letter.

Exactly one week before he delivered the executive order that would catch them in bed with CHINA, but needed to look “reactive” to accusations on RUSSIA.

I keep telling people – the guy is a VSG.

Two Swigs of Moonshine

Speaking of VSGs, I know that many people find Political Moonshine to be a very astute observer of all things political, much in the way of people like Sundance.

Well, here are TWO articles I think are very worth reading, to understand the current situation:

Enemies of the American People

Which entity determines the election result and the president-elect? Is it the collective entity of the states, the electoral college and the processes of the federal government all as underpinned by the U.S. Constitution and election laws or is it the mainstream media?

Which entity is currently determining the election result and the president-elect? Is it the collective entity of the states, the electoral college and the processes of the federal government all as underpinned by the U.S. Constitution and election laws or is it the mainstream media?

Those are rhetorical but critically important questions; the answers to which have the Republic hanging in the balance and caught between good and evil.

The answers to which demonstrate that a sizable portion of Americans are unable to discern reality from their programming and simply because they believe the mainstream media to be either legitimate, in which case they have been properly and fully propagandized; or it’s because they are afraid to challenge their own conventions, in which case they are feeble-minded; or it’s because it easily and conveniently fits their virtuous but deeply flawed belief system, in which case the ends justify the means; or it’s because of some other explanation that matters not.

So, why is the MSM projecting itself forward so forcefully and circumventing electoral conventions? Why did they deliver Joe Biden to the American public with a result drowning in a sea of fraud in an election that saw the President win an historic 71 million votes?

Again, rhetorical questions.

This is a strong indictment of the role of the mainstream media and CHINA in our current state of affairs. For those who can only see the shadowy OWNERS [or so those “dragon owners” may think, bwahaha] of China – the CABAL – as being the root of the problem, I urge a bit of patience here.

Apex-hunting is NEVER profitable in untangling conspiracies, and I urge you to resist it. Conspiracies evolve as a form of negotiation, be those conspiracies alliance, opposition, coincident interest, or mutually desired outcomes. All sides manipulate each other, and apex-dependent explanations will blind you to much of the story. Worse still, you cannot fight either a proximate enemy or a more distant manipulating enemy smartly by only looking at either one alone, or by making ASSUMPTIONS about who is calling the shots, much less ALWAYS calling the shots, which is NEVER.

Yes, the Cabal is always there, already a messy alliance of conspirators with both coincident and divergent interests. Keep an eye on it, while you fight the two most lethal close-in enemies BEHIND the Democrats themselves right now: CHINA and the MEDIA. I would throw in Silicon Valley for good measure, but they are basically a part of media now – or trying to become that.

Anyway, the bottom line here is that CHINA and the CHINATIZED MEDIA are both neatly subject to Trump’s EO, designed to nail DEMOCRATS for conspiring with China. Looks like the MEDIA are also nicely subject to it.

Buckle up.

You can take your MASKS OFF when Karen’s not looking.

And now for your second swig of moonshine.


The status quo is intolerable and excruciating. There is no way around it and despite much deliberate effort to be mindful and not let it dominate life. It’s easier said than done to just let it not bother you constantly when considering the possible outcomes hanging in the balance.

This especially so since it appears as if folks are standing idly by as others are cinching-up the theft of the nation so as to deliver her to China and the CCP; delicately wrapped in a red silk bow and presented on a silver tea tray.

It’s a truly dystopian landscape. And it’s real. Never in my lifetime… eyes down, slow head shake.

Here’s some more perspective to perhaps mitigate the misery. It doesn’t really work well for me and it’s my own work product for crying out loud – it’s a leopards/spots situation; nature of the beast, if you will – but it may work for you.

Here are some thoughts for perspective, but before we go there, let’s take an introductory sidebar with this.

This is how my day got started. This below will be my first post when T_____r lets me out of the doghouse.

This post references ANOTHER post by Political Moonshine (hereafter PM) on QAnon, back during impeachment, in which PM claims he was informed by somebody with DIRECT ties to POTUS, on who the person of “Q” actually is.

I am not going to put words in PM‘s mouth, or even state what I think he means. I’m not going to offer any new speculations on who “Q” – meaning the persona who writes for Q team as Q – actually is.

But I will include a graphic from PM’s post which I think is important.

I do know ONE THING FOR SURE from my own research. The identity of Q team personnel is a top priority of the leftists. I believe that even the Mueller fraud included, as part of its mission, an attempt to get “QAnon” information out of people around Trump. So if Esper was (1) following fake news, and (2) interacting with Biden and team without proper suspicion, and (3) getting schmoozed real good, and (4) letting loose the lips, then (5) it’s very likely that he confirmed enemy suspicions.


I can only speculate on the deepest motivations of the “Q Team”. However, I believe that their primary mission was established long ago – possibly under Eisenhower – and their mandate is STRONG. That mandate is – as Q stated from the beginning – related to Q clearance.

And that leads to my next topic. What is at stake, if China wins this.

What’s at Stake

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this election is about MORE than just whether this nation becomes like CHINA or not. It’s about whether China controls…..

not just our government

not just our military

including our nuclear weapons

and not just our BIBLE, which they will “re-write”

but our VERY LIVES



I don’t know about you, but AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE is worth preserving, IMHO.

But here is the thing. We’ve got this. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

If we wait for the TRUTH to come out, there is no way that Biden and CHINA win this thing. NO WAY.

That is why Biden has to pretend like he won, and try to RUSH THINGS to a PHONY WIN.

That is why WEASELS like CHINA JIM Lankford, Puppet Pastor and BETRAYER of Chinese Christians, push for national security information to be given to CHINA JOE.

That is why treasonous John Brennan is openly calling for a COUP against Trump (and why TEAM Q was brilliant to LET THINGS KEEP GOING UNTIL HE DID IT).


At all levels.

The FEC recognizes this.


But all we have to do is TRUST THE PLAN.

That doesn’t mean SIT BACK and TAKE IT.

That means RISE UP and TAKE IT BACK.

Get Thee to a March or Rally

I will try to keep this short.

THIS SATURDAY is pivotal. Saturday, November 14. NOON.


Not only is there going to be a rally and march at 12 Noon on Saturday in Washington, DC – there are rallies planned NATIONWIDE, including ALL STATE CAPITOLS.

Find yours HERE:



I went to one of the rallies last week – it was AWESOME. It was spiritually RECHARGING. There was much focus on GOD – it was truly a blessed event.

We vastly outnumbered the small groups of BLM and ANTIFA. It remained peaceful, except that ANTIFA tried to create an incident out on the street nearby, which drew “journalists” and had to be broken up by cops.

The cops are clearly getting orders from above to “squish along” with Democrat pressure groups, like BLM and Antifa, which seem to have a permanent presence near the rally – in sight of boarded-up windows everywhere.

The cops tried to talk us into “hiding” on the side of the building, to prevent conflicts.

NO! One lady patriot REFUSED, and it was the right thing! NO MORE HIDING!

We refused to cede our ground. The tiny BLM and Antifa bullies did NOT move our vastly larger group from the front steps of the Statehouse.

I found it fascinating that there were NO network journalists covering the rally itself, when a MUCH SMALLER rally for Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch in the same place had actually drawn multiple networks. Instead, the Fake News concentrated on Biden supporters across the street, celebrating BIDEN having just called himself “President Elect”.


Expect China Joe and the FAKE NEWS to try to create DIVERSION NEWS of some kind.


The FAKE NEWS will be there, shilling for BIDEN, and what we need now are CAMERAS ON THE FAKE NEWS, catching them in the act of CREATING THE FAKE NEWS.

Don’t worry – they will NOT win. The Coup will not succeed. The American People will not put up with it.




We begin. These are the days we were born to live.




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THANK YOU! Needed this message today Wolf, you are a blessing!


Sorry, I thought the video would post, same as with youtube videos…but it doesn’t.
Title is fight for your life for Trump or die under Communism.
From the same newsource, where I got this following link …which I posted in Aubergine’s thread. The author does an impressive exposure of all the rot in the election, and says (my paraphrase) Trump’s got this!


Seize ALL Chinese assets too…..
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