Dear KMAG: 20231106 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic

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Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

AND our beautiful REALFLOTUS.

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread remains open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

And yes, it’s Monday…again.

But we WILL get through it!

We will always remember Wheatie,

Pray for Trump,

Yet have fun,

and HOLD ON when things get crazy!

We will follow the RULES of civility that Wheatie left for us:

Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

And while we engage in vigorous free speech, we will remember Wheatie’s advice on civility, non-violence, and site unity:

“We’re on the same side here so let’s not engage in friendly fire.”

“Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.”

If this site gets shut down, please remember various ways to get back in touch with the rest of the gang:

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

Daily outrage and epic phuckery abound.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

And we will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Word of The Week:

yabba dabba doo


  • saying by the cartoon character Fred Flintstone
  • exclamation of joy, excitement, enthusiasm
  • typically stated prior to some new misadventure

Used in a sentence

Wolf says “Yabba dabba doo!”

Used in a picture

Moar Music

Let’s start off with epic music and WOLVES!

Now a hard 90 degree turn into country music!

OK – after that we need a DRINKING SONG that’s not DRINKABY….

OK, how about more country that’s not even a drinking song?

OK – trying hard not to play Drinkaby – lets try this form of Drinarcan….

OK, that didn’t work. There’s a NEW official version of DRINKABY.


Finishing with some banjo.

And now THE STUFF!

One more time….

And one more time to my favorite neorockabilly tune!

Goofball administration is goofball.

This lady is my new hero!

Awesome old thread!

Simulation or no?

Don’t you love “ramping up to G_d?”

Or as I might jokingly put it – “follow the science!”


It’s gonna be tough….

With friends like these…..

It’s sick and sad that women are voting IN pedophilia, legalized child prostitution, and other horrors for their own daughters and granddaughters, but that’s what Satan does. DECEPTION.

Still, we FIGHT ON!!!

Yup. Gotta wonder if this is really a ‘no’ house!

This point is important!

Even some Dems are standing up!

Nice graphic!

But who knows?

Until victory, have faith!

And trust the big plan, too!

And as always….



One before closing time!

Aw, what the heck – let’s have another!

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About ten after nine, Pacific Time, it sounded like someone was trying my garage door. (The room that I am in has a door through into the garage.)

Fortunately I’d been expecting it.

We normally run a whole-house fan and use two operable skylights in the kitchen to let cool air in. They run off a remote and open, and close, and have an internal shade and an external awning. They also have a remarkably sensitive rain gauge that makes them close by themselves.

When they close, the whole-house fan creates negative air pressure in the house, which pulls on the garage door.

I verified that they had closed and opened a window in the laundry room.

I don’t know what someone might do if they weren’t as familiar with the house.


They might move … instead of threatening for a year to move.  😂   😆   😍 


That’s close to ten years…..


It’s really more of a science-fiction movie when a biological warfare plague psyop screws up preparations for three years.


Da, tovarisch!


Which label is going to back that song? I’m not seeing any.  😆 


See what you started with your ‘song’ comment?  😮 

Barb Meier

Read on, it keeps getting better! hehe


I’ve been fixin’ to fix that for nigh on ten years,
Through jeers and leers from all of my peers,
Excuses are all that my babydoll hears,
And I just keep on drinking those beers…” 🎶😅


And a dog and a truck.


Since I left prison, I just can’t cope,
Tho I have managed to stay off the dope,
I sit in my truck with Ol’ Rover and mope,
And watch the trains and the antelope.


Applause, applause!!!


Thank yew! 😅


It ain’t country without getting laid off, gambling your money away, or someone stealing your sweetheart

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

And/or running over the dog with their truck.

Gail Combs

And the dog has to die..

Jack Smith is a THUG

unless the girlfriend takes him when she leaves

Barb Meier



I was talking about here. This blog hasn’t been in existence for ten years.

Friendly advice – ten years is too long to prepare to do something. I should know since I am 11 years into getting ready to do a project.

Barb Meier

Be sure to make notes of things like this for the buyer.


I thought about creating a notebook, but there’s just so much weird random information (most of which from before my time). Things like the hall bathroom’s hot and cold sink connections at the wall are different sizes….or that there’s no floor under the wall-to-wall carpet in the westward six feet of this room and the master bedroom — just plywood.

The house was originally built in 1955, and it has amassed 68 years of peculiarities since.

Barb Meier

Homeowner History: I had never owned a home before the one I live in now. The previous owners walked me though the entire home and I took notes, as best I could. I knew nothing about owning a home, having a well, or a septic system. Knowing who to call for help was a big deal. When the well pump died 15 years later, I didn’t have to figure out who to call.

The previous owner was a class-A builder who had planned to retire here with his wife. Their grandson was born with medical issues, so they decided not to move here after remodeling extensively and building a 2-story addition. They stayed in their existing home where they were close to their daughter and grandson so they could help with his care.

They also left me with a Tupperware cake cover filled with manuals and receipts, so when a new water heater’s top seal cracked, I got a new one under warranty.

They are a Mormon family and even asked if I would like them to leave items in the house. It came fully furnished. A few items I gave to friends who could use them, like kitchen knives when I had a nice set of my own and some furniture. I’ve felt like this house’s shepherd and never dreamed of having a house this big or nice. I do the best I can on my own. The previous homeowners helped me a lot.


I’d like to think of doing something so supportive, but this is a California house in litigation central…..

I’ve done a lot of what I could. I’ve replaced the motor in the whole-house fan twice, and there’s a “cheat sheet” written on the inside of the baffles. I’ve frequently had to demo some of the old “weird” in order to build new “nice”.

But I could probably say something about every square foot of the floors, walls, and ceilings and still miss things.

Gail Combs

If you sell, I will pass on my favorite lawyer’s advice. At the closing the buyers will probably have a list of stuff they think needs fixing. They will use it to get the price dropped from the agreed on price.


In other words, they can not come back for more $$$ after that.


Yes, an “as is” clause is essential.


While not common, I do see, “as is” as I look for my next home.

“As Is”, does NOT bother me. It is a flag or sorts. Caution AND LOW BALL, any offer.

Give 24 hours to accept.

If they counter, my counter will be, something like. –

  • Slightly more (at best).
  • Respectfully, this is best and final offer.
  • Cash deal.
  • Short timeline to close. Inspections gotta done in short order.
  • Piss poor seller market. Believe I have the upper hand.
  • Lots of the properties are obvious Estate sale.
  • Easy money for folks inheriting the windfall.
  • I’m prepared to walk away.

Like trucks, SUVs and cars, there is always another home out there to buy.

Gail Combs

And as we found, A BETTER ONE…

Gail Combs

You were BLESSED Barbara.

Barb Meier

Gail, you are right. I got my dad’s “lucky one” gene and thank God for all my blessings.


That’s a lovely story especially for a 1st time home buyer.

Barb Meier

Thank you, Molly. 😊



comment image


This was a jam-packed open. The banner treehouse is magnificent. Lots of rollicking music. The simulation video was interesting. It raises a lot of questions, and don’t feel I have enough knowledge of the science to ask the right ones. But the part about the Mandela effect, at around the 5:00 mark, I chalk up to people not being precise as well as cultural references to a particular thing that distort it. Then the distortion becomes “the reality” to people. I don’t see that as evidence that we are in a simulation. Here’s one article about it.

I pray the Ohio Issue 1 will not pass.

Valerie Curren

But if there WERE ways to retain information that would later contradict a changing simulation – THAT would be rather fascinating.”

This comes to mind, especially :50-1:40+

Gail Combs

Mandela effect”…

I see that as evidence of multiple universes not evidence of a simulation.


I think the “multiple universes” are all in people’s minds.

Gail Combs

Probably, but a slightly more realistic alternative than ‘Simulation’

I am NOT living inside some computer! Is there a bunch of fakery? Certainly but if I get hit by a car it is REAL.


Just a quick health update. I’ve decided to go ahead and get the lumpectomy. I had another ultrasound on Thursday and the tumor has shrunk. At this point, I’d like to just go ahead and get it out and then continue on a maintenance protocol to get anything remaining and kill the stem cells and make sure it doesn’t come back. I really like the surgeon who is going to do the operation. She spent a lot of time talking to me and explaining things (and listening to me) and has a great reputation. So I’m feeling at peace about the decision. My operation is going to be on Wednesday morning, so I would really appreciate prayers.


You’ve got mine!


Thank you, Coothie! And you’ve got mine as well.


Thank you for the update! It looks as if you weighed everything very carefully, and I’m glad you are at peace with your decision. I’m impressed that the tumor has shrunk and see that as very good news! I pray that all will go well with everyone involved in your surgery and that you will have a complete recovery. 🙏💐😊


Yes, I was a little bit surprised that it responded that quickly. Those on this particular protocol say that it usually takes 3 months before you start to see results. And I haven’t quite been on it that long. I think the Fenben/Ivermectin combination is pretty powerful plus the other supplements. Thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated.


You’re welcome! I hope it’s encouraging to you that you know of something that works. It’s encouraging to me!


Absolutely! The Standard of Care for cancer is pretty grim and pretty much destroys your immune system and makes it hard to fight off the cancer. So I’m definitely going to avoid chemo and radiation.

Gail Combs

Please may I have the URL for the fenben Cancer page on Face book. A neighbor has very bad cancer and I want to get as much info to her husband as possible.

I have FenBen (New supplyer) & ivermectin so I can get them started right away IF I can get them convinced.


Sounds like good news all around 👍

I was really hoping the treatments (Fenben +) would show improvement so that’s great, I suspect your doctor was surprised.

Having a doctor you like (and who listens!) makes a huge difference.

Keeping you in my prayers!


Thank you, Scott. I think I would have chosen differently if I didn’t have confidence in the doctor.


Please re-examine your comment for logic. I don’t see any.

And no, I’m not trying to be a smartass.


Not the poster. But, it makes sense to me. At the time of posting, I, (we?), did not know, the doctor was unaware of FenBen / Ivermecin in play.


Thank you, Wolf. I’ve really been encouraged by the success of this protocol with so many in my Facebook group. There are 85,000 people in it now. And every day I read of someone’s success. There are people with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, one of the least treatable cancers, who are getting well after their doctors had sent them to hospice because they couldn’t do anything for them. That does my heart good, as my youngest sister died from pancreatic cancer. Thank you for your prayers!

Gail Combs

PLEASE may I have a link to that facebook group for my neighbor who is dying of cancer?

Gail Combs


Barb Meier

Prayers for you, Linda! 🙏


Thank you, Barb!

Jack Smith is a THUG

will pray for you Linda! a positive attitude means a lot and you have confidence in your surgeon–that means a lot too!
you will be in my thoughts and prayers!!


Thank you, Pat!

Gail Combs

The lumpectomy sounds like the best way to go so 👃

Linda, earlier you mentioned a FenBen facebook group. Can you give me the URL?

There is a preacher’s wife down the street with leukemia who is NOT doing well. I want to pass a packet of info to her husband and included that.


Absolutely! The group is called the Fenbendazole – Cancer Support Group and is here:

The group is a private group, so he’ll have to answer a couple of questions to be allowed in, but no big deal. He has a family member with cancer, so they’ll admit him to the group. Once he’s in, he should read the featured posts and go to the Files section and download Protocol 2. That will explain the protocol the group is using. He’ll learn a lot from the posts in the featured section on how to use the protocol. He can also use the search function to find posts from people who have leukemia and to find success stories. There are many. There are many in the group who have had leukemia and have healed. I’ll keep them in my prayers.

Gail Combs




Gail, I almost forgot. Ivermectin isn’t included on Protocol 2, but the group experts are highly recommending adding 24 mg a day of ivermectin to the protocol. I think the reason it isn’t on the published protocol is because for a long time Facebook was deleting any group that mentioned ivermectin. Things have loosened up now, though, so people are actively discussing it and recommending it.


Linda, The information you are sharing is golden. Bookmarked. Thanks.


Prayers ongoing. Thank you for the update.

Wondering. If ya don’t mind sharing this. How did the doctor feel about  Fenben / Ivermectin and other supplements. And the shrinking tumor.


I haven’t shared the Fenben/Ivermectin protocol with the doctors, at the advice of many in the group. The people who have seem to get shot down by the doctors and end up being discouraged. I’ve found that to be true with my 2 autoimmune diseases. I seem to know more about them than my doctors, so I self treat and am doing fine. We also found that to be true with COVID. These are allopathic doctors, so anything that involves holistic medicine is going to be frowned on by them. We do have a number of medical professionals in our group who know if anything we’re including in the protocol is going to conflict with conventional treatment drugs.

I don’t think my doctor has seen my ultrasound and latest mammogram results yet. They sent me to the university hospital for that and then gave me a packet to give to my doctor the day of surgery. So we’ll see what she thinks when she sees them. 😀


Makes perfect sense.

FWIW, local quack, asked twice in thirty seconds, if I’m seeing another doctor. has not said a a word. No, was and is the honest answer.

Her demeanor, reflected she was not happy.

Next visit, I’ll drop it from meds I take. Nothing gained by telling them.


Linda so glad you let us know. The tumor shrinking..that seems like a big deal and so great. Good luck on the lumpectomy.  👪 


Thank you, Molly.


That is very positive news, Linda, and I continue to admire your logic and courage in the decisions you are making. I will pray that these next steps move you even further to your goal. God will be with you every day 🙏💖


Thank you, Alison! I really appreciate the prayers.


Prayers up! You got this!


Thanks, Aubergine!


👍 🙏


Thank you, Tradebait. And I’m so glad to hear how well your grandson is doing. God is good!


I may be dense but why? If the tumor is shrinking, why not continue with what is provably working? It seems to me like there is no reason to change treatments.

I was put on a Keytruda protocol and today my doc says he cannot diagnose cancer based on today’s CAT scans. IOW it’s the earlier CAT scans that show cancer. The interim CAT scans show the tumor shrinking.

Will pray for you but I sure hope your doc can convince you that surgery offers a better outcome than the current road you’re on. If she can’t then say no.

Last edited 6 months ago by pgroup2

my doc says he cannot diagnose cancer based on today’s CAT scans


Valerie Curren

 🙏  God be with you & guide the surgeon’s hands. May it All be successful & complication free!  🙏 


comment image


comment image


And when she’s all growed up, she’ll get a magazine to go with that rifle 👍😁


The pistol is to fight her way to the magazine.


Only if the pistol has a magazine… 😁

Cuppa Covfefe

Road and Track?
Automobile Sound and Security?
Field and Stream?
Sky and Scope? 😀



Barb Meier

Shooting a rabid skunk? Is there ammo with Febreeze?


Every time I think of a skunk encounter lately, I think about the Fiancee’s sister.

She had a dog that managed to grab a skunk by its middle, so its head was sticking out one side of his mouth and his tail was sticking out the other, and went parading around the yard — while the skunk was spritzing as much as it possibly could out the tail side.

Shooting with an AR-15 would have been far less messy.

Barb Meier

A few years back, a skunk got hit on the highway near the downhill corner of my yard. The smell lasted almost a week.


That could present a problem around here. We live near large tracks of undeveloped, forested land filled with critters. As an example we had a young, black bear parade past our PUD gate one early morning last week just to open a homeowner’s rolling garbage container to get to the bags of garbage. What a mess, one of the neighbors took stills of it during its escapade. The bear’s habitat is being messed up by a housing development underway nearby. The same bear was spotted this week moseying across the neighboring golf course presumably to go fishing in the creeks and ponds.

A few years ago we had an invasion of skunks at one end of the development and our HOA Board had them trapped and removed. One got under a homeowners house’s crawlspace and did its thing when a neighbor dog came near. The owner needed fumigation services.

We can tell when autumn is coming by when the skunks get run over on the local roads. It happens in September and October every year.

Barb Meier

We have lots of wildlife too. I notice skunks killed on the highway in February the most. I’ve fortunately only had the one skunk killed nearby.


Too bulky to fit in my apron pocket.

Here’s my dream carry – the Magpul FGM-9 – which, folded up, looks like a cross between a battery radio and a flashlight. Unfolded, it’s a dad burn machine gun!

MAGPUL FMG – 9 was a prototype – never marketed –

Here’s the updated model –

I seriously might buy this.

Barb Meier

Thank you for the links, GA/FL! The site says their products are so popular, there may be a 3- to 4-day delay in shipping. I think the folding gun is still going through final testing but it now has ATF approvals.They are building it with ZEV Technologies and I think it will be sold by ZEV.

Last edited 6 months ago by Barb Meier

Pretty cool weapon, MeThinks. Would love to have one, or… 🙂

One the surface, it does look like extra paperwork. Of which, I am unfamiliar with.

May want to discuss with local FFL, or call Magpul.

Below, from Magpul link.

FDC-9 is classified as a short-barreled rifle. You’ll be able to convert your FDP to an FDC with an added conversion part after you receive your approved form 1, or by purchasing it as a factory SBR with an approved form 4.

Last edited 6 months ago by kalbokalbs

No finger discipline. Very bad optics for a firearm ad.


comment image


comment image


One says do NOT Lie. The other Condones, Encourages, Lying, Deceit.


comment image

Cuppa Covfefe


Jack Smith is a THUG

IF she had a brain, she’d realize the irony of this.
she is blissfully ignorant


comment image


comment image

Gail Combs

“Great idea!” -Satanists & HAMAS…. But I repeat myself.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

How like leftists to do it in the most wasteful way imaginable.

Just remove the hingepins.

Gail Combs



comment image


Those are only crimes if you’re white.

Law only applies to white people.

Everybody knows.


comment image


comment image

Gail Combs

And the Fake News will have to work harder in LYING about how GREAT Bidenomics and Biden policies are.


They’re already having a hard time.

Gail Combs

The NY Slimes is LYING thru their pages per usual. After 3 years of Biden NO GROUP favors him over Trump. Just ask all those blacks in NYC if they want to continue under Biden or return to the Trump era.


Nina Turner:

We deserve better than Trump v. Biden.

Roseanne Barr:

We already have that- currently we have Trump vs.Hamas, Trump vs. communism, Trump vs. The end of America, Trump vs. Soros funded crime wave, Trump vs. inflation, Trump vs. the military industrial complex war machine and Trump vs. the global pedophile uniparty.


That’s pretty good for an executive summary.

Gail Combs

No wonder they fired Rosanne Barr and then SMEARED HER. A friend who watches TV said she was fired because of her Drug use. (It was a sleeping pill)


tomorrow, I am voting NO on Issue One.



SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’d say the same but then people would accuse me of vote fraud.

Small matter of not living in Ohio.


NO, is my standard vote on stuff on ballots. Very rare, yes.


Amy Mek:

Allahu Akbar: Islamized Germany…

Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, resembled a war zone (again) after thousands of Muslims engaged in bloody street clashes with Police…

The Police have lost complete control of the streets. For years, they have admitted that they are helpless to confront a massive spike in Islamic migrant crimes.

Back in 2016, a confidential report leaked to the media, revealed that Hamburg police have effectively capitulated to the migrant youths, who outnumber and overwhelm them. It’s no wonder that Muslims could completely overpower the authorities in 2023.

Did you know that the Head of the German Police Union Warned that Sharia Could Soon Rule in Germany!? Union leader Rainer Wendt stated…

“Radical Islamists [aka Muslims] are raising questions about power on our streets, and we need to respond in our favor; otherwise, Sharia law may replace our basic law.”

It is imperative that we reflect on the fundamental values of our society, emphasized the union leader, and added,

“Otherwise, the country could descend into radical individual interests, and the rule of the strongest would prevail. This is something that should never happen because such internal unrest would pose a threat to our nation.” – read my article here:

My advice to every American is to make sure you can protect your family, learn how to shoot, and own firearms.


“For years, they have admitted that they are helpless to confront a massive spike in Islamic migrant crimes. ”


But the police are not helpless at all, that’s a lie.

They just need 10 seconds of simple coaching.

Pretend like the islamic migrants are white German citizens, and then treat the islamic migrants the same way you would treat white German citizens who were behaving the same way.

Stop lying to everybody, and don’t pretend like you don’t understand.

Last edited 6 months ago by scott467

It IS that basic.


“It is imperative that we reflect on the fundamental values of our society, emphasized the union leader, and added, ”


What is ‘imperative‘ is that you STOP TALKING, and start taking ACTION.

Violent mobs require violent action to reclaim the rule of Law.

You know, exactly like you would do if white German citizens were behaving this way.

Do it now.

You have the guns, you have the training.

You have fully automatic weapons.

Fully automatic weapons are amazing crowd control tools against a violent mob.

You just have to confront your inner coward, reject PC mind control, and do the right thing.


Can’t watch the video at tweeter, must be too many people accessing it. Google / yootoob appears to be censoring, can’t find anything on Rumble so far.

Is there any way to independently verify anything that Americans are told or shown?


It plays for me here.

Is there any way to independently verify anything that Americans are told or shown?

I don’t know. It’s exhausting.


I just get an endlessly spinning white ‘processing’ circle.

Gail Combs



in the URL

Gail Combs

Oops! Sorry about that. If I can find the ad I’ll post it.


And yet your post *IS* an electrifying Trump campaign ad …


Heroic Astronaut Thomas Ken Mattingly Who Helped Save Crew Of Apollo 13, Dies At Age 87
comment image

In an all too distracted world, it is good to take time to honor a great man. Thomas Ken Mattingly, NASA astronaut, passed away this past Thursday. He was 87 years old.

He was a very accomplished man who was a former Navy Pilot and joined NASA in 1966. He was involved in spacesuit development for the Apollo Program. Mattingly was part of the Apollo 16 crew which flew to the moon in 1972. He did not walk on the surface but was in the command module as it orbited the moon.

During the space shuttle program, he commanded 2 missions and eventually retired from NASA. His rank upon retiring from the Navy was Rear Admiral.

Although he was very accomplished with his mission aboard Apollo 16, he is remembered greatly for helping to save the lives of the crew of Apollo 13 in 1970. He was originally scheduled to be on that mission but was grounded because he was exposed to measles which he did not end up actually getting.

He was replaced on that mission by John Swigert Jr. Mattingly knew the spacecraft well, so when an oxygen tank exploded and compromised the command module, he worked with engineers on the ground to help return the astronauts safely.

He was portrayed by Gary Sinise in the 1995 film Apollo 13 which was directed by Ron Howard.

One of my favorite movies. He was a hero. May he RIP.


I am shocked that leftists like Howard can produce truthful movies like Apollo 13.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

They can when the subject matter has nothing to do with a leftist cause at the time.

Now of course if they did it every character except maybe one would be either a tranny, gay, or magically become a different race.

Gail Combs

For those who can not see the rest of Malone’s Tweet.

“Do authoritarians deserve a chance to be treated with grace and forgiveness?  The question is circulating regularly these days in the wake of the complete failure of covid pandemic response and the victory of the anti-mandate movement.  The answer relies on a series of counter-questions based on logic and predictable outcomes.  It’s the kind of discussion that covid cultists don’t want to have; they just want everyone to forget because they now have something to lose politically”

the pointer is to this article:

Watch: COVID Authoritarians Want Forgiveness – Here’s Why They Don’t Deserve It
By Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge
November 3, 2023

Scott Galloway, Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and member of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Leaders Of Tomorrow” list, is one of the cultists that now wants to be given a free pass as he debates the issue on Real Time with Bill Maher.

“I was on the board of my kids’ school during COVID. I wanted a harsher lockdown policy. In retrospect: I was wrong. The damage to kids of keeping them out of school longer was greater than the risk. But here’s the bottom line: We were doing our best. But let’s give a little…

— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) October 28, 2023

The question that we need to ask Galloway is: How forgiving was he when confronted with people who opposed his authoritarianism? Galloway was rabidly pro-mandate. He consistently called for harsher punishments for people refusing to comply and he demanded that the unvaccinated be treated as second tier citizens banned from places of business. As he argued in his blog titled ‘Half Of America Has Its Head Up Its Ass. It’s Time For A Vaccine Mandate’:

“Enough already. Federal law should require any citizen who wants to cash a government check, use public transport, or enter a place of business to show proof of vaccination…”

Galloway cited the ever present inflated CDC data on covid deaths in America as the justification for his authoritarian position. Of course, data was available not long after the spread of covid indicating that the Infection Fatality Rate of the virus was a tiny 0.23% and that 99.8% of the population (including the unvaccinated) had nothing to fear. Not only that, but the CDC has recently and quietly published information showing that around 95% of people who died with covid also had one or more comorbidities and 75% had at least four – Meaning, if you did not have multiple comorbidities your chances of dying from covid were incredibly small.

Do Galloway and those like him deserve a clean slate? No, they don’t, and here’s why


As he argued in his blog titled ‘Half Of America Has Its Head Up Its Ass. It’s Time For A Vaccine Mandate’:

Until he retracts and apologizes specifically for that statement, others like it, and the sentiments behind it, it’s a hard NO. Even then it’s still NO, but at least he would have shown some humility instead of saying “we were doing our best.” No, you weren’t. You were an arrogant, condescending jerk who, in all your “wisdom,” were willing to enslave half the population.

Gail Combs



N O P E.

Gail Combs

As we watch the Israel – Hamas Mess, we need to keep that in mind

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”

A MAJOR WAR in the Middle East metastasizing to WWIII with Israel and the Sampson Option (use of Nukes) IS JUST WHAT THE GLOBALISTS WANT.

The bottom line is the Globalist Cabal wants a WAR so horrific it wipes out a large portion of the World population (Depop) and frightens people into accepting a WORLD GOVERNMENT. That is their ‘wet dream’ and that is WHY the USA needs to STAY OUT OF THE MESS!

If the USA goes kinetic then Russia and China and all of the Arab World will join in too.


This is an hour long

they show four videos:

18:25 to 25:12 video about the various canal projects.

39:15 ISRAEL ATTACKED USS LIBERTY AN INTEL GATHERING SHIP of the USA. The guys think the ship had info on Israel atrocities It is not the first time Israel has quietly attacked the USA.

41:55 to 48:40 Richard Medhurst with a lot of info.


If you want to read, I found this article on the Tantura Massacre.

Tantura massacre: Documentary exposes Israel’s foundational myth

Filmmaker Alon Schwarz [Nice ‘Arab’ name/s] challenges Israel’s narrative about the 1948 massacre of a Palestinian village

A quarter of a century ago, an Israeli graduate student studying the impacts of the Nakba on several villages near Haifa found himself talking with Israeli veterans who openly detailed their role in a massacre.

In his quest to get to the bottom of what happened at Tantura in May 1948, the graduate student, Teddy Katz, interviewed around 135 people, both Palestinians and Israelis, collecting 140 hours of testimony for his thesis at the University of Haifa.

His subsequent dissertation detailed how the Alexandroni Brigade, one of a dozen brigades established by the Zionist paramilitary organisation known as the Haganah, had massacred up to 250 Palestinians after the village had fallen….

The university revoked his degree and Katz faded into obscurity. He lost his health. But he kept the tapes. Katz is one of the central characters in a stunning new documentary called Tantura by Israeli filmmaker Alon Schwarz. 

Schwarz was initially working on a different documentary about human rights activists from Israeli NGOs opposing the occupation, when he met Katz, and decided to listen to the personal testimonies of murder and rampage conducted by Zionist militia members recorded on Katz’s tapes. 

Among the interviews he would have heard is the testimony of an Alexandroni militiaman who took part in the Tantura raid: “Some of these young soldiers I remember – it’s not nice to say – they put [the Palestinian villagers] in a barrel and shot at the barrel, and I remember the blood in the barrel.”

Schwarz decided to focus on Tantura instead….

“”The mass graveis actually now a parking lot….

The mass graveis actually now a parking lot.” Palestinian-American film director, Hala Gabriel, speaks tells her family’s survival story after Israeli forces massacred hundreds of Palestinians in the village of Tantura in 1948.



Step back and DO NOT LET the CIA-NAZIS play on your emotions. Remember the LEADERS of HAMA are many times more wealthy than Trump AND THEY LIVE IN LUXURY IN QUATAR… THEY do not give a Schiff if Palestinians and Jews are Cannon Fodder ground up in the Globalist War Machine.

Gail Combs

Part II The guys mentioned Bill Cooper and played a bit of his recording. I can not find id again.

So here goes. Bill Cooper PREDICTED 9/11

Bill Cooper Was Killed Shortly After Predicting 9/11 And Naming Osama Bin Laden As Scapegoat

…Less than 11 weeks later, his predictions would turn out to be fatally true.

With a critical eye, Cooper examined the tense situation and connected the bits of information from his sources. This allowed him to deconstruct the lies fed to the general public and construct his theory.

Naturally, he was a thorn in the authorities’ spine. In July of 1998, Cooper was charged with tax evasion. A warrant for his arrest was issued but never executed…

…while he was in his home in Eagar, Arizona, the Apache County Sheriff’s Department paid him a visit. He had been accused of brandishing a gun around and the police officers had a warrant for his arrest.

However, the officers pulled up in unmarked vehicles, without wearing uniforms, and used trickery to draw him out.

Sources claim the officers positioned themselves in a cul-de-sac often frequented by teenagers who would party and leave trash behind. The officers began making a lot of noise and Cooper came out to confront them, believing they were nothing more than drunken juveniles.

The officers would not identify themselves so Cooper threatened to call the police. As he was heading back inside, shots were fired.

The outcome saw a police officer being killed, but so was Cooper. Nobody knows who fired the first shot and it is unclear whether Bill Cooper carried a gun at the time of his death….

So like Breitbart and others who were trying to wake up the Sheeple, Cooper was ‘eliminated’ I wanted that as a background before putting up Cooper’s video.

8 minutes Bill Cooper on [The History of British] Zionism [Zionism =/= Jews, keep that in mind.] This goes back into the 1800s.

Gail Combs


At the end they guys played a video made by  complete with the blue square symble

 Foundation to Combat Antisemitism

The Foundation to Combat Antisemitism … -🟦- as a unifying symbol of support. To learn more, visit or follow our social media: … 𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕖 𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕖𝕤, 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕕𝕠….

𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕖 𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕖𝕤, 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕕𝕠. That is a key point. And what do you know? They guys point a finger at Salon. I went look and found:

Salon Magazine: MAGA Republicans, Christian Nationalism ‘Bigger Threat to America than Hamas’ — Breitbart

Today’s Republicans, as well as Christian nationalism, are a greater threat to the United States than the Hamas terrorist organization, which is responsible for scores of terror attacks including the most recent massacre of over 1,000 civilians — according to a recent Salon piece that is drawing fierce backlash for the “gross” assertion…

The Thursday essay, titled “MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be,” was penned by columnist Brian Karem, the former senior White House correspondent for Playboy….

MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be

— Salon (@Salon) November 2, 2023


Salon was unable to wait a full week after Hamas terrorists massacred thousands of Israelis and slaughtered at least 33 Americans before reminding its readership that Christian Republicans were the real threat to focus on. The leftist blog published an unhinged polemic from former White House correspondent Brian Karem on Oct. 12, suggesting that the Republican Party and Hamas are “both terrorist groups — it’s just a matter of degree.”

With venom to spare, Karem doubled down in a similar piece Thursday, suggesting that “MAGA and Christian nationalism” together constitute a greater threat to America than “Hamas could ever be.”

In the earlier piece, Karem lashed out at Republican lawmakers who dared to suggest that the unpopular 80-year-old Democratic president exuded weakness and helped set the stage for the attacks on Israel, neglecting to touch upon the distinct possibility that Hamas terrorists got their hands on American weapons abandoned in Afghanistan during Biden’s botched withdrawal.

November 2 SALON: Far-right MAGA theocrats: Most dangerous threat to AmericaEven Mitch McConnell is trying to push back against Mike Johnson and the MAGA wing of the GOP. It isn’t working
Previous Article: Hamas and the GOP are both terrorist groups — it’s just a matter of degree

Gail Combs

Please note: I am Not ‘pro-muslim’ I actually refuse to do any work for them.

What I am is ANTI-HAMAS FLOODING US BORDERS thanks to the Middle East Mess. The Skuttlebutt is the Hamas leaders actually Live in Quatar AND are billionaires. Iran and these people can ship key personnel to Mexico to organize terrorism in the USA.

In 2014, Elad made this claim in Tablet magazine, citing “my research,” and for the New York Jewish newspaper Algemeiner, citing unnamed “Arab commentators” and “global estimates.”

Here is a list of claims made by Elad and by Channel 13, respectively.

…….Hamas leader…..Algemeiner, 2014 …. Channel 13, 2021

Mousa Abu Marzook …. $2-3 billion ………………$3 billion

Ismail Haniyeh………………$4 billion………………$3-4 billion

Khaled Mashal……………. $2.6 billion ……………. $5 billion

It should definitely be noted that Elad made these claims in the midst of the 2014 Gaza war in which Israel killed over 2,000 Gaza civilians, and the Channel 13 claim came out directly after the 2021 Gaza war

Barb Meier

On top of everything else, he’s not going to get the deposit back for the van.

And, yes, “smuggling” beer from Quebec into Ontario is a very Canadian crime, eh?

Brave and Free

And the provincial police department confiscated the beer for evidence to be analyzed at a later date……..


Beer was poured out. Naturally found it’s way to the waste stream.   :wpds_mrgreen: 


November is always a busy month for me.

I just reviewed my CPE position. I’ve got 28 hours from January, so I need an NC ethics, four hours of accounting and auditing for my CA midspan, and about another 10 hours of miscellaneous….and then I can relax until next March.

Brave and Free

Well it’s not surprising in the least to be honest.
Total no confidence in government at this point.


As expected.

Criminals In Government, Always, Protects Criminals, In Government.

Feds Protect Feds…

  • FIB.
  • DOJ.
  • ATF.
  • IRS.
  • HLS.
Gail Combs



Sylvia’s got some health updates on her site. Her surgery went reasonably well, but when she was trying to recover, some alarm kept going off and almost gave her a heart attack…..which was quite ironic, because it was a cardiac alarm. She’s having a cardiologist consult Tuesday.


This surgery may have revealed the serious heart problem – and – saved her life – !!!


Dear Heavenly Father,

We ask that You would send Your Holy Angels to comfort and guard our dear lady Sylvia.

Please protect her from adverse events and reactions, give her doctors and nurses and all technicians Your wisdom and insight into her case and make her recovery smooth and complete.

We thank and praise You for Your healing power and perfect love for Sylvia.

In the Name of Jesus our Lord and King,



Great videos! I think that rally is opposite the next Repub debate.🍿As he has said, what’s more fun than a Trump rally? Certainly not a 🦏🐘debate!


And I cannot stay away from ElO without this.


ELO. My typing is just awful. My cursive is GREAT!

Brave and Free

And it starts,
funny how they come out at the same time.


KRISTOL is a died in the wool hard core COMMUNIST!!!

Robert Baker

I assume that was written with a very nervous hand.

Cuppa Covfefe

Kristol Meth….. 


“funny how they come out at the same time.”

The 4am talking points memo.


Bill Kristol-meth, again. God forgive me but that man is a piece of shit.

Jack Smith is a THUG

Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives

@dom_lucre On June 11, 2022, this man uploaded this video of a secret underground tunnel inside his Miami Days Inn hotel room to TikTok. On July 12, 2023 it was announced that several hotels were being sued for their connections to human trafficking. Days inn was one of the hotels listed as well. There are several videos of people finding tunnels in their hotel rooms on TikTok alone. I am going to start exposing the Hotel industry connection to human trafficking more, and as usual, I am not suicidal.



This needs to be investigated and exposed RUTHLESSLY – !!!


If FL had a guvner, Rob would be all over this.

FL DPS or whatever they are, Sheriff’s, local LE, AG, DAs.Leading FL news constantly, across the state. Tourists and businessman would hear and see it. Checking Their hotel room. Reporting…Likely a problem in many states…word would spread quickly.

Last edited 6 months ago by kalbokalbs
Gail Combs

&nbspcomment image%3Fname%3Dsmall%26format%3Dwebp
&nbspcomment image%3Fname%3Dsmall%26format%3Dwebp


Uh, there’s no dots to connect here. Until somebody shows that it’s a tunnel to somewhere, and that it’s being used for specific purposes, we’re being psy-oped.

And the psy-op purpose is to show how hysterically irrational we are.

Gail Combs

That was my thought. Access Tunnels for maintenance. Tunnels have been a favorite Psy-OP for years.


It’s possible, but I would think they would be more aesthetically done, or at least not be so obvious. Maybe that’s not the case in cheaper motels.

Gail Combs

Or the Maintenance guy was an Affrimative action hire and mucked up the sides of the ‘door’ so it is now visible.

Jack Smith is a THUG

the disney tunnels were supposed to be for “maintenance” too


Doesn’t appear to be part of the original construction and a rather slip shod work. Guest, new management, or hotel employee likely did that for some very nefarious reason.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Agreed. That’s why in this particular case I don’t buy “maintenance”

Though it could just be as simple as wanting to sneak into peoples’ rooms and steal their valuables.

Jack Smith is a THUG


Jack Smith is a THUG

i didn’t watch the game, but saw this interview after..warmed my heart

Robert Baker

I watched CJ’s game. He was excellent. I also saw the postgame interview and it was as straightforward as it appeared. The Church is like an aspen grove, lots of trees but one root system. The state of the organized church does not properly reflect the state of the Church. Christians have been well scattered but many, the Remnant, remain faithful to the Source. I believe that the Faithful will live by faith because at the present there is nothing much good to see.

Another example is the running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes, TreVeyon Henderson, who wears one of those black nose clips which has the Bible reference 2Corinthians 5:7 written on it. Take heart because some lights are not hidden. Matt 5:14-16

Jack Smith is a THUG

must have been Rep Bowman AGAIN…pulling that fire alarm
A video provided to Breitbart Texas by a Venezuelan migrant living in New York City shows hundreds of mostly male migrants staged outside a New York City-funded migrant shelter on Tuesday afternoon. The migrants said hundreds were evicted from the shelter after a fire alarm sounded, forcing the migrants to vacate the building in the Long Island City section of Queens.

The migrants can be seen moving around the building as a fire truck arrives. One migrant awaiting the disposition of his asylum case filmed the event while narrating and complained about personal property left inside the building. According to the source, several hundred migrants were offered bussing to alternative sites, including a soft-sided congregant migrant shelter. Others, the source says, were taken to a re-ticketing center in East Village and offered pre-paid airfare out of the city to a destination of their choice.

but THIS–this right here pisses me off: health, vision and dental WITH NO PREMIUMS! VETS don’t get this, our ELDERLY don’t get this!!!
As reported by Breitbart Texas, a major draw, according to recently arrived migrants, is the lucrative benefits provided by the city. One migrant Breitbart Texas spoke to currently receives health, vision, and dental insurance with no premiums or deductibles. Danny, who has left the city’s shelter system, easily found employment with a cleaning company despite having no legal authorization to work.

Breitbart Texas spoke to Danny regarding the latest evictions on Tuesday. Danny believes the prepaid plane tickets offered by the city to other destinations will have little impact on the situation as many of the migrants have no family support structure in the United States.

He added, “They are not going anywhere — like me — they left everything behind to get here. They are certainly not going back to Venezuela on their own, for what?”


they left everything behind to get here.

And what did they think they would find here? Free stuff and free support, a land of handouts, which is what the Left is providing. But it’s not all smooth sailing.

Jack Smith is a THUG

what could they have left behind?
a good job? then why come here?
a family? why leave them behind?
a home? again, then why come here?

nope…it doesn’t make sense


Some say they come for the opportunities this country provides. But the sticking point for me is coming with seemingly no preparation or planning. My impression is just “Go to America. They will take care of you.”

Cuppa Covfefe

The refauxgees over here get that too, as well AS FULL DENTAL!!!! So they come here to get implants which can cost us (who are paying for THEIRS) around 2-5 THOUSAND per TOOTH!!!!! 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

Add to that bridges, bone reconstruction, 3D X-rays for modelling, etc. and the price can shoot up to 10 or 20 thousand.

Health insurance here only covers a tiny fraction of that.

But they get it ALL PAID FOR…. on our dime…..

Brave and Free

I have to admit I’ve been hesitant to talk to my family who’ve had the vaccine about what they have done to themselves. Because they thought I was the crazy one for not getting the vax early on while they keep lining up for the next one.


This guy is exactly correct. His commenters are also worth reading.



I am past throwing out life preservers to people who will not listen, who think they know everything. They get what they get. For the others, I am a walking and talking testament to what I know and believe. Let us come and reason together.


Christ said [to His disciples] that if their message was rejected, then they should shake the dust off their feet and move on.


The fact checkers are all over this with claims that this quote is false. Motives???

comment image


Deflection, from life in America these days.

Deflection from our criminal USG…allowing Encouraging, Approving of it to happen.

^^^ ALL part of Global Reset.

Then consider…

Related, but NOT internal to America. Hamas 7 October.

Qatar, likely Iran, All part of the 7 October, plan, training AND execution.Israel’s response was quite predictable, given the Extreme Barbaric Hamas Butchering Israeli’s.Imagine If, Sampson is unleashed.
No Coinciden

EDIT. Of course, Iran and the like may be banking on, destroying Israel from within.

October 7th happened.
Israeli “intelligence” had to know.
Israeli military response, beyond inept.
Music venue moved closer to border, with a couple days of the event.

Iran and the like want Israel gone. Israel imploding on its own, answers the mail.

Last edited 6 months ago by kalbokalbs

I’ve found I have to verify everything because most people won’t do it. I don’t know if I’m unique in this regard, but I consider false quotes to be tantamount to lies, and I don’t like for people to tell me lies, and I don’t want to spread lies. Also, scholarly works do not allow the kind of sloppiness that permits rephrasing someone’s thoughts.

What stood out immediately to me is that the language of the quote sounds too modern to be Lincoln.

Here is what Lincoln actually said:

“At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

His words are much more powerful than those in that quote.

Lincoln’s Lyceum Address on January 27, 1838 to the Young Men’s Lyceum in Springfield, Illinois (seen here and here ).

In the Lyceum address Lincoln said, “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

McWhirter told Reuters that Lincoln’s main subject in this speech, which is generally considered to be Lincoln’s first great speech, was ‘The Perpetuation of our Political Institutions’: “By that, he meant he was concerned about a recent rise in extra-legal, mob violence in America. […] Lincoln believed America’s young democratic institutions were fragile […] and advised his audience that their political concerns could only be properly addressed through the law. Although mob action may seem expedient, it ultimately damages the rule of law, and with it the Constitution, and with that democracy itself. Thus, the reference to national ‘suicide.’”

So Lincoln said something similar, but those are not his exact words. How many people would like for their words to be altered and disseminated in an alternative form, chosen by someone else?