Dear KMAG: 20240527 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

AND our beautiful REALFLOTUS.

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread remains open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

And yes, it’s Monday…again.

But we WILL get through it!

We will always remember Wheatie,

Pray for Trump,

Yet have fun,

and HOLD ON when things get crazy!

We will follow the RULES of civility that Wheatie left for us:

Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

And while we engage in vigorous free speech, we will remember Wheatie’s advice on civility, non-violence, and site unity:

“We’re on the same side here so let’s not engage in friendly fire.”

“Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.”

If this site gets shut down, please remember various ways to get back in touch with the rest of the gang:

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

Daily outrage and epic phuckery abound.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

And we will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Wolfie’s Wheatie’s Word of the Week:



Caribbean crane-like bird

Shown in a picture

Not to be confused with Fuzzy Lumpkins!


I found this pop music from Papua New Guinea, to be strangely enjoyable.

And yes. Last week’s word of the week – “wame” – led me to it!

Not ready to move there. Lows in the 70’s. Record lows in the 50’s.


The title of the following video is a bit of an overstatement to make you fear AI, and thus to draw you in. What becomes apparent in the end, however, is how well AI works as a tool, much like older computers did, to help solve thorny math and science problems.

A very interesting collaboration.


There – that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Just sayin’!

And remember…….

Until victory, have faith!

And trust the big plan, too!

And as always….



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This is a good one.


Never. As we say at my house, nothing, NOTHING is beneath them.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I suspect they will manage to surprise us, because we aren’t as creative as they are in that particular way.


I am an avid reader, and have been since childhood. Because of that, I can think of some pretty terrible things. I don’t say them out loud, or write them down, because I don’t want to give them ideas.


true, I feel the same way


I think we left “normal” about 1968.

Gail Combs

YUP! mine was the last class to have a relatively normal education. It was so OBVIOUS that a friend of mine, a year younger, and I actually were discussing it in Jr High!

Gail Combs

THAT is what all the ‘Fake Trials’ of Trump are about.

I still think Operation Warp Speed was not really about the Clot Shot, but about causing the COMMIE/CABAL TO ACCELERATE THEIR PLANS and thereby reveal them.

  • Defund the Police
  • No bail back on the street policies for violent criminals
  • MASS immigration of Foreign Criminals & the mentally unstable.
  • FLOODING Sanctuary cities with GIMME GIMME GIMME illegals
  • Run away inflation
  • Attacks on our food supply & bare groc store shelves becoming the norm…
  • WEF becoming KNOWN with their Great Reset/Build Back Better “You will own nothing and be happy” schlick

More…men can be women, abortion up to 9 months, tainted blood supply, funding both sides of war, the latest being Israel/Hamas, climate hysteria, pushing the child mutilation gender surgeries, fraudulent elections, DEI


comment image


You also wouldn’t want to confuse limpkin with tender lumplings….


IMO this is another method of taking the 14/15. Tell them it’s racist to try to be healthy. Make them pretend to be comfortable with their excess weight.

comment image

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Someone bothered to put “bachelor of science” in their byline?

In some countries that’s the custom, and in others even “Engineer” is a title like “Doctor”

But not in the United States.


In Egypt, EVERYONE is a Dr.

Brave and Free

I took it for what it is BS.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Good grief I can raise this twit’s “Bachelor of Science” and throw in a Master’s.

Gail Combs

I do not want her ANTI-Science crap tainting MY bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

A couple decades ago, I was so POed about the woke Schiff that had crept into my school, I called them up and told them to SHOVE there BS were the sun don’t shine and to quit sending me money begging letters.

ALSO I was NOT interested in their D..m REUNION!

I have not hear or seen a word since.🤓

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

My school keeps adding me back to their mailing list. I’ve given up asking them to take me off; I now console myself with the fact that they’re pissing money away sending me crap.

But I vividly remember a conversation I had with another student; we were so disgusted with the way the school nickel-and-dimed us as students that we both swore never to give them money as alums. I don’t know if she stuck to that or not; I have. (And this was just some casual random conversation with a stranger; I don’t recall that we even exchanged names.)

Gail Combs

They took me off. Probably because I was flaming mad at the time and not exactly ‘polite’ I have not hear a peep in over 2 decades.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I was too. No difference. After a year or so I ended up back on.

They probably cross-correlate some other database automatically, and anyone missing from the mail list gets merged back on.


Another “phobia.”

I am not “afraid” of fat people. I feel sorry for them. I wish they would wake up. But fear? Lol.


I’m occasionally afraid they might fall on me!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I personally would like to see if they bend light.


Well, there is that!


Yes, the “phobia” label places them in the victim category and us as the mean victimizers. I do not accept that.


comment image


This is excellent.

He nailed it.

The Democrat Party does not care about Americans. The democrat party uses race every election cycle. Nothing has changed in your neighborhoods. Your cities. What has a democrat ever done for you?

Gail Combs

“…What has a democrat ever done for you?…”

They have broken your homes by making it financially advantageous for women to have kids and NOT to get married.

They talked you into KILLING YOUR KIDS — The impact on the black community, in addition to 19 million fewer lives, is to make abortion the leading cause of death among blacks in America.

They imported drugs into your neighborhoods and made ‘gangs cool’…


comment image


Well, I guess we’ll see how committed to this guy the party of futile contrarianism really is.


If anyone is knowledgeable about this, I would welcome your comments.

Last edited 28 days ago by TheseTruths

comment image


Wait until Big Oil finds out.

They’re gonna be so mad…

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Why would they care?

The environmentalists, who keep warning us that we’re about to hit peak oil, on the other hand…

But going to a different pair of hands…This seems to be coming out of which is hardly a paragon of scientific objectivity.

Gail Combs

2018 NoTricksZone

Wow! Profound If True: Russian Expert Believes Supply Of Hydrocarbon Fossil Fuels Virtually “Infinite”
By P Gosselin on 20. November 2018

Recently I presented here an article on filmmaker Marijn Poels’s new documentary that featured former Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson, who stated that the theories of climate science are “very confused” and that “the models are wrong”.

But perhaps the most fascinating point the film brings up was presented at the very end: A Russian scientist believes and supports how the Earth’s supply of fossil fuels is in fact virtually endless.

The part of interest begins at 1:18:50….

Why is Methane Seeping on Mars? – NASA Science

The most surprising revelation from NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover — that methane is seeping from the surface of Gale Crater — has scientists scratching their heads.


“…Reported in ScienceDaily, researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm have managed to prove that fossils from animals and plants are not necessary for crude oil and natural gas to be generated. The findings are revolutionary since this means, on the one hand, that it will be much easier to find these sources of energy and, on the other hand, that they can be found all over the globe.

“Using our research we can even say where oil could be found in Sweden,” says Vladimir Kutcherov, a professor at the Division of Energy Technology at KTH.

Together with two research colleagues, Vladimir Kutcherov has simulated the process involving pressure and heat that occurs naturally in the inner layers of the earth, the process that generates hydrocarbon, the primary component in oil and natural gas.

According to Vladimir Kutcherov, the findings are a clear indication that the oil supply is not about to end…”

Methane-derived hydrocarbons produced under upper-mantle conditions

Anton Kolesnikov1,2, Vladimir G. Kutcherov2,3 & Alexander F. Goncharov1


There is widespread evidence that petroleum originates from biological processes1, 2, 3. Whether hydrocarbons can also be produced from abiogenic precursor molecules under the high-pressure, high-temperature conditions characteristic of the upper mantle remains an open question. It has been proposed that hydrocarbons generated in the upper mantle could be transported through deep faults to shallower regions in the Earth’s crust, and contribute to petroleum reserves4, 5. Here we use in situ Raman spectroscopy in laser-heated diamond anvil cells to monitor the chemical reactivity of methane and ethane under upper-mantle conditions. We show that when methane is exposed to pressures higher than 2 GPa, and to temperatures in the range of 1,000-1,500 K, it partially reacts to form saturated hydrocarbons containing 2-4 carbons (ethane, propane and butane) and molecular hydrogen and graphite. Conversely, exposure of ethane to similar conditions results in the production of methane, suggesting that the synthesis of saturated hydrocarbons is reversible. Our results support the suggestion that hydrocarbons heavier than methane can be produced by abiogenic processes in the upper mantle.

Other relevant studies:

1. Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, District of Columbia 20015, USA

2. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, 117571 Moscow, Russia

3. Royal Institute of Technology, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden


“Why would they care?”


Because if everyone finds out that oil is beyond plentiful, that it will never run out, then Big Oil’s artificial scarcity proposition is over.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Regulatory barriers actually do make it scarce though, at least in terms of available supply. And the market won’t go away because people think it’s common.

One might draw a parallel with diamonds where people have been sold a bill of goods that they’re rare. but it wouldn’t work in this case. If diamonds became known to be common, a lot of the appeal goes away. With oil I need to burn it whether it’s common or expensive, so I am a market that’s not going to go away if it turns out to be common.


Agreed, but people don’t need diamonds.

They do need oil.

If it turns out (for example) that oil is as plentiful as water, they’re no longer going to be able to charge $100 for a 55-gallon barrel of it.

And that doesn’t just collapse the oil industry profit model, it also collapses the revenue generating tax schemes on gasoline the whole world over.

Last edited 27 days ago by scott467
SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

But they wouldn’t need to. If their costs are lower, their sales price can be lower whilst returning the same profit.


That’s a nice dream, but they’re not called Oil Barons for nothing 😂

Even if it only cost them a penny a barrel, so long as they were able to keep that a secret, they would most definitely continue to charge $100 a barrel.

Believe it 👍 🤣 😂 🤣

Gail Combs

Abiotic Oil. The Russians have used that hypothesis to find LOTS of oil. COAL is biological and that is why you find fossils in coal beds.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Granted I skimmed the wikipedia page but I didn’t get the impression that this minority is claiming that hydrocarbons are continuing to be made today.

However if a bunch were made (or already present) early in Earth’s history, it would mean there’s a lot more of that gunk than you could get from dead things.

And now I am speculating, but perhaps oil could be abiogenic while coal could be from dead trees?

I don’t know what it takes to do this but methane, obvioiusly is known in outer space. What would it take for ethane to be made from methane? (Yes, with one hydrogen molecule forming to balance the equation, but if this is in an atmosphere on an earth sized or smaller body like Titan the H2 could just drift off.)

Last edited 28 days ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA
Gail Combs

IIRC, Years ago Dr Richard S Courtney, on WUWT mentioned working on a project for the UK gov’t for turning, I think it was methane into petrol. It was a classified study.

Gail Combs

“…And now I am speculating, but perhaps oil could be abiogenic while coal could be from dead trees?….”

That looks like a decent hypothesis.

I do not have the paper handy, but they figured the bacteria, fungi et al. that ate dead trees/debris did not exist until after the carboniferous age.

Here is a google sugestion:
The Fantastically Strange Origin of Most Coal on Earth

But when those trees died, the bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that today would have chewed the dead wood into smaller and smaller bits were missing, or as Ward and Kirschvink put it, they “were not yet present.”


Years ago, I saw an article where someone had built a pilot plant where a turkey processor was next to a nuclear power plant. They took all the parts of the turkey that didn’t end up on styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic, and shoved ’em into a big digester — feathers, bones, offal, feet….. Then the digester injected steam and chemicals and kept it at extremely high heat in a moist environment for some time.

What came out the other end looked a lot like crude oil, and could run into a standard refinery.

Haven’t seen the article in ages — the last time I thought to look, it seemed to have disappeared.

Gail Combs

From a 2011 WUWT

James F. Evans

 October 30, 2011 2:48 pm

Carbon isotope effects in the open-system Fischer–Tropsch synthesis, 2007

Yuri A. Taran a,*, George A. Kliger b, Vyacheslav S. Sevastianov c

a Institute of Geophysics, UNAM, 04510 Mexico DF, Mexico

b Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, RAS, Moscow, Russia

c Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry, RAS, Moscow, Russia

Taran, et. al. wrote:

1. Introduction

The Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS), which generally can be defined as the heterogeneous catalytic reduction of oxidized carbon compounds by molecular hydrogen, is widely accepted as a process potentially responsible for the presence of organic compounds in meteorites, submarine hydrothermal systems and igneous rocks (e.g. Lancet and Anders, 1970; Shock, 1990; Salvi and Williams-Jones, 1997; Yuen et al., 1984; Foustoukos and Seyfried, 2004; Horita, 2005).

This ‘‘inorganic’’, ‘‘abiotic’’ synthesis has also been considered to be important in global geologic processes including production of methane and petroleum and finally, as a source of prebiotic compounds on the early Earth (Szatmari, 1989; Charlou et al., 2002; Sherwood Lollar et al., 2002; Horita, 2005, among others).

Abiotic hydrocarbon generation is well supported by the scientific evidence, including the liquid petroleum part of the hydrocarbon spectrum.

👉The supposed so-called “fossil” fuel theory has never been successfully replicated in the laboratory, yet the Fischer-Tropsch type process has not only been replicated in the laboratory it has also been developed to such an extent that petroleum has been produced in commercial quanities.

Follow the scientific evidence: The best evidence supports the Abiotic Oil Theory….

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

But if you think about that…that’s biogenetic petroleum. Just very fast.


Yes, and not “fossil”. You take treated sewage sludge, turkey parts, post-harvest corn stalks, and sawdust from lumber mills and cook it.

Then, again, the original poster says, “earth’s hot biosphere” — so it may be talking biogenetic as well.


To kickstart the process, you may have to throw some politicians into volcanoes……

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah but they would contaminate your car engine.

No matter what.


What ‘fuel’ do you use to process all that?


Well, we don’t have to process anything, because the perfect Earth made for us by God is already doing it.

Oil is not a finite resource. Quote all the science at me they want, and I know better.

I might not know all the big words, but I know what I’m looking at. Finite oil is illogical, and makes no sense.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Do you know what infinite means?

If the entire world were a big ball of oil, which we know it isn’t…it would still not be infinite.


Smartass. I know what infinite means. You misunderstand me.

The Earth is making oil in a continuous process from the materials available on the Earth. Where do you think oil goes when it is burned? The byproducts of any and every process on Earth remain on the Earth; there’s no way off.

Energy can by neither created nor destroyed. It remains. Everything that was ever on the Earth is still here in some form. The creation of oil, whether we understand how it created or not, can go on forever if the process continues.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

The byproducts of any and every process on Earth remain on the Earth; there’s no way off.

Actually there is…in some cases. Hydrogen and helium will escape into space, given enough time. BUT…that’s not relevant here.

Energy can by neither created nor destroyed. It remains.

But it can turn into a useless form; that’s the second law of thermodynamics.

So long as we enjoy a flow of energy from the Sun, or the various things that cause geothermal energy, things can be reversed. You can turn combustion products back into what you burned originally. So the key questions are “how does that happen” and “how fast does that happen.” Especially the later. Whatever the process is that creates oil, coal, etc. if we burn the stuff faster than that process operates, we run out someday and end up sitting around the “new oil” faucet waiting for the oil to come out. Even if we were somehow to know that the process will operate forever (it won’t–but let’s assume “millions of years” is long enough), we can still have a shortage.

Note that that’s a consideration regardless of whether oil comes from dead plants…or doesn’t.


Yes, I understand.


That’s only is successful in an adult run, moral world. They’ve created a huge chunk of society that almost needs fear and lies to function.

Maybe humans really aren’t able to govern and take care of the earth. We’ve always had to have some entity to fear ..better obey or the Sun God won’t shine..YKWIM?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

But have we established that oil is created at the same rate (or greater) that we burn it?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

True. It’s possible that only a half-full oil reservoir replenishes. (Assuming this isn’t total bullshit, of course.) Not unlike a well; it won’t refill until you lower the level of water in the tube.


If this planet was made by God to sustain human life as I believe it was, why would he not make such a system? It would be perfect, right?

And of course, the Adversary would do everything he could to convince us it was not real. Because the Devil is the father of lies.


How can that be? Don’t we need a windmill or a solar panel for that first?


What is hidden will be revealed. Eventually.


comment image


No trigger discipline!

It’s amazing how scary her expression is even though she isn’t making an overtly scary face. She just looks crazy. Well done, Kathy Bates.



Resting Crazy Face


comment image


On the flip side, we do see girls who wish they were boys committing mass murder.

So there’s that.


There seems to be a high percentage of trans people committing violent crimes, including both biological men and women. I don’t remember hearing of women committing mass murder until trans women started doing it.

comment image


‘Gender’ confusion is a kind of distorted self perception. It’s a symptom – of abuse and emotional trauma, which causes identity distortion, festering pain, anger, resentment, desire for vengeance that can erupt in violence.

In the mix is a rebellion against God and rejection of their own biological identity.

Romans 1:18-32 outlines the steps to identity confusion and same sex attraction.

Brave and Free

Then the introduction of drugs from the Doctor, with suicidal and violent side effects.
What could go wrong?


PLUS – the politicized (since 1973) psychology/psychiatry community telling them they are right to follow their proclivities and their distorted identities are brand new ‘orientations’ – including ‘minor-attraction’ orientation – aka pedophilia.


Around here I’m now seeing rainbow flags flying next to Love is Love flags. Next step is acceptance of pedophilia.


Yech! They are calling evil good.


Interestingly, I read this in my daily Bible reading this morning:

Leviticus 18:21

And you shall not let any of your descendants pass through the fire to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God: I am the Lord.

Molech took the children.


There you go again, GA/FL, confusing the issue with Biblical facts.



Yep – that’s what I always do – when I’m in my right frame of mind.


It’s unmanaged/mismanaged testosterone, in both cases.

Testosterone is a very valuable hormone, when males are trained properly and given outlets for their aggression from birth. Church and family used to do that, as did the military and police forces.

Now, we don’t train boys to manage their testosterone, and we hand it out like candy to women who don’t need it.

What do we expect?

Gail Combs

That was what Cub scouts and Boy scouts used to be about. It is why schools had recess in the middle of the day, It is why LOTS OF HOMEWORK is HARMFUL. (Kids do not get time to play outside.)

And do not get me started on battery op little kiddie cars, ATVs… instead of tricycles and pedal bikes.




“Can anyone figure it out?”


Of course, they’re fags, queers, homos and pervs… what else would they be doing?

If you were born before around 1980, you would already know this stuff.

The DSM defined homosexuality as a mental disorder, until the DSM was taken over by homos.

Last edited 28 days ago by scott467
Valerie Curren

iirc, “ego-dystonic” homosexuality in the DSM III or III-R as in if it bothered you “being” homosexual then it could be called a mental/emotional disorder…  🙄 


Then I would check the DSM II, or the DSM I, or however far back we have to go until we find the truth, before it was corrupted.

It’s the same problem with dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. They are continually revised to reflect politically-correct thought instead of actual science, fact, logic, reason, truth, etc.

Valerie Curren



comment image

I haven’t been able to find information about this person. This leaves me wondering what the Libertarian Party stands for.

Gail Combs

Good grief, all he needs is the horns and a forked tail!


No grooming, eh?

Well then, I’d sure like to hear this dumbass queer’s idea of what grooming is.

Perhaps he’ll describe it during his campaign, so he can get more votes.


Not far from me a drag queen who does storytime events (one coming up at a church) was just elected to the school board. The day he won he posted on FB that it was also Harvey Milk Day. You know Harvey Milk the pedophile.

I predict his presence on the school board is going to tear the town apart, which of course is what these people want.


YUP. Three seats were open. Four people ran. Drag queen came in third only defeating the fourth candidate by 30-something votes. Interesting times ahead for that district.


Crazy Dims who want drugs legalized?


They stand for Burning Man, apparently.

Valerie Curren

so basically just another typical Demo(n)crat


Libertarianism always sounds good, I mean who doesn’t want liberty? (so that means it’s a good label).

But in practice, as far as I have been able to tell, Libertarian essentially boils down to chaos.

Or ‘Do what thou wilt‘, which apparently is an Aleister Crowley saying.

The absence of restraint of any kind, especially moral.

A modern Sodom & Gomorrah, where everyone just does whatever feels good at the moment. Pretty much what we’re living in now, so the Libertarians should be thrilled.

It’s as if they want Libertinism, but they know if anyone looked up that word it would never fly, so they masquerade as Libertarians instead of Libertines.

Last edited 27 days ago by scott467
Valerie Curren

great insights!


I’m sure they would disagree with me. It’s easy to win when there’s no opposing argument 😂

Valerie Curren

Which is Exactly why the Left keeps censoring the Right!


Looks like Libertarian = crazy as heck.

Without a foundation of GOD’s bedrock Truth and Word, ideological chaos reigns.

Last edited 28 days ago by GA/FL

One word:



Wonder what the vote spread on that ‘nomination’ was? 60-40 or 50.5 to 49.5?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Or how many ballots it took.


That too.


comment image


This probably has to do with the focus group reaction to Biden’s planned gloat-fest.


Not sue what this is about? A delay over the long weekend?


I’m not sure either.


comment image

comment image




Making Stuff Up

You know how Google’s new feature called AI Overviews is prone to spitting out wildly incorrect answers to search queries? In one instance, AI Overviews told a user to use glue on pizza to make sure the cheese won’t slide off (pssst…please don’t do this.)

Well, according to an interview at The Verge with Google CEO Sundar Pichai published earlier this week, just before criticism of the outputs really took off, these “hallucinations” are an “inherent feature” of AI large language models (LLM), which is what drives AI Overviews, and this feature “is still an unsolved problem.”

So expect more of these weird and incredibly wrong snafus from AI Overviews despite efforts by Google engineers to fix them, such as this big whopper: 13 American presidents graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Hint: this is so not true.)

But Pichai seems to downplay the errors.

“There are still times it’s going to get it wrong, but I don’t think I would look at that and underestimate how useful it can be at the same time,” he said. “I think that would be the wrong way to think about it.”

“Are we making progress? Yes, we are,” he added. “We have definitely made progress when we look at metrics on factuality year on year. We are all making it better, but it’s not solved.”

Fact or Fiction

Despite Pichai’s optimism about AI Overviews and its usefulness, the errors have caused an uproar online, with many observers showing off various instances of incorrect information being generated by the feature.

And it’s staining the already soiled reputation of Google’s flagship product, Search, which has already been dinged for giving users trash results.

Read more:

comment image

We already have people who fabricate things on purpose, and likewise people who spread those things without questioning them at all. There are gullible people who appear to believe anything in print. There is a wealth of memes with inaccurate and misattributed quotations. It is to the point that it’s necessary to research almost every one; yet they keep proliferating. It’s becoming more and more difficult to know where the truth lies, and on top of all that, now we have AI spreading inaccurate information. This is a nightmare, and I think it’s by design. They are dumbing down the population and denying them the truth, which IMO can lead to serious mental and psychological problems.


“We have definitely made progress when we look at metrics on factuality year on year. We are all making it better, but it’s not solved.”


It will never be solved, so long as apparatchiks substitute woke, PC and other Leftist revisionism for facts and reality.

What else can a computer do but malfunction under such conditions?

Leftist insanity creates contradictions.

Contradictions cause computer malfunctions.

This has been known since at least 1968.


comment image


I continue to use GAB AI. It is highly useful for many search inquiries, saves a lot of time. The quickness and specificity are amazing.

BUT there are instances where the information is just plain wrong. Even when I supply the correct facts, it will stubbornly insist that it is right.

The inaccuracies happen when I am asking about movies, tv, and literature. It frequently gets those things wrong, sometimes wildly wrong. NBD, the stuff it gets right is very useful.


You are wise and knowledgeable enough to spot the inaccuracies, but many people aren’t. They will take whatever they are told and spread it.


Greta Van Susteren on Judge Merchan’s stating the jury doesn’t have to agree on what predicate crime Trump supposedly committed:

This is wrong-jury must be unanimous on every element (it can’t be 4 believe one predicate and 8 believe another); judge is wrong

But it doesn’t seem to matter if the judge is wrong. The case is marching forward, and they will most likely get the conviction of Trump they’ve been looking for, even though SO MUCH has been wrong about the case. There will be an appeal, but damage will have been done.


This would seem to be the crossroads where all attorneys could come together and make common cause against this legally insane notion.

Imagine, if you will, an uprising of attorneys resulting in op-ed articles everywhere and protest marches every day [a mob of attorneys in business suits] in front of the Manhattan courthouse. It would be glorious!


It would be glorious! Right now I just see a few attorneys writing about it, like Jonathan Turley, Alan Dershowitz, and some Trump-related attorneys. I know there are some who have social media accounts whose names I can’t remember at the moment, too.


What would be glorious about it.

Good, OK. Maybe. Glorious?

Since when do judges, already full of false themselves, care what attorneys think?


Since when do judges, already full of false themselves, care what attorneys think?

They don’t. And those who are working for the Left to try to take down Trump certainly don’t care. But I would like to see attorneys making a united, public stand against a judge who is so clearly flouting the law. It would not be to change the judge’s opinion; it would be to stand for what is right.


Good. Agree. Stand for what is right.

Now, extend, stand for what is right concept to Merchan’s fellow Judges in NYC. NY. Across the US.

Merchan may take notice. Pravda News may take notice.

Americans Would Take Notice.

Enough of all the Faux Legal shenanigans being tolerated.

Brave and Free

Will never happen IMO, because these same lawyers may someday be representing a client before the judge. And we all know how that will play out.


Plus the attys can see the borg of doxxers combing through their professional and private lives to discredit them publicly.


Uh, OK. Lawyers would be good. I Guess.

Glorious? Me, totally unimpressed, I am.

What the hell is wrong with All Of The Damn Judges, Standing Up Publicly?

Don’t wanna hear shit about ethics or some horseshit code judges in theory uphold.

Don’t wanna hear shit about conflicts of interest.

Merchan IS Running A Massive Conflict Of Interest.

Merchan is making legally insane rulings.

If any of them asshole judges have an ounce of integrity and pride in what a judge must represent, then they should do something about this travesty of justice.


“Imagine, if you will, an uprising of attorneys resulting in op-ed articles everywhere and protest marches every day [a mob of attorneys in business suits] in front of the Manhattan courthouse.”


What would it accomplish, if TCTB don’t care?

We know they don’t care.

Or more precisely, they care more (a lot more!) about remaining in power than being exposed, or anything else, because if they lose power, they are all going to be prosecuted, convicted and executed for treason and a list of other crimes a hundred miles long.

So even if every attorney on earth convened at the Manhattan courthouse and protested, what would it accomplish?

Will TCTB suddenly relent and allow DJT to win the election, and allow themselves to lose everything they have, including their own lives?

Of course not.

This is why crossing the Rubicon on January 20, 2021 was such a fateful event.

There was no going back at that point. No way to undo the crimes that had been committed. The die was cast.

From that moment forward, the purpose of every action they would take had to be to seize totalitarian power, to do whatever was necessary, by whatever means necessary, in order to remain in power, forever.

Because if they lose power, if DJT gets back in, they are D E A D.

That’s the position they put themselves in, and they knew it, and chose to do it anyway, with malice aforethought.

And that’s where our nation, and by extension, the whole world, has been stuck ever since.

The criminals who stole the government have only one imperative, and it overrides anything and everything else: remain in power at any and all cost.

Because for them, the alternative is death by execution.

No doubt.

So they will do literally anything to remain in power, because for them, there is no alternative that matters. They’re like bank robbers who are still in the bank, and the bank is surrounded by police. The robbers have taken everyone in the bank hostage, and they have already executed the guards and a few bank tellers and several bank customers.

If the bank robbers surrender, they go to the gas chamber or the electric chair. That’s a forgone conclusion, there is no other possible outcome. So they’re not going to surrender. That means the police are going to have to go in and get them, and that means plenty of hostages are going to be killed in the process.

That’s not just where we are, it’s where we have been, ever since the morning of January 20, 2021.

But most people can’t recognize that, because of normalcy bias and a host of other psychological issues. Even if some people understand that the election was stolen, most people can’t really conceive of what it is like to be the people who stole it, or what those people are willing to do, in order to avoid being executed.

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Great comment Scott


So the issue has already been decided by SCOTUS, but the judge does what he wants anyway. IMO he should be impeached and disbarred.


Does the “continuing criminal enterprise” statute require juror unanimity as to each specific violation of federal law for conviction?


Yes. In a 6-3 opinion delivered by Justice Stephen G. Breyer, the Court held that a jury in a “continuing criminal enterprise” case is required to agree unanimously not only that accused committed continuing series of violations, but also which specific violations made up the continuing series. Looking to the language of the statute, Justice Breyer concluded that in the law “each ‘violation’ amounts to a separate element” and that combined with a “tradition of requiring juror unanimity where the issue is whether a defendant has engaged in conduct that violates the law,” calls for juror unanimity. In dissent, Justice Anthony Kennedy expressed the view that the Court’s decision “rewards those drug kingpins whose operations are so vast that the individual violations cannot be recalled or charged with specificity.”


This entire Get Trump situation makes me sick. And it makes me feel dirty just by having read about it.


Then other judges Must stop Merchan’s Criminal Actions.


I find the six majority justices to be an improbable grouping.

Yet there it is.


“IMO he should be impeached and disbarred.”


Or impeached and tarred.

Valerie Curren

AND logic!


Then the jury must be nullified if they return a non-compliant response.


“There will be an appeal, but damage will have been done.”


Yeah, but damage to whom?



To Trump, if he is convicted. Even if it wins him more voters and wakes more people up, having a conviction on one’s record, especially one that the Left can use to spread more lies about you, is no laughing matter.

Yes, those lemons can be turned into lemonade, but I would never have chosen to put him through this. He has been impeached twice and indicted umpteen times and might also be convicted of something bogus. Those are written in the history books. In a sane world, those are damaging events even though I believe and hope he will emerge triumphant.


Trump will triumph, or so we believe.

Not good enough.

Everything about this case, this court is WRONG. MUST be stopped.

Other active Judges, including Appeals Court Judges could easily, very publicly state the law. Highlight conflicts of interest.

  • The silence of other judges, at all levels, makes them complicit, in Merchan’s sham court room. Sham trial. Sham guilty verdict, which is now expected.

Is it so different from medical experts knowing the truth about properly treating Covid, dangers of Jabs, staying silent.

  • No. Them assholes are also complicit in the crime. IMO.

Pravda News knowing the truth, remaining silent. Be it Covid, Jabs or sham trials against Trump, complicit.


I agree with you. That said, I can’t remember a case where a judge has commented negatively on another judge’s behavior. It has probably happened, but my impression is that “it’s just not done.” Criticizing a judge’s behavior in an ongoing case might even constitute some kind of professional ethics violation. (And I’m not making excuses! I’m just saying this is what we’re up against.) Which leaves us with the status quo. Maybe pgroup could comment.


Agree with your statement in totality.

PG will, if he chooses to comment will also agree. Has done so, IIRC.

“its just not done” Is not an acceptable position, in my mind.

Ethics violation for a Judge to speak out? Oh please.

Merchan is a daily violation of ethics, that is being allowed to continue.

We’ve been told Merchan ran his sham by the Ethics Board or whatever them self serving assholes are called.

  • They said No ethics violation. Also bought off? Afraid to rule against a brother judge?
  • Dunno. But I do know they are wrong and quite likely, corrupt.


I’m about done commenting on this bullshit.

  :wpds_arrow:  The law is allowed to very publicly run amok.

  :wpds_arrow:  Legalese smart folks rationalize, let a travesty to justice, travesty to a citizen play out. (Problem there? Ya think?)

  :wpds_arrow:  No one applies a fix. <<< P R O B L E M.


➡️ I’m not arguing with you.

I just came across this:

As The Gateway Pundit reported today, in an appalling violation of the code of ethics, one sitting federal judge wrote a political hit piece in the New York Times publicly attacking conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

I’m not sure whether the ethics violation was one judge criticizing another, or a judge specifically criticizing a SCOTUS justice, but that at least is evidence that “ethics violations” could be keeping judges quiet.

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Just more created boxes to keep the corrupted system, corrupt.


A precedent is being set for a permanent corrupt kangaroo court. If the DOJ does nothing and the Judge’s peers say nothing it’s how we can expect that going before a Judge will be predetermined based on political views’
One might temper that with ‘but it’s the jury’s decision’. We’ve seen from this trial and the J6ers and if we knew details of the hundreds of others on the lawfare hitlist that the Judge decides what the jury hears.


Trending… S N A F U.

Can and MUST be stopped dead in its tracks.

Brave and Free

Their compliance is in relation to how the $$$ flow.


History will not be kind to the criminal ..


“To Trump, if he is convicted.”


If they convict him, that makes him a martyr.


“Even if it wins him more voters and wakes more people up, having a conviction on one’s record, especially one that the Left can use to spread more lies about you, is no laughing matter.”


Fraud vitiates everything.

A fraudulent conviction in a false case only matters in the eyes of the liars and the willfully deluded.

If it helps DJT win, that’s all that matters.

The historical record will be straightened out after he wins.

If he doesn’t win, then it won’t be.

Winning is what matters.


“Yes, those lemons can be turned into lemonade, but I would never have chosen to put him through this.”


I didn’t think of it from that perspective, i.e., that being convicted is an unfortunate circumstance so make the best of it as you can.

Women, generally speaking, are risk averse.

Men are less so, by necessity. In a competitive world, men MUST take risks, all the time, because there is no safety net for men. Do or die, because finding a Sugar Momma — either in the form of government or on the street — ain’t gonna happen 😂

An example that I see everyday is crypto. I would estimate 95% of youtube crypto channels are run by men, and 95% of their audiences are men, and 95% of people who take the risk of investing in crypto are men.

Everyone has equal access to crypto, but the overwhelming majority of those who take the risk are men, while the overwhelming majority of women run away instinctively, protesting how dangerous or risky or unproven or (insert favorite attack here) it is.

I think he wants to be thrown in that briar patch, he wants to be convicted in a bogus kangaroo show trial, because it will empower him and further expose his (and our) enemies.

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For me, it’s not about Trump’s, or anyone’s, risk. It’s about what everyone knows: In life,the goal is not to have a record of convictions, indictments, and impeachments. The goal is to succeed in monumental fashion with a stellar reputation. And that’s what Trump had done until he got into politics. So while he is using *them* and their attacks on him to navigate through their treachery, he does now have “damaging” things on his record.

Will he be able to laugh in their faces as he wins? It is what I expect, and we’re already seeing some of that. But in that narrow sense, apart from considerations of risk, some damage has been done. I think his pocketbook would agree.


“For me, it’s not about Trump’s, or anyone’s, risk.”


But it would be if you were in DJT’s shoes, because he is taking enormous risks.

If you were him, doing what he is doing, the risk would be real, not philosophical.


You brought up risk, yet I hadn’t said anything about risk. There is only one argument that I’ve made, and that is that Donald Trump has sustained some damage throughout this process. He has told us so, so it’s a moot point.

How he uses that damage to his advantage, how it might help him politically, how he has to take risks in order to succeed, are not pertinent to the point that he has sustained damage. That fact stands on its own.


“It’s about what everyone knows: In life,the goal is not to have a record of convictions, indictments, and impeachments. The goal is to succeed in monumental fashion with a stellar reputation.”


What if the only way to succeed in monumental fashion is to have a record of convictions, indictments and impeachments?

What if that is the path to victory, because every other (better) path has been cut off?

What if the path he is taking is the best available path which causes the least amount of damage?

Robert Baker

So while he is using *them* and their attacks on him to navigate through their treachery, he does now have “damaging” things on his record.

Having your reputation assailed may not be the worst thing to happen to someone. It only matters what is true.

Luke 6:26


I agree. My point was that, whatever anyone says, Trump has sustained damage of various sorts from this process.


“And that’s what Trump had done until he got into politics. So while he is using *them* and their attacks on him to navigate through their treachery, he does now have “damaging” things on his record.”


And if he wins, he will be cleared and exonerated of those ‘damaging’ things, and instead they will be used against his enemies like Haman’s gallows.

Used as an example of what the Demonrat Party did to America, and to the only man in a position to stop their insane totalitarian power lust.

He will be a legend in history, an example of courage in the face of overwhelming odds, for all the world to aspire toward.

He won’t just be added to Mount Rushmore, it will be called Mount Trumpmore.

But if he loses, then his ‘criminal record’ will be the least of his concerns.

Or ours.

So winning is what matters.

‘Losing with dignity’ is just losing.

DJT understands that.

The democrats always understand that.

It is only Republicans/conservatives who sometimes have trouble understanding.


“But in that narrow sense, apart from considerations of risk, some damage has been done. I think his pocketbook would agree.”


Plenty of damage has been done, and a lot more will be, before it is over.

It’s life or death.

Just based on what they have done to him already, what do you think happens to DJT and his entire family, if he doesn’t win in November?

What do you think TCTB will do to the Trump family and every last one of his associates, if TCTB succeed in cheating their way to victory again, and their power is consolidated and secured for another 4 years?

If DJT wins, his pocketbook will be fine, it will recover a hundred times over.

If DJT doesn’t win, then his pocketbook will be the least of his concerns.

So winning is what matters.

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An Appeal Is Not The Answer. NOT a fix.

All of these Legalese Smart types, like Dershowitz, Turley Greta say Merchan is wrong on so many things. BFD. Meaningless to a legalese ignorant Slow Guy.


We are suppose to be satisfied that it’ll be fixed on appeal.

  • No proof or assurance Appeal Courts Judges Are Also Not BRIBED, same as Merchan.
  • Merchan will be allowed to continue as a corrupt asshole, presiding in a court room, determining the fate(s) of citizens?

Utterly Fucking Stoopid. All Of It.

  :wpds_arrow:  Fix the problem, which is this Sham Case AND Corrupt Merchan.


I agree that they’re not saying how to fix it; no one is. I’m grateful for their reinforcing what we’re saying about the injustices that are taking place. It’s better for them to be speaking than not. They are confronting even mainstream media mouthpieces, which is educating some people.


Yes. Agree. Speak out.

Citing the problem is good.

Problem needs fixing. Relying on Appeals Court is merely hoping a band-aid will be available. No guarantee. None.

If a conflicted Merchan is allowed to flout the application of JustUs, the damn Appeals process is equally susceptible to corruption.


Fix the glaringly obvious problem.

  • NOT allow the Merchan to proceed, generating a False Guilty verdict.

Asking for consequences when anybody in authority within a corrupted legal box violates their own rules of the box they created?

Nope, not happening.

Trying to apply authorized legal processes to an unlawfully created legal box is pointless. Which is why PDT is playing along and pointing it out to us. He is trying to get people to see the sick corruption and raise the level of public awareness to use shame and increase discontent for positive change.

The consequences for this legal group of criminals in discussion will have to come from outside of the legal box they created – which is most likely outside of the corrupted state of NY.

I started to go into this and more with Civilized War, but most participants here would not read it or if they did, ignore or dismiss it.

To cut to the chase, we have no UNITED in the United States of America. The probable beginning of the undermining of the founders’ intent started in 1787 with the first political party’s formation (Federalists). The state of NY is acting on its own claimed authority, which is how all of the colonies that became states viewed their entry into the USA during the period.

A state has no authority granted it to apply its interpretations of federal laws and regulations without the powers being Constitutionally enumerated or granted through LEGAL Congressional legislative action. Conversely the federal government and its legal extensions cannot do likewise in the states. Which they always attempt to do.

We fought a war in the 1860s that had that as one of its predicates. But the rewriters of history want the public to believe that only the AA slavery issue caused it. The bright shiny object is over here >>>>

In reality the manipulation of original intent has been going on since the garden of Eden.

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You are not going to want to hear this but things take time. The election is not until November and a lot will continue to happen.

You want the problem fixed—then it is necessary to know the full extent of the problem. With each day more comes out which would remain hidden if this case or any case were cut short.

Merchan’s daughter is indirectly making money because she is a democrat operative.
OK but how much more fuel has been added to the fire when we learn that Dan Goldman has been mailing money directly to her house and misspelling to whom the contribution was made so it would not be apparent in FEC filings?

Trump is not going through anything that the J6ers have not but on a grander more public scale. That is why I would not be surprised if he is found guilty.

At each decision point the opposition has the opportunity to do what is right but they won’t. It needs to be made crystal clear to the American public the depths to which many or most of our public officials have fallen.

I have stated before that the trial(s) are, in fact, Trumps campaign. Would he have rallied in the Bronx if it were not so. More importantly would the crowds have turned out if Trump were not being publicly railroaded?


This was a post I made to Last Refuge:

In NY, a person can commit burglary while trespassing with the intent to commit a crime. In NY, it is NOT necessary for the prosecution to prove an intent to commit any particular crime in order to obtain a valid indictment or conviction.

The unspecified crime can be proven by the circumstances of the trespass. IOW, we know from the details of your illegal entry that you entered with the intent to commit a crime – – we just do not know what crime: larceny, assault, criminal mischief etc.

Whether this legal reality wrt burglary applies to making a false business entry with the intent to hide another “crime,” I do not know, but guess that Bragg’s theory of the case uses analogous reasoning.

If so, the jury instruction to look for would say that the intent to hide another crime can be inferred from the circumstances of making the false business entry.

What Susteren is saying is a little different. She is implying that the jurors must find a specific crime, they just do not need to be in agreement what crime it is.

Proving a predicate crime is entirely different from proving a contemporaneous intent to commit a crime. It is also one thing to infer that an unspecified crime was intended to be hidden, it is another to infer that a specific crime was intended to be hidden.

The specific predicate crime by definition is completed, and susceptible of definitive proof, unlike a prospective intended crime.

It is impossible to know what is what until the instructions are made public.  

Gail Combs

This was in the comments:

Rick E. Harrold


May 26

Replying to @greta

Richardson v. United States, 526 U.S. 813 (1999), is a decision by the United States Supreme Court that primarily interprets federal law, specifically the requirements for jury unanimity in the context of federal criminal trials. In Richardson, the Court held that for a conviction under a federal continuing criminal enterprise statute, the jury must unanimously agree on which specific violations constitute the “continuing series” of violations.

However, the applicability of Richardson v. United States as controlling precedent in New York State criminal trials depends on the context and the specific legal issues involved:

1. **Federal vs. State Law**: Richardson directly interprets federal law. As such, it is binding in federal courts. It does not automatically bind state courts interpreting state law. However, if a New York State criminal trial involves an issue that is analogous to the issue in Richardson, the principles from Richardson may be considered persuasive, though not controlling.

2. **Constitutional Interpretation**: If Richardson involved an interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, then its principles could have broader applicability, potentially influencing state courts. However, Richardson primarily interprets a federal statute, not the Constitution.

3. **State Law Requirements**: New York State law may have its own requirements regarding jury unanimity and the elements of crimes. The New York State courts are bound by the interpretations of New York State statutes and the New York State Constitution, unless those interpretations conflict with federal constitutional requirements as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In summary, Richardson v. United States does not have controlling precedent in New York State criminal trials because it interprets federal law rather than state law. However, its reasoning might be considered persuasive in analogous situations. New York State courts are primarily guided by New York State law and decisions of the New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court.


It’s kind of fun watching legal experts struggle to understand what is right in front of their faces, which is that we are no longer under rule of law.

If they could grasp that, everything they are seeing taking place would suddenly snap into focus and make sense.

But they can’t see it, because their entire paradigm is ‘rule of law’. It is what they have studied, what they have practiced, what they have lived.

Then it disappeared with the installation of a rogue, renegade, outlaw government.

Since they cannot acknowledge that the government was stolen (and all of the implications of that fact), neither can they acknowledge that rule of law no longer exists.

So they will remain continually perplexed at what is happening.

They are the modern equivalent of applauding the emperor’s new clothes.

They may not agree with all of his fashion choices, but they are certain that the naked emperor is not naked.

And that’s where they’re wrong, kiddo! 😂

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GENEVA — A global treaty to fight pandemics like COVID is going to have to wait: After more than two years of negotiations, rich and poor countries have failed — for now — to come up with a plan for how the world might respond to the next pandemic.

After COVID-19 triggered once-unthinkable lockdowns, upended economies and killed millions, leaders at the World Health Organization and worldwide vowed to do better in the future. In 2021, member countries asked the U.N. health agency to oversee negotiations to figure out how the world might better share scarce resources and stop future viruses from spreading globally.

On Friday, Roland Driece, co-chair of WHO’s negotiating board for the agreement, acknowledged that countries were unable to come up with a draft. WHO had hoped a final draft treaty could be agreed on at its yearly meeting of health ministers starting Monday in Geneva…


God works in mysterious ways.


Yes. They will keep trying, but this delay keeps them from having an agreement in place so close to our election.


DJT should say publicly that the United States looks at this lawlessness as an act of war, that the WHO will immediately cease and desist, and if the WHO ever includes the United States in their power grabs again, he will order the U.S. military to treat the WHO has a hostile threat and act accordingly.


comment image

Gail Combs

They hoped to have Bite-me in place to sign an executive agreement or the Dims + some Rinos agree in a simple majority vote to a congressional-executive agreement.

I do not think they had the Super-majority support in the Senate to do a formal Article II treaty.


Tower of Babel principle probably applies here.


There is not one single official of the United States that is authorized to cede the sovereignty of America to anyone, much less to an old (though really great) rock group from England.


That is the treat to our Liberty our way of life


Stumbled across this, hopefully it’s catching:



I agree.
I watched Trump speaking to Libertarians it showed me two things Trump the deal makers and libertarians are too liberal to understand Trump.
Trump wins the Libertarians loose. They came across as undisciplined toddlers. That is what happens to people who think liberty is using drugs at free will..

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It’s a mixed bag.

Most I hung out with understood that liberty and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Use drugs? OK if you really want to, but YOU are responsible for the consequences.


When liberty infringes on the liberty of others it’s not liberty?
OK, I like some of the principles of Libertarians and embrace them. I saw unfortunately to many believes they embrace I cannot. I am glad I watched it and know what I am dealing with when people support Libertarians.Do not see eye to eye with Republicans but embrace MEGA fully.
Trump offered them a seat at the table and they only seek personal power all or non? That is what I came away with.
Concerning drugs , living in S OHIO I have seen what drugs do to people families and crime.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Obviously you don’t violate others’ rights.

But you brought up the drug issue in particular and that’s what I was responding to. Some clown smoking weed might be doing himself great harm but he’s not violating others’ rights.


I would disagree. He is harming society at large by any action that diminishes his potential as a contributor to said society.

We used to understand that people should contribute to the social fabric in some way. We’ve lost this. That is a very negative thing.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

But that leads down the road to having someone decide what would be considered a valid “contribution” to the social fabric.

If the guy is able to support himself and his habit without thievery or taxation (but I repeat myself) who am I to tell him he must do what I wish he would do instead?


Doing drugs has a different meaning (in my view) than it used to in days gone by. Getting high is one thing but using the drugs flooding the streets is a death warrant. I think the stats for overdose deaths is now at about 100,000 per year in the USA The lucky ones who haven’t OD’d are hopeless addicts contributing nothing to society.

China supplies the synthetics. The cartels add them to almost every street drug to enhance the ‘high’ and increase the addictive factor. the cartels aren’t only in Columbia or Mexico..they’re here on our soil and probably growing their outreach everyday.

Occasionally some border patrol stumbles on a shipment but there’s not too much effort by Homeland Security or the DEA or FIB busting up foreign gangs or else we’d hear about it. Not a priority when they’ve got dangerous America First terrorists to track and catch.

Gail Combs

“… the cartels CIA operatives aren’t only in Columbia or Mexico..they’re here on our soil….”


exactly Gail…it’s a huge circle J…funny, I believe that the targets for them have evolved through the years but it’s always humans no matter their color.
A perfect scheme, wildly lucrative, essentially a never ending and expanding customer base and now with the chinee labs creating synthetic morphine, fentanyl,’s a nightmare come true
lol, it’s probably why they abandoned Afghanistan..don’t need them anymore

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Gail Combs

Do not forget about PAID agitators…

Also a lot of the Bernie Bros moved to the Libertarian party.


Researchers call for urgent action to address mass contamination of blood supply

Japanese researchers warn of the risks of using blood from mRNA COVID vaccine recipients, highlighting potential deadly effects and the need for urgent action to secure the global blood supply.

Blood contaminated with prion-like structures from the spike protein raises the risk of inducing fatal neurodegenerative diseases in recipients.

The potential transmission of harmful proteins through exosomes (“shedding”) and the risk of autoimmune diseases due to the vaccines’ mechanism and components like lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are other major concerns.


Well, I guess my pure blood just hit the lottery. No more piddling dollars per pint.

Does anybody know an auctioneer?  😂 

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Thought also entered my mind. Which I’d never do.

Also thought. What will evil doers do, to Take Our Pure Blood.

Knowing what they do to innocent children, every evil thought is on the table.

Interesting AND predictable.

  • Jabbed blood permanently tainted, damaged.
  • QTreepers have known this for several years.

Why would you not auction your blood?


Assuming your question is serious, which I doubt.

A. Healthy blood is a gift of continued life. Should never be sold. Given. Which I have in the past and will again in the right settings.

My blood is never for sale. Perhaps research if I know of, and believe in the research.

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I agree with you. I think this might apply:

Leviticus 17:11

For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.’


I knew of a man who gave blood as often as the rules would allow over a period of many years.


Back in the day, donations were limited to once every seven or eight weeks. Can’t recall which.

Stopped when I learned my blood was shunted off to research only.

Reason, I had taken mandatory malaria pills while deployed in the Navy. Widely mandated across All Services for deployed forces.

  • The med was an early version of HCQ.
  • Which was I KNEW early covidiot, HCQ was safe. In addition to all the stuff QTreepers posted.
  • Posted the actual med name back in 2020, early Covidiot days.

Thank you for this. Yours Truly will weigh in:
One: The article linked above is from Dr. Joseph Mercola. One has to “subscribe” to read the entire article. Here is a summary of the article:

Two: The original coverage, in Thailand Medical News: