God Bless Rick Perry! Promises Made – Promises Kept!

There is a reason our VSGPOTUS is winning – he HIRES WINNERS.

Consider that in THREE YEARS of the 4-year FIRST TERM of the Trump presidency, the KEY MOVES:


were all executed FLAWLESSLY.

One of the reasons we KNOW energy was key, is that the SPYGATE CREW was dual-purposed – both to DIRTY UP TRUMP, but also very importantly to SPY ON TRUMP’S ENERGY POLICY.

Both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos were picked as “laser targets” for this very reason. My thanks to George “Papadop” for insisting on this critical fact, which will not only prove to be part of the overall motive, but will point to the INTERNATIONAL ENERGY PLAYERS for whom knowledge of Trump’s energy policy would have made a nice “quid pro quo” in exchange for Spygate “contributions in kind” – meaning things like bogus evidence, usefully supplied by foreign actors to prop up the Spygate narrative.

The enemies of America KNEW that American energy renewal was KEY to Trump’s MAGA plan. Our VSG KNEW that they knew it. And President Trump chose Rick Perry for a REASON. A strong leader picks one of his STRONGEST friendly competitors for a task that CANNOT FAIL.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry, center and Environmental Protection Agency administrator Andrew Wheeler, left, listen as President Donald Trump speaks during a visit to the Pennsylvania Shell ethylene cracker plant on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 in Monaca, Pa. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Try as they might, the leftists were never able to lay a glove on Rick Perry these last 3 years – just like they always failed in Texas. Oh, the Democrats whine about Ukraine now, but methinks they’re 3 years late and TRILLIONS short. Only the Fake News and its woeful addicts are listening to the poppycock! Sorry, Dems – you are OUT OF LUCK.

And let me tell you something else. Rick Perry wasn’t just the world’s biggest energy salesman. He was the world’s biggest energy entrepreneur – investing in the FUTURE of America’s energy as fast as he could. The turnaround on implementation of advanced technologies has been ASTOUNDING.

SO – let me invite ALL MY FELLOW QTREEPERS to offer some THANKS and ATTABOYS to SECRETARY Rick Perry, as he retires from the Department of Energy, leaving America



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Your absolutely right Wolf! Rick Perry took our President’s promise and ran with it! We are an Energy Dominant country. Rick has spearheaded that dominance for us. He has closed so many deals all around the world. What he has done with the Eastern European countries is amazing. I can tell you one person that will be happy to see him go. Vladimir Putin! That says it all.

Elizabeth Carter

Wolfmoon, This is an amazing article. Thank you for putting it all in context.
What a wonderful job Rick Perry, President Trump and the others have done to make us energy dominant.
This added a lot of clarity: “Both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos were picked as “laser targets” for this very reason.”


God bless Rick Perry and mega kudos for a job well done!
He was the perfect pick for Energy Secretary!
He hit the ground running and never slowed down.
I am grateful that he took the job!
It saddens me that he is leaving…and I hope that we haven’t seen the last of him.


Thank you Rick Perry.
Your work has been such a gift and a needed boost for our Nation.
God bless you and your family.
May your next assignment be as productive as the last.




Oh yea! Energy independence IS GOLDEN.
Since 1973 we have been beholden to every country that freely pumped crude oil. Hostage to whatever price they levied. American trade balance tipped further and further and further…
The twin frauds, wind and solar pumped up as a savior… BUT, we knew better.
IIRC, early or mid way through hussein’s second term, fracking on PRIVATE land struck black gold. Fracking was not allowed on public lands. Tree huggers talked bad about fracking. Still do. Tried to ban it with hussein still in office. Pipelines stymied thanks to both hildabeast as SOS primary blocker and hussein back up blocker.
President Trump arrives with Secretary Perry and what a world of difference, perspective and attitude makes.
^^^ America First!!!
– Pipelines were given clearance.
– LNG plants sprung up.
– Numerous long term LNG contracts with European countries. Pisses off Putin…
– Fracking expands.
– Drilling expands.
– Anwar opens.
– USA NO longer beholden to oil through straits of Hormuz. much of the world is, but NOT USA.
ENERGY dominance…USA number one energy producer. Expanding for the foreseeable future;-)
Huge positive impact on trade balance. Off topic, we really need Boeing MAX 737 certified again.
Solar and wind power continue to be seen as a fraud…huge expense with piss poor ROI – return on investment.
Energy prices in USA stabilized. Minimal impact on energy prices every time markets knee jerk react (stoopidly, me thinks) to war sabers rattling, massive hurricanes… AND, President Trump has greater flexibility leading the USA and manging other countries actions and attitudes…
With moar energy coming online, America will continue to become immune to world event impacting energy prices. Hell, we’ll benefit by greater energy available to export;-)
Thank you President Trump and Secretary Perry.


Excellent summation, Kal – thank you for that! And, thanks, Secretary Perry for a job well done. You have the gratitude of the American people.

Gail Combs

Couldn’t say it better Kal!
And thankQ very very much President Trump and Secretary Perry.


Think of the crucial geopolitical power shift that occurred with the ‘73 oil embargo and see a segue to Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and all the anti USA skullduggery he has been a part of orchestrating with his great oil wealth.
Thank God they couldn’t have factored the PDJT and Rick Perry energy policy into their metric. As Mark Taylor stated in his prophesy of 12-12-16 titled “Energy, Energy:”
“The Spirit of God says, ‘You countries that have dominated energy for decades, to move your evil agenda, are charged with this guilt. Your days are numbered and you will say, look how fast this was built.’ “
How fast this was built, indeed! How crucial will be the relationship forged by PDJT and the current Saudi King and Crown Prince in foiling plots and realigning power distribution in the world? We are beginning to see it come to fruition.


it’s no secret that NY HATES fracking–the ban on it is what’s causing the New England states to import LNG—how freaking stupid is that? I live spitting distance away from NY–(and i measure that distance fairly often…lol) but I interact with so many people that want to allow fracking on their properties! Upstate NY would do it, but NYC (and the liberals) keep shutting it down…it would help them tremendously with all their tax losses from residents moving out of state…but the politicians must be getting hefty kickbacks to stay opposed.


Yea. Shake my head over NYs politicos not allowing fracking. Not allowing pipelines.
Also shows the shallow politicos not capitalizing on all the kickbacks they could get by allowing fracking, pipelines.
Hopefully President Trump and his Administration can forge away ahead for New Yorkers, and the entire region.


Now that Putin has been injected into the conversation, let me speculate on a possible second term conciliation with Russia.
What if DJT meets with VP and tells him that the US is willing to lighten up on Russia if Russia will undertake to advance the countries south and east of Russia? IOW, the US would agree to allow Russia to exploit the energy markets of those countries as long as Russia made substantial efforts towards suppressing Islam and enhancing populism democracies. To implement this, Russia and US would agree in writing to mutually assist each other to face down Islam.
Is such a deal possible? Worth doing? Could Islam be eradicated by teaming together?

Rodney Short

Rick Perry 2024???

Rodney Short

I like your list Wolf.

Rodney Short

Hell yeah, the democrats OWE Trump and America a third term for wasting his first term on bullshit.


Martin Van Buren, who succeeded Andrew Jackson, was considered to be even more of a Jacksonian than Jackson had been.



Gail Combs

Not Ben Carson Wolfie. He is anti-second Amendment and just does not have the FIRE needed for the job. I love Ben and I love the job he is doing. In my opinion he is in the correct job.


Hope Secretary Perry is able to read these messages because he deserves many kudos for a very focused, successful job. It was a lot of travel and that does get very demanding both physically and with many family sacrifices.
Enjoy your R&R back in Texas with family and friends and hopefully once your batteries are fully recharged, you’ll consider gifting us with another role in your public service…I bet you have one more in you yet to offer.


PLEASE – somebody – Tweet this article to Secretary Perry!
I sent it to Doug Ross.


When I was a kid, the first business my successful, entrepreneurial father owned was a gas station. In the Carter years. It was bad, and all I ever heard about at home.
For the first time in my life, America is not beholden to foreigners for our energy security.
God Bless Rick Perry, and God Bless President Trump.
P.S. Side benefit; Rick Perry is one fine-looking man. I’ll miss the eye-candy!



Harry Lime

Thank you, Sec. Rick Perry for your outstanding service to your country! Job well done, sir!
Oh, and hey, look at the pretty wind turbine.comment image


Best part — essentially all of a wind-turbine is non-recyclable.

Gail Combs

AND the land owner is stuck with cleaning up the mess because the ‘company’ big wigs have already skipped off with the $$$ and bankrupted the company.
Just another DemonRat Money laundering scam but in this case the US tax payer not only gets fleeced they also get stuck with the clean up tab afterwards.


New plans in upstate NY to install a 1,000 acre solar farm interspersed with the turbines of a wind farm. Farm is their word not mine. I really need to move somewhere sane.


Waiting to see if the shadow of the wind turbines falls across the panels.
Incidentally, most panels completely shut down if a shadow covers part of them. Any interruption to the “lit” portion is essentially a huge resistor and no current will flow through the panel.


Our local rural coop actually made that mistake at their headquarters building; they set up a little demo windmill south of their little demo solar panel, all there so drivers-by could see the coop being all “sustainable.” A friend of mine with an interest in it wrote letters and embarrassed them enough they had to spend tens of thousands of dollars re-installing the shit in a more appropriate configuration.


It gets better….The “farm” is located south and east of the Great Lakes. Lots of lake effect snow and rain and clouds.
Winters are long with well over 100 sometimes nearing 200 inches of snow. Are they planning to shovel out 1,000 acres of solar panels? Weeks can go by without a single ray of sun making it through the clouds.


One of my neighbors is Rick Perry’s cousin.


I suspect he has a few cousins. And I have a few neighbors.


What Sec. Perry under President Trump’s administration has accomplished is nothing short of “impossible” !!!!!!!!
Every President before POTUS led us to believe either USA risked running out of oil OR fossil fuels are bad. It tickles me ‘six ways to Sunday’ to have finally proven those global shysters wrong.
It enhances my joy to see that, despite many Obama holdovers at EPA, many terrible regulations were nixed and the Energy Dept prevailed. Nothing like this energy dominance has ever happened when it could have been our way of life for the past few decades!!
THANK YOU President Trump & Secretary Perry for accomplishing so much for U🇺🇸S🇺🇸A🇺🇸


One of my favorite Rick Perry stories is https://www.foxnews.com/politics/texas-governor-shoots-kills-coyote-who-threatened-dog . The man carries when he goes jogging.
Must have been a boy scout, ’cause that’s all about “be prepared.”


Yep – and what Trump/Perry accomplished was the POLAR OPPOSITE of what Clinton-Biden-et al had planned!!!


Thank you Sec. Perry!!!
You responded to a call and accepted a position in the most investigated and battered (by the press) administration in history–ok that’s probably just my opinion–but you answered the call of a country that needed you!! and you PERFORMED!!
We are grateful, and wish you well in your future endeavors…don’t be a stranger–we always need Patriots in government!


I still find it ironic/hilarious that the Department of Energy was one of the three he wanted to get rid of.
And it was the one he couldn’t remember that time when his brain just had a senior moment. (Not criticizing him, it happens to everyone.)
I wonder how the career parasites–excuse me, I meant to say “bureaucrats” while only *thinking* “parasites”–felt about THAT when the guy who forgot their whole professional existence was put in charge.
(epic troll!!!)