20191202 ~ NATO Summit Background Prep

The President and FLOTUS Melania are traveling to Britain this morning for the NATO Summit. They will attend various functions with other world leaders through December 4th. Thus, the Trumps will be in England, on a world stage, with impeachment swirling on the homefront. Dems and US Press Corps will do their best to discredit our leader. Expect it, as the sun will rise in the east.


As financial contributions to NATO have been a subject for many years, let’s take a look at the 2.5 billion dollar budget. Not a much as we thought. “NATO Allies have agreed the civil and military budgets for 2019. At a meeting of the North Atlantic Council on Tuesday (18 December 2018), Allies agreed a civil budget of €250.5 million and a military budget of €1.395 billion for 2019.” https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_161633.htm


What is the purpose of the North-American TransAtlantic Organization? It used to be the group were allied to defend Western Europe against Russia. Yet today, France wants to buy ships from Russian military and form a closer alliance with Moscow. Germany has been working on Nordstrom pipeline, to supplying 60% German citizens with LNG from Russia. Obviously, Western Europe does not perceive Russia as a threat.

Newly declassified documents paint a CLEAR picture of the promise from George Herbert Walker Bush and his admin, to Gorbachev of Russia around the time of the of the Berlin Wall. The promise made was that NATO would NOT expand past the East German Border, “not one single inch”. In effect, if the Soviet Union was to disband, there was no further purpose to NATO. Yet, various interests in the USA and Europe were reluctant to give up the fiiefdom of NATO. In fact, over the last 30yrs, NATO has expanded to include 13 former Soviet Bloc Nations, and advance all the way up to the Russian border. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-buzz/newly-declassified-documents-gorbachev-told-nato-wouldnt-23629 RT points to the 30 documents as proof of a broken promise. https://www.rt.com/news/413029-nato-gorbachev-expansion-promises/

Here’s the link to the actual documents, fascinating read. https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/russia-programs/2017-12-12/nato-expansion-what-gorbachev-heard-western-leaders-early

Of course, IF the USA and NATO broke their promise to Russia, it would still be fresh in the mind of Putin, who was stationed in East Germany 1985-1990. AND it would explain his objections, nervousness, as NATO absorbed more and more countries, placed Patriot missiles in Poland, and probably why Putin would object to our involvement in Ukraine.

Again, we come back to Ukraine. Funny, eh?

Yet, this particular NATO Summit is fraught with high stakes drama from all sides.

December 12th is the “Snap Poll/Election” for Boris Johnson/Brexit/MPs in the UK and the most unpredictable in a generation and a true showdown. It’s the first time Brits have gone to the polls for a December election since 1923. Try these links for more background to get “the feel” of drama for Brexit (or check on our own Churchmouse who has many excellent posts on the subject). Tories have been thrown out of the party. Decoupling from the EU is main driving point of the election. Will they leave or remain? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/29/uk-general-election-confirmed-for-12-december-after-brexit-stalemate https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-general-election-held-december-20752583

A NATO Summit the week before the election gives Boris Johnson a chance to take the stage as a world leader. Look for President Trump to try to help him as much as possible.

Added to the drama is our squirrelly ally Macron of France. He gave an interview to the Economist in November and his comments were “scary” as to the future of NATO’s alliance. He doubted if the USA would show up for a conflict in Europe and said NATO is experiencing “brain death”. https://www.economist.com/europe/2019/11/08/allies-aghast-at-emmanuel-macrons-dismissal-of-nato The Allies were “aghast”, as The Economist points out, they were sure it would be Trump who would make the incendiary remarks. (Sigh).

The Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, fired back at Macron in an article for The Financial Times, picked up by Reuters, here: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-poland-nato-idUSKBN1XL13B

(Photo by Michele Tantussi/Getty Images)

Interesting little tidbits fall from the article:

French President Emmanuel Macron’s critical remarks about NATO were “dangerous”, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in an interview published on Sunday evening by the Financial Times.

Macron told The Economist last week that NATO was experiencing “brain death”, citing a lack of coordination and U.S. unpredictability under President Donald Trump. (Got that? Macron waffles on NATO – but blames Trump)

“I think President Macron’s doubts about (NATO’s commitment to mutual defense) can make other allies wonder if perhaps it is France that has concerns about sticking to it. I hope that we can still count on France fulfilling its obligations,” Morawiecki was quoted as saying. (Morawiecki puts the blame back where it belongs)

“France is spending below 2 per cent of GDP (on defense) . . . I think it’s worth asking why certain aspects of NATO do not look as we wish. And it’s not for the lack of U.S. commitment to the alliance, but rather the lack of reciprocity on the part of some European allies,” he said. (Ouch, that one hurt, but Morawiecki is correct)

France has traditionally had an ambivalent role in NATO, taking no part in its strategic military planning from 1966 to 2009 despite being a founding member. Still Macron’s comments – a month before NATO’s Dec. 4 summit in London – were unexpected.   


Wait……… What do you mean France takes no part in strategic military planning and hasn’t since the mid-60’s? So, France contributes less than 2%, complains about it, and has absolutely no idea how their country is defended? Did France just become the 14yr old teenager, consuming more than they contribute?

In 2017, France looked to expand their relationship with Moscow and Beijing. https://www.wsj.com/articles/france-looks-to-deepen-trade-ties-with-russia-and-china-1514808000

In 2018, Macron was still looking to cozy up to Moscow, despite tension in Syria. https://www.latimes.com/world/europe/la-fg-france-russia-talks-20180209-story.html

Again in 2019. https://punchng.com/putin-at-chirac-service-as-france-seeks-closer-ties-with-russia/

With friends like France, who needs enemies? Of course, everything is relative and media cannot be trusted. Many times leaders use hot rhetoric to their domestic audience which does not play well on a foreign stage.

But then……. there’s Merkel of Germany. Merkel lambasted Macron for his comments on NATO, https://www.dw.com/en/angela-merkel-condemns-macrons-drastic-words-on-nato/a-51154583

Take a look at Germany’s Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen ……. the petite blond to the right of Merkel, and Kramp-Karrenbauer, known as “Mini-Merkel” the brunette to the left of Merkel….. thought to be Merkel’s successor…. a “coronation in waiting”. The woman on the far right, wearing red, is German Politician Julia Kloeckner.

Germany has pledged to bump defense spending to 2%……. but by the year 2031. They hope to get to 1.5% by the year 2014. No kidding, they’re waiting until 2031. According to Kramp-Karrenbauer “A country of our size, with our economic and technological power, our geostrategic position and global interests, cannot just stand on the sidelines and watch,” she said. 

The Bundeswehr should be deployed proactively abroad, the defense minister said. She has pledged to bump defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2031, which could make Germany the third largest defense spender in the world.


In other words, Germany wants a seat at the table but for the USA to pick up the tab. President Trump believes this is unfair to the USA taxpayers….. but apparently President Trump is a brut for asking his allies to pay for their meal.

Merkel has problems with her health, the videos of her shaking violently are still fresh on the minds of others. She also has problems with allowing free speech in Germany, her most recent contentious policy stance. Merkel is on the way out. It will be interesting to see if her “replacement” accompanies Merkel and is introduced to new leaders. Watch the makeup of the German delegation.

According to AP, the USA will pay less for NATO in 2019 and Germany will pay more. The U.S. spends more on defense than all other 28 allies combined. Macron refuses to increase France’s portion, citing the death of 13 French soldiers.

Macron said France won’t increase its contributions for NATO’s in-house budget and referred to the 13 French soldiers killed in a helicopter collision as they were fighting Islamic State group-linked extremists in Mali.

“If anyone wants to see what they call cost sharing, they can dome to the ceremony that France is organizing on Monday,” he said. “They will see the price.”


As Eastern EU nations are still fearful of Russia, western EU nations look to strengthen ties with Russia. Eastern nations strongly object to the dangers of nation security which come with more immigration from the Middle East, while Germany/France/Belgium and Spain embrace more and more migration. Trade/IP theft/National Security and surveillance from China and problems with radical Islam present new problems.

Whatever happens this week in England will surely make headlines.

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Excellent post, Daughn!! Many thanks for such a thorough analysis.
Journalists say that Boris will be avoiding private meetings with PDJT in No. 10.
First, such a meeting, if it took place, would only fuel Labour’s rumours that Boris was planning on selling the NHS to the United States.
Second, almost no one in the public eye here likes PDJT. We don’t know about the Queen (hence ‘almost’).
The electoral polls are already tightening, as they did in 2017. Boris has to distance himself from PDJT.
If he distances himself from PDJT, he has to do the same with the other NATO leaders WRT private meetings at No. 10.
Boris has the perfect excuse, though: elections on Thursday, December 12.
Other than that, I believe the UK will do a great job hosting the NATO leaders. I hope this will provide a welcome boost for Boris prior to next Thursday.


thank you for that. Now my Mom has a question for you if you don’t mind (or anyone else jump on it) It always seemed like the Queen was on top of everything back in the day with keeping the royals & country in pretty good order. Was this just a false perception on our part? Is she losing control? Or is this just more noticeable since we’re all connected now 24/7?


Wow, thanks, kea!
Not only is it great for Daughn to be asking my views on British politics, but now, your mom asking me for a perspective on the Queen.
It can’t get much better than that.
I greatly appreciate your mother’s and Daughn’s questions.
The most we know is at the end (see Update section) of this post of mine about Prince Andrew:
As Prince Andrew is the Queen’s favourite son, he was probably able to get away with things that one of his brothers would not have been able to.
And, perhaps, because he is No. 1 Son, so to speak, perhaps Prince Philip did not think it was his place to speak up.
Maybe Prince Andrew was really in the dark about Jeffrey Epstein or maybe he wasn’t.
In any event, my post explains the Queen’s overall recent loss of control over the rest of the family, especially the new generation: key adviser sacked (younger Royals didn’t like him), Prince Philip retiring from the public eye (and significant involvement, apparently, in the day-to-day run of the Royals).
We really do not know the truth and we might not ever know what is actually going on with the Windsors.
We can read a dozen different perspectives. Each might have a grain of truth, but each will also depend upon the people (‘sources’) telling one part of the story. It’s a bit like stories being told about the Trump family.
I hope this helps. Sorry that I cannot give a definitive answer to your mother. Such is the nature of the British royal family.
In closing, best wishes to you and your mother.
If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


churchmouse wow thanks for that. 🙂 Some of these things I had no idea about.
I’m giving my Mom the link to your site. She’ll enjoy it more than the free WSJ I just gave her and the puppy is happily shredding at this very moment.
Very interesting. Keep on posting… if I think of any other questions I’ll let you know!


Thanks for forwarding my post to your mum! Glad it’s more worthwhile in your estimation than the WSJ. (Wow!)
Please give your pup an extra dog biscuit for me. 😉


LOL Trust me it is.
And the puppy dog thanks you!!! 🙂


That’s great! 🙂

Gail Combs

“Newly declassified documents paint a CLEAR picture of the promise from George Herbert Walker Bush and his admin, to Gorbachev of Russia around the time of the of the Berlin Wall. The promise made was that NATO would NOT expand past the East German Border, “not one single inch”.”
This is what Lubos Motl was saying when the Ukraine blew up. It was the EU and USA encroaching and breaking promises by trying to get the Ukraine into the EU.
Remember the Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and Russia’s source for a warm water port. It is STRATEGIC for Russia to have ties to the Ukraine and the EU and USA were threatening those much needed ties.


I remember those promises back then. They were part of everybody’s “reassurance” on how things were going to work, and part of the “fairness of the deal” – and precisely WHY the Soviet Union was “safe to disband”.
Later the FAKE NEWS changed the story and conveniently forgot all the promises – “informing us” on the need for NATO to protect the “pobrecitos” in Eastern Europe, b/c Russia had tiffs with Georgia and Chechnya.
Of course, back then, I TRUSTED Fake News.


thanks Daughn for another easy to understand thread that details the ties that bind the US’s hands. I hate that the US taxpayer is constantly on the hook for defending other countries, when those countries are trying to cozy up to the country from which we’re supposed to protect them!


President Donald J. Trump is tired of it also 😉


Shoutout to Prayer Warriors to pray for our POTUS and FLOTUS that God will protect and keep them safe while
they are out of the country next few days.


I draw a blood line around the President, his family, his staff, and all supporters. The blood of Jesus gets them safely to and from where they need to go on their journey. The blood protects, blesses, and gives them favor in all their endeavors and we thank you Lord that the enemy cannot cross the blood line, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.





Plain Jane


Sylvia Avery




I find it amazing that the country that is second in contributing to NATO as a percent of GDP is GREECE!

Plain Jane

My immediate thought also.

Gail Combs

Time to tell the EU to take care of themselves and use the 706 BILLION to pay down our debt.
To give you a feel for that number, in 2017, the United States spent over $46 billion in foreign aid.
WHY in Hades are we giving ‘foreign aid’ to First World Countries???

Gail Combs

Your chart shows 706,063 million for the USA, Isn’t that 706 BILLION?

Plain Jane

Hear, hear!



0.9% from Belgium?! The host country of NATO?! Spit
Will be interesting to see how our Lion deals with the mouthy, double dealing, French pipsqueak.




Poland and the Baltics are right up there going, “2% — we’re right there. Anybody want to check? See, 2%.”


I think it would be wonderful if the US and Eastern European countries – basically all the people paying their shares – to float the idea of KICKING OUT THE AXIS – meaning GERMANY and VICHY FRANCE.


France doesn’t need a large budget for their military.
All their guns don’t need to fire. They just have to be sturdy enough to survive being dropped on the ground.
All their vehicles only need one gear: Reverse.
Lastly, all military flags only need to be made in one color: White.





Thank you, Daughn. Needed this update.


Thanks. Finals this week. Then a glorious few weeks off. Will probably talk your ears off. 😁


Good luck with your finals!


The BEST “Used” firearms on the market today:
French rifles…. (Never been FIRED…. and only DROPPED once!)




Melania looks gorgeous in a lovely red dress………….


Her elegant coat is beautifully tailored and just the thing for our weather right now.
It’s freezing at night. Frost was already on cars by 7 p.m. yesterday evening in greater London.


Coat by American designer – Calvin Klein!


Trumps touch down: President and First Lady Melania arrive in Britain ahead of crunch Nato meeting – and amid fears he will wade into UK election campaign
He will be hosted at Buckingham Palace for a royal reception just ten days before the UK General Election


Ahhh I see they were trying to bring down the stock market again today.


comment image
Several new ones.


Just as POTUS landed additional tariffs were announced on French imports…just so happened to equal the $2.4 billion France imposed in US Internet services. Strange thing, that! Kind of sets the tone at the summit, doesn’t it? 😆
Good explanation by Sundance, OT.


AND, ^^^ $2.4 billion above is additive to $7.5 billion levied on Airbus a few months back.
Laugh out loud funny, me thinks. French economy dives a bit…
Did someone say, WINNING;-)
This may be a lively two days.


John Binder is a big fan of our First Lady and always gives a detailed description along with a wonderful photo extravaganza of her elegant clothing choices!