20210106 MAGA/Stop the Steal Rally Thread THREE – Stories, Photos and More

Some mood music, and yes it does apply today:

Here’s what the crowd looked like:

President Trump addressed the troops, laying out the case for overturning the election:

I will address the skunks and yellow bellies in Congress in the Daily Thread. POTUS DID try to set up the reality for us. Not everyone wanted to believe what happened would.

This is essentially a place to stash information about the MAGA/Stop the Steal Rally in Washington. This post is a place for the people who went to give us the low down on what REALLY happened as the reports are conflicting.

Please, remember, AT NO TIME should live “I am here” information should be shared. Hopefully, all of our people who attended made it out safely. Even if there is nothing else to say, please check in and let us know you are unharmed in the comments.

As for the invasion of the Capitol and driving Congress from it…the fog of war hasn’t faded, and other than the young lady who was shot and is in critical condition needing our prayers, nothing is for certain.

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Just spoke with H, back safely at hotel. He is exhausted, almost falling asleep while talking to me. up at 3 am our time after only several hours of sleep an a long drive yesterday. He will share stories tomorrow. But he said (as we know) most were peaceful but Many were wild at Capitol. Mistake was either
a) to follow plants in their instigation of pushing into the building
b) the early wave of protesters pushed into too early to make the right statement. they lefst and were pushing in while President Trump was still talking. small (in comparison) early group should have held tight and waited for majority … or just not done it all.

He saw the crowd – from White House to Washington Monument was packed and then beyond Washington Monument + side streeets. But packed solid from Monutment to WH.

A lot of hurry up and then wait a we told son it would be. Got their very early and then sat around. Lots of time between speakers and President Trump was delayed as we know.

Met great people. NO trouble with any antifa/blm/counter protesters. There from Early morning until 3:30ish. No trouble catching train out at that point. No problems on train then or early this morning.

saw a very drunk guy almost get into a fight with two others but crowd stepped in. that was it. except for wild times at the capitol.

meet a group from IN who told him early this am that Pence was 100% establishment and they were literally certain he would do nothing … and this was well before his issued statement/letter. And they were right.


and bathrooms were provided, despite rumors.

They went to Union Station at one point because long lines at port o potties and they dont’ like them.


Just talked to son briefly.

His first thing was telling me that he thought he was going to throw up for most of it … but he was sick … he just thought he should. What?! He was shocked and horrified at the pushing into the capitol, the scalling the walls, the rubber bullets, the tear gas. He was glad when it turned into a regular protest. I didn’t tell him about the woman being killed by the police inside.

He is sad it didn’t make any difference, that no one is doing anything about the obvious fraud and it is being allowed to be certified and Joe will be our POTUS. But I am proud of them both for being there and standing for right.

The music was very loud, crowd was huge, bathroom lines long, long day, tired, they had enough to eat, had fun at times, was exciting and now its over. Did what they were called to do and now back at hotel.

now we face forward, adjust and figure out how to get through the next 4 yrs. How do we fix the fraud so the next elections even matter?


Glad they are all healthy and able to participate.

While I don’t see the solution at this point. It AIN’T over until someone is inaugurated on the 20th.

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ok … I always welcome hope


Trump can order a military court to review the mountain of evidence for election fraud. He can show that China interfered in the election, which is a matter of national security, which also justifies the use of a military court, so that’s probably what he will do, but he could have a military court review the evidence regardless.

Military court will rule on the obvious massive fraud.

Fraud vitiates everything.

“Everything” includes whatever treason Congress engages in this evening.


He can show that China interfered in the election, which is a matter of national security

This has not been addressed at all.


“This has not been addressed at all.”


Not yet!

But it’s the obvious play… πŸ‘


I do not think Military listens to POTUS, I read something that Miller did not wanted to send in the guard even though POTUS requested. Maybe that was misinformation?


“I do not think Military listens to POTUS, I read something that Miller did not wanted to send in the guard even though POTUS requested.”


I read that it was Pence who requested, and then I read that Miller offered since the Capitol building was being stormed, there’s no way to know what’s true even on a regular day πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

From where is DJT getting his presidential daily briefings? Not the one from the 17 corrupted alphabet intelligence agencies, the real one?

From military intelligence?

Where else would he be getting reliable information?

And who knows better who the traitors are, than military intelligence?

Military intelligence is briefing DJT each day (almost certainly multiple times a day), not the other way around.

So DJT won’t have to convince the military about who the bad guys are, or what has to be done, they know it before he does.

And I am absolutely positive they will follow the orders of their Commander in Chief.

When the plan was formulated to save the Republic, the military was a BIG part of that plan! πŸ‘ 😁


I hope so


First Things First. He has to be in the oval office to continue bringing this to fruition.


“First Things First. He has to be in the oval office to continue bringing this to fruition.”


He can command the armed forces from anywhere.

If you mean he needs to be sworn in, he will be, but he is able to bring it all to fruition before January 20th.

He’s the commander in chief for an entire term, and his first term doesn’t end until January 20th.

Which, coincidentally, is the same day his second term begins πŸ˜πŸ‘


I understand Scott, but he needs to get to the swearing in and that is going to everyone’s focus right now.


scott, is this true? i have been wondering, ok, now we have all of this evidence, who the he!! is going to actually Look at It??
you have lifted my spirits considerably!!!


Son didn’t like the drama but that just isn’t his personality anyway


“He is sad it didn’t make any difference, that no one is doing anything about the obvious fraud and it is being allowed to be certified and Joe will be our POTUS.”


Joe will never be POTUS.


“now we face forward, adjust and figure out how to get through the next 4 yrs.”


We get through the next 4 years with President Trump, of course.


“How do we fix the fraud so the next elections even matter?”


You don’t, you don’t ever fix it if we don’t fix it now, which is why Trump is not conceding to the traitors and he’s not going anywhere. πŸ‘


He was there to witness. Now he can testify.

It will make a difference.


I told him he did exactly as he was asked by POTUS to do and as he was meant to do: protest election fraud, protest for election security, give POTUS political leverage and pressure GOP on Congress.

Sadly the narrative is being controlled by the breaking/entering of the Capitol v. all else … no need to tell him the media is winning the narrative war over what he and 100,00s of others did today.


If what you say proves to be true, there won’t be another election to fix. ο»ΏπŸ€“ο»Ώ

Wolf Moon

You can’t fix it. Controlled R party will pretend at best.


Thank you for info. Very instructive.


Off to dinner, don’t start the revolution without me β€” or leave breadcrumbs and I’ll catch up with you! 😁

Harry Lime

“Think it’ll work?”


I honestly believe one of the Antifa shot the young woman.

It’s the same MO they have used in several other incidents where Trump people were killed. Probably the same crew.

Remember how they hid around a corner to ambush and kill the Trump people?

It’s not like the Capitol Police to do such a thing. They are very professional and well-trained as President Trump and Steve Scalise can attest!!!

The left needed violence, destruction, rioting, and a bloody death to smear the President and his supporters – and to ruin our beautiful rally.

Just like the nasty evildoer Democraps needed to ruin President Trump’s well-deserved landslide!!!


Just like the nasty evildoer Democraps needed to ruin President Trump’s well-deserved landslide!!!

^^^ So many RepubliCONs are just as guilty as the D-Rats. Starting with everyone of the bastards that supported Mueller witch hunt. A FARCE from the onset.


Yes,It really is amazing to watch .
The dimms go algorithm breaking triple down stupid greedy with fraud..because they made a mistake.
They didn’t go THAT far in 2016, so SHE lost…
..so certain to get caught, but knowing Uniparty mitch will throw shade because They’re using Dominion too,, The Dimms go ahead Knowing they’d get Uniparty mich fraud support shade.
As a result.. not to be outdone, the party of RINO drops all masks triples down WITH them by meekly just accepting a certain amount of fraud exists,,and we’ll all just have to live with that.

It’s like the frog in boiling water story, POTUS has the dimms in the pot, he’s turning up the temp slowly..brings it to a raging boil ..
Nov 3rd, The deplorables arrive, BUT ,in even larger numbers…
..forcing an error..whoops,more cheat needed.
Mitch/RINO/Uniparty and company, sitting comfortably off to the side in a cool comfortable spot are forced to aid their commie comrades and LEAP into the pot of boiling water….
..because Fraud vitiates everything.
Now EVERYBOY is naked with no clothes.
But that’s just a WINNING shifft exploding everywhere POTUS deal.. and he hasn’t pulled the pin in the grenade yet. ο»Ώ πŸ˜‚ ο»Ώ

As I push cleaning patches.100% Best President ever!!


I saw a report that it was one of the capitol police and he has been relieved of his gun while this is investigated.


Have also seen that report, a few times.Georgia is spot on, that itmakes no sense for trained police to shoot in that situation. NONE. Antifa has a track record of cowardly shooting Trump supporters.

From my limited vantage, ZERO reason to apply “Deadly Force”. Regardless of who was the shooter. It is standard practice to retrieve the weapon used in a shooting.


Sorry to hear that. Reminds me of that Somali cop who shot the young woman in her nightgown?


We need to know who gave the order to shoot unarmed Americans in the Capitol building.

And we need to know who the shooter was, and why ANY of those people had their weapons drawn.

They let Leftists burn down WHOLE cities and never draw a gun, but go anywhere near the criminals and traitors who have sold out our country, and violence, DEADLY FORCE is their FIRST resort.

We should have the name of the shooter, the names of all the others with their guns drawn in the photo, and who gave the order to shoot unarmed civilians.

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That was my first thought also. And I still believe that is what happened. What a tragedy!!!!


If you watch the video of the police officer inviting in and rehearsing with the Antifa group – you will know the police were in on the charade. The shooting may have been the ‘bloodshed’ needed and hopefully the officer didn’t mean to kill her….or if he was a BLM hate-whitey type maybe he did.

This whole deal from Antifa to the politicians stinks to high heaven!!!

Wolf Moon

May be hoaxy, too.


You mean they filmed it to leak it and confuse us?

Wolf Moon

I am totally beat. Shoulders, legs, cold and hungry, but just ate and warming up now.

I was not a capitol-breacher, but I went up the “granny-push-pull hoist-her-up climbing tour”. From high up there, it’s beautiful, and now I know why Pelosi is the way she is. That power you feel up there has corrupted.

But that crowd – massive dose of American pride.


Glad you are ok. I’m frankly devastated. Holding on by a string.

God keep you, Wolf.

Wolf Moon

My wife is utterly horrified that Beijing Biden is going to be President. Her opinion of Pence is not printable. “Ridiculous!”

My somewhat tongue in cheek name for Pence now is “Puntious Pilate”. πŸ˜‰




You are kinder than I concerning Pence πŸ™‚
I cannot print it. My husband was shocked when I uttered the words and so was I  😎 


“My wife is utterly horrified that Beijing Biden is going to be President.”


That is exactly the reaction I hope everyone has.

For a long time now, there has been a fight between good and evil.

Many of the regular people who voted for [JB] (all ten of them) and many who were just opposing DJT were doing so because he was the ‘other’.

It’s a reflex. If group ‘A’ is fighting for one thing, group ‘B’ feels obligated to oppose.

The problem of course is that those who oppose for the wrong reasons have to be careful, because they might just get their wish.

Well, last night, group ‘B’ just got their wish, and now the consequences are just beginning to sink in.

They just bought the rotten lemon, and now they’re going to find out all the things that are wrong with it, that they didn’t notice in the heat of battle.

For the regular people, the non-ideologues, the buyer’s remorse is going to be overwhelming.

And that’s exactly what Trump wants.

Because those people are going to have an extreme positive catharsis, when DJT finally shows up, like Mighty Mouse, to save the day 😁

Sylvia Avery

so glad to hear from you.
πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™


I bet once hes safe and settled he will stop by and let loose.


I hope he turns up soon. I’m not looking forward to calling around DC hospitals looking for a guy I don’t know the name of, but he’s tall and was impeccably groomed. Probably about 50. May or may not have a TX driver’s license, but lives in TX. And his last words before the mob got him were probably, “I’m tired of your doomfag nonsense.”


She was born corrupted.
Im glad youre ok.

Wolf Moon

CIA psy-op on the RINOs. Pure Pelosi.


not sure what happened to my comment. TThe people I watched it all with, and they are pretty experienced, did n’t think the poor woman who was shot was a real Trump supporter. With the gear she was wearing they wondered if she was antifa or something. Feel kind of bad talking about her as she is dead.

Wolf Moon

I saw 4 real Antifa walking toward the Capitol Building while leaving.


Her name is Ashli Babbit.

Article excerpt:

The unarmed pro-Trump protester allegedly shot dead by Capitol police on Wednesday has been identified as Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran who served four tours with the US Air Force and worked as a high level security official throughout her service.”

SOURCE: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=61987

Wolf Moon

Boom. Psy-op.


President Terump did not incite anyone to violence or law-breaking at all. Walking to the capitol with his suppoorters was very courageous and beautiful, and the loaded jargon used by the press was disgusting propaganda.


“Dont be surprised if congress holds a vote to remove POTUS via 25th amendment.”


What a perfect time to have the military surround the building (and cut off the tunnels) and announce indictments of just about every person inside.


and announce indictments

Please!!! DECLAS, exposure, indictments, arrests, shameful worldwide publicity…


“The 25th has been simmering on the back burner for a while. This could be another entry point for the Mattis/Kelly military cohort if it desired to insert itself into the matter & most likely in a publicly supportive way (to cleave the Commander in Chief away from his military.)”


Hop on in the frog pot Mr. Kelly and Mr. Mattis, the water is nice and warm, everybody’s been waiting for you in the Treason Tub πŸ‘πŸ˜



And yeah…it looks staged to me too.


Yes, definitely staged. And who is filming it? If it’s another Capitol Police Officer, then why isn’t he helping? if it’s a protester, how did he get around the cop and behind him? How coincidental that the first protester pushing at the cop has a big Q on his tee-shirt. Got to make us look bad. These are not MAGA people.


This is my mood music:


Here is the version I have been listening to:

Same song overlaid with a rap text. Am not a rap fan, myself, but like you said, mood music for the moment…..

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Nice. πŸ˜„


While lurking through twitters I see more than a few pics of plainclothes men with weapons aimed…who are they? Are they Capitol police or member’s bodyguards?
Maybe one of them did the shooting and that’s why the whole thing is almost swept under the rug?

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