Jab Club

Are YOU a Member of JAB CLUB?

Well, if you are, then start ACTING LIKE IT!

If you are saying BAD THINGS about the wonderful coronavirus vaccines with safe and effective mRNA technology, which have never killed or harmed anybody, then you need a REFRESHER COURSE in the RULES OF JAB CLUB.

#1 – The first rule of Jab Club is, you do not talk about Jab Club.

#2 – The second rule of Jab Club is, you DO NOT talk about Jab Club.

#3 – If someone dies or gets injured, it wasn’t the jab.

#4 – Two jabs to a vaccination.

#5 – One jab to a booster.

#6 – No admission of harm, no metrics except antibodies.

#7 – Jabs will go on as long as they have to.

#8 – If this is your first night in Jab Club, you have to get jabbed.

Now, we have a problem, people.

Not everybody is following the rules of JAB CLUB.

LINK: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/dan-bongino-reveals-getting-covid-vaccinated-greatest-regret-life/

LINK: https://www.bitchute.com/video/D60zcuock4Hk/

This kind of mistake is completely unacceptable. Although Mr. Bongino did not violate the first rule of Jab Club, which is to talk about Jab Club, he came very close. It’s clear that people are not following the rules of Jab Club, hence the need for this refresher.

We are providing the following examples for your education and sense of well-being.


Example 1

This is a CLEAR violation of Rule #6.

#6 – No admission of harm, no metrics except antibodies.

You can’t say things that give people ideas.

The disease can’t hurt rabbits, because the jabs can’t hurt humans. Get it? Understand spike protein political vulnerability! Loose lips cause slips! Corona viruses are potentially bad diseases, that limit human life, but if we talk about any specifics, people will figure out that the jabs do the same thing, only worse, and that we’re making money on THEIR DEATHS.

Why, people might even figure out that we made the damn virus more deadly on purpose, to help depopulate the planet of all these annoying plebes!

Enough already! Wise up!

Example 2

This is a blatant violation of Rule #3.

#3 – If someone dies or gets injured, it wasn’t the jab.

It wasn’t the jabs. EVER.

The FAUCI WALL admits no blame. SUCK IT UP, PEOPLE!

Strike back against this one with “correlation does not prove causation”, said with a tone of certainty and finality. Remember: Follow the science means don’t question the jabs!

Example 3

LINK: https://www.theepochtimes.com/us-life-expectancy-falls-again-in-historic-decline_4732330.html?utm_source=partner&utm_campaign=TheLibertyDaily

This one violates rules 1, 2, 3 and 6!


This one is a complete travesty, from talking about “sudden death” and individual athletes, to talking about things like overall mortality rates AT ALL. But it gets worse.

“Denial” is actually mentioned!

“DENIAL” is a code word for JAB CLUB!


#1 – The first rule of Jab Club is, you do not talk about Jab Club.

#2 – The second rule of Jab Club is, you DO NOT talk about Jab Club.

NOW – let’s look at somebody who knows the rules!

Example 4

(Hat Tip RDS, The Burning Platform, and Summit News)


This, my friends, is how you do Jab Club right!

Every single rule obeyed!

Check out the video – it’s a superb Jab Club TRAINING VIDEO!

See how that works? Just like back in Germany during the 1940s. People knew everything was OK for the Jews. Hitler was taking care of them, just as he promised. All those stories about maltreatment were misinformation – just like the misinformation we are experiencing now about the vaccines.

Yes, children are experiencing slightly more myocarditis these days, and government scientists are hard at work, figuring out why this might be. There are many possible candidates, including anxiety about gender, concern about insurrectionists, air pollution, and especially climate change. But children should not worry about disease – myocarditis is easily treated.

You may see graphs like this one.

If you see something, say something. This graph and others like it are likely to be misinformation, and should be reported to authorities, just like Jewish propaganda was successfully reported to the appropriate authorities around 80 years ago, in a similar fashion.

There are NO WORRIES when you follow the rules of Jab Club!

We hope that you fully understand the rules of our wonderful JAB CLUB that make sure we’re all safe, happy, and in excellent health.

Now – is your FIGHT CARD – whoops – I mean your VACCINE PASSPORT current?

If not, GET A BOOSTER! But just one! Remember Rule #5:

#5 – One jab to a booster.

The reason for Rule #4 (two jabs to a vaccination) is that it takes two shots of the deadlier Wuhan variant spike protein to seriously injure most people, and in particular for the second shot to create a bad reaction to the first shot.

The reason for Rule #5 (one jab to a booster) is to let each booster have enough time to kill people. Most people who are going to die, die about five months after the shots. Start bunching up the boosters, and it’s likely that people will die shortly after a booster, which makes Rules #1 and #2 more difficult to enforce.

And THOSE TWO are the most important rules!

#1 – The first rule of Jab Club is, you do not talk about Jab Club.

#2 – The second rule of Jab Club is, you DO NOT talk about Jab Club.



Dr. Anthony Fauci


“What are you doing out of bed? I think you need some more REMDESIVIR.”


Hat Tip slowcreekno for coming up with the concept of “Jab Club” while answering my question about breaking through the “we can’t talk about the evil jab” wall of denial.

LINK: https://www.theqtree.com/2022/09/07/dear-kag-20220907-open-thread/comment-page-1/#comment-958117

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy




 Reply to  TheseTruths

 September 7, 2022 08:25

We have to make it a cultural joke that “they” won’t mention their evil jab.







 Reply to  Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

 September 7, 2022 11:02

Something along the lines of the Fight Club perhaps…

The first rule of the Jab Club is: DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE JAB CLUB!

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 Reply to  slowcreekno

 September 7, 2022 11:52




Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy




 Reply to  slowcreekno

 September 7, 2022 18:36

OMG that’s absolutely hilarious! PLEASE feel honored that I’m stealing the hell out of that!







 Reply to  Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

 September 7, 2022 19:11

“We have to make it a cultural joke that “they” won’t mention their evil jab.”


Like “Ⅎ˥ƎSWIH ˥˥I⋊ ⊥,NᗡIᗡ NIƎ⊥SԀƎ”

This would be more like “100,000 vaxx takers didn’t kill themselves.”

Just need the data to prove it, which most of the so-called ‘authorities’ won’t acknowledge or reveal.



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Wolf Moon
Thank you so much for this!
Can another “rule” for THE JAB CLUB be added? — along the lines of —

It doesn’t matter how many peer-reviewed papers you’ve read about the dangers of THE JAB, how many Pfizer data dump documents you’re read, how many months you’ve been researching — if you’re not following the science, you’re stupid!

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Gail Combs

If it is not REPORTED by the Fake News then it does not exist… SIMPLES. 😜 

There problem is the ALTERNATE MEDIA is becoming larger than the Fake News! 🤓 


I found much of this accurate.


Wolf thank you for this topic.
Yesterday my son from Ann Arbor was very disgusted ( first) that he is forced to take the buster by the University Hospital. He said ” he is tired of it.”
I think something is clicking that this is a scam. Sadly he cannot quit his job therefore he is stuck. He needs the insurance for his wife who has cancer and he bought a condominium and has to pay . I am not sure if they are forcing the wife to take the jab since she works from home.
I am sure many people find themselves in this position.


Yes it is a horror show Biden and his cabal has brought us. My son’s wife has been in 5 year remission and has had the two jabs last winter they were forced to take. I do think he is coming out of his psychosis because of not being happy about the booster. You are right people need to make life changing and life preserving choices.
If nothing else they could move into our home for a time to get back on their feet finding a new job but that is not what they want. We offered that to all our kids but we cannot pay long term their bills if they stay in Ann Arbor.
I am not sure if they know it is a life or death decision concerning the jab.
Our daughter refuses to take another jab so does her daughter.
By the way my granddaughter now 2 year college cooks her own dinner and has become a health freak 🙂 She loves Linear Algebra and loves her technical education.
By the way she announced to her parents she is a girl no way a boy 🙂


Best not to say much just lead by example.
They are struggling.


I so feel for you, singingsoul1! We are in very tough times!

Last edited 6 days ago by WSB

Thank you many people are in my boat.


They should think about getting out!!!! Anything to consolidate expenses and find other income if possible! I feel so badly!


My son is a scientist in his fifties hard to get out hard to get a job in his field. He spend his years getting a PhD . He is locked in. She has an English degree and has a good job at the University. I know what I would do but I am not him or them. Many young people have this problem specially if it affects two people.


My virologist friend walked away and retained an attorney. I know, it is a terrible decision to make.


No one should have to do that in a democratic republic. Good for your virologist 🙂


I believe that is exactly what happened to my father.

Now, I will state that he was managing Parkinson’s and Melanoma, a botched radiation attempt by a dermatologist…and then Carcinoma three months after his shots…YET…I have also counted at least 20 doctors who kept him on blood-pressure lowering meds…after he started having…LOW BLOOD PRESSURE.

I believe this may have happened after his three surgeries to repair the botched radiation, complete with skin grafts and fake skin! Cannot make this up.

Which led to fainting, falling twice and the two fractures of his second vertebrae.

I only figured it out after I reviewed his list of meds with my mother in April. HPPA be damned!

I spoke to his one doctor the next evening. When the doctor realized what was going on, he completely reversed the protocol. However, the damage had already been done. My father was gone in late June.

My thought is that my father had 25% illness, 25% shot related explosion of conditions and 50% MEDICAL mal-p!


I’d include “shot-related explosion of conditions” in medical mal-p….but, y’know, to-may-to, to-mah-to. You have my sympathies for your loss.


Thank you, cthulhu. We all need to soldier on!


This is the “bestest” troll / sacastic article I’ve seen!  KUDOS! Sharing!


100% Agree!!!!

Thanks Wolf!


Ya mentioned sarcasm…

T-shirt today.

“If Sarcasm Burned Calories, I’d Be Skinny”.  😂  😅  😂 

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HA!!!! I would disappear standing sideways!!!! NOT…


It’s a good bet Gates, Collins and Fauci did not get the jab.

Look at their sly, smug, sneering faces in the picture above.

Last edited 6 days ago by GA/FL

^^^ “Sure Bet”. ^^^


comment image


^^^ Perfect start in the mornin. 🙂


Sorry! Couldn’t resist!


Was the perfect reply.


I LOVE the thought of sherbet in the morning! Never thought about that!

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Cuppa Covfefe


Add BillyGhoul Gates to the “Jab Club” three, and you’d have the “Jab Four”…

Just think of all the new songs they could sing :mrgreen: …..

And if they did get a jab, it’d be saline…

Collins is especially fit-for-hell because he claims to be a devout Christian…

He’s not even a cafeteria Christian, at that…..
Not even a “Porn and Hard Heart” (for those who remember the vending machine/cafeterias)…..


The only songs I could think of would be along the lines of dark satire, which is rather the opposite of anything these Jab Four would want to put out.

«The Jab Gang of Four» might be more accurate.


You know, as funny as this is, it is really, really true.

I know quite a few people who got the clot-shot who are now very hesitant to talk about it. They seem very sheepish when they have to admit they did.

I think many more people than we know are in the Bongino camp, but are following the Jab Club rules.

Great satire, Wolf. There is always a deep, unassailable element of absolute truth in great satire, and you nailed it.

Last edited 6 days ago by Aubergine

Philippines. BIL, mid 50s.. History of heart issues over the years. Taking meds. Issue(s) stabilized.

Lots of pressure in the Philippines to get Injected. Can’t ride buses, jeepney’s (public trans), etc. Nearly treated like lepers.

Gave in to the Injection a couple months ago.

  • Six weeks ago started heavy breathing. Difficulty doing simple daily functions, that were no problem ~three months ago.
  • Planted him last week. Pushing up daisies these days.

ONLY posting this to further emphasize, what we already know – Do Not Get Injected.

Don’t be shy telling folks Injections injure, maim and kill. Offer proof.

Last edited 6 days ago by kalbokalbs

I’m so sorry to hear of this. May he forever rest under the Wings of the Almighty God; and may you and the others left behind find comfort.

I hate saying this, but I believe this kind of thing is the tip of the iceberg. Since the unfortunate demise of your BIL occurred after the “official waiting period” of 15 minutes after the injection was given, the “vaccine” won’t be blamed — “something else” like heart issues will be blamed instead.

Last edited 6 days ago by RDS

Yea, heartbreaking. Thanks. He held out for the longest time to not get jabbed.

Injections are a double edge sword. The jab, AND successive jabs wreak havoc on organs and weakens immune system. As stated, Tip of the Iceberg.


Thanks for posting the video. The video absolutely nails BIL situation.


I am very sorry to hear about this. Somehow, the world has got to awaken to the dangers. We are in a life-and-death struggle.


We are in a life-and-death struggle.

This is NO time for PC, timid silence.

Folks Gotta Speak Up. It’s called Leadership. Doing The Right Thing.

Challenge those in denial or simply unaware of Jabs Injure and Kill.


I have never been one to be silent. But many still are not listening.


Nor have I.

It’s going to take all of us, to overcome the coordinated onslaught by Feds, corrupt health “experts” and supporting cast in Pravda news / big Tech.




So sorry to see this, Kalbokalbs.

We have all had a very rough two years, and unfortunately, we are in for more, I fear.


You and your family have my sympathy…..and my growing rage that this isn’t an isolated incident.

Brave and Free

Will there ever be accountability?
People are starting to see what they were, garbage shots.



Article is far to easy on the mRNA death shots. But yes, folks are waking up. No one should pull their punches when addressing the EVIL mRNA Injections.


FWIW – the term depop is now a fully understood concept in normal conversations with people on the street.

From Emerald…


Cuppa Covfefe

And the YSM/MCM will try to bury it along with K-Pop and BeBop…

If only more people realized that the folks behind the Georgia Guidestones (Satan’s Ten Commandments) were DEADLY serious about the 500 Million number… and the rest of their Demonic wishes…….


THIS is a great article by Emerald. Three short videos within are must listens. From the article…

^^^ Jaw dropping. ^^^ Sadly I believe it.

THIS stuff is part of why Benedict Biden, and his traitorous goons, are (falsely) targeting, White Domestic Extreme Terrorists.


I still have a LOT of questions if Dr. Malone is hiding in plain sight? He had a lot to do with this research. Everyone says he meant it for other ‘good-cause’ delivery systems.

I have posted a response here from one top virologist friend that this was NOT a good idea, since this bio-tech penetrates the nucleus of a cell.

Maybe I am just not understanding…


I still have a LOT of questions if Dr. Malone is hiding in plain sight? He had a lot to do with this research. Everyone says he meant it for other ‘good-cause’ delivery systems.

^^^ This IS something we must keep in mind. (As we figure, which is it.) ^^^

I have posted a response here from one top virologist friend that this was NOT a good idea, since this bio-tech penetrates the nucleus of a cell.

^^^ Yup. What little I understand, a “bridge to far”. To easily used for evil.


I was hell no, absolutely — it was never a consideration. I was HCQ prophylactic from very early on, like March 2020 – then switched over. Been taking something with the recommended supplements for two and a half years.

As soon as I heard “if you have symptoms, stay home”, for a serious respiratory illness, that sealed the deal. And they’ve now done a COMPLETE 180. The latest tv ads are literally “if you have symptoms, don’t wait”. Get tested and be sure to get the “approved” oral therapy that you can take “at home”. Right away. Chop chop. The evil is just stunning.


You sound like the hubby, who at one time considered the possibility. He used to get the flu shot every year – I never did.


Wolf, I was ‘Hell No’ on March 13th.

According to my friend, and just on my own evolution, there should not be any alteration of a human cell nucleus. This is contrary to ‘Do No Harm’. This is the same sentiment of my two friends who are in their same expertise, and both feel the same about Malone.

Our virologist friend and mate get together with Taller Half and me every Sunday. March 13th was the lockdown. Virologist friend knew immediately this was a farce. We spoke on that very day, and she could not square anything being said in public.

Since that date, we have been speaking on the phone at cocktail hour most everyday SINCE. And get together for a meal once every week.

I never looked back.

I was DAMNED LUCKY to have that expert advice immediately.

I so wish so many others were. I tried to get the word out. Most did not heed my conveyance of her advice.

And the truth is…the body knows how to heal itself in most cases. Include fasting to starve illness. This coming from a virologist who oversaw a lab until fired because of refusal to take the shot.

What a path we all have walked.

Your senses and wisdom have made all of us keener and quicker to spot the scams!

Last edited 5 days ago by WSB

Wolf, Thank you for your response. Very clear as to your intent, and unfortunately the one part of informed consent that was denied.

I have asked the question of Virologist’s mate and will get back to you ASAP!


Yes it is as if that big shadowy entity in the room is growing ever larger… It is usually likened to an elephant, as in «the elephant in the room», but the only thing approximate similar to the actual animal is the size. Elephants are far too nice and innocent, so as to deserve this kind of slur.

And as we outside the Jab Club can note, when someone dies of suddenly, «it was from the jab» — «We don’t know it’s the Jab, but it is the Jab»

Like some unstated Everybody Knows kind of thing. Or that entity, the notional elephant, of which the first rule is Do not talk about the entity. The rest of the lies-by-omission follow from that.

Not good.

Gail Combs

Herbert Ley was an American physician and the 10th Commissioner and head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“… Ley served as FDA commissioner for only a year and a half; he was ousted in December 1969.

His three years at the FDA came during the time when the FDA grew from an insignificant agency to the key agency protecting consumers… After he left, Ley stated that he had “constant, tremendous, sometimes unmerciful pressure” from the drug industry and that the drug company lobbyists, combined with the politicians who worked on behalf of their patrons, could bring “tremendous pressure” to bear on him and his staff, to try preventing FDA restrictions on their drugs. Ley complained that his agency faced budget shortfalls and lacked support from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and Congress…” LINK

comment image

Life insurance executives are reporting non-Covid deaths are up a staggering 40% across the USA- the largest increase ever seen. LINK

Funeral home director- business is booming like never before. And they are seeing strange VERY LONG CLOTS.

Funeral directors alarmed by mysterious blood clots in vaccinated people

Fifteen embalmers are all seeing odd fatal clotting in people that first started in 2021. As many as 65% of cases are affected. Just like the DMED data, this evidence is being totally ignored by the mainstream press and medical community as well as the CDC and other HHS agencies. The only explanation that fits all the facts is that the vaccines are killing Americans in massive numbers and should be immediately halted.

Meet Richard Hirschman, an embalmer in Alabama with over 20 years experience…

He says currently over 50% of the bodies he embalms have the strange clots which he uniquely associates with the vaccines/boosters. This is the bombshell….

In Jan 2022, 37 out of 57 (65% of all cases) had these suspicious clots. That’s huge.

Pfizer has Large R&D Facility in Wuhan China; Pfizer Employed Members of the Chinese Communist Party According to a Data Leak; Pfizer 3 Month Revenue from the Covid Vaccine was $3.5 Billion

…In 2010, Pfizer founded an R&D facility at China’s National Bio-industry Base in Wuhan (Biolake). By 2015, Pfizer was moving its “medicine safety business” from India to the Wuhan Biolake facility. Lan Zhanghua, the site head of Pfizer (Wuhan) Research & Development Co Ltd. stated in 2016: “Every one of Pfizer’s new drugs has indispensable contributions from the Wuhan team.“ He states that two R&D “functions run exclusively at Wuhan and nowhere else in the world… our Wuhan teams manage the clinical trial registry information and clinical trial master files for all Pfizer’s medicines”. https://archive.md/puanr

So Pfizer’s safety trials are run FROM WUHAN CHINA AND What Do They Know that We Don’t?… China Has Not Administered a Single mRNA Vaccine to Any of Its 1.45 Billion Citizens (Feb 2022)
Perhaps China saw the safety data that the FDA and Pfizer TRIED TO HIDE FOR 75 YEARS?

“ … it is dystopian for the government to give Pfizer billions, mandate Americans to take its product, prohibit Americans from suing for harms, but yet refuse to let Americans see the data underlying its licensure.”

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) now says it needs 75 years — up from the 55 years the agency initially requested — to fully release redacted versions of all documents related to the agency’s approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine….


What is interesting about FDA commisioner Ley, was Ley was on the master list of Nixon political opponents.”

And that leads back to


One of the most serious challenges to human destiny in the last third of this century will be the growth of the population. Whether man’s response to that challenge will be a cause for pride or for despair in the year 2000 will depend very much on what we do today. If we now begin our work in an appropriate manner, and if we continue to devote a considerable amount of attention and energy to this problem, then mankind will be able to surmount this challenge as it has surmounted so many during the long march of civilization. 

Richard Nixon – July 18, 1969

Nixon then formed a commission to study America’s “population problem,” a group tasked with the goal of achieving “population stabilization” by the dawn of the 21st Century. To chair this new commission, Nixon appointed John D. Rockefeller III. A man with links to the  the eugenics movement.

KNOWING THIS is it any surprise the US Government uses tax payer money to FUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD, a group FOUNDED by another eugenicist (and Black hater) Margret Sanger, Hilary Clinton’s HERO? And that Planned Parenthood is the LEADING KILLER OF BLACKS, killing an estimated 360 black lives every single day. Abortion is the #1 killer in the black community, outnumbering the top 20 leading causes of death, combined. ” So far that is 19 million black babies.




“Life insurance executives are reporting “”””Covid SHOT”””” deaths are up a staggering 40% across the USA- the largest increase ever seen.”  

There…fixed it!

Gail Combs


You know something I don’t remember talking much about, do they have a a real vaccine or other cure (for themselves) that works and does no harm?

Because there is no way they (TPTB) could avoid exposure to their own bio-weapon.

They could just avoid taking the vaxx like many of us, which avoids the dangers of the vaxx itself, but still leaves them exposed to the chinee virus, and a lot of TPTB are old enough that catching the ‘rona could be fatal — unless they’re all just taking HCQ and Ivermectin.


BTW, I talk about Jab Club all the time, like a habitual offender — and I love it 😁


Pay close attention to the credits of the PSA.

At the very end. NY Presbyterian, Columbia, and last but NOT least Cornell Weill. (Weill=Sanford Weill=Citibank=trustee @ CU with Sect. of Energy Samuel Bodman during LSI)


Lehman was president during planning, for a short tenure before stepping down and heading to China as a 1000 talent, etc. Replaced by Skorton, a HEART surgeon from Iowa. Gates Hall constructed shortly after Weill, endowed by B&M Gates Foundation.
(Also, construction of Koolhaus’ Milstein Hall addition after his construction of CCP TV building in Beijing.)

Cornell Weill has a branch in Qatar.

Look into the task force mentioned in the article. Iir, Harold Varmus was its chair.

Oh, and:


Here he is on a stretcher being taken out thru… NY Presbyterian:




On Sanford Weill and repeal of Glass-Steagall under Clinton.


Can’t forget the evil garden gnome. Here’s how he fits…



…”Dr. Fauci received his M.D. from Cornell University Medical College in 1966 and then completed his residency at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.”… (AKA NY Presbyterian)

Also where Imelda was Tavistocked.

And where Epstein took his children for medical treatment.

Hard to be cautious; having spent years in the monster’s belly before it puked me out, lol.