Dear KMAG: 20231113 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

AND our beautiful REALFLOTUS.

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread remains open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

And yes, it’s Monday…again.

But we WILL get through it!

We will always remember Wheatie,

Pray for Trump,

Yet have fun,

and HOLD ON when things get crazy!

We will follow the RULES of civility that Wheatie left for us:

Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

And while we engage in vigorous free speech, we will remember Wheatie’s advice on civility, non-violence, and site unity:

“We’re on the same side here so let’s not engage in friendly fire.”

“Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.”

If this site gets shut down, please remember various ways to get back in touch with the rest of the gang:

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

Daily outrage and epic phuckery abound.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

And we will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Word of The Week:



  • Divination by means of images or idols.
  • Divination by idols, images or figures.

Longer description

Idolomancy is a form of metal or stone divination using idols, images, or figures. The answers may come through dreams, by drawing lots, or anything else that believers may attribute to the power of such images.

During ancient times, when temple priests were trained in the art of making automata, huge metal or stone statues were allegedly made to come to life for the purpose of making utterances about the future. The belief that spirits were capable of inhabiting statues was widespread, and it was thought that these idols could reply to questions about the future by those who knew how to obtain it. The ancient Hebrews believed that Teraphim or house gods mounted on the wall would talk to people, give advice, and make prognostications. These practices were tolerated in early Israelite history, until they were outlawed during King Josiah’s reign.

Pagan priests often spoke from within hollow statues to give direct replies to questions regarding the future.

In many cases, idolomancy has been closely identified with demonomancy, in as much as the idols simply represent the demons who are supposed to inhabit them when properly invoked.

Used in a sentence

If the “old gods” are coming back, expect a rise in idolomancy.

Used in a picture


Let’s start off with somethin’ outta the HOLLERS….

Next, an old favorite from somebody I’ve not heard before….

Sorry – YouTube just suggested this one again, and I love it!

Well, we haven’t had enough country music with PRISON, so here you go!

Now, check out some epic orchestral music being produced. The first track shows the musicians in the studio.

With that, a toast to Wheatie, and her words to Zoe. Then finishing with some NEW Wheatie music!

Visual descriptions for our dear Zoe, and for anyone else who may find them helpful:
Header Image: A young lady warrior is standing in a field of tall grasses, looking over her shoulder at us. Behind her in the distance, an enormous Tree dominates the landscape. Her long white hair and the tall grasses, are blowing in the wind. Her dark green velvet embroidered tunic has a band of metal armor at the hips, which comes to a V in the front and back. She has metal armor on her shoulders and forearm, and the wind is blowing the long dark green cape that is attached at her shoulders. She is holding a sword in her right hand and in her left hand is a round metal object that appears to be giving off a soft blue glow.
The enormous Tree is in the valley below her and there are gigantic arched structures built into the side of it’s trunk. White birds are flying out from the Tree, towards us. A few small structures dot the landscape around the base of the Tree, along with a forest of smaller trees. Beyond the valley, there are rays of the sun casting light on the Tree and the warrior, as the sun emerges from a distant mountain range. There are white clouds moving through a blue sky.

And now THE STUFF!

Have you ever seen this cult classic? Just wondering if I’m the only person who ever watched this good yet very bad movie!

One more time….

Maybe time to “awaken with J.P.”? An interesting perspective.

This will be remembered for a LONG time….

And this one!!! Powerful indictment of the commie judiciary.

I love seeing this lady stand up to the PROGZI SCUM. And speaking of THAT….

Battle Report

I will keep this brief.

Ohio has problems. One year out from the 2024 election, the progzis have embedded unlimited ABORTION in the Ohio constitution. Together with their ally RINO RONNA, they’ve beaten us badly all over the country.

And yet, we can have faith. We had some candidates win. There is a plan to strike back. And I’ve learned a lot about what is possible, and what is not.

I’m battle-scarred, but tougher than I was before, and not beaten.

We will regroup, but this time, for me, it’s about TRUMP 2024. It’s time to win every vote that we can for Trump, and send the CHEATERS into the bowels of HELL.

Not sure what the PROGZI SCUM will try this time, but we have to be ready for anything.

Interesting times are coming. GIRD YOUR LOINS. It’s going to be a WILD RIDE.

Until victory, have faith!

And trust the big plan, too!

And as always….



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comment image

Last edited 7 months ago by TheseTruths

It should be noted that this song is about a school shooting — — with somewhat disturbing parallels to what we now know about Nashville.

It is not a “happy-go-lucky” tune.

It is, however, informative — with serious MK Ultra echoes.

And it oddly fits with the “Monday, Monday” lyrics —

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day

Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way

Oh Monday mornin’ you gave me no warnin’ of what was to be

Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me


Well placed, timed selection.

Cuppa Covfefe

Now I realize who Ricarda Lang looks like… except she can’t sing… or do anything useful, for that matter…


I had not seen the Kudlow interview with Trump’s attorney. The unfair treatment of Trump has to be called out and reversed, or we have no legal system. (In before people say we don’t have one now. We do in some, and possibly many, cases. But not for a witch hunt like this.)


Great idea!


I’d have to say that Merrick Garland’s performance as AG has got me thanking the Almighty he was thwarted on his way to SCOTUS.


Absolutely! That would have been a disaster. If I remember correctly, Mitch McConnell took some heat for that. It’s an example of how the RINOs sometimes do the right thing and get voted in repeatedly.


Turtle, I think took constant heat. Turtle, for whatever reason, did something correct, for America.


Nearly every time, that weasel garland speaks, I am thankful, he is not on the SC.

Turtle did well, stopping that one.

Jack Smith is a THUG

did he “stop” him? or did he know garland would be “needed” elsewhere along the way?


Cynic much?  😂   😍 

Last edited 7 months ago by pgroup2
Jack Smith is a THUG

comment image


Whoa! Have I offended you? Or are you talking about one of those politicians?

Jack Smith is a THUG

no…not you!


Whew!  😇   😍 

Last edited 7 months ago by pgroup2

Hmmm. Good question. As AG, ideally he’ll be capped at four years. Albeit, four disastrous years.

By all rights. Garland should have been impeached by now. Yea. I am a broken record.

Valerie Curren

ideally he’ll be capped…”  😎  just had to pause & process…


Out of work, when Briben’s criminal administration ends. Four years or impeached.

Nothing, violent inferred.  😎 

Valerie Curren

Of course it just was a pregnant pause in my mind 🙂

Valerie Curren

agreed 😉


Yea, she is a breath of fresh air. Integrity. Seems to stand for goodness AND can NOT be intimidated.

DOJ needs the likes of this gal. Trump, I am sure is taking notes and will place her in the best position, in his second administration. AG would be great by me.

Trump AG MUST come from outside DOJ.

Next FIB Director, MUST come from outside FIB. Fire Wray. Piss on ten year FIB appointments.


Grandma would say it requires massive elbow grease.

Cuppa Covfefe

All it gets now it palm grease from Satan Sauros…


Those -mancy words are so creepy.


word-forming element of Greek origin meaning “divination by means of,” from Old French -mancie, from Late Latin -mantia, from Greek manteia “oracle, divination,” from mantis “one who divines, a seer, prophet; one touched by divine madness,” from mainesthai “be inspired,” which is related to menos “passion, spirit” (from PIE *mnyo-, suffixed form of root *men- (1) “to think,” with derivatives referring to qualities and states of mind or thought). Compare mania.

Libanomania = the art of divining by reading incense smoke [[[shudder]]].


No kidding!


Her name was McGill,
And she called herself ‘Lil’,
But everyone knew her as ‘Mancy’….

Cuppa Covfefe

And stay away from those Mancy-boys…

(Old Blighty slang “Nancy-Boys” for the light-in-the-loafers gang)…

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. Poofter is what comes to mind every time I hear about Plouffe…


Check out biblomancy.


An abomination!




JUST IN: Tim Scott Drops Out of 2024 Presidential Race (VIDEO)
I looked in vain for word of his endorsing Trump. 🙄

Last edited 7 months ago by TheseTruths

way past time.


Tim Scott will endorse Trump.

My guesstimate is, a Timing AND Venue thing.

  • Get the most out of it for Both Tim Scott AND Trump.

He’ll get the most out of it for Tim Scott, of that we can be sure.


I saw one place where he said he would endorse no one. Said voters should vet candidates and vote accordingly.


guessing Tim Scott will change his tune. (Politics)


Guessing someone will change Tim Scott’s tune, whether Tim likes it or not

ftfy lol


I hope so.


Leading from behind, just as I would expect.


r-Con Creed. Lead From Behind. (Obey)


Things in Chicago Are So Bad That Venezuelan Illegals Are Fleeing Back to Venezuela

When illegals from Venezuela want to leave the US to go back to their Marxist hellhole, that is a clear sign that things are really bad.

The particular city we are referring to is Chicago, Illinois. The lack of work opportunities and living in shelters has convinced many of the illegals they just might be better off back at home.

Chicago was known as a sanctuary city, so thousands of illegals entering the US were sent there, particularly by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Things are rapidly changing for them, including a difficult winter and lack of support from local governments. Many are considering going back to Venezuela. This is very revealing of the hypocrisy of sanctuary cities. They talk a big game until they are actually put to the test.


Better than that, it exposes the lies of asylum claims.

BTW, each one of them committed a federal felony by lying in order to get benefits.


These pathetic products of the commie machine in Venezuela haven’t even begun to taste the fury of a Chicago winter; when even the gangbangers hunker-down. Just wait.


No doubt they didn’t choose to be in Chicago and got bused there, and the climate is a surprise. I hope they do go home.


They’ll just go south, to where it’s warmer.

Back to Texas.

What’s Abbot the raging RINO going to do?


He will stand up to no one, except patriots, over anything.

Valerie Curren

hubby & his frat bros parodied this song back in the day but the only lyrics I remember now are “free balling”  😂 


And, you’ll note, he’s another FOSSer. He just added microtuning to his own sampler, “Decent Sampler”.


53 intervals in an octave in that Turkish scale!

Valerie Curren

Those unusual, from a Western perspective, notes remind me of the “discordant” Arabic music we often hear in some local eateries. It lends to the exotic atmosphere but eventually ends up feeling a bit jarring if listening to it for several hours on end, at least that’s how it often impacts me & my hubby 😉

Cuppa Covfefe

The wind instrument that sounds like a duck getting strangled is what “does it” for me… Every so often the invaders have a wedding at the not-far-enough-away “Islamic Cultural Center” (read: terrorist indoctrination facility) and along with the intolerably loud and discordant drums, they have the strangled duck and other misbegotten instruments of torture…

Or, as I said 50 years ago in a music history/theory class discussion about ancient Indian music (imitating Dean Martin), “every Vadi needs Samavadi sometime”…


Not sure why guy says he can’t find many female players of the instrument. Perhaps he assumes it goes by one name. From Taiwan in the Far East right up to Persia, across the Great Steppes into Eastern Eourpe and over the Himalayas down into India it appears to be a rather popular instrument. Below is a sampler. Look in the auto suggestions for moar.

Persian. Greater variety with this ensambla

If the Alti band does not show from the beginning, then go their for best.

Last edited 7 months ago by para59r
SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’m noticing a common theme in the vocal accompaniments; it seems like it has to be long-drawn-out yodel-like syllables, not disimilar stylistically to the Muslim call to prayer.


Islam is nothing but about imitation.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

In this particular case it’s possible the imitation runs in the other direction. A lot of the places this instrument is prominent were Muslim; certainly Albania is.


‘I’m Working Three Jobs…My House is More Expensive’ – Latino Biden Voters in Georgia Have Buyer’s Remorse (VIDEO)

CNN traveled to Dalton, Georgia to speak with Latino residents.

According to CNN, many of the Latino voters they spoke to in Dalton “view the Trump years as better.”

One voter, Juan Manuel Ferreira Zamora told CNN, “Our Latino community say when Trump was the president, we don’t have high gas or inflation of food, so this is the truth.”

CNN asked another Latino Biden voter in Georgia: “Are you happy with your vote for Joe Biden?” 

She replied, “I’m working three jobs because I have to pay more, like my house is more expensive…”

But will they switch their vote to Trump? If some other Dem replaces JB, would they vote for them, thinking they will make things better?


“But will they switch their vote to Trump? If some other Dem replaces JB, would they vote for them, thinking they will make things better?”

Well, Democrats are stupid, so they probably would.


Trump Lawyers to Mount Counterattack After Weeks of Bruising Cross-Examination in NY Civil Case
comment image

“Former President Donald Trump sits in the courtroom with attorneys Christopher Kise and Alina Habba during his civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court in New York City on Nov. 6, 2023. (Brendan McDermid-Pool/Getty Images)”

The media and public should brace themselves for the most heated phase of the civil fraud trial of former President Donald Trump when courtroom proceedings resume on Nov. 13—if past interactions among the defense, the judge, and government lawyers are any indication.

The defense will begin to make its case on behalf of the 45th president and 2024 candidate, as well as his two sons and daughter, who are no longer defendants in the case yet have faced relentless and acrimonious cross-examination on the witness stand over the past two weeks.

President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., is expected to be the first to testify for the defense.

Trump lawyer Christopher Kise and Judge Arthur Engoron feuded throughout the cross-examination of President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump. The defense attorney has objected constantly, saying that questions posed were irrelevant to the legal issues at hand or that no one could reasonably expect the people on the stand to recall the details of documents, records, meetings, and conversations from as far back as 2012.

As if to add further contentiousness to the proceedings, New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office on Nov. 8 sent a letter to Judge Engoron seeking to block testimony from four expert witnesses set to take the stand during the defense phase.


Their testimony would address the accuracy of valuations contained in statements of financial condition submitted to Deutsche Bank and other firms for the purpose of securing favorable terms for loans and insurance. In the view of the attorney general’s office, such testimony is beside the point given that the judge has already ruled that Trump is guilty of fraud.

Nor has the pro-Trump side been inactive during the run-up to the next phase of the trial. On Nov. 10, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) sent a lengthy letter to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, spelling out a litany of complaints about how Judge Engoron has conducted himself and his alleged bias against the respondents in the lawsuit.

“This judge’s bizarre behavior has no place in our judicial system, where Judge Engoron is not honoring the defendant’s rights to due process and a fair trial. These serious concerns are exacerbated by the fact that the defendant is the leading candidate for President of the United States, and it appears the judicial system is being politicized to affect the outcome of the campaign,” Ms. Stefanik wrote.

She then cited the judge’s reference to the former president as “just a bad guy” deserving of prosecution by the attorney general, and his blunt statement to President Trump that “we are not here to listen to what you have to say.”

Judge Engoron also told President Trump’s attorney Mr. Kise, “I am not here to hear what he has to say, now sit down!” and said, when Mr. Kise floated the idea of requesting a directed verdict, “You better not, Chris.”

The letter also characterizes the judge and members of his staff as “partisan Democrat donors” who, in violation of the New York Code of Judicial Conduct, have given lavishly to the party opposing President Trump.

Ms. Stefanik’s letter concludes: “Judge Engoron’s lawlessness sends an ominous and illegal warning to New York business owners: If New York judges don’t like your politics, they will destroy your business, the livelihood of your employees, and you personally. This Commission cannot let this continue.”

A Defense Lawyer’s Concerns

Although Ms. Stefanik isn’t part of the Trump defense team in the current proceedings, her letter summarizes many of the objections that Mr. Kise has repeatedly raised over the past few weeks. Mr. Kise took exception to the frequent passing of notes between the judge and a law clerk, suggesting that the judge often made rulings favoring the plaintiffs upon reading the notes, the contents of which weren’t disclosed to the rest of the court.“The rulings are frequently if not inordinately against us on every issue,” Mr. Kise said. Later on in the proceedings, he said that he hoped that the defense would receive the same latitude that the judge has granted to the plaintiffs when the defense finally gets its turn, beginning on Nov. 13.

Mr. Kise is not someone I’ve heard of before. Seems like Ms. Habba is the one addressing the media and giving interviews.

…Regardless of whether the concerns of Mr. Kise and Ms. Stefanik have any basis, the proceedings that get underway in Manhattan civil court at 10 a.m. on Nov. 13 are likely to rise—or descend—to a level of acrimony with few parallels in any lawsuit involving a former U.S. head of state or current presidential aspirant.

I wish we could see it. 🍿


Americans fighting totalitarians. A tale as old as this country.


comment image


Continuing our previous discussion about diamond cutting, these are the nine largest pieces carved out of the Cullinan —

comment image

The two largest are in the British Crown Jewels. The seven others pictured here were retained in Amsterdam as the fee for handling the stone.

Valerie Curren
Last edited 7 months ago by Valerie Curren

Specifically, all nine are accounted for in this article —

Valerie Curren

from within that article

comment image

“Diamonds cut from the Cullinan[edit]Cullinan produced 9 major stones of 1,055.89 carats (211.178 g) in total,[24] plus 96 minor brilliants and some unpolished fragments weighing 19.5 carats (3.90 g).[25] All but the two largest stones – Cullinans I and II – remained in Amsterdam by arrangement as the fee for Asscher’s services,[26] until the South African government bought them (except Cullinan VI, which Edward VII had purchased and given to his wife Queen Alexandra in 1907), and the High Commissioner for Southern Africa presented them to Queen Mary on 28 June 1910.[12] Mary also inherited Cullinan VI from Alexandra, and she left all her Cullinan diamonds to her granddaughter Elizabeth II in 1953.[27] Cullinans I and II are part of the Crown Jewels,[2] which belong to the King in right of the Crown.[28]

Asscher sold the minor stones to the South African government, which distributed them to Queen Mary…”

Last edited 7 months ago by Valerie Curren

In very rare move, Pope dismisses conservative US bishop Strickland
What struck me is that Bishop Strickland is the one who spoke at a rally protesting the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” freaks being honored during “Pride Night” at Dodger Stadium on June 16th. He took a stand for what was right.

Cuppa Covfefe

Francis the talking fool is an Antipope, at best…..

Cuppa Covfefe

There was a lot of buzz about the 112th pope (which turns out to be Francis) being the last pope… back on and other sites… I used to think that was ridiculous, but now I wonder… seems like the illumis might just try to make that happen… then again, they’ve been doing their DAMNedest for centuries…

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

IIRC it’s the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls in Rome where there are portraits of every pope, and supposedly when they run out of room, that’s the last pope.

According to what I heard on a tour of the building, there are still seven spots left.


Very interesting…

comment image


I wish people would quit falling for RINO/Dem BS in all forms of the media. Johnson was on record long before. He is not Boehner, Ryan or McCarthy. He has principles he lives by. If he changes a position it will be because conditions on the ground have changed for MAGA or PDT has asked him.




Someone posited, delaying the impeachment, is for budget reasons.

  • Finish the budget, I, expect impeachment to be Fast Tracked.
  • Both, damn sure, over due.

Bonus, investigators may connect more dots.

  • Good. But NOT necessary, in my mind. But then, I Loath Briben.

Yesterday Barb Meier posted info about Catturd’s music event, Turdstock. Here is a tweet where you can see Catturd.

How it started:


When I reach a million followers, should I throw a big America first jam session with musicians like @johnrich at the Catturd Ranch – and call it Turdstock?

comment image


Maybe Catturd will become part of a Trump Rally, warm up team.

Trump Rallies, so much fun. I need a Trump Rally, to attend.

Barb Meier

Thank you, TheseTruths! I have the pupturds magnet on my fridge and it makes me smile. They are all so cute and must have been quite a handful to raise by himself. Their mom, Sweetie, got an infection and couldn’t keep breastfeeding the puppies so he had to hand feed them for awhile. Catturd2 cleans up nice, hmmm? He didn’t want to make it about himself and I didn’t expect him to ID himself due to the security risks. Glad he didn’t advertise that he would ahead of time so loonies had less time to plan.


Those puppies always make me smile!
It would have been hard for him to have the event and not be seen, and I had wondered how he would handle it. The sunglasses and hat weren’t a total disguise. I hope he and all his critters stay safe!

Cuppa Covfefe

Somehow “better to be seen and not turd” comes to mind…
(ducks and runs…)…..

Valerie Curren

Does the Puppyturds pic include the one that didn’t make it? I always recall that little lost one having come pretty close to losing my own little runt of a son, back in the day…

Barb Meier

I think the one who didn’t survive was number 10. There probably are pics but I don’t remember Catturd posting one specifically of that pup. It was sad to lose one, for sure.

Valerie Curren

TY Barb–yes wish they all would have made it  😢 


Amazing proof of election issues with Dominion machines:

IMPORTANT: Undeniably Proof Out Of Georgia That Dominion Voting Is Rigging United States Elections. Confirmed With A Hand Count Of Ballots, This Is SHOCKING

“The result from the Dominion machine showed Lorne Alexander received 34.67% of the vote, Marshall Orson receiving 41.35% of the vote, and Michelle Longspears receiving 23.98% of the vote.The result from the Dominion machine showed Lorne Alexander received 34.67% of the vote, Marshall Orson receiving 41.35% of the vote, and Michelle Longspears receiving 23.98% of the vote.

In Georgia, if one candidate doesn’t get above 50% of the vote total, a runoff election is automatically held between the two top candidates. Meaning Michelle Longspierce was cut out of the race.

But Michelle Longspierce felt odd about the numbers, so she visited different precincts to double check the tallies. Guess what?

She noticed that in some precincts she didn’t receive a single vote. But how is that possible that a candidate with 24% of the vote total finds precincts where she didn’t receive a single vote?

While statistically alarming, the real surprise came when she realized there was not one vote cast for her in her own precinct, the same one where she and her husband voted for herself. Spears immediately demanded a hand recount of the results and got one.

On June 1st the results were released and the difference between the Dominion machine count and the hand count was shocking.

After the hand count Lauren Alexander gained 355 votes, Orson lost 1298 votes and Spears actually gained 3620 votes making her the new runoff candidate.

And here’s the best part, when you add them all up the hand count shows 2810 votes more than the Dominion machines reported on the 24th.

This is huge.

In a small county commissioners race with 15 and a half thousand votes total, the Dominion machine tally was short by nearly 3,000 votes. What does that say about all the other races that were conducted on these very same machines?

This is proof that the machines cannot be trusted. If Spears had not sounded the alarm, no one would have been able to do this.”

The video is only two minutes long and covers what is stated above.


Oh yeah!!! Fake facts to induce a bogus meeting of the minds means the settlement ‘agreement’ fails as a matter of contract law.

We shall see if you are correct.  🤔   😯 

Last edited 7 months ago by pgroup2

comment image

Barb Meier

  :wpds_chuckle:  I bet cricket paste smells weird.

Jack Smith is a THUG

so do most lefties…
just saying

Barb Meier

I’m left-handed. hehe



Valerie Curren



comment image


good one.



Does anyone have insight about this? I saw that a very pro-vax doctor said this:
“You don’t need to block individual viruses, just the water aerosol particles carrying them.”

In other words, the argument that masks don’t work is bogus, in his estimation, because it’s not about the size of the virus but the size of the aerosol particles that carry the virus.

Something seems off about this, but I can’t put my finger on it.


Gail had a video of a guy vaping — which is also an aerosol — and exhaling through a mask. Most aerosols are not mist and they’re not like rain. It’s more like, if you can smell a fart while wearing a mask, it’s not doing anything useful against viruses.


Yes, he is partially right.
Virus cling to many sizes of aerosols, which have a wide range – from micrometers (the bulk and the most long lasting) and the size of a droplet (only relative few short lasting).

He is only referring to the visible droplet size aerosols, which are short lived and drop to the floor very quickly. That is why we are told, from childhood on, to cover our mouth and turn away from the person standing nearby, when we sneeze.

But the micrometer size droplets can stay suspended for days, especially in confined spaces. The masks do not help with these.
The way to get rid of them, on say a shop floor, is to circulate the air quickly to the outside environment, where they can be disbursed.

Last edited 7 months ago by eilert
Gail Combs

And where the UV from the sun can kill them. That is why we have a ‘winter Cold & Flu Season’ We are more confined in a virus laden atmosphere.


ThanQ for summarizing the subject so well.


Thank you!


That’s from Dr. David E. Young on his Twitter feed. He’s an oncologist / hematologist near Rancho Mirage / Coachella, CA. He’s a “medical establishment” type who is HUGE on getting “vaccinated and boosted” with the dangerous and deadly COVID-19 “vaccines.” He’s called Dr. Naomi Wolf “wrong” in her statements about how dangerous these “vaccines” are.
Apparently, Dr. Young is also either ignorant of, or knows but denies the reality of, the VERY REAL DANGER OF HYPOXIA associated with mask-wearing.

Gail Combs

“….Apparently, Dr. Young is also either ignorant of, or knows but denies the reality…” OR IS WELL PAID TO GASLIGHT PEOPLE.

I am fairly sure we have a lot of doctors who think we need to DEPOPULATE.


Gail Combs
GASLIGHTING is being done, IMO, by the entire “medical establishment” regarding not only the dangerous COVID-19 “vaccines”, but about other things, too — other types of vaccines; the “need” to follow the CDC Immunization Schedules; and so on. This GASLIGHTING effort includes the CDC / FDA / AMA, medical professional organizations, etc.
And, even though the FDA lost in court and the agency had to admit that its insistence on NOT using Ivermectin to prevent or to treat COVID-19 was “advice”, not a regulation — the FDA STILL DOES NOT APPROVE Ivermectin for use as a preventative or a treatment for COVID-19. The FDA STILL ONLY APPROVES of Remdesivir, Paxlovid, and some other drugs.

Gail Combs

OH it is all about gaslighting. What I am talking about is INTENT TO KILL Like that Prof in Texas.


Quacks ARE actively participating in 14 of 15 gotta Will Go Away.

Whether quacks are aware of Global rest is NOT critical here.

  • It IS Obvious, Covidiot Injections AND Boosters, weaken the immune system, injure, handicap AND kill.
Valerie Curren

 a lot of doctors who think we need to DEPOPULATE.”

So they took the Hippocratic Oath only intending to do no harm to the earth (in the delusional mindset that people are destroying the planet) not their patients? Depop is a sick Satanic obsession  😡 


Money AND quacks are All Knowing. Doncha Know!

Valerie Curren

Going Green!   :wpds_envy: 

Cuppa Covfefe

They probably took the Hypocritic Oath by mistake (or intent, read: payola)…..

Valerie Curren

Yup  😡 

Valerie Curren

I just called University of Michigan’s Transplant Pharmacy to order up refills on my son’s prescriptions & was on hold for a while. They were shilling for the flu shots, that they now called “vaccines” as well as the Covid shot. They had “safe & effective” language in their info loop. It was almost making me physically sick to hear the spiel knowing this institution is actively pushing these dangerous & unnecessary bio-weapons. With the knowledge we gain here at the Q-Tree it’s like an alternate reality!

BTW, I’m not caught up on Q-Tree reading, per usual, so if you made a post ER report I’ve missed it. How are you doing now? iirc part of what you might be dealing with is connected to anxiety issues…fwiw I’ve received decent comfort from the Lord during times of extreme stress & anxiety, sometimes through music ministry like:

from the comments there:

@maryhelenshumate11531 year ago
When I could find no peace I went to God’s word…I remembered a very sorrowful time years ago when I saw a therapist who introduced me to your ministry…I’ve listened to you all week and it has been wonderful. Thank you for being Spirit led. Thank you and praise God!

Cuppa Covfefe

He’s a WhichDoctor…

“Whichever lie brings me the most money, I will use”….

Valerie Curren



Thank you. I had thought there was a solid argument that masks don’t work. Instead, it looks as if masks can be somewhat effective, but the downside of wearing them is great. (I don’t know if I’m stating that correctly.)


Matt Gaetz released a 13-minute documentary about what happened regarding ousting McCarthy.


#GaveledOut: Return of The People’s House (2023)

Get ready to dive into the heart of the battle for the gavel that led to the ousting of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

It’s not just a film, it’s a movement.


Cain Calls For Ceasefire After Killing Abel

link !

well there ya have it.



Hitler’s Table Talk

The Socialist Philosophy of Aggression : Entering Turbulent Times of Hatred For Jews and Christians

article link…


Christian and Judeo-Christian influences have to be minimized as thoroughly as possible.


things fall apart…

comment image


That is one of my very favorite poems. Thanks for posting it.




It’s that time of the year again, and I’m doing CPE.

As per usual, I have my grumbles. Take, for instance, the course “Safeguarding Client Data”. It talks about changing the administrative password on your routers, without noting that router manufacturers may not disclose all the built-in accounts with administrative privileges….

It talks about a Federal requirement under the FTC’s “Safeguards Rule” (from the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) to have a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) that designates a Data Security Coordinator (DSC) and a Public Information Officer (PIO). Mind you, none of the people involved need be smarter than a box of rocks, nor do any of the required documents have to make any sense…..

It correctly notes that truly confidential information should never be sent via unencrypted email, or stored on unencrypted USB drives…..but recommends it be backed-up to the cloud.

I just need to relax.

Oh, and one ginormous hole that the author totally does not address — if a client pierces their own security in order to grant access to their outside accountants, then the outside accountants will be blamed for any data leakage through that hole even if the outside accountants have perfect data security.


Gail Combs

As far as I am concerned the ONLY good data Security is an AIR GAP!


Even Slow Guy, recognized, when Cloud arrived many years ago, The Cloud, IS dumber than a box of rocks place to place data.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It could, if you encrypt the daylights out of your data before you upload it (don’t trust their encryption) be a tolerable place to back up your files, but don’t place absolute trust in it being there when you need it. It should be one of several places you back it up.

It should never be your primary storage.

I don’t use it, myself.

Last edited 7 months ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’ve been suspicious of it from the beginning.


So if these are the security measures that CPAs are using, we can’t be sure our data is safe. 🤔 Looks as if you should be teaching the course or writing the materials.

Cuppa Covfefe

Not sure if it’s changed by now, but another HUGE problem is outsourced transcription of medical records and charts…

Kaiser Permanente had an Indian outfit doing that, and the source paperwork was just dumped in the outside trash, where a storm “distributed” the paperwork all over the place…

Hmmm. Why is such a fuss made about HIPAA…. 😡 😡 😡 😡


I hadn’t thought of that. Seems that no security can be relied upon.


I have to confess that I first read “idolomancy” as “idiomancy” — which, presumably, would be trying to foretell the future by scrutinizing the activities of idiots….an unfortunate reality for all of us trying to read the tea leaves from Washington, DC.

Valerie Curren

LOL literally!


This song was first recorded shortly after 9/11 in response to events of that day.


I should add that McCartney was sitting in an airplane parked on the tarmac at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport while 9/11 was going down in NYC. Special reason to be inspired to write the song.

Brave and Free

From OT, why he’s been MIA.
Accordingly to SD he is the only one who gets it evidently. 🤨🥱
Controlled Opposition, trying tell us it’s hopeless?

Last edited 7 months ago by Brave and Free
Jack Smith is a THUG

not only is he the ONLY one who gets it, he was the FIRST to get it! never forget that…
well actually, you CAN forget that, because he will constantly remind you.

Valerie Curren

he helped Algore invent the interwebs too 😉 😉

Jack Smith is a THUG

was that before or after he hung the moon and the stars?

Valerie Curren

  :wpds_lol:    :wpds_envy:    :wpds_chuckle: 

Cuppa Covfefe

I think he’d rather be a mule… 🙂 [with no help from Governor Moonbeam]

(Here’s Little Lulu’s take 🙂 )


That is a great song that I hadn’t heard in a long while! Some of the basic things it mentions are what the Left is trying to destroy: being your best, not being slovenly, etc. A tear-down of society.

Cuppa Covfefe

I hadn’t heard it by Little Lulu, only having heard it in “Going My Way”, sung by Bing Crosby to a somewhat recalcitrant student. Could almost be sung to the entire “Generation Z” now…

Another classic Little Lulu is Musica-Lulu.. the “Gotta Have Music” starting at 5:20 probably couldn’t be made now… oh, for the days when even cartoons had a moral (and a good one, at that)… and the creativity… (“he’s a lyre” always gets me, having used on in marching band)…


Yes, I’m familiar with the Bing Crosby version.

Okay, this is pathetic. IMO, there is such a dearth of wholesome entertainment out there that I’m enjoying vintage cartoons.

“He’s a lyre!” LOL. That was fun.

Cuppa Covfefe

Also a sign of the times is that cartoons from back then (1940s) were aimed somewhat (often a lot) higher than the drivel with which we are plagued nowadays…

A lot of today’s Karens are represented by that Clarinet D.A. (in Musica-Lulu) … I love it when she stuffs a cork into it… I can think of a few in SDNY and DC that could use a corking (plastic; not worth wasting the real thing… gotta be green and all 🙂 )…




Very nice throw back in time.   :wpds_wink:    :wpds_smile:    :wpds_grin:    :wpds_grin:    :wpds_grin: 

Jack Smith is a THUG

the one I remember the most? Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk
comment image

Cuppa Covfefe

The Boreacle and the Goreacle…

Valerie Curren

rim shot 😉


Yawn. I’m much more serene in this cacophony than I was over there.

SD has done much good. Nobody begrudges him that. But his gloomy view gets tiring. If you cut off one of the octopus’ arms, it dies. The same is true with a lot of the derivative evil in D.C.


(bolding mine, and for the purposes of this comment, I’m equating the knowledge level of people here and over there)

Here’s the problem that 360 million+ people do not comprehend.

♦ I need you to think about the person you are familiar with who you believe has a solid grasp of the scale of the problem in DC. This person doesn’t need to solve it, they just need to understand how massive the problem is. Who is the person you would say understands the root and essential core problem that creates the corruption in DC? Does that person in your mind, the person who really understands at a granular level what this corrupt enterprise is really all about and how it works, does that person look like Donald Trump, or Devin Nunes, or Kash Patel, or Ric Grennell?

Who would you assign that competency skillset to? Seriously, no joke – honest question, who understands the scale of the problem?

Here’s the hard pill to swallow, it doesn’t matter what name you put down, you are wrong. None of the aforementioned names, or any others, have a total picture of the problem from both a macro and micro view. None of them do.

So SD knows everything that a POTUS is privy to? He has talked one-on-one with Trump, Nunes, Patel, Grennell, and others, and came away with the knowledge that he is much better informed than they are? He gets the presidential daily briefings, knows foreign leaders, and is privy to the highest level of classified materials? He knows who is pulling strings at levels above heads of state, and exactly how they are doing it? Are you kidding me?

The only people qualified to fix this mess are the people who understand it.

Again, do you know who that is?

It’s YOU!

“It’s ME!”

People here understand a lot, but I would never presume that they are solely qualified to “fix this mess.” Contribute in an effective way, yes, but not to the level of being put in charge. We don’t know what we don’t know.

This strikes me as deranged and a little dangerous. As well-informed as people here are, I would never characterize them as having the total picture of the problem. There is so much that we don’t know, and, IMO, too much presumption takes place, even here. I would never think we know things that Trump doesn’t and that he doesn’t “understand how massive the problem is.” He has known many things for many years, but he can’t just come out and say them.

I’m thunderstruck by SD’s comments.

Cuppa Covfefe

Megalomaniac comes to mind. Or, perhaps, a legend in his own mind…

Maybe he needs a break to come back to normalcy… Or perhaps he got another NSL…


I can’t presume to read his thoughts and motives, but his words are stunning to me.

Valerie Curren

black pill pusher  😵 


That could all be true, but it doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

Sort of like, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you….” 😁


“So SD knows everything that a POTUS is privy to? He has talked one-on-one with Trump, Nunes, Patel, Grennell, and others, and came away with the knowledge that he is much better informed than they are? He gets the presidential daily briefings, knows foreign leaders, and is privy to the highest level of classified materials? He knows who is pulling strings at levels above heads of state, and exactly how they are doing it? Are you kidding me?”


Try to consider it from his perspective for a moment.

If I understand correctly, he has talked directly with a lot of people in D.C., when he made that trip (last year?), and presumably made contacts which are part of the resources he referred to (“I spend more time in contact with those resources now, answering their questions and raising a few more nuanced points for my own inquires.”).

Does anyone think DJT truly grasps the minutia the way someone like SD does, having spent the last 10+ years studying and writing about it every day? DJT can’t devote that kind of attention to it, and practically speaking, unless they’re getting paid to do it, nobody else can either.

If it sounds like I’m tooting SD’s horn, that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

There is something going on, psychologically, with society. I don’t really know how to describe it, besides the way I have a couple times here before.

It’s as if every person exists in their own information silo, i.e., the totality of the information they consume. Sports, business, leisure, news, research, whatever. The information that we ‘consume’ creates our perception of reality, at least to a large degree.

It explains (in large part) why there is such a chasm between people here and our family and friends on the variety of subjects we discuss here daily. Vaxx, masks, Cabal, stolen election, Brandon being an illegitimate puppetent of Hussein Otraitor, etc., etc., etc.

All of that, and everything else we discuss here daily, is real to us, because we have put in the time and effort (and focus) to learn about it.

To process it.

To fight with each other over it, to figure out what can withstand scrutiny and what can’t.

To develop various theses, and how they fit into a worldview.

Now think about your family member, or friend, anyone who doesn’t ‘get’ any of the things we talk about here every day. What’s different about them, compared to us?

Besides their lack of interest in the things we talk about here, the major and operative difference is they aren’t focused on the same things, so they are not learning about the same things, and they’re not processing the same information and coming to their own conclusions, in a competitive marketplace of ideas where our conclusions are tested by others who are operating in a more-or-less similar ‘information silo’.

It seems like that is what SD is trying to say. From his perspective, no one in the political-class is living in the same ‘information silo’ as he is, or for that matter, that we are here.

The people in the political-class (Kash Patel, Nunes, Grennell and even DJT) are definitely not spending at least 5+ hours every day consuming the information we read here every day, and over at CTH, and similar venues.

And the information we read here is like crowd-sourced information from everyone who contributes here, so if there are 50 or 100 people here regularly posting links to stories and articles or whatever, that all goes into our “information silo”, which in turn influences our understanding and perception of reality, which none of the people SD was referring to are experiencing.

There is not enough time in the day for DJT to run the country, or his business empire, and also spend 5+ hours a day (or more!) consuming and processing everything we discuss here, or read at CTH.

I mean, you almost have to be this guy:

comment image

I don’t follow Glenn Beck, but I have seen him draw up chalkboards or whiteboards that look pretty much like that, for a given subject. But he’s also half crazy (at least) or compromised.

I can’t think of many other people who get deep in the weeds like that. Political Moonshine does, he is a former insurance fraud investigator, and IIRC, he also has a network of people he has met with over the past couple years whose names we would recognize, who are aware of all the things he writes about.

But if you took any article from Political Moonshine and showed it to a normie, their eyes would glaze over in 10 seconds. There’s just way too much background information one has to be at least somewhat familiar with (and accept) before anything Political Moonshine writes will make any sense. I haven’t even kept up regularly with Political Moonshine the past several months, I’m just using him as an example.

It seems like SD’s point comes down to the simple fact that Nunes, Patel, Grennel, etc., including DJT, are unlikely to have the time required to understand the things he’s talking about at the level SD does. For the people who are actually involved in manipulating the levers of power, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

So how do you break into their information silos? They have 24 hours in each day, same as everyone. Their day (DJT’s, Nunes, Patel, etc.) are already filled, it’s not like they have a lot of free time on their hands, to spend 100+ hours on CTH (or here, for that matter), in order to grasp the concerns of the ‘tree people’ and understand the conclusions we have all reached, based on the last 5+ years of daily inquiry and debate.

How can you make them see?

Why should we just assume they do?

Have we encountered anyone else who does, outside our own group(s) like here or at CTH? I haven’t.

It seems likely that our own ‘information silos’ are strongly focused in areas that most ‘normal’ people aren’t. Most ‘normal’ people won’t even discuss politics, it’s like a third rail. Either because they don’t have enough knowledge, or because the subject matter doesn’t interest them, or because they don’t want to start a fight, etc.

And to the extent that some normies do go down various rabbit holes trying to figure out and understand what in the world has gone wrong with this world, doing so in isolation is entirely different than the benefit we have here.

Here, we can bring things that we find and throw it down for the whole group to examine and vet for truth or accuracy. We ‘crowd source’ our own information, and then we ‘crowd cross-examine it’ too.

That is a huge benefit, the ability to have a whole group of people, with common interest in the subject matter, but having different backgrounds and experiences and knowledge and expertise, examine something and debate it back and forth, to find out what can withstand scrutiny and what can’t.

I can’t ‘break into’ hardly anyone’s ‘information silo’ in my own personal social circles, on practically any subject we discuss here regularly. If they are already aware of the vaxx issues (for example) then great, we can have a discussion about it. But if they are not already sufficiently ‘awake’ with regard to some issue, there isn’t anything I can say to wake them up.

So why should Patel, or Grennell, or Nunes, or DJT be any different?

Last edited 7 months ago by scott467
Barb Meier

I hear all you guys are saying. There are two points I’d like to add: 1) don’t underestimate how many hours President Trump spends each day reading information or overestime the number of hours he sleeps each day. 2) Patel, Grennel, Nunes, and DJT have (or had) access to classified data and it does add perspective that even the “luminaries” may not grasp.


Good comment, but I don’t see it. We don’t have any idea what information those people have or what “silos” they participate in. And then to say that “we” are “qualified to fix this mess,” and PDJT isn’t, is unbelievable. It comes off as controlled opposition, as Brave and Free said, in order to discourage us (though I don’t think that’s really what it is).

Because I’m telling you right now (the crazy plane lady’s words are echoing in my head, LOL), I don’t know how to fix this mess. I lack all sorts of knowledge that would be necessary to be effective at juggling all the moving parts with their associated rules and laws to effect change. I lack the knowledge to even know how much knowledge I lack. SD doesn’t know how to fix it, either. None of us does.

Maybe he’s talking about crowd-sourcing on his site. I have no idea. But that’s essentially what we are all doing now. We are bringing information, parsing it through the lens of our founding documents and how our republic should be run, and are educating one another and hopefully others.


“We don’t have any idea what information those people have or what “silos” they participate in.”


That’s true, we don’t.

We can only go by our own experience and by our own lying eyes.

Have you encountered anyone, outside of the people here and in associated blogs, who grasps even 20% of what we talk about here daily?

For just one example, have you run into many people like RDS who have drilled down on the vaxx issues like she has, outside of WQTH?

I know there is Dr. Malone, and Peter McCullough, and Steve Kirsch and others, and I hope that list keeps growing. But nobody I know offline, in the ‘real’ world, has ever heard of any of them. It’s like those ‘man on the street’ interviews on college campuses, asking random students who fought in the Civil War.

There is a certain ‘star factor’ involved with any public figure, that causes the public to think of them as bigger than life in some ways. But they’re still people. They’re not superhuman.


“And then to say that “we” are “qualified to fix this mess,” and PDJT isn’t, is unbelievable.”


I wasn’t suggesting that we are qualified to fix this mess, or that DJT isn’t.

Look at the people DJT hired during his administration. Did that strike you has the actions of someone who had any idea who he was dealing with?

Is a 69D-chessmaster running a shadow military operation and running the country behind the scenes, and it was all by design? Or was he blindsided by 75-80% of his administration turning out to be traitors?

At some point the middle ground has to give way to one or the other. If he was blindsided, it doesn’t mean he isn’t qualified to fix it, but how can he fix it if he isn’t truly aware of the depth and extent of the corruption?

I don’t know if he is or he isn’t. I don’t know for sure if Q is a group of people on the side of the People or not. I’m just saying it’s dangerous to assume that DJT is superhuman.

Think about it. If all these people (Patel, Grennell, Nunes, Trump, etc.) really do know everything SD knows (or more) and understands it as well as he does (or better), then doesn’t that put us right back on the ‘devolution power hour’ theme park ride?

And if they don’t know or understand to the depth and level SD is talking about (they certainly never TALK about it!), then how incredibly dangerous is it for us to assume that they do?

Again, it puts us back on the “DJT is running America from behind the scenes and Brandon is all for show” train.


I wasn’t suggesting that we are qualified to fix this mess, or that DJT isn’t.

No, SD said that.

If all these people (Patel, Grennell, Nunes, Trump, etc.) really do know everything SD knows (or more) and understands it as well as he does (or better), then doesn’t that put us right back on the ‘devolution power hour’ theme park ride?

I don’t see why it would. They know what they know and are doing what they can. It doesn’t mean the steal was “allowed” to happen, and it doesn’t mean that PDJT is currently the president.

And if they don’t know or understand to the depth and level SD is talking about (they certainly never TALK about it!), then how incredibly dangerous is it for us to assume that they do?

In that case, they would need to hear from us. We continue to do what we’ve been doing. We don’t know who reads here or at SD’s.

The original idea was that Q is privy to all these things. Q is what prompted a lot of the digging people have done, and has educated those who will pay attention. The original idea was also that Q was associated with Trump and therefore Trump is privy to all these things. Every now and then Trump says something that indicates he knows.

No single person knows everything, and I’m not saying that Trump is omniscient, because of course he isn’t. But the amount he knows compared to what we know is monumental. If you look at interviews he gave over the years, he knew “insider” things a long time ago. The theory is that *someone* enouraged him to run, and they would have dialed him in as well.

SD: “The only people qualified to fix this mess are the people who understand it. Again, do you know who that is?

It’s YOU!



“It comes off as controlled opposition, as Brave and Free said, in order to discourage us (though I don’t think that’s really what it is).”


I understand. I very much ‘get’ the “us vs. them” paradigm, I’m just saying that the “us” are not all o the same page with regard to what we have focused on and invested our time in learning about.

Wolf would have a very interesting perspective on this, because of course he is completely involved in all the information discussed here, but he also has the recent experience of dealing with a LOT of people who are ostensibly on our side (working to stop Issue 1).

Based on some of the comments he has made about that experience, it came across to me that the politically active people exist in their own universe (i.e., their own information silos), and in many ways were not very much like the people here at the Qtree at all.


“I lack the knowledge to even know how much knowledge I lack. SD doesn’t know how to fix it, either. None of us does.”


I’m not saying he does, the point is, nobody can ‘fix it’ if they don’t fully understand the problem(s).

DJT has plenty of capability, but does he (or the people in his immediate sphere of influence) understand the problem at the same ‘granular’ level as SD does?

If they do, it sure is hard to explain a LOT of their actions, unless, again, it’s all a big super-secret sting operation of some kind, and this is all a movie, yada, yada, yada.


“We are bringing information, parsing it through the lens of our founding documents and how our republic should be run, and are educating one another and hopefully others.”


And that’s great.

But if the people who are in a position to act on that information are not aware of it, then how do the problems ever get solved?

I keep coming back to my own experience, and the experience of most people here. Not counting the people here and at the associated blogs, how many people have you encountered who are aware, much less conversant, in even 20% of the stuff we discuss here daily?

I haven’t encountered any.


So what are the chances that everyone in DJT’s orbit, including DJT, are even more aware than we are?

If they are, then WTF aren’t they talking about it?

Are we back to the 3D chess superhero narrative?

What if they just don’t know, because they don’t (can’t) spend even a fraction of the amount of time focusing on it, that we do?

How many people (white hat or black) in government have you ever heard of, much less encountered, who are superhuman, super-competent, hyper-aware, and simultaneously capable of surviving and thriving in a place like the swamp?

My perception is that those people are so detached from the reality of the American People that they might as well exist in another dimension.

To a large extent, the skills needed to survive in that environment don’t apply outside of it, and vice-versa. That leads to what might be described as a Great Divergence of interests and understanding, which in turn leads to ‘information silos’ so vastly different that we might as well be different species.


Not counting the people here and at the associated blogs, how many people have you encountered who are aware, much less conversant, in even 20% of the stuff we discuss here daily?

I would not expect people in my orbit to know what people in Trump’s orbit know. It does not follow that people close to Trump are completely ignorant of the things we know.

Trump is in close contact with people who know the inner workings of things, like Gregg Phillips and True the Vote, and I’m sure many others that we will probably never know about.

So what are the chances that everyone in DJT’s orbit, including DJT, are even more aware than we are?

No one is saying that everyone in Trump’s orbit knows more than we do. There were said to be less than 10 people in the Q orbit.

Valerie Curren

Have we encountered anyone else who does, outside our own group(s) like here or at CTH? I haven’t.”

I have occasionally. An old HS friend who works w/ my oldest son’s MIL & knows about Q & the genocide, we were surprisingly like-minded about so many things happening currently. Some friends of hubby’s who were music associates & left a church due to the Woke Crapola at the early stages of the scamdemic, they are fellow travelers, to some degree, though we met the wife’s sister at a recent event & she’s mainlining leftie koolaid to the level that hubby kept “kicking” me under the table to shut me up LOL.

I have multiple family members who have Some knowledge of what we discuss & they all get material from different sources than what we use here & also different from each other. My husband & all 4 of my kids are on our side but not as deep into the weeds as we are here. My youngest brother & at least some of his 20-something kids (they were all homeschooled) are “aware” to a large degree, & this was even early in the scamdemic. My parents to a much lesser amount, they still consume regular news sources, but they stood up to lots of peer pressure from old friends, some who refused to see them in person for months, & didn’t fall for the “vax” crap. They got pressure from me & my brother’s family so we helped to “air gap” them from some deceptive stuff.

I sent out an email to Many contacts w/ “facts” about the “vax” dangers & got a great response from a birth cousin who described the small community church she was part of & how they were combatting covid using some of the approaches we’ve discussed many times here. An old friend we camped with in my childhood & a friend from a former church also responded very positively to the info I shared & were already at least somewhat similarly informed, at least as far as the covid scam went.

Many people from our old church were aware of the covid scam & the stolen election & this was from conversations at a wedding early in the scamdemic.

There is a church near where my husband works, like an hour North, where my brother & his family & sometimes my son Brandon have attended. Their pastor never closed their church during all the Witchmer lies & tyranny & would give truthful info about what was happening for 15-20 minutes of every service. My son B Really wanted me to go there for he thought I would very much resonate with the atmosphere AND the truth-telling.

When my son Josiah was in the hospital I was speaking loudly on masks & lies & the covid scam & several staff members gave us non-verbal signals that they were Very Aware of what we were saying & resonating with it. One of the doctors admitted it wasn’t a pandemic (though he tried to backpedal on it later), I’d also heard that on the radio, & this was as early as May 2020.

There was a restaurant owner in Gaylord, near where my parents cottage is, that absolutely stood up to covid tyranny & kept his restaurant open & didn’t force staff or customers to mask up. He created quite the controversy in that small town but got himself on the map standing up to Witchmer & health department tyranny….

Oh my brother that’s in Tulsa now but was in Dallas when in town for my daughter’s wedding where we spoke at length is definitely a fellow traveler, though also not as deep into the weeds as we are. He actually Called Me on the EBS cell blast day for details on how to protect themselves. He also contacted me when his wife got covid for tips on getting her healed up…

Those are some of the people I have direct knowledge of & probably None of them read what we read & rarely do they even read Anything at the Q-Tree unless I specifically share a link & ask them to read (like some of my posts) & they probably don’t read much beyond the post or comment I recommend, fwiw…

“…decision from Otsego County Circuit Court Judge Colin Hunter that found epidemic orders issued during the coronavirus pandemic against the Iron Pig Smokehouse and its owner, Ian Murphy, were unconstitutional.”

Valerie Curren

“Here, we can bring things that we find and throw it down for the whole group to examine and vet for truth or accuracy. We ‘crowd source’ our own information, and then we ‘crowd cross-examine it’ too.

That is a huge benefit, the ability to have a whole group of people, with common interest in the subject matter, but having different backgrounds and experiences and knowledge and expertise, examine something and debate it back and forth, to find out what can withstand scrutiny and what can’t.”

Extremely well stated & accurately descriptive of the value of this Tree! TY


Remember, remember that day in November
Of Democrat treason and plot,
With fraud, censorship, deception,
And a false flag insurrection,
They stole the election, 
and took over our nation!
NO – There is no reason,
That Democrat treason,
Should ever be forgot!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Smith is a THUG


Cuppa Covfefe

Well Done!

The Satanic DEMONRATS… Gay Forks Day…



Jack Smith is a THUG

comment image


Pure magic.

r-Cons Uniparty OBEY…FIB gets a $300 million, down payment on their new castle.

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Jack Smith is a THUG

this is beyond disgusting! 2 daycare workers formed a fight club for 3 and 4 yr olds!

Valerie Curren

I thought the older one on the left was a dude…  😯 

Jack Smith is a THUG

with a name like serena though…

Valerie Curren

I know, Right!

Barb Meier


Cuppa Covfefe


Tempting every trans in sight…
Looks like a screwed dude, though…

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That’s a woman!? What the hell?

Gail Combs

Real Perverts, I have no doubt the were selling videos of the fights.



People who like cock fighting and dog fighting and anyone who likes betting !


You cut right to the core issue.


…and we wonder why so many urban yutes are violent?

Valerie Curren

So my son Brandon began his Detroit Fire Fighter training this weekend. He’s on an 8 day rotation which started Friday w/ 24 hours on, 24 off, 24 on, then 5 days off.

His first day as a Fire Fighting Trainee his assigned station manned a fireboat on the Detroit River to commemorate the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald near the Mariner’s Church. I’ve been searching for a news blurb on this year’s event, but so far no luck.

Hopefully my mind will retain that B’s First Day as a Fire Fighter, not just an EMT as all his training thus far with the City entailed, was including being part of that solemn remembrance.

After Lots of searching I finally found this local report & about 50 seconds there is a boat spraying water that I believe my son was serving on for his first day as a firefighter, at this link!

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Mariners’ Memorial, 1988Great Lakes captains, family members, and friends pay their respects at a memorial service for the Edmund Fitzgerald crew at Detroit’s Mariners’ Church.
Photograph by Dean Koepfler, courtesy of The Detroit News

“The sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald is one of the better-known tragedies of the Great Lakes.

On Nov. 10, 1975, the freighter was lost with its 29-man crew in Lake Superior near Whitefish Point, Michigan. The exact cause of the sinking isn’t known.

Every year since the incident, the Mariners’ Church of Detroit has held a memorial service for the Edmund Fitzgerald crew.”

BTW, the 50 mile backpacking trips my husband has taken in the last couple years are near Whitefish Point so he has Much more recent Lake Superior memories than do I, since I haven’t been back there since we’ve been married, though we may have our belated 30 anniversary trip to camp lakeside in one of his favorite sites that’s also accessible by car, perhaps this coming summer…

Brandon has been assigned to a fire station that isn’t known for seeing a lot of action, which bums him out a bit but might ease his transition from EMT to Firefighter, even though he plans to pick up some EMT shifts OT to keep those skills sharp. After six months of FF training then he will get his badge & operate in a dual role as all new City hires are now required to attain.

Another disappointment to him was being assigned to the Ladder rather than the Engine, even though they made him move his gear between those different trucks already so hopefully he’ll get trained on both. Engine tends to be more handling the hoses & battling fires directly while Ladder may be up on roofs & ventilating buildings & perhaps performing rescues from heights. It’s early days but hopefully we’ll get to hear some of the process Brandon goes through & whenever the info seems like it might be of interest here I hope to share some details 🙂

He’s encountered no fires so far, which is probably a good thing for the City but not so great for a guy eager to improve his skills in this arena…


I remember how wild and windy the day was, and hearing the news of the Fitzgerald sinking. At the time I lived about 150 miles from where it went down.

Valerie Curren

Oh my goodness! That’s got to be one of those events you never forget especially if it happened so close by. Lightfoot’s song still brings tears to my eyes even though I didn’t notice when the event happened as I was a kid in Metro Detroit & pretty oblivious 🙁

Gail Combs

I love that song.

Jack Smith is a THUG

me too!
it ALWAYS moves me to tears


If you haven’t done so already, stop in for a visit at the Great Lakes Shipwreck museum at the tip of Whitefish Point. There are some good exhibits of the Fitzgerald, which went down nearby (10 miles?). Better yet. make the trip in August for the wild blueberry festival in Paradise on the same road to the point. Also check out the old Vermillion Point Coast Guard Station 20-30 miles west of Whitefish Point. Nice old buildings and lighthouse on a remote stretch of beach.

The storm that sank the Fitzgerald was a Panhandle Hook, so-called because the storm track resembles a fish hook, and forms in the panhandle area of Texas and Oklahoma.

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Also, I rechecked a map. The distance from where I lived to the wreck was about 110 miles.

Valerie Curren

In the UP? My mom’s (adoptive) parents are from the UP, both sets of their parents were Finnish immigrants. Grandpa was from Newberry & Grandma was from Ishpeming/Negaunee. They had a cottage on Pike Lake up there where my mom spent summers as my grandpa was a teacher & had summers off. I was there a few times before the place was sold. My son lives in a “frat house” owned by his friend who’s family owns some rentals in Naubinway (West of St. Ignace) & the guys have had a few trips up there too. I haven’t been in the UP for almost 30 years now, though close on 3 Mackinac Bridge Walks (1st in ’95 when pregnant with our twins)…

I had to look up Pike Lake & it’s a bit West of Paradise…