NRA Speech, Presidential Thread

Thought you all might like a thread for the NRA Speech.
As a special nod, we’ve included this song from Lisa Mei: Our Guns
Remember, the second amendment protects all the others!
C-Span is covering the speech, live. Just finished the National Anthem, here we go!

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I gotta run guys!!! This was fun!!! See ya later!!! in Wolfie’s words “Poof”πŸ’¨


Thanks so much Daughn for putting up the THREAD…
and thanks to the commentary, ALL OF YOU !


About the UN arms trade treaty:
Looks like it’s a global version of Democrat gun control and won’t solve the problem of black market arms trade.
No doubt, President Trump did the right thing in removing the US from this treaty.


Just listened to the speech.
Incredibly inspirational words!
We are fortunate beyond words, to have President Trump leading each of us!!!


And the man in the back, said….it’s a ballroom blitz….
So who’s on the offensive now…. Clevor Trevor?


And..we won’t get fooled ba, ba baa…

Sylvia Avery

Daughn, once again TY for the thread and the commentary. You are such a gift to us. Hugs.

Sylvia Avery

I do, too. Getting the ban hammer OT and regrouping here has turned out to be a blessing in disguise in so many ways.