Coleman-Lozano Is Chicago Maoist Practice of Cloward-Piven Theory


If you want to end the crisis at not just OUR border, but ALL borders, don’t just fight the THEORY of Cloward and Piven – fight the PRACTICE of Chicago Marxists Coleman and Lozano. It is time to bring the TRUMP DOCTRINE of ASSIGNED RESPONSIBILITY to CHICAGO, and then to THE WORLD.

Long Version:

Let’s talk about Glenn Beck. Yes – THAT Glenn Beck.

Yes, the intermittently lucid Glenn Beck who was against Donald Trump before he was for Donald Trump.

You may know him as “Cheeto-Face”.

I have to say – for a man who has unearthed SO MUCH amazing information about communist subversion, Glenn Beck understands almost nothing – PERSONALLY – about how to fight off communist discreditation. The man may be a great theoretician, but in PRACTICE he has the “situational awareness” of a toddler.

And that is exactly where I am going with this post – THEORY and PRACTICE.

One of the best parts of a “liberal arts education” – back when African Revolutionary Basket-Weaving As A Response To White Nationalism was a JOKE on campus, and not what might appear to be an actual CLASS, is that libertarian science-loving students like me were forced to read everything from The Bible to Mao Tse-Tung – as he was called back then.

Without getting distracted by what has happened to education on campus, let me talk about that little reading of CHAIRMAN MAO that I was forced to endure. Seriously, it was one of the best things I was ever forced to read. Dry as a bone, shockingly bureaucratic next to more “fun” authors, and absolutely the opposite of “rabble-rousing”, Mao’s essential work On Practice seemed very far from dangerous. Indeed, it advocated for exactly what I was learning in science – the virtue of empiricism and the importance of the feedback loop of REALITY to change THEORY. It wasn’t terribly profound – perhaps because I already loved BOTH the chalkboard and the laboratory – but it MADE SENSE.

Why is this important? – You might ask.


This YouTube video by Glenn Beck is ESSENTIAL STUFF. Don’t watch it YET – come back to it after I discuss it a bit more.

Glenn Beck, in one of his more LUCID moments, MANY years ago, taught me about Cloward-Piven theory – one of the most profoundly useful concepts in understanding and FIGHTING the strategies of modern communism.

Cloward-Piven is actually a very simple bad idea about intentionally cascading socialist failure of social support networks as a way of achieving socialist revolution. It’s a truly diabolical idea – it’s like saying “create rust to create more rust faster, until the part breaks”.

Um – yeah. Sounds like a plan. Maybe in VENEZUELA.

The idea – in one simple form – is to encourage over-reliance and over-enrollment in the social support programs of the Western welfare state, to make the welfare state stop working, so that eventually there is the massive level of CHAOS needed for real, Soviet, Maoist, hard-core, socialist take-over. It’s basically a way of “leaning in” to COMMUNISM.

You know – like VENEZUELA.

Now – here is where things get interesting.

Just like in good, honest science, the BAD SCIENCE of scientific socialism (which is what they sometimes call it) was able to learn – by kangaroo trial and bloody error – that the FEEDBACK LOOP of observing practice helped to guide NEW THEORY to continuously improve practice. This is Mao stating a rather obvious recursive correction to dopey, sad, millions-of-bodies-to-burn socialism, but in a way that was both cunningly specific and convincing to his fellow communists.

NOW – what Glenn Beck has demonstrated with his new video (and THANK YOU, Gail Combs, for bringing it to my attention) – is NOT ONLY that Glenn is LUCID AGAIN, but that he is ON THE MONEY as to where we need to be fighting. This is his Cloward-Piven warning again, but with LESS TIME TO ACT.

EVERY AMERICAN who cares about the future of this country needs to watch this Glenn Beck video.

You will get MANY great ideas out of this video. Here are just some of them.

  • the “immigration crisis” is the brainchild of Chicago communists
  • Soros money is behind this stuff ONCE AGAIN
  • Beck predicted where we are now – pay attention to the other details of his predictions
  • this is a WORLD-WIDE problem – “THEY” are using it everywhere to destroy national government as a concept
    • United States
    • Britain
    • Europe
    • Asia
  • the United Nations is heavily involved
  • a lot more – just watch the video

There are THOUSANDS of jumping-off points for me that Beck is showing us here.

The idea that a global crisis is coming through the commie bottleneck of Chicago is PROFOUND. But the fact is, the globalist socialists are “cascading failure” through migration almost everywhere around the planet that we look.

International cascading of failure through migration is a HUGE advance in the PRACTICE of Cloward-Piven over the original THEORY. They are using the “cheap solution” in one country (let our problems go) to destabilize another. And they are using ISLAM and the UN as co-conspirators very, very, very smartly.

Once you see that national short-term self-interest is made inherently mutually contradictory among nations through allowing emigration as a “fix” (see Mao’s book “On Contradiction”), then you see the immediate “set-up” for the “Global Compact for Migration“, which then serves to offer up “global control” as the solution to a problem caused by Communist fire-starting.


Note that the alleged “solution” [with a lovely Islamic star logo, too] is even worded “for” migration, because the same people allegedly offering to “control” migration cannot even dare to say ONE unkind word AGAINST it. AND – very important – it is absolutely clear to me that this “solution” has no intention of solving the problem, which was in large part foisted on the world by the very same people who allege to offer a fix.

SO – like I said – you MUST see this video.

And where does that lead us? Back to SUNDANCE.

Some people like to call what Trump does, to make people live up to their responsibilities, a kind of “Alinsky” technique – specifically Rule #4 of “Rules for Radicals”.

However, the exact same thing could just as easily be framed as an Old Testament biblical lesson about taking responsibility, and making sure that OTHERS do, too. I prefer the latter. Trump is getting SOLOMON on their asses, and it FEELS GOOD, MAN.

SO – my fix is simple. We need to start putting MEGATONS OF SUNLIGHT on the COCKROACHES who are causing the problems. And if that sunlight penetrates deeply, it is going to penetrate inside religious communities.

Now – before I talk about various coreligionists and other Bullwinkle-minded do-gooders who enable the migration nuttiness, we have to deal with the term “useful idiots“.

Christ himself instructed us not to call people idiots, even when they are. As this leaves us in a bit of a quandary with regard to the classic communist term “useful idiots”, we need a quality substitute. Therefore, I will use the term “lovable chumps“, which the reader is instructed to equate with the proper communist term “useful idiots”.

Wolf Moon, occasional lovable chump

Back to sunlight. We need sunlight on both the NASTY hardcore atheistic communists orbiting around and infiltrating the religious communities, as well as the NICEY-NICE communist useful idiot lovable chump collaborators inside the religious communities. We have to use SUNLIGHT THERAPY on the entire infection.


I want to be crystal clear about that. No violence. This is a PACIFIST EFFORT.

Pacifists against pacifists. Kinda like KRAKEN against KRAKEN. If you know the awesome bad movie to which I refer.

I happen to have multiple religious affiliations that are under a fascinating variety of “migrant-crazy” delusions. I see this stuff not only from the outside, but from the INSIDE. These migrant-crazy religious lunatics are kind, good-hearted, loving people – brothers and sisters – but they are easily FLEECED by true communists, both inside and outside their religious institutions. They are, quite literally, useful idiots chumps. They are very lovable idiots chumps, but they are idiots chumps all the same. And in many cases they are SMART DUMB USEFUL IDIOTS CHUMPS, if that makes any sense.

Kinda like that crafty toddler who figures out how to get a modern car into neutral.

It’s time for us to take the car keys and gently but firmly say “You can’t roll over your brothers and sisters in the driveway playing LET’S DRIVE MOMMY’S CAR.

We have to get this planet back into PARK on migration.

NOW, just because we are trying to STOP bad stuff, doesn’t mean bad stuff won’t happen, as we shed light on the communists behind this stuff. But it won’t be US doing it. It will be THEM.

We are dealing with COMMUNISTS, and these people are notorious for setting up and carrying out false flags. The people at the very center of this crisis – who have been pointed out so kindly by Glenn Beck – are THEMSELVES Marxists. They may or may not be of the self-hoaxing variety, but trust me – they have FRIENDS and ALLIES who are. Just think of third-generation red diaper hoaxer Jussie Smollett and Chicago, and you know what we are dealing with.

And the Jussie hoaxers are just the beginning. Add the murderous KGB-CIA Clowns, and our next VEGAS, SANDY HOOK, CHARLESTON, CHARLOTTESVILLE or PARKLAND will likely be of the “immigrant” variety. I’m just warning you now.

I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that I have detected real Clown and Five Eyes activity in the “migrant crazy” religious community. I believe they are fighting dirty, too.

And then there is THIS – which likely has a lot of bearing on the LAS VEGAS MURDERS.

Are you with me? Good. If we are going to CONFRONT the useful idiots lovable chumps, we need to be as CLEAN as they are. But THINGS COULD STILL GET ROUGH. I anticipate some long nights deconstructing and debunking false flags.

The commies are THIS | CLOSE to getting what they want.

Yeah, maybe so. But WE have something they don’t.

DISCERNMENT. Discernment that is a GIFT from GOD.

Let’s use it.




I wrote this post a few weeks ago and put it on hold. I am choosing to finally post it NOW, because I have just noticed, thanks to a comment by our own FLEP, that our VSGPOTUS is launching an ingenious action against the agendas of Cloward-Piven and Coleman-Lozano.

Check it out! -W

SMART. One might even call it Very Stable Genius. 😎

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Wow what a night!
Don’t you guys know that I have to sleep and get up early in the morning???

Rodney Short

GitRDun, we have to open the blinds and shed some light on the sleeping sheeple..


Epic post, Wolfie…this is great!
Excellent description of what Cloward-Piven is…and how it is used.
You know, I’ll bet that Father Pfleger guy in Chicago is involved in the sanctuary-for-illegals business, too.
That guy is in the HusseinO cabal of America-hating weasels…so I’ll bet he’s doing whatever he can for the team.
Even though we knew a lot of this stuff, it’s great to see it all encapsulated with the dots connected like this.
Thanks, Wolf!
Do I have to watch the Glenn Beck video?
I would rather just take your word for what’s in it.

Gail Combs

“…Do I have to watch the Glenn Beck video?….”
As Wolfie said it is a VERY GOOD video. Otherwise I would not have posted it.
Actually I was shocked at just how good it was. Remember I much rather read than watch so a video that can hold my attention for more than 5 minutes is GOOD.

Sylvia Avery

I agree. Videos take too long. And I have been completely off of Glenn Beck since the teddy bears and soccer balls for illegals thing. And then he had a nervous breakdown or whatever, and then he went all Never Trump, so I just never expected I’d ever watch him again.
Somehow I stumbled onto this video, and sat with my jaw open watching the whole thing being amazed by what I learned. It was just excellent. He’s got this new video about Socialism and how the Commies are using the same system to flip us as they used on Czechoslovakia in the 50’s. It looks good, but I haven’t watched it yet.


Top down.
Bottom up.
Inside out.
I saw something he did on that a few years ago, under Soebarkah. Maybe he has an updated version of it now.

Sylvia Avery

Yes, this is brand spanky new.


The churches used to get their $ from parishioners. Now they get poll fees for aid to the needy. If the economy is booming and the illegals are driven underground and stopped at the border who tf is going to be paying them. . Cut the inane s, same as the Cuba strategy of allowing the corporations that profited off the confiscation of assets to be able to be sued


This is why it can’t just be fought in the us. It’s global and got its tentacles into goats, finance, military, legal everywhere. Like cancer all of it has to be attacked. Some surgery, some chemo, radiation (exposure) and lots of targeted smart drugs.


Holy shit just reread that and discovered the world goats instead of govts.
Mental image of goats being attacked by killer mutant octopuses

Cuppa Covfefe

And on top of that, a Sharknado caused by Gore-Bull warming 🙂

Sylvia Avery

You know, I am usually able to figure these things out but “goats” had me puzzled. I thought it must be some kind of slang from your part of the world that I had never heard. Ha! Thanks for the clarification. Much more clear, much less colorful!


Incentives. Not inanes

Sylvia Avery

Wolfie, I’m just exhausted so I can’t finish this thread tonight and it is worthy of savoring and understanding. So, I’ll save it for morning with coffee. It looks awesome!
By chance I came across the Beck chalkboard video. It was very good, just like his old FOX days before….well, whatever happened.
He has another new video (link below) that he spent months working on. He was hoping people would see it before You Tube removes it. I haven’t watched it yet, but I plan to. It might interest you, also.
Here’s why: Beck had read about Czechoslovakia and how the Commies decided to flip the country RED by taking it over from within instead of a revolution/uprising. It was a howling success. They “memorialized” it (to quote one of Barr’s Dim inquisitors) in a five step plan, or something like that, so that it would be readily available for use to flip other Western democracies. When they read the plan, they were sickened because it is clear that is what they have been doing to the US and they have almost crossed the finish line.
I know many of us aren’t ready to forgive Beck. I totally get that. In fact, I haven’t forgiven him yet. But I remember he was very good at research and connecting dots and I learned a lot from him. At this point, we need to borrow resources where we find them and not be too finicky IMO as long as we remain clear-eyed about who we are dealing with.

Sylvia Avery

Tired or not, I had to go back and finish reading the thread before I called it a night.
Wolf, did you see the article in the last several days where Pope Francis donated big bucks to the poor, poor immigrants storming our border to give them food, etc. as they made their way to our border? B/C we’re mean and he needs to show us what doing good looks like, or whatever.


But Muslims can burn churches all over Europe with no $ from that little weenie

Plain Jane

In $$ of what it probably costs the friaries and convents to house the gate crashers, it is really chickenfeed, and grandstanding by this pope.


Well, glad he got it right again finally, but I will never trust Beck again, and I learned everything he says, including about Cloward-Piven long before Beck came along from Brannon Howse at World View Weekend, except the Czech piece, but I remember that so well, having lived through that period–also there was Hungary. Thank you for this great thread Thank you, Gail and Wolfie and all of you. I just got a new computer which I am not set up to use yet, so will not be here a lot for a while. Things kind of at sixes and sevens, but I’ve got great helpers, for which I am so grateful. Love to you all. .

Plain Jane

Sylvia, this video and the one Wolfie posted are phenomenal. I am half way though this one, and have sent the link to many people. Thank you, this is a true gem.

Sylvia Avery

Glad to know that. I still have it in queue…I haven’t been able to watch it yet but I’m looking forward to it. I appreciate you letting me know it is worthwhile!

Plain Jane

Absolutely. While watching I started checking into actually buying a years subscription to the programing.


Thanks Wolf – great post! IF you remain true to your principles – you cannot be charged with hypocrisy!!
That is the first step to being taken seriously ….
Hypocrisy is a powerful weapon – always endeavour to have it aimed at the “enemy” AND look in the mirror to make sure that you are not guilty of same.
We generally don’t do this perfectly, but it is something self aware people can get better at very quickly. Most people have a great Hypocrisy Detector in other people – if we get better at catching it in ourselves, then the battle of ideas is ours for the taking.
Dems and their “allies” appear to have very poor self awareness generally – so we should have the natural advantage. And of course – our ideas ARE better. That’s the good news.
The bad news is that these people are scarily well organised and motivated. They HATE with such passion that it is going to take tremendous fortitude to overcome that hatred. A mirror is the best defence against hate – their own lack of self awareness is what insulates them from their own poison. They have to be shown WHAT they have become. Many will recoil in horror – which may just save them from themselves.


Please, how do we get the Communists out of our churches?


^^^ THIS has been my dilemma for the past year and a half!
(though obviously it’s been going on longer.)
The Southern Baptists are being taken over by a plot to get leftist control of the convention – a major tip of the spear is Russel Moore and the ERLC… the current sex abuse scandal is their brainchild to weaken the SBC and push them left…
Create a big crisis (using your buddies at the WaPo!) and disgrace Paige Patterson (ala Spygate). Get him removed from his seminary position RIGHT BEFORE the SBC annual meeting, have your team call on him to resign as President of the SBC.
Get the SBC to elect your bro J.D. Greear as President of the SBC, to play the foil of “Let’s just get along for the sake of gospel” and not actually address the coup attempt going on. Use the SBC annual meeting to sneak through a big vote to give the ERLC broad overreaching powers (UNPRECEDENTED!) to investigate sexual abuse in Baptist churches.
Wait a few months. Use another secular newspaper connection, the Ft. Worth Star Telegram to issue reports of “sexual abuse in the independent baptist church” to soften the ground.
Then drop the huge bombshell through your Houston Chronicle boys: major sex abuse scandal in SBC churches.
Crisis deployed! Watch everyone in the SBC scramble!
Then redeploy the ERLC with a big public facing (ie, public relations) mission to deal with the sex abuse scandal in the SBC, with Russell Moore leading the charge!
And bulldoze anyone who tells the truth about what’s going on.
Really nasty stuff.

Plain Jane

Sounds like a sophicated replay of what they did to the Catholic church and our seminaries back in the 30s, 40s and so on. Infiltration. Looks like our seminaries are getting cleaned up. The young priests are actually Catholic.

Cuppa Covfefe

Wonder where Al Mohler is on this. Is he involved anywhere? He seemed to be quite conservative IIRC.
(We have other problems here, in the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD), who could just as well be called Rainbow EvanCommunists)…


Yes he’s enabling Russell Moore. He’s playing the concerned conservative quite well who rubs his hands but craftily avoids actually doing anything.


Disappointed if Mohler is in on the liberalization of the SBC. The pansexualists and liberal/heretics are ever on the attack. I thought Mohler had helped remove those from the SBTS a few years back.
I grew up Methodist, but that group has gone almost all the way into the gay camp of the Episcopal church.


All is a big part of the problem. I call him a mole. He tries to pretend to play both sides. Fake as far as I’m concerned. Leads people astray. People-pleaser–can’t stand that. Sorry.


MichaelH, I am not in the SBC, but I think what they did to Patterson was terrible, and you summed it all up so very well. I’ve said it before–I don’t like denominations, but it’s so hard to find a sound church now, and I don’t know how to get the commies out–I will call them wolves in sheep’s clothing, but don’t want to hurt our Wolfie, who is Not a wolf in sheep’s clothin, but a full-fledged wolfie of the finest sort. I watched the rot eat away at most of the methodist and presbyterian main-line 50 years ago. I think the few good congregations are and will be more and more marginalized by the false churches, and it is really one big false religion. Thank you for allowing me to spout off. Lol.

Deplorable Patriot

Attrition might be the only way. Don’t know about various sects, but Pope Saint John Paul II was doing it by cleaning up the seminaries and putting non-communist bishops into place. It was working, too, until Francis was installed. (Still think we’ll find out that Consistory was rigged.) At this point, the commies are emboldened – and they’re self-righteous about it, too.

Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf, for some reason I was thinking of Beck the other day 🤷🏼‍♂️
I remember when he was explaining the caliphate on the chalkboard on Fox. Always thought he did a good job with it.
Then he kinda went off the rails, chasing the $$$ I suppose???
Y’all really are spot on here with the immigration and it’s intended purpose I believe.
This is a never ending battle we are in.


Beck reminds me of those 12 step programs, AA and Celebrate Recovery. He is an illustration of those folks struggling with ‘defects of character’….correlated with addictions.


I do not exempt myself from the above….I’m a child of functional alcoholics and also struggle with many ‘defects of character’


The Bible calls them ‘besetting sins’ – those sins/feelings/urges/notions that feel built-in and are hard as the dickens to fight over and over and over.
Luke 21:19 – Amplified – is encouraging:
By your patient and steadfast endurance [empowered by the Holy Spirit] you will gain the true life of your soul.

Plain Jane

I swore off Beck before the teddy bears stuff. I about had a conniption when Levin and Beck station were advertised in the same sentence. Perhaps Levin is having a very positive influence on Beck. Dunno.


1) Wolf: “They are very lovable idiots chumps, but they are idiots chumps all the same. And in many cases they are SMART DUMB USEFUL IDIOTS CHUMPS, if that makes any sense.” That makes PERFECT sense, and I know exactly what you mean: the highly intelligent, sincere, extremely personable religious (including many nuns) genuinely but idiotically accept every communist tactic at face value and believe they have lucked out on finding a vibrant means of implement the teaching of Christ.
2) Two interconnected stories from my life in the 60’s. A very good friend of mine was a red diaper baby. His mother was one of the few “out” CPUSA, proudly so. She said so. (And he took Russian at my school). But he liked baseball and was generally otherwise a normal boy, so we were friends.
At the same time (last half of 60’s) there was a VERY prominent Protestant minister, always in the local news for his “peace” activity. He wore a clerical collar and was soft spoken but very POINTED in assigning blame to America, and just as pointedly stressed Jesus.
One summer my friend took me to a picnic. But this was not just any picnic. It took place in a woods, and it was for “out” CPUSA members (about 100). It was an actual picnic, but an actual picnic where signs, slogans and other insignia (including that specific communist lettering which seems to be a global standard) were everywhere.
I was stunned, really shocked, to see the local minister at the picnic. I asked myself: why would a protestant minister, and a PROMINENT, widely known minister, go to a CPUSA picnic, and have himself a jolly old time (as he did)? I was in my early teens and there with my friend, who was he with?
Somehow he was at a picnic in the woods with 100 CPUSA members. Was he there because they shared a mutual interest in achieving World Peace?

Plain Jane

So glad you know about the AA-1025 types Wolfie. 🙂 I read it about 3 times since it first was published in English.

Plain Jane

I posted it several times OT, with only a few knowing nods. Reading that book so long ago, along with the Wanderer Newspaper when the scandal was breaking set my head on straight as to what was what.
Something a former priest who escaped from Hungary told me decades ago, was that Pope JPII, wasn’t fast to corral the emerging priest homosexual scandal is because he grew up under communism and he knew that that accusation was a favorite tool of the commies against their enemies. Wish he had heeded those who warned him before he appointed so many uncatholic bishops.

Sylvia Avery

Remember the anti war, anti nuke marches and protests during the 70s and especially the 80’s? So many churches involved.
In didn’t take much digging to discover they used the anti nuke movement to weaken the US, much like the Green/Climate Change stuff now.
The surface updates a little to connect with the times, but they underlying ugliness is still there plotting and scheming.


Communists always have multiple birds in the aim of their stone, and they are very good shots.


Communists tend to hide behind ‘social justice’ and ‘justice’ masks, but in the end, their ideology does not deliver justice or equality – quite the opposite. It always turns into a tyrannical dog-eat-dog oligarchy.


Victim olympics
Who can score the most points

Rodney Short

We have to nuke the education system if anything is going to change,they are going after our youth and it’s working.All these protesters have one thing in common they’re young.


The “utes”, as Joe Pesci would say, are being totally conditioned to vote for gun control if not outright confiscation when they grow up.
A recent incident here caused schools all along the front range to close for a day. I’m not convinced that it wasn’t all a contrived psy-op designed to terrorize students.

Rodney Short

Your way of words makes everything so very crystal clear.I hope and pray someone on the Trump team is reading this because we need change.

Rodney Short

We are he enemy because we are the news now, I wear the title with pride.4th time my twitter acct has been suspended problem for them is this time I sent a screenshot to as I see President Trump is our only voice.


The controlled media is how we’ve been SCAMMED for so long.
Yep. MCM the silent thought killer so to speak. Over the years MSM outlets ceased being different… content and perspectives seemingly blended to mirror and echo each other. Faux News the last over the cliff. A few good ones like Tucker, Varney, Hannity when he deosn’t interrupt and boorishly repeat himself, a few others.
This sight a breath of fresh air, honest news and analysis. Laughs are wonderful. Half a dozen web sites I troll for news and analysis.
Looking fforward to President Trump seriously calibrating FB, Twitter, You Tube and others to be allow free speech.

Sadie Slays

Funny how Glenn Beck comes crawling out of the woodwork right after Ann Coulter blew her credibility with her anti-Trump turn. Prediction: Beck will spend 2019 trying to win back his audience with genuinely useful content and then try steer us away from POTUS once again when the 2020 election heats back up.


That is exactly Beck’s pattern of behavior – you’ve got his number!


Beck and Coulter have become propagandists and narrative engineers.


A major difference between the two, for me anyway.
Ann has always been an empty talking head delivering zero revelations or in-depth analysis.
Glenn at one time delivered daily analysis that required in-depth analysis. Used to enjoy Glenn’s chaolk talks.
The video Wolf linked into is superb. I think. In awhile I’ll go back and listen to the video Sylvia linked.

Rodney Short

I to once loved Beck he was the shit up untill this election cycle and he had a major melt down.
I no longer trust him its kinda like once bitten twice shy for me.


Maybe…let’s hope Levin can be a good influence on Beck …. and vice versa. Levin seems to have quit being rude to callers, and much more respectful, since he’s gotten on TV. Maybe his business sense and fatherliness can stabilize Beck.

Plain Jane

Yes, just said that up thread, but days later. 🙂


They both needed behavior and mindset modification. Trump seems to have won Levin’s sincere respect and praise and recently called Levin up for applause at an event.


They are controlled opposition. Just so folks think they are hearing both sides of the story


Maybe. But this video was good work and exposed some things we needed to see. I don’t trust the man, but I’ll hear what he has to say and weigh it against what I know to be true. We’ll see if he ends up back where he was in 2016.


[…] Coleman-Lozano Is Chicago Maoist Practice of Cloward-Piven Theory […]