20200130: ShaMMMpeachment ~ Question Day #2

Please consider this our Daily Thread for the ShaMMMpeachment. It’s question day #2 in the Senate and at least the questions are more interesting. Thank you to all contributors.

ONLY Livestream I could find: https://www.c-span.org/video/?468707-1/senate-impeachment-trial-day-10 (hat tip to Ga/FL – thank you!)

As always, watch the Congressional members on the President’s team for media.

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Noticed this evening Dersch was not at President’s table. Hmmmm. Was he there earlier in the day?


Good. Thanks.
unfortunately Dersch has taken a drubbing from D-rats.


I don’t remember where I saw it, but I read he’s in Miami for the Super Bowl. Couldn’t change his flights.

Cuppa Covfefe

I hope people (we Deplorables) send him some messages of thanks and support.
He is going against the “party” and the people for and with whom he’s worked probably most of his life.
And he’s standing up for what he thinks is RIGHT (and we do too).
He deserves our praise, thanks, and support!
May GOD Bless and keep him (Numbers 6:24-26)…


LAMAR IS A NO!!!!!!!
Has a 15 twt string but here’s the money shot


Good. Mittens and collins are yes…mittens is done , collins in her duplicitous nature will survive, Murkowski is waiting for difi to tell her why she should say yes. This should be over tomorrow.


mittens is a lost cause.
Hope Turtle and appropriate Rs engage Collins and Murkowski privately. Have a logical conversation.
Manchin, Sinema & Jones going no?
– Manchin most likely NO, I think.
– Jones WILL have a tough reelection. Good shot at going NO.
– Sinema doesn’t have an election for a few years, IIRC. She’ll go for witnesses to please cry’n Chuck.


I wish Manchin would go ahead and come off the plantation and change his party


Have often wondered why he remains a D-Rat. believe he’d be a moar solid and successful Senator as an R.
This shampeachment scenario may be what pulls him over to R.
He’s not due for reelection for five years, but between now and then, President Trump would bolster him mightily.


Timing couldn’t be better for him and the optics for us would be great. Gonna pray on this one



Lamar Alexander is a NO on witnesses. Let the people decide on the President. 👏👏👏

Rick Scott on Laura – They’ve been wasting our time. American people see through this. Believes POTUS acquitted tomorrow. Bad news for Biden, now everyone knows what he did. We’re not stupid. Pelosi tried to help him and it backfired. Americans aren’t stupid.


Obama & 2016 spying on Trump are being brought up numerous times …..
I am “concerned” that they will cover by Obama by equating what he did with what President Trump was doing.
I am “concerned” that they will try to prove President trump is not wrong because President Obama did it too…and they are also exonerating Obama and Obama’s 2016 trickery will be equated to what President Trump was doing trying root out the DNC/Dem/Obama admin corruption!
using Obama’s behavior to “justify” President Trump’s is 100% …. 2 different things.
President Trump can be exonerated of this Dem smear all on his own as it is merely Dem spin interpretation on draining the swamp & uncovering the 2016 Dem foreign collusion and the Uniparty corruption. He was doing exactly that v. “dirt” on a political opponent/going after Biden for benefits of the 2020 election.
Exonerating President Trump ought not exonerate Obama who was doing a VERY different thing..creating a conspiracy theory, smearing President Trump all for politics.
The two situations are being compared over and over again in this “impeachment”, on the Senate floor.
I think it cheapens what President Trump was doing as well as confuses the facets, capitulating to Dem narrative re: political opponent v. investing past corruption and that it began long before 2019.
I also think it less the impact of what Obama did and will confuse people in the long as people will think they did the same thing. I see endless social media “fights” of me explaining how they are different.
I wish the WH lawyers would not try to taunt the Dems by bringing it up. Prosecute that later…or fully expose who it is different but Pleaes don’t equate the two, using the argument that they are the same and so President Trump must be innocent too or Obama is then also guilty. This confuses people and vindicates Obama when President Trump is vindicated. Will be MUCH harder to bring up Obama if they continue with this theme!
yes, Biden’s will be exposed but Obama may walk/skate as well as all of the other conspirators on “hurricane crossfire”.
OK – will stop being “concerned”. Not trying to troll or be negative…just my thoughts every time I hear them bring this up yesterday and today. I am not cheering for their cleverness on this


So since Schiff made it all up two days running I thought I’d play along and imagine how things might turn out tomorrow if it was Chief Justice Roberts’ stand in, Justice Clarence Thomas that shows up to preside tomorrow.

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