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This [(Q+(2*7)=31]TH of JULY FRIDAY open thread is OPENVERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!).

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the OLD January 1st , 2019 open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.






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With a new government controlled

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Candidate Donald J. Trump

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Twitter Alternative Twetch

OK – this is weird, but it finally makes sense. This is very geeky, but I think all of you will get it at a high level. It’s the mechanics where it gets tricky.

Remember when Andrew Torba of Gab was talking about social media “on the blockchain” that would be invulnerable to censorship? Torba was really enamored of the idea, even though he never did it – probably for scale reasons.

Back then, I have to admit that I didn’t really understand the concept, but now I do.

The way I stumbled into this is subtle. It’s a story. Here’s the story.

There is a guy I follow on Twitter named “@desantis”. He’s a very interesting mind, like a lot of people I know, but he is in a corner by himself, of the people I happen to know.

Desantis is part of the “crypto geek community”. They’re a strange bunch. In some ways, they’re in love with money, which – for various reasons – I am suspicious of, but which I totally get the DOWNSIDE of.

But crypto geeks don’t love money like misers – they love it like an idea, so they’re actually very unique and pleasant and I like their tribe, even though I’m not really even an honorary member.

Within that tribe, Desantis is a great medicine man, or perhaps the great priest in Jerusalem. The crypto geeks all bow before Desantis, it sometimes seems, yet he’s a bit of a hermit.

Desantis “gets” things at a very high level – that is his game and drive. He does not want to tarry on the details, which can be very hard. Steve, Scott, and Cthulhu here are all people who understand that details are important, and how reality actually happens. Somebody has to sort that shit out. My father was like that, incidentally. I am a detail person, too, but I love it when I get “general”.

Desantis – who calls himself a “generalist” – is almost allergic to details, except when he prepares small examples on what are essentially proofs on the backs of napkins. Of the generalities he gets, many are what “specificists” consider trivial, worthless, or mere byproduct of their work. But some of the things Desantis notices are really quite profound, and some are beautiful. Many are almost hard to put into WORDS. That is just TOO COOL.

Desantis is almost addicted to a kind of glass bead game where you can’t talk about the game too specifically or you spoil it.

Of course, many consider such types of thinkers to be near-crackpots, and they can be very frustrating to understand. However, once I found Desantis on Twitter, I loved the beauty of some of the things he saw, and thus I endeavored to be more like him. He became one of my muses.

NOTE that Desantis was followed by Jack Dorsey. Sometimes they conversed in “Desantis-level-cool-speak”. Yes. I would not be surprised if some Desantis ideas were used, stolen, riffed on, or patented. At the very least, warning of the threat he posed was given to the Cabal.

Anyway, I stopped seeing Desantis ANYWHERE. I assumed that he blocked me for my conservative views about Trump, but when I went looking for his posts – BOOM – it turned out that I was not blocked – he was simply not there. He was GONE.

I dug further. It seemed that Desantis was UNFOLLOWED by Jack because of “Twetch” starting. AH! Maybe THAT is where Desantis went!

What is Twetch?


Twetch is a weird marriage of blockchain, crypto, and Twitter, that is “on the blockchain” to some extent, so that it can’t be shut down, in the same way that bitcoin cannot be shut down.

Now I’m not going to get into that whole world, but here is the deal. In order to follow Desantis again, I made an account on Twetch, and I could use a friend or two to help me explore it, by posting and (and I hate this part – Black Elk – forgive me) making enough digital money to follow and “tip” the people like Desantis that I went there to follow.

SO – if any of you feel experimental, then please – start here and click away. We can experiment with making followers for free, because I have no money on Twetch.

Muchas gracias!

My homepage:

Note both 2 and from. Lucky me!

That is what I was talking about, and why I took this journey.


OTC HCQ = National Security Requirement

This was posted here. It is a critical read.

Imagine this intelligence coming into a LOYAL CIA, not in sympathy (if not league) with the ChiNazi coronavirus “globalism-forcing” strategy.

I then re-posted it to Twitter (with permission):

Interestingly, this was shortly after I posted the following on a different thread:

Text version:

July 29, 2020 at 11:56

OTC HCQ is a big deal. I would welcome it, despite the fact that RIGHT NOW, for COVID-19 I think it is best taken under a doctor’s prescription and supervision.

So WHY do I want it OTC?

So that supply lines are SOLID and we have enough to treat the whole nation overnight.

Why do we need that much HCQ?

COVID-20 and COVID-21.



If CCP-DNC releases a NEW coronavirus, we need a general cure to disarm it IMMEDIATELY, without tanking the economy, and HCQ is beyond likely – meaning almost certain – to fulfill that mission.

America needs a PRE-CURE for coronaviruses. HCQ is that drug.


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I repeat for the benefit of all:


This is pretty much a NO BRAINER.

Allow me to explain the logic.

If you are following the vaccine development efforts – many of them – very expensive – using YOUR tax dollars – then even if you LIKE vaccines, you understand perfectly well that vaccine development is SLOW and PAINFUL.

MANY of these vaccines are using VERY SMART “re-usable” “platforms” – meaning that they can be used for lots of different vaccines, without a lot of “foundational” development. This is, in fact, why many of the vaccines started up SO QUICKLY – the developers simply swapped in something NEW – like new DNA, mRNA, or a recombinant protein, instead of “SARS” or “Ebola” or even “flu”.

SO – understand – even with all this massive effort and expense, using “fast” vaccine technology, we are STILL looking at about a year to develop a RISKY vaccine – risky because these vaccines will all be risky for many patients, especially those who HAD the disease, or those who WILL GET IT anyway. Those patients were NOT trialed. The vaccines will NOT be safe for them.

One year? One year, MINIMUM? One year, minimum, if YET ANOTHER disease “gets out” in that weird country where all diseases seem to mysteriously come from, namely CHINA?

Turns out that many of these diseases just happen to be coronaviruses, which just happen to be of huge interest to science right now, with lots of chimeric proteins being made – meaning ARTIFICIAL virus pieces (OH, but they would never put those pieces published in the journals together! NO, NEVER!)

Y’all starting to understand? What I am saying is NOT misinformation. It is simple, horrifying TRUTH.

Scientists in America, China, and everywhere else experiment with Frankenstein versions of these viruses – very specifically, the “arms and legs and body and internal organs” of these viruses. These Frankenstein monster viruses are actually quite simple, because the “organs” inside them are merely the blueprints for the arms, legs, and body. AND – remember this – those very same “blueprints” are USED to generate the arms, legs and body, that are used in these tests.

If you suddenly say “well that’s the whole damn thing”, then yes. Read on.

In other words, vaccine researchers have a “plausible reason” to create both the Frankenstein arms and legs of chimeric viruses, and because they have THAT plausible reason – AND DO USE IT – they also have a plausible reason to create the genetic instructions for the Frankenstein arms and legs and body – AND THEY USE THAT, TOO.

SO – let’s add things up. The scientists have reason to, and in fact do, create ALL THE PIECES needed to construct chimeric (meaning Frankenstein) viruses. The only thing which prevents them from doing it is……….. well, they may have SAID they would not do it.

Y’all starting to get how dangerous this is? And NOW – let me nuke anybody who argues with it.

Even if, for any reason, you said BUT BUT BUT, then I can simply say “China not only CAN get all the different, non-cross-immunity-granting, “novel” coronaviruses that it wants, by taking them from bats…….. THEY ALREADY DID IT.

So – get this – China is sitting on dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of “novel coronaviruses”, many or most of which don’t grant complete or even significant immunity to the others. And that’s just talking about the ones China let us know about. They could have some bat coronas that are SCARY dangerous that they never told us about.

So – that is the situation.

National security involves RISK MANAGEMENT.

We have a drug, that seems to work, very generally, against coronaviruses. That drug has a strong safety record. It’s called hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ.

If it even POSSIBLY works on another bat coronavirus, avian coronavirus, or synthetic coronavirus, and does so in a timeframe faster than a vaccine can be developed, then HCQ availability becomes a dead simple and unarguable national security objective.

There is only one nation that would NOT want us to prepare for that possibility. That nation is CHINA. The only people who are NOT China who would want us to not prepare for that possibility are ON CHINA’S SIDE.

What this does is makes HCQ a kind of WHEAT/CHAFF SORTER.

Yes. Enemies of the people. Or their “controlled opposition”.

It’s VERY simple to use this wheat/chaff sorter. VERY EASY.



I was going to discuss this, but then realized I didn’t have time to put this HUGE subject together.

But then I realized I actually had a PLACEHOLDER.

SO let’s entertain the Stalinist Holderites with the thought of WHAT’S COMING.

Get Wiser Than Solomon On Anna Chapman

John Solomon has a GREAT new book out – FALLOUT – which tracks SPYGATE back to URANIUM ONE.

To get a taste of what was found by John Solomon and Seamus Bruner, there is a GREAT interview of Solomon and Bruner by the Epoch Times.

Here is the video – absolutely worth a watch!

The first 18:10 of the video cover the fact that “Spygate” actually goes back to the BEGINNINGS of the Obama administration, and center around URANIUM ONE. The mind-boggling “negligence” of the Obama administration is on full display.

Negligence. YEAH, RIGHT.


I repeat.

Now – there are a LOT of things I can say about this interview – with which I am in 90+% agreement. In particular, I could “go big” on how the authors are either intentionally or subconsciously holding back from the full accusation of REVERSO – that Obama and Hillary weren’t just being LIARS, accusing Trump of “collusion” with Russia. I could say that Obama and Hillary were actually IN LEAGUE with Russia, giving Russia both uranium AND Crimea for a VERY nice price. I could fit the CLINTONS directly into the long chain of events leading from the uranium-spying Rosenbergs and the polonium spy George Koval, to THIS VERY MOMENT, as part of Stalin’s plan to slowly denuclearize the United States.



I am going to go smaller.

Staring at 18:10 until 24:32, a very important sub-story comes up, and HOW one interprets it is very important.

The story goes into ANNA CHAPMAN…..

WHOOPS! My bad!

I’m quite the fan of Maria Butina, Putin’s and Hillary’s useful cowgirl gun lover, who was given the “James Wolfe” kid glove treatment by Jussie K. Lie and Robert M. K. Mueller, and then kicked out of America with a velvet boot, as fast as they could hide her from scrutiny. But that’s not Anna Chapman.

THIS is Anna Chapman!

More details, including her relationships to both Skripal and Snowden.


I urge you to listen to the video from 18:10-24:32.

One of the KEY points is that the Anna Chapman spy ring was [allegedly] rolled up because a spy (not Chapman) was getting close to Hillary Clinton, trying to get a job in the State Department, after getting in close with a “friend of Hillary”.

Note that this is EXACTLY what should have happened with TRUMP, if Carter Page was actually a problem. But it DID NOT happen.

Funny, that.

Solomon goes on to explain that this was all explained to him. He was told by Daniel Hoffman, the CIA station chief in Moscow at the time of Anna Chapman and Uranium One, that Russia was just playing games of tainting both sides and ginning up mutual suspicions and turmoil.

That all sounds so nice and good. But yet they all understood this wonderful truth in Hillary’s case, but not in Trump’s case.

Funny, that.

And yet we see that Curtains Comey publicly goes along with this line of thinking, but PRIVATELY keeps the illegal, unjustified, and PHONY special counsel alive, pretending not to KNOW that it should have been CLOSED.

Funny, that.

In my opinion, what Hoffman told Solomon is the GASLIGHTING OF REVERSO.

Whether Hoffman was hiding Russian assistance to Hillary for investigative reasons (meaning, he was following the reverso), or to HELP her (as part of the reverso), is not clear.

The point being – my point – Anna Chapman was USED intentionally to “clean up” Hillary.

In my opinion, these DEMOCRATS and their MEDIA, in COLLUSION with the Russian “taint both sides” PUBLIC strategy, are able to help Russia PRIVATELY and DIFFERENTIALLY support the treasonous Democrats by what appears to be a neutral strategy ON THEIR END.

It’s VERY smart.

In the case of HILLARY, rolling up the spy ring was used to GIVE HILLARY COVER as a patriot – which of course is NOT TRUE. She goes on to give Russia all the American uranium it wants.

In the case of Trump, investigating a phony spy ring was used not to COVER Trump, but to cast suspicion on him. The strategy was made “safe for Russia” by using Western assets. If it fell through, as it did, Russia gets off clean, and Democrats take the hit at a lower level – CORRUPTION, NOT TREASON.

See how that works? Like I say – SMART.

Listen to the video AFTER 24:10. The interviewer, Jan Jekielek, gently tries to get the authors to lean forward on what I might call DISINFORMATION DIFFERENTIAL as a Russian “active measure” to support the treasonous Democrats, but NO BITEY.

Now I don’t know why Solomon can’t or won’t say this. Maybe America is not ready. Maybe he would be “getting out in front of his skis” with that accusation.

Funny – I was once taught to LEAN FORWARD HARD on skis, to keep control at high speed on the really steep stuff.

Hillary and Russia. There’s more to the story. Let’s FIND IT.


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Deplorable Patriot


The Babylon Bee
After Brief Absence, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns Home To Hospital


comment imagecomment image

Deplorable Patriot

This is just too funny.


LOL talk about watered down wine.
No fly in the soup.
Feels like this in STL today. Nothing but rain.

Deplorable Patriot

Two days in a row. This is getting old.


We need the rain but not this is too much. LOL
Feels like fall.

Deplorable Patriot

This is starting to resemble some summers of my past.
Truthfully, we got text alerts in my municipality for flash flooding. Nothing like we’ve had when the remnants of hurricanes come up the Mississippi, but the ground must be saturated at this point.

Gail Combs

Here in NC it is SOGGY!!!
So soggy I had a frog clinging to the screen singing his heart out — fifteen feet above the ground. I didn’t know frogs could fly….


Surely you’ve heard of Barking Texas Tree Frogs.


so jealous!
our little pond is down about 5 inches..we could use some rain..we get a shower here and there but not enough to do any good.


hubby and I were roaring!

Deplorable Patriot

That YT channel has some funny stuff.


Question. Since many daycare centers have remained open throughout the pandemic, it should be easy enough to gather some stats as to the % of workers who became ill working around kids. Right?


sounds reasonable…


As in why can’t teachers go back to work? 🤔


agreed…grocery store clerks come in contact with tons of people every day–and they haven’t been dropping like flies…and they’ve been doing it since March.
so teachers can’t see the same 20-40 kids every day?

Rodney Short

They need protesters and protest organizers, therefore it’s all hands on deck until the teachers union says different…


I truly don’t know why folks are obeying these ‘demands’ ……………………………
(Yes, I was born a ‘cage rattler’ … but…. I’m not sure lemmings would go over this many cliffs…)
I’m with Ms Jesse!

Mollie Retweeted
Christine “Go Donate Blood” Rousselle@crousselle
My dad’s memorial Mass was supposed to be on Saturday, but we were told it is not safe to have 50 people indoors at the church that seats 600.
He died in May.
We’re not sure if we’ll be allowed to have it in September either.
Maine has 420 active cases statewide rn.
Quote Tweet
Jesse Kelly@JesseKellyDC
· 23h
Every single business owner in every state and town should open the their business at full capacity tomorrow.
Do it. And dare these people to stop you.
It’s time.
[followed by a photo of funeral for Congressman John Lewis in a church with people crowded together…]


if you can stand in line to pay respects to John Lewis, you can also stand in line to vote.


Mollie Retweeted
Wesley J. Smith@theWesleyJSmith
Jul 30
Why okay for people to be INSIDE A CHURCH, NOT socially distanced, with robust singing/preaching #JohnLewisfuneral but average folk barred from holding graveside outdoor services with more than a few people or be with a loved one at death in hospital? Why people don’t have trust


packed in a church for Lewis…but your loved ones won’t get the same opportunity to worship or grieve.comment image


Dr Carol Swain sets the record straight. Please help correct fake news when you see it.
All people in the picturehad all tested negative before the event and thus took off their masks.


I E T ∞ Retweeted
Wyatt Frog face@WyleeCoyoteee
Replying to @MrBOTUS_520
If you’re watching Trump talk right now about the Hurricane about to strike Florida and the east coast, he just said and I quote “the storm is right behind me” KEKEKEKEK




Clinton says he has NEVER BEEN to Epstein’s island…thank goodness he cleared that up!


hil de beast has been there also… just not with Bill 😉

Cuppa Covfefe

His lie there can be easily disproven. IIRC, when he cancels Secret Service protection due to “dalliance duty” on the Lolita Express, he has to fill out paperwork to that effect….I think the facts on that have already surfaced…


using sarcasm to bypass the twitnazis…LOL
Really sad to see the International Journal of Infectious Disease join the growing list of Trump possessed witch doctors promoting #Hydroxychloroquine as a promising #coronavirus treatment. Twitter, am I doing this right?
— Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) July 31, 202


it IS sad…and yet people will get creative to bypass the censors!


interesting point…IF the Boston Bomber can get a new trial because of mad jurists…will they be moving the Obamagate conspirators trials to fly over country???? (giggle…boy would THEY be wrong!)


Wyatt Frog face Retweeted
Jul 26
In 2016, Union, Glades, Putnam, & Taylor counties were all majority democrat in voter registration.
Today, in 2020, they have all flipped from Blue circleSoon with rightwards arrow aboveRed circle.
The numbers don’t lie: If you want to re-elect President @realDonaldTrump, let’s register new voters.


Dr. Robert Jeffress: The Radical Left’s War on Christianity | July 31, 2020

JW in Germany

Sorry if this sounds a little bit off the cuff…it is. But I just wanted to say this before I hit the sack. Just got through watching the Dems ‘reclaiming their time’ and needed to get this off my chest.

Criminal. Seditious. Treasonous. I do not say that as an exaggeration. These people are at war with our Constitutional Republic.
Now, they not only want masks but goggles and face shields as well. Coincidentally, I am sure, that masks help rioters in cities where masks are normally against the law to wear otherwise. However, many were still recognized and arrested by federal law enforcement. Now, coincidentally, goggles and face shields will make it even more difficult for LEO to recognize criminals. While the goggles and face shields ostensibly protect against COVID…they, coincidentally I am sure, help protect against pepper spray and tear gas.
All just in time for a coming second round of riots. We better go ahead with that mail-in voting. 2nd wave and riots…unsafe to vote in person. Just look at the TIMING. Everything is about TIMING. Just a coincidence I am sure.
Hydroxychloroquine has been in use around the globe for over sixty years…but now it is all of a sudden dangerous to use as a treatment for COVID. Doctors who promote its use backed by science are ignored by media and censored by Big Tech. We could have shut COVID down months and thousands of deaths ago. All just a coincidence I am sure.
It could take weeks or even months to count mail-in ballots—perhaps indefinitely. Look at the mail-in disaster in NY…5 or 6 weeks already. Funny thing I heard today (not sure if true)..if there is no election or president elect cannot be decided…the CONGRESS chooses the temporary President. Remember when Pelosi said that they will have to remove Trump kicking and screaming because he will not leave the WH??? But hey…you know that is all just a coincidence I am sure.
There are $$$TRILLIONS at stake. The evidence is right before everybody’s eyes…we simply have to LOOK.


“… Funny thing I heard today (not sure if true)..if there is no election or president elect cannot be decided…the CONGRESS chooses the temporary President.” JW in Germany
Yes, it’s true…
And you are right, the evidence is right before us.
What is NOT before us, is POTUS’ plan…
We just got a ton of Epstein docs……………..
What’s next ?
The DIMs’ gambit is NOT the only game in town.
We must seek out people of like kind … those who support our Republic and Constitution and believe POTUS has to be reelected… we must guard our mental health during these months to come, before and after the election. (The Cabal won’t quit when POTUS is reelected!) We must seek our individual spiritual counsel, center ourselves and pray and dwell upon the positive. Love one another. WWG1WGA
Have a good night’s rest JW… God bless you and yours.


Concerning Congress choosing the president. I looked at this earlier in the year on Wikipedia using the Article II sec 1 pages as well as the 12th Amendment page. While there are circumstance for the House to take a vote to determine the President and the Senate to vote to determine the vice president these circumstance are more the result of nobody reaching the threshold of 270 electoral votes and not for another stated reason. So if the reason was not for that specifically such a case would be breaking new constitutional ground and would like by room for much argument. Meanwhile since I had read those things I am seeing upward to 30 to 40 changes in the edit history page. Too much for me to wade through.
Now I’ve noticed a new page on Wikipedia that is specific to the United States Presidential Election which has 40 edits since Feb of this year, 11 in just this month. On that page I found this to be of interest.
“If no candidate receives a majority of the electoral vote (at least 270), the President is determined by the rules outlined by the Twelfth Amendment. Specifically, the selection of President would then be decided by a contingent election in a ballot of the House of Representatives. For the purposes of electing the President, each state has only one vote. A ballot of the Senate is held to choose the Vice President. In this ballot, each senator has one vote. The House has chosen the victor of the presidential race only twice, in 1800 and 1824; the Senate has chosen the victor of the vice-presidential race only once, in 1836.”
Which essentially is saying the House elects the president but each state only gets one vote. Now while that seems to this simple mind to be in keeping of what the electoral collage attempts I still would not vouch for it given my total lack of expertise in this area. I also don’t find reference to the one state one vote thing either in Article II Sec 1 or the 12th Amendment and think such language if true would be part of the mounds of paper that went into establishing the 12 Amendment. Now if such is true and that’s the way it is, then one state, one vote comes down to 20 votes for Biden, and 30 for Trump.
As far as moving the date of the election I don’t see anything anywhere that says either way, but that could be oversight on my part. Adds that while it does say the date was chosen for purposes of when it was convenient because of farming practices that might suggest the date is set upon convenience and little else.
Anyway, whatever Democrats, MSM, or any of their hired experts say, I’m sure we’ll have experts too and might entertain waiting on what they say if required and not already engaged in civil war at that time.


Thank you Para for your thorough research…
The DIMs are counting on mail-in ballots, and counting on it taking days, weeks, perhaps months to get them tallied, and then counting on the situation they have had with some in state mail-in ballots where they can’t come up with a total! In other words, a total screw-up.

JW in Germany

Thank you Pheonix. God bless you and yours, as well.
It really was lights out for me last night.
I agree it seems that we do indeed have a plan….everything is being countered…and counters are being countered. Sometimes a simple short rant goes a long way for my mental health…don’t keep it all bottled up.
Love my QTreepers….coolest people I have not had a chance to meet…but would love to some day!


rant away, anytime James… we definitely need that often these days. I love my little branch in this comfy tree! Would have lost my sanity without all the wonderful people here…


comment image


Evening everyone, Patriots all, I went outside the wire tonight and checked out OT as to what might be happening. I was fascinated by this SD comment:
“Once through this phase; and if everything goes according to a plan;”
OOooops! Where did I hear that before?
The article is a bit bombastic/self serving, while at the same time delivering important info to his readers, who are utterly unaware of what we all know. 🙂


Oh, and there is this, which I’m seeing for the first time OT; although, I don’t frequent there that much these days … 😉


Thanks, Redlegleader.
I have suspected all along that the reason Sd banned all talk of Q, was because he had been mining Q-drops for material…and he didn’t want people to see the source.

JW in Germany

Interesting to note that OT has lost between 40,000 to 50,000 followers since the purging. They were on their way to 250,000 if my memory serves me.
I think there were and still are a lot of Q followers that frequent OT.



This is a follow up from our mask discussion yesterday.
And more on the LIFELOG front of the INFORMATION WAR.comment image
Original source courtesy Cuppa Covfefe:
User comment on mask effectiveness (or lack thereof)
I do respect this data, but I use an oximeter to measure oxygen in my blood with or without the mask… In general for me, equal or improved (I assume allergens are filtered…) But I am pregnant!!! My sis (nurse) said oxygen scores below 92 = not OK! I leaned over to the floor with a mask… As I was going back to my place (in a wheelchair) I started to get worried got back; oximeter score 93…. Took the mask off! Recovered 1-2 minutes score 97!!!! I will wear a mask, but if it’s going to hurt baby; I will remove it!!! I want a balanced approach; this seems balanced!!!
Posted this comment for the benefit of the crowd and passers-by . . .
Exactly. I think it’s appropriate to wear a mask in certain circumstances. People forget that the mask wearing guidance was meant to be SUPPLEMENTAL to social distancing. If you maintain 6 feet of distance the mask is unnecessary. There are circumstances where distancing is impossible, for those conditions a mask makes sense.
That said, mask efficacy is very much in question. There is wide-spread equivocation on the term “effective”: Some people consider “effective” only if it 100% preventative, while others argue masks are “effective” even at only margin levels. To me it’s obvious that in most cases people are just talking past each other, because we lack precision in our online discourse.
(Though, in fairness, I still see quite a few arguments where it’s more about control of ideas and language than the subject at hand, sadly… The fallacy of Equivocation occurs often, and the key is to define terms and ask clarifying questions. Unfortunately people will complain “you’re just arguing semantics!” when, in matter of fact, the definition of terms is precisely the issue at hand, as if equivocation in speech should be the normal order of business.)
So I’ve been sharing detailed information from my own local doctor. (Actually, he used to be my doctor before the insurance change. Remember “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”?) He said in one posts “Masks are effective” and I had people taking exception to him saying that.
In my former doctor’s defense, in his definition “effective” meant that masks were 30% effective, which they are at that level. This is where the distinction between “marginally effective” and “preventatively effective” come into play.
A rate of 30% sounds significant, but when we talk about viral load, we’re talking about ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE. If by breathing someone expelled 10 million viruses from their lungs, wearing a mask w/ 30% reduction means that some 7 million viruses were still spread, for argument let’s say 6 million. We’re still talking about expressing 6 million viruses – which is lower than 10 million, but not significant when you are handling numbers with large orders of magnitude: 1.0×10^7 versus 6.0×10^6 is NOT much different. There is PLENTY of viral distribution to result in propagation.
Consider in toxicology, the difference of water with 10 parts per million of poison versus 6 parts per million of poison with filtration. You wouldn’t want to pump that into the city’s water supply or you’d end up like Flint, Michigan.
N95 is a very LOW standard, but a 95% effectiveness (caveats aside) is an order of magnitude lower, which is something. In the IT industry we talk about “five nines” 99.999% while other industries have much higher tolerances than that.
So is a mask effective? Yes it blocks a marginal amount of viral shedding, and just the vector of viral shedding that occurs through respiration but not other processes, the same viral shedding where the virus concentration decays due to temperature, UV, and diffusion as it travels over distances. It will not, on its own, have significant preventative impacts on the spread of CV except in certain circumstances.
A mask is like trying to defend your house by installing a picket fence. It’ll help keep the dogs and neighborhood kids off your lawn, and it may even look attractive. It’s indisputably good to have one and will increase the value of the home. But it’s far from a comprehensive security strategy.
So when my former doctor says “masks are effective” I’m not going to sit here and quibble with him. I don’t expect him to get into the weeds on these numbers when he’s providing his opinions. I doubt it even crossed his mind to consider the exponential quantities in mind.
None of this, however, gives the national, state, or local government officials to usurp power that they have not been specifically granted by their constitutions or chartering documents. So-called “mask mandates” performed by executive order or decree almost never have legal standing, and are therefore deprivation of rights under color of law (18 U.S. Code § 242). The rights given to us by God – that that belong to God – are too often dismissed by voices that condescendingly scold people for being “selfish”, “irresponsible”, “irrational” or, absurdly, “lawless”.
All law is mutually intertwined with fundamental human rights and justice, which is why it has always been part of the Natural Law Tradition going all the way back to Cicero. Rights did not magically come into existence during the Enlightenment, neither are rights endowed by declarations or Constitutions, but by God, universal for all human persons, at all times, and in all places and cultures. Human rights are not suspended by “public health” emergencies, as Justice Alito in his recent dissent noted: “A public health emergency does not give governors and other public officials carte blanche to disregard the Constitution for as long as the medical problem persists.” Unlawful power grabs should be called out and corrected, which is why our government has a system of checks and balances. Ultimately the self-governed individual — an individual who governs himself, or in the case of parents, who governs the affairs of his household — is the proper unit of government with the rightful authority to execute mask wearing protocols. Generally citizens will agree to voluntary action when there is sufficient justification, which is in point of fact exactly what we see happening.
My original cybersecurity mentor from about 20 years back is retired and has been posting good material on CV. He’s been adamant about wearing masks about protecting others – and I don’t disagree with that. He had the following advice and this is the balanced approach I recommend, and wish others would follow and discuss:
“Let me tell you what I do. I don’t wear a mask in my home or car. I put the mask on right before I approach a drive-thru window or before entering a building. I don’t wear the mask outside, because the temperature alone will kill the virus.”
Exhalation is a necessary function of the lungs to expel waste and keep the lungs and airways clean. If ventilation is impeded by a mask, the waste products do not eliminate properly and instead build up. Meanwhile the moisture is the perfect storm for the proliferation of airborne mold spores and bacteria. This is not healthy or safe. It reminds me of situations where a house had a hidden water leak causing mold to develop in the duct work, sickening the family as it grew. Improper mask use triggers the same problems. They should only be worn in close contact situations where viral transmission is a risk, but should be avoided at other times.
In your case, pregnancy is IMO an overriding health concern. I would not be concerned with mask wearing but I would take care to physically distance.
Those are just my thoughts – sorry for writing an essay again 😉 There’s SO MUCH misinformation going around and unhealthy discussion it’s hard to cut through with reason in social media forums these days…



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