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Free speech, yada, yada, yada. But don’t give Komrade Kamala any excuses to shut us down. This has been addressed elsewhere. Such as HERE:



Give them nothing but one more day to rue, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Remain CIVIL and possibly even GENTEEL.


Li-Meng Yan & 4GW

We have new information from Li-Meng Yan, the Hong-Kong virologist who fled to the United States early in the pandemic.


If you need background on Li-Meng Yan, here is my prior EXTENSIVE coverage:


Since that time, the CCP has imprisoned Li-Meng Yan’s mother, in an effort to make her return to China. This is a very common tactic that the CCP uses to demoralize or stop defectors, and to prevent other potential defectors from emulating them.

A surprising number of defectors are thusly blackmailed into returning to China. When defectors LACK support here, they are frequently demoralized, and the terrified pleadings of harassed relatives, who promise of behalf of the lying CCP that there will be no retribution, eventually work their magic.

See how that works? The COMMUNISTS at Twitter and in our media HELP the communists in China.

This latest publication from Yan has not gotten much press yet. However, her work has not gone unnoticed.


If you read the above National Pulse article, you will understand the gist of Yan’s new publication. She is saying that a “low-lethality bioweapon” – which is what COVID-19 would have to be – qualifies as a bioweapon per earlier definitions laid out by Chinese biowarfare authorities.

I could argue similar things, but they are NOT as important as an even BIGGER picture which includes COVID-19. What Yan is saying FALLS OUT of what I am saying. And as you will see below, what one of her critics, Michael Thau, is saying, ALSO falls out of what I am saying.

So what am I saying?

Bioweapons are not what we thought they were, because China is inventive, and feeds us a psychologically comforting lullaby that China is NOT inventive, while continuously deploying new weapons and forms of battle, thereby gaining a state of continuous surprise and misattribution in China’s adversaries.

Once you see that COVID-19 is an utterly new form of “weak yet novel” bioweapon fully compatible with Maoist practice, fourth-generation warfare (4GW), and highly integrated warfare, one has to respect the inventiveness of the idea of opening up a BRAND NEW FRONT of warfare – specifically camouflaged biological warfare, hidden beneath the “perfect cloak” of a very patiently seeded IDEA – namely that many new diseases start in China for natural reasons.

Just WORK IT OUT, people. It’s BEAUTIFUL.

If you cannot see how COVID-19 is a NEW form of bioweapon, see previous posts on this topic:

ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Bioweapon

ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Tsunami

Li-Meng Yan is not very good at explaining WHY COVID-19 can be both a fairly weak (but novel) virus AND still be useful as a 4GW bioweapon. Her forte is explaining HOW COVID-19 got the properties it has. This utterly rips open China’s sack of secrets.

On the other hand, one of Yan’s critics, Michael Thau, comes close to explaining WHY COVID-19 is both a weakling and a weapon, but doesn’t quite get there. He is suspicious of Yan, because he is fully on the “COVID-19 is just a weak flu” bus, and yet Yan repeatedly refers to ChiCom-19 as being deadly (DNC-CCP AGREEMENT propaganda) or as being a bioweapon (DNC-CCP REJECTION propaganda).


Apart from the fact that the CCP loves to instill either too little or TOO MUCH suspicion in its opponents, to create positively or negatively controlled opposition, the problem with Thau’s point of view is that he is still thinking in terms of deadly bioweapons which are almost unusable in their power.

A bioweapon is only a weapon in the context of something that it acts upon, and what it acts upon is more usefully the enemy as a whole, some part of the greater enemy, or something the enemy needs, rather than any individual enemy combatant.

An enemy at a national level needs an ECONOMY. Thau is absolutely correct here in terms of how the CCP went after America’s TRUMP ECONOMY. His analysis of how the CCP – aided by the Democrat media – used disinformation, lies, hoaxing, staging, orchestration, and thousands of “useful idiots” to attack America economically with COVID-19 – is essential to understand.

Where Thau fails is in recognizing that a “deadly virus” is actually a very complex idea. NOVELTY is perhaps the deadliest thing a plague can have going for it, in terms of SOCIAL DAMAGE.

When Li-Meng Yan calls COVID-19 a deadly virus, I simply regard it as the same as President Trump calling it a deadly virus. It’s a deadly virus like FLU is a deadly virus.

For many of us, COVID-19 *IS* potentially deadly.

I had COVID-19. Were it not for my age and comorbidities, I likely would have remembered it only as one of the milder “bugs” I’ve ever had. I’ve had COLDS which were much worse, let alone the flu. The problem, however, is that my age and comorbidities made this weakling SUB-FLU a kind of “deadly virus” which has permanently messed up my lungs.

Think about it. All it took was a FRACTION OF A PERCENT of victims to experience NEW SYMPTOMS, and suddenly we had a NEW DISEASE PANDEMIC.

All China had to do was tweak a new potential cross-over coronavirus to OPTIMAL properties, and they could strike the American economy and psyche without ever raising a single gun barrel.

It was a masterful idea.

The thing is, the plan could not work – in that there would not be a clean getaway – if China’s hold on the American media was below a critical value.

And that value was lowered, far below the critical value, long before China finalized their virus, when a man named TRUMP rode down the escalator.


I was wondering why Biden picked such a LONG and seemingly random text number for his campaign.

And then Q said THIS:

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: bbb895 No.10973205 

Joe 30330
What is 2020 [current year] divided by 30330?
Symbolism will be their downfall.

Well, the answer is intriguing…..

2020 / 30330 = 0.06660073

Now that is weird, but that relationship comes back another way…..

To repeat that…..

2020 / 666 = 3.0330 330 330 330 etc.

At this point, it looks to me like the LATTER may have been used by some of Biden’s more “ANTIFA / BLM / CPUSA” underlings – if not actual satanist underlings – to pick a TXT number. Yeah, there is a cover story that it was all about “send Joe three dollars”, but I’m not buying it. And I’m not worrying about it, either.

To me, this is all a distraction. Numerology is – to me – forbidden as a “dark art” because it is VACANT. It is a way of creating ILLUSORY POWER OVER PEOPLE where NONE EXISTS IN REALITY.

Mathematics? USEFUL. Numerology? A way for us to assign FALSE MEANING to things.

Let me show you how phony numerology is done, using “good stuff” instead of “bad stuff”.

30330 has an unusual property – it’s a “deceptive number if you say the name”. Now see – I just made that up, by noting earlier that you can “say the name” (BLM satanic term) in various ways, and that some of them are actually easy to misinterpret.

For instance…..

three oh three three oh

….. is very clearly 30330.

However, …..

thirty-three thirty (3330)


thirty three thirty (30330)

sound the same but are completely different numbers.

This makes them DECEPTIVE NUMBERS. I made that idea up BEFORE reading about “evil” and “odious” numbers, too!

So how bad is 3330?

5 x 666 = 3330

So if I take the number of the Beast and multiply it by the number of points on a pentagram, I get 3330, a.k.a. thirty-three thirty.

Now THAT has got to be bad – right?

And if I want to hide that number, I can use it’s EVIL TWIN, 30330, a.k.a. thirty three thirty.

But if we take the evil twin 30330 and divide by 2020, it reveals 666 in the result.

Likewise, take the evil twin 30330 and divide by 666 and we get…..

45. 54 0 54 0 54 0 54 0 54 0 etc.

But 45 is President Trump! And 54 is his number BACKWARDS, followed by ZERO, stretched to INFINITY! That has to be BAD – right? It’s like some kind of incantation! Right?

Remember – it’s NUMEROLOGY. It’s VACANT. Don’t let it have POWER OVER YOU. It’s BULLSHIT.

But check this out. What if we add THREE to either of the zeros in the evil twin number? THREE is a GOOD NUMBER in Christianity. So let’s do it.

30333 / 666 = 45. 5 45 0 45 0 45 0 45 0 45 etc.

So does that mean that Trump appoints FIVE Supreme Court justices and his legacy endures forever?

That sure sounds good to me!

Let’s try the alternative!

33330 / 666 = 50. 0 45 0 45 0 45 0 45 0 45 etc.

That looks like 50 states, which means Trump’s legacy of national unity endures forever!

Sorry, I wish I could say this was some kind of guarantee, but I cannot.


It’s all just numerology. I MADE IT UP. It’s HUMAN – not DIVINE.

2 Thessalonians 2:9

The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

We have to be careful. We can SPOT their symbols, but we must not BELIEVE these FALSE SIGNS.

They do not have power. GOD has power. Those who live by God’s Word bring forth that power. And not just the Truth, but the SPIRIT OF TRUTH – the HOLY SPIRIT – has power!

Instead, we must simply LOVE TRUTH. To do that will take discernment, wisdom, skepticism, logical thinking, and ADMITTING WHEN WE ARE WRONG, or MERELY SPECULATING.

Love Truth, Love God, Trust God.

There’s a good “three”. And there’s more where that one came from, too!

Joe Headroom & The Fly

It’s my opinion that Joe Biden and his dirty DNC geeks – the same ones that used KKK intimidation and communist provocation tactics on Tulsi Gabbard, to get her to drop out of DNC presidential contention, pulled the same trick on Donald Trump, to get him to appear to have nixed the debates, when it was really Joe Biden who wanted out. Trump did the right thing, giving Biden his exit, but mark my words – Trump will NOT let the DNC get away with it “Scot free”.

Allow me to explain.

The DNC did not want Tulsi Gabbard “sticking around” and causing trouble, just like the Klan doesn’t want black people who move into their enclaves “sticking around”. So what does the Klan do? INTIMIDATE. But they have to do it carefully – SUBCONSCIOUSLY – so that the victim thinks it’s THEIR THINKING, not something provoked. So that “normies” (you know – normal Americans) think that MAYBE the victim is just being paranoid, should they complain.

Communists do this, too. I watched an innocent person DRIVEN out of a place by a CCP asset, and they made it look like the victm was just crazy, but I KNEW what they were doing, and kept my mouth shut so they wouldn’t know I knew what they were doing. It’s a dirty, rotten business, and we have to be ready for it.

Tulsi and Kamala were the two most physically attractive candidates contending for the DNC ticket – both Indian-American women, fairly young in terms of political age. Kamala was obviously the communist choice. Tulsi was clearly the PEOPLE’S CHOICE. Tulsi would have been a formidable opponent for Trump, but still would have almost certainly lost, and would have moved the Democrat party too far to the center for the communists to bear. SHE HAD TO GO.

Enter THE PIMPLE. You remember – that PHONY digital pimple that the DNC geeks put on Tulsi in a televised debate. This is not only strong “spell-breaking” psychology to use on the most “attractive” candidate – it is classic “can’t hit back” provocation. If Tulsi would have seriously gone after the DNC geeks for nailing her with that very sad 9/11 video tech, she would suffer the same fate as “truthers” – marginalization, accusation of “conspiracy theory” thinking, opening up for denigration, etc. It’s a LOSE, LOSE choice.

This is why people LEAVE neighborhoods where they suffer minor intimidations. Life is short. Not everybody wants to stick around for JUSTICE.

They did the SAME THING to Pence – but this time, the goal was to work with the simultaneously proposed “digital debate” to give Trump another LOSE-LOSE choice. They used a FLY on Pence to subconsciously WARN that the video manipulations would be STRONG and NASTY for any virtual debate. Trump would have both hands tied behind his back, while being hit mercilessly.

The goal? Get Trump to NIX a “virtual debate” with Biden, who will almost certainly get his ass handed to him in another REAL debate.

Now, I’ve looked at the “fly” video, and to me the fly looks phony. You can decide for yourselves.

First, the video.

The “landing” is very sudden. To me, it appears to have been a “fade-in” after they located the image strongly on Pence’s hair.

Here is a frame just before.

Here is the first frame I could isolate where the fly appears. Note that it is blurry and grayed.

Next, the image sharpens. This is reasonable and plausible, of course, if a fly stops moving.

The fly does not move until several minutes later. Here is Pence shortly before the fly “leaves”. Pence is going to rotate his head down and to the right. You can barely see the fly, which was absent momentarily due to head rotation, but it is now reappearing as Pence rotates his head down and to HIS left, OUR right.

While located within the “dark pixel blur” of Pence’s head, the fly is darker and clearly visible.

The fly rotates into clarity, away from the edge, but then LEAVES.

Here we see the fly LEAVING, pointed up and to the right. Even at this resolution, one cannot see the fly beyond the pixel cloud of Pence’s head.

Here is a close-up of the edge.

This is closer still.

Here is the fly GONE. There are only TINY differences between the frames in terms of human motion by Harris or Pence.

I tried to get the SOONEST FRAME after the frame where the fly crossed the hair boundary (see above), disappearing past the Pence pixel cloud. There is no fly visible anywhere.

The fly basically disappears. There is a bit of an optical ILLUSION that the fly separates from Pence’s head, but if you step through the frames, it is NOT THERE. The pixel cloud HEALS and gives the ILLUSION of the fly separating.

This is a nasty dirty trick – but remember – it doesn’t MATTER if they get caught here – that is not the point.

The point is to GET JOE BIDEN out of another REAL debate. Observe the sequence below.

  • Trump counters STACKED moderator and Biden’s audio and visual CHEATS in the first debate by pushing hard on interruptions and arguments with moderator
  • Biden camp pre-arranges with crooked debate commission that next debate must be VIRTUAL so that Trump can be controlled – but DO NOT ANNOUNCE IT
  • crooked debate commission holds Pence debate – Pence uses time overruns to counter STACKED moderator and Harris CHEATS of knowing the questions
  • crooked videographers demonstrate DNC digital threat, already pre-shown with Tulsi Gabbard, to imply that they will screw Trump in a virtual debate
  • crooked debate commission announces that it will require a VIRTUAL second debate
  • Trump says no virtual debate, which lets Biden out of a second REAL debate

Yeah, they cheat.

Yeah, they lie.

Yeah, they provoke, intimidate, and manipulate.

Get ready for JUSTICE.

They won’t be able to walk the streets.

Keep Focus & Rally to ACB & Lindsey Graham

What did they try to stop with “Nancy’s Quiver of Coronavirus-Infected Media Muffins and ChiCom Operatives”?



You can buy one RIGHT HERE:


You saw MIKE PENCE score DEEPLY with the line about PACKING THE COURT.

Our VSG knew that the way to BATTER DOWN THE DOORS was not to shrink back, but to move forward with Amy Coney Barrett.

Why are all the satanic harpies SCREAMING? Because they are no long WINNING.

This is BIG. Far bigger than Brett Kavanaugh. Prepare to STAND STRONG with Amy Coney Barrett, Lindsey Graham, and President Trump. We want ALL THREE TO WIN, and to WIN BIG.

Nasty Nan’s arrows are going to BOUNCE OFF.

I SAID Nasty Nan’s arrows are going to BOUNCE OFF.


Prepare to Counter The Media Coup

We are getting into the nastiest part of the storm. Buckle up.

We are already seeing efforts by the MSM to prepare to call any argument with THEIR NARRATIVE about the outcome of the election either FALSE or DANGEROUS.

The MSM and Silicon Valley are preparing to SHUT DOWN OUR VOICES.

They are preparing a COUP. Let’s be very blunt here. You can call it a “Color Revolution”, or you can call it “Stealing The Election”, but it will be a COUP.

The word COUP scares them, however, because they know there will be consequences for TRAITORS.

It scares them so much, that they are “pre-defending” by calling us a “militarized social movement”, and saying we’re some kind of violent threat.

Not if they don’t CHEAT.

Not if they don’t ATTEMPT A COUP.

Not if they don’t CALL IN CHINA OR THE UN.


So I think it’s pretty clear that there are people committed to something that will result in the TRUTH of the phrase “Nothing can stop what’s coming.”

Buckle up, but smile.

We’re going to WIN.

Have a great weekend! And let’s MAGA!


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God but I truly hate WordPiss.
This platform just sucks. Truly aweful.


Aweful – so horrendously bad it produces awe at the depths of crappiness


Jack Posobiec Retweeted
The Plot Against the President@PATPmovie
Plot Against the President early access preview available now! Click here to watch and for additional platforms and streaming services over the next few days:
One of the most anticipated documentaries of the year.


Get this out to friends and family…






. . . the same one that taught Pedo Joe there to wear his mask below his nose.


That would be the Pelosi/Nadler team!

Delaware man accused in plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer pardoned by Gov. Carney in 2019


If you read the whole article, a quote~~~ One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified says Croft described himself as a constitutionalist.
So with all the talk of packing the court and Amy Barrett being a constitution proponent …they can make some see supporting it as somehow scary and subversive. See how this works?


About one-sixth of the US population.


Wow..numbers like that make me believe without any doubt that Wuhan virus was bought and paid for by the global cabal. It no sooner began than Pelosi began the vote by mail mantra. Vote by mail is the one thing that is crippling a fair result.
The virus fatalities were collateral damage..had to do it for their global takeover . Other Western countries are also teetering on the brink of losing all rights by virtue of the virus scam. We must win.


Bypass the MSM……
Go to the LARGEST Radio audience in the WORLD.
He reached Moar people today via RADIO…..than ALL of the MSM combined!


Has this been reported yet? I don’t remember seeing it. Sounds pretty big.

Harry Lime

Whoah!comment image


LOL ! Did you make that ? It’s great!


A very insightful opening post, Wolf! Thank you for the section on numerology and for this:
Numerology is – to me – forbidden as a “dark art” because it is VACANT. It is a way of creating ILLUSORY POWER OVER PEOPLE where NONE EXISTS IN REALITY.
Mathematics? USEFUL. Numerology? A way for us to assign FALSE MEANING to things.

As for the fly, it seems odd to me that it didn’t move for such a long time, even when VP Pence moved his head. Also, I watched to see if Kamala’s eyes moved to look at the fly, but I never saw a flicker of acknowledgment that she saw it.


word online is that it was “a creation” for viewers, meant to distract from whatever Biden was saying…
was not a fly… not felt by Biden or seen by Heels Up


Correction…… Not felt by Pence…. not Biden


Thank you Rayzor… I am tired from raking and burning leaves all week… and just plain gettin’ ol’ 😉


YW…. Rest up Fren 🙂


Where’s Saturday open thread?


Lost like democrat logic.


“Not if they don’t CHEAT.”
They will cheat. They have never not cheated. Cheating is what they do, it’s who they are. Asking them not to cheat is like asking a lesbian trapped in a man’s body to not like women.
“Not if they don’t ATTEMPT A COUP.”
They’ve been attempting a coup for nearly 4 years.
“Not if they don’t CALL IN CHINA OR THE UN.”
China is running the coup. If they call in the UN, that would be a great opportunity to eradicate the UN permanently. Not just all their powder baby-blue helmet pedos, but the organization itself would obviously be instantly eliminated. Doors locked, electricity cut off, demolition charges set, building razed.
So I hope they do call in the UN.
Here UN, UN, UN, UN, UN… come on, come and get it… come get some…
They won’t. They can’t. They don’t even have a mental frame of reference for that.