There Is No Constitutional Duty To Defend Bolshevism

What we are seeing now, with “woke Generals”, political purges in the military, and various “letters of warning” to the current administration and its military collaborators in the Pentagram – whoops – I mean Pentagon – coming from a lot of current and ex-military, is evidence that we are finally talking about the core of the issue.

Does our military have to defend a communist takeover?

Personally, I don’t think so. “But that’s just my opinion”, as they say.

Yup. Your mileage may vary. And I’m at the point where I just don’t care. You’re either with the commies. Or you’re with America.

This cuts to the CORE of why the Bolshevism-defending FBI targeted the “Oathkeepers”. That group is the least nebulous and most well-defined group of military and/or law enforcement who LITERALLY hold to the idea of defending the Constitution – based on TRUTH – from communist infiltrators who got into power through LIES and CHEATING.

Nobody wants to talk about what’s really going on, but we are almost there.

That poor kid. If only he knew that HE was right and the ENTIRE US MILITARY was wrong.

I’ve had an entire lifetime to adjust to the treason. I was only in my 20’s when I was exposed to stuff that shouldn’t have even EXISTED. They tried to make me remove the “loose end” for them, but I refused. Instead, I kept my mouth shut and tried to figure out what the HELL was going on. I still don’t know – but I’ve got a better idea than most.

I would never kill myself over THEIR treason, which I KNOW they will try to make me internalize through MIND-FRACK, but to a young person who wanted to get into the military, and is then made to feel like HE is what’s wrong with the mismatch – well, it’s easy to see why a person might turn their anger on themselves, instead of realizing that entire systems can become LITERALLY psychotic, because there are people TRYING to MAKE THEM psychotic.

Nope. I’ve had TIME to figure out who’s doing all the lying. And it ain’t me.

Every possible trick, force, and betrayal is being used to bring America down.

But some people are standing up.

Allen West

It was my honor to be among the signatories:

Over 1,000 Former Military Members Sign Letter Warning About ‘Wokeness’ in the Military › American Greatness

Over 1,000 former members of the military have signed a scathing public letter warning that the increased priority placed on “wokeness” in the military is a threat…

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Let’s take a look at that:

Over 1,000 Former Military Members Sign Letter Warning About ‘Wokeness’ in the Military

By Debra Heine

June 25, 2021

Over 1,000 former members of the military have signed a scathing public letter warning that the increased priority placed on “wokeness” in the military is a threat to the Constitution and the nation’s military readiness.

The letter comes after Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley defended the teaching of critical race theory in the military during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Former President Donald Trump blasted Milley as “pathetic” for defending the toxic ideology during an interview Friday morning on Newsmax.  

“General Milley – I watched his statements and it was pathetic. I watched the statements of some others – your head of the Navy. It was pathetic,” Trump said. “They didn’t talk that way when I was around, I can tell you. They didn’t talk that way or I would have gotten rid of them in two minutes. In particular Navy and Milley, just sad, pathetic statements,” the former president added.

Two military groups—Flag Officers 4 America and the Committee to Support and Defend—have joined forces to warn that the military’s embrace of the woke ideology is a major national security issue.  LTC Allen West is a member of the Policy Board of the American Constitutional Rights Union’s Committee to Support and Defend, and leads its military initiatives.



Now, the FBI has been trying to do a number on patriotic Americans – getting THEM to think THEY are the problem, but I’m sorry – I’m just not buying it.

This is why you need a BULLDOG PATRIOT LAWYER – and not some bullshit Washington Bolshevik pustule excretion like the example which follows.

Deprogramming of January 6 Defendants Is Underway

The entire investigation is an attempt to prosecute people based on their beliefs. Those who purge their views and admit their wrongthink will be given mercy. Those who don’t will pay dearly.

By Julie Kelly

June 23, 2021

“My lawyer has given me names of books and movies to help me see what life is like for others in our country. I’ve learned that even though we live in a wonderful country things still need to improve. People of all colors should feel as safe as I do to walk down the street.”

That passage is part book report, part white privilege mea culpa submitted to a federal court this month by Anna Morgan-Lloyd, one of the more than 500 Americans arrested for her involvement in the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The 49-year-old grandmother of five from southern Indiana was charged with four counts of trespassing and disorderly conduct even though she walked through an open door and was inside the building for about five minutes. She was ratted out to the FBI by a county worker who saw her January 6 posts on Facebook.

On Wednesday, Lloyd, who has a clean criminal record, pleaded guilty to one count of “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building”—but not before she consented to undergo a reeducation exercise at the urging of her court-appointed lawyer. (Like many January 6 defendants, Lloyd does not have the means to hire a private attorney.)

It’s safe to say Heather Shaner, a D.C.-based criminal defense attorney representing a handful of January 6 protesters, does not share the political beliefs of her Capitol clients, which is why she’s forcing them to read books and watch movies highlighting dark chapters in U.S. history.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Shaner explained her belief that “this is the most wonderful country in the world, it’s been great for all kinds of immigrant groups, except for the fact that it was born of genocide of the Native Americans and the enslavement of people.” 

Shaner’s legal captives are learning the hard way what the government will do when one resists their commands to comply. Not only have their personal lives been shattered, finances depleted, and reputations destroyed by an abusive Justice Department investigation, Shaner’s clients must be indoctrinated with leftist propaganda about America’s alleged systemic racism.

The purge of the populist mindset is underway, courtesy of the fetid Beltway judicial system and the Joe Biden regime. Judges routinely lecture January 6 defendants about the wrongthink of a “stolen election” while prosecutors openly mock their political beliefs, including home schooling and gun ownership.

“I have had many political and ethical discussions with Anna Lloyd,” Shaner wrote in her motion agreeing to the plea and probation for Lloyd. “I tendered a booklist to her. She has read Bury My Heart at Wounded KneeJust Mercy, and Schindler’s List to educate herself about ‘government policy’ toward Native Americans, African Americans and European Jews. We have discussed the books and also about the responsibility of an individual when confronting ‘wrong.’”


BUT let me warn you. If you stand up to the FBI simply by proclaiming your innocence, but not in manners which they somehow deem fitting, you may STILL get the Roger Stone treatment.




FBI tears innocent New Yorker’s life into shreds after Jan. 6: Devine

By Miranda Devine

June 23, 2021 | 10:39pm | Updated

Joseph Bolanos, of the Upper West Side, has not been charged with any crime regarding the Jan. 6 DC riots, but he has suffered two strokes from the stress of being detained and FBI raids.

Joseph Bolanos, of the Upper West Side, has not been charged with any crime regarding the Jan. 6 DC riots, but he has suffered two strokes from the stress of being detained and FBI raids.Matthew McDermott

Joseph Bolanos was a pillar of his community. President of his Upper West Side block association for the past 23 years, he looked out for his neighbors during the pandemic. He dropped off masks and kept extra heaters in his rent-controlled apartment for seniors. He raised morale with a weekly street dance to show his support for essential workers. 

A Red Cross volunteer after the 9/11 attacks, the 69-year-old security consultant once received a police commendation for heroism after saving a woman from being mugged. 

Unmarried, and caring for his 94-year-old mother, he was a well-loved character in the quiet residential area. 

But now his neighbors think he is a domestic terrorist. 

Yes, he attended then-President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, but he never entered the Capitol. He was in a friend’s room at the JW Marriott a 30-minute walk away when the Capitol breach occurred. 

Nonetheless, he was raided in February by the FBI anti-terrorism task force, handcuffed, paraded and detained for three hours while his apartment was ransacked and all his devices confiscated. Four months later, he hasn’t been charged and doesn’t have his devices back, but his neighbors are shunning him, and he’s had two strokes from the stress. 



That’s actually a long one that’s worth reading. Now, it’s possible that this guy was just unlucky enough to be in the tar pit known as SDNY, but there is more evidence that the Federal Bureau of Instigation is up to the same thing at many of not ALL of its field offices.

If you check out my prior article on this topic, we have a lady doctor who did make the mistake of entering the Capitol Building – apparently non-violently – as well as somebody who entered but was for some reason NOT charged (he’s black and Hollywood, possibly explaining it), but who was still subjected to a violent intimidation raid.

DOJ/FBI Watch – Using Investigative Creep To Begin East German-Style Political Intimidation Raids

This is a HEADS UP to all authentic American patriots about our phony globo-nazi “friends” in DOJ and FBI, otherwise known as “Dodge” and “FIB”. Let me give you the TL;DR right here. The Bidenistas and Bidenazis are going to try to GO CANADA during however long they remain in power. “FIB” is going to …

However, none of these people are getting it like the “Oathkeepers”. THOSE people are really being brutalized.

I hope you see what we are ALL facing. RE-EDUCATION. The only question is WHEN. They do it when they CAN, so if they don’t think they can get away with it, they don’t try. They WAIT until they have the upper hand.

Are you seeing how “Red Dawn” really works? It works best when you have a chorus of wokies saying it’s not happening.

I don’t know about YOU, but I’m not going to let them “re-educate” me.

It’s not that I simply “reject” their “education” on race. I think it’s an INFERIOR PRODUCT. I think their understanding is DEFECTIVE. It’s INFERIOR. It’s INTENTIONALLY BROKEN – by CHINA – to CEDE POWER TO THE CCP.

Thus, it’s STUPID. And I will not be educated by STUPIDITY.

There is no way this can end “nicely” if you refuse reeducation.

It’s only a matter of WHEN it gets ugly.

Do your deciding now.


3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

Exodus 20:3-5

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Thank you for highlighting their disgusting attacks on patriotic Americans, Wolf!

That poor man in NY. I had not read about him. I pray he finds a few people who will be true friends to him. Where are the lawyers who would help him? The injustice of it all makes my blood boil.

The gal who “recanted” is truly sad. She did it to get out of trouble. Where were her friends? Why didn’t someone get a fund going to help her get a decent lawyer instead if that jackal?

That poor young man who committed suicide. I pray God’s endless mercy brought him peace.

Love the Scripture you chose, too. Many in our government have bowed down. May they repent before it is too late. 🙏


I just read the comments at the AM Greatness link.

The evil trolling is horrible. The CCP is hard at work.


Yes, because their FEAR of being persecuted is greater than their fear of God.


I would say you have more work to do, and you were quite prudent (a wonderful virtue) to keep yourself alive in order to carry it out.


and drink Vodka !

oh.. wait.

or well…can you name the 10 best Vodkas made in Russia ?



Russian Standard for me.

Barb Meier

My thought was that the rally was not the hill you should choose to die on. God has a plan. Just listen to the voice inside you and He will let you know when and what He needs you (and me) to do. Those moments when that has happened to me, my actions were instinctive and unstoppable. Trust God and keep our eyes on Him.


Wolf God works in us and through us. There was a reason who did not go to the rally maybe you were not supposed to be there?
Keep fighting for another day. You are needed here and have more work to do 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

Um, no.

Nope, nope, nope.

The will to live in ingrained in us, and throwing one’s life away for nothing is not sane.

You are sane. Attendance at a Trump rally is not a cause worth dying for, therefore you chose life.

Coward, my ass.


Well said.




“Love your neighbor as yourself” We each have a responsibility to lovingly, responsibly, prudently, & wisely attend to our own personal well-being. Considering the state of your health, Wolfie, it would have been un-wise, imprudent and irresponsible to go out in the heat.

~~Another point: WE NEED YOU–and your insights/expertise/experience to help us navigate this treacherous stretch of the road—-I don’t know 1/100th of what you do—-every day, in every post you educate me and prepare me to put on the Armor and fight.

~~~~Please please no regrets for a very prudent decision.

~~~Enormous thanks for ALL you shared with us today!!




Coward? NOPE. NOTTA. COMMON SENSE was in play.

Conserving our individual potential, for another day, when we can be MORE effective retaking America.

Our NOT attending is inconsequential in the bigger picture, effort..

Attending Trump rally in my mind is rejuvenating for me. Perhaps contagious among those attending and watching. Incredible “patriotic” feelings at Trump rallies. Affirms with Trump, that Americans are WITH Trump.


^^^ Bingo. ^^^

Perhaps an akin situation was 6 January in DC. Wife and I made the trek to DC. We were on the Mall around the Washington Monument.

Weather was windy, cold…and we were not dressed properly. As best I could tell DC Mayor Bowers(?) AND National Park Service (NPS) did everything they could to NOT accommodate the crowds they KNEW WOULD ATTEND. NPS evil towards us, DID surprise me. Bastids is an understatement.

So we hung around an hour and a half, and bailed. More than once I felt bad. Even ashamed to have left early. REALITY IS, I know it really would not make a difference in the bigger picture that day or following days.

We do what we can. Given a situation where my actions truly matter, I’ll be standing tall. As I KNOW you will. Just as so many others here will.

Valerie Curren

Being prudent doesn’t necessarily equate with cowardice–& you, sir, are NO Coward!!!

Had you continued to the rally & suffered heat stroke or worse what would have been the good or glorious purpose in that???

You are a general in the MAGA War, even if not known by Trump. You are Known & Blessed by the Lord to be who, what, & where you are–Just For SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!!

Onward Christian soldier!!!

Deplorable Patriot

It encourages looking out for number one over manners and being sure you don’t inconvenience others.

We really have descended into a more coarse and impolite social structure without the need to accommodate others in our lives.


You are correct. I have seen it happen with relatives. Tragic, really.


It’s not over. It could get much worse. I cannot think about letting traitors off the hook as a trade for voting reform.

We need both reform and justice.


Criminals can’t simply be “let off”.

rule of Law needs to be reestablished…OR at best more stolen elections, two tier justice.

Deplorable Patriot

The MEDIA lost touch with GOOD ITSELF when it stopped LISTENING to us and instead tried to CHANGE US.

They’ve been trying to change us for over a century. Re-read your rant at the end of the rally thread from yesterday. I’m not going there the way you did with Torba. However, the sea change in culture in the last 40-60 years….

Let’s just say the tribalism involved when constructive criticism is offered is unbecoming.


I’m not going there the way you did with Torba.

Me neither, and I responded there.

Let’s just say the tribalism involved when constructive criticism is offered is unbecoming.


Deplorable Patriot

The gal who “recanted” is truly sad. She did it to get out of trouble. Where were her friends? Why didn’t someone get a fund going to help her get a decent lawyer instead if that jackal?

This follows a pattern I’ve heard over and over from friends and family. If someone steps out of line, or gets into trouble of some sort, they get dropped socially like ditching third period French. Humans do not want to be bothered with such stuff.

They don’t want to be tainted with someone else’s mess. They don’t want to have to deal with adversity that really is someone else’s, even when the person is not irritating and blaming everyone else for their problems.

I’ve lost a lot of respect for people over the years watching this happen. Of course, I’m sparing with that anyway as so many out there just are not understanding that their actions are offensive or entirely self centered and effect others adversely.


There is nothing worse than a lawyer who doublecrosses you…except for friends and family who abandon you in your time of need.

Thank God we have Jesus. It happened to him, so we can take comfort.

Valerie Curren

Throwing “bearing one another’s burdens with love & so fulfilling the law of Christ” right out the windows of their souls!


We are getting close to the end. It may yet be Orwell’s “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — for ever.” Or it may not. But the resolution is close at hand.


I have no expectation of results coming out tomorrow. I REALLY hope they do, but I’ve learned not to trust any deadline that is given by anyone, including PDJT (even though he is the most trustworthy, IMO; but I think he wisely refrains from giving deadlines). There are too many outside factors and people with their hands in the mix.

Even if the release were scheduled for tomorrow, I expect a lawsuit to be filed to delay the release, a false flag, or something else. Or just a delay because they’re not ready.

I’m not trying to throw cold water, just saying that I’m tempering my expectations.


“I hope you see what we are ALL facing. RE-EDUCATION. ”


Except me 👍 😁

It’s fun to say that in response to all the psychological threats, the humor drains all of the ‘ominous’ right out of it.


“I don’t know about YOU, but I’m not going to let them “re-educate” me.”


That’s a big 10-4 👍 😂


“Thus, it’s STUPID. And I will not be educated by STUPIDITY. There is no way this can end “nicely” if you refuse reeducation.”


Well I refuse, utterly, without reservation or hesitation.

There are at least a couple ways to approach it. One could be sheer willpower, and that can work, but it takes a lot of effort, and puts you in a constant battle against the psy-op.

It seems simpler, and therefore more likely to succeed, by approaching it another way.

There are always people who resist tyranny. They are often made out to be heroes, people of invincible will or conviction, and maybe they are. But there could be something else at work in this mind war.

It’s a fight between reality (truth) and insanity. If you allow yourself to be ‘re-educated’, you submit to the insanity.

I think for a lot of people, insanity isn’t a big deal. Democrats seem fine with it, they don’t even try to defend what they believe, not really. That’s why the are forced to rely on coercion, peer-pressure, threats, violence, etc. Because they have no argument.

For other people, insanity is a big deal. The fear of giving oneself over to the insanity, the fear of losing one’s understanding of and connection with reality, is far greater than whatever the tyrants can threaten.

And that may be at least one secret to resistance.

It seems to be a better explanation for why a certain percentage of the population always ‘resists’. Maybe it’s not because they’re brave, or courageous (though they might be). It could just be that they’re more afraid of losing their mind than they are of the threats or pain.

The bonus is that you don’t have to make it about your will vs. the machine of the State, in which you are always over-matched. Instead, it can be very personal, it’s just you and your unwillingness to give up on reality.

And you don’t even have to be brave if you don’t want to be. You can just be more afraid of losing your connection with reality than you are afraid of the State, and whatever they try to do to you.

That approach is probably a lot easier to maintain. Their weapon is fear, and it takes a lot of energy to fight that. But if you fear something else even more than the enemy’s attempt to instill fear, then it’s comparatively easy to resist the enemy.

It works from a secular perspective, and it also works from a religious perspective, i.e., giving up on reality, submitting to the unreality of ‘re-education’ is to give up on truth (reality), and I don’t know how anyone can believe in or follow God if they have given up on reality.

Or to say it another way, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matthew 10:28, KJV)

Brave and courageous is empowering, but probably impossible to do relentlessly. When being courageous and brave is more than you can do, fear God more than man. That’s not hard at all 😁


“It’s only a matter of WHEN it gets ugly. Do your deciding now.”


Already is, already did 👍



Doublethink is dangerous for democracy…. That the new brand of cultural totalitarianism that induces people to self-censor doesn’t come from the government, nor is enforced by a KGB-like agency, is cold comfort to him [Sharansky]:

Manufactured public opinion of the kind that today’s social and legacy media produce is just as capable of silencing people and pushing them into split lives as are state propaganda and brute force.

Against this, there is only one remedy… “first and foremost, each person must decide for himself that he will not be a doublethinker; that she will say what she really thinks.”

If anyone is in a position to issue such an appeal, it is, of course, Sharansky. In a bid to align every part of his life with his conscience, he gave up not only a prestigious career but his physical freedom. Strikingly, he asserts that he was a freer man in prison than outside: In prison he did not need to wear a mask.

He taunted his interrogators by telling them Brezhnev anekdoty—subversive jokes that painted the general secretary as the bumbling senile nitwit that he was—and watching with satisfaction as they struggled to suppress their laughter. You can’t even laugh when you want to, he would point out; so which one of us is really free?


I see the letter by the former military members as a’ shot across the bow’.

I am sure many (large majority) of the active service men feel the same. They may not say it yet, but they most likely follow these former members than defend the enemy.

Will these Woke generals really be able to control them?
I don’t think so.


When Obama purged the patriots, he inadvertently helped create a force for good. 🙂

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
Watch the VA, in general, but especially in two areas: One, counseling and other services provided for military who are being discharged; and, Two, medical services for any veteran.
The “discharge process” can be larded with “counseling” on how to “fit in” as woke into the civilian population.
The medical services part can be more insidious — denying procedures or treatment; long wait times to see a VA doctor (watch for the VA to start cancelling REALPOTUS 45’s directives regarding timely delivery of medical services to vets, and that vets can see a civilian MD).— “for the ex to all die off as part of their strategy”


I’m more hopeful that there are still good officers.

Don’t we have a Flynn in charge somewhere on the high seas?

Deplorable Patriot

The Pacific.

I have an idea that there are two militaries right now. The public, “woke” one, and the other, real one doing the actual work.

It’s what we don’t see because it’s being kept quiet that is going to help us in the end.


The little glitches do tell us things.


“I have an idea that there are two militaries right now. The public, “woke” one, and the other, real one doing the actual work.”


In another time, this might be referred to as making the facts fit our hopes or expectations. A coping mechanism. It’s completely natural, expected to some extent even, but we ought to be aware of it, just in case we turn out to be wrong.

Because the deeper we get into the belief, the harder it is going to be to admit we have been wrong, if that turns out to be the case.

A similar situation to what you mentioned about your Mom, being so invested in a particular belief that it would be devastating to accept the truth which is contrary to her belief.


“It’s what we don’t see because it’s being kept quiet that is going to help us in the end.”


I hope you’re right, as much as anyone I hope you’re right. Because that’s what it is, hope. If we’re not right, we’re in heap-um big trouble.

But if there is any actual evidence or factual information upon which that hope is based, I am not aware of it.

We can take all the clues and bits and puzzle pieces, and arrange them to create (or serve) a narrative that soothes us or gives us hope.

But what if the reason everything is being ‘kept quiet’ is because nothing is actually happening, in the way of helping us?

Would that not also perfectly explain the ‘quiet’?

It is certainly a possibility.

What if we are just fooling ourselves, wishing for something because we need it to be so?

Unfortunately, our need or desire for something to be so, doesn’t make it so.

And if we proceed as if our need or desire does make it so, are we not setting ourselves up for potential disaster?

Either by the eventual devastation of discovering we were wrong, or worse, using the hope as an excuse for not doing things that we could do while we could still do them — and instead, waiting on a White Knight who inhabits our hopes, but not our reality?


I do see that some consider Trump almost a messiah.

Extremely dangerous to one’s soul.


I think that last night is the first time I’ve heard him say that he made some bad choices in people.


I’m acutely uncomfortable when I see those messiah references.


Army Forces Pacific. A land force. (Not Navy, high seas…)

There are also a, Navy Pacific. Marine Corps Pacific. Air Force Pacific. Special Operations Pacific.

^^^ All assigned to Pacific Command. ^^^


IMPORTANT THREAD – Jenna Ellis trashes Pence’s political pretensions with Constitutional fact and evidence.


The only thing the founders didn’t anticipate was how weak future politicians would be instead of statesmen who are willing to pledge their lives, fortunes,& sacred honor to defend America’s integrity.”


NOT weak.

What Pence did was done with purpose.

Of all the historic events in American history, what Pence did was almost certainly the most carefully thought out and premeditated, by hundreds of people, if not thousands, along with a super computer or two.

What we do not know (for certain) is whether Pence was betraying the President, or whether Pence was doing exactly what the President wanted, specifically to allow the events taking place now to unfold.

While most people here believe Pence is a traitor, we can’t know for sure whether he is playing his part.

But the one thing we CAN be sure of is the thing nearly every public person (Jenna Ellis, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, etc., etc.) gets blatantly wrong.

The events which took place and which are taking place are NOT the result of weakness or ignorance or stupidity.

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

If that was true in 1945, then we can scarcely begin to imagine how much more true it is now, with the advances in technology we have today.

It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.” – Aubergine’s Razor………………

It is just as dangerous, for the same reasons, to attribute to ‘weakness‘ or ‘stupidity‘ or ‘ignorance‘ that which could be the result of malice or guile.

Whatever me may think of these people, they didn’t get where they are by being stupid or weak, and there are too many invested interests (and oceans of lawyers) for ‘ignorance’ to be plausible.

If something is happening, it is happening by design and intent.

With regard to Pence specifically, what we can’t be absolutely sure of, is whether the design and intent of his actions served DJT and our nation, or attempted to drive a knife into DJT’s back and the back of our nation.

Whatever the answer turns out to be, it wasn’t an act of weakness.

It wasn’t even his decision. What Pence did was orders of magnitude above his pay grade.

Can anyone imagine Pence sitting at home, deep in thought, trying to puzzle this out by himself? With all the trillions of $$$ in the whole world — and control over the whole world — at stake?

There’s not even a tiny chance Pence made his own decision and acted alone.

What Pence did was part of someone’s plan.

We just don’t know if it was part of DJT’s plan, or part of the enemy’s plan.

But Pence knows…

And DJT knows…


Lotsa rumors going around about Pence being a pedo


And if so, 100% owned by deep state and globalists. Won’t be surprised.


“It wasn’t even his decision….” Pence may be owned.

Who knows – my trust in Trump has diminished quite a bit….with the three stooges on SCOTUS – particularly Gorsuch. And with the response to the election steal. What if Trump is part of the drama… a shiny object to distract from the socialist take-over and the left’s ‘progress’ toward tyranny.


This does occur to me.


Good word. Wonder if there are some geniuses on the chans and kuns who are able to save the day?

We know Who wins in the end…. but will there be any chance to save our nation?


To save our nation is not one person it takes We the People.
People need to get involved from school boards to town politics to republican party . Bannon speaks of that all the time. Right now I am supporting the my pillow guy as much as I can. My kids are being swamped. He is doing what others would not. He is a hero in my book. Rudy is another hero who is being persecuted. The people sitting in communist US prison abused by sadists psychopaths. The fascists communists are trying to kill the spirit of the American people. They will not able to break me they have to kill me . Sooner or later the wrath of God will come over them and God Help their souls.


At some point late December, certainly early January, Trump seemed to have a different demeaner about, well, everything.

Hope for stopping the steal before inauguration day went over the cliff January 6th.

  • IC, DOJ, IC must have known what Antifa was going to do. Yet IC, DOJ and FBI did nothing. WE now know FBI enabled the Capitol fiasco.
  • Surely Nanzi, Cry’n Chuck, McConnell and McCarthy in on the entire fiasco.
  • Pence absolutely folded.
  • MOST R-Cons folded.
  • Trump needed Pence to push back a number of states for recertification. Pence had to be firmly in the Law & Order, The Constitution defense mind set. Pence was NOT.
  • Trump also needed SoS, SecDef, Treasury to remain staunchly with Trump, Law & Order, The Constitution. IIRC, there were obvious cracks.
  • Some senior staff in the WH criticized Trump over 6 January, rather than stand tall and demand FACTS.

“At some point late December, certainly early January, Trump seemed to have a different demeaner about, well, everything.”


He is also an actor, and one of the greatest showmen on earth 👍😁


It was criminal – !


“Who knows – my trust in Trump has diminished quite a bit….with the three stooges on SCOTUS – particularly Gorsuch. And with the response to the election steal.”


Well that’s just it.

For nearly everything that has happened, and everything that continues to happen, an argument can be made that it is the enemy’s doing, or that it is DJT’s doing to give the enemy more rope to hang themselves.


“What if Trump is part of the drama… a shiny object to distract from the socialist take-over and the left’s ‘progress’ toward tyranny.”


That has always been a Machiavellian possibility, a ‘what if’, but never one which I could take seriously.

Too elaborate and inefficient and unnecessary to achieve the desired objective.

I’m not sure how he overcame the election cheat by the Cabal in 2016, but he did. It would have been far easier to have just continued the glide path for Sick Hitlery to euthanize America as planned.

I think DJT is the real deal, and I think he is 150% still in the game, and he still has all of the ‘declass’, so he has retained all of the leverage those documents and tapes and hard drives contain.

What he is waiting for is to see the whites of their eyes.

We don’t know when that will be.

But DJT has a lifetime of experience, in business, judging when to strike. This is a far bigger scale, and the stakes are infinitely higher, but the process is the same, and it’s a process he knows well.

He’s waiting for something.

We won’t know what that something is, until it happens.


I hope you are right and our country can be saved. There is much going on in our nation that must anger GOD…. yet there are many who pray for mercy and a change to righteousness and truth.


Very good post. I am surprised 45 survived the betrayal that was around the WH in the WH in the republican party and on and on. I believe no other man would have survived it. Still there are after him in NY. They are now after his business and they will not rest until he is in jail.
He was surrounded by evil.
I stand buy him because he did more for this country than any other President in the last 50 years.


If they won’t rest until he’s in jail, then they will get no rest. Ever.


Very good observation 🙂


Let me suggest that sometimes we are referring to stupidity in an eternal sense.

The eternal consequences of such actions as Pence has taken betrays a spiritual blindness, an ignorance of supreme stupidity.

Their cunning and smarts as regarding political actions has very limited efficacy in the sense of heaven and hell.

That is how I see it.


Excellent piece, Wolfmoon. I feel so bad for the victims like the man from NY. Sorry to say, “letting people off the hook” disrespects the law and lets them fight another day. DP and Grandma, what you both said is so true.


Hi Zoe! ❤


apparatchnik Dr Strangelove sleeper agent
comment image


comment image


Cuppa Covfefe

He’s a Milley-Fairy disaster…


We’ve KNOWN Miley IS a POS for a long, long time. WELL BEFORE BiteMe was INSTALLED.


And there he is, General Silley.


newspeak and the manipulation of words

👉 the formation of public opinion


Beijing’s WOKE Propaganda War In America


May 5, 2021


People who have never been exposed to propaganda do not see it even if it right before them. That is why it is so dangerous to unsuspecting people.


comment image



The repression is actively underway. My inference: if the repression is actively underway, it is because it has been deemed that the time is right to use repression. And if the time is right to use repression, it is because, above all, there is about zero chance that the repression will not work.

The communists, globalists, plutocrats, Deep State, whoever it is controlling things, only do things they can get away with. This started with the Clinton/CCP alliance in the 90’s. A bitter irony is the almost flamboyant way our side assumed that, because the President was our avatar, we had Sun Tzu on our side. In the meanwhile, and for several decades now, we have been so thoroughly Sun Tzued that probably most of the people on our side don’t even understand even now how close we are to total defeat and widespread persecution.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution was NOT a revolution. It was a top-down government operation. That is what is happening now, almost exactly in parallel, and with the same inevitability.

Concerned Virginian

Am re-reading “Life and Death in Shanghai”, by Nien Chieng, the record of her time being imprisoned and tortured for over 5 years during the Cultural Revolution. Her “crime” was that she was Western-educated and had worked for a Western oil company. She was arrested after she returned to China at her late husband’s request. Their daughter was killed by Red Guards. Mme. Chieng managed to leave China and to eventually settle in the United States.
The news of Mrs. Morgan-Lloyd from Indiana, who “confessed” to a “crime” related to the January 6th Capitol incident, is uncomfortably close to the account of the “interrogation sessions” that Mme. Chieng went through, and the “political thought books” that she was required to read, while she was in prison. Mme. Chieng refused to “confess her crimes” — so she was tortured, off and on, for years. Her release was likely due to “someone” in the hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party getting nervous that Shell Oil would make a stink about the treatment of one of their employees.
My opinion:
Heather Shaner, the “defense attorney” for Mrs. Morgan-Lloyd, is no different from the Red Guard prison officials who forced Mme. Chieng to read the books of Mao Zedong.


Yes, and they are right. BO got rid of the military threat. Full speed ahead.

The President is in great peril, and he will be gone before the year is out. They will get him.


Here’s hoping!


Truly sad, the ignorance governments, US Federal, states, county, city AND countries around the globe are going to over Covid shutdowns, vaccines.

Philippines. Duterte has been VERY popular in the Philippines. Controversial, but popular. Many things Dutarte says is both controversial AND more bluster than reality. He’s politician so that is not too surprising.

Covid positives have been quite high in the Philippines the past few months. My guess is they have crappy Covid tests and being slammed with FALSE positives.

Filipinos can’t even be told, know which vaccine they get. So, in addition to the vaccines being a roulette of sorts, they dunno if they get AZ, J&J, Chinee vaccine, Moderna… Absolutely stoopid.

My guess is IF Dutarte follows through with jailing folks over not getting vaccinated, becoming unpopular WILL be the least of Dutartes concerns. Philippine jails ARE HORRIBLE in every way imaginable. Can’t see Filipinos tolerating getting jailed over the Covid vaccine.

Family in the Philippines live in Infanta, a coastal fishing village/city near Lingayan Gulf. They have ZERO interest in getting vaccinated.

On a more personal angle with the Philippines. Wife and I canceled our Philippine vacation this past May/June. Philippine government required a seven to ten day quarantine in a Manila hotel. Then, prior to departure a couple more days in Manila to get a Covid test prior to boarding the plane to US. Latter a US requirement.

Covid passports are not required in the Philippines, yet. I suspect they will be required of all travelers soon. Covid passports are a NO GO for me and will ensure I never get pack to the Philippines. Wife is like minded.

Everything about Covid sucks. But most of all draconian IGNORANT government actions regrading Covid.


Amen, KK


So, PT told us that Deplorables would be safe. This is not looking good for “Promises Made, Promises Kept.”


I believe PT tweeted out that rally goers would not be harmed.


I think Trump truly believed deplorable would not be harmed.
Evil knows no bounds and he truly believe no one would be harmed.
I do not know what would happen if what ever I ever said would be questioned and every promise made I have no control over even though I thought I did.
To me 45 has lived up to more for this country than hoped for.
He is not perfect but then who is?


He was a bad actor.


Terrific article Wolfie…

I continue to lament… “Where is the OUTRAGE!”




Thank you Wolf for posting the crimes committed to American citizens by communist thugs .
The day will come when we are back and they will not skate. There are psychopaths in the FBI and I do not trust anyone of them.
This is as bad as I heard from my family as it was in the beginning of Nazism and it got worse over time.
This is a bad I I witnessed and heard in East Germany when spending my summer vacations and Christmas with grandmothers. Most Americans do not see the signs because they never have been exposed to the terror.
I am glad here in our community people know. Immigrants from communist countries know the signs.


Jussie Wray AKA Smug Coiffured Commie.
Ignores documented terrorist acts by one demographic, but invents and instigates harsh charges against another.
On the face of it that would appear simply wraycist, but he does it for political reasons so it deserves a different name, I can’t just think what that would be.
comment image

Valerie Curren

What is that yellowish blob over the flag stripes on his lapel? Xi’s face perhaps???

Valerie Curren

Thanks Wolf!!!