DOJ/FBI Watch – Using Investigative Creep To Begin East German-Style Political Intimidation Raids

This is a HEADS UP to all authentic American patriots about our phony globo-nazi “friends” in DOJ and FBI, otherwise known as “Dodge” and “FIB”.

Let me give you the TL;DR right here.

The Bidenistas and Bidenazis are going to try to GO CANADA during however long they remain in power. “FIB” is going to be an integral part of the harassment. Expect FIB to escalate in response to their own phony accusations against “domestic violent extremists”. That is how the incremental tyranny works. And when audits threaten the fake election, expect it to get REALLY BAD.

You can glean this out of a combination of recent Biden orders and policy statements on dealing with “domestic extremists” (that would be us loyal Americans), and what the deeply corrupt DOJ, through the FBI, is now doing to gently extend the pool of harassables, who are getting the “20 machine gun, broken front door” treatment. Short story – people who are not even being CHARGED are getting VIOLENTLY raided.

So far, FIB has done an “excellent” job (using NAZI criteria here about what is “excellent”) of keeping the political aspect of what they do beneath the obviously and easily accusable. One thing that has been done, at a policy level, is to not engage in prosecutions of January 6 “domestic extremists” except when those people either entered the capitol building TRAP itself, or engaged in actual violence outside the building. This is essential for them to maintain the false narrative of “domestic extremists” by omission of the vast majority of Trump supporters who were there, peacefully protesting the TREASON which happened INSIDE the capitol.

TREASON which the deeply political KGB-FBI helped set up, and in some cases, actually helped commit.

One seeming exception to this policy was the “high-valued political target” of “Walk Away” movement founder Brandon Straka, who has been REMARKABLY QUIET of late, as was clearly intended by prosecuting him.

Straka was immediately shut down on Facebook after January 6 – his sites and groups being completely eliminated on January 8. Sundance had great coverage of this:

Big Tech Purge Continues, Facebook Bans Walk Away Movement, Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Group, Twitter Purge Ongoing, Biden Labels Trump Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”January 8, 2021 | Sundance | 1,530 Comments

Extreme control efforts are a reaction to extreme fear.  If the left-wing political elements who control most social media platforms were not fearful they would not be taking such aggressive action.  Today Brandon Straka announces his #WalkAway group has been removed from Facebook and deplatformed.


Then, on January 25, Straka was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska. After two days in jail, he was let out. A flurry of mainstream Fake News articles appeared – then nothing. Again, Sundance covered it:

Founder of #WalkAway Movement, Brandon Straka, Arrested For Participation in Capitol Hill RiotJanuary 25, 2021 | Sundance | 242 Comments

Despite the weak evidence outlined in the indictment, this looks like a case of specific DOJ and FBI targeting of political voices.   The regime will not be opposed…

Brandon Straka was the founder of the #WalkAway movement.  He was also a key organizer for the Stop the Steal group during the January 6th political protest in Washington DC.

WASHINGTON DC – A prominent activist in the Stop the Steal movement who spoke at a rally held by backers of President Donald Trump in Washington the day before the storming of the Capitol was arrested on Monday on charges that he took part in the riot.

Brandon Straka, 44, was arrested on a felony charge of interfering with police during civil disorder. The self-described founder of a movement to “walk away” from liberalism was also charged with unlawful entry into a restricted building and disorderly conduct.

An FBI agent’s affidavit used to obtain a criminal complaint against Straka describes his role as an organizer of Stop the Steal and quotes his comments at the Jan. 5 rally held at Freedom Plaza, but doesn’t indicate whether the government views those activities as context for his actions at the Capitol or part of the alleged crimes.

The charging documents are HERE. The transactions of Straka’s case are listed HERE. You can see that his case was continued to May 26. Apparently on May 25 his case was continued AGAIN for another 3 months. During that time, Straka ONLY broke his silence in a Facebook live podcast / video to his supporters on the occasion of the re-continuation, which video was later REMOVED – reason unknown. Details of his brief message are HERE and in more detail HERE.

Brandon Straka also has a website – – which has ZERO information about the case, and doesn’t even appear to have much recent information AT ALL. All people with any questions are directed to his site – which says nothing.

The details of the case are interesting. It is very debatable whether Straka did anything other than “almost” going into the capitol building, by being in a crowd near a doorway which was successfully BLOCKED by Capitol Hill Police. Basically, Straka was in behind others who were pushing and shoving and trying to get in. You can read the charging documents and linked articles. I am of no opinion about what Straka did or didn’t do, but I am also of the opinion that DOJ is going after him, because he was a rally speaker on January 5, along with General Mike Flynn, and “Dodge” is still desperate to go after Flynn.

Now it is clear that Dodge and FIB have gone after people who merely walked inside the building, in some cases without any warning or opposition, and in a subset of those cases, literally invited in by Capitol Hill Police. It is generally observed and understood that people who did NOT enter the Capitol, and who did NOT engage in violence, or otherwise attempt to “breach” the building, have not been charged.


Prosecution seems a bit uneven, however, within the group which only entered the building and behaved courteously. Some of those “insurgents” had completely civilized encounters with FIB, although in some of those cases, with laughably large numbers of agents and local law enforcement present. I won’t give any further details, lest some of the more enthusiastic Bidenazis decide those poor innocents need more trouble because they didn’t get enough. Because that’s how Nazis THINK and ACT.

However, in other cases, such as Dr. Simone Gold, the head of a doctor’s group (AFLD) supporting use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to treat COVID-19, there has been a ridiculous amount of intimidating force used.

Yeah, we’ve got a real Bonnie and Clyde there, my friends.

Welcome to communism by a MINORITY PARTY. I guess maybe they really are “Mensheviks”.

The arrest of Dr. Gold was NOT benign. HERE is coverage at Gateway Pundit, originally HERE, with information from an interview with Michelle Malkin.

In describing this incident, Gold said, “I was paid a visit by the FBI in a Roger Stone kind of take down moment, which is quite uncalled for. You know, if anybody wanted to get a hold of me, they could have picked up the phone and called. I’m very easy to find. But there were literally twenty guys with guns blazing, [and they] broke down my door,” Gold said.

“It was dramatic and what I want to say is that I weep for our country. If you can pull in a person like me … [and] have the FBI break down your door with 20 guns, shackle you [in] handcuffs [and] drag you off, I mean it was really terrible … I’m telling you America, this can happen to you.”

Here is the interview:

Now, while it’s pretty clear that Straka and Gold were “high-value political targets”, it was looking like something I knew was going to happen, was not happening yet. Until now.

I knew that eventually the terribly corrupt and politicized “Dodge” would go after ALL patriots who were in Washington that day. ALL of them. They would not do so at first, but as the Soviet American communists – Bidenistas – Bidenazis – globo-nazis – WHATEVER – tightened control over America, they would ESCALATE.

OK? I want EVERYBODY who was in Washington to understand that. They will come for you EVENTUALLY. So you need to have a PLAN.

Worse yet, they are eventually going to start leaning on people who simply KNOW people who were in Washington. Yup. If you know me, as in have ever showed up on our site here, they are going to LEAN ON YOU. It cannot be stopped, unless THEY are stopped.

My mother didn’t live through the Nazis, and teach me all about them, to let this kind of information just sit with me alone, doing no good. I am giving all of you the earliest warning possible, so that you can be READY when they show up at your door. HAVE A PLAN.

Don’t tell me what you’re going to do. Let THEM worry about that.

Although, until you have a plan, THIS WORKS.

This is MUST-SEE video. I recommend watching it MANY TIMES, so that you have an INGRAINED RESPONSE. My recommendation is to psychologically prepare yourself against the regime by watching this over and over and over again.

Now, here is the kicker. Here is where they start raiding people who are NOT being arrested.


Now, you can read the rest of that article, and you will see that there is no information about WHAT MASSAQUOI DID or about WHAT THE CHARGES ARE.

So – I looked HERE.

It’s imperative to read through this all, because of two points you need to watch for:

(1) The vaccine connection

(2) People being investigated for SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTIONS

Now – I find it extremely interesting that this guy was INSIDE the Capitol Building, but he is not being charged. This immediately brings up the suspicion that it’s RACIAL-POLITICAL – that he is not being charged – ironically – because he’s black. Either THAT or lawyers are already getting charges DROPPED for some arrested protesters due to evidence that protesters were being ALLOWED IN or even ENCOURAGED to enter the Capitol Building. But if that is the case, why raid him at all?

I am starting to think that the most important part seems to be the ANTI-VAXX connection. Note that Massaquoi is NOT a friend or associate of “Baked Alaska” – he simply showed up in Baked’s videos.

The whole thing screams politics. One of the FEW places where Hollywood seems to buck the leftist establishment is on vaccination. Thus, I am thinking that this is a BIG reason they are going after him. Yet, at the same time, for all of Hollywood and all of Fake News Journalism, and frankly for all of DOJ and FBI as well, being “Blackque” is deserving of special treatment. I think, in that world, at the most cynical interpretation, they know DAMN WELL that arresting a BLACKQUE MAN for anti-vaxx in Hollywood, would whip up a firestorm – ironically one of their own making. Thus, they decided to drop him into a kind of “material witness” status, so that they could “deliver the message” without taking political risks on the left.

And THAT brings us back to THIS SITE.

We have been leading the way on a lot of VIRUS and VACCINE reporting. We NAILED the spike protein. We called out the magnetic disinformation, and our side has been INOCULATED against the ploys of the left. We are a target. I think there was big hope that we would swallow the “magnetic vaccine” crap and be discredited. Instead, we turned that around.

My first response to the magnetic stuff, while bobbling the ball, was to hint back at technological possibilities which would trigger their greed – basically a kind of “radar”. While that picture was resolving, I looked at the “magnetic vaccine” problem and came to the conclusion that it was disinformation being used to discredit the most susceptible (no pun originally intended) critics of the spike protein vaccines. There is still an enormous amount of very interesting science there, but it’s a distraction – even a risk – because it’s easily thrown into the bad context of the “Magnet Challenge”. Right now, we need to make them pay for what they did, and secure FREEDOM.

Also, they are going to try this COVID crap again. There are appropriate responses. I’m sure our people have some ideas of what they are. And that’s all I’m saying. But trust me, they will pull some crap like that again. Biden said so – literally – another pandemic is coming. All the boardroom bozos can feel smart saying that, for the wrong reasons. It’s coming because the last one WORKED.

We have to be the spoke-bending, tire-stopping, vehicle-crashing STEEL BAR that brings down the next phony plannedemic.

Are you with me? GOOD.

Now – because we’ve been scoring so many hits on the other side, on the virus and the vaccine, and helping unmask all this crap, and because we could seriously interfere with their NEXT plannedemic, they WILL come after us. It’s only a matter of WHEN – barring JUSTICE FOR THE FAKE ELECTION. And THAT will not be pretty, either. Expect raids related to THAT as well.

Just GET READY. Either way, BE PREPARED.


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Don’t talk to the police video is good “training”. Watch it several times. Your initial reflex is always to “help” the police. Ultimately they are not your friend as much as we grew up believing they are. In todays environment it is all about your self preservation and your families.


They’re creating an environment where each group or individual only trusts their own “kind”. It’s creeping paranoia that fulfills itself . They’ve pitted race against race, straights against gays, teachers against parents, etc etc

The freedom that we’ve enjoyed is gone.
Home of the brave is taking on a new meaning.


Dr.Simone described the choices well in the video posted above..
Either you are educated/schooled/trained in the content needed to make an informed decision based on your own critical thinking skills,
Or you ask someone you trust with your life.

All who gather at the Wolf Den have been pre-vetted.

When theSHTF Camp Freedom will open to all patriots in S Ala.
Stay Vigilant
Keep your powder dry
Never give up

Valerie Curren

Beautifully said! & ominous


You smacked the nail with this article Wolf. Thanks .
My small circle of family talk about the ‘ what will we do when’ scenarios lately. We see the hugely probable purge coming sooner or later.


Thank you for the heads-up, Wolf. Being prepared involves more than just having supplies.

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
And one may assume there is also a tie-in to the IRS hiring its own “army” of many thousands of new “enforcers” (agents).

Cuppa Covfefe

Now we can see why Øbløwhøle ordered all that ammo for gubmint agencies that ostensibly have no use for it…..

Might be worth getting some “dealing with the apparatchiks” tips from any former East Bloc people around…

Folks over here from the former East Bloc (Ossies) are all saying “we’ve seen this before”…

Same Satanic Horse (cf the one at Denver Airport), new coat of paint…

Cuppa Covfefe

Care for some Novichok to go with that, as a chaser? 🙂
comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Cuppa Covfefe

Yes we have seen this before. My grandmothers lived it and I was a witness to it by spending my vacations with them.
I see it so clearly and feel like shaking so many Americans awake because they do not recognize what is happening.
The bad thing is how the military caved and backstab Trump and us.


Fear is their weapon.


Patience has also been their weapon. They made inroads where they could, slowly taking over manufacture of critical items…steel, electronics and other things that can affect the defense of our country

Cuppa Covfefe

That’s one HUGE difference between the East and the West.

The East (“Orient”, not just Asia – middle East, too) are quite happy waiting years, if not generations, to achieve their goals.

I once read of the Sony Corporation being on the third 50-year segment of a 250-year plan… So they achieve their goals as slowly, but as surely, as a tree root breaking through stone or concrete.

We in the West, on the other hand, are more focused on speed, and “visible goals and progress”.
Waiting for ten- or twenty-year milestones is tantamount to waiting on millstones…

A combination of both is probably the best of all worlds, but it’s hard to change old habits, especially when they’re culturally ingrained…


Silently take over

Cuppa Covfefe

Mao said waaaayyyy back when, that he’d take over the USA without firing a shot…

Somehow the shoe-banging Kruschev was more palatable than Mao…


To many people were memorized by the Chinese culture and forgot all about Mao communism.


I see FBI to mafia a criminal organization paid for by taxpayers empowered by politicians we sent to DC.
Every dictatorship winds up like that. Nazis did Communists did Fascists did.


So dangerous but you know that your mom taught you well to survive and see danger.


The criminality has been finely crafted over the years that is why they flew under the radar.


That we have to think about and prepare for such eventuality is terribly sad.

Deplorable Patriot

What I’m getting out of the the continuances or Brandon Straka and the harassments, etc., is stalling for time to an extent (the other side) and allowing the “you have to show the people” to play out (our side). The targeting is really of high profile individuals and groups at the moment. Of course, they put themselves in the position of gaining attention, and that invites the harassment, but that’s another story.

I’m really thinking the end of all of it near, and the swampian “law enforcement” departments, bureaus and agencies will be reigned in.

Scavino is rarely ever this specific. There cannot be any coincidence that the first Trump rally back is on the same day the Arizona election audit results are supposed to be announced. No way, Jose.

I’m simply not going to fall into the trap of worrying about it while waiting to do a few “I told ya so” statements to those who dismiss the information I’ve dug up over the years.


I’m not gonna worry about it, either. I have my reasons.


I have had a plan since January 7, but I don’t think I’m gonna need it.

One great thing about this website is, I don’t “know” anybody, and nobody “knows” me.

Think about it, what do we actually know about each other that the Feebles couldn’t know themselves by reading what is written here? Because everything I know about you all is what I read here.

As far as I know, none of us have ever met in real life.

I still maintain that the whole “show” being played out by the Feebles is to attempt to intimidate people into not showing up at Trump rallies. End of story. They are SO feeble that they can’t figure out how else to stop the Trump juggernaut.

They tried Russian collusion, they tried impeachment, they tried accusations of racism and xenophobia, they tried a fake killer virus. None of it stopped us, so now they are trying the threat of their gulag.

That won’t work, either, unless they quite literally round up and arrest 100 million American citizens.

People out here in the hinterlands are pissed on a level that hasn’t been seen in America since before it was the United States. It is not going away. Arresting pr harassing little old me would inflame 20,000 or more local patriot citizens, because I have done nothing wrong. I don’t think they want that. I think they want us afraid to show up and be counted.

Not gonna live that way.

Valerie Curren

We were in a part of Metro Detroit unfamiliar to us for my husband’s band concert this weekend. There were several Trump flags/banners prominently displayed & some Trump hats proudly being worn still. There appear to still be A LOT of people just waiting for marching orders from Real POTUS…Americans don’t ceaselessly cower on their knees!!!


Not in our nature, is it?

Valerie Curren

nope–boots on, point man, watchman on the walls, plowshares into swords, etc!



Cuppa Covfefe

Just got home from Illinois locked the front door oh boy!
Got to sit down take a rest on the porch
Imagination sets in pretty soon I’m singin’

Boom Boom Feds bangin’ on my front door

There’s a big drone packing hellfire, two snipers hangin’ right by
Look at all the vicious creatures dancing on the lawn
Swamp critters flailin’ sent by Sleepy and Hoe

Boom Boom Feds bangin’ on my front door

Eavesdropping and skullduggery have spread throughout the land
Won’t you take a ride to the po-leece room?
Doo doo doo
Hateful apparition provided by politician(s)

Boom Boom Feds baingin’ on my front door

(apologies to Creedence Clearwarer Revival and the rest of the known and unknown universe)


Instantly recognized it Cuppa .


No doubt the repression will intensify, and soon. They are telling us so.

Please listen to this advice. Get your lawyer’s business card. Get many of them.

Tell your lawyer: “If the police ever wish to speak to me, I am going to give them your business card, and INSTRUCT them to call you.” The lawyer can practice any area of law, but a criminal lawyer is best. A criminal lawyer will understand completely what you are doing, and why. If necessary, pay him ten dollars as a retainer.

On one of the cards, get a receipt for the ten dollars, with your lawyer’s signature, and put the date. You do not need a retainer. Even getting a receipt may very well be overkill, but believe me, lawyers can be pressured to forget details if the authorities want them to.

So even a retainer agreement, though overkill in all likelihood, could be valuable overkill. “I John Q. Lawyer represent John Q. Deplorable in all matters concerning law enforcement, and have instructed my client to never speak to any member of law enforcement, but to tell them to speak to me directly.”

The business card with the receipt and signature are evidence that you were ACTUALLY represented by the attorney. There are potential favorable legal consequences in the fact you were ACTUALLY represented, and specifically in the fact that the LE KNEW you were actually represented.

You can infer from this discussion that LE are fully cognizant of your right to silence, and the concomitant right to counsel. They have gone through it a million times, against your zero times of experience. They take advantage of that to “trick” you into giving up your rights. And the courts have approved all the tricks.

The above “advice” is the belt and suspenders approach. It is not strictly necessary, just prudent.

It is sufficient to tell LE that you will not speak to them without a lawyer present.

HOWEVER, you MUST say this unequivocally. You CANNOT say, “I think I want a lawyer” or “Do you think I should get a lawyer?” or “I might have a lawyer.” You MUST say, “I want a lawyer.”

There is something you should understand. SOME LE officers lie. If the officers hate you for any reason, like because you are a Trump supporter, they will feel justified in lying.

Assume judges permit LE perjury in court all the time. Most of the LE perjury is plausible, so the judges can simply say, as is their right, that they made a credibility determination. Assume that a judge does not want to be punished by LE for having found one of their members to have lied. So assume that even fantastic and implausible perjury will be permitted as a “judgement call.” Assume that there is more going on than you can know, and assume that it is all unfavorable to you.

If you are “innocent” there is an overwhelming desire to talk. BUT keep this in mind. If you say NOTHING other than “I want a lawyer,” it is much more difficult (although not impossible) for LE to lie about what you said. If you say anything, it is much easier to lie about what you said. Assume the LE is very expert in changing a word or two, or inserting a short phrase, which will be your ultimate condemnation. And they will put that in the midst of the words you spoke.

Finally, LE will put a LOT of pressure on you to talk. They are experts at that. They WILL punish you for not talking, they are experts at that, too. But the bad stuff was going to happen anyway. That is why they are there. If you have anything genuinely valuable to say, they can get that information through your attorney, and they will. Otherwise, shut up. Do NOT even engage in banter.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tonawanda

I know nothing is going to be my mantra. I only speak German dumb is good it is like a comfortable shoe.

Valerie Curren

Excellent work, Wolf–Thank you so much!!!

[…] DOJ/FBI Watch – Using Investigative Creep To Begin East German-Style Political Intimidation Raids […]

[…] DOJ/FBI Watch – Using Investigative Creep To Begin East German-Style Political Intimidation Raids […]