Is Team GOF-Grift at NIH and Pfizer Dog-Whistling to Dirty Merrick Garland for the Next Gestapo Action?

Or did Dodge-and-Fib arrange the drama, as with the National School Board rogue Democrats?

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If you’ve been following the machinations of the DOJ-FBI-KGB-SS during the major distraction of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, then you already know that DOJ-FBI sent their first school board jack-boots after a “super-mom” in Colorado, under the pretext of “domestic terrorism”.

FBI Jackboots Break Down Door and Raid Home of America’s Mom

November 20, 2021 | Sundance | 26 Comments

The reality is that this woman – who knows county clerk Tina Peters of Dominion whistle-blower fame – has been very effective in Colorado politics, particularly against the CRT-SEL scam which enriches A.G. Merrick “Kapo” Garland’s family business of undermining American society toward some race-nutty Democrat Bolshevik “utopia” based on permanent animosity between blacks and “selectively defined whites”.

Yeah, let me repeat that, for the sake of the clarity of their camouflage. We’re talking about the “I’m not white, I’m Jewish” scam. Whatever.

Let’s ignore the Obama Third Term’s sick mind-frack. Bolsheviks – of all former religions and perpetually aggrieved races – even against their own – no longer define reality for the majority of Americans. We are ON to their games. And the reality on the ground is this. “Kapo” Garland is moving on from merely imprisoning “January Sixers” to going after America’s highly effective and grass-roots-winning “Super-Moms”.

Isn’t that just HITLER? Go after the civilians. Go after the women and children. FRANCE remembers.

What a P.O.S. that man is. Almost as bad as his Fuehrer, Obama.

Not Biden – OBAMA.

Now, let me be more blunt.

If you think they’re never coming for YOU, you are sorely mistaken. Whatever it is, on their bucket list of neo-Soviet globalist fascist tyranny, they’re going after it. And YOU are in the way.

FIRST Kapo came for the Trump election protesters. The SICK TRICK of the BUFFALO JUMP.

THEN Kapo came for the super-moms.



I think it’s people like Alex Berenson, FLCCC doctors, Karl Denninger, Peter McCullough, Steve Kirsch, and anybody else – ME INCLUDED – and Sundance, too – anybody who is now acting as a REAL JOURNALIST or a REAL SCIENTIST, when the CORPORATE FAKE MEDIA and PAID-OFF SCIENCE are all failing terribly to DO THEIR DUTIES.

Why do I think this?


Yes, there was some GROUNDWORK laid for this stuff, when KGB-FBI went after Simone Gold with the usual 20 guns media psy-op.

DOJ/FBI Watch – Using Investigative Creep To Begin East German-Style Political Intimidation Raids

This is a HEADS UP to all authentic American patriots about our phony globo-nazi “friends” in DOJ and FBI, otherwise known as “Dodge” and “FIB”. Let me give you the TL;DR right here. The Bidenistas and Bidenazis are going to try to GO CANADA during however long they remain in power. “FIB” is going to …

However, I have now seen THREE calls for us “dissident scientists and journalists” to be rounded up.

Let’s take a look at them.

1. Prof. Peter Hotez, Vaccine Expert

The first bizarre play in this little game was an establishment vaccine scientist, Dr. Peter Hotez, coming up with a whacky sound-bite by proposing that people who criticized Anthony Fauci needed to be arrested.


This guy is normally pretty level-headed, and I used to quote him all the time on vaccine science.

But YES, he not only SAID it – he tweeted about it, and wrote a column.

Yeah, let’s just save that sucker before Twitter deletes it or the dude closes his account. Or when Fauci is finally brought to justice, Hotez will likely claim he never said this, and will delete the tweet.

Of course, this seemed pretty hilarious to everybody at the time. But I now think it was predictive programming served up for the progzis at Dodge and Fib.

Roughly six months before needed. Yup. They were getting out ahead of us.

We were actually rather lucky, in that Hotez fired off this crap before all the PROOF broke that – Yes, Virginia – all of Hotez’s earnestly defended buddies really did perform gain-of-function experiments in China, and they KNEW IT.

Hotez looked pretty dorky after that. Rand Paul had a field day.


2. Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO

The second case of somebody on Team Spike Protein calling for “arrests” – although perhaps a bit more discreetly – was Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla.

This guy is a bit of an actor, which I can tell you is a “quality” of some Big Pharma C-level stiffs – at least from my limited number of interactions with them. They will gladly and openly run scripted con games as a form of business dealings. I kid you not. I was shocked the first time I ran into it. And indeed, Bourla already engaged in a kind of patent medicine shill act with Israel, when he was “not allowed to come” because he wasn’t “fully vaccinated”.

Oy vey. THE CRINGE. Stage left!

Such a hammy operation. We used to fall for this stuff. But no more.

Bear in mind that Israel and Pfizer cut a HUGE deal, and were BEST OF CHUMS when it was done.

Whatever. As long as Israel minds it’s own business……..

Yeah. I know. “Allies.”

Anyway, Bourla has really been feeling the heat from all sides, so he decided the smart thing to do was to label us – the “purveyors of misinformation” – as “criminals”.

Not smart, it seemed at first.


Notice that this was done in conjunction with that nasty globonazi “Atlantic Council”, who already partnered onto a thousand LIES. FIGURES.

Here is the video:

Again, this seemed like stupid bait for a lot of bad press.

But these people are not stupid. Trust me.

So we have a voice from ACADEMIA, and a voice from INDUSTRY, both BEGGING Kapo to do something.

Who do they need NEXT?


3. NIH Director Francis Collins

This was the one where I invoked the “James Bond rule” and said – OK – this makes three of them – we’re looking at “enemy action”.

Don’t mistake the crafty Drax for NIH Director Francis Collins. Collins is one of the best FRONTS that Obama ever had. Collins was crafted by the Clinton and Obama administrations into “The old Christian scientist that the rubes will trust.” I was never quite sure WHY Francis Collins was not merely tolerated by Obama and company, but seemingly showcased. Well, by now, in the THIRD OBAMA TERM, it’s very clear.

In the same way that goofball James Clapper served as a kind of “useful idiot” in DNI, Collins served as a “useful befuddled genius” in NIH, to chill any suspicions of nasty goings-on in the now-communized sci-med-bio complex.

It is VERY instructive to read the Wikipedia entry for Francis Collins. The thing that will jog your memory is the word “ethics”. Yes. Remember when this guy was pure as the driven snow? We TRUSTED him.

This was the primary reason for the communists, globalists, and Third Way fascists having Collins as a facade for the various scammy goings-on that have plagued American science, mostly during and after the Obama administration, where it all got “set up” for the big 2020 scamapalooza.

I could spend a lot of time going back and showcasing all the good things Francis Collins did over his long career, and they are considerable, but quite frankly, the Fake News Media has done an excellent job of that. I defer to them.

It’s the other stuff – all the stuff that the corporate fake news STUDIOUSLY IGNORED, that I – most unfortunately – need to detail for you.

Francis Collins apparently “misspoke” in denying that people under him were funding viral gain-of-function (GOF) research in China. Whether or not that is connected to his resignation, the fact remains – Collins announced his resignation / retirement in early October – shortly after his “misstatements” were made public.



This one is worth a read.

A bit of a sad end to Collins’ illustrious career. I like to think that, somewhere behind the scenes, on the way to submitting his resignation, Collins told his “handlers” and “superiors” to go jump in a lake – that he was no longer going to cover for them.


Dream on, idiot Wolf. The noble science you signed up for never existed.

Yeah, I’m a CHUMP SUPREME on that one, because on his way out the door, what does Collins do?




Yeah, what do you EXPECT from a DOUBLE-MASKIE?

Let’s just reply to THAT with WOLF’S DICTUM:

“Authority misinformation is a far greater danger than popular misinformation.”

Think about it, Francis. It’s SCIENCE.

Add to this the principle that SCRUTINY BEGINS AT HOME, and I would say it’s time for NIH to clean it’s own house FIRST, so we don’t have to do it.


When NIH and Gilead Pharmaceuticals CLEARLY conspired to hide the kidney toxicity of remdesivir by blaming it on a commonly used excipient.

NIH and Gilead Blamecasting Remdesivir Renal Toxicity to an Excipient

Well, they can lock us out of The Q Tree, but they can’t stop the truth from getting out. Enjoy a post first over on The U Tree and now HERE. Here is a quickie in my WAR ON REMDESIVIR. Fellow Treeper barkerjim dropped an interesting document today, from back in July, which showed the …

There are plenty of links in that reference, and in those references, too, for anybody who WANTS to see if remdesivir might be toxic, to LOOK FOR THEMSELVES.

Better to look for yourself, Francis, than to trust a guy like Fauci.

This is where having a nice old doufus like Francis Collins pays off for Team Obama. The man is a sitting duck for the “Nazis of Nice”, as I like to call them. Collins was oblivious to his own mistake of trusting sneaky, crafty, sketchy guys like Anthony Fauci.

Collins is not alone there. Franklin Graham is another great example.

Pushed the vaccine, and got pericarditis from it – never said a word of consideration that this was straight out of the vaccine risks he has pushed aside. I suspect that the thought never occurred to him that maybe he was wrong – but if it did, he must have decided to go along with the CDC “white lie” of “vaccine hesitancy must by stopped at all costs” – CLEARLY A DEVIL’S DEAL, when MANDATES and CDC LIES rule the day – to say nothing of the lay-person-obvious “no contraindications to the vaccine” fallacy.

Come on, Frankie. WAKE UP. You’re in STALINVILLE now. THEY JUST LIE.

Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky have made fools of us all, by taking vaccine hesitancy – a METRIC of vaccine success or failure – and turning it into an ANATHEMA to be fought by all means possible – even the grandest of dishonesties.

Yes – PINTO hesitancy was bad. We really should have fought that, too.

Yes – AIDS hesitancy was bad. And I guess we did fight that, using gay pride in schools.

See how it works?

A GRIFT fit for a KING.

And the MARKS and SUCKERS who line up for it, are born every minute.



So here we are. Francis Collins’ final act is to call out for Herod’s men to go off looking for those conspiracy babies.

Good job, Francis. You’re not as impressive of a fool as the other Francis, but you tried.

In any case, we’ll handle the ethics now. This is not the world you thought it was.

You need the special glasses, and the will to put them on.


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“Isn’t that just HITLER? Go after the civilians. Go after the women and children. FRANCE remembers.”


Yes indeed.

So much so, that Garland’s face should never appear again without a Hitler mustache 👍

He earned it.


“I think it’s people like Alex Berenson, FLCCC doctors, Karl Denninger, Peter McCullough, Steve Kirsch, and anybody else – ME INCLUDED – and Sundance, too – anybody who is now acting as a REAL JOURNALIST or a REAL SCIENTIST, when the CORPORATE FAKE MEDIA and PAID-OFF SCIENCE are all failing terribly to DO THEIR DUTIES.”


It will blow up in their faces, whether they realize it or not.

The list is a big one. Imagine how many people would be shocked out of their complacence, if even one person or group on that list is arrested.

Now imagine how many would be awakened and moved to action, if ALL of them were arrested.

Every time they go full-Hitler, it is counterproductive to their efforts, because more people realize they’re Hitler.


“Good job, Francis. You’re not as impressive of a fool as the other Francis, but you tried.”


Pretty sure Francis is wearing lipstick in that photo.

comment image


“Pushed the vaccine, and got pericarditis from it – never said a word of consideration that this was straight out of the vaccine risks he has pushed aside.”


Corrupt — until or unless he proves that he’s just stupid.


“I suspect that the thought never occurred to him that maybe he was wrong”


It never occurred to Jim Jones that he might be wrong, either.

Seems like a dangerous character trait for anyone who would present themselves as any kind of spiritual leader.


Yeah, a lot of people will never look at him the same way again. That was a big red pill for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

WOW, I missed all that about Graham!!!

A true man of God has Godly Wisdom, he cannot be so easily deceived.
He made a choice, a BAD one.

Thanks for keeping me informed. How disappointing!!!

Last edited 2 years ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎MEGA MAGA GAME ON😎

But he can be more correct now. He can admit that the vaccines are far from perfect,

But I don’t think he will. As you said in the article, I don’t think he is even connecting his heart problem to the vaccines.

There are people who read and watch the news, and who no doubt have seen reports of bad reactions and even deaths after vaccination. Yet, those people unhesitatingly get the vaccine themselves and do not warn others about it, either. (I don’t understand this at all.) I strongly doubt that he will make the connection, and, if he does, that he will say anything about it.

I hope I am wrong. We will see if he continues to toe the line.

Brave and Free

I agree with you, he won’t make the connection between the two.
My brother took the stab and later turns up with heart issues. Never had any before, nothing runs in the family history.
But he can’t make the connection either sadly. Still listening to the narrative that says otherwise.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Sadly, I know the inner workings of big ministries. POLITICS ABOUND. He’s got too many smart people around him, spiritual, FINANCIAL, medical, PUBLIC RELATIONS, legal, MEDIA, etc…… Think HIVE approach to the ministry. 😭


He totally lost me when he said Jesus would take the vaccine and tell us to take it. Jesus, who is God, the Great Physician, who created us and our immune system. Horrible blaspheme.


“He totally lost me when he said Jesus would take the vaccine and tell us to take it.”


Yes, that was a ‘tell’ about the size of Mount Everest… 👍😂


…with a giant RED FLAG on the peak! 😁


Whatever else you can say about the man, only a complete moron would say such a thing. And he is not a complete moron. For me, that leaves only one other possibility.


My guess is my usual guess, blackmail.


For years I’ve seen speculation about Billy Graham having ties to the NWO and freemasonry, and it was almost impossible for me to fathom — a “crazy conspiracy theory.” There are personal accounts which might or might not be true, and there are pics of him using the masonic handshake. But his ecumenical approach always puzzled me. He preached the gospel clearly and biblically, but he seemed to give tacit approval to those of completely unbiblical faiths.

This video about freemasonry on this site (scroll down the page; 5 hours long) mentions some of it. It’s the best exposé I’ve seen.

I’ve only watched it once and can’t remember all the details, but I know there was something about Franklin frequenting a bakery that uses freemasonic or Illuminati symbolism, maybe as decoration on the baked goods. That sounds trivial and might have a good explanation, but I’ve never heard either Billy or Franklin speak against those evil forces of this world.

If he is a freemason, that would explain why Franklin would go along with what the powers-that-be want. I’m not saying he is; just putting this out there so people can be watchful.


I have watched that 5+ hour video on Freemasonry. I’m not sure one way or the other about the presenter, but there was certainly a lot of interesting information in the video, both on the symbolism used by Freemasonry, the 33rd degree level being Satanic, and the actual Freemason texts and quotes demonstrating and explaining the symbolism and the Satanism.

As far as people religious people in the public eye speaking against Freemasonry, I think Cardinal Vigano is the only one I’m aware of who has spoken about globalist Freemasonry.

Found it:

With Billy Graham, I realize he was very popular, but he taught being saved by saying the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’, and that is a teaching or doctrine that is found NOWHERE in God’s Word.

Which by definition makes it a doctrine of men.

And men can’t save us.

And someone in Billy Graham’s position is obligated to KNOW that. It doesn’t require any kind of deep theological knowledge to understand that.

As far as I know, Franklin teaches that same false doctrine.


His 60 second commercial where he invites people to call in to a prayer line REEKS of insincerity and manipulation. Sort of like “Jesus would take the vaccine.”


What impresses me about that documentary is not the surface issues of one-eye symbolism, the pyramid, etc., it’s that 1) it shows that it’s a religion for those people. They do not adhere to the Christian religion. Some might profess to, but you can’t serve two masters. 2) Adherents to Freemasonry at the higher degrees hate Jesus Christ. That explains everything about their world view. 3) Not only do they hate Jesus Christ, but they are worshipping the god of their freemasonic religion, which is satan. Satanism and the occult are behind communism and every evil that tries to rule over mankind in this world.

So we are dealing with people who adhere to the polar opposite of what we believe and the principles this country was founded on. That is our enemy. Democrats, globalists, communists, socialists, and the like are subsets of that enemy. I think until we recognize that and stop feeding the beast (like Hollywood, which is FULL of those people, and even the music industry), we will not make much progress. We have to see the real enemy.

And I’m not labeling the local guys down at the lodge as satanists. I don’t know how much they know. We need to understand who is pulling the strings in this world.

It began to dawn on some people over the last decade that this is a spiritual battle, not just one of political parties or politics. We need to look at the whole picture of that spiritual battle. It’s not just that some people are working against the principles of Christianity; it’s that they are part of a religion that worships satan.

There are pics in that video of Fauci doing the hidden hand sign on the stage during the COVID press conferences. He is signalling to others. This needs to be outed, but almost no one will go there. It sounds too crazy and conspiratorial, yet it’s in our faces. Unless we see the real enemy, our fight will not be as effective, IMO.


Watch your back, Wolf. I think you’re right. They will be coming after you and after all of us eventually. And everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated. They have to. They’ve already gone way to far and it won’t take much to set people off, like they’ve done in Australia and Austria.


They went after civilians of January 6, they went after super moms (one of them Gold Star), they’re trying to inoculate children but are already punishing them with masks and school closings, they have shut down influential social media people, they are persecuting James O’Keefe and saying he has no protection because he’s not a “journalist” — paving the way to go after all citizen journalists, and the Garland DOJ has said it’s contemplating whether it can file some kind of charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. I don’t think they will try it, but they would if they thought they could get away with it.

And yes, I agree that real scientists will be next. Anyone who speaks truth and has any chance of having influence is on their list. A woman doctor (whose name escapes me) just had her privileges suspended from a Houston hospital because of her stance on ivermectin. Scientists who tell the truth and reveal the perfidy are prime targets.

I think *they* are clamping down hard because there is more resistance than they expected. PDJT foiled them by getting vaccines out early so they couldn’t shut down the entire world for several years. Then, too many people didn’t get vaxed, and too many are fighting mandates. *They* are getting desperate and will lash out harder. The purity of the American Constitution is their arch enemy, and their evil is unspeakable.


“and the Garland DOJ has said it’s contemplating whether it can file some kind of charges against Kyle Rittenhouse.”


If they do, they will turn Kyle into a martyr, openly violate the principle of double-jeopardy, and expose themselves as defenders of pedophiles and wife-beaters.

And they know it.

Which is why I doubt they will do it.

But they are incredibly tone-deaf, so we’ll see.


The principles (and just as important, the spirit) of double jeopardy has been gamed into oblivion. Virtually all Constitutional principles have been gamed into non-existence. The entire justice system at both the state and federal level needs to be reformed by returning to the original principles without the myriad exceptions which have destroyed those principles.


“And yes, I agree that real scientists will be next. Anyone who speaks truth and has any chance of having influence is on their list.”


Which is exactly why EVERYONE needs to speak the truth plainly.

There is much safety in numbers, because they can’t arrest EVERYONE.

And with every person they DO arrest, their tyranny is exposed all the more.

Brave and Free

Garland DOJ has said it’s contemplating whether it can file some kind of charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. I don’t think they will try it, but they would if they thought they could get away with it.
IMHO I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, they’ll use it as a wedge to devide people more. There not concerned about weather it’s legal or not. Remember a crisis shouldn’t go to waste. Unless of course a better one arises.

Deplorable Patriot

I agree. They’re getting desperate. I don’t think they expected the level of resistance currently being displayed.

Which brings to mind the BRILLIANCE of the XVII operation psy-op. In three years, ahead of the launch of the cabal plans, whoever was staffing that managed to get hundreds of millions of people world wide to wake up. It wasn’t just about getting the anons to dig for public information and connect dots, it was to prep us for this, for the resistance.

This is why the MSM demonized “Qanon” constantly. They were trying to keep the people from waking up and resisting. Five years ago, if this all had been sprung on the people of the Earth, would we see world-wide resistance to the tyranny? I have my doubts.


Totally agree.

Valerie Curren

Yay, Steampunk Wolf, it’s been too long. Didn’t we play Where’s Waldo w/ him in DC?

Great AND thought provoking post Wolf.

Scent of prey on the wind.

Time to Howl & Roll!!!


When patriots rise to spread the truth and DEFY government tyranny, MSM and politicians and certain vested interests in far left groups call them fascists.

People who love freedom aren’t fascists, the people who embrace tyranny are the fascists.
comment image
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want too test a man’s character, give him power. – Abraham Lincoln

Deplorable Patriot

While I do think that the crowd seeking real truth will be slapped with labels and demonized, there’s too many of us awake and reporting for such a campaign to be effective.

I might complain about Political Moonshine and Amazing Polly and Cori’s Digs being repackaged old information, but the more outlets like this there are, the better chance the real truth will get out. And if one of the big names disappears, it is going to be noticed. Now that a critical mass are awake and the groundswell of speaking out is beginning to gain steam, all any action against the alternative media is going to do is wake people up further.


Franklin Graham wasn’t the only notable evangelical preacher to endorse vaccines. John Hagee and Greg Laurie also did so.

I can’t find any evidence that David Jeremiah or Chuck Swindoll promoted the vaccines.


Yes, there are a lot of guilty ones who are going to have to answer for what they did.


A day late…