Transcript: Professor David Clements Interviews Colonel John Mills – “The Deep State, Up Close and Personal”

We present here a TRANSCRIPT of a very long video from THE PROFESSOR’S RECORD, in which Prof. David Clements interviews Col. John Mills.

THANK YOU to GAIL COMBS for transcribing this terribly long but absolutely amazing interview.

Col. Mills reveals STARTLING information about so much – right out of the gate, he exposes the 2016 coup against Trump, and then goes right into the looming WORLD WAR WITH CHINA.

Then he goes back and fills in the details.

It’s well worth listening to, but if you want to find any of the AMAZING details later, this transcript will help. You can SEARCH this post and find where things are discussed.


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Here you go – 21 pages of interview broken up into SEVEN PIECES.

I have made a few very minor spelling corrections on critical things like names. Otherwise – RAW.



Comey & Brennan KNEW Russia was FAKE in summer 2016 but pushed the dis-info anyway. Col Mills was called on secure phone a couple days after the election to help “We need you to be part of and help craft and finish the narrative that Trump is a Russian Spy we need an intell community assessment.

Col Phil Waldron introduced to Prof.

Mills had a 35+ year security carreer.

1st Gulf war….

We are in the final stages in a world wide collision with China… we have to stare down China from going full kinetic because they are under incredible duress at home. As bad as it is here, there are incredibly bad things going on in China that force dictators to lash out.

12 minutes Different Commanders in Chief

Carter hapless fecklessness powerless Sound familiar? Rapid colapse of Iran closest model of what we saw in Kabul. Carter was the original Obama & Biden. It was our fault. WE were the problem Like the british socialists in the UK who unseated Churchill, Carter was all about GRACEFUL DECLINE & Dis-establishment of the USA. Managed Decline.

Return of America. A Can Do positive attitute. As messed up as we are we are the best thing out there.

Bush Senior
Status quo Republicans. We are LIKE DEMOCRATS EXCEPT BETTER. Not a good sales point. Panama, Gulf war. Not interested in economy

Un Peace keeping involvement, increased role of government
Nat security advisor IDed al-Qaeda as major problem but Cliton did nothing which lead to 9/11. Didn’t realize til sent to Joint staff at pentagon exposed to an incredible amount of military planning that went on in 97 & 98 & 99 after the bombings Khobar towers, American embassies, major planning to go after Bin Laden. Everyone of the plans briefed to the White House and TURNED DOWN.

Bush Senior
Bush was status Quo establishment. Afghanistan done well until pivoted vocus to Iraq I think there was a close connection to Iraq.

18:30 – Dave Asks what is the difference between ‘Managed Decline’ and non-interventionist foreign policy. [ Washington avoid foreign entanglements] & Reagan peace thru strength. Both concerned with the JUST WAR DOCTRINE. Constitution ‘Declare’ War not MAKE war which seems to mean we have to be ATTACKED. Trump response fierce. War hawks equate Non-intervensionist = isolationism.

What is difference between Managed Decline and non interventionist policy. The Bushes seemed to want to get us into every conflict to some degree. Trump to his credit is not the guy who says let’s go to war with everyone.

20:20 Col Mills
I think there is a significant difference. Managed decline is we are not that different we are just like everyone else. The British Socialists turned the British Empire into a socialist state that was totally focused on a cradle to grave massive expansion of social services that is unsustainable. Focused on making the citizen [actually SUBJECT] a ward of the state because we are hapless feckless and without the state could not survive. So it is a different concept.

I am a big believer in the Trump Doctrine. We are going to minimize our conflict. We are going to minimize our foreign involvement BUT deterrents and capability are always going to be there to deter conflict. But if you cross a red line we are going to hit you so hard you are not going to know what happened.

That is different from the Bushes which is this perpetual: we are always going to be massively deployed forward in conflict.

22 minutes: Dave: most people have made up mind on whether should have been in Afghanistan or Iraq. Later faulty reports on weapons of mass destruction.
Bushes & Clinton forever wars They were fine with us over extended ourselves until there was no sense of mission no sense of victory no sense of coming home. Bushes would wrap themselves in American Flag. I didn’t like that. We were still holding on to 9/11 which what ever the causes, brought us together briefly.

But that changed with Obama, where we were apologetic for our greatness. Apologetic for everything.

23:45 Col Mills: It is this leading from the rear, It’s this kind of third person, we’re in the bleachers wathing, we are going to let others take the lead. This makes no sense. We had the most capability, we are the most influential. I have done so much in the Special Op community and the office of sec of defense, so much international partner collaboration and partner building. THEY DESPERATELY WANT OUR LEADERSHIP!

And the Carter, Clinton Obama mentality is We’re the cause of the problem, by us even saying anything we are causing problems, so we’re going to let YOU LEAD THE CONVERSATION. When in actuality, most of these countries, the reason they are even dialogging with us is they look up to us. They desperately want to know what we have to say, they desperately want to say, your the greatest country in the world, SHARE WITH US. TALK TO US TELL US. And instead they get this John Kerry abstract lecturing that no one can make any sense out of…. They DESPISE being lectured to in the abstract about multilateral-ism, about all these Belfer Center Concepts. It’s like give me something tangible and actionable.

That is why I totally reject everyones comment that Oh. They didn’t like Trump. Actually I was in a lot of those meetings And THEY LOVED TRUMP because he was CLEAR with ACTIONABLE with TANGIBLE and when he spoke that had umph that had gravitous behind it.

25:54 Dave:
He was also a threat in the sense that he looked at the cost/benefit. He’s a guy in deal making. He knows a good deal vs a bad deal. And business was great for the Haliburtons, business was great for the ‘primes’ if you will, prime contractors. BUT they were not in the business of the Tax Payer getting a bargain and TRUMP THREATENED THAT by saying what is the international community doing. Are they holding up their end of the bargain. How much tax payer money is going to maintain their security in countries we have been in for a very long time. That made him public enemy #1 for the military Industrial complex.


Dave: Let me switch gears.
In 2008, at start of Obama years what were you doing.

27 minutes Col Mills:
I was actually on the nat’l Security Council at the White House at the tail end of the Bush year & beginning of Obama. I was the senior dept. defence rep for what was called the Comprehensive Cyber Security Initiative. Most of it is unclassified. But was a massive ramp up of American cyper security capabilities. The Largest. Not all have been unclassified. It was one of my tasks during Obama years. It took us 18 months to de-classifiy certain potions of it. Democrats spend 60 to 90 days reviewing previous Admin.

It goes back to Dick Clarke, in 2002 & 2003. (Carter) In addition to IDing Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and saw our greatest strategic liability as our cyber vulnerabilities. Which lead to the CNCI program being established in 2007.

So the Obama admin reviewed it and not only did they like it, THEY LOVED IT, AND THEY WANTED MORE OF IT! And they wanted to pour gasoline on it. Because it provided breathtaking and magical capabilities. Which lead to some of the abuses we discovered later during SPYGATE. As to my shock, many of these collection capabilities actually were foundational to SPYGATE.

29:15 Dave
OK so we survive 8 years of attack on foundational things we THOUGHT WERE SACROSANCT, like health care from a Constitutional stand point. & Obamacare, we had the rise of Edward Snowden & the disclosures that were there. And then you have this last year of the Obama Admin where most people were betting on Hillary Clinton getting a shot. You have an upset, but not an upset for the American people. he seemed to be invincible. Thanks to the Apprentice people knew him and had a sense of who he was so he was able to brush off attacks that would have destroyed any other candidate.

So you have this period of time and you also have General Mike Flynn in the midst of his time with the Defense Intelligence agency. Trump likes what he is hearing from this guy, so there are a lot of moving parts. So what I want you to drill down now is, during that transition, Col John Mills, what were you seeing in real time and perhaps, what were you asked to do by the various heads of different agencies.

31:45 minutes: Col Mills
It on one hand it is complex and on the other it is simple. With this ramp-up of cyber capabilities, which provided an intoxicating increase year per year in the ability to collect big data and use big data analytics at cyber speed to make sense and take action. And there is a lot more behind what I am talking about which I am not allowed to say. But if you were to stand on the watch floors of these major centers and watch and see the simultaneous capabilities it was breath taking.

FBI watching terrorist but doing NOTHING, yet goad and lead and go after Patriots.

Haney murder called suicide.

What purpose of Afghanistan, Taliban, open borders????
FALSE FLAG??? SEE: Napolitano

33 minutes Dave:
So let me stop here. Most people don’t have.. Don’t share anything you can’t. Are you talking about a ?borg? movie and being able to in like a work room… the immediacy of finding information, whether it is surveillance through video, OR….
Dave: OK, so that’s not just Hollywood. So we have the ability to drill down and have a map of everyone’s LIFE, really. If you look at the metadata it tells us so much.

33 minutes – Col Mills:
It really matured in 2012 under General Keith Alexander, and we also created Cyber Command in addition to NSA. But yes, the simultaneous capability to collect data of all kinds, pictures, voice traffic, data packages, data traffic machine to machine, internet, etc… Monitor Collect and INTEGRATE ALL OF THESE, it was an incredible capability.

Dave: Where do you come down on that. I am a small l libertarian. Libertarians are considered so naive because of the very things you are talking about. But at the same time we have got this thing called the Bill of Rights. we’ve got this thing called the fourth Amendment, we’ve got this thing called an OATH and I know you had to take to uphold and defend the Constitution.

What happens to the 4th Amendment. Have you had to do a gut check to be in the intel community. OK I know what I swore an oath to, I know what it says, something about having probable cause, someone being suspected of a crime, and yet many of the disclosures of Snowden shows that. No this was bulk collection thru a FISA Court, it is almost like a rubber stamp.

Explain to us. That might be a question a lot of us would like to ask is how do you reconcile the machine that you didn’t create but you are in the soup, right, How do you make sense of this by being a good soldier or someone who is serving my country while knowing this has got to be dangerous. It is almost like splitting the atom. Good stuff but a lot of bad stuff could happen.

35:20 – Col Mills
Well this is a, again the alliance between the US Government and Google and Big Tech, didn’t really.. I was there the first few years of the Obama admin & there was a dance. But they came together in 2010, 2012 and to address your specific question, I have mentioned the word INTOXICATING. That is the challenge, once this magic is unleashed, and policy makers appointed or elected or carreerists start to see the capabilities it becomes INTOXICATING and it is no longer can we the question a reasonable person who has taken an oath to the Constitution should be raising is should we. And do we have the proper control mechanisms. Are people who are doing this doing it for the correct and right purposes. And I think the challenge is the collection far surpassed the standing checks such as the FISA process. It totally swamped and overwhelmed it.

This is where POTUS Trump’s term the Swamp and the Deep State. At first when I first heard those terms I was going I don’t know what they mean and after a while I realized I’m IN IT. I help to create this!

We need more & more White Hats to stand up and question this because these capabilities have begun to be used in mass against the American People to suppress and censor. We are facing an absolutely unprecedented Iron Curtain of censorship, that that, I do not mean this pejoratively or simplistically. Liberals always like to bemoan the McCarthy era, well I go there is only one person, if you understand history, that lost there job and that was McCarthy. Everyone else came out far better who were on “The Blacklist” Well I am sorry but this is McCarthyism on steroids, what we are dealing with right now. A lot of the foundational tools and capabilities were created for originally good purposes. [SEE: Haney above] Of course we want to track terrorists but we also have people who are in power now who have a very interesting definition of ‘Terrorist’ and they are using these capabilities in the wrong direction and the wrong way.


38:25 Dave
The next question I want to ask you picking up from what you just said is, You have this thing that I’ve heard of and it’s Hammer and Scorecard. Is this real? [@ ~38:45 you can see Col Mills stifle a laugh] What do you know about Hammer and Scorecard. You talk of the Cyber Strategic Command, this unholy alliance between Google, the Obama Administration around 2012. But a lot of this stuff you are talking about is alarming for a couple reasons. Because when I was a prosecutor I learned about this system called Prism. [ @ ~39:15 Col Mills starts nodding.] And Prism was being used in a way where the DEA was giving tips to other law enforcement agencies and of course the prosecutors weren’t informed. Because if we knew the source of the tip, you have to disclose it under Brady vs Maryland. Under the confrontation clause everyone, everyone who is criminally accused should be able to ask questions of the people in the system. [@ ~39:35 Col Mills smile widens] And they created this way of training to hide and keep secret Prism so you had parallel reconstruction. [Nods again]

So when you talk about this intoxicating power, WOW so if you can keep this secret, [@39:55 BIG NOD] we can start GAMING the way we go after ‘Bad People’ [opens mouth and shakes head] and perhaps in the ‘name of GOOD’ get a result but violate certain Constitutional protections where we are actually as big a lawbreakers as the people we are going after. [Nods again]

I know PRISM is different than Hammer and Scorecard, but a lot of these terms we hear about and it is almost like this mythic thing. But it is becoming more relevant now because we have watched Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. We’ve seen what appears to be packet captures. And a lot of people are saying where did this stuff come from. Is there a plausible theory based on sources since that seems to be the Million Dollar Question. Maybe you can’t answer that, but I was at the Cyber Symposium, [Col Mills’ eyes shift to left several times] I tried to ask everyone and their Mom, as a Law prof, I do not know where to even begin to ask those questions. Since I have you here, I know I just threw a lot at you. — UMMM HAMMER & SCORECARD, what do we need to know about that….

41:26 Col Mills
OK, under the laws regarding Top Secret there is essentially a 25 year embargo on top secret level information, so I will obfuscate here [Dave laughs, OK] But I think you are hitting the nail on the head. These capabilities easily pervert what was originally what was on white hats mind on… We all want to see justice done. We want to see lawful civil society. We want to see bad people put away. But unfortunately unless you constantly check yourself or there is a way you are held accountable, and there are control measures on the floor at NSA and other intelligence centers and during main operations. You have to be careful. I would say up until recently it was very common to self-report when you accidentally collected on an American. That was considered right and noble and those things happened…. Have to call in the lawyers….

I think unfortunately with some it was past that where it became a tee-hee, tee-hee LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN DO. And LOOK at how we can SPY on someone who has just become nominated as a candidate to become President. Tee-hee, tee-hee, let’s all go up to Fort Mead and have a small group meeting. And share the information tee-hee, tee-hee.

So I think the challenge is the lack of transparency, the velocity of collection, the exponential increase in the ability to collect. It really throws a lot of the accepted norms and practices out the window. Because it is now the J Edger Hoover mentality that takes over. Where who cares we are the final arbitrators of goodness, therefore That’s OUR CALL AND WE ARE GOING TO DO IT.

43:58 – Dave
You gave me the best non-answer I have ever heard.

But you let me know why, so I am hearing from John Mills that you can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a certain program.

@44:10 – Col Mills
On Hammer & Scorecard I will say I have been part of so many darned named operations and code words, sometimes it gets a little foggy in my mind. But there were cabilities developed and this was back during … I will group Hammer & Scorecard if it did exist.. crossed with the capabilities during the 2005 to 2008… so even before Obama was on board.

I call these remote access capabilities. Which, I am not going to name the person, but back in the 80s kinda pioneered the original remote access through dial-up. I kinda call Ferris Bueller’s Day Off [] There is this one gentleman he is fairly well known, and he no longer works for the agency, he is retired. And actually he was out in your neck of the woods there at one of the Labs and held one of the Chair Seats out there. And he pioneered the access thru dial-ups [Dave is chuckling & nodding ] Which is the first generation of remote access and he was going WOW, just like Ferris Bueller was going and figuring out how to access and change grades. So people went WOW, I can just dial-up and change anything I want to, this is cool! So some crazy things went on.

@45:50 – DAVE
I am going to move on, but the reason I am asking the question maybe to plant the seed for some questions ahead.

Is the mechanism of how, cyber interference took place in 2020, 2018, 2016, [@46:15 Col Mills nods] The tools of the trade..

The question I want to ask anyone because I am operating on blind faith, is that you have got this very public campaign, of Mike Lindell [Col’s Eyes shift left] putting his money where his mouth is. Finding White Hats and Patriots, [Col’s Eyes shift left] part of me says look, God Bless Himm, but I don’t believe the fate of the free world, and the information collected by Mike Lindell, like it is all depending on this man. When we had someone as savvy as President Trump, the Commander in Chief, the most powerful man world and just to review his greatness, I have been catching up on The Art of The Deal, [ Col smiles & nods] And seeing how the man’s mind works. I just find it unfathomable that the military during his watch, whether it is 2018 or 2020, [Col’s Eyes shift left] didn’t have the real time ability, to monitor what was going on. [Col Mills INTERUPTS…]

@47:25 – Col Mills
OK so we are now to a very specific question. So here is my VIEW POINT ON IT. <=== [a bit if a strawman?]

One, I love Mike Lindell and I am a big supporter of Mike Lindell.
Two, was there foreign interference? I THINK ABSOLUTELY.

In the first two films that Mike presented, which were really the work of Dennis Montgomery and  Mary Fanning [Hammer & Scorecard] Umm, Umm, Let me just say, umm… I, I, I, …analyzed this and there were 6 possible outcomes, bottom line that quality and that visibility is essentially nation state level.

AND Unless you are standing at the watch floor of Fort Mead or the FBI has some capability, or DHS, you aren’t going to see that BUT they didn’t see that I hold the Federal Government to the SAME STANDARDS. The reality is there is only a few federal laws on the conduct of elections so neither Law Enforcement nor the Intelligence Community HAD THE LEGAL AUTHORITY CHARTER STARTING POINT TO LOOK THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR THE RIGHT EVIDENCE and I know Chris Krebs [], I know what went on. They did not have the people, program, resources, legal authority, or even KNOW HOW of how elections are conducted. To tune our collection capabilities to look for the right things.

So I question what Dennis Montgomery and  Mary Fanning presented but at the same time I hold the Federal Government to the SAME STANDARDS and they are not being truthful because they do not have the legal charter to begin with on the conduct of elections, they do not have experience on the conduct of elections. So when Chris Krebs says or when Paul Nakasone [] says most secure election ever, THEY HAVE NO IDEA.

I think it would be far more truthful for them to say we aren’t trained to do this, we don’t know what to look for, we do not have the people, programs or resources.

@50:00 Dave:

Perhaps the question I am asking, perhaps there is only a small number of people who know the answer. I gather that Chris Krebs didn’t know what he is talking about as soon as he opened his mouth based on just common sense of what was going on in real time….
[lists examples of fraud]
Trump was tweeting in advance about how fraud was going to be carried out. [@ 50:45 Col Mills eyes to left, then looks down smiles and tries to hide a laugh] It was almost as if he had a crystalball. And umm [Col Interupts]

@50:52: Col Mills
I’ll tell yeah, I was asked to write almost a hundred memos to analyze from spring of 2020 to December 2020 umm ahh on essentially umm what election integrity was, what that meant, I’ll claim I coined the term election integrity. And the RNC seemed to magically discover the term on Jan 7th. But I wrote many memos on that. On July there was a tweet from the president that essentially came from one of the things that I wrote. [cuts eyes to the right twice] So there was a small group of us that saw it coming. And WE KNEW THE FIX WAS IN.

And we were willing to do some analysis. And not just operate from an accepted narrative.

@52:00 – Dave
OK, so I am glad to hear that. And you mentioned that Krebs & Co. either weren’t looking at the problem, or had the resources to evaluate it. But there have been discussions at least in some circles about the Exec Order that was signed in 2018 that dealt with foreign interference. [Col smiles and nods head emphatically] Any thoughts as to why it would have been signed. [Col. bursts out laughing] And I want to say that it was re-authorized last September which would have covered one calendar year [interrupt yeh, and still laughing smiling] and the timing of that is there any hope that perhaps although the swamp is deep, there seems to be a lot of people surrounding the President that don’t seem to be looking out for him or We the People. What do you think prompted that and instead of telling me about whether something has happened as a result of it cause I don’t think you will be able to give me an answer to that. What COULD HAVE BEEN DONE BASED ON THAT EXECUTIVE ORDER BEING SIGNED.

@53:14 — Col Mills
yeah, very simple, most of this fell upon the shoulders of the Attorney General. And the swampiest part of this swamp is I would say, in some ways I’d say a tie between the Dept of State but it is really the Department of Justice. In some ways Barr did more than any attorney general ever attempted to break up the swamp but he finally caved, folded and came out throwing the president under the bus. Most of this would fall under the attorney general to look into specific things.

One of the basic elements the Attorney General has never enforced, is three elements in 18 US code. There is no debate about it you have to be a US citizen to vote yet counties and states have worked with the DOJ willfully to register voters who are unlawful. … Barr FAILED to ENFORCE. In Virginia, 8 to 12 % are unlawful. We got that via jury duty rejection which comes straight from the voter roles.


@ 55:15 Dave:
OK now speaking of Attorney Generals, we have the beginning of the Trump admin, you’re still keeping an eye on the cyber components and the cyber threats to our nation. I am getting a lot of questions about the timing or purpose of Jeff Sessions. The very short tenure. The reason why it comes up is because of the timing of when John Durham came on board. Heres another mystery figure that none of us see him, none of us hear from him. I think we started to hear from him oddly enough, from Bill Barr. There are some things that are curious. Apple informed Adam Shiff and Eric Swalwell who were two high ranking members of the intel committee. Oh BTW we have been disclosing documents and stuff you have been in possession of over the past four years. I think that came out this past May. As a prosecutor who has convined Grand Juries, you have to have the subpoena power to do that. And it has to originate from some where. The fact that Apple was complying with some sort of subpoena for four years was very curious because that would have pre-dated Bill Barr. Oddly enough it seems to start with the start of the Trump admin. And you have this very short lived appointment of Jeff Sessions. You have had some interfacing with John Durham thru your work. Can you connect some of the dots for us on what do you know about John Durham. What have you don to help assist this. And is there anything I have said that you can flesh out and separate fact from fiction.

@ 57:35 — Col. Mills
Quick chronology from the summer of 2016.
I was in the halls of the Pentagon in the summer of 16 just a few days before the Republican Convention to nominate Trump. And someone who had been a Bush appointee, I ran into him and said, you’re going to support Trump Right? And I will never forget this, this is literally verbatim what he said:

No, We see more OPPORTUNITIES with HER!

I got in his face and said who is WE? And what opportunities do you see? From that point on I was a thousand percent Trump. And that is when I realized there is a Swamp.

So Summer of 16 is really when Crossfire Hurricane really started. And Comey and Brennan.

Now I was part of something linking back to C&CI. There was a body called the Cyber Response Group, [CRG] that I kind of departed about 2014. But the CRG kinda became important and maybe was the body… We heard about unmasking, Susan Rice, things like that…. So the CRG I helped set up way back in 2007, 2008. But the Obama Admin kinda repurposed that group. And just because of the roles and responsibilities I don’t think they wanted me in it. I kinda ceased participating. The CRG kinda became the center of gravity for certain special Cyber things OK? Which may have included the unmasking activities in 2015, 2016. So I think they were starting to really ramp up for the election, conveniently had these incredible collection capabilities, as things moved towards summer of 2016, and Trump being nominated, and when Trump was nominated in summer of 2016, I think all the capabilities started to focus on him.

All those capabilities we were talking about pivoted anda Significant Element Let’s FOCUS ON THIS TARGET.

@ 1:00:25 – DAVE
Do you think that would have occurred if you had some establishment like Mitt Romney? Do you think that apparatus [INTERRUPT]

1:00:35 – Col Mills
I think it would have happened and they would have beat the stuffing out of Mitt Romney, 300 dollar hair cut guys I like to call them, and he would have just lost gracefully. Because that tradition and lineage, as I have delved more into election integrity and politics, There is a money class and a donor class and a political class that is far more concerned with ‘gracefully losing’

So Yeah, they would have focused on Romney, they would have beat the stuffing out of him, he would and the RNC would have collected a lot of money and said, Well guys we gave it the old college try. We will just have to donate MORE MONEY to try it again next time.

1:00:12 – Dave
So I guess my question is,… I have disabused myself in thinking there is a great difference between the Left and the Right, I have heard Eric Winestein refer to K-fabrication it is a lot like Professional wrestling….[Prof’s, recollections he is a fan. Col Mills laughs] … Do you have a sense there is a Deep State that says, you know something, A lot of this is just OPTICS, [Col smiles and nods and goes UnHuh] and sometimes the Ds are going to get their ways, and sometimes the Rs are going to get their’s but what is important is that we do not disturb the status quo on a few major things like, the Military Industrial complex, the Federal Reserve policies, make sure you do not touch that Federal Reserve, things like that. Or do you really think there is these deep divided factions between Left and Right. Because when I see George W. holding hands and sharing mementos with Michelle Obama, When I see the affection after they go thru the wars and then all of a sudden when they retire, they are all best friends. It reminds me of Professional Wrestling. Do you have that same sense?

1:03:00 – Col Mills
It has evolved into that direction. That is what it has become and I mentioned that discussion that I ran into a Bush appointee and I asked him, you’re going to support Trump Right? And his response is:

No we see more opportunities with her.

In my mind that immediately flashed, Oh my gosh, there IS NO DIFFERENCE, They are the same thing. There is this little show dynamics, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but it is predominantly a D lead Swamp and the Republicans are, it is just like with, Newt Gingrich and his Revolution in 94, he came in and was originally told, We are the minority, don’t worry about it, don’t do anything, just spend most of your day playing golf. NO!, not going to do that so he was a disruptive event.

Trump was a disruptive event. NO! I am not going to play along with this.

So, Yes there is, Romney will SAY, Oh, No I am fighting for these values – No he isn’t. He is very happy to lose gracefully, because they are benefactors of the same process. It has evolved into that.

1:04:15 – Dave
Let me drill down on one thing, I touched on but I haven’t gotten your thoughts on yet. You talked about this intoxicating machinery that started to be aimed at Pres. Trump in the summer of 2016. This guy is not good for the Swamp. Find out everything you can about him, let’s crush this guy. And then something happened. He wasn’t CRUSHED, every poll was wildly off, every single celebrity and stink News Host was eating Humble Pie. But it didn’’t take them long from saying he’s here so let’s never let this happen again. So take us thru that fall of Sept 16 and I want to get your thoughts on John Durham as well.

1:05:15 – Col Mills
So I think what happened is, Trump’s their guy so focus all resources on CRUSHING HIM. But they had not perfected the art thru electronic means thru election machines, thru absentee voting means, they had not perfected the art of dominating the vote yet. That occurred in 2020. They did not realize that Trump would generate this turnout, this interest that he had. Especially in several key states.


So in early October, I was at a dinner in London, and it just so happened, that someone who was a very senior official in the FBI essentially the head of Cyber at the FBI for a number of years. Who retired and went to work for a major up and coming cyber firm that I am not going to mention right now. But I think you can start putting the pieces together and figure out who I am talking about and which Cyber Security firm. I was there on a Five Eyes information sharing meeting in London. And I had been invited to this dinner. This very senior former official, I believe it was October 6th, 2016. There were about 100 of us at this dinner, most everybody is an elite, a Globalist. At these dinners we are asked to stand up and say something about ourselves and something we are passionate about. And he stood up and I have know this guy for a number of years, Sat at the White House with him, been at many meeting with him, and he had been very helpful to me, in some other endeavors which caused a great deal of allegiance to him.

When the microphone came to him, he stood up and says, TRUMP IS A RUSSIAN ASSET AND WE’RE GOING TO PROVE IT! He was adamant, passionate, he had a meltdown. I had never seen him do this.

Most of the people in the room are going ?? PFFFFttt [WTF??] What are you talking about, Hillary’s going to win. And he is like WE ARE GOING TO PROVE IT!

As more information came out, I believe he was in London at the behest of James Comey, and to coordinate with Gina Haspel on collection against Trump….. With the timeline of the events that I have seen…. It was documented by Rick Grennell and Ratcliffe, information declassified last fall, very important, that Comey gave the green light to spin Crossfire Hurricane up to highest levels. Essentially in the last few days of Sept, early Oct…. And I am pretty sure that personality was there.

I have 27 pages in front of John Durham. [Eyes cut to left twice, & stutters] I hope something happens.

We have to be a Constitutional based society.


1:21:47 – Col Mills
Well I think it was all of the above. [eyes to left] But I will mention there was a gentleman [eyes left] who was deputy assistant sec for defense for cyber, I was in another office but I worked closely with. He moved up to be with Ash Carter, as essentially Chief of Staff and a person called Eric Rosenbock. I think he is one of the interesting personalities in this….. I remember seeing him the day, after the election and he was a zombie…. And I talked to him… He was in shock…. It was rumored that very likely… Alexander was director of NSA and Cyber command and they were going to separate and word was Rosenbock under Hillary would be director of NSA. And he would be in a strategic position to go back and review some of the collections going on during 2016. Your listeners can interpret what that means. [remove embarrassing D communications and tweek other communications so they could be used to convict enemies would be my guess. – ‘beating Donald Trump is not enough. He has to be crushed to the earth, and squashed like a bug. We have to burn down his village, pillage his valley, shame his horde and send his army into hiding so that he and his ugly, hate-spewing kind never rise again.’ READ ==> ]

I think he was an important player, he is at the Balfour center @ Harvard right now.

There were a lot of personalities, I mentioned Susan Rice and the unmasking that the CRG may have had a role in.

1:24:00 – Dave
So you have all this stuff going on. And then you have the inauguration. Trump gets by despite the efforts of the enemy to saboyage [Col nods] And then you have what looks like major leaking going on. [Col oh yeah, oh yeah]

1:24:20 – Col Mills
You had the Vindmans… who were unbelievable, unprofessional, unethical. You had the Deep Staters running around. Remember the Executive Office of the President is roughly about 7,000 folks. Many of them are careerists and military that have been detailed over from their departments and agencies. And Again DC [Dave- Interrupts]

1:24:55 – Dave
So do you think Trump responded day one to deal with the leaks.

1:25:00 – Col Mills
I think there are too many Never Trumpers on his administration. There were too many careerists that were actively working and facilitating, — again the person who invited me was a carreerist who called me up and said John we need you on this group. And he was just GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT cause we’re gonna PROVE… and he is a careerist. He should not have a position. So from Day one it was challenging. [I think they used ‘Trump is a Russia asset’ to POISON anyone who would other wise be neutral.–GC]
You mentioned Jeff Sessions. I really liked Jeff Sessions. I think Jeff Sessions Faux Pax was he acted as if there was normalcy going on. [He still believed we had rule of law – GC] And he thought he was doing the right thing by… Because that is what we do as professionals, we appoint Special Counsels [Remember these were his colleagues and friends. I do not think he was aware of how bad the rot and EVIL was and actually though he was going to clear Trump’s name. – GC] Instead of saying NO! I want more evidence and detail. [Which he actually could not do because of his conflict of interest -GC] Because it was a fraud, a lie, 18 US Code a false statement by a Federal Official…. Comey and Brennan should be indicted for false statements at a minimum. I think Jeff Sessions was lied to. But he thought he was doing the right thing.

1:26:30 – Dave – Right thing you mean by recusing himself

Col Mills, by recusing himself and by allowing the appointment of a special prosecutor. Up until that time there was a BC -AD in Washington. 2016, BC with Trump it was after that.

1:26:55 – Dave
We have been going a long time, I am learning a lot and I am loving it
I want to touch on two people though. You have General Mike Flynn, [ eyes to left] there was a thought for a role in the Trump admin. That did not come to fruition. Any observations 2016 on. Either the threat that Flynn presented to the Deep State. [chewing lips.] Because there was obviously there was a bogus entrapment case if you want to call it that that was set-up to incriminate him over nothing since we have just established that the Russia Hoax was a BIG LIE. [Smile.]

So let’s start there, what do you make of Mike Flynn during this time frame.

Col Mills: He is another disruptive event. He is a disruptive event to the Army General and to the military general officers, flag officer culture because he is an American patriot. And he wants to do the right thing. As we have discovered under the current Chairman Milley, What in the bloody world has happened top our general officers and admirals gofos serving Caesar and not the Constitution. Trump was disruptive, Flynn was disruptive, he was a threat. He was a threat to small ‘C’ conservative military culture, he was a threat to the swamp. They contrived, took him out and this contrived PENCE firing, I thought, did Pence KNOW it was all fake? I don’t know, but in the end Pence Choked on Jan 6, 2021. When I believe he had a lawful…. Where he should have AT LEAST asked clarifying questions of the State electors. He chose not to, he choked and the rest is history. So this contrived firing, Flynn was disruptive and a threat.


I think this is critical so a bit of background info.

July 17 2021: X-22 Report Why They Can’t Find Special Counsel John Durham
This goes into how the media got Bill Clinton off the hook. “…prosecutor Ken Starr made one huge mistake right at the start after he was appointed by a panel of judges to handle a very politically sensitive investigation involving a series of shady-looking bank loans related to a failed land deal called “Whitewater”…. The mistake Starr made was that he opted to be as completely transparent as he could during the course of his investigation, to demonstrate he was not some secret inquisitor. And Democrats and their news media allies took full and complete advantage of Starr’s naïve transparency…. Whereas before such vicious scorched-earth tactics had been reserved for the multiple women who had dared to come forward and publicly talk about their liaisons with Clinton – or about his attempts to sexually force himself upon them – now they would utilize upon a Special Counsel and his staff….”

“…involving my previous and current employer who just happened to purchase a health care system that was losing @50 MILLION a month, and could not be GIVEN away. The purchase went through late Oct 2019…just before…Covid started to rear its ugly head. To make a long story short, the “worthless” health care system NOW turns a multi million dollar PROFIT. Just 2 short years later…and trust me it has NOTHING to do with improved “management”, and ALL to do with “special” funding given to hospitals, research, and health care providers for Covid…..”

“….Durham, recently indicted Michael a Sussman, a Hillary Clinton and Perkins Coie (remember them from all my writings?) lawyer. On the surface it seemed a big nothing burger meant to distract and placate us on team MAGA, while the Arizona audit was being revealed. The MSM even helped to propagate that narrative. BUT, if one were to read the entire 27 pages, it was NOT a nothing burger, but a PREDICATE. This is THE ground work. It is, I truly believe, the beginning of the END of ALL of them…..” READ THE REST

“…about The Sullivan part, but it was apparently to bid to reply to. I am hearing that Priestap, Baker, and get this Page and Strzok are now “cooperating” If that is true, shit is about to get deep for the FBI, CIA, and the DS. Baker et al lead DIRECTLY to the Obama WH, and that INCLUDES Bite me. Remember that infamous Jan 5th meeting? IF Durham gets ANY player there, it is GO time….”


Back to the transcript:

Dave: We are going to go rapid fire, I still have not heard about JOHN DURHAM [Both smiling] What do you know about John Durham. Give me your best thoughts on how he fits into this and is there any hope. [big smile] I am of the mind, and I will give you my thought on this. When I was a prosecutor, I went after indictments I never presented a media report. [nods] I never issued a report to the media… I never did that once [Eyes shift left.]…. Why would I tell what I have on the bad guys so they can now prepare. [continues to smile] I find that very bizarre. I know that Mueller had this report. Maybe that is part of the cultural zeitgeist we are all expecting to be debriefed. [eyes shift left twice.] Mueller, what he was doing was political theatre. If Durham is real [opens mouth to speak] and there is actual meat on the bones, [smiles] tactically that would be a very STUPID thing to do.

But is John Durham Real?

What bearing does your work have if anything on what John Durham is doing? [big smile]

And from a timeline stand point do you have a firm sense of when he entered the picture?

Col Mills: As you know he is a prosecutor and as you know all these things are held close to the vest as law enforcement sensitive and as legal preceedings. So let me go, a lot of this is not publicaly known, it is not even known to involve-es such as me. I submited my 27 pages. It took me almost two years to absolutely insure that they had it, they received it, they acknowledged it and hopefully something was going to be done with it.

Dave: When did you submit your 27 pages.

Col Mills: Well I submitted it several times. But I didn’t have confirmation, it was early 2020. I was submitting pieces of it to DOJ and Barr since early 2018.

Dave: Ok so your part of that the 27 pages, does that more or less cover what you shared with our audience about the lack of good faith with Comey already having a pre-determined decision and having something he was going to sign off on. Was that what you were submitting to John Durham? Your involvement on basically giving a rubber stamp for the Russia hoax.

Col Mills: Yeah it was that but it was even beyond that. I mean this one important detail. I happened to be at a meeting in DC in early 2018. And the person I was meeting came in and said you know the whose in the next room? No no whose in the next room? They said a guy named Michael Hayden. General Micheal Hayden. He is on his twice a week coordinating call – THIS IS EARLY 2018, early 2018 — he is on his twice a week coordinating call with Brennan who is OUT OF OFFICE, COMEY who is in OFFICE [Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017], And I believe it was Mueller who was the forth personality. WHAT in the BLOODY WORLD are these four people, some who were actually in office… Why are they coordinating talking points. And they are FROM ONE SIDE OF THE AISLE and FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AISLE and like you said they are together. [WIKI–”… investigation was conducted by special prosecutor Robert Mueller from May 2017 to March 2019.” Col Mills may have his dates mixed and this was in early 2017 before the Special Council when Comey was still in office.]

Dave: If memory serves, Brennan had his privileges (clearance?] revoked. [Col. nods] That is why they started taking jobs with CNN and so it is odd that some of those folks like Comey was still privy to information. [NO NOT FORGET NEED TO KNOW!!!] It sounds like he was sharing information with folks that he shouldn’t be. Col Mills says ABSOLUTELY!!!

So what I am going to do now is a rapid fire line of questions if you can answer these with a very short answer….

So if you had to ID a person [½ smile] that presents the greatest threat domestically to the Republic. Not talking of foreign actors. Who comes to mind. [Col big smile]

Col Mills: WOW, Comey, Brennan, Hayden, and Hayden I had so much respect for, I really thought he was incredible, I think the 3 of them are bad actors. I think the entire current admin. is uninterested in a constitutional concept called America.

Dave: So not one person but a Hydra with many heads.


I think they are missing the fact the ‘hydra’ is just the go-fors.


This gets into China.

Jack Posobiec, Joe Hoft and Steve Bannon has been warning that China is not in good shape.
China Is In A Financial Crisis (6 minutes)


Back to the transcript.

Dave: Same question but foreign stage. You mentioned China

Col Mills: That’s China absolutely. With the debacle in Kabul by this administration demonstrating an absolute lack of resolve or interest in asserting American values much less the coalition of liberal democrat republics in their opposition to China, We/they have created an almost unstopable trajectory towards world war. China looks at the fecklessness of this administration as a Green Light. Now they are under great duress at home. Shi is under great domestic duress. We don’t realize it. [Counting on his fingers]

  1. They input roughly 50% of their food.
  2. Roughly 50% of their energy
  3. The have to conduct all their transactions in the almighty dollar. [Not true. Australia has a deal to deal in yen.]

We can easily constrict them and disable them by squeezing any of them or all three of those.

  1. Afghanistan gave them the land bridge to their oil access in Iran.
  2. A lot of their food comes from America and if the current resident of the white house was serious about asserting American and Western interests he would use that as leverage.
    3.Xi is on a rampage destroying his own companies and IPOs because of the fear he has of his own big Tech. So he is kinda taking care of that for us. It is bizzare he is destroying his own economy because he feels they are a threat. But it is China China China.

Dave: So there is basically a Chinese Deep State that he is dealing with even though we don’t see them as the good guys in what ever iteration. [smiles & nods]

The food is interesting because I have seen a bit of a propaganda campaign with the Bill Gates and the GMOs [eyes shift left twice] of the world who are trying to persuade us to eat really really crappy food.[eyes shift left] There is this really big kick to get us away from beef and cattle and stuff that provides great nutrition [eyes shift left, smiles] and I bring that up because I know that China is one of the primary consumers of meat, beef [nods] and we have got what they don’t have which is these large swaths of grazing lands. And it just makes you wonder if that propaganda campaign to get people on the Burger King Impossible burger or these documentaries like plant nation. [eyes shift left] If that’s part of the propaganda wing. And I say that because we already see that when it comes to distribution, Chinese control of our theaters, Chinese control over what movies America can show in their respective land. There are quotas on the number of films. It is kind of interesting that you brought up those three pillars. I do not think people realize how important the food component is. That is one of the major areas that we could apply tremendous pressure to reassert ourselves. [nods]

OK now I want to end on a more positive note. So let me ask you this John, You and I seem to be on the same page with what occurred November 3rd as being tantamount to a coup. What hope do you have and what gives you the resolve to fight each day. Cause I’ll tell you right now, that I talked on the phone with Lin Wood, yesterday for about 2 hours. And we are both tired. We have been fighting every day in any way we know how [nods] and it was humbling because Lin has been fighting a long time taking on all comers but it was the first time I sensed a weariness from him. Something has got to give. [murmurs assent] It’s September. If we go thru another election cycle and I am saying of 2021, there are other elections that are going to continue we to use these machines that we know are absolutely compromised. [eyes shift left] And if we keep overlaying garbage with more fraudulent garbage it creates the perception that everything is OK. We need to solve the murder mystery of November 3 last year. [nods] So if you could send us on our way, if there is a charge you can give my viewers on why we have got to keep fighting. Where do you draw your strength from [[eyes shift right, smile] and what would you like to see happen.

Co Mills: Well, we have no choice. There is no where else to go as I think Lt General Flynn has said. We have no choice we have to fight. Even as weary as we are as insurmountable as the odds may seem, we have no choice. We have to fight. And I think there is a growing movement that is unstoppable even though we are facing this iron curtain of censorship, I think there is a growing movement between Arizona, between Georgia, Pennsylvania. It is US the people. We’re the ones in control. It’s the COUNY, the county we must re-assert ourselves at the county level.

So I feel as tough as it may seem, as insurmountable as the odds may seem, we are actually building momentum in multiple areas and it is average individual citizens who are rising up. In Virginia we are pushing for a forensic audit. Senator Manachase is leading that the establishment doesn’t like that. They just want to focus on the gubernatorial election. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can take care of November 3rd and address an upcoming election. We can do these. So I have absolute faith and confidence because I can see a growing tide of citizens who will not relent they will be persistent and they will push themselves at the school board level at the county election board, its us and we are not going to accept the status quo.Because that’s what got us, we always assume someone else would take care of the election process. Yes someone else was taking care of the election process. That is why we are in this mess. It is time for us the citizen to get involved and I see it.

I have been fighting this since the 2019 elections in Virginia. I realized the utter massive fraud in Virginia. And I purposed myself so I have been going since then on this topic. I see positive momentum going our direction. We have to show resolve this is a battle of Wills. This is a battle of wills and we must persevere.

Dave: Well, Colonel John Mills, I have learned a ton tonight. You have helped connect some dots for me….

ColMills: Thank you so much Professor. Social media… Colonel ret john on Gettr …

Amazing group of veterans called:
National Election Integrity Association Website
We have some incredible films at that website…. I have trained and equipped six foreign national militaries, organized trained and equipped. We are available to organized trained and equip citizens at the county level to retake their election system, their election process and all other functions such as the county school board. We give a very specific actionable model and steps to train and equip the patriot at the county level. A number of groups are signing up across the nation and we are walking them through and we are seeing great results.



Now THAT’s an interview.


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Wow! Thanks, Gail, for doing this transcript for us!
 👏  😀 

This was a lot of work and I appreciate your doing it!
 🤗  💖 

And thanks, Wolfie, for making a thread for this!
 😊  👍 

Gail Combs

Thanks for making this a post Wolfie. It ties a lot of ends together I think and I wanted to make sure the information was not lost.

OH, and I have another one for a bit later. This time sparked by Steve Bannon and Joe Allen.

Cuppa Covfefe

FABTASTIC transcription, Gail. Thanks for doing it. It makes things easier for those who are hard of hearing (and everyone else, too, for that matter)…

Helps also for red-pilling folks who might not have access to online media…


Gail thank you  🤗 


That was simply amazeballs.

Gail did an amazing, amazing job of bringing it here to us.

It is well worth the spotlight that Wolf put on it by making it a post.


I think the excerpt from 38:25-44:10 says quite a bit.


Wolf and Gail make a impressive team!! Agree – WOW!


Wow! Still reading.

Gail posted she was working on this. AND. So glad Gail completed this transcribing effort.

Now, to go back and finish reading.


Love this comment after the video 😎 

Eddie1958, 4 weeks ago
Professor….I have developed an analogy that I have used for years now when discussing the very point you addressed the differences, or non-differences in the 2 parties…. Here it is;

Imagine a poker game, the world is watching as spectators, the D’s and the R’s are sitting at the table and the game progresses as the “player” that has the most control in the 3 branches of gov. is the one who’s chips increase. The “player” who isn’t in control at the moment knows the worm will turn and they will have control and gain chips. Now, the spectators, the citizens, need to be convinced that the “Players” are enemies and doing everything in their power to bankrupt their opponent! They have convinced the sheep that this is fact until someone walks through the door and threatens to shut down the game. That’s when the jig is up and we see that they were never enemies, they were always on the same team…That person that walked in is Trump and what we are seeing is the exposure of the aforementioned complicity of the two “PLAYERS” !!!!

Thank You for caring enough to attempt to re-educate our general population!

Gail Combs

The folks at the War Room compared it to Pro-wrestling which I think is also a good analogy.

Deplorable Patriot

Some observations:

There’s a lot of people out there who “can’t talk” about what they REALLY know in public. Why that is is not disclosed here. Classified info, non-disclosure agreement, information cannot be disclosed because it is evidence in a criminal trial? Which case it is in what was not revealed would go a long way to understanding why the surface was discussed, but not much at all beneath it.

The siloing in the government is no joke. These guys were in their space(s) and didn’t invade anyone else’s unless invited. Yeah, they may have sat in the same room with the really big boys, but were they confidants?

Michael Hayden. Funny how his name keeps coming up. And the CNN connection for known black hats is mentioned, which is good. The bigger question in my mind is which “known black hats” are NOT employed by CNN. Why not? That seems to be the gathering place for them.

Topics that were not fully expanded like Military Industrial Complex and the revolving door between it and government and the think tanks was disappointing.

Thank you to Gail for the transcript as there’s not enough hours in the day to get to everything and listen to hour long interviews always.

Gail Combs

“There’s a lot of people out there who “can’t talk” about what they REALLY know in public.”

D Pat, that is why I noted the nodding, the smiles and eye shifts of Col. Mills. I think when a sensitive topic that he knows about but can not discuss is brought up, his eyes shift. This guy was military and not a ‘spy’ so I think he has ‘tells’ that can be read.

Valerie Curren

Thanks for noting those important & telling details! What epic work you continue to do!!!

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon and Gail Combs
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Kudos and Blessings.
Methinks it’s ** very interesting ** that the phrase, “No, we have more opportunities with her” [Hillary Clinton] is repeated.
Also, it smells to me like there may be a “DeepState within the DeepState”.
Love it that Romney is referred to as a “one of the $300 haircut guys.” And that he’s a “card carrying member” of the Swamp.
Wasn’t Prof. Clements just fired form his teaching job?


Excellent – big thanks to Gail and Wolf. Requires multiple readings and video review to work through the disguises.

Confirmation of the recurring theme and some of our analyses from observations and document review. Again, in my sphere it goes back to exposure to it in the 70’s and it had been around for a long time before that. Thankfully, I am on the sidelines and just educating. Let the light of truth shine brightly.

Two observations. First – PDT has some mighty big stones. They tried to take out PRR when he went there and have others such as JFK. Second – LETS GO BRANDON!

Gail Combs

Notice that in over 100 year NO ONE has taken on the Federal Reserve successfully.

Congressman McFadden tried. LINK I could not easily find his remarks in congress in 1934… imagine that. Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks in Congress, 1934

A Timeline of Central Banking
The others included Congressman Charles Lindbergh <==READ!!!

According to Eustace Mullins, plates of his book were confiscated and destroyed by Government agents in 1918, under the Comstock laws. The federal agents destroyed the printing plates, along with Banking, Currency and the Money Trust, which attacked the Federal Reserve.

March 18, 1934 New York Times: Lindbergh the Elder; YOUR COUNTRY AT WAR. And What Happens to You After a War. By Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. Introduction by Walter E. Quigley.

THIS book by the father of his famous flying son has behind it an unusual history. The elder Lindbergh, who was a Congressman from Minnesota, prepared it for publication soon after our entrance into the World War and its first edition was in process of being printed in Washington when, in the Spring of 1918, government agents entered the office of the establishment which was publishing it and ordered all the plates destroyed.

By 1924, Congressman Lindbergh was dead after running for Senator.

On March 1, 1932, Lindbergh’s 20-month-old grandson, Charles Lindbergh, Jr., was kidnapped and later found murdered. I read that his son the famous aviator, was planning to run for president….

WRIGHT PATMAN (1893-1976) was a U.S. congressman (D) from 1928 to 1975, the chairman of the powerful United States House Committee on Banking and Currency from 1963. He was a persistent critic of the. Federal Reserve System and as a champion of “low” interest rates. He wrote: A Primer on Money by Subcommittee on Domestic Finance of the House Banking and Currency Committee. This is a superb document on the ins and outs of the Federal Reserve and one of my favorite sources.

Congressman Gomez (D) and Ron Paul are the other two.

Cuppa Covfefe

The banksters took out Abraham Lincoln, too…..

Gail Combs

Yes. They REALLY REALLY wanted to take over the USA after the Civil War. The Tzar of Russia and Lincoln prevented that. They took out Lincoln and later took out ALL of the Tzar’s family.


And the exiled Russian Orthodox Church landed in Jordanville, NY, not far from Remington Arms.


A big thanks to Gail for this transcript and all the work involved, also thank you to Wolf for making the thread. This confirms what Quigley wrote in Tragedy and Hope, letting people think they are voting out the rascals. But I have a little concern about the National Election Integrity Association. Maybe there is a similar-sounding name of a group with “integrity” in the name, but I heard an interview on Jim Bohannan with someone from an org with similar name that I wasn’t quite comfortable with, so just check out this group carefully. I might be totally off-base on that, but my alert-meter just went off. Fascinating interview, though, , and a lot of truth in there. Also, so appreciated descriptions of the body language. My mother always warned me about people’s eyes.


Hi, friend. Before you ask, yes I’m doing well.

Have a good day.

Gail Combs

I was thinking of you when I put in the body language.

One of the reasons masks are so terrible for children is a lot of human communication is through body language.

….There have been a number of studies on the complex topic of nonverbal communication with varying results. However, most experts agree that 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal.

One of the most well-known research projects on nonverbal communication was led by Dr. Mehrabian in the 1960s. In his first experiment, subjects were given three recordings of the word “maybe” — one to convey disfavor, one to convey favor and one to convey neutrality. Participants were then shown photos of female faces expressing the same three emotions and were told to determine the emotions of both the recordings and the photos. The subjects more accurately guessed the emotion conveyed in the photos by a margin of 3:2…..


It is why I am uncomfortable with doing business via phones.

Cuppa Covfefe

Folks who are deaf or hard-of-hearing are especially dependent upon reading faces and lips to understand what someone is saying. And that community is all but forgotten by the mask NAZIs (or perhaps the maskholes would rather the deaf and HoH would be gone entirely)…

For students in Uni, whether for in-person lectures, or online lectures (especially with WebEx, which is a disaster, with no undertitling capabilities), masks are pure HELL. And usually, they cover so much of the face that expressions are all but hidden, except for, usually, the eyes.

My son, when he still had some hearing left, and was using Ultra-Power hearing aids, protested that he wasn’t reading lips, etc. Yet, when he went for his CI (Cochlear Implant) consultation, they told him he was reading lips almost all of the time, and pretty good, at that.

Indeed, most people read lips, either consciously or unconsciously. And faces, too. Without that, many nuances and hints are lost. Just a few more reasons to kill off the masks before they kill us all off…..

Gail Combs

AMEN to that!


Thank you W00lf and Gail awesome and totally appreciated, God bless you abundantly you are a blessing to everyone here ❤️


PGroup and Gail. PGroup, thrilled you are doing so well. Gail, remember when I learned in a seminar about how much info we get from non-verbal. It explained why I often miss information in conversations, which can cause problems and embarrass ment. Thanks again.

Gail Combs

I had a friend who was a blind caver so I have some idea of the challenges, and the amazing ability of people to overcome those challenges. I really wish someone who was closer to Jerry, than I would write a book about him or at least collect tales from those of us who knew him.


Thank you Gail for all the time you spent on this transcript. Extremely interesting and enjoyed the eye movement descriptions. Put so much feeling into the transcription. Not posting for me…will try again and please excuse if it comes out twice.


Gail, if someone wrote that book about your friend, Jerry, I would read it with pleasure.


FINEST TWO hours of my day. Afte seeing many of the comments, I went back to listen to the video AND watched the tells of Col John Mill.

“It was a coup” He recognized way back in 2016.

When john Mill talked about meetings in london, I wondered IF some of what he talked about was LITERALLY in Q drops.

Thought he was going to dunk more on Pence.

Twenty seven page report to Durham. Submitted MULTIPLE TIMES. Does NOT inspire confidence in DOJ. Confirms what we know about DOJ.

FANTASTIC interview. Chalk full of NEWS FLASHES and confirmations of what we believed.