Discussion: After COVID, Can We Trust the Pneumonia Vaccines?

I’m just asking. I want YOUR opinions. I don’t have an opinion yet.

Like the case of the many different COVID vaccines, this is complicated – possibly even MORE complicated, if some of the vaccines are substantially “safe”. There are many different vaccines, seemingly for different target age groups.

Some are produced by Pfizer, or by companies now owned by Pfizer.

Not a lot of TRUST there, I must admit.

Here are some “mainstream” references to get people started:

Wikipedia: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Pneumococcal Vaccination: What Everyone Should Know

U.S. FDA Approves PREVNAR 20™, Pfizer’s Pneumococcal 20-valent Conjugate Vaccine for Adults Ages 18 Years or Older

Curious what you all think. Especially NOW.


Suspicious Wolf is suspicious.
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“After COVID, Can We Trust the Pneumonia Vaccines?”


I’ll take that one for $500, Alex…

What is “No”?


Gail Combs

Well their safety assessment is ALL DONE IN CHINA NOW! (I have the link somewhere)


Yeah, I remember that — I think it’s on EDGAR.

Gail Combs

I could not find the article I was looking for but this will do:

…In addition, Pfizer’s Wuhan team grew from performing only one function to 12 functions in the R&D system. Two functions run exclusively at Wuhan and nowhere else in the world.

“No other but our Wuhan teams manage the clinical trial registry information and clinical trial master files for all Pfizer’s medicines. These are of utmost importance – making any mistake or losing documents could mean the medicine would never go to market,” Lan said.

He said the reason Pfizer R&D set up the site in Wuhan is because the capital of Hubei province has one of the largest talent pools in China thanks to its many quality universities.

“Biolake has talent advantages. We do consider the cost side of the talent, but the quality is the most important. Without quality, less spending on talent would cost us more.”

Another boost for Pfizer’s success in Wuhan is the government’s support and efforts to amass bio-industry thought leaders, professionals and investment to consolidate Biolake’s leading competitiveness.

Lan said Biolake helps companies and holds meetings to allow experience sharing, and many of his friends from the United States are starting up businesses in Wuhan.

Rainbow Ruan, the registry quality control head of WRDC, said the development in the Biolake created a job opportunity for her and a chance to return to her hometown….



Wolf our life experiences conditioned us to see it. Many people are not conditioned and look through rosy lenses.


I am so glad we all supported each other here not to take the jab.
I am grateful to all the people who contributed so much common sense information concerning the vaccine.
Thank you for this place Wolf we are blessed.

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Yes scientific talent educated in US. The labs were full with Chinese when my son did his PhD. Americans were pushed aside and professors were going full board over Chinese students. That was a hard time. My son has for better or worse the German thick head drive in him and survived. Many others did not.
They are good bench technicians but lack in innovation and problem solving . They brain pick others in labs but never share anything. Depending on the professor a American could be a sitting duck for them. I heard lots of frustration complains.
My daughter had some workinking for her drove her nuts since they needet to be protted on everything. My thought was they pretended to get as much info out of my daughter.
My daughter is a problem solver has several patents in her name therefore this learned helplessness drove her crazy.

Cuppa Covfefe

Can’t imagine where your son got that 🙂

Had the same issue with Chinese engineers (software and hardware) when I was in the Silly Valley. Lots of rote knowledge (and copying ability) but debugging and creative work/thinking outside the box, were totally foreign to them… Frustrating to see so many scientific papers with RED Chinese authors mixed in amongst the rest; have to wonder if they were authors or watchers…

They have buttons over here that say “Unimpfbar” and “Impfpflicht geht gar nicht!” … lots of demos over here that either don’t make the news, or are reported as having 1/10th or 1/100th as meny demonstrators as actually were there…

Interesting to see that those two buttons have been scrubbed from the search engines here… DDG woke now…


Thank you. Chinese seem to have the same MO no matter what they doInteresting information 🙂

Cuppa Covfefe


That should strike fear into the hearts (and the rest of the bodies) of everyone.

Tests, test supervision, results, and other doku stored, maintained and HELD in RED CHINA.

What could possibly go wrong…

Methinks the SEC should be looking into that wrt. Pfizer’s listing…

Oh, wait. Whose wife is the SEC’s ethics officer/lawyer/whatever?
(I wish I remembered it, somehow Faust-Xi comes to mind, but I don’t think so…)…


From Wiki.

Fauci’s wench is the head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center

Cuppa Covfefe

Thanks, now I wonder who is the SEC’s wench… nothing like half-remembering something (part of the “joy” of being in the geritol-for-lunch-bunch…sigh…)….

Gail Combs

Jan 29 2021Peter Strzok’s wife appointed to high-ranking SEC role …

Last week, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that Melissa Hodgman, the wife of disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok, was appointed to head the agency’s Division of Enforcement as its acting director.


Follow the wives….

Gail Combs

I was thinking that as I went looking.

Cuppa Covfefe

Thanks! There are so many crooks in DC it’s hard to keep track of them all… sigh…


Infuriating  😡 


Posted elsewhere in thread.

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You hit the nail on the head.
Our industry in general has gone global and the company from yesterday is not the one off today. What I found striking is they do not bring the western values – US values that made them with them. We all lost.
This whole global stueck is a farce.

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No, I no longer have confidence in any Vaccines big pharma wants me to take. I do, however have a lot of confidence in strong therapeutics like the Zelenko protocol. I’m counting on that and a good diet and exercise to keep me healthy.

Valerie Curren

Very much Agree!

I recall seeing some graphs that indicated that most (childhood) vaccines were introduced when many dangerous diseases had already been brought under control via sanitation & diet improvements, iirc, but the vaccines were given credit for this already trending improving mortality. Seems like the prevailing mindset is “let’s play God & cash in” on something that most people don’t actually need when their God-given immune systems & some basic common sense can prevent &/or overcome, especially with therapeutics.

Trust is earned & since the genocidal warpath has been inflicted on humanity by psychopaths via “vaccines” it will take a very long time (close to never) to re-establish any such trust…at least for me & my house!

Cuppa Covfefe

Seems that someone’s been out a’scrubbin’ the web… wayback machine to the rescue for http://www.learntherisk.org/diseases:
[ https://web.archive.org/web/20210815025710/https://learntherisk.org/vaccines/diseases%5D

comment image

Valerie Curren

Thanks Cuppa, that’s Exactly what I was referring to. Appreciate you going the extra mile to find this!!!


Exactly I have come from vaccine neutral i.e. some vaccine may be useful, to actually being “Anti-Vax” (Yes I said it), simply because I do not trust the medical establishment anymore, especially the Big Pharma controlled one.


Same here. Have never been one to get a flu shot or any of the other stuff. Had a tetinus shot a few years back after a cut at work, but that’s about it. Had all the regular shots as a kid in the late 70’s, when my mom kept up with them. When the parents split I went with my dad and he was not a doctor person. I grew to be like him.


And you will do MUCH better than someone who is on the Big Pharma merry-go-round! Good for you!

Gail Combs

I have stayed away from doctors for two decades and started doing my own research/taking advice from non-medical but knowledgeable people since 1970.

A doctor misdiagnosed me and refused to do the definitive test because I was ‘too young’ to be hypoglycemic. Two friends, one a type 1 Diabetics and the other Hypoglycemic, the precursor of type 2 diabetics, correctly IDed my problem as Hypoglycemia. The Diabetic saw my bad reaction to a high sugar load (Pancakes for breakfast) + strenuous physical labor (Caving) that sent me straight into the shakes from very low blood sugar. He looked me in the eye and said I was going into insulin shock and gave me gorp (M&M, raisins & peanuts)

Sugar + protein + fat will take care of the immediate problem of raising the blood sugar level, but long term you have to get OFF THE CARBS! That is very hard since Hypoglycemia = MAJOR SWEET TOOTH!

THAT ASSHOLE of a doctor SHOULD HAVE KNOWN when I described the incident that I was Hypoglycemic. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist and the ‘cure’ is a change to a HEALTHY diet <=== That being the reason he wasn’t interest no doubt.


I self-diagnosed as hypoglycemic when I was really young. It runs in my family. Doctors are too hung up on what they “know” versus what is in front of them.

Cuppa Covfefe

And BigPharma was BigSugar back in the day (still are). HFCS and all the other highly-processed sugars are sweet death…

Gail Combs

Heck they put sugar in EVERYTHING even peanut butter has sugar in it unless you get the more expensive stuff. (My go to for a quick snack)

I also figured out HOW they are hiding the deadly symptoms in soda. An active person slugging down a HFC soda on an empty stomach should get a CRASH like I did with those syrup soaked pancakes. The reason they do not is CAFFEINE!

Try finding a soda that does not have caffeine in it. You can but it is not easy!

Cuppa Covfefe

I think Mug Root Beer doesn’t have caffeine in it, for one. And yes, almost all of the soda-pops out there are sugar-bombs.

Then again, there’s always Jolt Cola: Twice the Sugar, Twice the Caffeine (used to get it a Fry’s Electronics… another SillyValley landmark gone)…

Gail Combs

Unfortunately I do not like root beer. Hubby drinks A&W sometimes.

For ‘soda’ I am using
1/3 homemade lemonade with Splenda (generous)
1/3 diet Quinine tonic water
And a very skimpy 1/3 orange juice.

My stomach will not put up with a lot of lemonade.

I also drink chilled Green tea with a dollop of honey.

Cuppa Covfefe

Quinine and Green Tea are both ionophores, IIRC…

Benihana used to have Green Tea ice cream (no idea of how much real green tea was actually in it)… When (if?) it warms up I’m looking forward to getting quinine from G&Ts 🙂


You know, if I eat actual CANE sugar (not beet) and it’s after a meal with solid protein, I don’t have a problem. But the HFCS is the devil.


Nasty stuff. It causes so many health problems, and they put the crap in everything.

Gail Combs

Yes, I do not have much trouble with real cane sugar or honey as long as I eat fats and proteins.


Amen 🙂


I just want to point out two things. The vaccine only is supposed to work against viral pneumonia. One could still acquire bacterial pneumonia. Also, there might come a time if one had terminal cancer or some other unbearable disease or condition that it might be considered a mercy to die of pneumonia. Aside from those two things, I personally like Scott’s answer. And with all the questions surrounding the so-called covid19 so-called vaccine, how do we know what is really In the pneumonia vaccine, plus I don’t even know how long it is claimed to be effective.


They used to call pneumonia “the old man’s friend.”


With friends like pneumonia…

Deplorable Patriot

They still call pneumonia the old man’s friend, and when old men are tired, and are ready, some welcome it.


We went from using medicine to solving a few problems that our bodies could not, to every problem requires a medication or drug. Or when in doubt, cut it out, or cut it off.

The human race did not survive and evolve based on drugs. Natural immunity, survival of the fittest was a thing. Yes, we got wiped out by a few plagues a long the way but we got through.

Today, we live in a pretty contaminated environment with fake processed foods all designed to fatten us for slaughter. You have to work supper hard to eat clean, and live clean but it is the only way. Avoid the pill mill and drugs as much as possible. And jabs especially because you have no absolute clue what they are sticking in you.

They feed us crap to get us sick. They medicate us to keep us sick. A sick and weak population is a compliant one. And one that dies early and is not a burden to the gubmint. And then a virus comes along that targets the fat and sick. Hmmm. 🤔




For me, the issue is that I’ve completely lost confidence in the FDA. If they spent 10 years actually doing the work necessary to prove that such a vaccine was effective, safe, and reasonably free of long-term side effects — like their MANDATE — I might be willing to be persuaded to trust the results of such a process. But the Covid Revelations have blown that completely out of the water.

This is similar to Gail’s previous column where “USDA inspected” now means “USDA screwed around with paperwork” with no actual inspection involved. The FDA has joined the USDA in Iowahawk’s famed formulation:

“Take a respected institution.

Kill it.

Gut it.

Wear its carcass as a skin suit.

And demand respect.”

I’d say, “demand respect due the original”, but the concept gets through.

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Cuppa Covfefe

F radulent
D eaths
A ccumulating


I have to correct myself. Apparently there is pneumococcal vaccine, which would be for bacterial pneumonia. Sorry if I confused anyone.


I started losing trust in the medical establishment, including doctors who refused to look at alternatives, many years ago, long before COVID. I saw how alternative practitioners had to be very careful because state medical boards could come after them in spite of the fact that they were helping patients improve and get well.

So when I first heard of the pneumonia vaccine a few years ago, I didn’t trust it. That goes double for today. I have no reason to trust any vaccine today, after what they’ve done.

I don’t consider myself anti-vax. If I knew the science was solid and the people making the vaccine were honest and trustworthy and not just looking to make money, I would consider taking one if I thought it would be beneficial. But every bit of my trust is gone. There is not a scintilla left.

And that goes for all the three-letter agencies that are supposed to be working in our best interests. I lost respect for the FDA years ago when they tried to make certain supplements prescription-only. The CDC is telling hospitals not to treat patients with valuable therapeutics, so their motives are suspect. The WHO — “World” — ’nuff said. The AMA just toes the party line.

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Quite frankly, I doubt that I will ever take another vaccine for any reason, no matter what horrible disease they release in the future. I actually haven’t had a vaccine since I was in the military and they required flu vaccines (that always made me sick, by the way). That was over 40 years ago. And in all that time, I haven’t seen a vaccine that made more sense to my health than to try to live as healthily as possible.

But after experiencing the last 2 years, it goes far beyond just vaccines. Unless I break a bone or something similar, I doubt that I will ever willingly go to another doctor for any reason. I was almost at that point before COVID. But their masks all came off with this debacle.


Someone posted this here a few days ago, Dr. Zelenko is part of an association of doctors who appear to be trying something different than the current medical establishment / pharmaceutical patient care model:


Gail Combs

They certainly look like the correct way to go for ‘everyday’ type medical care.


I’m in the same boat, as far as I’m concerned the medical establishment has lost all credibility.

Gail Combs

How about HELL NO!!!

I won’t even take a tetanus booster because they added a bunch of junk to it.


 ….The un-scientific so-called “precautionary principle” is unfortunately being successfully and constantly misused as justification to immobilize science and its applications, as well as to confuse the public. ..The so-called principle, which is in fact a concept rather than a principle, is indeed a wonderful tool to avoid delicate political decision. .. the so-called precautionary principle – in reality a concept rather than a scientific principle – should not be used as a tool to stop innovation, even under the guise of a moratorium….

Mr. Auxenfans, retired from the Monsanto Corporation

“Development of risk-based systems has been heavily influenced by the WTO Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures ”  

Feb 2007–Clones declared save: FDA decides based on “risk assessment” that meat and milk from adult clones and their offspring are as safe to consume as those from standard animals. — LINK


The FDA and USDA and WTO and UN decided to shit can The un-scientific so-called “precautionary principle” otherwise known as DO NO HARM in favor of “risk assessment”

So what is ‘Risk Assessment’

Step 3 – Exposure assessment: “Who may be harmed and at what level may exposure be harmful?”

Experts estimate how much of the food or ingredient consumers in general, population groups (e.g. infants, children, adults) or sub-populations (e.g. vegetarians, vegans) are likely to be exposed to under real-life conditions, where both dose and duration are considered. The exposure must be evaluated to determine if a hazard presents an actual risk (step 4). With increased exposure, the risk also increases.

Step 4 – Risk characterisation: “How likely is it that people will experience exposure at a level that can cause harm in real life?”

The final step is to formulate a final conclusion on the level of risk. The previous steps are taken into account to calculate the likelihood of the food or ingredient causing harm according to the nature of the hazard and level of exposure. The level of exposure that can cause harm is compared to the actual level of exposure that someone would experience in real life. If the exposure level is higher than that which causes harm, there may be a safety concern for consumers in general or for specific groups….


What it boils down to is A BUREAUCRAT’S OPINION. This was especially true in the case of GMO and Clones. They were ruled substantially the same as natural and therefore needed not testing.

Valerie Curren

You are a national treasure!!! Thank you for this <3

Gail Combs

EXACTLY! Why the heck do I have to take a vaccine for a disease I had as a kid?

Also my vet told us NOT to get the 5-way shots for the equines because they do not work as well as a single shot spaced out.

Makes sense when you think about it.

Deplorable Patriot

No. I have no confidence in shots of any sort. I haven’t since the shouting down of the parents of autistic kids and the denial that the MMR shot kills babies.

There was no proof that the shot didn’t cause the issues, just a shouting down of the people who were making the accusation, just like the bra causing breast cancer argument. It’s been proven in multiple studies, but the breast cancer and garment industries shout down the concept without disproving it.


BLUF – Bottom Line Up Front. NO.


^^^ Bastards Truly NEED to face JUSTICE. ^^^

Pfizer, an American company or not, does it matter these days? (Rhetorical)

After ALL of the Covid related LIES from:

  • Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, AZ, CDC, FDA, NIH, FauCi, Collins, Wallensky, AMA…
  • Healthcare insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield…insert your local health care LIARS.
  • Healthcare systems DoD, Carson Tahoe (locally here), Renown, Kaiser, insert your health care system (liars).
  • Virtually EVERY doctor lockstep with them assholes. ^^^
  • ALL levels of Federal government AND medical establishment IGNORING VAERS.
  • ENFORCING Covid treatments that HARM. Remdisiver, ventilators, NO VISITING Covid patients.
  • DENYING effective meds available. HCQ, IVM…

Reports that Covid injections COULD be incorporated into “flu shots”, Covid tests, etc.

With the question in mind, I won’t address the lower than whale shit elected shit heads and Pravda News.

Based on the totality of the evidence, NONE of it positive, NO by me.


With pneumonia in mind. Try to eat reasonable. Exercise. DAILY vitamins and minerals. IF I seem to be catching a “bug”, aggressive self treatment. All the stuff Gail, GA/FL, Wolf, Aubergine AND MANY others have suggested over the past couple years.

Deplorable Patriot

Funny you should write this and this pops into my Twitter feed.

comment image


Wow. Those are some pretty damning statistics.


Considering the following, my answer is NO:

1) Creating a safe vaccine has always meant trials using control groups. In this instance, the control group was administered the vaccine ANYWAY, DURING the trial. No safety data as a result. NO.

2) Creating a safe vaccine (or drug) has always meant five to ten YEARS of testing and data to determine long-term side effects or problems. Not this time. NO.

3) We NOW KNOW, God bless Naomi Wolfe, that anyone who took the Clot-Shot was an INVOLUNTARY PARTICIPANT in a dosing trial. Would they do that with another vaccine? Sure they would! NO, NO, NO.

4) Medical professionals with the training to know that vaccines/drugs require almost a decade of testing to be deemed safe in the long run went right along in most cases, and put this poison into their patients. Would they do that with a “new and improved” pneumonia shot, without informed consent. Yeah, they would, if Big Pharma “sold” it to them. Again, HELL FREAKIN’ NO!!!!!

Why we continue to even CONSIDER allowing these monsters to inject us with their poisons. I mean, seriously, do people think you can live forever?


I am having problems trusting doctors. I do think the little trust I had has dissipated.
The answer is no.
Who could I ask? Everyone I used to trust led me down and my doctor why he never pushed the jab also would not give me an answer if I ask him.


Likely no for me as well.
My bp medicine causes high cholesterol and i have that. I already know and wont go on a statin or anything bc its caused by the medicine.
If i can reduce my stress and lose weight, plus somehow deny myself 🧀, ill quit the medicine too.

Cuppa Covfefe

Statins also cause problems for mitochondria…


Not good. Another once on yoy cant get off drug.


I’ve never believed the pneumonia shots were safe mostly because of the inert ingredients (metals). I know quite a few people who got serious cases of pneumonia AFTER the shot. I know someone who’s father died several weeks afterwards because of pneumonia. Previously leery, now justifiably suspicious.


After COVID, Can We Trust the Pneumonia Vaccines?
My opinion….No!


The people making the decisions as to what goes into a vax and for what purpose it serves and what the result may be, those people, do not make decisions based on what is best for me.

They no longer want to cure diseases. They have agendas that not only do not benefit me, but intentionally harm me.

They make those decisions as to what will be more profitable, and what they can get away with. And when caught, they do all they can to hide their malfeasance.

These decisions are not made in the lab. They are made in board rooms or on yachts or at world economic forums.

They have stopped looking for cures, they are looking for treatments. They want everyone taking multiple drugs day and night.

That is not a treadmill I am interested in powering


Well, the PREVNAR 20 vaccine, a mishmash of 20 different strains of pneumonia, is NOT a vaccine against influenza. One is “supposed” to get BOTH the PREVNAR 20, PLUS an influenza vaccine (preferably, one by Pfizer-BioNTech).
Here’s an additional little tidbit, which was discussed months ago on this very blog site —
Pfizer-BioNTech eventually wants to have a BOOSTER SHOT of its COVID-19 “vaccine” given AT THE SAME TIME that one gets the PREVNAR 20 or an influenza shot.
And, by the way, Pfizer-BioNTech did NO STUDY of whether or not PREVNAR 20 is “safe and effective” for persons with IMMUNO-COMPROMISED conditions. These people are supposed to “ask their doctor if PREVNAR 20 is right for you.”
In a word — H3LL, NO.

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

Pfizer-BioNTech eventually wants to have a BOOSTER SHOT of its COVID-19 “vaccine” given AT THE SAME TIME that one gets the PREVNAR 20 or an influenza shot.

^^^ THIS has always stuck in my mind. ^^^

Pfizer “vaccines” are NOT to be trusted.

Nor any other manufacture vaccine at this point.


Late to this party, but maybe you will see it, Wolf.

Pneumonia is a thing in my family. So I did take the one below. Had it been a Pfizer or Moderna product, I would have passed. It’s a one and done for old people.


It’s probably the last Vax I will take unless I need a tetanus booster. I stopped flu shots a couple of years back. Was going to get the Shingrix because I had the shingles a few years back after taking the crappy Zostavax that did not work. Do not want that disease again, but I am not sure I want to take the vax. If I’m not sure, I’m not doing it. Would appreciate recommendations on it.

With the P-23 I had the the 4 minor side effects they list as possible that lasted for 24-38 hours and had no other issues since that point. Combined with the natural supplements, I feel like I have it all covered now.


Short answer: NO.