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There has been quite a bit going on with Gab lately. I kept putting off covering it – that oversight will be corrected by this post.

Gab Speech: “Go And Build”

Andrew Torba did some quality grandstanding for free speech at a recent conference – his speech was DYNAMITE, if you have not read it or seen the video.



This speech is absolutely unyielding push-back on cultural Marxism, and really rather amazing.

The video includes the audiovisual warm-up of the crowd for his speech – it’s worth a look even if you prefer the text of the speech.

“The people in power want a Great Reset, but what we are going to give them instead, is a Great Restoration.”

Andrew Torba, AFPAC 2022

Not one to be all hat and no cattle, Torba’s speech was CATCHING UP to what he’s been doing.

Check it out.

Gab Infrastructure


Unlike the Demon Democrat Communists, who define “infrastructure” as needles for junkies, Gab defines infrastructure as UTILITY HARDWARE for the benefit of civilization. Plowing money back into INFRASTRUCTURE is clearly part of Andrew Torba’s STRATEGY.

Gab is quite zippy these last couple of days, and MORE IRON is clearly why. Gab just added 200K bucks in new servers.

Gab TV is also part of that infrastructure strategy. I suspect that Torba is preparing for the moment that Rumble and GETTR get knee-capped by Woke Tech. You know it’s coming, but it has to be closer to the election.

If anything, Gab TV works “too well”, with its annoying auto-play function making its “very well-working” embeds in WordPress quite toxic. Rumble beats Gab on that count, and is why Rumble videos are preferred on this site, but MAYBE Gab will fix it. In any case, Gab TV works nicely on the Gab platform, so we can just provide links to Gab TV.

Beyond Gab TV, methinks Gab has its sights set on the FALL OF DUCKDUCKGO, and the need for a true FREE SPEECH SEARCH ENGINE.

And THAT leads to THIS.

Gab Search

Gab knows how to achieve REAL RESULTS. Start small and manageable, and GROW. Thus, Gab Search is starting its search tool on its own data. It will index itself, before it moves out.

I’m really thankful for this. Gab’s existing search engine was weak sauce for a long time, then turned off completely after the DEMON TRANNIES “faux-hacked” the site.

Now the site search is back, and it works NICELY for once.

Here is a search to find our group.


Click on the result to get to our group.


Here is a search for a member of our group!


Here is her homepage!


Unlike Twitter, you can COUNT on “owning” that URL for the rest of your life.

More about that in a bit.

You can also search on posts directly from the member name.


You can search the new Gab Marketplace, too!


Speaking of which…..

Gab Marketplace

We’ve covered this before…..

DEAR KAG: 20220211 – The Pub is OPEN / G-Bay (Gab Marketplace) Is Here / Fake Science Normalized by Fake News and Fake Entertainment / Malone and Bhakdi Validated by “Pro-Vax” Paper

The Pub is *STILL* OPEN! We are doing our best under the circumstances! While our beloved REAL bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we continue to ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE. Christmas Spirit We still have lights up all over the area. LOL! Hey – how about we just keep believing? And now, the rules …

The Marketplace…..


… actually filling up with “stuff” that normal people buy and sell, and it’s looking a lot more like Ebay every day. If you get a PRO membership, you automatically get to post stuff on Gbay – and THAT leads me to my next point……

Gab Pro

There are a bunch of reasons you MIGHT want to upgrade to Gab PRO – and if you do, there is ONE reason you may want to do it NOW…..

Notice the option on the RIGHT, which is NOT the default.

Basically, the price for 5 years is being discounted from $500 to $315, and the price of a LIFETIME membership is being discounted to the normal price for 5 years.

I’ve already been on Gab for over 5 years. The chance that I’ll be on there for another 5 years is quite good. There is some chance I’ll be on for the rest of my life. When that’s over, I can’t take my money with me. Bigger still, my money is losing its value in the bank – but NOT when invested in FREE SPEECH.

Something to think about.

But still – why pay for Gab PRO? To put it very briefly, you get new stuff first, and you keep getting it “for free”. Thus, if something like “Gab Blogs” happens, PRO will see it first.

Here are the CURRENT perks of Gab Pro.

  • Apply for verification and receive a blue checkmark on Gab.
  • Compose Rich Text posts (BoldItalic, Underline and more)
  • Create 15 listings per day on Gab Marketplace.
  • PRO users get their own Gab TV channel to host videos.
  • Become an admin of your own group for any interest.
  • Video uploading limits increased to 1 gig per video.
  • Remove all promoted posts in your Gab Social feeds.
  • Schedule posts in your Gab Social feeds.
  • Bookmark and save gabs to a private collection.
  • Set your gabs to self-destruct after a period of time.
  • Fight against Silicon Valley tyranny

As the group admin, this makes sense for me. If we are forced to “go to backup”, we can hit the ground running.

YMMV. But still, something to think about.

Now – here is another deal.

If you sign up for Gab Pro, you can pay in several ways. E-Check (meaning use your bank account) is probably the easiest, but you can also try out the beta test of GabPay.

So let’s talk about that!


When I said GabPay is actually in beta test, I wasn’t kidding.

The website is actually UP, and can answer all your questions!


You can even sign up – although I must warn you…..

I tried using the beta test, and it didn’t work for me. Is the software still a bit too “alpha”? Not sure. I may need to try it again. Nonetheless, I got a good look at the interface, and it seems pretty solid and fully “beta” – NOT alpha.

So – that’s it for now. I will let you know if something big happens, or if I get more insight into GabPay and Gab Marketplace.

Until then, GAB ON!


PS – have you seen the “easy” version of Gab Chat? It’s HERE:


Its not as secure as the older end-to-end encrypted chat, but it’s useful for everyday stuff that you don’t mind potentially being hacked by demon trannies working for Dodge and FIB.

PPS – check this out! You can still vote.


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Lots of good info that I will explore later; thank you! A conservative search engine is sorely needed, so I hope that works out.

Last edited 1 year ago by TheseTruths

I’m really excited about GabPay. I’ve always hated Pay Pal and had various problems with them. But they don’t really have any competition. So they do what they want to do. However, it will only be useful if a lot of merchants accept them and use them as an option for their sales. That will be the key.


I should note that Elon Musk’s first fortune was from PayPal. Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring all stemmed from that.


I do basically zero on Gab at the moment but do get their emails. So I was alerted to Gab Marketplace a bit before Christmas. Navigating gifts for a large extended family on 2 continents is almost impossible without online shopping. And I really wanted to avoid Amazon, so I checked out some of the small companies offering stuff on Gab. I got some of the most creative, wonderful, enjoyable Christmas gifts ever on there. Searching for things was a bit awkward but definitely worth it!

Last edited 1 year ago by GrammyInD