Dear KMAG: 20230313 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

U.S. President Donald Trump prepares to board Marine One with first lady Melania Trump en route to his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida following the release of the Mueller report at the White House in Washington, U.S., April 18, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Barria – RC1F20A769B0

AND our beautiful REALFLOTUS.

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread remains open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

And yes, it’s Monday…again.

But we WILL get through it!!!







by Duchess01

Please forgive us, Wheatie, we did not know
That you had left us with armor in tow
We had no idea with what you dealt
We did not know the pain you felt
And now we can only imagine
With you what really did happen
Cause rarely did you complain 
And/or share your personal pain
Of one thing we are most certain
You are flying high behind the curtain
Watching over us above the crowds
Our Warrior Angel above the clouds
Thank You, Wheatie, for caring for us
While you were here among the fuss
We miss you dear you have no idea
Since time began in the pangaea
With you there was no time
In your wisdom you would chime
To clarify and magnify
The what where how and why
We did not question when you left
We were not slightly bereft
But over time we wondered why
You did not at least stop by
Now we know where you have gone
With the break of this new dawn
We could be angry but are not
Tho with an arrow we’ve been shot
Rest peacefully Warrior Angel dear
Send us a sign that you are near
A butterfly a flower a kiss of rain
From your love do not refrain
God sends Angels to watch over us
And now we have an Angel Plus
A Warrior Angel of Magnificence
From today and forward hence


The Rules


Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Boilerplate, more or less, but worth reading again and again, if only for the minor changes, and to stay out of moderation.


Never talk about committing violence in a reply to Wolf or in response to anything Wolf has said, or you may get put into moderation so that your comments can be screened. This is ONLY because DHS is now playing door-knock Gestapo with people who have spoken at school board meetings, made public comments, etc. DHS regime jackboots are knocking on doors of school board mama bears and stupidly insinuating potential violence from things people say or don’t say on social media. A guy in Ohio pointed his FINGER at the school board, and they went after him, armed with pictures of the pointing, and screen captures of online comments. Yeah.

SO – give the Nazis ZERO ammo. Keep any mention of violence, even joking, away from Wolf, so that he doesn’t have to “explain” humor to humorless jackboots who pretend not to know things.

As for discussion of “violent humor” among yourselves (e.g., “#TeamHeadsOnPikes”), just use whatever discretion you think is appropriate for yourselves. I will only put you in moderation if your comments create problems for ME or THIS SITE, but not if they only impact you.

YOU are responsible for your own comments, if they come knocking. YOUR choice. Just remember this…..


The bottom line is Free Speech. Theories and ideas you don’t agree with must be WELCOME here, and you must be part of that welcoming. But you do NOT need to be part of any agreement.

Bottom line – respect other people’s FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Our only additional requirement is that you do so NICELY. Or at least try to make some effort in that direction.


We must endeavor to persevere to love our frenemies – even here.

Those who cannot deal with this easy requirement will be forced to jump the hoops of moderation, so that specific comments impugning other posters and violating the minimal rules can be sorted out and tossed in the trash.

In Wheatie’s words, “We’re on the same side here so let’s not engage in friendly fire.”

That includes the life skill of just ignoring certain other posters.

We do have a site – The U Tree – where civility is not a requirement. Interestingly, people don’t really go there much. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in an “argument” that can’t really stay civil, please feel free to “take it to the U Tree”. The U Tree is also a good place to report any technical difficulties, if you’re unable to report them here. Please post your comment there on one of Wolf’s posts, or in reply to one of Wolf’s comments, to make sure he sees it (though it may take a few hours).

We also have a backup site, called The Q Tree as well, which is really The Q Tree 579486807. You might call it “Second Tree”. The URL for that site is If this site ( ever goes down, please reassemble at the Second Tree.

If the Second Tree goes down, please go to The U Tree, or to our Gab Group, which is located at

We also have some “old rules” and important guidelines, outlined here, in a very early post, on our first New Year’s Day, in 2019. The main point is not to make violent threats against people, which then have to be taken seriously by law enforcement, and which can be used as a PRETEXT by enemies of this site.

In the words of Wheatie, “Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.”

A Moment of Prayer

Our policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and anywhere.

Thus, please pray for our real President, the one who actually won the election.

You may also pray for our nation, our world, and even our enemies.

Musical Interlude

In honor of dear Wheatie, we now present some music to soothe, inspire, invigorate, or relax.

Here are three “placeholder” videos, selected from old Wheatie posts.


From Dear MAGA: 20190222 Open Topic


From Dear MAGA: 20190223 Open Topic


From Dear MAGA: 20190427 Open Topic

Ah, yes! I remember those days!

Call To Battle

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

Daily outrage and epic phuckery abound.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

And we will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Wolfie’s Wheatie’s Word of the Day Year Week:



  • the second year of placeholder posts on The Q Tree
  • Wolf’s collection of dummy posts that he alters if he gets the chance
  • justice for more than one swamp rat in Washington

Used in a Sentence:

“OMG, they’re not only placing Eric Holder under arrest – they’re arresting all his cronies – it’s a veritable placeholderama!”

Used in a Picture of Women Prison Guards Watching Eric Holder in Solitary in DC Gitmo:


Have another great week!


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Daylight Wasting Time.



Do your yard work and stop whining.



In the dark? While we have “Atmospheric River” #12?


Even my dogs dont want to get up!


Check this out, the umpire made a terrible ‘strike’ call, and then called the next one a third strike… when it wasn’t even CLOSE to the plate 🤣😂🤣


And he got suspended for it.

Valerie Curren

the ump or the player?


The ump 👍


The first home plate umpire says, “I call them as they are.” The second says, “I call them as I see them.” The third says, “They ain’t nothing until I call them.”

If you have the hubris to believe that what you say defines reality, like so many postmoderns, it shouldn’t surprise us that the umpires think they have god-like power too.


Back when I played little league baseball…
My dad was filling in for the first base coach that was absent…
I hit the ball and ran to first base (beat the throw by 15 feet)…
The ump yelled “Your out!”
My dad asked the ump how he could make the obviously wrong call….
The ump replied “I listen for the ball to hit the glove, and the foot to hit the base.”
My dad answered:
“Well then you better take those glasses off and put them on your ears!”


My dad… what a guy 🙂
When he played high school basketball…
They had a game where the ref’s were obviously biased…
Timeout was called and his coach told him to guard the ref.
Play resumed and my dad did as he was told
and with arms out and very closely “guarded” the ref…
The ref blew his whistle to stop play…
marched over to my dads coach and asked him:
“What the heck is this guy (my dad) doing?”
The coach relied to the ref:
“If I’m we are going to play against you…
I’m having my guy guard YOU!”


What an asshole!


Yup. Suspension is a joke. Asshole should be banned from umpire world.


I agree!


comment image

Ben Garrison:

I’m hardly the one to dispense financial advice, but be careful with banks—especially the large ones. I once went ‘all in’ on silver and I was convinced that I would make a fortune. Instead JPM crushed silver through illegal shorting and manipulation. They paid a fine, but the damage was done. Starting on May 1, 2011, their traders illegally colluded and shorted silver—and in a year or two the shiny metal collapsed down to $13. It forced me to realize just how much power and influence the big banks possessed. The average Joe stands no chance against them. That’s why I would not keep an inordinate amount of money in any bank—especially during these unstable times. One could wake up and find their banks declaring bankruptcy and their money gone.

The ultimate blame belongs to the Federal Reserve…


Step one in the WEF/Globalist OWG (One World Government) takeover plan?


To be fair we’re well into the numbered part of their plan . . .

There has been a long history of government bailouts in recent history. The Chrysler bailout in the 70s was classic, but they were only building on an existing pattern of begging the government for help.

The S&L crisis in the 80s during Reagan and George H.W.E.F. Bush 1 was when govt bailout was applied wholesale to the banking sector Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Co.

The real problem here is that these actions created the impression in the banking sector that if you were a large bank and you screwed up bad, the U.S. Guv would come along to save the day. This meant they could take larger risks than they would normally because they could use the Guv as a crutch.

The Clintons “inherited a recession” (which was already an economic recovery they mucked up with tax increases and uncertainty) but they also decided to do their own tinkering with the banking sector. This culminated with the gutting of the Glass-Steagall Act and Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act . . .

The writing was on the wall throughout the 2000s as the subprime mortgage crisis grew worse and Congress predictably failed to act. In June ’08 there were public warnings that dramatic action needed to be taken to the tune of $150B to bail out a banking sector in crisis, and the longer action was delayed the worse it would get . . .

September of ’08 rolled around and we had Lehman Brothers, then $700B TARP. . .

And another round of mal-competent legislative gamesmanship setting up the dominoes for another round, including Pocahontas rigging the table with unaccountable bureaucracy . . .

I’m missing a few important pieces of legislation, but the deal is that anyone who is paying attention to the legislation and financial world can see this boat-rocking trick a mile away, where they create a cycle of crises in order to “solve” them and repeat the cycle.

Tipping over the world financial system means nothing to them because the malcompetents will be taken care of no matter what, and the real bank players are happy to collapse every one else’s assets so they can swoop in and take everything.

Hence the WEF’s threat: “You will own nothing, and you WILL be HAPPY . . .” or else.


Banksters / Wall Street then reward Ruling Class with donations. Evil cycle.

Gail Combs

That was what 2013 was all about.


George H.W.E.F. Bush 1″…very clever 🤭


^^^ Advice applies to investing also. Crap shoot.


comment image


The women can bring all of this nonsense to a screeching halt, by REFUSING to PARTICIPATE.

A little communication among female athletes, a little solidarity, a little strike, and it’s done.


When money starts being lost because entire sports programs no longer have participants, something will be done. Women are allowing themselves to be abused.

Brave and Free

Kinda like the abusive BF syndrome, but he love’s me he won’t do it again.
Agreed they all need to just walk away until it stops. Let them start a new “Trany league in every sport”

Gail Combs

The problem is SCHOLARSHIPS!!! The girls got hooked on the money they get to pay for their college education and now that they are hooked, they are getting crushed.


Poor babies. Life is rough. This is lesson 1 – things beyond your control will test your integrity.

Stand up straight or get good at kneeling.

Gail Combs

AND get good at kissing dirty smelly Chinee ass…


Scholarships AND, “they trained so hard,long…”

True, but don’t give a damn. The old fashion shit matters ore…

INTEGRITY. Do The Right Thing. Self Respect. Dignity.


It really IS that simple. Don’t show up.

OR Better yet, walk out when the competition is set to start. Bigger Headline.

Gail Combs


Gail Combs

Actually I was think about this:
comment image

Applied in the women’s locker room…


You are so medieval and practical.  :wpds_wink: 


I think it’s a hot combo. Makes me all tingly.





Bingo  😂 


What I’d like to see, and this would work best at a running event.
All the competitors take their places on the track waiting for the off, looking ahead concentrating on getting a good start.
Starter raises his pistol, ready, set, BANG………and all the real women turn around and stroll away in the opposite direction.
Leaving the clown running on his own, how far would he get before he noticed, bet the crowd would laugh their heads off.


From the fertile patriotic mind of RAC …


That would be AWESOME!



I am happy to support any efforts actually made by female athletes against this crap. But I can only SUPPORT what they are willing to DO.


comment image


Media Team — ASSEMBLE!!!

Gail Combs


Gail Combs

From yesterday:

WSB( WSB) Offline
 March 12, 2023 22:22

Carl, you are a Godsend!
Gives me hope.
In did a bit of sleuthing today, and wanted to leave this here, as I have OT and other sites.
May mean nothing, yet one never knows what dots can be connected.

March 12, 2023 at 9:04 pm
March 12, 2023 7:05 pm

Went through the Miranda Devine article on Jan 6 at the NY Post today.

The last 6 seconds show Jacob Chansley in the gallery of the one chambers (Senate?, also, note the clock reads 2:53…have checked other sources that Chansley was in the building as early as 1:30 PM).

What is weird is that a photographer is also in the gallery with him. Massive lens! Just like a photo shoot.

TinEye verifies that many of the press-posted photos I queried about are from Gettys Images filed on January 6, 2023. By guess who…Win MacNamee, the absolute best veteran photographer Gettys has. The files and his gear/clothing/hair style can be cross-referenced.

Now, I know he covers DC, and his father was also in the business. Yet, what business is that…FalseFlagFoto, Inc.?

How was MacNamee in place for an insurrection that was supposed to be organic? Why was he following Jacob Chansley around…IN the US Capitol?
Will wonders never cease?
Will post my screen shots below

March 12, 2023 7:11 pm  

Low lighting but nevertheless discernible of Chansley, his flag, horns and MacNamee following him around. Professional photography. How can one actor get so lucky?comment image

SAVED:&nbspcomment image
comment image

SAVED:comment image
comment image

SAVED:&nbspcomment image

PS, time stamp on this event…2:53 in the afternoon. Chansley has been reported at entering the building around 1:30 PM. Speech was still going on. What Trump supporter would not stay for PT’s speech?

No cop is de-escalating or arresting at 2:57 in the gallery? And Mr. Gettys Photographer of the Century is taking portraits?

I told everyone at OT tonight that I win the internet tonight because if this is organic, I will sell you rabbit food in a French restaurant.

No more selling bridges in AZ. That is so yesterday!

Gail Combs

If you open the photos in a new tab and magnify,

You can see the guy in the white mask with the white shirt is CARRYING A PROFESSIONAL CAMERA. While the shaman is standing to the side and lettinghim go first.

h t t p s://i DOT imgur DOT com/6TSzOVq.png

remove spaces and put a . where I wrote DO.

comment image

A reasonable answer to the question of why a pro photog followed Jacob is the he was a visually attractive target. It could just be that the photog recognized what would make his pics stand out.

Gail Combs

The photographer was LEADING not following.

This is mostly from WSB yesterday.

The power of photojournalism’: Getty Images photographer behind viral Capitol riot photos describes historic day
Interview of photograher

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — As the events in Washington unfolded on Wednesday, photos from inside the Capitol went viral around the world. Many of those now-iconic images were taken by Getty Images Chief Photographer Win McNamee.
McNamee captured the widely shared photo of a rioter dangling from the Senate chamber, and the image of another rioter carrying Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern through the halls. That man has since been identified as Adam Johnson, 36, and was arrested in Florida two days later.

McNamee has covered Washington, D.C. for three decades. His father was also a longtime D.C. photojournalist. He said he never could have imagined anything like this — especially in the U.S. Capitol.

Here is another one of his STAGED PHOTOS!!!
comment image

Chansley was speaking to Michiel Vos outside the Capitol earlier. Nancy Pelosi’s son-in-law.
comment image

PS, whatever this means, this is one shot of what I believe MacNamee took.
This is in the gallery. Courtesy of the DOJ?
comment image

I think he knew. Why would he show up to take convenient phots with Giuliani, Rion and Kerik? Someone paid for him to travel, IMHO.

Chansley photo-bombed all of them. The one photo I cannot find is the one with Chanel Rion. I know she is really connected so may have deleted it herself.

From me:

comment image

Note the two cameras at the bottom of the photo.
comment image


and the image of another rioter carrying Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern through the halls

I know it’s serious business, and that was not a good thing to do, but this made me laugh out loud. 😂


Thank you that is enlightening !


Peter Navarro is not happy with Tucker Carlson.

Hi. I’m Peter Navarro, it is March 12, 2023.

And here is some breaking news: Fox News show host Tucker Carlson has purportedly sent out a questionnaire on America’s Ukraine policy to a set of Republican presidential candidates.

My immediate thought upon hearing this news was, to speak in the salty vernacular of one of my old Chiefs of Staff at the Trump White House, John Kelly, “Who the hell does Tucker think he is?”

Before I try and answer to that question, settle down all you fan boys and fan girls of Tucker. I like Tucker, and Tucker has been good to me – at least he was up until the point where the Fox brass canceled me from his show. I’ll get to that in a minute; but first, this:

What Tucker is doing seems to be the height of arrogance. In effect, Tucker thinks his ratings are so big that he can set himself up as a powerbroker in the 2024 presidential race as if he were the actual Fox network itself – such questionnaires the sponsorship of debates are typically the province of the network itself, across the cable news diaspora…

Here is my real concern about giving Tucker so much power to influence the 2024 election. Numero Uno is that Tucker Carlson is not a Donald Trump fan. That is certainly no secret as the recent spate of emails and other correspondence that have leaked out from a lawsuit confirm this statement.

Second, his on-air populist, nationalist personality aside, Tucker appears to care more about ratings than policy. Put simply, Tucker is not a MAGA true believer but simply a pragmatist who, like a jeweler with precision taps at the resentments of his audience. This, too, is revealed in the email correspondence recently leaked.

Third, and most worrisome, Tucker ultimately gets his paycheck from Rupert Murdoch and the Fox News Corporation. Yes, Tucker is now walking an interesting tightrope taking on issues that run counter to the globalism and corporatism of Rupert, and he is getting away with it because of the popularity of the show.

But Memo to Tucker: You are just one misstep away from going the way of Lou Dobbs who likewise was very popular…


I like PN a lot as a REALPOTUS wingman. But I think he oversteps here:

Here is my real concern about giving Tucker so much power to influence the 2024 election. Numero Uno is that Tucker Carlson is not a Donald Trump fan.”

This is bias on PN’s part. This is a biased source screaming ‘bias!’ at another biased source. The questions were legit I believe, unless otherwise proven.

I agree with PN that Tucker and Fox/Murdoch are also a potential source of bias. If the questions are asked, what is the harm is showing the results? “Tucker is not a MAGA true believer”. Why does Tucker have to be to ask the questions? I do not fear the results. We all know where FOX stands in relation the MAGA.

Now if the results are tainted are obscured, then that is an issue. But if they come back showing favorable to REALPOTUS, even from a biased source, won’t that be a ‘winl for REALPOTUS?


But if they come back showing favorable to REALPOTUS, even from a biased source, won’t that be a ‘winl for REALPOTUS?

It would be. I can’t speak for Navarro, but I imagine he expects undermining of Trump no matter what results like those would show. We’ve all seen it; it’s in just about every article you can find that praises Trump. There’s always that zinger about his personality or mean tweets or unlikeableness or some such. “Trump is ahead, but…”

It will be interesting to watch. If Tucker starts doing that, his popularity will plummet, at least with MAGA voters.


I am so glad that Navarro gets it. I have been wondering how Tucker was attracting so many MEGA people. He is two faced mascaraing as an truth teller. Truth teller my foot, seen laughing with Trump on Trump’s properties and then sending out emails that he hates trump. Those pics with Trump is to keep MEGA thinking he is MEGA.

Last edited 1 year ago by singingsoul1


However, perfectly willing to take all the goodness Tucker delivers.

AND, bottom blow Tucker when appropriate.

I’ll take wins, when I can get them.

Over the weekend, I posted Kristi Noem, vetoed a ND R-Con bill, that prioritized CBDC in ND

  • I applaud Noem for doing do…squashing CBDC promotion in ND.
  • While knowing Noem is a Wall Street tool.

Take The Wins Where, I (We) Can Get Them. Never forgetting who the putz’s are.

Or, so Slow Guy figures.


Very a stood and wise 🙂


I agree. Take wins, wherever they come from, while staying alert.


SD not ND.


Maybe I’m just easily amused, but….

First, the DC dirtbags pass this massive “infrastructure” spending bill, which it turns out is full of tech and green boondoggles. Since government spending on stuff that doesn’t pay benefits to the average citizen turns directly into inflation, we get the worst inflation in decades.

The Federal Reserve decides to squeeze the excess money out of the economy by raising interest rates, and this blows-up Silicon Valley Bank — which in the past few years TRIPLED their depositors from just the sort of tech and green boondoggles funded by the “infrastructure” bill.

PERFECT! The same crony boondogglers funded by DC get caught in an imploding bank.

Except that everyone in DC is horrified when it’s their cronies, donors, bamboozlers, and climate activists taking it in the shorts. They start swearing up-and-down that everyone in that fetid pit of graft must be made whole! When the Fed was tightening, that was only supposed to hit people working two jobs and paying $8 for eggs — not the self-anointed who will save the planet!

I’d love to see a law that says that anyone who got a dollar from the “infrastructure” boondoggle is ineligible for any banking bailout, period, including any FDIC.

And I’d still recommend the Iceland Technique for every executive at SVB.

Last edited 1 year ago by cthulhu

I read yesterday that one of the executives at SVB was a former executive at Lehman Bros.


Yep. If he’d had the Icelandic Technique then, he wouldn’t have made any trouble now.


If you are a vendor to a company that goes bankrupt, and you had previously shipped product and gotten paid, the bankruptcy trustee can “claw back” payments immediately prior to the bankruptcy and force you to take the same haircut as other firms who weren’t so insistent on getting paid.

Executives who were supposed to run SVB in a sane manner for the benefit of the shareholders should have their compensation (and stock awards) “clawed back” in a similar manner, going back to when they got stupid (and proportional to how stupid they got).


SVB goofs EARNED another “off site”.

Gotta be nicer than Tahoe. Perhaps Hawaii, Bali…




The guy’s name is Joseph Gentile. He was previously the CFO of Lehman Brothers’ Global Investment Bank (this is not the CFO of the entire corporation, but of a meaningful part. Immediately prior to this blowup, he was Chief Administrative Officer of SVB.


Now it is time re-read or to read, if you haven’t done that yet, the ‘Creature from Jeckyll Island’
The-Creature-from-Jekyll-Island-by-G.-Edward-Griffin.pdf (

Pepe Lives Matter has also Sub Stack about this. It includes interviews with Edward Griffin and other material from Glenn Beck.
The Creature from Jekyll Island – by Pepe Lives Matter (


Edward Griffin on what the Federal Reserve really is:

“Today it controls the money system.. All the important elements of commerce are controlled by this private group in the name of the government.. It’s become so powerful over the years the roles have been reversed..The role of master and servant has reversed.. Now we come to the horrible conclusion that the government doesn’t control the banks, the banks control the government.. Now we answer the question: It is our master. And most people don’t know it”


Glenn Beck on the FED:

“The government could go to the FED and obtain instant money without having to consult the taxpayer… Money created out of nothing and then given to the government. It’s loaned by the banks to you and me and then we pay interest on it and then it goes to them. Interest on nothing. Again, the FED is nothing more than a cartel.. This cartel that brought the federal government into a partnership where you and I have to answer to it…


Last edited 1 year ago by eilert

Check out especially Chapter: 2: THE NAME OF THE GAME IS BAILOUT

This chapter described how the game is really played and to the T in the current situation.

Gail Combs

There is also my A PRIMER ON MONEY
I really love Griffin.


As one of those fun details from Disneyland in 1955….

Main Street, USA, starts from Town Square and runs to the Hub. Town Square has “City Hall”, which has customer service; the Fire Station (which had Walt’s private apartment upstairs while the place was being built); the Emporium (for shopping); the train station; the Opera House; and a bank.

The cannon in Town Square is pointed at the bank.


comment image


Actually, Jesus said it first.


Matthew 12:
22 Then one was brought to Him who was demon-possessed, blind and mute; and He healed him, so that the [a]blind and mute man both spoke and saw. 23 And all the multitudes were amazed and said, “Could this be the Son of David?”
24 Now when the Pharisees heard it they said, “This fellow does not cast out demons except by [b]Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons.”
25 But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

People in general, and our founders and statesmen, used to be well-versed in Bible teachings.


Context? Maybe Lincoln was quoting from the Bible?



Brave doctors and researchers around the world are standing up against the covid death cult – telling and proving the TRUTH.


IMO, it’s important to make the following distinctions regarding the deceased:

FIRST: The deceased had a prior history of Parkinson’s Disease.
People (including medical professionals) who read the Dr. Morz autopsy report paper will jump on this and try to link the death with the pre-existing Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. This false and misleading.

SECOND: The autopsy report shows that the deceased had MILD myocarditis from the COVID-19 “vaccines” that he took. And yet, the MILD myocarditis he had was a LARGE contributing factor in his death. ANY medical professional who says that MILD myocarditis can be “cured” or “managed” so that the patient can return to a “full and active life” is LYING. Myocarditis in ANY form KILLS heart muscle tissue. The heart DOES NOT regenerate dead heart muscle tissue.

THIRD: The deceased took TWO different COVID-19 “vaccines” — the viral vector AstraZeneca (think the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 “vaccine”), and the mRNA-based Pfizer-BioNTech. It was the AstraZeneca shot, the first one he took, that caused the initial heart issues. It was the Pfizer-BioNTech shots (second and third) that he took which apparently caused the brain damage. HOWEVER, it cannot be discounted that the Pfizer-BioNTech shots ALSO contributed to the heart damage.

FOURTH: The deceased had NO PRIOR HISTORY of a COVID-19 infection BEFORE he took any COVID-19 “vaccine.”

FIFTH: After the deceased took the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 “vaccine” shots, he apparently developed ONSET OF PSYCHOSIS symptoms AND there was marked INCREASE in the severity of his Parkinson’s Disease.

The point here is that ANY COVID-19 viral vector OR mRNA-based “vaccines” WILL CAUSE DAMAGE, UP TO AND INCLUDING DEATH, to the person who takes them.

Last edited 1 year ago by PAVACA


Gail Combs

I just put up a new post so we can save all the information of the Banking mess.


I went thru and grabbed all the info I could find from yesterday’s post.


When Wolf gets back, hopefully he’ll pin this and your last article with the others.

Gail Combs

Yes, I could not find a way of doing it since he had not set it up.

He did set up a link for Steve and TradeBait2 to add their articles to the list.

I almost added that to the TradeBait2 list.  😋 


Maybe, slide it onto TradeBait2 list. Knowing it’ll be moved to your list. Prolly easier than looking for it in a week, two, three…


Have at it – it fits! 👍

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

What? He did?

I didn’t know that.


Yeah! Join the Army Australia!


Aussie citizens, the obvious threat to Aussie homeland. NOT Chinee.

With failing US military recruiting, maybe US military will adopt similar tact.

  • Advertise US military support for Whitie BAD, lgxyz, tranny…

Our world is so upside down…


Well, … technically the land of Oz is upside down. Check any globe.


In the replys…
comment image



comment image


comment image


comment image

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Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.


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Here’s another sports related death

I’m pretty sure a lot of the athlete and possibly celebrity deaths have a correlation to steroids and hormones.

The Frontline Doctors early on identified high testosterone in both males and females and steroid use as a risk factor for the Covid virus (thus the vaccine)

From the FLCCC FAQ page:
1. There are clear gender disparities in terms of COVID-19 severity:
– Males with androgenic alopecia (hair loss, baldness) are at higher risk
– Users of anabolic androgenic steroids for recreational purposes are at higher risk
– Women with hyperandrogenic phenotypes (polycystic ovarian syndrome, hirsutism…) present with greater symptoms of COVID-19
– Children (pre-puberty) are notably protected against more severe COVID-19″

Link –


You should add this one to Gail’s Bail Out page. Good stuff!

Gail Combs


I just want all the references in one spot so it is easier to find them again.





Based on what’s happening to our economy, and with proposals for the biggest, dumbest tax hike in US history, fivefold, Joe Biden is going to be the Herbert Hoover of the modern era. We will have a Great Depression, much worse than in 1929. In proof of my words, the banks have already begun to fail.

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Lavrov has gone to the guy with big “I Told Ya So” sign in his front yard.
Both Correct!


I thought it strange I had to get Trump;s message from Russia!


Guessing it is also on Truth or wherever Trump, Trump’s Team posts stuff. Generally I don’t have time to troll around Truth, Rumble…


me either


So what about the house market and interest rates?
Curious to know what kind of loans people have been getting to pay these giant mortgages the past 3-4 years and how far “value” will drop. Houses are still selling regularly here. My neighborhood keeps selling but not as high as 2 summers ago which was peak.


I mentioned yesterday that raising interest rates increases inflation

BUT helps the RESERVE Dollar …

The FED is doing this to save Hegemony …


via ZeroHedge

Save The Dollar Or The Financial System – Not Both
Via Greg Hunter’s,

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said last summer that the Fed rate increases would tank the economy. The collapse of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) is the latest sign the Fed is breaking the financial system. Will it continue to raise interest rates as Fed Head Jay Powell said this past week? 

Holter says that is the biggest question out there because it comes down to picking what you want to save. It’s the U.S. dollar or the financial system. Holter explains,

“They can save one thing or the other. They can save the financial system, or they can save the dollar.  If they save the dollar, they will have to raise rates, and they will have to keep tightening. To save the financial system, they will have to loosen.  They have tightened so hard and so fast over the last year they have raised rates and tightened faster than anytime before.  This is in the face of the biggest over-levered situation in history no matter how you look at it

They can only do one or the other, and they already look like fools. The world is already laughing at the United States. Think of what Russia and China think when we are walking out some army general wearing a skirt.  We are getting to the end game.

Holter, who is also a precious metals broker from Miles Franklin, says the bankruptcy of SVB is just the tip of the default iceberg. Holter says,

“The problem is a global bankruptcy. In order to avoid the bankruptcy, you don’t go from bank A to bank B or some sovereign treasury.  You don’t go to paper because paper can bankrupt. It’s going to dawn on people all of a sudden that gold and silver are the safe havens.  That’s going to create a ‘failure to deliver’ event, and when you get failure to deliver, all confidence is gone.  This is all about confidence.  Failure to deliver is coming soon because you are talking about big, big money, and there is not big, big supply…

My phone has been blowing up all weekend. People are wanting wiring instructions so they can wire money Monday morning… This failure to deliver event is right in front of us.”

You might think everything will be safe in the bank because of FDIC deposit insurance. That is not totally true because the government basically turned depositors into creditors in 2012. Holter says,

“In 2012 or 2013, the FDIC amended their rules and said there would no longer be bailouts, but bail-ins. People don’t understand that when there is a bail-in and a bank goes down, it takes all or part of the money they are holding on your behalf to make themselves solvent.  It is no surprise that Janet Yellen (Treasury Secretary) is saying there are not going to be bailouts because it’s been official policy for ten years or more

There are cockroaches everywhere.  The whole system is rotten to the core. The whole system is over-levered. The whole system is fraudulent. The entire system is a Ponzi scheme

The government of the reserve currency of the world has to borrow a trillion dollars a year to stay solvent. That’s ridiculous.”

Holter thinks big inflation is coming when the Fed has to cut rates to save the system. He says, “The government will inflate or die.”

There is a lot more in the 46-minute interview.
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 3.12.23.

there’s a video at link


Well… that sounds bad… as in not good 😂


She is absolutely right!
. Pamela Geller on Twitter: “America is a shitshow. It was beautiful under Trump. You can flap your tongues all you like, that is reality.” / Twitter


  :wpds_mad:  Demolition, from within, intentionally.   :wpds_evil: 


Yes from outside will never happen.


Geller lives in reality not in emotions being tugged and swayed as the wind blows.
My concern for 2024 is that to many people allow themselves to be swayed to DeSantis who is being set up to diminish Trump and MEGA and in the end give the final push to destruction.


Trumpsters WILL prevail.




I had Diphtheria at age 4 and came out ok without Vaccine. Was for a long time in the hospital taken care by Nuns. They taught me how to pray 🙂 They spoiled me I loved them.


We should have figured he wouldn’t stay away much longer.
ALBANY, N.Y. — As she meets with donors ahead of her 2024 reelection campaign, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been sounding a surprising warning, according to sources who have heard it.
Andrew Cuomo, she tells them, is preparing to run against her.

Valerie Curren

gag a maggot!


Both Gillibrand and Cuomo are awful. The Cuomos, and so many politicians, have no shame. They keep coming out like cockroaches.


So, where’s the latest updates on The Turtle and on John Fetterman?
One can’t find anything but from several days ago. That (IMO, staged) photo op of Fetterman doing “work” in the hospital doesn’t pass the “smell test.”

Brave and Free

And what about President peanuts? Seems like a great time for him to “suddenly ” pass……


At this point, so much evidence is coming out against Dems and the government on a lot of different fronts that I don’t think the death of an elderly former president who is not viewed as one of the best is going to distract people. If it were someone younger and more popular, like Bill Clinton or BObama, it might be different. (And I am in no way advocating for the death of anyone.)


While not advocating for murder, I am put in mind of a Mark Twain anecdote.

It seems that an old acquaintance had passed on. Twain said, “I couldn’t personally attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter to express my approval.”


 👍  At best, approval by text. More likely, Y A W N.

On the positive side no mail for a day or so. No bills.   :wpds_shutmouth: 


Federal workers, anticipate their bereavement day(s), at the beach, lake, park…

Sorry. Not Sorry. It’s true.   :wpds_evil: 

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

On the plus side they won’t be doing any damage as well as getting paid; they’ll just be getting paid.


Paging ChiDiFi. Beijing wants a refund.


Boarding Trump Force One!


I always watch to see if Trump opens the door and exits the vehicle, and of course he never does; the Secret Service opens the door and stands beside it.

And he can climb stairs!


And, Trump pays attention while climbing the stairs.

Clueless BiteMe, FORGETS what he is doing as he climbs stairs.

Hysterical, for me anyway, if BiteMe forgot, going down stairs.   :wpds_twisted: 


Looks like bank failures are spreading. 30 more in trouble.


Comment lifted from MoA comment section:

They are hysterical in Washington. The senile leader of the Free World today is down on the docks today (he doesn’t know where he is) with our useless, traitorous and thick as two short planks Prime Minister, as he buys three second hand American submarines to wage war against our main trading partner for one hundred and seventy billion Australian pesos. They saw him coming. Albanese was turned by the Americans in the 1980’s. Albanese is right at home with American sailors down at the docks. If you think Olaf is pathetic have a look at our pathetic excuse for a leader. Stand by. The world just just got a whole lot more interesting.”

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Tanka Dahal – Twitter


Many US regional banks Stocks are so down that they are halted (nobody can buy or sell).

On the other hand, Cryptos are up by double digit.45m

Banks down, Cryptos UP. (Image)


Now over 100 trading halts.

NYSE page times out ==>


What is happening is NOT global – but US and UK


via Michael Hudson

“The collapses of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank are like icebergs calving off from the Antarctic glacier. The financial analogy to the global warming causing this collapse is the rising temperature of interest rates, which spiked last Thursday and Friday to close at 4.60 percent for the U.S. Treasury’s two-year bonds. Bank depositors meanwhile were still being paid only 0.2 percent on their deposits. That has led to a steady withdrawal of funds from banks – and a corresponding decline in commercial bank balances with the Federal Reserve.

Most media reports reflect a prayer that the bank runs will be localized, as if there is no context or environmental cause. There is general embarrassment to explain how the breakup of banks that is now gaining momentum is the result of the way that the Obama Administration bailed out the banks in 2008. Fifteen years of Quantitative Easing has re-inflated prices for packaged bank mortgages – and with them, housing prices, stock and bond prices.

The Fed’s $9 trillion of QE (not counted as part of the budget deficit) fueled an asset-price inflation that made trillions of dollars for holders of financial assets, with a generous spillover effect for the remaining members of the top Ten Percent. The cost of home ownership soared by capitalizing mortgages at falling interest rates into more highly debt-leveraged property. The U.S. economy experienced the largest bond-market boom in history as interest rates fell below 1 percent. The economy polarized between the creditor positive-net-worth class and the rest of the economy – whose analogy to environmental pollution and global warming was debt pollution.

But in serving the banks and the financial ownership class, the Fed painted itself into a corner: What would happen if and when interest rates finally rose?

In Killing the Host I wrote about what seemed obvious enough. Rising interest rates cause the prices of bonds already issued to fall – along with real estate and stock prices. That is what has been happening under the Fed’s fight against “inflation,” its euphemism for opposing rising employment and wage levels. Prices are plunging for bonds, and also for the capitalized value of packaged mortgages and other securities in which banks hold their assets on their balance sheet to back their deposits.

The result threatens to push down bank assets below their deposit liabilities, wiping out their net worth – their stockholder equity. This is what was threatened in 2008. It is what occurred in a more extreme way with S&Ls and savings banks in the 1980s, leading to their demise. These “financial intermediaries” did not create credit as commercial banks can do, but lent deposits out in the form of long-term mortgages at fixed interest rates, often for 30 years. But in the wake of the Volcker spike in interest rates that inaugurated the 1980s, the overall level of interest rates remained higher than the interest rates that S&Ls and savings banks were receiving.

Depositors began to withdraw their money to get higher returns elsewhere, because S&Ls and savings banks could not pay their depositors higher rates out of the revenue coming in from their mortgages fixed at lower rates. So even without fraud Keating-style, the mismatch between short-term liabilities and long-term interest rates ended their business plan.

The S&Ls owed money to depositors short-term, but were locked into long-term assets at falling prices. Of course, S&L mortgages were much longer-term than was the case for commercial banks. But the effect of rising interest rates has the same effect on bank assets that it has on all financial assets. Just as the QE interest-rate decline aimed to bolster the banks, its reversal today must have the opposite effect. And if banks have made bad derivatives trades, they’re in trouble.

Any bank has a problem of keeping its asset valuations higher than its deposit liabilities. When the Fed raises interest rates sharply enough to crash bond prices, the banking system’s asset structure weakens. That is the corner into which the Fed has painted the economy by QE.

con’t reading


The US financial system is tanking, the US dollar dominance is at the beginning of the end as a global currency. The Saudis understand that the US empire is in terminal rapid decline. The US can do nothing. The world is being turned upside down. We are witnessing the end of an empire.”

What will the crazy Neocons/Straussians do? Who knows.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Trump’s progress undone.


Only took two years.


Jared’s FAULT! <<< Everyone KNOWS it!



It’s not only Austrailia – CSIS is spreading their “war fever” here in the US as well.

February 18, 2023-

A recent report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think-tank, found that the US defense industrial base was “not adequately prepared” for the security environment. It also said the munitions requirements of another conflict, such as a war with China in the Taiwan Strait, was likely to exceed Pentagon stockpiles.

Three of the trustees of the Center for Strategic and International Studies:
Former Corrupt CIA Director & Partner in Beacon Global Strategies, Leon Panetta
Former Speaker of the House, Decepticon Paul Ryan
Henry Kissinger

(I spent some time reading the papers/reports highlighted by the “non-profit” Center for Strategic and International Studies and it appears this organization is a “New World Order” chess piece for the Fourth Branch of the Government)


Thank you Litenmaus


Whilst zelensky press gangs old men and boys.

“Members of Russia’s parliament have introduced an amendment to national laws on military and alternative service, which would gradually raise the conscription age bracket for Russian men by three years.
Currently, men aged 18 to 27 can be enlisted to serve in the Russian armed forces, or in civilian roles, in the case of conscientious objectors and others who refuse military service. The bill sponsored on Monday by a group of lawmakers led by Andrey Kartapolov, chair of the State Duma defense committee, would move the bracket up over several years, reaching 21 to 30 in 2026.
The change is meant to protect those in their late teens and early 20s from disruptions to their tertiary education, applying to studies at vocational schools and universities, the authors of the bill explained.”


I’ve noticed something interesting – 
President Trump hasn’t hit back at Pence for his nasty lies about January 6 at the Gridiron Club and other times.  

Neither Donald Trump nor any of the Trump links have acknowledged the remarks, but ignored them entirely.

Pence has not been mentioned at all by ANY Trump link – not the Trump Team or Trump War Room– not even Don Jr has swiped at the dirty traitor.

On the other hand, PDJT has called Ron DeSantis names (DeSanctimonius), etc.

Any guesses why?


Allowing him to expose the depth of his two faced treachery?

Brave and Free

Sounds about right, he’ll just incriminate himself. Like the rest of them as everything comes to light.


RDS is more camera friendly?


RDS has a hottie. Pence, has a hag.

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Pence was considered a silver fox when Trump first picked him. I don’t know how the normie geriatric ladies view him now.


Oh, gag. Sorry, that guy has always given me the creeps.

I guess I must prefer wolves 😉


Comes across as an Alpha Beta, Charlie neutered male.


Pence is a nebbish. Pence don’t matter. Trump knows that. Not that he won’t T off on the guy when the times suitable and it can be put into a context that will drive home a point. 😁


I’ve always liked the word nebbish. And it is perfect for Plotter Pence, the Prince of Perfidy.


By ignoring Pence, making him seem irrelevant? That won’t work with DeSantis because he is a sitting governor who is newsworthy.


Can you imagine how it grinds Pence’s gears, that Trump doesn’t even acknowledge his trivial existence?


pence done it t himself…trivialize himself. Many times pence could have stood tall. Final opportunity, January 6.




“Can’t send the tanks just yet zel, but here’s something on account. Regards joe.”

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

That thing on the platter above the swords might be a grivna ingot…which is the direct ancestor of the ruble.

Grivna – Wikipedia


Says it’s a stone axe head, but a nice big chunk of silver would have been a better find.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Ah, OK. Those grivnas are very, very valuable to collectors of that sort of thing (far more so than the “melt” value of the silver).


Looking at the photo, how roughly cast it was, they must not have cared much about the exact weight.


Meaning the photo on wikipedia

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Perhaps, perhaps not.

They could have weighed the metal out before they cast it. Of course, it was medieval technology (albeit in one of the more advanced parts of the world at the time (!)) so they might not have been consistent even despite best efforts.

Or you could be right and close was good enough.


Who the H-E-toothpicks repatriates cultural treasures into the middle of a war zone?

Wouldn’t it be better for all concerned to wait for a more peaceful time?


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He got the money. Cmon Ukraine is just a laundry service taking an extra big blackmail cut.
Dictator tranny is more likely to fall from a high rise and theyll have the leftover cash divvied up.


Also posted, SVB & Bank Collapse / Bailout

Snatched from OT.

“Joe Biden just nationalized the U.S. banking system.”

Brave and Free

In total agreement, never let a Crisis go to waste. I am sure this is the next part of their plan for the next two years.


With the Feds rescuing SVB.

No one loses. <<< Fairness? >>> THIS MUST apply to all banks going forward.

IS THIS A LEAP TOWARDS CBDC? Feds have their fingers in EVERY bank.


Tucker Carlson Goes There: “If People Don’t Start Making a Lot of Noise – It Will Mean Digital Currency… If You Want to Make a Run on the Banks This Is How You Talk”

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What’s a bank crash with out another pinch of scandal sprinkled on that.

Biden Admin Shot Down Purchase Attempts For Failed Bank, Former Trump Official Says Kevin Hasset, Former Chair of Economic Advisors to Larry Ludlow (vid)

“I have heard it from people I have a great deal of faith in that were very close to the situation that there were buyers who were willing to step in and buy the bank and that the radicals at the FDIC basically weren’t going to allow that to happen,” Kevin Hassett, a former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. “I even heard again someone told me this directly that was close to the situation, that the Biden administration had a whitelist of companies were allowed to buy the failed bank and companies that weren’t.”

So is it just about not allowing the private sector solving this? or is it something more, like fear that turning the book over to the wrong enity could create a new “Musk” situation? May be just fear that all the ESG & Woke ideas will loose a platform to grift from, where they in turn can return the grift? Combination?


This continues…

I’ve suggested before that the Nazi’s also want the tunnels below the church complex.
What better place to ride out the storm when Russia bangs on Kiev’s gate. They know Russia won’t harm the church.


Sees the cartoon playing on Intelslava Z’s platform has made it to twitter (maybe the other way around… IDK but I believe its a first time showing for here. )


WOW on the last one!


We are supporting evil. Zelensky is a menace to humanity.
Prayer for the Monks and the people protecting them.


comment image






So they were covering all the bases during event 201, while they knew the virus was already out. (hoping the full tweet on the above comes up. That’s a lot more than normal character limit for a tweet. *okay that didn’t work. Open giloo’s tweet to see that. )

Last edited 1 year ago by para59r

Not sure if ran this, may have and we have plenty of thoughts on it. Came out Jan 29. Makes even more sense given what is above.


Number of characters seems to have increased. I saw another very long one a couple weeks ago.

Yes, theyve all been scheming for centuries. Players change, different priorities over time, but the last 25 years has become their go to moment.


“In Montana, we have an opportunity to take out John Tester, who looks like a farm supply company salesman from 1965. Rep. Matt Rosendale might run for the GOP nomination, though he was kind of obnoxious in the speaker fight and that might hurt him.”

LOL! We like candidates for Governor who knock the dogshit out of reporters who get in their face the day before the election!

Matt Rosendale kicks ass, and we LOVE IT!


Senator Jon (I pledge to only serve one term) Tester can’t be primaried soon enough for my liking…




With banking issues in the news, I have rolled out my Bank Autopsies from BIMD to help some of you with interest in the subject.


This is not a first. Back before the 2016 elections big box stores were not selling AM raidos. If you were not in the market for one, you likely did not know this. There was a long period, nearly a full year before they started to show up again on the shelf.


safety concerns? That’s a new one?

Linda Harrison

I heard that there was EM interference between the motor and radio. My AM radio at home get real staticky when it is around a wireless phone or the new light bulbs.

BTW, I am going the way of Bfly and Gingersmom and will no longer be here. Just wanted to say so long.


Hmmm. Be Well. Be Safe. Always appreciated your thoughts.


Maybe we should re-appraise any appreciation of prior comments of The Departing Ones.


Done, she’s fine.

Valerie Curren

Sorry to hear that you are choosing to leave too. Do you care to share why? Blessings on your ongoing adventures 🙂


We’re obviously not worth an explanation.


comment image&f=1&nofb=1&ipt=ad05760df37b1cc09cd707f3f0ede02fb86881dea9f84cde2015fc8df5341396&ipo=images

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Valerie Curren



Only has that problem when they are very close.
You’d think with a car that expensive they could easily shield it if it’s a real concern. Since it’s only come up before in context of taking out the AM radio then the excuse becomes dubious.

Sorry to hear you are leaving.
What you gave was always good.
Ty and good luck.

Meanwhile I think I’ll go to EV show room and hang out for the day. Last question before they can close me… What about the AM radio? 😁

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Linda Harrison

I think, don’t know for sure, but the AM radio’s still use old technology. My AM clock/radio is analog so I am not sure on the newer radios or cars. You may have to ask Steve. I thought EM stood for Electro Magnetic.

I have been thinking about leaving for a while. You all are always worth the explanation. Sometimes, if you ask a specific person a question and you are totally ignored, which I believe is rude, especially if it happens more than once, then it becomes more like a slap in the face instead of just rudeness. If that is how that particular person feels, it is one thing, but if it happens from more than one person you begin to feel like when George Carlin says “it is a big group, and you ain’t in it”. I don’t want to say more than that because I didn’t want to identify anyone. It has been one of the reasons why I seldom comment.

I thought I should stop by to see if I needed to answer for my actions or if there were any comments. Thank you all for the well wishes.


We have the greenest grass. Just saying.

Linda Harrison

Yes, you have the best grass.


“BTW, I am going the way of Bfly and Gingersmom and will no longer be here.”


I’m hoping they come back!

And you too 🙂

Take care Linda, don’t be a stranger 👍


X22 Just Reported that the RED CROSS is distributing MAPS and Info to ILLEGAL immigrants. Skip to 20:13 if you don’t want to watch it all (Though it is very good – 38 minutes total)


Also in this report…. CBS (Catherine Herridge):
US may have payed the Wuhan Lab TWICE for their “Work”?


Also watch the “Part A” of this X22 Report (Financial News)
37 minutes….Good Stuff!

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My recent financial observations: (I am NOT a Financial Advisor)
Stocks and Bonds = CRASHING
Gold, Silver and Commodities = Rising


You forget … the whole world is going to shit.


I see it it EVERYWHERE!