Lazy Days and Nights – POL Garbageman Reporting from COHVID District 12

in which Wolf Moon introduces several new and not-so-new characters who he may or may not actually know, as political gossiptainment

We begin with a reminder of my dear sister Fox Moon, who managed to get herself into a previous weird post which dealt with the an absolutely beautiful and eminently believable TROLL of the Green New Deal.

Yes, indeed – “we don’t have to eat them now“. More on that later in this post, believe it or not.

ANYWAY – someday you’ll hear the full story of dear Sis, but not today.

These railroad tracks you see in this picture meander close to a certain community wherein you can find Fox, as well as additional canine relatives of Wolf, namely Coyote Moon and Dog Moon. Obviously we’re all related, but if you had to guess which one of us is the most domesticated, just going by the metaphor, you would probably pick wrong.

Coyote and Dog have a love-hate thing, and – well – the family just puts up with the nonsense. Kinda cute, but it gets old. ENTYWHO, it is through Dog, bless her nutty heart, that I became aware of my most excellent source, who I have nicknamed POL Garbageman, in the same style as ENT Lawyer (“ENTY“) of “CDAN” fame.

Let’s go backwards on that to explain who in the hell POL Garbageman – affectionately known as POLY (i.e., like “ENTY“) – might be.

CDAN stands for “Crazy Days and Nights“, one of THE BEST Hollywood gossip blogs. It is allegedly put out by an “entertainment lawyer” – hence ENT Lawyer – hence ENTY.

You may have heard of ENTY from NEON REVOLT, who is also a “Hollywood” persona, and who has popularized ENTY in ANON circles. This right here is useful reading.

The equivalent of Q drops in CDAN world is a thing called “blind items“, wherein ENTY posts a scandalous story with just enough information that “those in the know” can figure out who he’s talking about. After it eventually becomes obvious to EVERYBODY who was being talked about, typically through developing legal troubles, ENTY will then confirm the actual identities with a “reveal”.

You can click on the picture or the link for a closer look.

Are you with me?


Now, what ENTY is to high-powered entertainment and political scandals, POLY is to bush league, grass-roots, who-in-the-hell-are-these-people political scandals in ONE SMALL FLYOVER COMMUNITY that happens to be – unfortunately for all involved – right in the center of a MASSIVE firefight between Republicans and Democrats in a swing state.

So when you see WOLF’S ears perk up about stuff in that place – well – it means that WOLF is about to have a STORY and POLY has most likely been ON THE JOB.

Ah, yes. As you can see by the above image, my dear sister has a real sense of humor about this dysfunctional relationship, but what the hell – in this paleface world of encroaching civilization, Fox steals cat food [read: gets juicy leads from “moonstruck” suits] and Wolf does a little “dumpster diving”. Coyote yips and Dog howls. All is well in Moon Meadows. Pocahontas wishes she had a fraction of the action found on the Moon Tribe Reservation, where Suspicious Cat always has a home with his canine friends.

Anyway, POL Garbageman’s blind items are sometimes discernible to those who are familiar with politics in “a certain swing state”. Now – one has to be careful – a lot of the CRAP that “Amazing POLY” (the Bulllova of watchmen) digs up isn’t what you think it is at first. Too-clear half-and-half in a funny deflated balloon may be – ERRRRR – something else. Likewise, something else may actually be spittle and cream in an old birthday balloon from Chuck-E-Cheese. It takes a PROFESSIONAL to sort this stuff out.

That’s where I come in.

Now – thanks to the amazing POLY, I’m in possession of two blind items which appeared to be garbage at first, but now appear to be some kind of precious metal worth recycling – possibly aluminum or even steel. Because time is short before they reach their expiration dates, I’m leaving them on a bench in the park for others to figure them out beyond what I can do.

One leads nowhere, but is interesting as hell, and typical of the politics in my dear sister’s abode. The other is potentially shocking in its ramifications, because it appears to be part of a new global hoax. And while Democrat hoaxes are a dime a dozen – even the global ones that involve millions of deaths – a new one is always good for many memes.

So let’s GO THERE. Shocking goes first, because it’s less of a mystery.


This JV “aw shucks” red shirt barely got a speaking role in Star Trek: Pelosi, after a squeaker Oscar from a Trump-praised performance in the off-season nail-biter indy film District 12. Everybody thinks he’s gonna win a role in Star Trek: McCarthy, but certain virally persuasive overseas backers of the project seem to have a different idea for the next installment of the franchise – both the youngish talent and the name of the film. Two young starlets seeking the role, curiously the same age, are being sent out, like young, fresh, female versions of Mini Mike and Crazy Bernie, in a match that looks curiously like Biden vs. Bernie. Those with an opinion think it’s all Blue League Roller Derby, but nobody knows who Captain P. really plans to have star with her in the internationally-backed sequel. The last “aw shucks” blue shirt wasn’t convincing enough to get the role. Will a white AOC do it?

The young starlets both say the right things to get an audition – that it’s time to reign in the phasers and retire McCoy’s country doctor routine for whoever that guy named “O” gives you. One swears she’s almost a red shirt, and that hubs is handy with a phaser. But still – she says we gotta do something about unregulated phasers, unequal medical scanners, and unapproved, misleading fanfic. On that last item, hope you’re ready for a No. 2 pencilneck. Scary stuff. The other swears that she’s an outsider – despite money, organization, attention to process, and that old picture of her with the genius who invented the internet. One looks like she walked out of White Hatty’s Palace of Smoke and Mirrors. The other looks like an Irish version of AOC.

The red-haired AOC is running as Florence Nightingale above the fold, and curiously in time with the moment’s viral melodies coming from the overseas backers. Very convenient that they’re sending such particular casting right now – when a closer inspection shows that this particular talent may have been in the pipe for quite some time. The implications are unsettling.


This character actor has played a wide variety of minor roles in local and regional theater, as well as a few years in the cinematic big time. He’s a local red shirt machine room boy from way back. Never rose above red shirt, but he has always been a popular team player. He was holding the hatchet when Tea-phoid Mary went down, so the machine could get their boy into the starring role in One of Fifty Theaters. It was a clean hit, but it was dirty politics. Dirty politics, as the last theater star bitterly called it on his way out. The karma – it burns.

Somebody wants revenge. The Mailers of Death are falling all over Fox Meadows like it’s VJ day and the bombers are on the horizon. The character actor, long ago, said unfortunate things about a man who would become No. 1 on Team Red. Those things are coming back to haunt him. Old machine things, and old machine positions, distorted in embarrassing ways, so obviously that’s not who’s behind the leaflet drop. In fact, the machine room wants him in the show, again, in a non-speaking role. But it may not be enough. If people aren’t reading their slate cards, or if the Bible-and-Gun-Cling-ons successfully decloak, this old red shirt may go where red shirts are wont to go.

The big question is, who does Red No. 1 really want here? It’s too small for an endorsement either way, and Red Shirt may not be the most Q+T-pie pick of the litter, but he wields a mean hatchet that might be useful for Blind Item #1, when the Borg arrive in the fall. Trust the Plan? Sure. Trust the Machine? Nobody knows, because nobody knows if it’s part of the Plan. Mysteries abound.

There you go. I have a strong idea what is going on here – COUGH – but I will let this sit out there for a while before I post reveals, in hopes that I’ll have better answers.

Enjoy the show. Even if it’s all kabuki.


Interesting. Pocahontas, Q, and Wolf Moon ain’t the only ones sending coded smoke signals.

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Wolf, you sure know how to stir up my curiosity.


Overload and confused but also intrigued. Wpld is stretching my gray matter 🙂


Correction: Wolf is stretching my gray matter.


Thanks for the dumpster dive. It’s always tricky trying to sort through other people’s trash. Everything ends up in the trash – there are no secrets there. Pardon my frankness but even the used rubbers are there.
Clearly AOC, or at least AOCs handlers knew about Coronavirus back in October.
This is NOT a stretch. Besides the retrospectively obvious coded messaging, Gates did not make a secret about it, as he was trying to promote a full on panic about it. The evidence was all in plain sight honestly.
Remember how the GARBAGE(!) dossier was left lying around EVERYWHERE in the FBI and DOJ, literally making a puzzle that someone couldn’t resist putting together, the Coronavirus was a similar “leave all the pieces everywhere” game in 2019.
I’m 100% confident our INTEL sources knew all of this planning at least two full years ago if not earlier.
If you have their playbook multiple years in advance, complete with dates, you have everything, and you know what moves and countermoves you need, you literally have a plan, and you can trust the plan because you are ahead of all these people who are stupid.


Is this a mystery we are supposed to solve? Found the district 12 red haired nurse focused healthcare and gun control … boy, does she look YOUNG
Reminds me how we need to focus on the next gen and what our public schools are teaching!
Local politics tying into national politics? Absolutely! I have seen the DC swamp in action in my little rural country county. Eyes have been Opened to the dirty politics!
Good reminder that we all need to be involved at the local level or we are forfeiting to the swamp. It all starts by attending the meetings and being aware of who is who and were they stand on the issues. Then getting good candidates to run and win the primaries. We fight the swamp Uniparty in the primaries in many Red areas because the GOP candidate will win. And you CAN NOT decide who is who via advertising campaigns of mailers, commercials, etc. Not even by meeting them at functions after they have declared. They have their answers down pat by then. Get involved or the other team wins. the swamp never sleeps and never forfeits.


Yes, she looks young, and sounds indoctrinated.


This is why I’m not a player in the spy games! Great write-up, sparking all kinds of curiosity. (What is “real” and which parts involve symbols within symbols? Which elements are metaphor? etc.) To try to decipher it would take more time (and no doubt knowledge) than I currently have. Looking forward to more.


I agree and also have to admit ,
Looks like my encrypted high-speed plasma balanced de-coder ring dials are spinning uncontrollably in opposite directions.
I think it’s about to self destruct !


Miss Scarlet, in the library, with the lead pipe……. you said she was a redhead…..


Pretty sure I’ve figured out what’s the what here. If it’s ever proven, it’ll blow the world apart. But it’s been done before, they don’t care about us. From small (Benghazi) to big (every war, ever). They used to be more careful, or citizen journalism has stolen their mojo, or both.
I am just one lone herbalist out here, trying to keep my family and friends alive.
Drink echinacea tea and hang on tight.


And keep the elderberry on hand…


Yes, ma’am.


Or sir, as the case may be.




Ahh darn it Wolfs, I want to smell good like a cognoscenti should and I been paying attention close too. I promise. Chris and Mom and Aubergine are on to it… but I don’t even know what state you Foxmoons are in.
Is Amazing Polly anything like amazing POLY, or is that just a pink halibut you dragged by my nose?
Rocky Racoon was from the rich mining hills of North Dakota. Is that a hint?
Love the District motif. When normies ask me, “Why would they want to ruin the middle class and lose all of that lovely money?”, I always ask them, “Haven’t you seen The Hunger Games? It’s like that.”


I bet you put fake ‘help me’ messages in bottles which you then throw in the ocean.

Mary Morse

Posted this before…
In 2002 federal authorities knew that intellectual property/biological material was being stolen from university laboratories by the Chinese.

Mary Morse

A letter was found on this researcher’s computer before his arrest. Consider that research laboratories sometimes are bespoke facilities that are provided for PI’s as a condition of the employment contract with the institution. The design process that delivers the lab can require communication with institutional leadership that leads to university presidents, provosts, trustees, etal. within 2 hops.

Mary Morse

Another big, red project dedication

Mary Morse
Mary Morse

IIR, Warren Buffet had an agreement with the Gates Foundation that involved Buffet leaving a significant chunk of his estate to the Gates Foundation.
The big red had a massive, ongoing capital campaign (+-2 bil, IIR). Full blown life sciences initiative (labs, nanotech, animal facilities, etc.), dorm construction, architecture building (competition then hired CU alum Rem) , as well as a campus in Qatar, and the Technion campus with Israel on Roosevelt Island, starting 10 yrs before the construction of Gates Hall. Simultaneous top down restructuring of the nonacademic workforce assisted by Bain Capital, and others. More than one presidential search, Trustees included Sanford Weil (Citicorp), and Samuel Bodman when he was energy secretary. The Bodman family endowed the position of the CFO/VP of Facilities during the leadership transition.
Hiring of interns/recruitment is a given. I remember the death of the vaccine specialist and her architect husband.
For Epstein and the Clintons the foundations were a way to launder $$, IMO. I think Epstein was extorting technology that could be sold to the highest bidder under the cover of philanthropy.


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