Let The Storm Pass Over – and Prepare for Amazing Days

I had just been thinking about matters of DC and the likelihood that President Trump already invoked the Insurrection Act some time after the Stolen Election – and probably much sooner than we realized – when THIS NEW INFORMATION came to my attention.

Hold off on viewing it, until I explain this a bit more.

This is an hour-long podcast by Mike Adams of Natural News.

Mike was personally kicked off Twitter and Facebook by the gelatinous monster Adam Schiff.

InfoWars (Alex Jones) and Natural News (Mike Adams) were both the FIRST and PRIMARY targets of the BEGINNING of the social media censorship which we are ALL experiencing now.

“Vaccine misinformation” was a pretext for Schiff to force / enable the social media TYRANTS to remove Mike Adams, in my opinion. But it was MUCH BIGGER than coronavirus vaccines. Much bigger than vaccines in general. Much bigger than any of that.

It was about NOW.

Mike Adams is, in my opinion, one of the best scientists out there – willing to stand up to the politically forced scientific opinions which theoretically don’t exist, but which in fact DOMINATE the most contentious parts of science – particularly where MONEY and POWER intersect.

My first indication that this guy had real chops was his acoustic analysis of the bullet audio from crowd videos of the Las Vegas shootings. When even the Las Vegas Sheriff and Chief of Police could not speak freely, under the hawk-like watch of the FBI, sticking to a single-shooter theory MASSIVELY contradicted and discredited by witnesses, and while even FBI scientists failed to provide even the slightest refutation other than “health nut smears”, Mike Adams VALIDATED the first shooter and PROVED A SECOND by an impressively SIMPLE and easily explained audio analysis.

LINK: https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-11-health-ranger-acoustic-forensic-evidence-proves-more-than-one-shooter-at-vegas-massacre.html

Sadly, the video has been utterly scrubbed from the internet, but – well – copies do exist, let’s just say! Maybe they will find their way back to us when Silicon Valley is dealt with vis-a-vis the FIRST AMENDMENT.

ANYWAY, now we come to the issue at hand. “Somebody” just came to Mike Adams and told him things which blew him away. Mike is only able to HINT at these things for now, but they apparently are HUGE.

It is more by reading between the LINES of what Mike says that you will get a clearer picture of WHO came to him, WHY they came to him, WHAT they told him, and more.

WHEN and WHERE are more certain.

Mike says that we need to STAY HOME on January 19 and 20.

DO NOT go to Washington, DC.

DO NOT go to your state capitols.

Now – I don’t want to influence your perceptions of the video. I want you to watch it NOW.

You don’t have to watch much – Mike puts the IMPORTANT STUFF right up front, to make sure you get the information. You don’t have to watch more than 15 minutes to get what I want to discuss.

Here it is again:

Here is the page URL, if the embedded video gives you any trouble:

LINK: https://www.brighteon.com/d3a3792e-8d5d-4990-868a-87566077c09c

To me it is completely clear WHO came to Mike Adams – somebody who represents authorities that will be providing him with AUTHORITATIVE INFORMATION and thus bypassing the TREASON MEDIA. Mike is careful not to say who came to him, but whoever they are, they have some kind of significant authority, IMO.

It is also clear to me that WHY these authorities came to Mike – because his podcast audience now exceeds some limit which makes it a useful channel to reach people – AND Mike is a known patriot, whether people agree with his views on health matters and medicine or not.

WHAT exactly they told him, is almost certainly interesting to the point of being AMAZING. Mike summed it up by saying “Lin Wood is right” – and that he (Mike) has been converted from a “Lin Wood skeptic” to a “Lin Wood believer”.

You think the President’s LAWYER on the ELECTION might have to be READ IN on the most sensitive information about the ELECTION? Make sense NOW?

NOW – if you keep listening to the podcast, you will hear “echoes of Q”, and Mike will admit that he was not a “Q follower”, but that much of what Q told us is, surprisingly to him, TRUE.


If it’s not all becoming clear now, let the comments below help you!


H/T Sauce for bringing this to my attention HERE.

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Wolf I haven’t been able to sleep tonight for thinking of our country and my children and grandchildren. Years ago when my kids were born, I knew they would face a world that would get increasingly worse in terms of wickedness but I had no idea it would be this bad. My heart longed for the days to come back when the National Anthem would cause such a stir in my heart. The country I knew as a kid was fading away fast but now there is hope for my grandchildren and the day has almost arrived. It is going to be a long few days the next day to see these people come to justice. I just keep praying every day all day long for our VSGPDJT. May God surround him with the best this country is made of. Thank you for sharing this information.


Wow. I bet our congress creatures were absolutely terrified.


I listened through Mike’s talk. It was absolutely packed with info. I know I’m going to sleep well tonight now. Good night all.

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That is weapons grade singing right there!


As the Spirit moves.


Mustang I truly believe that there is something happening as Reagan said “in time and space and beyond time and space” now.

I have always heard people projecting their FEAR into my life and I have rejected that.

Two years ago I knew we needed to prepare for what God is doing on the earth, my wife and I had our fourth child.

The future belongs to those who love, and give themselves in love.

All the cyberwar and everything else is merely the physical manifestations of spiritual warfare.
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Prayers WORK. We all need to continue to pray for our republic and President Trump and all patriots.

Right now it is coming to me to pray for the fence riders in our government.

Dear Heavenly Father, help those who have been tempted and fallen, those who have been cowardly, those who have been consumed with careerism to awaken! Let them be a part of the Great Awakening.

Let them find themselves again and find the courage to help save our republic and to feel the love of country that is surging this very moment in the hearts of millions of fellow citizens.

Lord, give them a fleshly heart and heal their hardness. Let the healing begin! Put them in perfect positions to be of service at just the right moment to help our patriots restore our nation. +JMJ. Amen.


When you all sang the SSB at the rally, I bet a power was unleashed that shook the foundation of the Capitol and not just the walls. Thank you for being there, Wolf.


This is why you were CALLED.


So beautiful!


Thank you.


I live in my state capital, so it’s a little bit hard to stay away.  😎  But I won’t be anywhere near the building itself or downtown, so that will have to do. Most of the time, Salem is pretty sleepy. Antifa sticks to Portland mostly. And I’ll be sitting in front of my computer for the most part, getting any bits of info that come out.

This may just be my projection, but it feels like the whole country is collectively holding its breath this week, just waiting for the next shoe to drop. Personally, I can’t wait to see how our POTUS pulls this off.


BEST “Movie” Ever!


The ‘rents are in Salem, the sis is in Keiser. But Salem isn’t really compact enough to have too many dangerous places.

Besides, for most Oregonians, their most distinct memory of visiting Salem was climbing the steps to that damned statue on a school field-trip.


it feels like the whole country is collectively holding its breath this week, just waiting for the next shoe to drop

Well stated. I know there are some who are unaware of what is going on and of what might happen, but even they are probably apprehensive about the “threat of violence from Trump supporters.” 🙄

When I think of the magnitude of these events, it is mind-blowing to be living through them. There has never been a fraud, a coup, like this in America — a direct takeover of the presidency and of the country. We are watching and participating in history.

Personally, I can’t wait to see how our POTUS pulls this off.

It will be the salvation of the greatest nation in the world. I am glued to my computer while doing other things. (I hope the internet doesn’t go down!)


Truly an extraordinary moment in human history, way beyond the Rubicon.


WOW !!!
From the recommended podcast (Mike Adams)

Patriot missiles?
Club K launches?
Massive Military in DC?


May China live in interesting times.




Oh that is funny!


Backing up Computer now……
To put in a metal file cabinet…
(separated by wood – poor man’s faraday cage)

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

This really helped me, as I was primarily concerned about the Military having POTUS’ back. The Legislators, Congress, VP, and the Courts have failed him – LEO’s and .mil is all he has left besides we the Peaceful People. He’s had his share of O leftover Duds..Kelly, McMaster, Mattis, and Milley’s been on my 💩 list lately. All the letters written by former Generals, always against POTUS, I didn’t have a high level of confidence in their loyalty. The troops, YES, leaderhip, NO. So comms were intercepted that CCP was going to take us over, execute all our Generals first and they finally became convinced to back POTUS? DoD is SWAMP. Bout damn time they’re on board! God Bless Admiral Rodgers and his handoff to another Good Guy, Admiral Paul Nakisone. We’re gonna be OK.
Pray for POTUS. Pray for our Military. Pray for our Country, Trust GOD! He’s got this!! And us too, HE LOVES US WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE. WE ARE THE APPLE OF HIS EYE. HE HAS GOOD PLANS FOR US, TO GIVE US A FUTURE, AND A HOPE. ALL IS WELL WITH US, IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN. 🙏 🙏 🙏 💞 💞 💞

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Gen John E Hyten could be in the news regularly in the coming days, so I have seen online:



Have seen on a video that Gen Hyten could be in the news regularly in the coming days.


Newsom is having Sacramento turned into west coast d.c.
He must be very sceered. His ass is grass. In it to the cartels, to china, to aunt nancy, to everyone, not to mention stealing 1 billion for china. The chinese are thick into all of CA. I hope they got this, i really do.


Yeah, and I don’t think California was the only west coast state that flipped.


When all the mechanisms of flippery are revealed, there should be a lot of “surprises” from Canada to Mexico.


I believe now that Oregon is not a damn blu state if it ever was. Driving around doing errands yesterday I noticed that even in Moscow on the Willamette there are lots and lots of TRUMP 2020 signs and banners still up. Hear the people sing!!SLAVES NO MORE.


Thanks for this, Wolf.
 😌  👍 

Still listening to Mike Adams…about halfway through…but it’s giving me hope that something is still going to happen.
 😊  🙏 

My mr. wheatie has been all doom & gloom lately, so it’s been hard to take.
I’ve been trying to tell him that all is not lost yet…but he is resistant.
I’m going to make him listen to this Mike Adams podcast. 😀 


One of my first clues was when PDJT moved carrier groups back home to US waters, and put them in defensive positions.

Not much was made of it at the time.
But to me…that was a majorly significant move.

You don’t do something like that without a very good reason.
 😉  😎 


Aslan at the stone table.


And our story could be the Silver Chair, where a huge army is secretly tunneling its way through the heart of Narnia with an enchanted prince and a green dragon of a witch.

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Been rereading Tolkien’s Similrilian this past week. Evil is always going to try to throw it’s dark shadows, even in the bright lands.


It does. Sadly. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Jesus said OCCUPY until I come.
I’m thinking He’s given us power to overcome the darkness. Greater is He that is in me…


Staying occupied. 😇


It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever lived through, while remaining positive about the future, at least as an adult. And that’s saying something, because my adult life has included some events that one would think would dwarf politics.

But I see what could come if Trump leaves us now, and it is BAD.


imo…the important stuff in Mike Adams’ video starts at around the 33 mark…

re the extensive build-up of military and the “air caravan” into DC…and the ground-to-air Patriot Missile batteries into DC…and already in Georgia & Tennessee…

to protect DC ( and USA) from: a China attack (related to Solar Winds hack/NNSA hack/nuke locations USA)) + communist antifa extremists.

this makes sense.


To be clear – Lin Wood is not on President Trump’s legal team.

Trump Legal Team
Rudy Guiliani Jenna Ellis and Jay Sekulow are his attorneys.
Others – may include Pam Bondi
The following lawyers are not official Trump lawyers – though they have spoken out against fraudulent stolen election.

Amistad Project – Jenna Ellis is said to have influenced this –
Phillip Kline is the leading attorney.
Sidney Powell – solo practice
Molly McCann – Resigned – no longer with Sidney Powell –
Jesse Binnall – group law practice
Ron Coleman – Partner Dhillon Law Firm –
Harmeet Dhillon
Lin Wood – Solo Law Practice – http://www.linwoodlaw.com 


Or divide TO conquer.

However the corrupt Courts and the corrupt Congress REFUSED TO HEAR/CONSIDER the evidence – essentilly DENYING President Trump his constitutional legal rights – and allowing the theft of the election.


….and the corrupt Military has also stood against their Commander in Chief, or so it seems.


They would call you Nazi or Fascist – they actually are the commies.


When this is over Washington DC buildings must be razed to the ground and extensive spiritual cleansing has to take place to rid the area of demonic influence. Then get rid of those guidestones cleanse and salt that earth ,after that remove that monument of the demonic ritual of the bringing down of the twin towers.the country must have a spiritual cleansing.we need to rid ourselves of idols and evil symbols we may have unknowingly in our homes and lives. If we are to repent we must do what the Lord wants us to do. Get rid of evil influence kick the devil out of our lives! We are slaves no more to evil.we are FREE!!


Suzi every times we bring something into our home could have bad vibes on them specially from China . Buying second hand we have no clue who had it. I give away items that give off vibes that bother me.
People say coming into my home that it is the most peaceful home they have been in. I cleanse my home every times someone comes to visit who has a restless spirit. I have Rosemary around my home it does not only smell nice and bowls of lemon with sea salt.

I agree with you our Government needs to be spiritually cleansed.

Steve in Lewes

Regarding Molly McCann,
Fwiw, she left due to a previous commitment to clerk for a judge and needed to distance herself from political activity.



Yes – that was her reason!


Embrace Hopium!

JW in Germany

Constitutional Hopium upgrade 2.A

Caution: Consumption of Constitutional strength Hopium may lead to overwhelming feelings of Life, Liberty and the Right to pursue Happiness. High risk of developing a strong sense of Duty to protect that Right at the risk of ones own Life.

WARNING: Not to be taken in combination with the Blue Pill! In case of accidental consumption, immediately administer the maximum dose of Red Pill antidote! Immediately contact theqtree.com for further guidance.

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If what Mike Adams says – about the container loaded missiles is true – Has PDJT been threatened that if he doesn’t go quietly – they will use these cursed things all across the nation killing millions?


I’m going to have to listen to this video several times. You have really delivered the goods today, Wolfie. O.M.Gosh.


The only way to deal with these threats is to make sure that one has the WILL to inflict devastating retaliation”

Trump has that kind of will in spades and spades are trumps!


let them fall into their own pits…let them be ensnared in the traps they have set…let them be turned back in total confusion…let them reap what they have sown…let them howl and mangle each other like filthy jackals…let them gnaw at their own flesh, gnashing their beast teeth and gagging themselves into eternal insanity.


I’d have to say, POTUS has adroitly maneuvered all anti-America First parties into the pit you describe Smiley.
Art of the deal.
Let the gnashing and gnawing begin.
It is no longer between US and THEM ,
It’s between THEM and THEM. Perfect.!!


Good that Adams is aware of what he is aware of…he is definitely tuned into many domestic threats on many levels…I think he’s only beginning to see the potential of the real parading hand in hand with a lie; the construct that the Chicoms have a proven expertise with.
I have complete confidence that our Vsgpdt is up to the task…he personifies the expression:
“When man works in partnership with God, great things can and do happen.”


I’d ad to that list Reconstruction.
THAT is why the murder of Lincoln was sooo much more evil than we can quantify. He was so important to the reunification of the country but instead we got another century + of relative chaos.


Mores the rub of eliminating history from public education.


Oops … same thought occurred to me before I read your already posted comment. Great minds!


As the irrational hatred and malignant, sadistic travesties have been aimed and implemented toward us, it was clear that millions of people were easily brainwashed and subject to peer pressure.

What the Republican Party did after the Civil War was disgraceful and violated the spirit of Lincoln, but just as bad it created a deformity in our country which lasts to this day.

Graceful victory is the best, and I expect our President to act in the spirit of Lincoln.


If Mike Adams knows it about container of missiles then the military and intel knows that also. What sets up an alarm in me that this is a psyop to justify the built up the military in DC. I could be wrong.
Bannon is good today. Barr stabbed POTUS is the back by saying paraphrased ” the false flag of election fraught caused the upraising on the 6th at the capitol.”

Brave and Free

Okay I listened to the whole video, definitely sounds like a likely portability to happen. Everything lines up correctly with C_e, signed EO and the point of CCP infiltration. The point about CCP weapon smuggling I have forgotten about…….
Definitely exciting times.
Stay safe everyone keep your situational awareness and watch your six.
And pray!
Yup the C_e behind the curtain referencing interesting……..

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I posted the same link over at ConservativePolitical Forum and one of the replies was the following (now 3rd hand so take it with a salt lick) 😉 

Posted by Trisha007

Hello, I just wanted to show you all this. My friend sent this to me via cell phone. I don’t know where she pulled it from as yet. But, I wanted to get this on here.

I cannot seem to get it into this space as an image or email.
So here is what was sent to me by her cell:

01/17/21(Sun) 18:26:03 No.303376645
“I work at a mid sized TV station. We just had a visit from the FCC along with two people with badges. I didn’t get close enough to see what agency they were with.

We’ve been told to prepare for all of our programming to be pre-empted from 8 AM wednesday for up to 72 hours.

They told my boss he can be held criminally liable if he doesn’t allow their feed to air.

He was almost in tears saying “I’ve never seen anything like this after 30 years in this business.”

They scared the shit out of him and the district manager.”

Could this just be about the inauguration? I don’t think so. What do you think?

Last edited 2 years ago by Sauce

I’m pretty sure that was originally posted at 4chan. Could be a LARP. Could be real.


Going to comment before I read the thread. Simon Parkes and Mike Adams share the common characteristic of sounding stable, sincere, intelligent and reassuring, just normal human beings who can credibly communicate with normal people.


The Mike Adams video seems to explain all the MAJOR US Military and Coast Guard activity on our coasts.

We have had Carrier Battle Group exercises off both coasts. 

And searches for Chinese weapon shipments.

This certainly might mean shipping container missiles, not the usual light weapons, grenade launchers, guns etc.

I have not been a Mike Adams follower or fan – but this makes sense to me.


Is Mike Adams former military?


No. I thought he was, too.

His bio says that he made his living in software and:

‘is well trained in hand-to-hand combat, firearms and self defense. He has authored numerous courses on self defense and personal protection.’



Didn’t say he wasn’t. If he was Delta Force, he would not be saying so.


Thanks, Churchmouse! Please keep praying for our nation and our President.


I shall.

I prayed a lot yesterday, for the Trumps, the WH staff and all the Deplorables.


This reinforces something I am personally aware of. I will try to get more information today.

I have heard from FOUR separate, VERY credible sources that the militia groups around me here, of which there several, were set to BLOW as of this past Sunday.

But that has NOT happened. WHY? Were they told to STAND DOWN? And given good reasons for doing so?

I can’t say who and why, but I should be able to get credible info about this today. I will share what I can, without causing problems.


Don’t know what to think about this:

Michael DeLauzon@MichaelDeLauzon

Goodbye UNITED STATES Corporation.
Welcome back Republic.
Goodbye Federal Reserve.
Goodbye fiat currency backed by nothing.
Welcome back U.S. Dollar backed by the gold standard.

President Trump will return on March 4, 2021 after a military tribunal declares him the winner.



Q did mention a change in the financial system and that we have the gold back. But he didn’t really specify what that would look like.


Simon Parkes has been saying that on his videos, too.


Wow, I feel so much better, March in like a lion.