Dear KAG: 2021-04-23 Green Fairy Friday!

Welcome back to Wolf’s Pub. It’s La Fée Verte Friday (aka Green Fairy Friday) here and we shall get to our magical drink soon. First, let us reiterate that Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election. He’s an utter fraud, as are the monsters who installed him in the White House. May the Green Witch overtake them and put them where the sun doesn’t shine.

Wednesday was Earth Day. Duly noted. Eye roll to the max. Let’s put it this way: there is green, and then there is Green. Let us discern.

While world ‘leaders’ attempt to keep the dying Covid-19 scam (aka the Wuhan Virus) going, they are linking it with Climate Change and the Green New Deal. The Great Reset continues apace, although the sparkplugs aren’t firing as cleanly as the globalists and their communist lackeys would wish.

That Greenie False Prophet at the Vatican is sponsoring a New Age globalist health conference in early May. Here’s his super short speech at Joe Biden’s “Leaders Summit on Climate” yesterday, and the image below is for next month’s “Global Health Care Initiative.”

If you have any doubts about this religio-communist pretender, they should be dispelled here, where we see that God Himself is portrayed as wearing a glove, supposedly to prevent either infecting or being infected by Adam, and vice versa. What a disgusting, blasphemous act.

Archbishop Vigano speaks out. Here’s more about “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul. How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health” conference on May 6-8th. A few of the speakers:

  • Anthony Fauci
  • Chelsea Clinton
  • Deepak Chopra
  • CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer
  • Kerry Kennedy
  • Cindy Crawford
  • John Sculley
  • Brandon Marshall
  • Joe Perry of Aerosmith
  • Robin Smith, president of the Cura Foundation and author of “Cells are the New Cure.”

A thought to ponder:

Obedience to Disobedience is not Obedience.

A counter conference to the Mind, Body, Soul fiasco is the Truth Over Fear online summit: Covid 19 and the Great Reset. Part of the intro:

“Truth Over Fear summit is a three-day online gathering of 40+ frontline doctors, scientists, attorneys, researchers, and journalists, who will share invaluable and eye-opening insights into the truth behind the headlines, Covid-19, the rushed vaccine, and the Great Reset.

Big Tech does not want you to hear this information and is working hard to censor us. Most of our presenters have been silenced. In fact, the same day we published this summit, YouTube terminated our account and we are now shadow banned everywhere.”

You can sign up for free at the link. Limited time to do so. The speakers are stellar. Here’s a few:

  • Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD
  • Arch. Carlo Maria Viganò
  • Robert F. Kennedy, Jr
  • Dr. Lee Merritt
  • Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
  • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
  • Alex Newman
  • Vladimir Zev Zelenko, M.D
  • Vera Sharav
  • Peter A. McCullough, MD
  • Senator Scott Jensen, M.D
  • Dr. Pierre Kory

Little Greta-the-greenhearted Thunberg (thanks Cuppa Covfefe!!) was spouting some nonsense the other day about animal diseases being linked with climate change and so on, completely ignoring that real scientists are experimenting with viruses in labs for gain-of-function use against humans, but whatever.

She’s got a new special on PBS. The propaganda is so easy to spot now and so very tiresome:

Fake Science, Fake Medicine.

A great interview here: The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine: Exposing the crisis of credibility in clinical research, with video below.

Today’s Special is Green as Heck

Well, let’s get to our drink special today. ABSINTHE. Oh, the humanity! This “beautiful madness” (from a poem by Peggy Amond) was known as the Green Fairy by many artists and writers of the Belle Époque.

According to Maison Absinthe:

“Absinthe began in France in 1789, initially as a healing potion. It was used to purify water and as an antiseptic. Absinthe gained in popularity during the Franco-Algerian war where many French soldiers had developed a taste for the high alcoholic “medicine.” and it became more and more popular. Because of its greenish tint, it became known as La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy). This is why French Absinthe is among the most popular.

As a result, by the end of the 19th century, absinthe was the favored cocktail of Paris and famous people were drawn to absinthe, like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Allan Poe, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Lord Byron, to name a few.

The popularity of absinthe wasn’t limited to Europe, as it soon found its way to the United States and in particular New Orleans, because of its large French population. Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde all enjoyed drinking absinthe at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street. The Old Absinthe House is still there, by the way.”

Want to buy one of these? A traditional Absinthe fountain!

Here’s an article: The Five Biggest Absinthe Myths that gives a little info on its supposed hallucinogenic properties and the infamous way of serving it with a flaming sugar cube.

Be well warned that drinking Absinthe straight is a recipe for epic drunkenness. I had a bottle disappear from the house one night when my kids were at “that age.” Finally connected with my daughter the next morning after she and a friend had awoken from an Absinthe stupor.

I think she was sick for two whole days afterward. Has never had it since. I can laugh now. NOW.

Outlawing Absinthe: Gov’t thought it subversive

Watch the fun vid below about Absinthe. Around the two-minute mark your host tells how TPTB were not happy that the working man would gather around drinking Absinthe and talk politics. That and the winemakers in France were unhappy that Absinthe was cutting into their profits:

For a lovely and magical explanation of Absinthe’s attraction, watch this Swiss video that shows a second-generation distiller of Absinthe:

And here’s a last one. Basically a six-minute ad for a particular distillery, it is beautiful and dramatic:

Here’s a How-to on making Absinthe at home.

Health and nutrition info about Absinthe here and here and here.

And here’s the low down on that fascinating plant, Wormwood that just may be the magic ingredient to creating La Fée Verte:

Organic Facts

How to grow Wormwood

The bartenders are offering a special Absinthe cocktail tonight: The Wolf Bite. It won’t be a full moon until the 27th but let us howl anyway!

We can’t leave the subject of Absinthe without noting that its most notorious ingredient Wormwood is mentioned in Holy Scripture.

The Apocalypse (Rev. 8:11) is its most famous mention:

“And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”

And here from the Prophet Amos (Chapter 5:6-8):

“Seek ye the Lord, and live: lest the house of Joseph be burnt with fire, and it shall devour, and there shall be none to quench Bethel.

You that turn judgment into wormwood, and forsake justice in the land,

Seek him that maketh Arcturus, and Orion, and that turneth darkness into morning, and that changeth day into night: that calleth the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name.”

So much to ponder there…

There was a 2017 docudrama from Netflix (yuck) that is named Wormwood, and tells the story of Frank Olsen, who may have been an MK-ultra victim.

The Russian word ‘Chernobyl’ means Wormwood, btw.

House Rules

Keep it civil. Absinthe is purportedly an aphrodisiac and gets your inner muse going, so I don’t think we’ll have a problem with incivility. However, go here for Wolf’s rules before you hoist a Wolf Shot, and we’ll all do fine.

If you need to make a date with the Green Witch, head over to the Utree. Or, if we get separated from here, head over there to meet up. And lookee here, we’ve got a forum just about up and running.

The Green New Deal is the color of money

Well, now that we have our green drinks in hand, let’s get back to Climate Change, aka as the continuing saga of sick globalists and their communist henchmen as they try to take over the world and turn it into some type of dystopian nightmare.

We must have the obligatory mention of Arch Villain Bill Gates, who is buying up farmland like there’s a fire sale somewhere.

He attended the climate summit this week with lots of other globalists and assorted elites. Go here for a fun rant against the elites from Steve Bannon. He skewers them but good. And Gates is investing millions in fake food, too. Bill Gates and his fake solutions to climate change:

“The report highlights one of these so-called technical ‘solutions’ through the example of synthetic food, which aims to replace animal products with highly processed ingredients, usually through synthetic biology. Billionaires are heavily investing in this growing market: Gates alone has spent $50 million in leading company Impossible Foods and actively finances several others.

Fake food is advertised as a solution to climate change and environmental degradation, but in reality, fake food has a carbon footprint seven times larger than less-processed plant proteins. Cell-based meat also emits more GHG than some animal products and recent research even suggests that over the long-term, its environmental impact could be higher than that of livestock. Far from ending climate change or world hunger, fake food still relies on an industrial agricultural model, based on monoculturestoxic pesticides and GMOs, that is destroying our ecosystems and threatening our health.

The report also shows how the patenting of these artificial food growing techniques has become an instrument for corporate and billionaire profit-making, shifting power away from farmers and toward biotech companies, while completely ignoring the solutions offered by the regenerative agriculture movement.”

The Grand Solar Minimum is Herle

So we’ve heard that Bill Gates wants to shoot some stuff into the atmosphere to COOL IT DOWN. Playing God again, Bill? The Lord has preceded you:

Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling


The Coming Modern Grand Solar Minimum at American Thinker.


“We’re about 16 months into this GSM, with 32 more years to go. Already 2019 and 2020 saw record low numbers of sunspots. We’ve had lower than expected crop harvests due to unseasonable rains both years. The April 2021 USDA World Agricultural Product report has articles detailing Taiwan’s expected 20% decrease in rice production this year over last, Cuba’s rice production 15% below its five-year average, Argentina’s corn, Australia’s cotton, Malaysia’s palm oil — all down, all due primarily to the weather. There are some expected bumper crops, all based on expanded acreage.”

The Greening of Communism

The White House Resident of the United States has jumped in with both feet to destroying the economy and jobs of our nation with a plan:

“The U.S. emissions cuts are expected to come from power plants, automobiles, and other sectors across the economy. Sector-specific goals will be laid out later this year.

The new U.S. target nearly doubles former President Barack Obama’s pledge of an emissions cut of 26%-28% below 2005 levels by 2025,” according to a Reuters article.

AOC and Sen. Markey have introduced some type of bait-and-switch bill to take our money and pretend to provide good jobs. There’s some social justice stuff wrapped up in it, so we all know it is another shot at taking from the barely-haves and giving to the have-nots. The rich elites will laugh all the way to the bank. It’s the Civilian Climate Corps, doncha know. Channeling FDR…

 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has challenged AOC to a debate about the Green New Deal. According to Sara Carter it’s on, although there’s been no formal agreement to go forward yet.

Let’s Get Down and Dirty in the Garden

It’s one small step for us. Start small and step out boldly. Small farms, and even small gardens are going to save the world from starvation. Big government in cahoots with Big Ag has given us Fake Food System Models to scare and threaten us, take our money and steal our health.

But Small Farms can Feed the World.

Just like the fake numbers we get from just about every institution today, do read the above article to see how hoodwinked we’ve been. It’s just sickening.

In World War II there were Victory Gardens everywhere. People grew their own vegetables and fruits so that farm production could feed the troops. We can do this. Garden science has come a long way. Urban farming is a large and growing movement.

Gardeners in suburbia have turned their grass into raised beds. You would be amazed at how much food you can grow over a year in a small plot. Container gardening has blossomed, too. Even in apartments, you can grow all kinds of crops on a balcony. Gardening year-round in cold climates has also come a long way.

Here’s a great video about a family in California who grow annually 6,000 pounds of food on 1/20th of an acre. They even have chickens and little goats.

Here’s their website. They are teaching others the way to food freedom.

More resources:

Polyface Farms with Joel Salatin (lots of Youtubes)

Four Season Farm with Eliot Coleman (great for year-round gardening in cold climates)

Charles Dowding and No Dig Gardening (great Youtube Channel)

The Plummery in Australia (a lot of good advice for new gardeners):

Here is a balcony garden in Germany. Lovely:

There is a giant mountain of books, videos, blogs, podcasts and even local gardening clubs that can help us toward food freedom. Hmmm…Food Freedom. Sounds like a great forum topic.

At any rate, the way to beat the Giants is to be small. Lots and lots and lots of small gardens producing big. Seek out and support local food producers, many of whom live hand-to-mouth raising produce, meat, eggs and other products in a Good Steward way.

Barter. Exchange goods for services. Think local. Stay local. Survive. Thrive.

The more we can grow, make and produce, the less we have to rely on the Giants. We can defeat the globalists and their communist henchmen one garden plot at a time.

Never give in! Never give up! They can’t beat us!

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The Courage of Our ConvictionsHow to fight critical race theory
Christopher F. Rufo
April 22, 2021 The Social Order

Critical race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it—and of those who have, many don’t understand it. This must change. We need to know what it is so we can know how to fight it.

To explain critical race theory, it helps to begin with a brief history of Marxism. Originally, the Marxist Left built its political program on the theory of class conflict. Karl Marx believed that the primary characteristic of industrial societies was the imbalance of power between capitalists and workers. The solution to that imbalance, according to Marx, was revolution: the workers would eventually gain consciousness of their plight, seize the means of production, overthrow the capitalist class, and usher in a new socialist society.

During the twentieth century, a number of regimes underwent Marxist-style revolutions, and each ended in disaster. Socialist governments in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and elsewhere racked up a body count of nearly 100 million people. They are remembered for gulags, show trials, executions, and mass starvations. In practice, Marx’s ideas unleashed man’s darkest brutalities.

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

H/T Ben Garrison


Ben Garrison Cartoons


New Ben Garrison Cartoon Eyes On The Arizona Audit- THE WORD FOR TODAY IS “AUDIT” THE SECOND WORD FOR TODAY IS “PANIC”

The Arizona audit of the 2020 election begins today and the Democrats are panicking. Why? If the election was fraud free and secure they would have no concerns about the outcome of the audit. The Democrats filed a last minute lawsuit this morning trying to block the audit set to begin today. Read the post at

comment image

Wolf Moon


Deplorable Patriot

I’m reading that the big worry isn’t the fraud so much as the provable foreign interference.


IMHO – The foreign interference is a big deal – and involved more than one country – unfortunately, groups of people participated in outright fraud here in America – in the swing states – from unfolded ballots to ballots tallied numerous times – Internet availability – no signature validation – and rules made by improper authorities – think of all of the people who are going to jail.

Why did they fight so hard against the audit in Maricopa County? We know the foibles that occurred in Georgia at various levels – AND – they have the vote totals before the count stopped.

Then – there is the question of the ‘fake’ pandemic used to validate mail-in and absentee voting. What group concocted this scheme?

The machines were CONTROLLED from inside and outside of the country – and the evidence of what happened in Venezuela over at least (2) election cycles is proof the machines can be calibrated to produce the desired result.

What if they knew about all of this in 2018 – how many of those elections were fixed?

This is HUGE!!! It is not about a 4-Year Election – this is a usurpation of our government.

PT said – ‘We caught them all’ – wonder if that was not just about the effort to oust him – wonder if they knew in 2018 how it was done – the problem for them is – they could not just cheat a little – they had to cheat a lot because of the landslide vote for Trump. We have it all – but – the question is ‘Who is going to present it and to whom?’

At some point, it is going to have to be presented to the American people – to justify the arrests.


“At some point, it is going to have to be presented to the American people – to justify the arrests.”


But if they ever did that, then the shadow war would be over, and the white hats would win.

Then what would they do?

What would animate them?

What would give them a reason to look forward each day, if their 7+ decade shadow war ever actually ended?

It’s the same problem all the spooks faced during the Cold War — they couldn’t let the Cold War end… what would they ever do afterwards? Their entire careers, accolades, camaraderie, mythos, their entire lives were defined by the conflict… you can’t just ‘end’ something like that.

It would be like ending manufacturing, or sales, or marketing. The show must go on.

It’s the same reason we have endless wars all over the world. What would the military industrial complex do, if peace suddenly broke out all over the place?

It’s a horror too great for even hardened warriors to contemplate…

I mean, can you even imagine how awful a cessation of hostilities… everywhere… how utterly stupefying that would be?

So I’m not worried about the truth ever being presented to anybody, in any way that will ever end the conflict.

This conflict we’re in now, that we’ve been in for decades, but which is being more widely exposed now — this is what they live for.

Why would they ever do anything to end it?


It is not up the THEM to end it – it is up to US to end it!!!

While we may not be able to totally eradicate evil – we can certainly diminish it to irrelevance.

Because we complained rather than reacted (in our own way according to God’s purpose for our lives) – evil has gown obnoxiously powerful.

Evil has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and certainly influenced those in governments around the world.

I do not know who these ‘white hats’ about whom you speak are, Scott – but, I do know there is good and evil in this world – and I do know how this story ends.

I am not sure what it is that must happen for you to be convinced something is happening – or – that God is in control of this mess.

I put my trust in God – and not in man – and I know that whatever happens or does not happen – is way above my pay grade – it lies in His domain.


“I am not sure what it is that must happen for you to be convinced something is happening”


The same thing that always must happen to be convinced something is happening.

How many movies have you ever seen where the bad guy gets caught and apprehended at the end? They put the cuffs on him, and take him away.

Some movies even show the trial, where the bad guy is convicted, and some even show the bad guy being executed.

The same thing happens in real life, the bad guys actually get arrested.

These types of things would be very much more convincing, compared to reading tea leaves and reverse-engineering current events to shoe-horn them into a soothing narrative we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better.

I have never experienced a world that works that way, only fantasy. In the real world, when things are happening, we can see them happening. We can see bad guys being arrested and prosecuted and convicted.

Has it not always been that way?

So what is this new thing, where nobody is ever even publicly accused, much less arrested or prosecuted or convicted, yet we’re all supposed to pretend as if we’re in the 4th act of a police procedural, and all kinds of things are happening?

Where is the the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen?


” – or – that God is in control of this mess.”


I have no doubt that God is in control. I just don’t know how that necessarily translates into things turning out well here.

God was in control of the Roman Empire too. And the Babylonian Empire.

And the Macedonian Empire. Now they’re just a bot-farm (according to Hitlery)… 😂 🤣 😂


“I put my trust in God – and not in man –”


Me too.


“…and I know that whatever happens or does not happen – is way above my pay grade – it lies in His domain.”


Agreed, however, like the story about the guy sitting on his roof during a flood, waiting for God to rescue him, we have to get in the boat or in the helicopter He sends to rescue us.

We can’t just stay on the roof, telling the would-be rescuers to go away, we’re waiting on God to save us.

In that case, it was God who sent the rescuers.

The man on the roof needed to take some kind of action, didn’t he?


From the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa OK – those who analyzed what happened there – Patriots and Christians coming together to take back control.

If you have not listened to the speakers – it is worth your while – however – the general consensus is we need to unite and work together – but, first – we need to turn to God en mass – because evil is so entrenched in all facets of life – it cannot be defeated without God.

There are things happening we cannot see – perhaps, some day what has happened behind the scenes will be revealed to the public – there is a reason why it is being kept under wraps – why it cannot be unwrapped – one reason is the LSM – they will not report on it – mainly because they are thick into it and complicit and more likely than not – guilty as sin.

We are all anxious for Justice – but, if half the DOJ is dirty – where are we going? Nowhere – fast – so what can we do – but, wait – and PRAY!!!


“but, first – we need to turn to God en mass – because evil is so entrenched in all facets of life – it cannot be defeated without God.”


I would have loved it if DJT had covered himself in sackcloth and ashes and appealed to God to save us from this wicked generation, and encouraged all believers to do the same.

That’s how they did it in the Bible.

That is the example.


“We are all anxious for Justice – but, if half the DOJ is dirty – where are we going?”


I would be shocked if only half of the DOJ is dirty. They have a job to do, they don’t get to play spy games and black hat / white hat fantasy football.

And yet, best case scenario, that’s what they’re doing. They are playing games with the Law, the Constitution and American lives, in the supposed furtherance of some shadow war… that’s the BEST case scenario. And it is LAWLESS.

So all those who have been so concerned about “the letter of the law” and adhering to the Constitution even if it means national suicide — even in the best case scenario, the DOJ and other agencies aren’t dong any of that.

The fact that they are clearly a political weapon of the foreign and domestic criminals who have overtaken our government is evidence that the DOJ is wholly corrupt.

If there are ANY good people still in the DOJ, what are they doing there?!?

Telling themselves that they need to stay so at least one person isn’t corrupt, while they continue to collect a paycheck and secure a pension while working for the Nazis?

If that’s a ‘good guy’, then we’re in heap-um big trouble.

The next question is WHY is the DOJ wholly corrupt, after FOUR YEARS of DJT being POTUS?

Not looking for excuses, just actual real reasons.

Because the most powerful man in the world was not powerless over any of the agencies in the Executive Branch, or any of those employees who serve at his pleasure.

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

Barr was told to clean up the mess – he may or may not hav done some things – but, the human trafficking was a main concern – I think that was his job – and because all of these agencies are so infiltrated – I doubt they could be Cloroxed in (4) short years – and that includes all of the ABC Agencies.

These evil entities are so entrenched in every nook and cranny – it would take a huge bomb to extract them.

How PT was able to do as much as he did do while being attacked at every turn is nothing short of a miracle.

I understand perfectly what you are saying – however – you have to realize how massive an operation this is – it is YUGE!!! It will take years to clean house.


“you have to realize how massive an operation this is – it is YUGE!!! It will take years to clean house.”


The longer it takes, the greater the doubt of the outcome.

Myanmar cleaned house in HOURS.

Anything that takes YEARS is just a manifestation of fear to do what is necessary.


Myanmar is dealing with one country only – our fight is with many – I see what you mean – however – when I said years – I meant for the entire cabal to fall – since it is intertwined throughout the world.

Not talking about ‘taking our country back’ – that will be quicker – since there an be no future elections until the 2020 election is resolved.

I have heard many ‘predictions’ – for when the rightful civilian government will be restored – June – July – August – September – and the end of the year.

We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes of what has to happen before the Republic can be restored – and if we listened to the LSM – one would think this ‘show’ is real – it is not.

Another thing I have heard/read is that TPTB are planning a major event – where – no one knows – but, this event will affect the entire world.

Anyway – what we are experiencing now and since the ‘fake’ inauguration – is a holding pattern – and the tide is turning – even though it appears we are at a standstill.

Just as they overcompensated for the Trump Landslide – they overcompensated for CV – people are not buying what they are selling – and are literally fed up with the restrictions – and the lies.

No Fear – Pure Faith – God’s Got It!!!


Some Dems (and maybe Repubs too) no doubt colluded with foreign countries to work against the American system of holding elections, which cheated PDJT out of his second consecutive term and disenfranchised millions of us. They conspired with enemies of the U.S. to put in leaders that the enemies preferred. In my book, that’s treason. I’d like to know all the legal ramificaitons of what they’ve done, and what they could be charged with.

Last edited 1 year ago by TheseTruths

“Critical race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it—and of those who have, many don’t understand it. This must change. We need to know what it is so we can know how to fight it.”


I’ll tell you exactly how to fight it.

You have your GOVERNMENT do it’s JOB.

It’s exhausting — by design — to get hit with a new “here’s a huge problem you can never solve, and here’s what you need to do to prepare for it — every single day of your life.

The honest truth is that you and me, as individuals, are not going to do ANYTHING to ‘fight it’.

It’s like asking an ant to fight an Aardvark.

It’s stupid.

What we are facing is a full-court onslaught of government (our own and foreign adversarial governments) and corporate fascism.

Bill Gates x China x Soros x every bad actor on the planet to the one-hundreth power.

You and I aren’t going to do a single thing to defeat that, and all bravado aside, it’s silly to think otherwise.

So the next response is “let’s give it the old college try and unite, and together we can defeat that big bad monster!”.

The Big Bad Monster is:

1) a foreign professional military

2) working in concert with our own government (which in turn controls our ghetto fabulous military)

3) working in concert with Big Tech

4) working in concert with MSM

So they control all MSM communications (propaganda), they control the military (theirs and ours), they control total online surveillance (Big Tech) and censorship (Big Tech), and they control or government which means they control law enforcement.

You’re not going to defeat that, and neither am I.

Because it’s you or me against Bill Gates x a quadrillion.

They have infinite money, and they control everything — government, foreign adversaries, technology, money, POWER.

This is the whole reason we HAVE a military, is so that We the People don’t have to fight a foreign military by ourselves — and that is exactly what we are being asked to do.

Joe Six-pack is being asked to fight the Chinese Communist military, and Big Tech, and MSM, and the United States government, by HIMSELF.

Or we can unite and fight!

Except from a practical standpoint, that’s trying to herd 300 million cats, and that’s never going to work.

Besides which, Bill Gates can hire an army of flame-throwers to surround him, and all we would end up with is the biggest cat barbecue on record in the 2022 Guinness Book of World Records.

It’s like asking Ma and Pa Kettle in some Roman province to defeat the Roman Empire.

It’s hilariously stupid.

This is the whole reason why we have a government to represent us, and a professional military to combat the professional military of our adversaries, because you and I are not professional military.

We’re not even in the same league as the Bad News Bears going up against the World Series Champions.

It is not possible for individual Americans to fight on a thousand different fronts, 24/7/365. We are being overwhelmed. Which frankly is EASY for any professional nation-state military, like taking candy from a baby.

And that is exactly where our military and our government has left us.

So if we want to win, we will never do it by chasing and fighting the shiny object de jour.

The only way we win is to retake command of the Behemoth, in order to destroy the invading Behomoths.

Or to say it another way, our country was invaded by giant Aardvark robots.

We had the biggest, baddest Aardvark Robot on the planet, but the guys who run the Aardvark turned out to be traitors who turned our Aardvark over to the Chinese Communists.

If we want to beat the invading Aardvark robots, we will never do it (we’re just ants!) until or unless we retake control of OUR Aardvark.

If we do that, OUR 1st tier Aardvark robot can destroy all the smaller 2nd and 3rd tier invading Aardvark robots.

But until we retake control of our own Aardvark robot, we’re just ants.

This is the enemy:

comment image

By contrast, we are so small that we can’t even be seen in the photo.

And we don’t have any planes to tow cables to weave in between the legs in order to trip the Walkers.

If we’re going to win, we need to retake control of our own Walker.

Because those little people on the ground, so small that you can’t even see them, are not going to defeat even a single Walker, much less the entire armada of Walkers deployed by all of our adversaries.

This is a Walker vs. Walker battle, and we don’t have a Walker.

Unless we get ours back.


You can’t fight enemy tanks on horseback.

You need your own tanks.


And leaders.


We can’t, Scott – too many bad guys!!!


Ben Garrison Cartoons


Your Friday morning Montana moment, morning walk.

comment image


Open-Source Project ‘Linux’ Blocks University Of Minnesota For Submitting Knowingly Broken Patches…

So, why did I post this? Good question. Because UMN is a severely liberal school and their response was that the developers were “being defamatory” and the usual liberal garbage.

Greg Kroah-Hartman, who is one of the head honchos of the Linux kernel development and maintenance team, has banned the University of Minnesota (UMN) from further contributing to the Linux Kernel. The University had apparently introduced questionable patches into the kernel of Linux.

The UMN had worked on a research paper dubbed “On the Feasibility of Stealthily Introducing Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Software via Hypocrite Commits”. Obviously, the “Open-Source Software” (OSS) here is indicating the Linux kernel and the University had stealthily introduced Use-After-Free (UAF) vulnerability to test the susceptibility of Linux. So far so good perhaps as one can see it as ethical experimenting.

However, the UMN apparently sent another round of “obviously-incorrect patches” into the kernel in the form of “a new static analyzer” causing distaste to Greg Kroah-Hartman who has now decided to ban the University from making any further contributions.

Linux bans University of Minnesota for sending buggy patches in the name of research [Update]
Sayan Sen · Apr 21, 2021 09:26 EDT · HOT!

Wolf Moon

Whole thing is raising my side-eye at FOSS by orders of magnitude. Bottom line is that SUSPICION allowed them to catch it the second time – NOT the first. I’d say that the researchers proved their point to me, ethically or not.


Compared to what?

Wolf Moon

Well, here is what I think NOW. The big picture.

The insecurity spectrum of FOSS is different from that of unfree proprietary software. I don’t particularly care if it’s currently better or worse – whatever difference there is, is most likely historically transitory depending on where we are in technology. Ironically, however, that FIGHT itself has been a beautiful attack vector, because it makes the reflexive defenders of either side emotional and manipulable. Both sides have been cornered into defending their strengths in a way that preserves weaknesses which can be made to disappear.

Software itself has been socially hacked at a very high level. I know that sounds preposterous, but so did all the other red pills.

So rather than spell it out, I’m going to leave this hanging. If people on both sides look at this diligently, they will see what I mean.

What STRENGTHS does FOSS brag up? What weaknesses would be necessitated by those strengths? What ADVANTAGES does an adversary who understands this have in the problem? How does that adversary make the WEAKNESSES disappear?

The exact same thing is MIRRORED for unfree hidden-source software.

If people think about this, they will UNDERSTAND the risks.

I am CERTAIN that others did this math a LONG time ago.


FOSS is infinitely configurable — you can change the source and recompile. That means there are infinite ways you can misconfigure it.

In this case, the jokers at the U of Minn were deliberately seeding bad code into, essentially, the “kernel suggestions” bucket. Specifically, Aditya Pakki. Mind you, there are some smart people who have put quite clever things into that bucket that were actively discussed for weeks before the guy went, “ummmm, never mind.”

Some even got through the first level or two of screening (e.g. “What exactly, is this supposed to do? Does it compile?”) and were in “Stable” trees — fully tracked through Git.

When it comes time for a kernel to actually change, subject master experts look at the available suggestions to see which sorts of changes should be made, and which (if any) available suggestion is the best way to make the change — and then REAL scrutiny of the code begins, with profiling, fuzzing, deep analysis, and possibly rewriting the code in a different language. None of the UMN prats had gotten that far. A typical kernel release has about 1500 people with about 12,500 accepted changes merged.

It should be noted that support for Intel’s “Software Guard eXtensions” (SGX) was finally merged into kernel 5.11….after being considered for 40 previous releases and not making it.

This is all avidly monitored by people like Jon Masters (Linux Format “Kernel Watch”) and Zack Brown (Linux Pro “Zack’s Kernel News”). And, BTW, a lot of these guys know each other.

So I’m pretty relaxed about the security of the Linux kernel. FOSS, in general? It varies greatly. Some of this stuff is just older than dirt and is similar to the GRAS list at the FDA. Much of it is sufficiently granular that “going off the reservation” would be noticed quickly. OTOH, Would I run a Russian binary using sudo because they claimed (in Russian) to be FOSS?


comment image


For all the faggots telling Americans that we are doing nothing because we don’t grab our guns and storm the Capitol (surrounded by Military) you don’t understand how America works. We are a peaceful people.

Maybe your 3rd world shithole only knows violence, but in America, we use our VOICES to fight off tyranny, so there’s no need for your 3rd world shithole, low IQ violence here. (which is why #antifa is anti-American)

This lady is only one of THOUSANDS of parents fighting daily for her child’s rights from overbearing school boards. They will eventually give in to people like her, because humans naturally avoid conflict!


“For all the faggots telling Americans that we are doing nothing because we don’t grab our guns and storm the Capitol (surrounded by Military) you don’t understand how America works.”


Maybe they understand humanity, and the human condition, better than we do, because we have been sheltered from the reality we now face, but which much of the world faces regularly.

It’s at least worth considering.


“We are a peaceful people.”


Isn’t every slave peaceful, until they desire freedom more than tyranny?


“Maybe your 3rd world shithole only knows violence, but in America, we use our VOICES to fight off tyranny, so there’s no need for your 3rd world shithole, low IQ violence here.”


How’s that workin’ out for us?

I mean, you’re talking a big game there Swampy, but in case you haven’t looked around, we’re gettin’ our asses kicked, pal… 😂🤣😂


“(which is why #antifa is anti-American)”


Panti-fa is a professional (paid) paramilitary group, financed (paid) and trained.

They may be ‘anti-American’ in the sense that they oppose you and me, but the fact is, they’re here, and they have more rights than we do at present, because what we used to call the Law only holds us accountable, not them.


“This lady is only one of THOUSANDS of parents fighting daily for her child’s rights from overbearing school boards.”


And the school board people don’t care. They’re corrupt, they’re ideologues, they HATE regular Americans, they ENJOY our suffering. It’s a power trip for them, and they’re getting paid to enjoy it.


“They will eventually give in to people like her, because humans naturally avoid conflict!”


Not in a thousand million millennia, Swampy. Even wishful thinking would be embarrassed by that statement and laugh out loud.

You think the Empire is going to give in to Moms, because Darth Vader naturally avoids conflict?

They are PAID to make you suffer, and the kind of people who take those jobs LOVE what they do. They get OFF on the power trip.

It’s not conflict for them, they’re in charge.

It’s watching you grovel, and they LOVE that.


Oh My!


satire ?


No. I think it’s true.


Think of the cognitive dissonance this is causing in liberals. A tranny republican.

Deplorable Patriot

IDK, some of the ones I know would be more likely to snigger.


LOL…He’s got the automatic can’t-criticize-me-I’m-a-protected-tranny card…that would be pure entertainment


Has she declared MAGA or not…. I haven’t heard her claiming MAGA…

and faux biden didnt win


Not sure. He was always conservative until being forced to toe the line to be accepted by the alphabet group.
Not just that but I really dont want someone who thinks you can change your sex or the Kardashians in govt as a conservative.


I just can’t vote for someone who is mentally ill. I pray that some other well-known, good MAGA conservative runs. What a choice: mentally ill Tranny vs SATAN Gruesome.


Oddly..I would vote Jenner in a heartbeat (if he is the opponent) to get rid of Gruesome . Getting rid of him would be fantastic and the extra slap to his evil aunt..priceless


Guess I would have to as well. We have to get rid of Gruesome!! I just pray someone better runs and that the vote isn’t split.


Agree !


Right? Im more inclined to vote for Grenell.


If memory serves, the last time a governor got recalled, there were so many people on the ballot to replace him that the vote split a zillion ways, and a celebrity (Ahnuld) got the job.



This is very frightening. My dil who is a picture of health and has already had a very healthy pregnancy just miscarried an she is unvaccinated. However, she works closely around many who are. This has been heartbreaking. I am in contact right now with my sister who is in the medical field asking her if she has noticed an uptick in miscarriages and irregular menses reports.

Concerned Virginian

One suspects that the DeepState / Davos globalists have an antidote — to be available, and/or supplied, to “approved” groups of people.

Deplorable Patriot

I’ve come to that conclusion as well.


I’ve always thought it was strange that no really prominent Dems got the virus as compared to the many R’s. Not for one second do I think it was because they followed the FauXi rules because there was plenty of examples that exposed them when they weren’t doing it.

Maybe I’m spacing out Dem cases but there’s so many very elderly and they breezed right through

Deplorable Patriot


I was looking forward to going back to choir, but I would probably be the only one vax free. Granted the women are pretty much all through the change, but still.


Especially if there is truth to the “shedding” from those vaccinated.


Here’s another bad, horrific apparent outcome


I couldn’t find it again but I’d seen another platelet involved side effect

Sadie Slays

I saw this elsewhere and nearly rage-quit the internet for the day.


It is so hard, isn’t it? I have borne about all I can. When its innocent little children with no choice in the matter, it is so much worse.


Pregnant mothers making the choice to play Russian roulette with vaccines when the life of their child is at stake makes it even worse.


The entire thing has been a horrible psy op. A virus that is not deadly to most, children rarely get it, it could be treated with inexpensive meds but ‘they’ needed to scare the world and lock it down………….and now this vax .
Add to that some pressure on physicians to follow the ruse or be vilified


Want to hear something else crazy with this same family? The grandmother of this baby is my aunt. The parents (it’s her son and DIL) refused to let her near the baby or ever hold the baby if she wasn’t also vaxxed. She just had her second jab last Monday. Unbelievable.


OMG. My cousin and her husband, both 30 year old Physician Assistants, just had their first baby. She contracted COVID while pregnant based on a positive PCR test but mostly without symptoms. Her OBGYN convinced her she still needed to get the jabs which she did in her last trimester. She had the baby at 39 weeks, he was much smaller than expected and didn’t urinate, breast feed, have a bowel movement or maintain body temperature for his first 24 hours after a normal vaginal delivery. There was considerable worry but he did make a turn around. She’s breast feeding and he appears to be thriving and he’s now 5 weeks old. Many in the family have been very concerned that she took the vaccine during pregnancy and now this information is all the more terrifying.


I’m sorry that the info is so alarming. I hate reading these things too. It’s unconscionable that this many things are happening and they refuse to put a moratorium on it .
Hoping all the very best health to the new baby


That doctor is psychotic to have recommended that.

Wolf Moon

It’s social psychosis. The woman on the podcast is saying TURN OFF THE TV, and that is exactly how to be sensible about this.


That’s why the Amish say they don’t get the CCP virus – they don’t watch TV.


Vaccination is a cult like religion in the medical field.


That is truly horrific and scary.

The silver lining to it — if it can be said to have one — is that babies can survive all sorts of things and get to “thriving” and they become perfect infants, toddlers, kids, and teens. It’s likely that the baby will suffer insignificant lasting effects compared with the psychological scars carried by the parents.

And that OBGYN needs to get out of the medical profession.


I pray for the silver lining. Unfortunately we’ll only have knowledge of harm in hindsight. The one fear I have is intentional infertility. What a great ruse for depopulation. Get rid of the elderly and make conception impossible for the young. EVIL


We need divine intervention on a world wide level.


Wolf Moon

Mistrial. RIGHT. F’N. THERE.


So in other words, the law didn’t matter, the facts didn’t matter, it was all about the juror and what the juror wanted.

I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again…” (then why were you on the jury?) and

I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

Then WHY were you on the jury?

Is it because you were too stupid to anticipate the obvious, or is it because you decided to convict this man, before you were chosen as a juror, regardless of the truth, in order to prevent rioting?


Praying Medic@Praying-Medic1h
Statement from President Trump on the Maricopa County audit.comment imagecomment image

Wolf Moon

“Great Country”. BOOM. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chyyyynnnnaaaa’s little meme war over “great nation” right there.



I am a cautiously optimistic supporter of Sec Pompeo for now

“Distrust but verify” was his motto with China … new twist to an old policy


another interview I just watched and thought I would share

Deplorable Patriot

A little bit of a ground report:

My sister and a HS classmate of hers had drinks last night and visited a bit. This woman, of late, has made her living promoting bands and live entertainment. She’s been financially devastated this year. Just awful. BUT, what it did do was wake her a little. She’s now in the “Democrat Party left me” phase of living. She’s not full MAGA, nor did she vote for Trump, but she didn’t vote for Biden, either.

And…at one grocery store here, the “out” door is now back to in and out. The place is no longer one way. And another chain is allowing reusable bags into the stores.

Not sure where that is pointing, but I told the plumber today don’t worry about the mask in our house. We won’t tell. He was like, “These things are a pain.” Yes, they are.


That’s a good ground report DP…


Big urban highrise, traffic noise. You get used to it, don’t notice it after a while.

I didn’t pay attention to the sound of silence. For more than a year.

But lately I’m waking up to the T roaring at regular intervals. Cars way down there somewhere –

That’s good, right?

Deplorable Patriot

Silence is noticed in the city, TBH. Well, here anyway where we can hear air traffic, trains, the light rail system, sirens, and more other than the interstates.

The more noise the better from an economic standpoint.


Ground report in Florida. We don’t bother to wear masks entering or exiting restaurants and any stores that say masks are recommended. No one include the staff give us a second glance or say a word. It’s finally starting to feel like most people are fed up and want to go back to normal. Either that or they are all feeling smugly vaccine confident and think that everyone is vaxxed so they are safe.


BardsFM, Bio Wars – Adapting to the Changing Battlefield –

Note: Tomorrow night will be (2) Hours with Juan O Savin – not sure what time it will be broadcast because Scott is on the west coast.


Absolutely perfect comeback to punk


Ep. 2460a – It Has Begun, The Economic Awakening Is Happening, [CB] Panic
X22 Report Published  April 23, 2021


Ep. 2460b – [DS] Panic, A Deep Dark World Is Being Exposed, The Truth Won’t Be For Everyone
X22 Report Published  April 23, 2021


The people are starting to wake up, the economy is one thing that the people have in common and they are starting to realize what [JB]/[CB] has planned does not benefit them. Panic. The [CB] is trying to push people away from all other types of currency, this will fail. It has begun, the AZ audit is underway. The [DS] is now making moves to stop the audit, they are panicking. What are they so afraid of, the TRUTH. Once the audit is complete this will be a D5 avalanche. Buckle up it’s going to get bumpy. The people will see the deep dark world. the Truth won’t be for everyone.


Haven’t seen this posted 

@StormIsUponUsJM Apr 17 at 13:12
What the elitists have been using “when receiving the death vax”.

Wolf Moon

What’s very interesting is that these demo people can be “lied to” if they are not shifty enough to keep the secret. Multiple levels of lies are possible. Ingenious.


I can’t exactly believe that several manufacturers would deliberately manufacture toxic poison on purpose but I sometimes wonder if the “warp speed” campaign wasn’t supposed to damage Trump. The fix was in for Biden to steal but they had the gut punch loss with Clinton so maybe they weren’t 100% sure the steal would work??

Do you have any niggles about the vaccines possibly maybe meant to be a huge problem?


I don’t know about Wolf, but it sure has occurred to me!


!! It’s fairly tin foil ish but suppose Trump had officially won (which he did)…so the MAGA folks are often suspicious about any mandates but in the euphoria of his 2nd term..would a ton of us stuck our arm out simply because it was Trump approved ??

On the other hand…Trump pushing vaccines would immediately cause a lot of leftards to say No way. In fact I swear Kamala said that at one point.

The whole thing flipped when the Steal happened..they had to keep up the charade and their brainwashed scared sycophants demanded vax right now!

Last edited 1 year ago by mollypitcher5
Wolf Moon

Yup – Kamala was a raving anti-vaxxer for a while – BECAUSE TRUMP. Now THAT is stupid, IMO. So she IS dangerously stupid AND evil.

And YES – all the Branch Covidians wanted their shots! The Bidenoids (Bidenistas + Bidnazis) had to go along with it. Trump cornered them that way by PUSHING THROUGH THE AMBUSH POINT, as Cthulhu likes to say.

Now – about the vaccines. A bit of a wandering wondering. I’m asking a lot of questions. I have very in-between answers.

We have to distinguish POTENTIAL danger from KNOWN danger with these vaccines – and both of THOSE from the KNOWN risks of the disease.

We are in a spot right now where I think it is safer to say that the vaccines are not likely to be individually dangerous on a high level if used SENSIBLY and by the RIGHT people. The numbers on adverse effects are simply not that bad – even when being given to all the WRONG people, too, which is what’s happening right now.

I know DOZENS of people who have gotten the shots – I ALWAYS ask for details. Nobody I know outside nursing homes has had bad reactions more than a mild headache or tiredness for an evening, and most have NOTHING. The vaccine CLEARLY has a better track record than the disease. Go back to Trump. The cure can’t be worse than the disease. Well, from what we KNOW – not suspect – not worry about – but from what we KNOW, it’s simply NOT worse than the disease.

Yes – some people are being devastated – even DYING – from the vaccines. And they are (IMO) NOT the same people who would have died from the disease, if all of those people had gotten the disease instead. Which is a sad thing. But it’s real.

However, the NUMBERS are not enough to say don’t vaccinate those who want it, IMO.

I believe in choice. We have a nice choice – thanks to Trump.

But it would be a BETTER CHOICE if the CDC didn’t LIE, and if we knew more about both the disease and the vaccines.

We on the side of making the Faucians acknowledge that there ARE side effects and that there ARE risks and that there IS reason for some people to not take the vaccine – we have to not get tunnel vision or telescopic near-sight on this. We have to look MORE SENSIBLE THAN FAUCI. And we CAN – easily.

Most of the potential BIG dangers of the vaccines are global and societal-level, NOT individual. The big dangers include the possibility of driving “escape to virulence” with changing vaccines. Likewise, there is some possibility that a larger fraction of people just getting natural immunity is a better way to fight the disease as a whole. But individually? Well, the vaccine should be “yes” for some and “no” for others, but we are letting the industry and the Fauciites try to push the damn things onto EVERYBODY – even onto people with contraindications!

The other thing is the question of how permanent a fixture this disease is going to be. I’d say we don’t really know yet, but we need to find out honestly. Rand Paul is important there.

Complicated business!

And the DEMS will try to weaponize it ANY WAY THEY CAN.


Denninger has on-point commentary —

Wolf Moon

Thank you – this is GREAT STUFF!

Emerging science says that the spike protein alone is likely pathogenic and causes those events.  Indeed that specific pathogenic behavior is likely why Covid-19 kills virtually everyone who succumbs. We did not know that in March and April of 2020; we simply took the spike configuration offered from the Chinese and presumed that without the “N” component of the virus it was harmless in the body. We had exactly zero evidence for that belief. The science is now emerging, which I remind you always takes time, that this was ruinously wrong; the spike alone causes coagulation disorders and obviously, in the blood vessels, that can lead directly to strokes and heart attacks along with severe organ damage leading directly to death.

Now – here is the deal.

I think somebody KNEW this before – that the spike protein was CONTRACEPTIVE – that the spike protein was ANTIPROGESTOGENIC – that the spike protein was REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION PROMOTING for its own mRNA to DNA to GENOME.


….and is similar to snakebite. I knew you’d like it.

Wolf Moon

Imagine trying to sell vaccines that make SNAKE VENOM PROTEINS in your cells.

One had better HOPE that Bill Haast’s experiments WORKED.

Wolf Moon



Wolf Moon

Love this. THIS is the Trump White House getting JUSTICE.


An alternative to Lawfare – we can play the same game – BOOM!!!


We call ours “Lawfairness.”


Since the side topic is gardening today … planting another round of seeds today.

Lots of variety of bell peppers. No green bells as those are so easy to buy at farmer’s markets and the store.

Some packages have paper clips because we rarely use an entire package of seeds in one season for most vegetables other than root vegetables. 3 of each kind of bells is plenty so we plant 3 seeds in 2 pots or 2 seeds in 3 pots (depending on the plant) and we will have at least 3-4 viable plants and at least 2-3 that survive transplanting and grow. Often we have even more make it and I just hate to pull up and throw out any of the little seedlings because I am always so excited to see them grow.

We have a few we started about 2 weeks ago, a large (for our small garden) number started today and will start a few for mid summer planting in about a month. Same with cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplant.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 7.38.37 PM.png

Tomato varieties for this year. We have not had much success with tomatoes so we tend not to plant very many.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 7.46.24 PM.png

We have a more varieties of summer squash but these two are the 2 on the unusual and unique side. I particularly like the variety on left as it is mild but with a nice flavor and is delicious raw. I slice them in 1/8-1/4 rounds, spread with a dressing or mayo, and then add a slice of cheese and several slices of sliced meat like ham and serve as a light summer “sandwich”

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 7.50.31 PM.png

All of our cucumbers are slightly to very unusual. Again, we use our garden as a way to not just have homegrown and healthy but also variety.

The lemon cucumbers are really good but, after the first year of growing them, we only grown 1 plant for each wave of cucumber planting because one must skin them and skining them takes so much time since they are round + have ridges. But really fun to have something so different and fun to add unusual veggies when we share at peak harvest.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 7.54.38 PM.png

For whatever reason, I LOVE growing green beans.

Growing green beans doesn’t make economic sense as we can buy a very large bag of organic frozen green beans at costco for $7. It takes so much work to prep the ground, plant, water, provide fencing (or other plants) for the beans to grow and then to harvest, snap off the ends, wash, cook & or can. No way all of that is only worth $7!

However, I Really enjoy them! I think part of it is that since they are vines and since they are small veggies I can actually take care of them and I can harvest them which I can’t do with many other veggies due to health issues.

I can plan, shop, order the seeds, keep the seeds organize, help plant the seeds inside and take care of them … and then I can’t do much after that except walk by them and be excited to watch them grow. But the green beans I can help pick. IDK …

Also, they grow so fast! Plus, we have grown some Really fun varieties – red, purple, rattlesnake, yardlongs, etc.

Doesn’t make economic sense but I get a real kick out of them! These are what we are growing this year. We will plant green beans in about 3 weeks. They are one of the very few things that we direct plant outside. We will plant a 2nd round in about 2nd/3rd week of July

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 7.59.42 PM.png
Last edited 1 year ago by MAGA Mom

I don’t really like to eat them … but for whatever reason I love to grow them!

And we eat them alot as they are an easy green veg to through in the pressure cooker with chicken. Probably eat them 3x a week so it is nice to have some variety of green beans.


I like green beans and so do my dogs 🙂


our dog won’t eat them unless they have been cooked in broth.


Just planted 2 varieties of fennel tonight. We start almost Everything inside except root veggies, green beans, some peas, greens and some flower, esp. sunflowers. We even start winter squash inside.

Reasons are:
– that it is much easier for me to work little pots on a table in the living room, keep them damp and baby them along than I can if they are in the ground.
– the plants get a head start over when the weather would allow to start them outside
– the plants are get past the baby stage before they are exposed to possible pests


Giant sunflowers are such a thrill for me … they are beautiful, amazing, birds love them and they are so reward since they grow so fast!

Last year, I combined our sunflower garden with green beans. edged that patch with dill, marigolds and nasturtiums to protect from critters. I stared the dill and some marigolds and masturtiums inside and then planted a few more of each from seeds when planting the sunflowers and greenbeans.

so much fun to watch it all grow.

Son surprised me for my bday last year with that garden patch. He had prepped in secret. for mother’s day son and H planted it for me.

Picture on L shows the green beans growing on the sunflowers and the picture on the R shows how big they are (son’s face blotted out … I am not that bad of a photographer! ha)

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 8.37.57 PM.png

Nice looking property, there!


Overall, happy with it for the reasons we bought.

pros/cons though
-gravel driveway on a steep hill becomes a creek bed in the erain and needs constant upkeep so expensive. we watch dump truck after dump truck loads of gravel just wash away and the creekbed, i mean driveway, now is in awful shape.
An expense we didn’t anticipate due to ignorance of country living, hills and gravel driveways

-bought the property in winter time. all trees look dead in winter time. who would think to ask if the trees are actually alive? spring came and the trees didn’t spring into new growth. ~5 acres of ash … ash bore … more dead trees every year and now several hundred dead trees that need to be cleared. H works full time and son not old enough to do it on his own + he needs to school v. work property all the time.
Lesson? ASK! don’t assume anything!

-fixer upper … still more fixer than upper … so I just choose to enjoy what I like and overlook the ongoing, forever construction decor and s l o w “progress”

LOVE being in the country and LOVE having a view. As long as I am looking out and not looking in I feel like I am on vacation! 🙂 Life lesson there too! Choose what we focus on


Contact your local Ag office for suggestions and resources. See if you can get some of these bad boys — .

See if there’s a lumber mill that can safely process your dead trees — ash can be beautiful (my custom kitchen’s in ash), and I’d suspect the beetle does not appreciate being kiln-dried.


To start seeds inside we invested in two folding tables, a tarp, a bunch of pots and saucers and we set up in front of our big living room windows in Feb (early March. We use foil on the tables to help reflect the heat back on the plants. No light set ups and other fancy things we saw online. We needed something we could afford … first year most expensive but after than we just buy seeds and potting soil. We seed save and don’t use all of the seeds that we buy every year so we have more variety every year.

If its particularly cold we put a space heater under the table to help. Also, I water with warm water to help keep the seeds, soil and seedlings warm.

This is about 3 weeks ago …

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 8.49.49 PM.png

Good job 🙂


Now, the winter squash are about 18+ inches. It has been So warm we planted outside this past weekend … and then the weather turned cold … of course! We had at least 20 winter squash plants outside and didn’t want to loose them.

In the past (yes I tend to get to eager!) we have put mason jars over the plants to make mini green houses to protect them and then tarps over the whole thing that evening. Didn’t work to well as the mason jars fell over and broke plants.

This time, my husband got the mason jars (at this point in the year we have plenty of empties as we have been eating our canned food) but instead of putting them over the plants (and this year they are too big for that strategy anyway) he put the jars upright next to the plants and filled them with water. The sun gave the water some heat and then the water kept its warmth enough through the night to help the plants through. We also put tarps over this garden after sunset. It seems to have worked as we think we only lost a couple of plants. And now the weather will surely stay warm enough that we are in the clear.

Son wanted to make fires along the garden with tarps over them to keep in the smoke and sit out all night watching the fires. We are too old to sit up all night so we went with the water bottles … warm water bottles are more appropriate for our age! ha

Big reason that we start our winter squash so early inside is to get a big headstart on squash bugs. HATE those things. They have come in the house every fall and this year we still have them which does not bode well becaue they must still be outside too. They devour the squash, often right when they are almot ready to harvest. Hate those things!!!! We have had success in slowing them down through the summer but by 1st – 2nd week of August they overwhelm us and our squash plants. Our biggest success is to start so early we have harvested before they are really bad.

2nd plantings help overcome bugs too. By the time the summer squash is finished the late August and Sept plants are doing well and we are getting some more produce until the cold gets the plants. We had some squash, eggplant, bell pepers and tomatoes until mid Oct last year all from plants put outside in late July/early August.

Sharing in case helpful to anyone else.


I’m reasonably sure that something eats squash bugs.


comment image



There’s another version of that in the business world (well, at least within the aerospace industry, which gets contaminated by governmentthink a lot) called administratium!


comment image


Oh Boy.🙄


Newsome is an idiot or useful Chinese tool


Embrace the awesome power of “AND”!!


Next, he might as well ban agriculture.


It’s come close to that when they refuse to let the central valley have enough water.


He essentially did. The price of gas, diesel will sky rocket.


Five of the twelve best oil fields in the US are in California.


I didnt know that. We used to have an awful lot of best things. So much citrus, dairy, nuts, strawberries, oil, gold. Now its rotten and we’re paying unreal taxes for this guy’s benefit.


The world’s largest trees (Sequoias), the world’s tallest trees (Redwoods), the world’s oldest trees (Bristlecone Pine), the world’s largest animals (blue whales), the tallest mountain in the lower 48 (Mt. Whitney), the lowest point in North America (Badwater Basin in Death Valley — only 85 miles from Mt. Whitney), highest surface temperature in world (Furnace Creek, Death Valley, 201 degrees – great day for frying eggs in a pan on the ground).

California is a land of extremes. And now, we get extreme misgovernance.


Beautiful and sad.


Apparently not for much longer.


Oh, they’ll still be there.


Yes. But not pumping if the guv has his way.


It begins



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