Understanding the Globalist (WEF) Creation and Construction of Volodymyr Zelensky

Thank GOD for India.

While America trips over itself, thanks to our WOKE FAIL MEDIA, demented Joe Biden, secret President Obama, and the DNCIA-mediated evils of the WEFFEN SS featuring KlauSS SSchwab, one more BRICS nation stays on track with REAL NEWS by casting SIDE-EYE on Ukraine.

Huge hat tip to barkerjim for bringing this, and to Kalbo for raising it to my attention.

This is NOT a hit piece on Zelensky. What makes this real journalism so damning is that it simply presents the facts, and the facts point squarely at the reality of modern politics, that “leaders” are created to be media-savvy influencers, NOT actual thinkers or strategists.

Some people (like TRUMP) are actual strategists, and can be trained in media savvy (“The Apprentice”), but others are clearly being created to give the illusion of being what they are not.

We all know that Zelensky was a “comedian” elected to office, but once you see the predictive programming, the whole thing is just FACE-PALM obvious.

So I just want everybody to watch this.

The lady doing the presentation is Palki Sharma Upadhyay, who narrates the WION (World In One News) documentaries.

Kalbo noted that this is the same presenter who we saw in coverage of Pfizer’s abusive vaccine deals. Remember – ALL of Pfizer’s clinical trials are now handled by their CHINESE OPERATION. If you want to consider Pfizer’s shot to be a bioweapon used against the American military – well – you’re not too far off the simple reality of a CHINESE COMPANY pushing a debilitating drug on American soldiers.

Yeah. Think about that. I’m sorry, but I’m not taking any drugs from Pfizer Wuhan, shilling for the CCP and the Chinese PLA.

Why Was Pfizer-Wuhan Demanding Military Bases as Collateral for Vaccines?

Just askin’. I think it’s becoming obvious now. Thanks to INDIA – which gets historic Chinese duplicity – for making me see the connection between Pfizer the company, which is fast becoming a CHINESE-based multinational, and what Pfizer is doing globally. You see, I remember hearing from the VERY FIRST PFIZER WHISTLEBLOWER – who the …

Kinda figures India would spot things we would not. Ya know? They live in China’s neighborhood.

When you’re done with these two stories, keep your eyes open for any other documentaries by this lady.

Here’s one which is useful for red-pilling your friends and neighbors about something ELSE we were quite ahead of the curve on, on this site.



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Thank you Wolf.
That explains Trump’s eager relationship with India. He knows and now we know.


I hope Nevarro is Trump’s second term


Excellent post. Regarding Navarro, that might explain why so many of China’s friends in our media don’t like him and slam him at every opportunity. Wonder if there are rare earths in Ukraine.


We have rare earths in California, guarded by a bunch of enviro-weenies. Five out of the top 12 hydrocarbon deposits in the United States are also under California.


Mostly off of I15, just west of Vegas, CA/NV line?

Quite away’s back we discussed that mine here QTree.

Such a shame we can’t use resources right here in the USA.


Having big gaping holes would be too traumatizing for `the snowflakes who prefer their devices power to come from unicorns and butterflies .

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

[Note: After writing this, I noticed the rare earth video in the post. I haven’t seen it yet; I will shortly. But I wanted to acknowledge it while I could still edit this; you may (by virtue of that video) already know much of what I wrote here. If so I apologize.]

That mine in CA has nothing to do with power, but rather the electronics that use the power.

There is an article about lithium (which does have a lot to do with batteries) that keeps cropping up here and there and calls it a “rare earth.” It’s not, whoever wrote that article is ignorant as f***. But the confusion persists.

“Rare earths” got that name from a perception that they’re rare; they really aren’t, certainly nothing like gold and platinum or even silver. Actual useful ores for these metals are scarce, but many of them are about as common than tin and lead. So “rare” is nothing more than a name here. The name got applied to the elements between lanthanum and lutetium on the periodic table (that’s the first of the two rows that are usually pulled out into a footnote below the main table). Also generally included are yttrium and scandium (above the “hole” resulting from the elements being pulled out into the footnote).

435px-Simple_Periodic_Table_Chart-blocks.svg.png (435×230) (wikimedia.org)

[that diagram actually fills in the “hole” I just referenced with “Lu” (lutetium) and “Ac” (actinium). But you can see the two rows in the “footnote,” La through Yb in the first row, plus Sc, Y, and Lu are the “rare earths.” The real periodic table is split between the 2nd and 3rd columns and the footnoted portion is placed in there, but that makes it very wide and people like stuff that fits tidily on an 8 1/2×11 piece of paper or in landscape mode (or something similarly proportioned)…hence the footnoting.]

Lithium is comparatively rare (but more common than any of the “rare earths”), but it is not a “rare earth.” Again it suffers from a shortage of minable deposits; it mostly comes out of Bolivia whereas the actual “rare earths” seem to be concentrated in China and California.

Chemists, realizing the rare earths really aren’t rare, tend to call them the “lanthanides” (because lanthanum is the first one) though that name excludes scandium and yttrium.

440px-Elemental_abundances.svg.png (440×341) (wikimedia.org)

Last edited 1 year ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA
SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

And, sure enough the video got things right once it got past the silly stuff from Hollywood. Not sure about the usage of REs in batteries (so I get to go do some research), but I know the primary component of batteries is lithium


The thing about rare earths is that none of them are rare at all, but they are a wild flaming bitch to separate, even assuming you can assemble enough competent chemists and well-equipped labs — unless you wildly spew horrific reaction products all over your vicinity. It’s not impossible, and isolation can be done in an environmentally responsible fashion — it has its costs, and you have to have the STEM competence to do it.

You’ll always be undercut by places like China, who don’t care a whit about how badly they contaminate the neighborhood.


That was very good, the most I’ve even watched regarding the Putin vs Zelensky saga since it began.
I’m curious about whether he’s a self-made leader icon or was he boosted into office? Look at the justice democrats..they audition and choose prospective candidates . AOC being one of their stars.


I’m pretty sure, Zelensky was boosted into office.

Wonder if Zelensky has spent time in Davos.


I’ve read that a lot of things that have gone on in the POTATUS WH follow the plot line of some tv shows. I don’t watch regular tv so I don’t have a reference but somewhere there’s a master psychology entity that must give direction on who the “right” person needs to be for any given position.
Look at Obamination, a crafted politician.
Heck they even created a family for the guy.


Agree , which also means that the WEF kingmaker program gave the nod on the vegetable in the WH seat. They couldn’t create a charismatic Dem in time or the old white puppet with strings being pulled by the cabal was the best option


Nothing matters unless 2020 is fixed. It’s a game and they play on both sides since they have control over the actual system and the judiciary up to the SC in their pockets. This stops when the ground assault begins in earnest and honest citizens in sufficient numbers decide they will drill down on the elections and build a law enforcement grid that will take them down with judiciary that will support the actions.


Bingo. It’s a system.

From my experience and as an example – Slick was a creation.

Identified early in life by the Rockefeller/Arky political machine side of it. Intelligent, charismatic, political, ambitious, natural leader, moldable, etc. Dad supposedly died before he was born, but it is more likely he was the illegitimate son of a married man, Dr, George Wright. Mom was an alcoholic prostitute gambler who probably abused him. In walks the C-B and they have somebody they can tailor into a thing. Was an easy sell to the majority Dem base and money people there. Arranged marriage with Cankles that tied in Chicago political hacks. They built his career and he played his part. The funny thing is, a group of us almost derailed him before he got entrenched. We were able to elect a GOP gov over him early on, Frank White, when Slick let the Cuban boat lift refugees come in to Fort Chafee while hiking some taxes in the state. The problem was the governorship office was elected every two years back then. He did his apology tour for two years and the C-B got their election cheating corrected and he went back into office.

And the rest as they say, is history.


Macron of France, Trudeau of Canada, Zelensky of Ukraine.

They even look alike. They’re a physical “type.”


Isn’t it?


They even look alike.

^^^ Soy boys.


Some of that, for sure. Perpetual puberty.


They grow to look similar because of the amount of time they spend sneering at the populace.


I remember my mom saying “your face could freeze like that,” if I crossed my eyes or something. Their faces froze.


With all due respect, they could have stuck and we wouldn’t know. This is a blog, not a zoom call.



Lol! Smart kids are the bane of a parent’s existence. Ask me how I know.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

If so, they probably have their eye on ten thousand people…and perhaps drop 9 out of 10 of them for some reason or other; the other 1000 are held in reserve until there’s an opportunity to push one of them forward.

Of course I’m pulling those numbers out of the rectal database, but I don’t want people to assume that they knew, way back when, that it would be Obola they’d pick. They just him ready to go if an opportunity beckoned, and it did, in his case. The others they’ve groomed will remain (relatively) obscure, because there wasn’t a “hole” created for them to fill.

Cuppa Covfefe

A groom with a view….

Sort of like the MK-types in Hollywierd, the K-Pop industry, and the Muzak biz (e.g. Lady Gargle and Britney Spears, etc.)…..

(now I’m thinking “Fractured Fairy Tales” and “The Gride And The Broom” from the old Bullwinkle show)…

Last edited 1 year ago by Cuppa Covfefe

The Rare Earth Elements video quite interesting.

Perhaps notable, four of the five BRICS countries have significant deposits of Rare Earth Elements.

  • Brazil, Russia, India and China.
  • Not so much, South America.

Australia and the US sizeable deposits of Rare Earth Elements.

  • The US too fucking woke to exploit what we have. Dumbass tree huggers.

Was unaware China threatened to cut off the US from Chinee Rare earth Elements if sanctions were increased more. I’m rather sure, Trump, Navarro, and Lighthizer had a solid bead on how far they could push Chinee.


Yea, well, I wish we got pushed to domestic production. Jobs, trade balance, currency exchange and “flipping off” Chinee.

Cuppa Covfefe

The “S” in BRICS is South Africa, and they are actively pursuing mining there, and, yep, RED China has a foothold (OK, stranglehold) on them as well…

Maybe that’s why BRICS were being tarted up back around 2000 or so….. Carly Fiorina put up a couple of white papers about them on HP’s internal website basically saying “they are the future”… wonder what Bill thought about that… (Dave was probably rolling in his grave)…..


Appreciate the correction.


FWIW – the Belt and Road Initiative has been collateralizing for a decade. Chi-coms provide money and construction projects for assets they want access to and the collateral can be anything including bases, airports, ports access, mineral deposits, natural resources of all types, etc. Sometimes they gain title to the assets, sometimes it is for the rights to access or control the assets.

They will even write off the debt if they get something more valuable in return. In one case they forgave debt of neighboring Tajikistan in return for receipt of 447 square miles of disputed land.

Cuppa Covfefe

Millions of unshipped AOL CDs/DVDs… (just kidding)…

Someone (Kalbo?) commented elsewhere about the mess at the top center, with everything else being properly aligned, etc…. More “staging”, as it were?