Understanding the Coming Threats to Innocent Americans from DOJ and FBI


TL;DR – We are headed back to the Hillary Waco days, only it’s a much wider target zone of victims. It is starting out with simple Gestapo tactics, but it will likely progress to violence unless DOJ and FBI are reined in. Right now, NOT TALKING TO THE POLICE is how to fight the FBI and DOJ.

Less TL;DR – The testimony of an FBI whistleblower is enough to see that FBI is preparing to go after ANYBODY who was near the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. That is TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who I regard as innocent Americans. It is possible that DOJ and FBI will harass and intimidate ANY MAGA Americans who were in Washington, DC that day, and will arrest ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who marched to the Capitol Building.

This means arrest for multiple posters on this site, and harassment for many others. Indeed, it appears that FBI is preparing to match Joe Biden’s “Dark Brandon” rhetoric of “Trump and his supporters must be eliminated like Hitler and the Nazis.”

We must be prepared to meet this challenge, each in our own way, but all together.

Running is not an option. How you stand and fight is your choice. I choose to support ALL patriots, even those who choose differently from me.

For most of us, we are now in a Bonhoeffer moment. For others, and especially in the future, unless DOJ and FBI are stopped, we will be in a Crazy Horse moment. The decision is yours. If you are innocent, and the FBI comes after you, I will not criticize your choice in resistance.

Personally, I think that right now, SILENCE is how to fight them, when they come for you. (SEE BELOW, under PPS.)

Once again, “progressives” know who they want to destroy. And it is YOU.

Deplorable Patriot alerted us to the key tweet about the key article. This is one of many FBI whistleblowers, but he has some of the most critical information yet.

Many of you who are READING THIS, are now potentially targets of FBI suspicion, harassment, and even ARREST. It’s time to PREPARE, in my opinion. Most of this is MENTAL preparation. But first, let me show you evidence that things are that bad.

LINK: https://nypost.com/2022/09/21/fbi-hero-paying-the-price-for-exposing-unjust-persecution-of-conservative-americans/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.ph/kTGYb

This is absolutely essential reading, but just to make sure that you see the part that is going to be literally LIFE OR DEATH for millions of patriotic Americans, both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the FBI, I am going to include some of it here.

That does NOT mean you should not read the whole thing – you had better, in my opinion. But I need to make sure you see the MOST important information.

Please read all of this, ESPECIALLY the specific allegations at the end of the citation.

If you are “low vision”, please use THIS LINK instead, and concentrate on the part reading “Among Friend’s Allegations”.

We need to look at these allegations in detail, and interpret what they mean, in terms of both understanding communist strategy ABOVE the FBI, and our response.

Remember – this is not just an attack on American citizens – this is an attack on the FBI. Once this happens, the FBI will no longer be regarded as even remotely honorable by roughly half of America – and THAT is part of the PLAN, in my opinion.

FBI has been lured to its destruction.

  • The Washington, DC, field office is “manipulating” FBI case management protocol and farming out J6 cases to field offices across the country to create the false impression that right-wing domestic violence is a widespread national problem that goes far beyond the “black swan” event of Jan. 6, 2021.
    • WOLF: This is a rather cynical ploy. FIB management has basically rebranded “national outrage at an obviously stolen Presidential election” as a DIFFERENT widespread national problem, “domestic violent extremism“. This agent Friend clearly has his head screwed on straight, and has not fallen for the brainwashing in Washington.
    • More than that, this is obviously how the crooked Washington Field Office and national directorate plans to indoctrinate agents all across the US, to turn them against their local citizenry. It’s a very SMART move, straight out of Holder and Obama. This is a communist division tactic, which further isolates the FBI. CUNNING.
  • As a result, he [Friend] was listed as lead agent in cases he had not investigated and which his supervisor had not signed off on, in violation of FBI policy.
    • WOLF: Again, this is just typical slow burn of evil in corrupting better people, and making them insensitive to the law. This LITERALLY cuts into the “I” of “Integrity” in a very shocking way.
    • I will go further than Friend here. The idea that anybody goes along with this kind of FALSIFICATION of records is a travesty. People in BUSINESS don’t allow this stuff, where WRONG PEOPLE are listed as having responsibility when they don’t actually have it. This is LITERALLY “cooking the books”.
    • I just smell the corrupting influence of Eric Holder here. This is from DOJ, and very likely at the behest of one or more of Obama’s “Furies”. All the DNC bots are pressuring DOJ and FBI to “do something” about Trump.
  •  FBI domestic terrorism cases are being opened on innocent American citizens who were nowhere near the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, based on anonymous tips to an FBI hotline or from Facebook spying on their messages. These tips are turned into investigative tools called “guardians,” after the FBI software that collates them.
    • WOLF: This is very serious, but not unexpected. In the desperation to “get more people”, FBI management is ignoring simple aspects of good investigation.
    • The J6 operation (“Fedsurrection”, “Buffalo Jump”) did not yield the desired results, which would have enabled all of Trump’s supporters (a HUGE chunk of this nation, and most “patriots”) to be silenced and “put on the run” using the entirety of the national security apparatus and the corporate media chorus. That simply did not happen, when patriots who went inside the Capitol building IGNORED CNN-Antifa-DeepState traitor John Sullivan’s calls to “burn it down”.
    • Realistically, only people who engaged in actual violence against police or broke into the Capitol building are morally at fault. People who were waved into the Capitol building – I’m sorry – prosecuting them is just sad justice at best. Same with “trespassing” against people on the outside. WE HAD A REGISTERED, PERMITTED RALLY AT THE CAPITOL BUILDING. The fact that the rally area was on the WRONG SIDE of the Capitol, was TOO SMALL, and was not properly marked or instructed to the crowd, was bad enough, and in my mind, part of the plot (Pelosi clearly had a role, as did McConnell). But then, when the crowd was either let into the building, or TOLD TO GO TO THE WEST WALL TO YELL by the “authorities”, and then FIRED UPON – seriously. Going after such people is horrifying. This will be the downfall of the FBI – right there.
    • This is just more “blame the victim” – a communist specialty – but being pushed out through FBI lowers.
  •  The FBI has post-facto designated a grassy area outside the Capitol as a restricted zone, when it was not restricted on Jan. 6, 2021, in order to widen the net of prosecutions.
    • WOLF: THIS right here is exactly what I’ve been expecting ALL ALONG – that FIB would begin going after the innocent.
    • In order to set up a “precursor” for going after this larger body of Trump supporters, who protested peacefully outside the building, the corrupt DOJ and FBI management needed to pose a PHONY PROBLEM of “domestic violent extremists all over the country” – and now they have innocent people from “all over the country” to fill the bill. SICK!
    • But it is even worse, because if you combine this item with the previous item in this list – that the FBI is blindly going after anybody with “suspicion” of being anywhere near the Capitol building, the FBI can LITERALLY go after anybody who was in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.
    • That is hundreds of thousands of people – maybe a MILLION.
    • So YEAH – FIB management can spread this lie all over the United States.
  •  The FBI intends to prosecute everyone even peripherally associated with J6 and another wave of J6 subjects are about to be referred to the FBI’s Daytona Beach resident agency “for investigation and arrest.”
    • WOLF: BOOM!!! This is exactly what I was predicting.
    • I KNEW that they would not stop with only the people who went inside the building.
    • ALL OF US who were in DC that day are going to be arrested, if this shit moves forward, and I have zero reason to believe that it will stop.
    • The NAZIS and COMMIES of the UNIPARTY are going to come after us. It’s THAT SIMPLE.
  •  The Jacksonville area was “inundated” with “guardian” notifications and FBI agents were dispatched to conduct surveillance and knock on people’s doors, including people who had not been in Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, 2021, or who had been to the Trump rally that day but did not go ­inside the Capitol.
    • WOLF: BOOM!!! This is exactly what I suspected. They are going after EVERYBODY who was there to see Trump.
    • But it will be even bigger than THAT, because this will enable them to go after people who simply “supported Trump” and “might have gone to Washington DC on January 6, 2021”, but were not actually there. All that is needed is a REPORT.
    • This is going to create a classic NAZI “snitch” situation. It’s rather incredible.

SO – what is to be done?

First of all, you need to watch all of the following videos.

How and why you should not talk to the FBI.


More reasons not to talk.


What FBI agents will try to do “nicely” to get you to hurt yourself and other patriots.


More scoop about how they will try to get you to “negotiate” into meeting their lies half-way.


Ten tactics they will use on you.


Now, there are more deadly tricks you need to watch out for.

One of the January Sixth prisoners has stated that he was placed in a vehicle with a GUN on the floor of the back seat in which he was placed. If you can find a link to that case, please post it. The fact that the “J6er” lived to tell us about it, shows that he played it correctly and didn’t fall for whatever trick was in play. Fingerprints on the gun? ENTRAPMENT?

It’s all very FIB.

The bottom line – the DIRTY FEDS play DIRTY. Do not fall for ANY tricks.

As Wheatie liked to say, we WILL get through this.

Preparation, in my opinion, is key.


Suspicious Wolf is suspicious.

PS – Additional Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin

LINK: https://rumble.com/v1l37oz-interview-with-fbi-whistleblower-kyle-seraphin-part-1-ep.-1857-the-dan-bong.html

LINK: https://rumble.com/v1l5x1t-interview-with-fbi-whistleblower-kyle-seraphin-part.-2-ep.-1858-the-dan-bon.html

PPS – A Perfect Example – The “Triggered Vet”

Gil00 brought this comment today which illustrates exactly WHY you should not talk to the police.

LINK: https://nypost.com/2022/09/26/california-man-allegedly-plotted-las-vegas-style-mass-shooting/


 September 26, 2022 13:29

“California man allegedly plotted ‘Las Vegas-style’ mass shooting

“A California man was arrested Sunday for allegedly plotting a “Las Vegas-style” mass shooting and threatening to kill cops, police said.

Dallas Marsh, 37, was taken into custody by SWAT officers at a Super 8 motel in Chico after detectives obtained evidence of his plot, according to a police statement.”

What do you think happened here?

comment image
comment image


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Reply to  gil00
September 26, 2022 13:39

For one thing – they didn’t get the Effing Bee Eye involved – so everyone worked together to prevent a mass murder.


Cuppa Covfefe

Cuppa Covfefe
Reply to  gil00
September 26, 2022 13:41

Hmmm. Dallas Marsh almost sounds like a made-up MK FF name…

Wonder if his other outfit has short hair, sunglasses, and the other FIB accessories….



Reply to  gil00
September 26, 2022 13:45

Who knows. For now, NOT buying the headlines.

LE “knows” a specified deadline, have the guy in custody, but won’t state the deadline. Hmmm.

So where was the shooting supposed to take place? No details. Hmmm.

Dude is arrested. NO MENTION of weapons, ammunition, explosives… Hmmm.

Then, the holy grail is revealed.

  • Army vet. Delta Force Commander. White. Male.
  • HLS will be proud. Domestic white male veteran terrorist.
  • The only missing is, “Trump supporter”.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy
Reply to  kalbokalbs
September 26, 2022 14:00

Definitely FIB is involved here, using a JTTF (“fusion center”). This is so that FIB can act through locals and hide out as an internal intelligence agency instead of LE.

The guy probably made social media posts. FIB has a file on him. Dude likely said something stupid. They jump him, bring him in, and he says more stupid stuff.




Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy
Reply to  kalbokalbs
September 26, 2022 14:01

EXACTLY – you nailed it – this guy fits the narrative.

I need to dump my new post – this fits right in.


This guy very likely made stupid social media posts, but was manipulated into being triggered during an interview. See how this works?

There is great likelihood that – ACTING AS INTELLIGENCE AND NOT LE (see Kyle Seraphin interviews – note what he says about the “counterintelligence” division which is SEPARATE from the criminal division) – FIB helped push this guy so that he WOULD be triggerable during an interview. Then, FIB’s hands are clean. See how that works?

Do I suspect there was entrapment here? YOU BETCHA. Dude was in California – right? FIB likely has free rein to do whatever it wants in Blue Commie States.

If you listen to the Bongino interviews above, Kyle Seraphin basically explains how FBI agents will often “advise people not to say anything”, to make a stupid case go away.

THE OPPOSITE CAN HAPPEN – and it likely WILL right now, as the DIRTY DEM FBI tries to create narrative cases based on social media posts.

They are trying to CREATE CASES.

Their tactic will be to bring you in and RILE YOU UP.


Better still, PRACTICE NOW how you will not talk to them. Until you are REALLY GOOD.

Because you ARE really good.

Suspicious Cat is purring when you ask him to talk. Think about it.
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Hi, Mama!!!!


OMG! You live!!!

We been missin’ ya.


^^^ THIS truly is a must watch. ^^^

38 minutes in. Superb information. Clearly delivered.


19 to 21 min mark, local law enforcement needs to step in between defendant’s and FEDS already suggested here. FEDS are no longer deserving of a blank hall pass.

Saw a few sentences from a story about a day or so back, not sure which story. It said Sen Grassley has a bill pending that would ensure that trials for FED crimes remain in local jurisdictions and don’t get exported back to WA DC so that both a speedy trial could be sought as well as a jury pool of the defendants peers would be guaranteed.

I’d take that a step further. All J6 defendants should have their cases tried at a local level despite where the offense occurred. Reasoning being that the people in DC are no more aggrieved than the anyone else in the nation and the right to being tried by your peers should trump holding trials in DC where the everyone knows that jury pool will decidedly favor the FED position.


Would add as mentioned here before, that local judges, prosecutors and law enforcement need to come to terms to prevent FEDS from conducting raids and extraditing defendants from their counties, cities, towns, states. The FEDS have the big bank book, they can afford to abide to the local authorities and send their lawyers here if they feel the need to prosecute.


It takes a special kind of warped wannabe storm trooper to be an FIB agent these days. Once they eliminate patriotism and rule of law this is the low caliber wanks that will do anything to innocent people. All those words ^^ …traitor fits best!
Thanks for the advice and teaching resolve, we’ll need it

PS~godspeed fellow traveler Bro Wolf and all of us

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Sylvia Avery

Somehow, I’m not surprised. Hang in there, Wolfie.

comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG…SMH!!! Ray-Ban Brigade!!!!


“I can’t share all my information on this, but we’ve had a persistent problem of people attempting to spoof posters here, including all the authors, scott467, and others.”


What did I ever do to those wretched commie *&^%heads?

Last edited 2 months ago by scott467


Although we all get to know the frequent posters’ personalities to a certain extent, and that should be hard to impersonate, or hijack and go against known traits, for any length of time.

Seems like sense of humor, for one example that is unique to each individual, would be nearly impossible to duplicate.

It’s also my new excuse for any bad jokes 😁


A very timely warning post! Kyle Seraphin said that J6 is bigger to the FIB than 9/11, so they’re not going to stop. I pray for the safety of anyone connected with this site and of all patriots. I also think that anyone who was not in D.C. that day but who communicated with those who were, should be prepared in case of attempted questioning (even perhaps if it was only on an internet site). Also, anyone who thinks the election was stolen is a target, or will be, IMO. The Constitution and freedom of speech are out the window.

Looking forward to watching the videos. I’ve seen the “Don’t Talk to the Police” one several times, but it bears repeating, and it’s presented in a fun way.


Unless they bring a warrant, I won’t even give them my name. Without a warrant, I’m not required to even open my door.


Sears is out of business in my town 😉


But LOVE the old catalogue!!!!


Now, I feel the same…how does someone converse about the possibility of a fake warrant? Just call an attorney? With a gun stuck in your face?

Trying to navigate!

Last edited 2 months ago by WSB

Excellent information, which I did NOT know. Thank you.


Without a warrant, I’m not required to even open my door.

Legally, yes. But these days, they might just break the door down.


Use metal doors. Start them at 110V, 15A. Each time they bash the door, up it. You can get residential service up to 220V, 200A, and industrial service up to 480V, 400A.


I would be really PISSED. I am a designer!


Well, if they do without a warrant, that’s a lawsuit. And I’ll bring it.


Yes. Possibly from jail. I’m not trying to be a downer. It’s just the way things appear to be going.


It is possible.


They can’t arrest everybody.

Not even a small fraction of everybody.

Think about it. If they arrested just 1% of the population, that would be 3.3 million Americans.

Each of whom has on average at least 3 or 4 immediate family members, and at least twice as many extended family members.

Meaning if they harass or arrest 1% of the population, in addition to not having the manpower or housing facilities to do it, they would also be directly impacting at least 10 times as many people (everybody knows at least 10 people).

Arrest 3.3 million Americans, and you get the direct attention and involvement of 33 million Americans.

I don’t think that’s going to happen.

But if it does, so much the better.

Which is exactly why I don’t think it will happen.

But either way, we win.


“Legally, yes. But these days, they might just break the door down.”


That’s what the Crispy Comeys, the Lisa Page Gummies and Strzok cookies are for.

Just set up a table by the door.

And a stack of yoga mats for the kneelers 👍

Cuppa Covfefe

The kind with nails in them? 🙂

Yoga bared, as it were…

(ducks and runs, dodging the glass and burning charcoal endurance tests, and avoiding LRHs wall of fire)…


^^^ Great points. ^^^




“Also, anyone who thinks the election was stolen is a target, or will be, IMO.”


Safe again.

I know the election was stolen, which takes me completely out of the “thinks the election was stolen” category 👍 😁

Deplorable Patriot

Another avenue for abuse:

I put the article in tomorrow’s daily. I met Mark Houck about 14-15 years ago when he was getting his rescue men from porn ministry up and running. He and his wife didn’t have any kids at that point. There is NO REASON for the feds to be harassing him.

Deplorable Patriot

This flailing around attacking innocents is a HUGE mistake, in my opinion. The feds are losing whatever good will and respect they had from most of America at this point.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Remember that to a sizeable number of people, these people won’t be innocents, thanks to the relentless (and uncountered, on their TV screens) propaganda.


And could we finally get to the bottom of George Floyd, his friend the cop and buddy, and the Muslim counterfeit money laundering ring?

My own church, a few years after they threw out our wonderful minister, had George Floyd on the front cover of our seasonal magazine.

After that, I dropped my yearly donation to $20. Not kidding.


I mean money COUNTER-FITTING ring!!!


Understood. Next year’s donation.


Sadly true. But more wake up every day.




Was this the Buffalo incident? SO BOGUS!!!!


LOL!!! and I LIKE the name. Just passed in between my two ears. We can easily brand this and stick it to them.

Have always told friends about the CYA Black box, but the above is better!!!!! Ha!

Memers…have at it!


comment image



Ha!!!! ALWAYS listen to the REAL Boss!!!!!


comment image


comment image

Cuppa Covfefe

Reminds me of this, but It’s turning into One Step Beyond the Twilight Zone, to coin a phrase. Add those shows to hte works of Vance Packard and one wonders if the programming then was actually predictive programming, of a sort…

Interesting comment from the vid below:

One thing so great about that show, is nowhere in the history of tv, has any show been so centrally driven with scientists as a major part of the plots, which made it seem all the more serious and possible. And there’s one episode that still leaves me spooked a bit. I cannot recall the episode off the top of my head, but it involved something like a shadow government, and some have said that what it’s talking about there, is still going on. It’s sort of like they wanted to make an episode based on what they think is a shadow government, but then make it sort of unbelievable, yet believable at the same time, so I’m still not sure what I make of that episode, but I think I’ve properly summed it up now.


Last edited 2 months ago by Cuppa Covfefe

Well they did it willingly. That says a lot about their character.


Looking forward to this.


Some pushback is coming after the election, methinks.

I believe the red wave is currently like the tsunami that happens when an undersea earthquake occurs far away from a coast. It is invisible until the water quickly recedes from the shore, at which point you are fucked. The giant wave is coming light a freight train at that moment, and unless you are on high ground, you’re in it.

All the current hateful rhetoric from the regime has merely caused the populace to go deep. But the shore is coming on Nov. 8, and the HUGE voter wave is going to overwhelm those on the low ground. That means Democrats.

Once that happens, we get this:

“Conradson: can we expect a real investigation into January 6?

Gosar: Well, we should. I mean, we’ve now figured out that we have some new tools to work with. You know, these resolutions of inquiry, where we actually put them in. they can be very narrow in focus, they can be very wide in focus, and they have 10 days in which to move them through the committee, or else they go to the floor. So, we’re getting some of these. We did hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and energy and commerce. We just did the Mar-a-Lago raid, the papers on the Mar-a-Lago raid. So, when we get in control, we will be familiar with them and ready to rock and roll. We have to, I mean, we have to. And we also ought to be taking our first step in making sure we have all the federal buildings identified with longitude and latitude, put those under the federal jurisdiction of government oversight in Congress, and deed the rest of Washington DC back to Maryland. We’ve already set the precedent with Virginia some time back, so why not get this over with?

Conradson: Would that include some inquiries into the FBI’s involvement on the Capitol on January 6?

Gosar: We actually did Ray Epps, and it turned into field day. And basically, the Democrats are actually supporting and defending Ray Epps, if you can believe that. We owe it to those men and women that are held behind from J6.”



Election integrity or it will not happen. Hope they have that covered, Lord knows they’ve had plenty of time to fix it. There are more concerned citizens involved than ever. We are doing our part.


We are, and there are MANY who will quietly vote R in November. They may not say so, but they will.


I’m not familiar with resolutions of inquiry. I found out that they are ways for the House to get info from the Executive Branch. But I’m still not sure how they work and how effective they are.


I know everyone has to make their choices how to handle what may happen. Freedom, Loyalty, Love, Family, and God are the priorities above everything else. I hope that this ends without violence, but i dont see the fibbies volunteering in enough numbers to end it.


That youre as keen on your instincts in every situation and willing to trust yourself AND still have a conversation is impressive. Course now every interaction is suspect around the country and just should be treated as a stasi interview.

How do these people live with themselves? What do their wives, husbands , and children think? They cannot have so much disassociation that on some level they dont feel something wrong(except for the generational ones like strzok). People like Friend are too few. The millenials in these jobs better wake up. This isnt getting multiple 5 buck trophies for remembering to wash your hands. They are upturning lives to intentionally harm for political reasons.


A watters world test for them all.


A stunning account! Aside from China, I wonder if they thought it was advantageous to get you on record saying the opposite of what you say every day in order to discredit you with everyone who knows you (even if only on the internet). If they see you as an important operative, then destroying your credibility could demoralize a number of people. For that to happen, though, they would have to make the info public and “out” you.


“The way the scam was supposed to work was that I would think I was totally off the record, and the hope was that I would try to ingratiate myself to this operative by “admitting” that I didn’t REALLY think the election was stolen.”


But we DO really know the election was stolen, and FIB knows it too, so the whole premise of thinking you would ingratiate yourself to some operative by ‘admitting’ something you know is false makes no sense (on their part).


The questioner REALLY had no understanding of Wolf, if this was the questioner’s goal. My assumption would be, the questioner DID understand Wolf enough to understand agreement was impossible, meaning the point of the question was something else. MY guess: reverse psychology intended to elicit a highly “incriminating” statement of election denial. But I was not there.


“MY guess: reverse psychology intended to elicit a highly “incriminating” statement of election denial. But I was not there.”


That’s part of what I don’t understand, what is incriminating about ‘election denial’?

That the election was stolen is a true thing.

Denying it was stolen would be a false thing, a lie.

If we all declare the truth, that the election was stolen, matter-of-factly, whenever the subject comes up, then there can be no ‘alternate universe’ world where everyone ‘agrees to observe a lie’, or feelz compelled to ‘observe a lie’.

It seems most directly analogous to ‘the emperor wears no clothes’.

The fraud or mass-formation psychosis can only be sustained so long as everyone goes along with what everyone knows is a lie.

When the children come along and point out that the emperor is naked (and really out of shape… I might have embellished that last part 😂 ), the entire Potemkin Village collapses.

The strange thing is that I ‘feel’ zero compulsion to go along with the lie. It’s like asking me about the weather, or some other completely non-controversial thing — if any such thing exists anymore!


“That was the immediate utility of getting me to say the election wasn’t stolen.”


I can’t even imagine a circumstance where you (or me, or anyone else here) would say the election wasn’t stolen.

It’s like FIB thinking they might get us to say globull warming is real, or drag queen story hour is good for kids, or Hussein is not a Usurper traitor.

Or Holder’s early 70s afro was sweet.

Okay, it was pretty sweet, but the rest of that stuff… no way!

comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by scott467

My exact reaction: out of the realm of possibility, unless the questioner was very poorly prepared.

Cuppa Covfefe

Chia Pet gone wrong…


Who has the power to end te fib permanently without a “last resort” ending?


Name one Fed agency ever disbanded? Now try and do that to an agency that is assuming a Gestapo status. And with any corrupt organization, they know if they give up any power, it exposes the guilty to prosecution.

So they try and keep things legal by supporting the democrats, their closest political ally who will support their tactics. As long as it targets the dems political enemies. Meanwhile the corruption grows and grows. The GOPe is still too blind to see where this is headed.

The good news, bad news is, this comes to a head sooner rather then later.


Much sooner it will be. Ripping off the really adhered bandaid hurts, causes bruising and sometimes bleeding, but its better than allowing an infection to fester under the surface.


Speaking of Usual Suspects…




And it’s coming out on 4K UHD blu-ray on October 25th, so all those blurry old youtube clips will be getting upgraded to hi-rez soon 👍 😁


I looked on Wiki because I didn’t want to go to official FIB sites. There’s a lot of “was founded,” “had been tasked,” “became the ___,” etc. It’s not as if Congress voted to form the agency and the president signed a law.

Turn of the century – Pres. Teddy Roosevelt instructed his attorney general to organize an investigative service that would only report to the AG
1908 – Bureau of Investigation founded
1932 – Renamed the United States Bureau of Investigation
1933 – Renamed the Division of Investigation
1935 – Became an independent service within the DOJ; name change to FIB

I don’t know the legalities, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be disbanded by an executive order.


As far as I know, the Pinkertons investigated Lincoln’s assassination, and the rest was an EO later on. However, Congress added to the mess.

But if the original was an EO, all of it could easily be taken down.

Takes courage.


According to Wiki, Pinkerton claimed to have prevented an assassination attempt but did not investigate the actual assassination:

Pinkerton, founded as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, is a private security guard and detective agency established in the United States by Scotsman Allan Pinkerton in the 1850s and currently a subsidiary of Securitas AB.[1]Pinkerton became famous when he claimed to have foiled a plot to assassinate president-elect Abraham Lincoln in 1861. Lincoln later hired Pinkerton agents to conduct espionage against the Confederacy and act as his personal security during the Civil War.[2][3] The Pinkerton National Detective Agency hired women and minorities from its founding, a practice uncommon at the time, as they were useful as spies.[4] At the height of their power, the Pinkerton Detective Agency was the largest private law enforcement organization in the world.

The Lincoln investigators:

Michigan cousins Lafayette and Luther Baker were key in the search for Booth and the other conspirators.

Lafayette Baker, from Lansing, led the investigation for the Secret Service under orders from the Secretary of War. He headed the U.S. Federal Detective Police and directed the Union’s intelligence and counterintelligence operations during the the Civil War.

His cousin, Luther Baker, was from Lansing and was a detective that joined him on the search. Before the assassination, both cousins “were in New York city looking for bounty jumpers,” according to the 1882 book “Michigan and the War.”

I definitely think the FIB could be dismantled. The public might be shocked or even outraged, but a reasonable replacement could be presented.


I can tell you that friends of mine believe there is much more to this and the entire Lincoln presidency.

He was the first lawyer coming out of Illinois, little known and suddenly becomes President?

Much, from what my friends know, has to do with The Trans-Continental Railroad, Lincoln being an attorney for the railroads, and Grant in a financial deal with Lincoln and others.

Need more research.




Ok. That does help.


The “Don’t Talk to the Police” video above is followed by the “You Have the Right to Remain Innocent” video both by James Duane. The second one is as good as the first. He is selling a book of the same name, and now I want the book. It talks about innocent people who thought they were helping, or who thought telling the truth could do no harm, who ended up in prison. He also cautions that taking the 5th can be fraught with peril and tells how best to exercise our 5th Amendment rights.

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Thanks. Working my way through the videos!


Just finished. I ended up snoozing. Gonna play it again in the morning. 🙂


Make sure you re-watch Nora O’Donnell and Margaret Brennan. From the same school.

All from CIATV.

And how does Margaret have a Muslim JAG officer husband who teaches at a Florida college? Hmmm..


Finished the negotiator videos and Bongino interviewing the FBI whistleblower. Stunned. Confirmed everything I believed the FBI was doing wrong, AND WORSE.

Will look for the Nora video. Thanks.




Yup. Got the book. ~$10 Amazon. On the end table next to me. Hope to crack it open soon.


Keep in mind that Sussman cannot refuse to answer any questions that are related to his criminal case [brought by Durham]. He is protected from incriminating himself by virtue of his acquittal. Also, anybody pardoned by SlowJoe cannot refuse the testify, no matter how incriminating the questions are because the answers cannot be used to prosecute the pardoned person.

We should all pray he pardons his kid. The fireworks will follow and Hunter will be forced to ignite them with his testimony.




HA! Perfection!


Gosh, I did not hear that TAKING the Fifth was a problem. Just that NOT doing that could cause problems.

What did I miss?


James Duane talks about it in the second video. There was a SCOTUS ruling where the five conservative justices at the time, including Scalia and Alito, seemed to indicate that taking the 5th could make one look guilty. Duane says that if the liberal justices had prevailed in that case it would have been even worse. I would need to listen again and research it to know the details. I’m sure it’s explained in the book.


OK, understood. I do remember President Trump, though, recently commenting that he never understood why people would ‘take the Fifth, because it made them look guilty’. Yet, if I am not mistaken, PDJT just did the same in NY.


It is a complicated area of the law, circles within circles. It can be and is misused by the government.


THEY WILL TWIST YOUR WORDS, often to mean the opposite of what you meant. Silence is harder to twist.

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Laura Ingraham – Friend’s wife sent a DM to Moms of Liberty and moments later FB disabled her account. Per FIB???? Probably. They’re monitoring everybody everywhere on the interwebs.

Sylvia Avery

Thanks W, for this thread and the information. It’s good to be prepared. Storm’s coming. Saying a prayer for you.

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Sylvia Avery

Yes, I think their intentions are very clear. I would say that it’s likely they aren’t limiting themselves to those in DC that day but to associates as well. I saw a clip of a woman interviewed on Tucker a week or so ago who was rousted out by the g-men early one morning. She hadn’t been to DC but she belonged to a FB group, had a Trump sign in her yard, and someone had made an anonymous report that she had been in DC. She had not. But someone accused her. And there was that awful yard sign, and belonging to a FB group. I mean, seriously!!! I think that illustrates where we are at this point in history. We all need to think a bit about what we would do, how we can support anyone we know, etc. It’s real. We woke up in East Germany, 1968.

Sylvia Avery

Who would have ever imagined it? Not me. Not in a million years.


Wolfie!! !!honestly am lost on your site!! But I will always love you!! You keep me grounded!! Smuchas! We keep fighting!!! Marica is ALL ways here!!

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Outstanding post, Wolf. Spent the time to view the videos. Makes so much sense.






Scott’s response further up page was a hoot. Me, if they show up without a proper warrant, I’m not going to talk to them but I am going to slide a questionnaire out under the door for them to fill out. 😁


Ha, writing mine up now. We need a form.

“How many kick-backs has the so-called judge taken…blah.blah!

Cuppa Covfefe

Maybe one of those “Free Personality Tests” from Dianetics/$cientology 😀


Two comments about the FBI raid of the Pro-Life Christian that I happened to see at CTH – shed a lot of light on the mentality of the DOJ/FBI.

“Feisty Hayseed – September 27, 2022 1:11 am – https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/09/27/september-27th-2022-presidential-politics-resistance-day-616/#comment-9214137

New Info Confirms FBI Raid of Pro-Life Advocate Based on Bogus Charge Court Dismissed
According to a new CNA report, the incident was so minor that charges were never pressed and a court ultimately dismissed a complaint the abortion activist filed.
Houck, who regularly prays the rosary outside the clinic, maintains he was defending his 12-year-old son from the escort’s verbal harassment, a family spokesman, Brian Middleton, told CNA on Sunday. The man fell when Houck pushed him away, Middleton said.
When both the city police and the district attorney declined to file charges against Houck, the escort filed a private criminal complaint in Philadelphia municipal court, Middleton said. The case was dismissed in July when the man repeatedly didn’t show up in court, Middleton said.
Just days later, Houck received a “target letter” from the U.S. Attorney’s Office informing him that he was the focus of a federal criminal probe into the same incident, Middleton said.”

Nimrodman – Reply to  Feisty Hayseed
That’s the way Dems roll these days … if local DA won’t prosecute, they’ll go after their enemies at the Federal level

Øbama politicized and weaponized every agency of government during his tenure.

In his third term – – – he is abusing the power of these agencies without constraint.


Kamala calls these FBI raids ‘innovative strategies’ to protect women’s reproductive rights.

Again from Feisty Hayseed

“The Biden administration has launched its war on Pro-Lifers
The FBI on Friday morning arrested a pro-life activist at his home for a 2021 scuffle with a Planned Parenthood activist.
The family and friends of Mark Houck said the scuffle involved an abortion activist harassing and screaming at Houck’s 12-year-old son until Houck shoved the man to the ground. In response, Houck’s family and friends have told reporters, the FBI this weekend sent a platoon of agents with weapons drawn to arrest Houck at his house.
This only makes sense in a political context. Specifically, the Biden White House and the Democratic Party on the state and federal levels have declared a legal war on pro-lifers, while vigilante abortion defenders wage a parallel war of arson, vandalism, and harassment.
“I met with many of you in my office at the White House,” Vice President Kamala Harris told Democratic state attorneys general at a conference on Thursday. “And we discussed the innovative strategies that you have used to defend women’s reproductive freedom.”
What are those “innovative strategies?” They seem to include the persecution of abortionists’ competition. The very first example Harris gave was: “You are taking on, rightly, the crisis pregnancy centers.”