Wolf’s Phony AMA (Ask Me Anything) Which is More Like an SLHO (Super-Limited Hang-Out) But is Actually a Front for an RFC (Request For Comments) Which is Really Both an FFM (Fact-Finding Mission) and a PUHD (Pop-Up Help Desk)

YEAH. You have problems with this wonderful new site. We know that. But you are hesitant to bug THE WOLF any more than you already have.

We respect that. But we need you to tell us what is happening and why, because if we don’t, THIS WONDERFUL SITE may end up being destroyed by WordPress. Errrr – I mean WordPress.com.

Speaking of which, how many people here have been LOCKED OUT for “commenting too fast”?

Yeah. That was a beauty.

Thank you, all who reported that. Please SPEAK UP here and REMIND US if you got that red-box warning – I want to DOCUMENT IT HERE.

OK? Please let me know if you got that pop-up, and particularly if it kept you from commenting.

I want to hear it AGAIN. Right here.


You see, my definition of site security is less about who is watching us or how they are watching us, and more about ARE THEY TAMPERING WITH OUR GOOD THING?

SOCIAL HACKING is what I’m most concerned about.

WordPress.com – which kicked Sundance and CTH off its platform for political reasons, is not as big of a social hacker as Twitter and Facebook, but thanks to their AXEY-METH (Akismet) POST-RANSOM CRIMEWARE / MAFIA-PROTECTION RACKET MALWARE, they are close to it. The WordPress scam works a bit differently from the Twitter scam, but it works.

By my being the ONLY administrator / moderator on this site, and having (at present) ZERO moderation filters other than “PRIVATE_MESSAGE_TO_WLOF” (spelled correctly), I can “see through” all the games and all the con jobs that are foisted on honest patriots by the outside world, OR by the platform itself.

Anyway, a bit more about the “red box scam”. The pop-ups telling people they were posting too fast, and then BLOCKING them from commenting.

This was due to a setting in WordPress, as part of WordPress.com’s “JetPack” plugin, which supposedly prevents brute force attacks on the site. I want to thank grandmaintexas and her DH for helping me out there, with the critical insight that this censorship problem actually stemmed from that very particular setting.

Turning it off – BOOM – problem GONE.

Now – I’m not going to show WordPress.com all my cards here, but trust me – that setting did not initially block people from posting. The censorship SNUCK IN LATER. It was also very specific WHO it went after. I do not believe that it was accidental, either. I believe the targets were INTENTIONAL. But even if I’m wrong about that, it’s a lot like the China Virus. WordPress – and specifically JET PACK – is responsible.

Now bear in mind – JetPack is also responsible for the “bar-bell” notifications. That is primarily WHY we have JetPack installed as a plugin.

I want to ask people here – do you TRUST the notification system? The “black bar, white bell, and orange dot”. Do you trust that it always reports everything to you faithfully and without any kind of bias?

I may or may not be suspicious of JetPack’s notification behavior at this very moment, but it is my job, being in charge of security, to trust it exactly NEVER. I am faithful NOT to the software, nor even to its possibly long and glorious history, but rather to its INTEGRITY OF FUNCTION AT THIS MOMENT – an ephemerally correct thing which may or may not be true, but can never be assumed.

I am faithful to PRINCIPLES and to those who – like me – strive to UPHOLD THEM.

More about trust.

I most assuredly DO NOT TRUST WordPress.com not to #### with us again, via JetPack and WordPress.com authentication (meaning when you log in using your WordPress password and identity).

I want to IMPART THIS SUSPICION on all who enter here. I want you ALL to be my EYES AND EARS – so that not IF but WHEN WordPress.com decides to mess with us again, ALL OF YOU will be prepared. We almost lost some of your BEST FRIENDS HERE to the last scam.


And NOW go ahead. Ask me anything!


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Hi, wolf. I know you’ve seen I still can’t reply to comments, can only comment at top or bottom of page. I could reply until around yesterday or so. I’ll be patient, but someone suggested I post about it on this thread just in case you didn’t see the other one.


OT – just wanting to post to you in a place that is more discrete so as not to offend others or trigger the person in question.

Curious – do authors have access to our screen name info that we use to post including the email we use to leave comments?

I am getting concerned, a little, about an emotional, seemingly irrational author having access to my email address.

Might change the email to be on the safe side if they do have that access.
thanks for your time on this web site technical question.


I asked in an old thread as I was trying to be discrete so as not to stir controversy or hurt feelings that are obviously easily hurt/upset. Didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

Guess I 100% failed after making a comment about being called a shill due to vaccine comment. she came right back in and made it personal (although I hadn’t mentioned her in that off hand comment) in a big way.

Not use to curse words since I bartended in MT! Oh well.

I wasn’t trying to be secrative about the information of how it works as you are always very open about that. Just trying to be non controversial and avoiding personal conflicts.

I obviousy blew that latter goald today! total loss of a day trying to answer, explain and show that yes, she did do all of those things. Had been called out for not answering back. after today’s time suck, will not answer back as would rather people give me a hard time for not answer back than waste so much time.

thanks for explaining email. good and comforting to know.


The strong reaction on this particular topic took me by surprise. why this topic?

Had to deal with BLM disruptions threats at some my GOP events with police and everything. worked but not fun. expected it though. same with blm/dems in our community trolling our gop social media – don’t like it but is expected. this was unexpected. guess i will expect it from now on.

We are strongly anti vax … but won’t post another word about that, probably. Not worth division as politics is my focus here.

re covid – seems some are so dedicated to “its nothing”/all lies that they are actually fooling themselves and others.

Lost a dear gop leader several weeks ago who had the “its nothing” approach and not only did he pass but he was a super spreader before he passed.

we are somewhere in the middle – its real, its serious, its from China, its being used to take our freedoms & ruin our country, its being used against President Trump and it was used to help steal the election (only 1 of several mechanisms).

I think we are realist about both the virus and the politics.

Never been called a leftist or a shill before or been called “suspicous”. feels weird to be working this hard in the gop for MAGA and yet to be called these things for just relaying facts.

anyway, enough whining about being called names. fussing about being called names is as immature as calling someone names! ha


Hi, Zoe!

So, when you attempt to reply to a comment, (a) you can’t do it by right-clicking any more; and (b) it opens a little comment input form RIGHT UNDER THE COMMENT that you’re replying to.

This may seem a bit weird, but is it possible that it is opening these comment forms, and you are just not “seeing” them? It puts you inside the box, so you could type something. But then you have to go outside the comment box to find the “Post Comment” button.

Try doing a reply, type in some gibberish, then do CTL-F for Post Comment and hit return.


Well, that doesn’t work. I get the text in, and jump to the right button, but all the things I thought about using to push the button move you again.


Zoe, do you actually use a mouse? If not, how do you do things normally done with a mouse? Do you have any special keys on your keyboard or anything?


Due to Zoe’s symptom of not being able to reply here, I’m going to save people from suspense and note that she uses software called JAWS from


I’m suspecting there may be things done on the website to make it integrate better, but the best way for an actual solution may be in JAWS scripts. Just a suspicion, mind you. Continuing to cogitate.


It’s me…

well I managed to get the “37” removed and so thought that would pull in my Avatar…

Alas NO… oddly enough the avatar shows in the black bar… I even went to Gravatar and designated phoenix rising image as avatar… still zilch on the comments

I had to go through a lot of machinations before WP account would allow me to log in without changing my password.

Now, WP page no longer shows “settings” option and nada wrt “Jetpack”

Perhaps you removed the lock-up link ?

Bottom line: I would “like” to have my avatar changed from the yellow blotch…

However, not at the expense of my sanity or a great deal of your time.

Thanks for the James Coburn pic btw 


Will do… thanks


Sometime yesterday I finally started getting the response emails like before
Not really sure when the bell notification cause since in beginning it was only showing new forums for a couple of other wordpress forums I lurk on, I was ignoring.
Thank you so much for all your hard work


I wasn’t getting notifications for days, either. I went to each site and made sure my notifications were on.

The only time I get notifications is if I have posted a daily thread. I still don’t get notifications on my comments in other people’s daily posts. Big bummer.


Sorry my pic screwed up again…sorry
Strange when that happens the edit thingy disappears almost immediately


TY for being so patient,
Right now being here is actually helping me the many situations going on with now…

Last edited 2 years ago by kinthenorthwest

I don’t trust the bell. Only a few specific users’ likes appear there for me. The same goes for receiving those notifications in my email.

Also, I have received like notifications in the bell and in my email, that don’t show up under the comment.

Comment notifications seem to be working ok.


Well kinda sorta. Why do some likes show up as notifications but not others? Aren’t posters all clicking on the green thumb? How else would they be liking a comment?

If you already answered this in your post and I’m too dim to understand don’t feel you have to re-explain. Things are working fine for me. Just passing this along in case it means something to you.  😀 


Ohhhhh! I had no idea. Will check it out. Thanks wolf!


I get it now! woohoo! 💥


I only see grey thumbs up. But they work.




Nope, the number just increments.


I just get frustrated sometimes with the Orange pill especially when it blocks what I am typing LOL
Hey it gives me a good excuse for my typos LOL


Make balloons go away
take them off of my monitor
Please don’t wait another day
Just make balloons go away


I’m not a big fan of the reply notification pop-ups


I like the reply notification pop-ups.


I second that motion


I have no idea what you are talking about. Either you have to be logged-in or something in my browser blocks them.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I find them useless. Where do I click to see the reply? Nowhere, apparently.


Ît used to show all the new replies with the orange/yellow background so I could go back and read the new ones…useful for me since alot of comments come during the night in my part of the world. But lately it only spins when I click on it, except just now when there was only one new comment.


Otherwise everything seems to work great on my end 😀 . Many, many thanks for all your hard work!!


For me these only really work when there is a single reply on the same page that I’m on. It there are more than one reply it might or might not jump to the first or the last one of these, then resets so there is no indication in it anymore to the other replies. These are still in yellowed-background, so I can move and scan the page to find them.

If the reply or replies is on another page, and I click on it, the notifier sits in a loop of sorts and does nothing useful. Again I’ll move around looking for yellow boxes.

That it shows the number of posts in the thread is kinda nice however. But that number is also to be found at the top of each page.

So overall that thing is a bit meh… it doesn’t get in the way, so if enough others want it to stay that’s fine with me. But I don’t need it for anything and it’s only half-useful so if there is a majority that wants it to go, I won’t mind that either.

Last edited 2 years ago by slowcreekno

i got the red box of death…right after a comment went into moderation. i couldn’t post for hours but that’s because you weren’t here to release it. i could post again after you released that comment.

my questions:
why do fools fall in love?
who are you really?
who wrote the book of love?


Dang Pat… you’re funny even when you’re asking for help!

If this is a dress rehearsal, and I do get to come back and do it all over again,

I’m asking for the Pat Frederick mould…   :wpds_lol:  the fall down laughing mould !


ask for action figure model…it has longer legs and more manageable breasts…

Happy go lucky



I’ll keep that in mind … 😉




good, but slippery, answers!




Me, again. As of this morning, I can barely read the site on my iPad. Every time a new comment posts, it jumps the page to the top of the page.

Doesn’t seem to be the case on the iMac (desktop), but this site sure doesn’t like mobile IOS devices. I don’t know if there’s a fix or not, but just adding it to your growing list.

Thanks, Wolf! You’re the best!!!

Down South

Wolf, please see my post a few down from here about the iPad situation.
Thanks for all that you do!! 😀


the orange dot shows all new comments, not just the current page, so if you click on it and there are multiple new comments on multiple pages, it does nothing–it gets confused–that’s what i think.

i do like that the new comments are highlighted, but the orange dot makes the green dot express ride to the top to post a new comment unusable.


all in all, the new site is breaking in nicely tho!!


I do not see any orange dots. I see a green dot that rides the lower right of my screen with a text balloon inside of it, and a count of current comments above it.

It only updates when I refresh the page.


…or post a comment.


I should also note that I show four sites wanting to run scripts on my box. They are theqtree.com , gravatar.com , facebook.com , and wp.com . The only one of those four that I am allowing any scripts from is theqtree.com .


Facebook is gone. Yippee!!!

Brave and Free

I only post as a guest, but earlier today wasn’t able to post until I reloaded the site.
May have been on my end 🤔


Hey Wolf….

As of this morning I no longer have a gray bell or an orange dot….even when I had the bell it didn’t work and the orange dot would never engage, it would just spin and spin and I’d have to exit out of the site in order to stop it.

Also, most annoying if I click on ‘reply’ and then realize oops, I didn’t want to reply….there is no way that I can cancel the comment box. Once again, the only way I can cancel it is to exit out of the site.

Font color on Comments as they’re being typed is light gray and difficult for mine old eyes to read and I don’t see any way to change it to personal preference of black.

Content of articles and commentary far exceeds the nuisance of the small items I mention, but do appreciate that you’ve specifically requested feedback….:0)


OMG….I have notifications in my bell…..Yea!!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Wolf….this is awesome.


Just received this notification (2 days later)

I’m on a Windows OS computer……


So here I am again as can only post at top responding to your question, Wolfie. I see a number under some comments and I assume that is the likes. I was getting some email notifications of people liking My comments but not now, but it’s probably because I cannot comment much now. Pat, you made me laugh with your comments about “who are you really?” to Wolf and about Mrs. Wolf. Someday maybe we’ll know. Lol.


Additional observation:

On your thread, I can see the orange dot and it works perfectly, taking me to the beginning of the page and highlighting new comments.

On Wheatie’s daily thread, I can see the orange dot, but it doesn’t work, it spins….


I’ll be honest, I’ve never been an interactive wordpress player, here or OT
always been lucky I guess, to comment , voice my .02$ .
I have never signed in/ logged in. here OR there
OH I TRIED . , just does not come natural to me.
I hit the Qtree icon on my task bar and I’m in.
I leave multiple tabs open often, and walk away to do something else.
Past few days, when I come back, seems peeps are having technical issues.
Makes me think I need to shut laptop off when not in use…often wondered anyway.
Maybe clues?

Bells and whistles are for those comfortable using them I reckon, kinda like driving with the cruise control swx around town..
some can do it, terrifies others..
I’ve never received notifications, until this NEW site..must have hit a button.
Still trying to find time to figure out GAB, for a secure comms link.
GAB for dummies ?
BTW, I must have hit the ‘follow Wolf’ button, my junk mail fills up constantly with your every post..
I’m not stalking ya Bro !! ..I swear it !!.. just trying to keep up LOL

Message appears as ‘HI MA_kswiss, comment’
NOT your handle. ..in my email ,odd?
We’ll work it out.
As CV says , a site admins job is never done.
Busy times .
Many Thanks !
Grateful to have a branch surrounded by fellow warrior treeps.


If the sort of “wireless radio” style icon to the right of Wolf’s avatar is grey, you are not following. If the icon is colored, then you are following. To change it, click on it.

Down South

Hi Wolf,
I use my IPad when lurking at home, use my IPhone at work when on breaks. My iPad is a few years old now and until a few months ago never had any issues after installing adblockers, but that changed a few months ago. I am certain it is due to the tweets, which I do love seeing, but when many are posted on a single page the page will not load. I am quite certain that Teagan has stated she uses an iPad as well, so she is probably experiencing the same thing as I am.. I have noticed a difference between my newer phone and my older iPad.
Is it possible to limit the number of posts per page? I notice that if there is not a whole bunch of posts on a page it will load, it may stutter a little when scrolling down but it will load. If post limits per page could be set I believe that would help tremendously.
If you notice Teagan has only posted twice today, once stating that she kept getting sent to the top. In my situation my page tells my there was a problem and is automatically reloading.
Thank you for any help you can offer.


No issues for me as getting to know how this the new site is structured and I must say I like it.
One thing I’ve noticed is not to many followers yet which to me is a mystery???

The best thing I did was log in on my wordpress account and followed the the new site.
For anyone listening , uh reading there are many advantages 😁 

Happy go lucky

You touch on something I’ve wanted to ask. Is that an option to just have a WordPress log-in for only the qtree? It appears that is the case, but I’ve shied away from it so far. However now I’m really especially wanting to be a cute chipmunk lol


Howdy, howdy.

I, too, have seen the “red banner of commenting too fast” and been barred from commenting — for several hours in one case. This is odd because (1) I don’t log in at all (and never have, even on the old site), and (2) even though my comments have my nic, when I hit the thumbs-up, it adds one but tags it “Guest”.

OTOH, I do see onlines and authors, see the thumbs-up, and can use the lightning bolt and flame at the right of the comment count section — none of which I expected.

I should note that my “daily driver” browser is Mozilla, running NoScript, AdBlockPlus, CanvasBlocker, HTTPS Everywhere, Cookie Manager, and Privacy Badger.


Just posting this in case it helps anybody (these issues are now RESOLVED) :

With a Mac; using Safari browser with DDG search engine (I do not know how to do this for an iPad or an iPhone) :

I am able to login… I have jet pack linked to WP… It seems if I login it logged me in to both WP & the new site…
I can NOT like the main posts…
I CAN like individual comments…
I CAN post…
When I click on the notifications bell on the new site,,, I get the “spinning wheel of death”…
Likes and replies from both sites show up in the notification bell on the old site…
I can reply to comments from the notifications on the old site… (BUT… I have to BE there SEE them; i.e. if I’m busy reading on the new site I have no idea about likes or replies…)
And I cannot figure out how to get back into settings on the new site from the (black) toolbar, as it seems to take me back to WPs settings…

The way to fix it :

For Safari:
Go to preferences
Go to privacy
Go to website tracking >> Uncheck “prevent cross site tracking”
(not sure but I don’t think that there is a way to do that just for this website…)

(I don’t like giving up security for liberty… As I may lose both !)

(NOTE: you can also try going to your “Reader”, and “Follow” this site; this and/or instructions above should allow you to see “likes” and “replies”, and to “like” and “reply” to ALL Word press sites that you are on from your notifications bell)

(Also Note: this site has logged me off a few times without me knowing about it!) ( ? )

(PS : to get back into the “Dashboard” menu where are you can find the jet pack settings, go to the side bar on the right, near the bottom; find “The Meta of the Meta”; click on “Site Admin”. This is different from the menu you get from clicking on your profile picture.)

Last edited 2 years ago by Nor'easter

h/t goes to Sylvia Avery who collected the information from various posters !

Sylvia Avery

😊 😊 😊 👍 👍


(forgot h/t for(((you))) ! )

Sylvia Avery

I don’t need a h/t…..I’m just so glad it’s working better for (((you))). 😘😘😘


((( SA ))) !

Sylvia Avery

 💗  💗  💗 


Hello all 😀 this is Junebug! That name was taken so I am mayflys…. And I finally figured out how to follow/post.!!!!!


Wish very confused lol logged on this wordpress ( mayflys there) but did it as Junebug here. Lol delete that last post or i sound like the idiot I am…

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It’s not just likes that behave differently depending on the notifier versus what I will call the “main” webpage.

If I type a reply to someone in the notifier, it does NOT show up on the page with a yellow highlight. It doesn’t show up at all until I refresh the page.

Replying to someone ON the page, of course puts the reply in–at the top where it shouldn’t be but I know THAT issue is on the back burner.

The point being that replying on the page itself works “correctly” by today’s definition of correctly, whereas replying through the notifier does not.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah, this wasn’t a “fix this NOW!!!” comment but rather an attempt to feed you info that (my trained software “intuition” suspects) will help you figure things out.

Rodney L Short

Damn I hope this goes thru, I haven’t been able to get a comment thru grgrgr lol patience is one of my good traits…
This ends this test…


Can not get bell to work on kindle…

Rodney L Short

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 damn comment disappeared.
I will be lurking since I cant comment and have no idea if anyone is commenting back, peace y’all

Rodney L Short

Yeah I had a brain fart when I hit refresh the comment I posted disappeared and it came down to the bottom…
I don’t see any notifications like the old site had but I will try and figure it out.


Hi Wolf, my white bell is still the slowly spinning circle . . . here. But if I go to my profile and click the white bell, my replies are right there. Any advice? And thanks for the fox. I knew a very famous organist by that name. 👍🏻

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009

Wow, that worked! Thanks – and it’s easy on and off.


I rarely use the iPhone except to briefly scan, I can’t deal with a little screen. iPad for word games. But your / Nor’easter’s fix worked like a charm on this MacBook and our desktop. 👍🏻

Sylvia Avery

Wolfie I got it from you, or someone else, and sent it to Nor’easter to try so I can’t claim ownership. I’m just a cute chipmunk with a shovel 😁😁😁


Now you’re a fox!

Sylvia Avery

Ha! Happened while I slept!

Sylvia Avery

I’m transformed! Shakin’ my tail! 😍😍😍


“I want to ask people here – do you TRUST the notification system? The “black bar, white bell, and orange dot”. Do you trust that it always reports everything to you faithfully and without any kind of bias?”


I have no idea what the black obelisk at the top of the screen is or is supposed to do, but I only get about 5% of the “likes” notifications I used to get, and of the notifications I do get, they don’t show up in the list of ‘likes’ here on the website when I get here.

For example, if YOU like one of my posts, and I get an email notification, and I click the link in the email notification so I can check to see if you may have left a reply, my ‘likes’ icon will either still be grayed out (showing ZERO likes), or it will have 5 or 6 likes, none of which are from you, and I received NO notification of any of the other ‘likes’ via email that are showing up here on the website.

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467

Just happened again. You must have ‘liked’ my post, because I received an email notification, but when I clicked the link in the email to check for a reply, the ‘thumbs up’ icon is still grayed out, with no ‘likes’.

I DO like that clicking the link in the email notification takes me right to the post in question though, so I don’t have to hunt for it, clicking back through page after page of comments 👍


“Separate systems. Does it make more sense now?”


I guess so, but I can only ‘see’ the results of one system on-screen, apparently wpDiscuz.

And I only receive notifications via the other system, WordPress/JetPack.

Or maybe I have it reversed.

Either way, it’s like having 3 pedals on a bicycle.


I still cannot ‘like’ any of the main articles on the website (one of multiple problems I also have at Utree), and though I’ve never really used the ‘bell’ icon in the black bar, when I click on it, I just get the spinning circle of death… which may be why I never used it before 😁

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467

PC with Firefox, sometimes Dissenter.

When I click on the bell in the upper RH section of the screen, it opens a pop-up box the full height of the screen, but the only thing in the box is a circle in the middle, spinning endlessly.


I have several privacy / ad-blocker add-ons running, Privacy Badger, Ghostery and Ublock Origin.

I just opened the Privacy Badger settings, and clicked “Disable Privacy Badger for this Website”.

I don’t know if that’s either safe or a good idea, but now the pop-up box works fine when I click on the bell, so it was Privacy Badger that was causing the problem in this particular case. 👍

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467

I see how it works now, if you are using the ‘bell icon’ pop-up box, and click on a post in there, you can click the ‘star’ icon to ‘like’ a post, and apparently THAT sends an email notification, but does NOT show up as a ‘like’ under the green thumb icon on the theQtree website itself.

Integrated the two would be very helpful!

Sylvia Avery

Regarding liking the main articles, try clicking on Reader in your black bar and then click on follow on your opened Reader. I think that allows you to like the main articles going forward.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sylvia Avery
Sylvia Avery

Hello, Wolfie.

I’ve received the Red Notice of Posting Too Fast/Too Much twice now. It skeert me. Once I was posting a link, or trying to. It kept me from posting for several hours. Later I could post again without warning labels.


“It skeert me.”



Sylvia Avery

Well, it kinda did. I was afraid I might have blown up Wolfie’s new blog!

Sylvia Avery

Okay, boss. I’ve got the binoculars out and report any sightings of the Red Notice. 👍😊😊😊

Sylvia Avery



‘Skeert’? From Sylvia?

Who’d a thunk it? 😉

Sylvia Avery

I was afraid I’d blown up Wolfie’s site!!!


I know. ‘Skeert’ just surprised me. 🙂

Sylvia Avery

Oh good! I hate to be too predictable! 😂😂😂👍


You never are, which makes your comments all the more delightful!

Sylvia Avery

😘😘😘 Aw, thanks churchmouse!!!


You’re most welcome, Sylvia! <3


Dang. The heart didn’t show up.

Nevertheless, the thought is there.

Sylvia Avery



Thank you … 🙂

You are marvellous, Sylvia!

Sylvia Avery

Right back at ya, CM! 😊😊😊


Thank you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


‘Who’d a thunk it?’ came from the 1960’s novel The Group.

Apparently, it is an old New England expression.


Yes, agreed.

In British English, just as in the Southern US, one says ‘et’ for ‘ate’ as in ‘I et all my vegetables’.

Also, until a few years ago, most people in the UK said, ‘I reckon’, just as Americans in the South do, as in ‘I reckon they’ll raise taxes pretty soon’.

Unfortunately, because of the influx of American television shows and the online world, ‘reckon’ disappeared virtually overnight.

However, there are still quick paper calculations/formulae known as the Ready Reckoner, available for roof measurements, NHS pension tax and science (the last one is from India) — and more:





Yes, that is brilliant. 🙂

Sylvia Avery

I love the English language with all its peculiarities. Idioms and such thrill me. I didn’t know that Brits would say “et” for ate or use the word “reckon.” I’m completely charmed and now horribly sad to find out it got wiped out by TV and the internet.

I hate disappearing accents, too. People will all sound alike before long and what a sad day that will be.


Agree 110%, Sylvia!




Sorry, Wolf, it doesn’t give me anywhere to type, and if I hit the button where it says comment, it just knocks me off the board, I mean I see my desktop, though the page is still open. And just asking for future as never used it–in control f, do you mean just the letter f on keyboard, not one of the function keys? I’ve never been able to make cntrl f do anything. Maybe that is due to JAWS.


The code for this is:

    <div class="wpd-reply-button">
    <svg xmlns='https://www.w3.org/2000/svg' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><path d='M10 9V5l-7 7 7 7v-4.1c5 0 8.5 1.6 11 5.1-1-5-4-10-11-11z'/><path d='M0 0h24v24H0z' fill='none'/></svg>

Oh cthulhu, didn’t realize it was you asking. I used jaws software for the blind, and everything looks totally diffferent as to boxes and locations and commands. I don’t think we use that ctrl f.