Wolf’s Phony AMA (Ask Me Anything) Which is More Like an SLHO (Super-Limited Hang-Out) But is Actually a Front for an RFC (Request For Comments) Which is Really Both an FFM (Fact-Finding Mission) and a PUHD (Pop-Up Help Desk)

YEAH. You have problems with this wonderful new site. We know that. But you are hesitant to bug THE WOLF any more than you already have.

We respect that. But we need you to tell us what is happening and why, because if we don’t, THIS WONDERFUL SITE may end up being destroyed by WordPress. Errrr – I mean WordPress.com.

Speaking of which, how many people here have been LOCKED OUT for “commenting too fast”?

Yeah. That was a beauty.

Thank you, all who reported that. Please SPEAK UP here and REMIND US if you got that red-box warning – I want to DOCUMENT IT HERE.

OK? Please let me know if you got that pop-up, and particularly if it kept you from commenting.

I want to hear it AGAIN. Right here.


You see, my definition of site security is less about who is watching us or how they are watching us, and more about ARE THEY TAMPERING WITH OUR GOOD THING?

SOCIAL HACKING is what I’m most concerned about.

WordPress.com – which kicked Sundance and CTH off its platform for political reasons, is not as big of a social hacker as Twitter and Facebook, but thanks to their AXEY-METH (Akismet) POST-RANSOM CRIMEWARE / MAFIA-PROTECTION RACKET MALWARE, they are close to it. The WordPress scam works a bit differently from the Twitter scam, but it works.

By my being the ONLY administrator / moderator on this site, and having (at present) ZERO moderation filters other than “PRIVATE_MESSAGE_TO_WLOF” (spelled correctly), I can “see through” all the games and all the con jobs that are foisted on honest patriots by the outside world, OR by the platform itself.

Anyway, a bit more about the “red box scam”. The pop-ups telling people they were posting too fast, and then BLOCKING them from commenting.

This was due to a setting in WordPress, as part of WordPress.com’s “JetPack” plugin, which supposedly prevents brute force attacks on the site. I want to thank grandmaintexas and her DH for helping me out there, with the critical insight that this censorship problem actually stemmed from that very particular setting.

Turning it off – BOOM – problem GONE.

Now – I’m not going to show WordPress.com all my cards here, but trust me – that setting did not initially block people from posting. The censorship SNUCK IN LATER. It was also very specific WHO it went after. I do not believe that it was accidental, either. I believe the targets were INTENTIONAL. But even if I’m wrong about that, it’s a lot like the China Virus. WordPress – and specifically JET PACK – is responsible.

Now bear in mind – JetPack is also responsible for the “bar-bell” notifications. That is primarily WHY we have JetPack installed as a plugin.

I want to ask people here – do you TRUST the notification system? The “black bar, white bell, and orange dot”. Do you trust that it always reports everything to you faithfully and without any kind of bias?

I may or may not be suspicious of JetPack’s notification behavior at this very moment, but it is my job, being in charge of security, to trust it exactly NEVER. I am faithful NOT to the software, nor even to its possibly long and glorious history, but rather to its INTEGRITY OF FUNCTION AT THIS MOMENT – an ephemerally correct thing which may or may not be true, but can never be assumed.

I am faithful to PRINCIPLES and to those who – like me – strive to UPHOLD THEM.

More about trust.

I most assuredly DO NOT TRUST WordPress.com not to #### with us again, via JetPack and WordPress.com authentication (meaning when you log in using your WordPress password and identity).

I want to IMPART THIS SUSPICION on all who enter here. I want you ALL to be my EYES AND EARS – so that not IF but WHEN WordPress.com decides to mess with us again, ALL OF YOU will be prepared. We almost lost some of your BEST FRIENDS HERE to the last scam.


And NOW go ahead. Ask me anything!


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FYI, Got this alert yesterday.
I don’t like the looks of it.
comment image

WordPress.com has started testing Native Sponsored Posts. This is an extension of our advertising program and will have the same controls and restrictions as our standard ad placements.

You may see these Sponsored Posts running on your sites as we expand testing. They may be promoting WordPress.com content, marketing initiatives, or brands.

Longer term, we hope to offer Sponsored Posts to our users as a way to help drive traffic and promote content discovery. For any questions or issues, see our Native Sponsored Posts FAQ.

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Alright, this notification was delayed, but did allow me to respond from under the bell. But it wasn’t instant like the native wp platform.


Okay, I know I am days late for any feedback. But here I am with thoughts.

  1. WP.com is a proven enemy and I loath to use anything they have touched.
  2. WP.com bell notifier just “worked” so that I could both see and interact with notifications for new posts, likes of my comments and replies to my comments. I could also reply from the bell. None of this works smoothly for me on the new site.
  3. With new system I have felt harassed, distracted, and completely BLIND and MUTE in regard to personal interactions. Getting rid of the mostly useless notifier bubbles removed the first two issues. I am still blind and mute.
  4. With all of the hard earned distrust for WP.com I am also loath to install and use a reader app from that business of bad repute.
  5. On JetPack (hisss) at this site I can see recent comments, but have no ability to interact with them. And may I repeat? I am loath to use anything from WP.com.
  6. I used to be able to see where I left off reading by searching on the text “Liked by you” on the page. WPdiscuz uses thumbs up. So far I can’t think of a way to search on green thumbs ups, so that is a lost feature I do miss a lot.
  7. I can overcome the loss of new post notifications by simply clicking on Home link at top of page to see what’s been added.
  8. I can see where the most very recent action is by looking in the Recent Comments section from the side bar.
  9. My biggest loss is the ability to respond and engage at the personal interaction level with others on the site.

Nor’easter gave the JetPack (hisss) solution for #7. I tried earlier to figure out how to follow the SITE without getting emails. With the helpful tips, that is now achieved.

I would still gladly give up convenience to throw off the automatikkk shakles.


Ah, so you have a preference… ignore the tech savvy complainers in deference to the struggling class. I can see the logic.


Wolfie a couple of hours ago while I’m typing and sometime just lurking my laptop started going full screen with this
Some video about how to win the election from Qtree.


Doing a full scan as I type this.


Thinking it is only that thread or date.
Nothing today–so I am kind of scared to go over there LOL.
I will say I rebooted my internet server at least a dozen or more times, along with trying another server. Rebooted my computer too at least 5 or 6 times.
Like I said I even ran a full virus scan …
Thank you are the greatest
comment image