Interview With A Victim of Jab-Haul COVID

I have here an absolutely fascinating video (end of article) from Gab TV that fits right into everything I know about COVID-19 and the spike protein vaccines, like the last piece of a puzzle.

The video is just under 1/2 hour in length, but it is FILLED with little AHA moments.

An extremely articulate, healthy, successful, C-level professional woman got the jab voluntarily, for the best of reasons, and caught a nasty case of something which is very similar to “LONG-HAUL COVID”, describes exactly what happened to her. She clearly has “brain fog”, but under excellent questioning by an interviewer who has talked to her before, she is continuously prompted to get the whole story out.

And her story is a DOOZY.

Her case is – in the days after injection – almost identical to the NURSING HOME PATIENTS who were also injected with Pfizer, but who DIED several days later, correlating to injection, and whose deaths were blamed FALSELY on a “super-spreader”, to cover for the vaccines – except this lady was too healthy to die, so she’s just DISABLED.

Here is the comparison video about the nursing home victims.


One of the things to listen for in the new video is the MAYO CLINIC. All your suspicions about the compromise of the Mayo Clinic will be confirmed here in spades.

Another is LYMPH NODE INFLAMMATION, which I see as a metric of vaccine migration, localization, and persistence. Based on what happened to this lady, viewed in light of what was learned from the Sorrento vaccine, which primarily concentrates in and immunizes from the lymph nodes, we can see exactly what is wrong with the mRNA approach in the Pfizer vaccine. This lady was clearly cranking out tons of spike protein into her system for 3 MONTHS.



Is that due to the JAENISCH PAPER? Is genetic incorporation in some cases creating durable spike protein generation excesses?


Here is a link to the video. I can’t show it here without it auto-starting. Just click the link!


It’s very helpful to compare this DIRECTLY with information from a doctor named Bruce Patterson, who is likely the world’s expert on long-haul COVID.

This lady’s symptoms are EXACTLY what is described for long-haul COVID in patients who can no longer engage in strenuous physical activity.

Start at around 5:00 minutes if you are pressed for time – the answers come in the next 3 minutes after that.

What you will learn is that the spike protein hangs around long after it was created, and can in fact be carried in the bloodstream by monocytes for 15 MONTHS.

Is everything starting to make sense now?


Stay the HELL away from boosters.

mRNA vaccines were NOT designed in the patients’ best interests. They were designed to get approval for gene therapy.

Thank you, Suzanne Newell. Your testimony of TRUTH will SET US FREE.


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Much hope in the Dr. Bean video…

Dr. Bruce Patterson treatment for long haulers and vaccinated with long haul symptoms:

CCR5 antagonists + statins + ivermectin

Excellent explanation of monocytes carrying the spike protein thru out the body causing vascular inflammation, made worse by exercise. ( Did I get that right?)


Yes, you got it right, from my understanding.

It’s a special type of monocyte, though, because it’s very mobile – and exercise causes them to travel much more.

It’s good to hear that the CCR5 antagonists and statins are directed at the CAUSE of the debilitation, whereas Ivermectin is directed at the symptoms.

What I found disquieting, though, is that Dr. Patterson says that if one wants the “vaccine”, then go ahead and get one, because they’ve got the protocol for treating these adverse effects (of “Long-Haul”).

Perhaps it’s because of his intense focus on just this one diagnosis, to the detriment of other types of investigation – one cannot be sure.

He seems to be ignoring longer-term effects of the experimental injections, which are unknown right now – except perhaps by Big P.

I watched about 25-30 minutes of the video, and I didn’t see any differentiation between jab-induced v virus-induced. If this is later in the video, I think it should have been earlier.

Again – is “Long-Haul Covid” because of Covid, or because of the jabs?

Separately, it seems that almost ALL of the major medical institutions are compromised, with the high-status hospitals (like Mayo) likely being the most entrenched.


CCR5 Antagonists are AIDS DRUGS!

CCR5 receptor antagonists are a class of small molecules that antagonize the CCR5 receptor. The C-C motif chemokine receptor CCR5 is involved in the process by which HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, enters cells. Hence antagonists of this receptor are entry inhibitors and have potential therapeutic applications in the treatment of HIV infections.” – WIKIPEDIA

Rumor has it – HIV is spliced into the damn engineered SARS-II-CoV virus.


More from DRASTIC:

New #DRASTIC Leaked Document Expose

Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) proposed injecting deadly chimeric bat coronaviruses collected by the Wuhan Institute of Virology into humanised and "batified" mice, and much, much more.

— Billy Bostickson 🏴👁&👁 🆓 (@BillyBostickson) September 20, 2021

Direct link to the document:


When Your Wish Comes True

The one and only, @BillyBostickson!

— Florin (@Florin_Uncovers) September 21, 2021

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
So here’s Johnson & Johnson, announcing that a second shot of their company’s adenovirus “vaccine” engenders a “12-fold increase” in antibodies in the recipient’s body.
And Dr. Melanie Swift (of the Mayo Clinic) describes this adenovirus “vaccine” as a “Trojan horse”. The J&J shot incorporates what she called a “snippet” of the original CCP”FBDM” virus, which then gets embedded into the cells of the recipient and “instructs” the body to produce antibodies.
My questions have to do with the antibodies that are produced by the “turbo-charging” instructions of ANY of the “vaccines” —
First: is it a correct conclusion that the various “vaccines” have embeds within them which “targets” certain organs of the recipient’s body? — since it appears that the J&J “vaccine” goes after the heart and circulatory system; the Sorrento “vaccine” goes after the lymphatic system; the Pfizer-BioNTech goes after the ovaries, testes, brain, and lungs; and so forth.
Second: since it appears that the “vaccines” result in some sort of “shedding process”, what is being shed? — is it antibodies produced from the “vaccine”? Is it the virus itself? A combination of both?
Third: is it a correct conclusion that an adenovirus “vaccine” that is engineered like the J&J one is ALSO a form of gene therapy; and as such, ALSO must be avoided like the mRNA “vaccines”?


“Vascular inflammation,” as desccribed by Dr. Bruce Patterson, seems to cover all the bases.

What you will learn is that the spike protein hangs around long after it was created, and can in fact be carried in the bloodstream by monocytes for 15 MONTHS.

It appears to have designed to need boosters which can continuously make people worse and more enslaved. Diabolical.

Concerned Virginian

FAUCI knows.
BARIC knows.
DASZAK knows.
The FDA top brass know.
The CDC top brass know.
The Pfizer-BioNTech top brass know.
The Moderna top brass know.
The Johnson & Johnson top brass know.
And yet they are H3LL-BENT on getting every American over 6 months of age “fully vaccinated.”
And Fauci, the FDA, the CDC, ALL kept the truth about the dangers and the real potential for bad reactions, long term issues, and death from the “vaccines” away from POTUS45.
Smells like criminal conspiracy at the least.

Last edited 9 months ago by Concerned Virginian

Yes it is criminal.

Barb Meier

Wolf Moon, I just right-clicked the top image above and among the commands on the drop-down menu is one that says “Create QR Code for this Image”. Ummm… it seems weird. I am using Windows 10 Enterprise with Microsoft Edge Version 93.0.961.52 (Official build) (64-bit). I tried the same using Firefox and that command is not available, so it must be something MS Edge is offering. I did not choose the command to see if it provides me with a bar code or what it asks me to tell it. Just fysa…


The video interview was terrific. Her response is concerning in that she would still consider giving the jabs to her kids if proven safe. So – what does she not understand that she cannot trust anything said by the people who destroyed her health now or in the future?


This fits with something I read the other day. It really seems as if over half of the population is in some sort of literal “trance.” They just blindly believe the doctors, all evidence to the contrary.


Trust in the currant government also. She is confused by the betrayal it seems. Disappointed in medical care. She will come around she is going through a lot.

Last edited 9 months ago by singingsoul1

Scary times.


I’ve seen a discussion of that kind of response, that someone had the jab, has been sick from it, and still thinks it is a good idea. It was described as the first stage of a grief process. That the jab-ee deep down knows that this was a terrible thing to have done and that there is no way back, but that she (in this case), still is in the denial phase.

After denial comes anger. At oneself and others, perhaps this is some of the reason for the widespread blaming of the unvaxxed.


My neuro sent a couple difficult-to-diagnose patients to Mayo and it was the worst experience of their lives. Zero help and treated poorly.

So this woman didn’t have a lumbar puncture to look for antibodies indicating Guillian-Barre? No nerve conduction tests? She has no diagnosis?

It takes a long time to get an accurate diagnosis with neruological conditions, especially in the beginning of the disease process.

This video was really hard for me to watch. In addition to lack of acknowledgment that the vaccine caused her symptoms, it sounds like she hasn’t even received good medical care. Maybe that’s the plan so the vaccine isn’t implicated.


Hi there Wolf. I forgot all things GAB (password, email address I used), so I registered on GAB again using ‘Geneticallycatholic’ as my user name. May I become a member of The Q Tree again? I found it on GAB, but don’t know how to become a member. ….Please let me in if needed.


Sorry, Wolf, I’ve been busy with a community we are forming here to enable us to support people who don’t want to take the jab…and who are been fired as a result. Will get back on line tonight, but just to let you know, I used an email address that I never use to get on to GAB for Q Tree thinking I would now use it only for social media accounts…but now don’t remember anything else about it…lost my notes.


Wolf, apologies. I was optimistic about being able to be back on the Qtree. I am busy with looking for data for pro-life, anti-jab doctors who want to have a conversation with our archbishop who is leaning toward cooperating with the government in making the jab mandatory. SMH. So, don’t know when I will be back, (even on GAB), though I was there a few days ago, ‘following’ people I recognize from the Qtree. Miss you all, …but this work is really important. God bless

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