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I decided to make this a stand-alone post, because I wanted everyone to see it.

You may have seen my discussion here with Wolf in his post yesterday, about a supplement called nattokinase, but if not, here it is:


AubergineOnline Coyote October 20, 2021 10:20

This is a natural fibrinolytic. Maybe this could be a treatment, too? It’s called nattokinase. 6 Reply

Wolf Moon

Wolf MoonOffline Author Wolf Reply to  Aubergine October 20, 2021 12:32

Same as above. Probably active. WHERE it’s active is important. Use with caution, because depends on the patient and what exactly is being treated and why. But I do think that the known mechanism will launch a bunch of drug opportunities at all levels. 2 Reply


AubergineOnline Coyote Reply to  Wolf Moon October 20, 2021 12:50

Well, part of the reason I am so partial to “natural” and herbal remedies is there are generally FAR fewer side effects and contraindications. There are some, of course, but way less than pharmaceuticals. Nattokinase is derived from a food source. If you wouldn’t have a bad reaction to the food, then the derivative is unlikely to hurt you.

When a person is at death’s door, I think it is time to throw the kitchen sink at the illness. 5 Reply

Wolf Moon

Wolf MoonOffline Author Wolf Reply to  Aubergine October 20, 2021 12:56

The reason why the safest off-label drugs (like HCQ and ivermectin) are employable “hail Mary” drugs is the same – unlikely to cause a fatal reaction even if “wrong”. And I would say this makes these drugs more “tryable” LONG before “death’s door”.

The window of “tryability” should be directly or even exponentially proportional to safety. 3 Reply


AubergineOnline Coyote Reply to  Wolf Moon October 20, 2021 13:00


And you know, ivermectin and HCQ were both derived from naturally occurring sources.

God gave us what we need in most cases. We just have to find it. 10 Reply

Wolf Moon

Wolf MoonOffline Author Wolf Reply to  Aubergine October 20, 2021 13:16

THE FORCE that becomes FORCES
THE THINGS that become LIFE
From a BLUEPRINT it tries to DISCOVER

And – if some theories are correct – an infinite number of different universes that never worked that way.

*exploding head emoji*



AubergineOnline Coyote Reply to  Wolf Moon October 20, 2021 18:17

Lol, I am!


In a related story, I have been trying to help, through a friend, a woman who was hospitalized for Covid. I mentioned it here; she is the one who was unvaxxed and told by the doctor that “you didn’t take the vaccine, so now you get to die.” The person I am in contact with is her daughter, who is her advocate.

Apparently, Mom has a better doctor now who is at least willing to listen. I sent the information about the nattokinase to daughter yesterday, with information about its utility against clots, and a study about fibrin clotting in Covid. I warned her the doctor might want to use a pharmaceutical instead of a natural product to be more aggressive.

Today I got a message that she is being given a “new” drug, only the fourth person in the hospital to get it. The second person who received it went home yesterday. It’s called Baricitinib:

According to the above, they are administering this with Remdesivir, which I hope does not happen in my friend’s case. However, the interesting part of this is that baricitinib is a janus kinase inhibitor. Well, lo and behold, nattokinase:

“In vivo, the level of cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP) and the pathway of the Janus Kinase1/Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription1 (JAK1/STAT1) were studied……Results showed that Nattokinase (NK) significantly increased the cAMP level, activated the signal passage of JAK1/STAT1 in injured part and inhibited remarkably the rise of platelet intracellular Ca(2+) ([Ca(2+)]i) in human platelet.”

So it seems the doctor may have listened after all, but decided on the pharmaceutical instead of the natural. Fine by me, I hope it works.

Also interesting? Baricitinib is used for rheumatoid arthritis, just like hydroxychloroquine!

Given the above, I will have nattokinase on hand as part of my “defensive arsenal.” My hope is none of us here are ever at the mercy of a hospital or doctor. Having the natto on hand seems like another way to avoid it.

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A timely article by Dr Levy on. Canceling the Spike Protein. It also covers resolving blood clots.

Wolf Moon

Now THAT is SCIENCE!!! 😍

Wolf Moon

Science is all about questioning, rethinking, and predicting! What the FAKE NEWS and FAKE SCIENCE promote is SUBMISSION TO FAKE SCIENCE.

Wolf Moon

Somebody had a plan!

Wolf Moon

I added a couple of images – a header and a footer! My EDITOR GENE was expressed! 😉

Here is the Wikipedia article on baricitinib:

Honestly? Just guessing, I think nattokinase would be a better prescription, due to safety and less risk of inappropriate immune suppression. But if they have to keep the money moving through the research cycle, at least they appear to have prescribed the RIGHT drug – and one that has been tested and found effective.

Wolf Moon


In my opinion, POPULAR SCIENCE is about to REALLY HAPPEN. And IT will achieve the synthesis which is clearly ELUDING the bogus lying pseudosynthesis of GLOBALIST FAKE SCIENCE.


Very much appreciated!

Wolf Moon

LMAO!!! Not that I’m laughing, of course.

Wolf Moon

Yup. On the other hand, if she mentioned nattokinase to that doctor, that liver stuff may scare him back into a deeper investigation of the milder alternative!

Concerned Virginian

Thanks so much for this information! cautions about using nattokinase if one is also taking medicines for high blood pressure (like Vasotec), and/or if one is taking medicines that slow blood clotting (like aspirin, ibuprofen, Coumadin, etc.).
Apparently, one can consume natto in fermented soy products like miso or tempeh.


DH had to discontinue a supplement he was taking that contained Natto because he got put on blood thinners. He’d switched over to the supplement as he didn’t really care for natto. It’s edible. It’s an “acquired” taste. We were buying it at an asian grocery store in the frozen section. I prefer the supplement form by a long shot!!!


He’s taking blood thinners since he became very sedentary, due to his back. He’s getting better but it’s very slow.

Concerned Virginian

I am grateful that you and others at Wolf’s Place post information on things that help prevent / treat / beat this dreadful created virus which is wreaking such havoc everywhere.
Agreed that people need to do their own due diligence and talk to a doctor.

Wolf Moon



Aging in a refrigerator for a week to enhance stringiness was my favorite part of preparation.

That, and 30% of Japanese do not like it, but half of them eat it anyway.

Wolf Moon

Eating natto is apparently an acid test of assimilation and/or cultural knowledge for gai-jin, or so I hear.

Wolf Moon

Not even sure I want to know what’s in that stuff!


Vegemite (along with its predecessor Marmite) is a way for beer brewers to dispose of one of their waste products — spent yeast. You’ll only see such products where beer brewing is common.

Faced with wartime shortages of Marmite from WWI, Cyril Callister took local waste yeast, allowed it to semi-compost, then blended with salt, celery, and onion extracts to form a sticky black paste. His boss’ daughter contributed the name.

It should be noted that tea is made from the young leaves of certain varieties of camellia. If they are just dried and minced, you have green tea. Black tea is made from green camellia leaves through a process of controlled semi-composting, then drying. . There are many semi-composted food items in common use.


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Aubergine, thank for the information you posted yesterday, today I ordered some nattokinase capsules.


Thank you, Aubergine. Natto ordered. Makes a great deal of sense to add it to the arsenal. Love the natural solutions.


I was thinking about ordering some of this yesterday, mostly in case my mother or brother get hammered with COVID this winter. However, my brother is on blood pressure meds and my mom is on Meloxicam for arthritis. So that would give me pause about giving this to them. At least I have my mom taking quercetin and zinc and have a big supply of ivermectin.


Yes, I have her on vit D, C, and magnesium as well. She got a little exasperated with me at first and made me write down when to take each vitamin and how much, but she’s been pretty good about doing it. She’s 90 and has Parkinson’s and arthritis, so she can use all the nutrition I can manage to get her to take.


Thank you, Aubergine! Checking this out right now!


Thanks for this, Aubergine!
 💓  🍊  💓 

That Natto stuff sounds nasty.

So it’s great that there is a supplement that we can take instead of eating it.

Thanks again for the info!


The world is a better place with eggplant in it. 😉


Go Eggplant!

I have been taking natto’s cousin, serrapeptase, for over a year. It is also a fibinrolytic, the stronger of the two I believe. I can tell that it has broken up scar tissue, I don’t have pain where I used to. It has also worked wonders for my sinuses, causing me to take less or no daily sudafed. Just last month I bought natto and added it to my arsenal. Double teaming those 2, I am.

There’s lot of info out there on these 2 powerhouses. Do your Research. Be careful, don’t take nato with blood thinners. With serra, I took high doses to begin with, now I’m on a maintenance dose. Vitacost brand has good prices on serra. Iherb’s brand has good natto prices.

Serrapeptase & Nattokinase: What You Need to Know |
Research shows serrapeptase possesses significant anti-inflammatory, proteolytic (protein dissolving) and fibrinolytic (fibrin dissolving) properties. It reduces scar tissue, improves tissue healing and supports a healthy respiratory system.   Nattokinase has powerful anti-inflammatory and fibrin-degrading activity. It prevents and dissolves blood clots, promotes healthy circulation, and supports normal blood pressure. It also helps maintain healthy C-reactive protein levels (CRP). CRP is an inflammation marker and a serious risk factor for heart disease.


I wonder if blood thinners also means the 81 aspirin?


TY so much. In the future I wish you would address statins.


I realize you are not a doctor, but I respect your judgment, knowledge and HONESTY. If you ever get around to it, I would like to hear what you have to say.


TY so much! It makes sense, and gives me an incentive.


I was a big fan of Green Tea for its EGCG but backed off after finding out that tea plants naturally concentrate fluoride at a level which compromises its value. This is particularly important for those of us with compromised thyroid function. Quercetin remains my daily ionophore.
There has been commentary to the effect that EGCG may actually be a BETTER ionophore than HCQ so I would keep it in my arsenal for fighting a viral infection.


Statins jacked me up BAD!!! Tried lipitor for 2wks, then crestor for 1. Among other things, my hands and arms swole up YUGE. I could not use my right hand, it would take 8hrs daily for the swelling to go down and get back to normal so I could write or compute. This happened immediately, and continued for 4-6wks AFTER I stopped taking. Statins got put on my allergy list. I eat clean, have for most of my life, yet my cholesterol remains slightly high all the time. Heart, BP, etc., are good. Come to find out, high cholesterol is a symptom of my hypothyroidism. The docs still don’t acknowledge that and still always try to give me a statin. Now I just tell them no thanks. It always has been and always will be high, you know that’s due to my hypothyroidism, right? (you ignorant drug pusher!🙄)




I’ve seen reference to the prescription bt’s, don’t know about aspirin.


Thank you for the superb read AND information.

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Valerie Curren

Thank you so much for this helpful post, Aubergine. I was really hoping to see (or create, though not very qualified on that front) a post that gathers together many of the natural remedies & other protocols, like IVM & HCQ, in one place, for ease of processing. If it waits on my notorious procrastinating self it might never happen!

Your knowledge & experience base in these areas is so necessary to tempering & augmenting much of what is swirling around cyberspace.

You Rock!!!

God Bless You & may He continue to inspire, equip, guide, & protect you & put you in contact in the real world & online w/ those people who might Truly Benefit from your unique wisdom! 

Valerie Curren

Wolf Pack runs wild & free & True North!!!

Valerie Curren



TY for the ongoing info, Aubergine!